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Full text of "The Coptic version of the New Testament in the northern dialect, otherwise called Memphitic and ..."

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Thk Gospel accordixo to Luke 2 

The Gobpkl acgobdino to John 332 

Additions and Corbbctionb 583 








^Ra.x^ ^^pK-f exA-T-f exoxeit ijuuioq ibceiti- 
ojopn ex^TH^T o*cog, ^.Tcgconi e^oi iipeq- 
cgeAHoji juLnic^^i. 

'3XcpA.nKi g^co eA-iixogi itcA. g^cofi. niKen i6en 
o*cxA.xpo. eci6^J nA.K ecl^pK'f. KpA.xicxe 
eeocJ)iXe. *&m^ itxeKco*ceit | nix^^po itxe 
itic^^i HK eT"^*cepKA.eKXJ>^ Umlok it^pHi 


•CSXcgoom ifeeit nieg^ooT itxe HpcoSiHC no*cpo 
iixei"io*c2ie^. neo'con o'co'CKfi. eReqpA.n ne 
^A-x^P^^c- e^oX i6en nieg^ooT ngejutgi 
itxe ^fi.1^. o-cog, xeqcg^iAiLi ite o*ceiioX xe 

e*cA.rreXioit ka.x^ Xo-cK^n, A(X!)BrDiAi,2Ei.2C"J3 

KL(X!)M'N0i.2. cf. Gr. ACDEKLMSUXAH al pi: CrXo- 
VlCOIt K^XA. Xo*CK^n, D2: no inscription, D3 Hj. 2 (absent) : 

eTA.rveXion eer Xo*ck^c ni^nocxoXoc, D4': e^^v- 
veXion ^ooKc k^x^ Xo*cK^it, Fi': er^rveXiCom. S)on 
Xo*cKA.n, FgS: ijvioy e*c^rveXion ka.x^ Xo-cK^n, 
G1.2: K^XA. Xo-cK^n, e, cf. Gr. KBF: eT^vve^ K^''" 

Xo'VK^It, J|. C|. 2 alone have the same statement of beginning to 
"write the Gospel according to Luke. 

-^^^iPva- ^ eRi:^e, a. ^ exoxeit] xoxert, j. it^ce] om. a*. 

I*HO A-TgCOni e'COl] Qr. y^voiuvov. e^*C., partic. but indefinite form 



I. Since many took in hand (lit. threw their hand) to 
write words concerning the things which were fulfilled 
among us, ^according as the first (men), who saw (them) 
and became ministers of the word, delivered to us, ^it 
was pleasing to me also, having traced everything accu- 
rately (lit in certainty), so to write to thee, most excellent 
Theophilus ; ^ that thou mightest know the certainty of the 
words in which thou wast instructed. 

'It came to pass in the days of Herod (the) king of 
Judea, (that) there was a priest, his name being Zacharias, 
of the ministry-days of Abia, and his wife was of the 

is incorrect after preceding Itl, £2, cf. Or. y€v6fi€voi, ^ 6^IAILOCI)l] 

A* &c.: eiJULOOJI, pres. partic, Fi': GiULOCgi, Ao(erased A.I) B J 

M' s. m&en] + icxeng^K, &»^fy, D1.2 Ai 0. i6eno*cx^2cpo] 

Peyron cites Deut. xix. i8 'diligenter.' ec^pK'f ] ACEi : iJLC^pK'f , 
B &c. : ♦pH'f , T*Q. Kp^TICXe] A,oS ; KpA-XICOe, Bl^Ei, 

KpA.eicxe, Q2; vp^xicee, r* ( + ocJ>*cXe) Gi: itKp^- 
Ticre, A CO; itKp^T"icee, Di.2Fi'JM'; iirp^xicee, 
K« N: ito*CKp^Ticee, Eg H L. * co*cenRn"^2cpo] 

-m"A.2CpO, A| 0; em"., incorrect, unless for pronunciation, G : 

coTconmr^^po, Fi'. nic^^i] m., am'. ka-ohx^^^] 

*A.cga3ni] a* boh, cf. Or.: +2^6, AC &c. KpOOXHC, A. Hnntis. 
nO*Cpo] cf.? Or. hlBLRE om. rov. OTCom. OT, A D2Ji<'N)0'CHfi.] '"*' 
AFH Ji*L Hunt 18: +2^6, Fi'Ji^^N: +2^6 lie, AiKOS: +Ue, 

BCD1.2EG. ne i°] om. r*. e&oX] eo*cefi.oX, partic, Fi'JL 

Hunt 18 (om. e 1% XeqCg^IlXl] cf. Or. AC* &c, TTC] om. 
BJLN Hunt 18. 

B 2 


j6eii mgepi nrre ^^poon. o-cog, necp^n ne 

•He ^^^.iteAiLHi 7^€ JuLiiK ne JunveJtXBo ix^'f. 
e'CiULOttjJ j6en nienxoXH xHpo-r next, m- 
AJteeAHHi nxe hot e^oi ii^xA.piKi. ''o'cog, 
nejuLJULonxo-r Q^npi iJLti.A.'r ne. xeo*CKi ne 
o-r^x(rpHn xe eXic^AeT. o-cog, ne^-r^i^i 
JOinK ne j6en no-reg^ooT. 
• CSXcgcjoni 2^e eqipi nxeqixexo-ciifi. j6en 'fx^x^c 
nxe neqe2,oo*c ncgeiULaji juLneJuuBo JjL^'f. 
®KA.XA. •fK^g^c nxe •fju.enro'CKfi. ^ nioon i 
epoq een ceoino*cqi eg^pKi. 
OTog, ^qcge nA.q ej6o'rn eRiepcl>ei nxe hot. 
^^o-rog, uiiULHttj xapq nxe uiXa.oc 
n^TXCo&g, cA.iioX ijLcl>n^-r jOLniceoino-rqi. 
"UXqc-ccong, 2^e epoq ibceo-r^vveXoc nxe hot. 
eqog,! epA.xq c^o'cm^JUL jQLniAJL^.nepajcjoo'ca]! 
nxe mceomo'cqi. "o'cog, ex^qn^T ibce- 
?^X^P^^c ^qgeopxep o^cog, o-cg^oi" ^ci 
eg^pHi excoq. 
"nex^q ^e n^q ibceni^rreXoc. xe iiuepepg^o-f 
Z^XA-P^^^' 2ceo-cHi A.-cca5xejuL eueKxojJig,. 
o-cog, xeKcg^ijuLi eXic^Aex eceAJiici n^K no-c|- 
CA. fflwp^- o**o& eKejuLo-c-f eneqp^n xe icjo^nnac. 
^* o-cog, epe o* ojcjoui t\^.K nejUL o-reeXaX. 
o^cog, epe o*ciULHg exen neq^cinjuLici. 

O-COg,] om. BFi'JLN Hunt i8. HCCp^n] CReCp^n, 
DjFf JLNM' Hunt 18. -&ex] Gr. D &c, /Sc^. ** ne . . . 2^e] 

o-cog, ne . . . 2ie, r o : o-cog, ne, k. 7^e] ne, ty J k l n 
Hunt 18 : om. E2♦M^ jQLnS] om. JUL, T* : XJLniS, Dg. ne 2°] 

om. B CiO E Fi^ J L N Hunt 18. iuLueiULe, A*. JOLc^i"] efi.oX 
JJL Ac, N. .^XpIKI, A*. '' neOT] nOT, K : om. OT, L. 

^.X^Tpan] A.(rpan, BrDjEa^^GK* Hunt 18. The order varies from 
the Greek. ne^T^^I^l] cf. Gr. D e rjaav npo^firiK. ne 2°] om. 
Fi^JN. *2ie] om. Eg. 1"TA.X^c] ni &c., plur., L M^ 

LUKE I. 6- 14, 5 

daaghters of Aaron, and her name was (lit. is) EUsabet. 
'And they were both righteous before God, walking in all 
the commandments and the ordinances of the Lord, being 
blameless. ''And they had no son, because Elisabet was 
barren, and they both had grown (old) in their days. ® And 
it came to pass (that in) doing his priestly-office in the 
order of his ministry-days before God, ® according to the 
custom of the priestly-office his lot was to offer up incense. 
And he went into the temple of the Lord : ^^ and all the 
multitude of the people were praying outside at (the) hour 
of the incense. ^^And an angel of the Lord appeared to 
him, standing on the right hand of the altar of the incense. 
^'And Zacharias having seen^ was troubled^ and fear came 
upon him. '^ But the angel said to him : ' Fear not^ Zacha- 
rias: because thy prayer was heard, and thy wife Elisabet 
shall bear thee a son. And thou shalt call his name ** John.'' 
'^And joy shall be to thee, and gladness; and many shall 

•ceoi] Cei, ATEiOiH. eg^pKl] om. Fi': enojCOl, JLN 
Hunt i8: om. to end of ver. ii, F^' homeot. ^^£9^] ^r. L infin. 
hot] cf. Gr. « A B C*^ L P R H &c. »® n^-CXOO&g,] Xa5fi.g,, 

FGR. iicl>itA.*c] om. JUL, T. jQLm] ilxem, d,.2AiOS. 

Cei, A BCFEiH. The order varies from the Greek, It^pC, the regent 

of the imperfect, being placed as first word. ^^ ^qOTCJOItg,] M begim 

ACKN; -O-rong,, FDjGH: A.qO*COn2,q, BDiAjEJLMO "***" 

Hunt i8. ep^xq] epoq, Dj. cei, abofeGiH. ^*n^-r] 

A Ci* F* El* G Ji* M : + epoq him, B Ci« r« Dj. j* (om. ibC€) Aj Ei<=. j 
HJ,oKLNOS Hunt i8. O^COg, 2°] om. B. eg^pKl] ej6pKI, 

GjOjM. " nexA.q 2^6 nA.q(c, Oj) &c.] nexeni^rveXoc 

2.e n^q, BEiFi'M: Gr. D &c. km tmtw. ?^X^P^^^] ^^' ^^' 
Rff*- g^ gat. Xeo*CKl] Xe, M; obs. Gr. C*A 5r*: g^KUReV^p 

for lo, Fi'. e-rccoxeiUL, a. xco&g^] i"&o, JN. eXic^- 

&HT, A. eceJULICl] cf. it vg syr^*' arm aeth *pariet:' €Ceep- 
&OICI OTOg, eCCAUCI shall conceive and shall bear, D1.2A1NOS. 
tux] Or. DK' I. sah««»t om. eueqp^n] epoq him, LN Hunt 18. 

"oTog, 2^] om. r. exen] eg^pai exen, l Hunt i8 .- g^ixen, J^«» 

BN, cf.? Gr. iwi dat. TLlfl] om. S. 


^*4it^ga)m vA.p eqoi nniai" ixnexsLBo JOLu^. 
OTog, oTKpu itejUL OTCiJcepA. ititeqca)o-c. oto^ 
qitAJULog, efioX ;6en onrunX eqoTA.& iczeit 
eqj6eit eitcxi tnre xeqiULA.T. 

"Onrog, cqeepe oTJULag itxe itenojHpi juLuicX 
KoxoT euOT noTHOTi". "oTog, Sooq qitA.- 
epojopn iii i6^^tJoq JOLneqiiLeo ;6eit o-cnItS; 
iteAiL oTZOAiL itxe kXia.c. ex^-cee u^kx 
ha^itio-f cnoTajHpi. nejtx na exoi itA.xea)x 
n^KX j6en 4>A*.e^i Sxe nioAiLHi. ecefi.xe 
otX^.oc jQLn^ 6^.TeAJU.ioq. 

^® Onrog, nexe ^a-x^P^^^ iuLuiA-weXoc. xe (ij6pHi 
j6en OT -fitA-eAiLi e4>^i- ^rtoK vA.p A.noK o-c- 
j6eXXo, oTog, xA-cg^iiULi ^.c^.i^.1 j6eit nec- 

^•Onrog, A.qepoTU3 ibceuiA-weXoc n6Z^.q itA.q. 
xe A.itoK ne vA-fipiaX. 4>k exog^i epA.xq 
juLUCiULeo iiL4>'f . onrog, ^.tta-otoi ec^^i 
it6iuu.K oTog, eg^iojeitnoTqi mx itit^.i. 

^^Onrog, g^anne eKCojooni ckxj^ npoDJc. onrog, 


exe itA.1 n^-ojoDUi juLjULoq. ijL4>itxA. xe ixnejc- 
itA.g,i" eitA.cA.xi itA.1 eeitA^ooK e&oX j6en 

^^Onrog, itA-pe niXA.oc xapq xoTaT efioX j6a.- 

^* nOC] (Hover C, A«) cf.? Gr. KAOL &c. om. tow. OTOg, i«>] 
om. B J L Hunt i8. CIJCepA.] CIKI(T, Oi)pA^ H J K L Hunt i8. 

oTog, 2°] om. B E H. eqoTA.&] eo., Hunt i8. eqjfceit] 
qj6eit, GK Hunt i8*. " OTog,] om. Fi*. eqeopej 
qitA.epe, fut. i, Fi. " iteoq] om. b*. qrtA.] jtA., l. one 

q written for two. Si] ei, ¥i ; om. G. neiULOTXOiUL] SoT- 
XOJtX of power, A^*. XA-COe] XA.CeeX, Gi*? L«: 
iiL, rcEj*?: XA.CeO, A, incorrect. KeX,F. itg,A.It] eg,A.n, 
K. eitOTgapi] nonraapi, one it for two, or it for eit, Dj. 

ita exoi] nexoi, singular, Fi*. nieiULai] t"A«-eeiULai the 

LUKE I 15-ai. 7 

rejoice over bis birth. ^^For he will be great before the 
Lord, and wine and strong drink he shall not drink; and 
he will be filled with the (lit. a) Holy Spirit from (the time 
of) being in (the) womb of his mother. ^^And he shall 
make many of (the) sons of Israel return to the Lord their 
God. ^^And he will be first to come before in front of 
him in the (lit. a) spirit and power of Elias^ to turn (the) 
heart of fathers to their sons, and them who are disobedient 
to (lit. in) the wisdom of the righteous, to prepare for the 
Lord a people which was justified.' ^^And Zacharias said 
to the angel: 'By (lit. in) what shall (lit. will) I know 
this? for I am an old man, and my wife grew (old) in her 
days.' ^^And the angel answered, he said to him: <I am 
Ghibriel, he who standeth before God ; and I was sent to 
speak to thee, and to preach to thee these glad tidings. 
''And lo, thou shalt be holding thy peace, and it is not 
possible for thee to speak, until the day in which these 
(things) wiU be done, because that thou believedst not my 
words — ^these which will be fulfilled in their time.* *^And 
all the people were looking for Zacharias, and were won- 

tnith or rigbteoQsness, B* AiF^^OS. iULUOCj^CnOC, Ds? Ai K : 
Gr. AKII al aliq rf Kvpif. OiUL^IOC}] A tr. U>a.7^» 'recte constitu- 
tum/ but probably for eAJUUOq made. ^® A.HOK OTjfceXXo] Hunt x8, 
AJ€pj6eXXo I became old, B. XA-Cg^IiULl] XAJCeCg^IJUU my '^* 
wife also. A«Fi«JL Hunt 18. ^® OTOg, i°J om. BFj*. nA.q] 

nWOT to them, K. VA.&pIKX] V over erasure, A«. JjHieXKO, 
A*. Af-^^i" ] 4>i", B*. OTOg, 2°] om. H L Hunt 18. A.T- 
XA.OTOI] A.q &c., sing., Fi*: eA.TXA.OTOI having been sent, 
Di«(Di* er?). J. OTOg, 3°] om. B. ^^OTOg, i°] TO over 

eimrare of £,K?, A«: om. TM. g,^^^^] ^eg^KHUe, M: om. 
gj^TVlie, B K*, cf. tr. of A and ed. Lagarde. OTOg, 2°] om. J L N 
Hunt 18. €Xe] exepe, Sahldic form, JN. ItACyooni] OJODHI, 
pm., HJ*. iOUULOq] referring to 'the day:' JUUULOK to thee, H. 
iJL^JtJU.'] A: e^JtXZ^ B &c.: itXa)6£.ia} in retribution, F. 

e&oX] om. J. " . . . xot^x] • . • itA.q- 

XOTgX, N: om., then ItA.qZ0TajT, F. 


cSl xtjoq it2;A.x^pJ^c. ] oTog, itA.Tepaj<l>Kpi ue 
eo&.ex€ itjfeoTit j6eit ui6p4>€i. 
2*GxA.qi 2^e e&.o\ it^.qci):^ejULXoiUL itc^^i neiUL- 

nexA.qnA.T epoq ili6oTit i>en niep<|>ei. o-cog, 

neoq n^.q(rcbp6AiL epcoo-c ne. onrog, ^qog^i 

eqoi nefio. 
2* Onrog, ^.cojcjoui exA.TiULog, efi.oX ibceneqeg^ooT 

nojeiULaji ^qgje it^.q encqm. 
2*UenertcA. ni^e^oot 2^6 errejtxJUiijr ^.cep&oKi 

ibceeXicA.fLex xeqcg^iiuii. onrog,,(Jou 

iJuuLoc ne ite it^.£LOX ecxo) juuuLoc. 
**2Ce iw.ipK'f nexA. hot ^.iq nw jfcen meg^oonr. 

eTA.qxoTaj.x epoi Sj^hxct. eooXi iiLiiA^a3a| 

efioX j6eit nipcjoiuu. 

*« jbeit uiAJiox ^e xjutx^^v^ ^.Tonrcopu itvAApmX 
niA.rreXoc efi.oX g^ixeit 4>1" eotSt^xi hire 
•f VA-XiXeA. enecpA.It ne itA.^A.pee, 
2^&^ oTnA.peenoc eA-Toun Scooc noTpojiun eneq- 
pA.n ne ia)CK4>. e&oX j6en nui it2LA.Ti2k. oTog, 
4>pA.n S'fnA.peenoc ne AiLA.piAJUL. **oTog, 
exA.qge nA.q ejfconrn gA.poc ne3CA.q n^c. 
2Ce x^P^ ^^ eeiULeg, itgpuLox noc neiULe. 

ne] 2^6, M. ee&e] om. Hunt i8. A.qU3CK] ItA-qCJOCK, 
imperf., Fi« Gg^ J L N Hunt i8*. nj6oTn] ejfcoTtt, B Di. g. 

^2>A.n ne ec^^i nejuLOJonr, l Hunt i8*. nenLOJOT] 

om. B. A.It] om. T*. TVC i°] om. J. ^.TeiULl] mJX &c., 
imperf., Fi« J N. nex] ne ex, BTD^aFMN. iij6oTIt] 
ej6oTIt, BD,.aFJi*LM Hunt i8. OTOg, Iteoq] Rooq 
7s.€, L Hunt i8 : om. OTOg,, B*. tftbpeiUL] (Tover erasure of ttj» 
A^ epODOT] +nxeq3CIX with hi« hand, Fj^. ne 2°] om. 
BF. ^qOg^l] cf. Gr. D*' al* it (exc d) vg. ^^ OTOg,^ om. 

B* Fi*. ^qcge] Gr. D rort ain;X^. ** ItA.ieg,OOT' 


LUKE I. 22-28. 9 

dering because that he delayed within the temple. ^'And 
having come out, he was not able to speak to them: and 
they knew that he saw a vision within the temple: and 
he was beckoning to them, and remained dumb. ^' And it 
came to pass, (that) his ministry-days having been com- 
pleted, he went to his house. ^^ And after those days 
Elisabet his wife conceived; and she was hiding herself 
five months, saying: '^Thus the Lord did to me in the 
days in which he looked upon me, to take away my 
reproach among the men.' 

^^ Now in the sixth month Gabriel the angel was sent 
by God to a city of Galilee, its name being Nazareth, 
" to a virgin who was betrothed to a man, his name being 
Joseph, of (the) house of David; and (the) name of the 
virgin is Mariam. ^And having gone in unto her, he said 
to her: 'Hail, thou (lit. she) who ai*t full of grace, the 

eg^OOT, A K* : Itl., Ji* N. 2l€] om. Fi* Gi* Jj* L Hunt i8 : Gr. D 
Moifura. ItA-Cg^OOn] A.C., N: om. g,, B Dj* Fj* Oj Hunt i8. 

ne] om. BJLN. ^ neTA.] ne ex^., BrD,.2FGN. hot] 

cf.? Gr. » C D L 33. j6eit i^] itj6pHI j6€It, F. epoi] om. 
B*AiFi*Oi. rU^HTOnr] AB«CrEFi*Gi.2?HK: llopKI 

ili6KXOT, B* D,. 8 Ai Fi« Jj^ L M N S Hunt 18. ^* efioX a, end* 

g^IXen] cf. Or. ACD &c. enec &c.] Gr. D 255. 259. cm. ^S^*' 
HA.^A.p€e] cf. Gr. C &c. 2*' UKl] cf. Gr. oUov: Gr. »CL &c. 

add Koi irarpiat. OTOg,] om. Jj*. ** OfOg,] om. Fj*. CTT- fjV^»» 

^.qoje nA.q] om. n^-q, J l n : Gr. L iitnjXBty. gA.poc] a f 

GHK: 2,A.pOC, »BrDi.2VEMNOSHunti8; cf.Gr.BLS 1. 131.: 

+ ibceniA-vreXoc, N(+onro2,)EFJLM, cf. Gr. m &c. rtA.c] 

om. B Hunt 18: +UIA.VVeXoC, Qj". IteiULe] pref. aOH is, 
dwelleth, Gj; cf. Gr. KBL&c: + itOO j6eit- 
ni^^IOiULI, A« Fi« e J, cf. Gr. A D &c. Dj has gloss iS^U ^^j 
LJ1 ^i oil 'Greek, blessed &c.;' £] has gloss i^l». ^^j &c. 'Greek, 
peculiarly, blessed &c.;' has gloss LJ1 ^ ^\ iS^C jjjj 'addition, 
blessed &c, ; ' Ar. ed. Lagarde writes addition in margin between asterisks, 
and gloss ^Jm)! ^ ^j^J ^^^^1 ^U 'what is between the signs if not 
in the Coptic' 


it^.ciULojauL6K ue xe ot ^g Spn-f ue iw.i- 


^^^OTog, nexe uiA.vveXoc itA.c. xe JuLuepepg^o-f 
cr AJL^.pI^JUL. ^.pe|xiiULi vA.p nonrg^iULox JuLneiUL- 

eo iJL4>i". 
•^ OTog, g^anne xepA.ep&oKi onrog, nxeiiLici itonr- 

gKpi. oTog, epeiULOTi" xe nic, ^^ <&a.i 

eqeepoTitiai" oTog, ereAHonr-f epoq xe ncgapi 


onrog, eqei" nA.q ibceuOT <&i" iuLneponoc 

it2LA.Ti2L neqitjox. ^^onrog, qitA-eponrpo exen 

UHi itiAJccjo^. a)A.ene£^. onrog, Site st>^e ojcjoui 

^*nexe JULA.piAJUL 2Le iiniA.vreXoc, xe uooc <&aj 

itA.ajtoni ijuuLoi. eni2LH i"ca)OTit i(^A.\ ^.it. 
5 ^OTOg, A.qeponr(jo itxeniA-weXoc uexA.q itA.c. 
2Ce oTHiuI eqoTA^ qn^.! eg^pai exto. onrog, 

oTXOAiL nxe nextToci eeitA.epj6Hi£Li epo. ee- 

&e4>^i 4>K exoTnAJULA-cq qoT^-fi. ereiULOTi" 

epoq xe uojHpi AiL4>1"- 
y ^•OTog, g^Knne ic eXic^ex xecTweitac ^.cep- 

fi.oKi g^tjoc SonrgKpi j6eK xeciuiexjieXXcjo. 

*• neOC 2Le] +eT"A.CnA.'C epoq having seen him, A"»«FiCG2« 
L N, for addition cf. Or. A C &c. ; for epoq, h f ff** 1. A.Cgeop- 

xep] ex^c &c., partic. J K. exenn^-icA^i] adj: -m., 

B &c.; om. avrov, cf. Or. MB D L Ac; for position cf. Gr. A C^ &c. 
ue i°] om. B A2EF1* MS Hunt 18 : + itj6pHI Jll^HXC, Dj. cf. Gr. 
D 28. 73. arm cV iavri. nA,\A.CnA.CJtXOC] 4>^I, Gj* : HI &c., M*. 
*^OTOg,] om. F, cf. Gr. 13.: Gr. i. 3P« un. W. ItA.c] om. Jj* ; 
ohs. Gr. D &c. ^alri 6 ^fyyeXos. AiLA.piAJUL] JUt^pIA., K, cf. Gr. 
D &c.: +Xe, J. VA.p] om. Di*. Ot] om. B*. iiLlteiULeo 
XJL] j6^Ten with, r Dj.2 K M N Hunt 18. ^^ OTOg, i°] om. 

Hunt 18. g^KItlte] om. Eg: +VA.p, Hunt 18. OTOg, 2°] om. 
KFi*. itXeJUUC, A*. OTOg, 3°] om. B H. epeAlLOTi"] 
itXeJUL., conj., T: ereiUL., 3rd pers. plur., KL. ^^ 4>^l] 

LUKE I. 29-36. II 

Lord (is) with thee.' ^ But she was troubled at this word, 
and was reasoning what kind is this salutation. ^^And 
the angel said to her : ' Fear not, Mariam, for thou foundest 
grace before Ood. ^^ And lo, thou wilt conceive, and bear 
a son, and shalt call his name '* Jesus." ^^ He (lit. this) 
shall be greats and he shall be called ''(the) Son of the 
Highest " (lit. that^ or him who is high) : and the Lord Ood 
shall give to him (the) throne of David his father: ^^and 
he will be king over (the) house of Jacob for ever; and 
there shall not be (an) end of his kingdom.' ^^ And Mariam 
said to the angel: 'How will this be to me, since I know 
not (a) husband?' ^And the angel answered, he said to 
her : ' The (lit. a) Holy Spirit will come upon thee, and the 
(lit. a) power of the Highest (as before) will overshadow 
thee: therefore he (or that) who will be bom is holy; he 
shaU be called « (the) Son of God." ^ And behold, EUsabet, 
thy kinswoman, also conceived a son in her old age: and 

cf . Gr. : + VA.p, K : + 2^6, D|. 2 A^ Fj*^ Gj J M S Hun t 1 8. OTOg,] 
om. Hunt 18. €pOq] cf.? Gr.: eneqp^-It his name, Ai G2? 0. 
UeXtfOCi] 4>H ex., »Di<^.a^2*FJLMN. OTOg, a^] om. 

Hunt 18. n(B*)eponoc it] ak: nieponoc itxe, »b« &c. 
^qitA.] eqiiA., A: eqe, fut. Hi, f. j6^k, «ab(ik)CDiAiEi 

FGK. nxeq] «A*BOEiGiHKL: itxexeq, AcrD^jAiEaF 
GjJMNOS. ^UU^plAJLH] »A &c.: iULA.pjA., M, cf. Gr. 

C*D*. ^e] Gr. D AKoi thtv: om. K, cf. 8yr«>». iSUULOl] ItKI, 
F; cf. Gr. B*C^ &c. eni2Le, A*B*?. -fcCOOTlt] »A*B*Ai.8 
Gi*MOS: nrf &c., B« &c.: cf &c.. A«. ^* OTOg, i°] om. 

Hunt 18. qrtA.i] eqei, F: eertA.i, partic, «: eertao'c, 

LN. eg^pKl] om. LN. OTOg, 2°] om.' LN Hunt 18. Ot] om. 
Ci*. UextfOCl] <tK ex., KDgELMN Hunt 18. eX- 
(€Xe, D2)Ofrt^J obfl. it &c. 'nascetur' (vel 'nascitur'); for om. cic 
aav cf. Gr. » A B C^ D L &c.: exepA., prea., EFKL(pe) Hunt 18 ; 
obi. iK aoO of Gr. C* &c. is implied in exepA.. ereiULOT-f ] 
prcf. OTOg,, FjCLN. ** OTOg, 1^] om. BF. eXice&eX, A*. 

A.cep&oKi] cf.? Gr. «BL &c.: ecep,, N. -j6eXX(Jo] -XXo, 



"Heoc ^e ^.cgeopxep exen u^ic^^i. onro 
it^.ciULojauLeK ne xe ot a.^ itpni" ne xu 

**^Chrog, U6Z6 niA.weXoc itA.c. xe JuLnepepg,o 
cr JUt^pI^JUL. ^pe|xiiULi vA.p itonra-«xox JuLneA 

•^ Chrog, g^anne xepA.ep&oKi onrog, nxeiinci iia 
gKpi. onrog, epeiULOTi" xe nic. "♦• 
eqeeponrmoji" onrog, erejuLOff epoq xe iigH 

onrog, eqei" itA.q itxenro 4>i" ixnepon 
tt2LA.'vi2L neqitjox. ^^oTog, qitA.epoTpo exi 
HHi ttiA.Ka)£L ajA.eiteg,. onrog, iine j6^€ ga 
^*nexe JULA.piAJUL 2Le juLniA-vveXoc. xe uojc 4 
itA-Oj^^^ ijuuLoi. eniikK -fctoonrit itg^AJ A.n. 

5 ^OTog, A.qeponra) ibceni^vveXoc nexA.q mx:. 

2Ce OTHiuI eqoTA.fL qnA.i eg^pai exo). <«< 

OTXOJUL nxe nextToci eenA.epj6HifLi epo. f 

fLec|>A.i 4>K eTOTitAJULA.cq qoTA.^ ereuLo- 

epoq xe uojapi iJL4>1". 

y ^•OTog, g^Knne ic eXic^ex xecTVveitKC ax* 
fi.oKi g^tjoc jtonrcgHpi j6eit xeciuiexjicXy 

*• iteOC 2Le] +€T"A.CnA.T epoq having seen him, A-fF, 
L N, for addition cf. Gr. A C &c. ; for epoq, b f ff** 1. ^CgO 
Xep] €XA.C &c., partic, J K. exenHA-ICA^l] AD,: - 
B &c.; om. avrov, cf. Gr. KBDL &c.; for position cf. Gr. AC^ 
ne i°] cm. B AgEFj* MS Hunt i8 : + iij6pKI itj6HTC, D,, c1 
D a8. 73. arm cV iavrj. IXA-I^Cn^-CiULOc] ^A,\, Gi* : Til Ac, 
^^OTOg,] om. F, cf. Gr. 13.: Gr. i. 2P« €«r. dt. ItA.c] om. 
obs. Gr. D &c. >avTJ 6 SyyeXos. iULA.piA.iUL] iULA.pIA., M, c 
D &c.: +Xe, J. VAp] om. Di*. Ot] om. B*. JuLnejt 
Jul] j6A.Xeit with, r D,.2 K M N Hunt 18. ^' OTOg, 1^ . 

Hunt 18. g^KHne] om. Eg: +VA.p, Hunt 18. OTOg, a® 
»Fi*. itXeiULIC, A*. OTOg, 3°] om. B H. epCAJLO 
itXeiUL., conj., T: ereiUL., 3rd pers. plur., KL. •■« 

12 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

oTog, 4>A.j necuu^g^F nA.&ox ne. ok eronr- 
iULonr-f epoc xe -f^-xtTpHn. " xe JuuuLoit 
2,Xi itc^^i oi iurrxoxK j6^Ten 4>1". 
^•nesce Ju.^.pI^JUL 2^6. xe ic -f&coKi nxe hot. 
eceacom nui ka.xa. neKc^^i. onrog, ^qge 
nA.q efi.oX &A.poc iixeniA-vreXoc. 


^•3Xcxa)nc 7^e ibceuu^pi^JUL j6eit nieg^oo-c ex- 
c2l eAiuuL&.T, A.cae itA.c j6eit onrmc ennA.n|xcjooT 

enKi it^A.x^pJ^c oTog, A.cepA.cnA.^ecee ne- 

^^Onrog, A-cgtoni exA.cca)xeju. RxeeXic^^ex en- 

^.cn^.ciULoc iJuul^pI^JUL ^.qKiiUL ilxeniiUL^.c 

j6€it xecitexi. 
OTog, ^.ciULog, efi.oX j6eit oTunll eqoTA.^ itxe- ^^onrog, enojooi i6eit ot- 

itioji" nciULK onrog, uexA.c, 
TeciULA-ptJoonrx iteo j6eit itig^ioiULi. OTOg, 
4- itxenoTX^a iixe xertexi. 
*^<l>^i onrefioX euoit itKi ne xe iixe eiULA.T 
*-JuLnA.OT I ^^.poi. **2,Knne VA.p icxeit ex- 
's- A.cajconi itxexcAiLK iixe neA.cnA.ciULoc jfceit 
4- nAJULA.ajx. ^.qKiiUL itxenijut^c j6eit onreeXKX 
•►•j6en XA.nexi. 

<tA.i] 4>^me . . . ue, EiHMO : >4>^i ne nee . . . ^.fiox, 
BEjFKLN. en ex] eex, b*. -f] om. d,. ^xtfT] a.67, 

KBOrEjGHLMOS Hunt i8. ^'' ATTXOJtx] ep^XXOXX, Dg. 
4^l"J <^^"* ^''- ^« ®™* """yJ ^<>' position after prjfjLa cf. Gr. D aeth. 

^®nexe] onrog, nexe, a«ln. cf. Gr. d a. iULA-pi^jm] itxA.- 

pIA., M, cf. Gr. C* D. 2Le] A* Di* Ai E, F Gi* H J Hunt i8, cf. 
Gr.: •♦•ijLniA.WeXoC, A"BBrDi<^.2E2Gi<'.2KLMN: om. ^e, G,*. 

ic] g^anne ic, a^f^L: g^anne A.itoK lo, i, n. eceaooni] 

LUKE I. 37-44. 13 

this is her sixth month — she who is called ''the barren." 
^^ Because there - is not any word impossible with Ood.' 
^And Mariam said: 'Lo, the handmaid of the Lord; it 
shall be to me according to thy word.' And the angel 
went from her. 

^And Mariam rose in those days, she went in haste to 
the hill-country to a city of Juda; ^^and she entered (the) 
house of Zacharias, and saluted Elisabet. *^ And it came 
to pass (that) Elisabet having heard the salutation of 
Mariam, the babe moved in her womb. And Elisabet was 
filled with the (lit. a) Holy Spirit; ^^and she cried out 
(lit. up) with a loud voice, and said : ^ Blessed art thou 
among the women, and blessed is (the) fruit of thy womb. 
** Whence is tiiis to me, that (the) mother of my Lord 
should come to me ? *^ For lo, as soon as (the) voice of thy 
salutation was in mine ears, the babe moved for gladness 

pref. OTOg,, Di.2i^i.20S. nA.q] A. o.c, A«. ^® Ts.c] om. K ; Gr. 

A &c. Koi. iUL^pI^JUl] Gr. D fiapia. Itieg^OOT €TeJUUULA.T] 
cf. Gr. H*^ 28. cWwuc. nUA-ItXtJOOT] AOi*(oiii. rt)rDiAiEi« 2 
FHKLOS: niA.ItX(J0OT, WBDgGJN. eOT&A.Kl] om. Fj*. 
lOnr^A.] cf. Gt. : "flOT^eA., Fi* N S (om. 'f, N S), cf. b e flP** q. 
♦^OnrOg, i°] ora.F. cge] KABCTEiGHKLN: +nA.C, D1.2A1 
EjFJMO. OTOg, 2°] om. l< A1FG2JO S. A.Cep] eA.C€p, partic, 
Dj. *^ OTOg, i°] om. l<. ibceeXlCA.&€T"] for position cf. 

Gr. AC^ &c. enA.cnA.CiULOC] eXCJULK eUA-C, Ea^Fi^N 

(JULIU.C). JUL^.c] + jfcertonreeXnX for joy, k, cf. Gr. «♦ &c. 

ObB. Gr. D has TO PH>off at end: A.XOT, Fi*?. ^^Q^Qg, 1°] 

om. EjFi*. enajtOl] e&oX, FK; ob8. Gr. Ap€<l>&vrja€P ABDL 
&c,, and mP^rjatv NC &c,: CJOCI] 6&OA sometimes represents fioop, 
CAILH] cf. Gr. »ACD &c.: j6pCOOT cry, Dg* (began j6) F, cf. Gr. 
BL &c. itpovyi}. neXA-c] ABFEiGiHLS, cf. Gr.: +Xe, «CD,.2 
AiEjFGgJKMNO. No numerals in margin, ABTDi.gAiFHMNS: 
numerals in margin for verses of tbe canticle, CEi,2^i.2(1ob^)«'^^1^^i* 
*^4>A.l] OTOg^ 4>^I, BDi.2i^iF. **XCAiLHi XGCiULH thy 

voice, r. fixe] jJl, u. i\\jtxA,c] niA.XoT, Fi*. j6eit- 

OTeeXliX] for position cf. Gr. AC* &c. 


*-e&oX it^.a)U)ni itrtK exA.TCA^i iJuuLcoo'c nA.c 

•ft-eeXHX exen. ^-f *®xe A.qxo-cgT 
•►•ej6pHi exeit nec&io Sxe Teq&toKi. 
&Knne VA.p iczcit -f itonr c6n^.epiUL^.K^.pi^m jDL- 

•j-onrog, qoTA.& nxe *^oToa neqitA.1 
*-ga5ni g^. 2,A.itxa)OT nciUL ^A.nxuoot nrw 
ce 4-exep|2,o'f jfc^xeqg^K. 

"CiXqipi itonrAJLJLA.2,1 j6eit neqxc|>oi. A.q:^a)p e&oX 
*- itrntficig^KX j6eit cl)juLen itxe no-caHX. 
*- «2 A.qpa)j6T iigi^^^^pj e&oX g^i g^A-iteponoc. 
•j-onrog, A-qerfci iina exeefiiHonrx. *^Hk err- 
*-aoKep A.qopoTci nA.VA.eon. OTog, na exoi 
•►•npAJULA.0 A.qoTopnoT e&oX erojo'*^'''- 

**3Xqi"xoxq iinlcf^ ueqA.XoT eep^^Jtueri iineq- 
4-nA.i. "KA.XA. 4>pHi" exA.qcA.zi neiUL nenio-f. 
<5-*A.£kpA.AJUL neju. neqzpox a]A.ene^. 

*«3Xcaa)ni ^e nexiLA-c nxejuLA.piAJUL nv nA.&ox. 
oTog, A.CKOXC enecKi. 


*^3X nicHOT 2Le xko^ e&oX nxe eXicA.&ex ee- 


cojxeiUL nxena exeimnKoo-f iJLiiecHi nejuL 

"onrog,] oin.KBnL,cf.Gr.C*^w nA.c] neiULA.C, lit/ with her.' 
«rM. ^® ULA.pIA.AJL] -piA., S, cf. Gr._C*D tiapta: +2:e, OF &c. 
(exc.ABA2* JULnOC] jfcennOC, T. *''OTOg^]oiii.B. 

exen] Or. d cv. *® A.qxonraT] Gr. d addH icupioff. ejfcpKi" 
eg^pai, >J. VA.p] om. Ai* J. -fnonr] nonr, Fj*. juuuloi^ 

iJLiULO thee, K. *• nai] om. Fi*. iULeO (A, M, the rest X) nial" 
cf.? Gr. «c^ACD* &c. /xfyaXcia; +neiULai with me, F. nxe &c. 

LUKE 1. 45-58. 16 

in my womb. ^^ And blessed is she who believed ; because 
there will be (the) fulfilment of the things which were 
spoken to her by the Lord.' ^^And Mariam said: 'My 
Boul exalted the Lord, ^' and my spirit was glad over 
God my Saviour. ** Because he looked down upon (the) 
humbleness of his handmaid: for lo, hencefoi*th all genera- 
tions will call me blessed. « Because he who is strong 
did to me great things (lit. greatnesses) ; and his name is 
holy. ^And his pity is unto generations and generations 
for them who fear him. "He made strength in his arm; 
he scattered the proud in (the) thought of their heart. 
^'He hurled strong (ones) from thrones, and he exalted 
them who are humble. *^Them who were hungry he satis- 
fied with good, and them who were rich he sent away 
empty. ^He helped Israel his child, to remember his 
pity, ^^ according as he spake to our fathers, Abraham and 
his seed for ever.* ^^And Mariam was with her three 
months^ and returned to her house. 

^^Now the time was completed to Elisabet for her bear- 
ing; and she bare a son. ^And they who were around 
her house, and her kinsfolk heard that the Lord magnified 

Gr. D praem o Btos. OTOg,] om. KFHKLM. qOTA.& is holy] cf. 
syrP al. neqpA.It] Gr. »* tXcof. *® OTOg,] om. BrEFi*KM. 

OJCJOTl, A: gon, ». J^A,nXiJ0Or IteJULg^A.n &c.] cf.Gr.BC* 

L&c. "j6eni«>] JuL,s. j6e4>itxeTi,A*. ^^^\^A.nscc' 
2,iX€itg^A.n,KBr»Di.,Ai*E: g^inonroponoc,Fi*?. onrog,^ 

cm. BFF, cf. Gr. 0«. " Kh] pref. OfOg,, Di. 2 ^^i . ^V^eOH 

-CJOn, Gj*. OTOg,] om. BFE J KM. itpAJULA.o] nipAJULA.01, 
plnr., Fi*. OTOOpnO'C, A. €&oX] om. L*. ** Ei icA.1, 

Ji HCA.HA.C, in margin. ^ ffl^eiteg,] cf.? Gr. A^p C &c. tw 

almpos. '^^ A.Ca)U)ni &c.] om. 2^C, D,: JULA.pi^iUL 2l6 

A-COJODUI neiULA.C, F: Gr. D fuipta: om. flxeiUL^piAJUL, K. 
itr &c] »ACi*EHKMS, cf. Gr. D &c.: fXATt V &c., BTDi.a Ai 
F,«GJLNO, cf. Gr. AC &c. ixrtl, KBLB i. w. " Hi] om. Cj*. Hon* 18, 

^e] om. «. nxe] cf. ? Gr. 69. 124. 346. rns. *® OTOg,] om. F. 57^ ^^5 

itK exetniiKurf ] kk exjiennKtoi", f : hh exKoo-f, h. 


iteccrrvertHc, xe a. uot ep neqit^.! itcnrnig-f 

iixoTcoTfie hia-Xot. onrog, n^.TJULOT'f epoq 
ue €4>p^.n JOLueqicox ^a-x^P^^c. 

•^^Onrog, A-cepOTO) ibcexeqjutA.-c ue3CA.c. xe JOL- 
iULoit. A-XX^. iULo-ci" eneqpA.It xe i(JOA.nnHc. 
•^oTog, ue^ctJOOT nA.c xe iluuLoit g^Xi j;6eit 
TecTrreniA. erAnonr-f epoq 

•2 CiXTtfcbpeiUL ^e eneqiojx. xe ^^XP'^^^ eiuioTf 
ct^ epoq xe niiUL. ^^Onrog, exA.qepexm | Sot- 
nmA.Kic A.qcj6A.i eq2:u3 juuuloc. xe iu)A.ititHC 
ne neqpA.n. onrog, itA.Tepaj4>Hpi XHponr ne. 
"a. ptjoq 7s.e oxvjn ni'g^o'f j6en onrg^o-f 
neiUL neqXA.c. onrog, nA.qcA^i ne eqcAHonr 

•*Oto2, itxeoTg^o-f esceit onroit iti&ert 
enraon ixnoTKoo-f. oTog, itA.nrcA^i itnA.i 
xapoT 2,1 niiA-itxajoT nxe iot2lA.. 

^^Onrog, nA.nriULOKiULeK xapoT jfceit nonrg^HX 
itxeitH exctJoxejuL eyxuo Umloc. xe ot 

neccTvreitKc] Or. l om. ain^s. noTHig-f] abcAiEiF 

HOSHuntiS: Jtma-f, WrDi.jEa G JKLMN. IteiULA.C i\ 

+ ne, JN. oTog,] om. F. nA.nrpA.ajO ^'*^., m. neAiLA.c 2\ 

+ XKpOT all, «. *® ^e] Gr. icai, exc. T Kai...d€. j6en] Gr. 

DL &c. om. nieg^OOT ijUUlA.£,H] cf. Gr. l^ B D L &c.: 

>niAiLA.2,H iteg^oo-c, f, cf. Gr. A &c. cof&eni] cot- 
exni, El? M?. nA.TiULoxt] a.t., f Ji*. ne] om. d,.2* f j 

LN Hunt i8. e4>pA.n] JUL^., B^: ^., B*. «® A.cep] 

eTA.C &c., partic. T M, cf. Gr. nCXA^c] pref. OTOg,, K. 
iOUULOn . . . ^•^^ xe] om. Fi* homeot. JULO^cf ] Gr. future pas«ive. 
eneqpA.n] ACGHKs cf. Gr. 0*D &c.: epoq him. BFDiP.aAi 
EFiCK*LMNOS Hunt i8. «^ OTOg,] om. JLN. j6en] AJLN 
Hunt 1 8. cf. Gr. C^D &c.: pref. efioX, B &c., cf. Gr. 1<ABC*L &c. 
V ijLnA.ipA.n] j6ennA.I, F; cf.? Gr.exc.D: en., Di.aAiOS, cf.? 

LUKE I. 59-66. 17 

his pity for (lit. with) her; and they were rejoicing with 
her. ^^ And it came to pass on the eighth day, (that) they 
came that they might circumcise the child ; and they were 
calling him hy (lit to the) name of his father Zacharias. 
*®And his mother answered, she said: 'Nay; but call his 
name "John."' •^And they said to her: 'There is not 
any among thy kindred who is called by this name/ 
*'And ihey beckoned to his father: 'What wishedst thou 
to call himi' ^And having asked for a tablet, he wrote, 
saying: 'John is his name.' And they wondered all. 
*^And his mouth opened suddenly, and his tongue; and 
he was speaking, blessing Ood. ^And fear was upon all 
who were around them : and they were speaking aU these 
(things) on the hill-country of Juda. *®And they who 
heard were all reasoning in their heart, saying: 'What 

Or. D ace. ^^ eneqicjox] ixn., l. a-Xo^^^J^] a c g k 

Hunt 18; A.KOT., B &c. CJULOT-f] XCiULOTi", Ji*, obs. Gr. 
DH ori. epoq] em^.X0T the chUd, Hunt 18. niAX.] cf.? a b c 
ff*" g**" 1 q vg 'quern.' ^^GXA-qep] A.q€p., E2*Fi*. HI- 

nA.KIc] «AD,.2E,FG. cf. Gr. C*^^ D: -VIC, B &c. A.qCj6^0 
eq., E: +g,IU3XC on it, F. eq^CO) JUUULOC] om. «, cf. Gr. 
D e. Ue] Gr. C &c. t[arm. OTO, A. HA-Tep] A &c. : A.T &c.. 
rJN Hunt 18, cf. Gr. Ue] om. BJN Hunt 18. "OTg^O-f] 

ATDgGJi^KN: "f^Q-f, «BCDiAiEFJi«HLMOS Hunt 18. 

neAiLneqXA.c] om. g,*. of. Gr. 245. e^-f] JJu, l. ^ oTog,] 

cf. Gr. N« B C D &c. ibceOTg^O-f ] for position cf. Gr. (D) &c. 
OJCOn, ATDg*. iXTlOTKOji"] j^eitnOT &c., D2; cf. Gr. exc. 
D &c. nA.TC^^l] A.T., H : +Ue, Dj. ItltA.! XKpCnr] A* : 
ijLIU.ICA.ZI, A«: itItA.ICA.ZI (words) XKpOT, B &c.: om. 
THpO-r, Fi*. nil A-ItXCOOT] A C FE GK N S : niA.ltX(J0OT, 
BD,?.2FHJi*LM Hunt 18: om. jtXODOT, Ai*. itX€IOT2LA.] 
ACFEGiHJK Hunt 18: Sxef 10^2^6 A., BD,.2 AiFGjLNOS: 

it'fioT2ieA^ M. ••THpoT] +ne, fjlm. exccjoxeAii] 

A*BCEF,*GHK, cf.Gr. CDp&c: €XA.T., AcrD,.2AiFi<^JLM08, 
cf. rest of Gr. >itZeitK CTTCCJOXeAiL jfcertnOTaKT, Fi*: 
Gr. DL &c. iwrals mpXious avruv. 0*Vj om. G^*. 

18 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

•''OTog, ^A-X^pj^c neqitjox A-qiuiog, efi.oX i6en I 
oTHitAl eqoTA^ oTog, A.q€pnpo4>KxeTrm 
eqxu) JuuuLoc. 

•* S[cAiLA.p(JooTX nxenoc 4>1" ixnlcTv. xe ^.q-*- 
2:eiULTia]mi oTog, A.qipi itoTctoi" iiLUeqXA.oc. ♦• 

••Onrog, A.qxoTnoc oTXA.n ititog^eiu. itA.n jfceit*- 
HHi it^A.Ti^ neqA-XoT. ''^ka.xa. ^^pH'f exA.q-"H 
cA^i e&oX j6eit pojoT itneqnpo4>HXKC eeo-cAA ¥ 
icxeit neiteg,. •► 

" OTitog^eiUL e&oX jfcen nenxA^i iteju. e&oX ♦^ 
j6en itenxix noToit iti&cit eeiULocf JOuuLoiLi- 
^^eipi noTHA-i rteiUL itemo-f onrog, ecp^^Axeri^ 
nxeq^iA-OKKK ' ^ 

"niA.rtA.a €XA.qa5pK ijuuLoq itA.fipAAJUL nemcjox.*- 
''*enxmxHic iiA-xepg^o-f €A.nno2,€AiL |*^ 
c^ efioX j6cn ncn^iz nnen^iA^i eajcimaji iiuuLoq 
''^ j6en oTXOTfio neiui oTimeeAiLHi ijineqixeo 
nnene^ooT XKpoT. 

^^OTog, neoK ^e niA.XoT e-rejuLOT't" epojc xe 
nmpo4>KXKc hire nextToci. x^^^PSJ^pn VA.p 
ijuuLocyi JuLneiULeo ixnoc ecefixe neqiULCJOiT- 
" cf noTGAiLi nxe ^no^ejtx iJLneqXA-oc i6en 
oty(Vj efioX itxe g^A.nnofii. 

^^Gefie niiULexaeng^KX nxe 4>nA.i ixnennoT^f 

neenA.] ne eenA., E: eenA^ AiOS. nA.iA.XoT] ni., 
AiF. KevA.p] cf. Gr. hi B c* D L &c. nA.pexxix] nA.pexix, 

G2?Hi? O2? ; obs. Gr. i. 131. ante x^^P ponunt ^v: Gr. D 59. 1 q om. fv, 
neXJLA.q] AEj : + ne, B &c. •^ OTOg, 2°] om. EFi*M Hunt 18. 
A.qep &c.] Gr. D fitrti', without Xtywir. ®®] 

Xeq &c., Fi«(qadded)G2<'JN. OTOg,] om. K^BTDi.gAiEF 
M N O S. The canticle is numbered forwards, G ; backwards, H • • • A, 
CJiNOi. *^*OTOa] om. BEFi*HMN. i6en] l^ A* Ci*, 

cf. Gr.: efioX j6en, a«»b &c. ''^eeoTAA icxen] for 

LUKE I. 67-78. 19 

then will be to this child?' For (the) hand of the Lord 
was (imperf.) with him. '^And Zacharias his father was 
filled with the (lit. a) Holy Spirit, and he prophesied, 
saying: *•* Blessed is the Lord God of Israel; because he 
visited and made redemption for his people. *^ And he raised 
up a horn of salvation for us in (the) house of David his 
child, ^^ according as he spake from the mouths of his holy 
prophets since (the) age, "^^ salvation from our enemies and 
from (the) hands of all who hate us, ^*to shew (lit do) 
pity for (lit. with) our fathers, and to remember his holy 
covenant; "^^the oath which he sware to Abraham our 
father, ^^for the giving to us, without fear, having been 
saved firom (the) hands of our enemies, to serve him, ''^in 
holiness and righteousness before him all our days. "^^And 
thou indeed. Child, shalt be called "The prophet of the 
Highest ; " for thou wilt be first in walking before the Lord 
to prepare his roads; ''^to give knowledge of (the) salva- 
tion to his people in forgiveness of sins, "^^ because of the 
compassions of (the) pity ot our God, [in] these in which 

order cf. Or. D &c. "^^ neit^C^^l] Gr. D tic x'«P«* &<*• 

"OTTOg,] om. BFDaEaGi^HJKLN, cf. Gr. D. 2^1^eKKI, 

A B G,*. " ni^n^g] prcf. ee&e, h. ''^ eixxin . . . 
^cf] om. tk, nenxix iv] -xix itxe, BD1.2E2HMN: om. 

Aj S. nenX^Xl] cf. Gr. a C D &c. " OTTAJLeeAJlKl] om. 

OT, Fi*. itnen &c.] cf.? Gr. BL 2P« it (exc a); for vA*w cf. Or. 
KABCDL&c: Itni &c., S. ''•OTOg^ . . . 2^€] ACD^aAiGRS, 
cf.Gr. l^BCDL: fteOK ^6, l^BrEFHJLMNO : Gr.A&c. itai cnJ. 

nex] <^H er, i^bfdjEJklm. epojopn] fflopn, a. 
ixjULocgi] €., El. jOLneftxeo JuL] cf. Gr. hb ttwmop, cf. xUi. 26, 

the rest of the Gr. have frp<S, which is not expressed by Copt.; tr. of 
J, has ^U 'before,' and gloss i».j ^ 'face.' iXHOT] HOT, B* : 

+0T02,, Di. 2. neqAJLCoiT" . . . ^"^itnre i°] om. Fi*. 

"Xa.OC] ^XoT child, F. 2,^ItItofi.l] ABCrGi.2*HKLMN, 
cf. Or. 122. 245. 246. 253. 300. 435. tol : nOTnofi.1 their sins, Dj. 2 
Ai E F J S, cf. Gr. l< B D L &c. " ijineitOT-f , A. 



Aen n^i ex^qitA.gmi epon iiji>KXox xe 
^n^nroXK e&oX st>^n ntfTci "^eepoTCJomi itnK 

enxiitcoTxen n€n(ri.XA.T2c e<^jtxuoi^ itxe i"- 


ninitX. oTog, n^qx^ ne g^i nioj^qer. oji. 
nieg^oo-y tire neqoTcong, e&oX g^ nicX. 


A tlXcojcjoni i6en meg^ooT exejuum^TT ^qi e&oX 
itxeoTg^cjon e&oX g^ixen noTpo ^Trro-ccxoc. 
xe nxe -f oiKo-rAJienK XHpc -f peitc ej^onrn 

*9a.i xe 'fA.novpA.ctH ng^onrii" ex^cgcjoni eqoi 
ng^KreAt-oon ei^cnrpi^ itxeKTpmitioc. 'oTog, 
it^.Tn^ XKpoT ec^e nonrp^it nionr^i tiiot^ 
itcA. xeq&^Ki. 
*3Xqi 2^6 e^pHi nxenKeicocHct^ efi.oX i6€n -f rA.Xi- 
Xe^. efi-oX i6€n ot& xe it^^^pee. e^o'^n 
CH €OTfi.A.Ki nxe ^^Ti:^ enrAJLOT'f | epoc xe 
&HeXeeAJL. ee&exe oTe&oX i6€n hki neu. 
ejutexicjox it^^Ti^ ne. * ecj6e neqp^n 
iteAJL AJL^pi^juL. eH ex^Tcon itccoc n^zi 


eXA.qnA.gini] A: exeqnA. &c., I^B &o. fut. i relative; for 
future cf. Gr. H^ BL syr««* : exeqgmi, pres. rel., Fi*, cf. go * visitat/ 

xe] i^ACHJM: xeoTT, B &c.: itxeoTT, Dg. "^^ nnh] »A 

0, HJKLMNO: enK, B0rD,.,«AiEJ'Gi8. ijL<l>At.OT] 
e^XKOX, J. tfiXA-TX] A® (over erasure ?) &c. nxe] ll, F. 
HCA.HA.C, J»8. *®A.qA.IA.l] nA.q &c., imperf., EgFLMN, 

cf. Gr. nA.qAJULA.g^l] -AJULP,!, A*: +ne, Fi<^N: A.q., «. 

ninnZ] nn^., r*. oTog, 2^ om. f. x"] om. j^*. ne] 
om. Ji*LN. 2,1] i6en, I*. nigA^qer] n^A^qe, sing. 
r* (ni, l>) N. neqoTcong,] nq., a*. 

LUKE I. 79— n. 5, 21 

he is to visit us as a dayspring from (the) height, ^® to give 
light to them who sit in (the) darkness and (the) shadow 
of (the) death; for (the) directing our feet to (the) road 
of the peace.' ®^And the child grew, and was being 
strengthened in the Spirit, and was (imperf.) in the deserts 
unto the day of his appearing unto Israel. 

U. It came to pass in those days (that) a decree came 
forth from (the) king Augustus that all the world should 
give in its name to be written. ^ This is the first enrolment 
which was made, Kyrinnios being governor of Syria. ^And 
all were going to write their name each one at his city. 
^And Joseph also came up from Galilee from a city 
'Naasareth' into a city of David called Bethlehem, because 
that he is from (the) house and family of David ; ^ to write 
his name with Mariam, who was betrothed to him, being 


^ ^.COJCOni] A*, cf. Or. AH &c.: +:^e, A« Ac, cf. Gr. ItZe- Hunt ,8, 
OTTg^tOIt] nxeOt^UOJtXy r^ over erasure. A.TrOTCT"Oc] cf. 
Gr. ABC~"DL &c. OIKOTAJLeith] H over erasure, A^. XHpc] 
oni. r ; obs. variants of Gr. Protcv. * O^I Xe] 0^.1 ^€, Djj. 

itP^O'VI'l J for position cf. Gr. M^ABCL &c., but the form of sentence 
is different. g^HVeAJLCOn] g^TVeAJLCOn, T Dj* : KVeAJLCOn, 
El* M. A began to write ClpI^. KTpmitlOc] A C Ei<^: KT- 

pmneoc, b &c.: Kipmneoc, Dj: KTpHnmoc, e,*?. 

» nrKpOTf] + ne, B F ; cf. Gr. l^ &c. Di has gloss ji u-J ^ Jm 
jkl^ L«i5Q ^^^\ 'Coptic, and not in the Arabic, that they should write 
their names.' TIIOT^I 2°] om. J. £.^Kl] Gr. C* x^P^j ^ varpdia, 
*^e] +On, D2K. HKe] om. N. eAoX 2<»] om. Hunt 18. 
€ii>OTrlt] ACjH: +e^IOT2^€^, B &c., cf. Gr. exc. D yfjp wv^. 
eOTf] om. €, JLN, cf. Gr. A 122*. om. tU sec. OT^^Kl] Gr. «♦ 
n|y woXir. eXAJLOT'f CpOC Xc] eneqp^It ne his name being, 

F. €efi.exeoT] om. ot, k : xeoTKi iteoT, f : eeJ^e^ce- 
neoTT, BM. e&oX 3°] +n€, m. ioox] om. b. ne] om. 

BJL. * ecjfce] cf.? Gr. r^*kT> 33. &c., as before. AJL^pI^JUl] 

JUL^pI^, BD].2<TKLS Hunt i8, cf. Gr. D. Om. yiwoiici, cf. Gr. >(B 

c*^DL &c. ncu3c nA.q &c.] iiccoc uf^esxc eciiAoKi, 

M, from Ifatt i. i8. 

22 RaxTOX J^OYRaxH. 

^aXcojconi ^e erxn HjJLiJX i^rxKo^ e&.6\ ibce- 
neceg^ooT eepecAJiici. ^ oTog, ^cailici iJLnec- 
aHpi niojopn jjuuLici. o-cog, A-CKonrXtoXq a.c- 
X^<? ^en oTOTong^q. ^ceoTTHi iteiuuuLonnrof 
JUL^ juuuL^T ne st>^n niJtx^tioxogj. 
B ^OTog, neo-con 2,A.nit«.A.necu50T erxiLoni j^en 
•f X^P^ exejuuuLA.T si^eti xkoi, oTog, erpooic 
j6en itipcoic tire niezcop^ efi.oX e^en noTrog^i 
•OTog, ic oT^rreXoc Sxe hot ^qog,! ep^xq 
egjpHi excooT. o-cog, o-ccoot nxe hot ^qep- 
cccoini epcoo'c. oTog, ^Tepg^cf s&en oTrnioj'f 

^® Chrog, nexe niA.rreXoc itcooT. xe iinepepg^o-f . 
2,Hnne r^p 'fg^iaennoTqi ncoxeit noTrnig-f 
np^cgi. ^^i een^ojconi iJL^IX^.oc XHpq. 

^' Xe A.TAJLICI ncoxeit Ijl^oox noTccoxHp exe 
nxc HOT ne i6en e&^Ki it2i^Ti2s.. ^^oTog, 
4>^i ne niAJLHini ncoxen. epexenexixt-i nonr- 
A.XoT eqKo-cXcoX oTog, eqxH j6en o-coTong^q. 

^^Oto^, ^caconi noTg^o-f sb^n o-cg^cf nxeoT- 

*€TXH] eqXH> fling., Fi*. ^rJULO^] Gr. D crcX^V'. 

necegjoo-c] jj© &c.: nieg^ooT the days, i^c+nxcfn^pee- 

noC) Ji* L N, cf. Gr. Tr. of Ji haa L^U *her days,* and gloss AA. 
■^ O-COg, i°] om. Fj*. OTOg, 1° . . . ijUULICl] om. Gg* homeot. 
XinecajHpl] ijLni. the son, H, cf. b c ff^* g^- l Amb. om. a^r. 
nigopn the first] Ji A* B C E H M Hunt i8 : necOJOpn, A^ T &c., 
tr. of A corrects to \^} *her son.* CCOg, 2°] om. B Hunt 18. 
^CKOTX&Xq] + ng^^nXCOIC with swaddling clothes (lit. pieces 
of cloth), D2KM: ^O'COg,, B Hunt 18. OTO'COn2,q] « DjE: 
O-COng^q, A &c.; cf. Gr. JiABDL &c. Xeo-CHl] +rA.p, rD,.2 
AiFMOS. ne] om. JLN. AJLA.] +V^p, B. ne] om. BJLN 
Hunt 18. i6en] nj6pHI i6en, Dg. ^OTOg, i°] om. F: 

o-cog, . . . eccooT 2ie, j l m. eccoo-c] + s^e, F, cf. Gr. D &c. : 

+ ne,BK. eTrXILOni]om.JN. exe JUUULA.t] cf.a bode ff^g^ 

LUKE n. 6-13. 23 

with child. "And it came to pass (that), they being there, 
her days were completed for her bearing. ''And she bare 
her son the firstborn; and she wrapped him, she laid him 
in a manger, because they had not place in the place of 
lodging. * And there were shepherds feeding in that country 
in (the) field, and watching in the watches of the night 
over their flock of sheep. 'And lo, an angel of the Lord 
stood over them, and the (lit. a) glory of the Lord gave 
light to them, and they feared with a very great fear. 
^® And the angel said to them : ^ Fear not ; for lo, I preach 
glad tidings to you of great joy, which (lit. this which) 
will be to all the people : " because there was bom for 
you to-day a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord, in (the) 
city of David. "And this is the sign to you; ye shall 
find a child wrapped, and lying in a manger.' ^^ And there 
was suddenly a multitude of (an) host of (the) heaven with 

I q *illa' variously placed : om. K : +€T^K being placed, or lying?, F. 

o-cog, 2°] om. Brr Hunt 18. j6eitni] ititi, F: em, ejlmn. 

eJ^oX] om. H JLN. exen] g^IXen, BDi.a Hunt 18, cf.? Or. i. 
Arc gen.: ItXe, Ej. obs. Gr. EH al^ ^. HOTOg,!] ItOTOg,!, 
G,e J L N ; log,!, A«. • OTOg, i°] om. Hunt 18. ic] cf. Gr. 

AD &c. egJpKl] om. JN. OTOg, 2*»] om. Fi*. COOT] Q-CCOini 
light, K. HOC 2°] Gr. D &c. om. epCOO'cl cf.? Gr. }^* avrms. 
i^n . . . g^O'f ] om. Fi* horaeot. eJUL^OJCOj cf. Gr. B: om. T; 
tr. of Di has \x^ 'very,' and gloss ^c^^^ ^J u^ *"°* ^^ *^® Arabic* 
'®n€X,A*. rA.p]om.JLN,cf.Gr.P. ^^l] 4>K, S. ^enA.ClIU5- 
m] eit^.a).> B : Or. «♦ e €<mw. " > ItOTCCOXHp AJLct)©©-*, K. 

ere] iinre, c. noc] om. Di*.a*. ne] om. k*. e&A.Ki] ac 

G1HJKLNO2?: OT&^KI, BrDi.aAiEFGgPMOiS Hunt 18; both 
correspond to Gr. irdXc*, no MS. having tJ. it2i^TI2^] ACG^ H KN : 

nrre, B(A)rDi.2?^iEFG2JLMOs Hunt 18. ^-ni] cf. Gr. 
NADL &c. eqKo-cXcoX] ^qKOTXcjoX, ohS: ^qKO-cXcoXq, 

D2 for passive. OTOg, 2®] om. B Dj A, E F L M Hunt 18, cf. Gr. 

A &c. eqxn] ^X", J; of. Gr. »« a b l &c. i6€noT(B &c. 

om. OT) OTT.] A Ej Fj* ? ; obs. Gr. H* «ri. " OTOg, ^.C^COni] 

-A.q., F: ^.cojconi ^e, m. j^eitoTg^o-f] om. b. 


xtLHoi ijLM.exAJLA.nroi tire t"4>€ nejtx ni^v- 
veXoc e'cg^cjoc €4>'f o**og^ erxcjo ijuuLoc. | 
ce i*Xe o-coooTT jfcen hk ertfoci ijL4>i"- ne^Jt oTrg^i- 
pHitK ^\xen niKA.g^i. next. oTr-f AJLA-i" jfeen 
"OTog, A.caju5ni ex^Tge ncjooTT ex<t€ efi.oX g,^.- 
pcooT ibc€itiA.x^eXoc. ^xc^j^i itxeniJULA.n6- 
ccjooT nexx. noTepHOTT erxoo juuuloc. 
Xe AJL^pon ttjA. &HeXe6AX. oTog, SxeitnA.Tr ee&e 
nA.icA.xi exA^qgconi. ^a.i exA. nw xAJUton 

epoq. ^•OTOg, A.TI eTTlHC. a.txiax.i ijUtlLA.pIA. 

nexx. iu5CKcl> nexx. niA.XoT eqx*^ j6en ni- 

"GxA.TnA.T ^e A.TeAJLi ee&e nicA.xi exA^nrcAJci 

iiJULoq nexiLcooT eeJ&e niA.XoTr. 
^•OTog, oTon nifien exA.Tcu5xex«. A.nrepa|4>Hpi 

exen nn exA.TCA.xi juuulcjoott nejuicjooT ibce- 

"UA.piA. ^e neoc nA.cA.peg, enA.icA.xi XKpoT 

eccotffti i6en necg^KX. ^® oTog, 

nxeniAJLA.necu50T. e'C'f coot oTog, erg^coc e^-f 

eg^pHi exen g^tjofi. ni&en exA.TcoeAJLOT ne^ji 

nH exA.TnA.Tr epoooT. ka.xa. ^pn-f exA.TCA.xi 


^ OTog, exA.TJUL0g, efioX nxen neg^ooT xe nxoT- 

juLexJULA.xoi] juLee., m. nxex4>e] cf. Or. b* d* a. ni- 

A.WeXoc] ni., ^^FQsiHLNS 'pa^um Umen conBtat n, nota Numeri 
Plur.' (Schw.) eci>'f ] om. e, A*. OTOg, a^] A C D,. j Aj H S, 
cf. Gr.: om. l^BTEFaJKLMN Hunt 1 8. ^* >iJL(om.l<)cl>•f 

J6ennH eXtf0CI,K. neJUL i*^] I^ABCFGHJKLMNS HuntiS: 
OTOg,, r Di. 2 Ai El*, a 0. niKA.g,l] nKA.g,I, K B, cf.? Gr. y^s. 
neJUL 2°] cf. 8yr««»». OT-f JULA-i" ] cf. Gr. N« B^ L &c. " OTOg, i °] 
om. Hunt i8. A.TCA.XI . . . neXK] cC Gr. M B &c. 

LUKE n. 14-ai. 26 

Lhe angel praising God, and saying: '^^ Glory to God in 

the highest, and peace upon the earth and good pleasure 

among [the] men«' ^^And it came to pass (that), the 

angels having gone to (the) heaven from them, the shepherds 

spake to one another, saying: ^Let us go unto Bethlehem 

and see concerning this word which came — this which the 

Lord shewed to us.' ^^And they came hasting, they found 

Hary and Joseph , and the child lying in the manger. 

'^And having seen, they knew concerning the word which 

was spoken to them concerning the child. ^^And all who 

heard wondered at the things which the shepherds spake 

to them. ^^But Mary — she was keeping all these words^ 

meditating in her heai-t. ^^And the shepherds returned^ 

glorifying and praising God over all things which they 

heard and the things which they saw, according as was 

spoken to them. 

'^And eight days having been completed that they might 

CUX)t] cf. Gr. K BL &c. CTXtJJ JUUULOc] cf. Gr. I* &e.: om. 
LN Hunt 18, cf. rest of Gr. Om. «i}, cf.? Gr. E. OTOg, 2^] om. 
FJLN Hunt 18. eoJ&e] ACD2FH Hunt 18 : 60, K : 6, BFDi* Ai 

EG JLM08. n^c^^i, A*, ex^qojconi] om. J. " eriHc] 

^., N S. ^TTiCIAJLl] A F S Hunt 18 : pref. OTOg^, B &c., cf. Gr. 
JUJULA.pI^] ABrD,.2E2FGi*JLMNO Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D: 
iUtJtiL^.pI^JUL, C Ai El Gi« , K 0. iax:Hcl>] IU3CH&, K*. 

"ee&€ i°] €, E2*: 2ce, jj. neAJioooT] om. b. ni] cf. Or. 

D &c " €XA.TCU5XeXIL] Gr. D c~' present. iJtep] H^T., 
Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D*'. It€JUL(J0OT] om. FJL. " AJL^pI^] 

Ar*AiJKLMNOS Hunt 18. cf. Gr. »♦ B D Ac: iUL^.pI^JUL, 
BCD1.2EFGH, cf. Gr. t^AL &c n^l] Gr. B &c. om. THpO-c] 
A*r*: +n€, A«B &c.; for position cf. Gr. D &c. €CCOtfhl 

j^ennecg^HT"] om. Ji*. &kx] + ne, a«Fi«n. *^ -f ^o**] 

'I'JUL^'f', A] 08; tr. of E^ has oA ^^^SM^^ 'glorifying God.' 
OTOg, 2°] om. F. e^-f ] ^i" , Fi*. ^t^pH'f] p over H, A®. 
" eXA.'CAJLOg,] €XA.TX(JOK, B, cf. Gr. D irvw^X^a^oF. 
h] a : niH, K B Ac, cf. Gr. D at. XS] ^TI XC they came that, 

26 RaxTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

coTfi.KT"q A.TAJLOT'f eneqp^it xe Thc. cj>h er- 
A.qxiLOT'f epoq ijuuioq ibceni^rreXoc icxen 
ijLn^TOTepfioKi ijuuLoq jiyeti ertexi. 


** OTog^ exA. nieg^ooT AJiog, efi-oX itnre ninroT&o 

ci K^x^ nino|AJLoc itxe xilcotchc. ^.Tenq eg^pw 

ei^HAX. exA.2,oq €pA.xq iinOT. *^ ka.xa. 4)pKi" 

exci6HOTX i6eit niitoiULoc nxe hot. 

Xe g^cooTX nifi.eit een^o-ccon exo-f Sxe xeq- 

AJL^T ereAJLO'C'f epoq 2C€ neeoT^fi. XiLnOT. 

**Oto2, e+ itoTao'Cttj^J^'^ffl^ KA.XA. <l>pHi" €XA.T- 
2COC g^i c^nojULoc iinOT. xe o-coj^ffl StfpoxiLn- 
oj^X 16 Jtx^c "K tiCSpoJtxm. 

** OTog, ic g^Hnne ne o-cpcjojuii i6€n IXIuOl eneq- 
pA.n ne ciiULCJon. o'cog, n^ipcoAJii ne oTikiKeoc 
ne. npeqepg^o-f eqxoTgx e&oX st>^'T^H Jul- 
n'fnoAJL'f" iinicX. 
OTOg, neoTon nnl! eqoT^fi. x^ &ixa>q. 
^^o-cog, neA.TXAJULoq ne i6en o'cxP**-*^^^- 
xicxiLoc nxoxq juLninnZ eeoT^fi. ecgxcAJL- 
eepeqn^T e^AJioT i3LnA.xeqn^Tr en^pc hot. 

*^OTog, A.qi j6en ninlul eg^pKi eniep<l>ei. onrog, 
i6en racmxo-cen ni^Xo-c ihc ei6oTn nxe- 
neqio-f. eipi excoq ka.x^ nexcoje iixe nmo- 

COTJ&KXq] cf. Gr. Ji A B L &c. A.'CAJLOT'f ] A C G H K M, 
cf. Gr. D 13. &c. : O'COg, ^t &c., l< B F Di. 2 Ai E F J L N S, cf. rest 
of Gr. eXA.qJULOT'f] eXOTJULOT'f, pre8., C: Gr. »* e 
TO Xfx^i'. iJLJULOq] required by idiom : om. F* E. ICXen] om. 
HBT. iSLn^nXOTT, A^BEaJKL. ^^ niXOTfi.o] cf. Gr. 435. 

al'^'O' Amph. Ir.»n«: nOTXOTT&O, J^AiMNOS, cf. Gr. l^ABL &c. 

ni . . . nxe] ^ . . . juL, >*. ^^ nmoxt-oc] of. Gr. d f* Cyr »»'. 

eXO-f] nXO-f, l^BrDi^.gFL: iti" XO-f, J. Tr. of Di has iA 
*of his mother/ and gloss ^JJ»^\ ^J jj^^-J *not in the Arabic' neoj 

ne ee, D1.2. ^* a.txoc] a*? &c., cf. Gr.-. ^qxoq, b: 

Cj^HO'CX written, A«JL. g,lC^. . .iJL] of.? Gr. A &c.: j^^nni 

LUKE n, 2a-a7- 27 

circumcise bim, his name was called ^ Jesus/ which the 
&ngel called him from (the time) before be was conceived 
in (the) womb. ^And the days having been completed 
for the cleansing according to the law of Moses, they 
brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, 
'' according as it is written in the law of the Lord: that 
every male which will open (the) womb of his mother 
shall be called ' holy to the Lord ; ' ^^ and to give a sacrifice 
according as was said in (the) law of the Lord: *A pair 
of turtledoves or two young pigeons.' ^*And behold, there 

^ w« a n^aa in Jerusalexn. his na„.e being Sixnon; and this 
man was righteous, devout, looking for (the) consolation 
of Israel : and there was (the) Holy Spirit [put] upon him. 
^And they were shewing to him in a revealing by the 
Holy Spirit, that he should not see (the) death, before he 
saw Christ the Lord. ^And he came in the Spirit up to 

I the temple, and as (lit. in) his parents (were) bringing the 
child Jesus in, to do for him according to that which was 

...nnre, jl, cf.? Gr. nbdl 2P« ai pauc. fflcotti] gcoicg, fm. 

(TpiUtn tifice, A*. *Mc] om. E2*FGaJL; obs. Gr. D 8yr««h 

aeth om. Ihov, IXC] A : -t- OTOIt, B &c. ; for position cf. Gr. A DL &c. 

FDjJK. ^iKeoc] eAJLHi, BrD^aAiO. pcqepg^cf] A«(e 

over erasure, 'f' ins.) &c., cf.? Gr. >^'ABDL &c. cvXa/S^r, Acts viii. 2: 
peqi"2,0 man of prayer, A*, cf.? Gr. K* &c. tvat^ris: + j6 A Tg^K 
JjU^^ for God, F. IteO'C.] for position cf. Gr. I* ABL &c. nTtX] 
A: OTTHIU., B &c. 2/^2C(J0q] +ne, A«Fi«G2<^JLN. ^^ IXG- 

ATXAJULOq] n^nr^JULOq, A*: +r^p, M, cf. e *enim:' Gr. 
D &c. «€. ItXOTq] cf. Gr. L airrf: efi.oX g/^X^Xq, B: 

efioX g^ixen, r; cf. Gr. {m6, epeq] om. Fi*. AJiu^xeq] 

Gr. N* al aliq e cW S,. HOT] cf. Gr. A b c icvpiow. *^ ^qij 

+ on, TDj. probably for OTTIt. nTtZTJ +eeOT^A holy, Di K. 

egjpKi] ej6o^it, jj. nxiitT(ep,F)oTen] nixinepoTini 

JS., M. IHC] Gr. tk* om. €j6oTn] om. J. €IpI eXCOq] 

ep exviy^, Di* : eini e^ccoq to bring upon him, B. nexcojej 
uexecge, rFGi*.,H. Sxe] juL, c. 


AiLoc. **A.qoXq exert neq(fTtA.Tr2, ilxeciiuuoit 
OTTog, A.qcAJLOTr e^^i" eqxcjo ijuuLoc. 
"'i^hoTr n^itH& x^^X^ neK^coK e&oX j6€n 
fr-o-cg^ipHitH K^XA. neKCA.xi. '®2ce A.TnA.Tr ibce- 
4-nA.fiA.X eneKno^exK *^cI>k ex^Kce&Turrq 
4-iiLneAt.eo itniXA.oc nrKpoT. 
^^OTOTcomi erertbpn efioX Sxe g^^iteeitoc itejut 
•ft-oTcooTT itnre neKXA.oc uic?;. | 
CIA. ^^Onrog, ^nrepa)cl>Hpi itxeneqicjoT" neJtx nreqAJtA.^ 
exen hh cxotxco juumcoonr ee&Kxq. " onrog, 
A.qcxiLOTr epojoTT ibceciiULcort. 
Oro^ nex^q jOUx^pi^ eout^T iJi.niA.Xonr. xe 
ic ^^\ <^XJ^ eoTg^ei neiUL oTrtJoitq iixe &A.n- 
AiLHg j6en nicX. itexx. oTAJUiini e-cf ej^o^n 

^^OTog, iteo 2/^J ^P^ o-ccnqi cmi lixeitTrxH- 
g^oncjoc itTOTtfcbpn e&oX j6eit g^AJtuiKg 
itg^KT Rxeg^^nxiLeTri. 
Oyo^j nA.p€ A.nitA. i^npoc^HTKC xgepi n^t^n- 
otkX efioX j6en xcI>tXk itA.ccKp. eA.i rt^cA.iA.i 


-^^A-qoXq] A*CFi*GHK: OTOg, ^qoXq, A^BBrDLjAjEJ 

L M N s. cf. Or. exc. H*Kat... fit. > nxecTc AiLecjoit exeitneq- 
tfTtA-TT (sic), D2. exeit] 2,ix€it, R neqefrtA-Tg,] cf. Gr. 

OTOg,] om. r. A.qCJULOT] eq., r. *• -f ItOT] A B C G H J L : 
Xei^nOT, I* r Dj. 2 Ai E F K M N ? S. &OK, A. '^ Ot] om. 

AG2M. e'Ctfobpn] BDjAiFOS: OT., omitting preposition, TDgE, : 
A.T., A C Eg*^ Gi : ^q., G2 H J K L M N. Schw. tr. 'revelata est (sc. 

lux).' itTe2,A.neenoc] Gr. d om. '* ^.Tepajc^Kpi] a* 

BCH: ItA.'Vep., KA« &c., cf.? Gr. ^ . . . eaviidComt, but the order is 
different : + ne, A« F G2« J L N. HeqiCOX] A* B C T Dj. 2 ^1 E Fj* 
Gi.2*H*KM0S, cf. Gr. NBDL &c.: ICOCHC^, A«FiC(^l ^ 'other 

copies ') G2« H« JLN, cf. Gr. A &c. ; Di has gloss i.JL^ ^^j * Gre«i, Yiisuf.* 
XeqXIL^T] cf. Gr. U*L 131. 157. arm aeih Cyr»>': Gr. K«BD i. &c. 

om. a^oy. exen] ee&e, f. ** cixiLCJon] a* : ciAx.econi a« 

LT7EE 11. 28-36. 29 

id by the law, ^ Simon took him up on his arms, 
essed God, saying: '^^Now, my Lord, thou wilt send 
"vant away in peace, according to thy word ; ^^ because 
^yes saw thy salvation, ^^ which thou preparedst before 
) peoples: ^a light for revelation to (lit of) Gentiles, 
glory of thy people Israel.' ^^And his father and 
other wondered at the things which are said con- 
g him. ^And Simon blessed them, and said to Mary 
nother of the child : ' Lo, this (child) is set for a fall 
. rising of many in Israel^ and a sign which is 
m1. ^And thou thyself — a sword shall pass (through) 
»ul^ that thoughts may be revealed £ix)m many hearts.' 
(there) was (imperf.) Anna the prophetess^ (the) 
ter of Phanu^l from (the) tribe of Assdr — she (lit. 

rcxt-ecjon, c &c. JuuuL^pi^] i< a r Ej K L M, cf. Or. D &c. : 

^pi^JUL, B &c., cf. rest of Gr. OiUL^T ijLni^.XoT] 

: TeqAJL^T, A«BJLN, cf. Gr. qX"] ^m DjGjK. 
;ei] ex., BDj.jELM : 6., N : HOT., Ai OS. IteAJLOT i°" 
Ac. Ktu tig. 2,A.nAJLHa] OX JUL., sing., JL. j^eitnicX^ 
over erasure, A«(tr. ^^ 'from') : ItXe-, A*?CHK : ijLnicT^ of 
G. OTJULHini] for cm. prep. cf. Gr. «*. eT'f.] G'Cef"., 
rs. fut. iii ?, J : t^'i '[ ., Scbw. tr. ' quod pugnat ( = pugnans),' G2* 
^&] om. l*^ It€AJL, K^ Om. «f, cf. Gr. BL &c. epe] 
J, L. OTCHqi] om. OTT., Ej*: OTKOItT"A.pIOIt itT"e- 
b^ltlC a dart of doubt, Fi« (^^ w i * in other copies ') J N ; 
F has eUJ) aj^ *the lance of doubt,' and gloss fj^\ 'the sword:' 
B gloss i)^ ^^^ 'Greek, a lance.' i6€rt2,^nX«.Haj] -OT- 
J, sing., F : ItXeOTAJLHOJ, JN, cf. Gr. D om. ««, item * multorum 
m' a b c ff** 1 q gat syr««h aetb HU Aug. 2,A.It 2°] +Ke, N. 
ri] Gr. >i* add notnipoi, ^® It^pc] Gr. D b syr~»> om. Jfv. 

CH|>HXHc] =irH»5riff of Gr. l^ABD &c. ^CCKp] ^CCGp, 
^.CKp> BDjL: ^^e(K, N)p, J N. e^l] +^€, BTDj 
obs. Gr. U^D 130. 254. m" km avrrj, syr"«*» persP *illa quoque.' 
U^l] A: Ite^C, pluperf., &c.: ^C, pret., B, for the two last 
r.; It^C, however, may = tl6^C. 

30 RaxTOX ^.OYROXH. 

SoTAJLHoj neg^ooT. n^cu5ni6 itejut g^A-i nf 
npojuLHi \cxen xecxt-exn^peeitoc. 

"Oto^, e^i iteA.cepXHP^ S^ nS SpoAJini. oh 
en^ccmi ijLni6p<t>ei e&oX A.n ne i6€it 2,A.n- 

next, iuiepi. 
'^Onrog, ixnin^T erejuutxux XineqjOLeo 

^coTcong, eJ^oX ijLc^i". oTog, n^cc^^i ee- 

fLHxq ne i6^Ten oToit m&eit exxoTgT 

efi.oX i6^T&K SoTcco-f nTJsjiXJL. 
?*Oto2, ex^TxcjoK tt^cjofi. ni&eit e&oX KA.xi. 

^noJULoc XJLnOT a.-ckoxot e^vA-XiXeA. exoT- 

&^Ki it^^^pce. 
*^niA.XoT ^e ne^q^i^i ne. oTog, n^^q^jui^^i 

eqAJieg, e&oX i6ert otco^i^ oTog, ot^^julox 

nxe f^-f it^qxH g^i^ccoq ne. 

c\Sl ** Oto^, nettj^*»ffle ncooT fbcelneqio-f iixeit poiut- 
ni eiXHlJL enia^i itxe nin^cx^- ** oTog, 
exA.qepT5 Spojutni A.-cge itcooTr enioj^i ka.xa. 

♦^O'cog, exA.TXu5K efioX ibcemeg^ooTT j^en nxm- 

nOTAILHOJ n] i6ennec in her, A« Af J L N, cf. syr** peraP 
aeth avr^ff. n^CCOHji)] ItCA-C &c., pluperf., T : ^C, pret., AiO S : 
e^C, pret. partic, B &c., cf. Gr. neAJL^^lJ for position cf. Gr. 
l^BL &c. IC2Cen &c.] oni. K. *^ OTOg, . . . pOXILni] om. K. 

e A.l] cf. Gr. G n &c. X^P^] + ^^y F. CU^] cf. Gr. l<* A B L &c. 

w. oh] e^i this, cr. en^ccini ix] exen^c, AiOS: 

enA.CCeit, M. ne] om. B. nHCXIA.] XI^ added in margin, A^. 

eccgexiLgi] oTog, ec, Dj: om. J: ceaejuigi, a c h k n. 
^•XJLnm^'c] i6enni., Dj. > iinm^TT, b. exexiL- 
jula-t] om. B. JuLneqiieo] oni^B. A-co-ccong,] ec, l. 

iic^'f J cf. Gr. I* B D L &c. : XlLnOC, F. cf. Gr. A &c. ne] om. 
JLN. OTOn] +on?, Da. nO-CCCJO-f ] iincCJO-f for (the) &c., 
K. itiXHXJL] cf.? Gr. HB &c.: ixnicX, L, cf. Gr. al aliq a g^ 

LUKE n. 37-43. SI 

this) had grown (old) of many da^'S, she was living with 
(a) husband seven years from her virginity, ^'and she (lit. 
this) had been a widow unto eighty-four years— who was 
not passing not away from the temple, in fastings and 
prayers ministering night and day. ^And at that hour 
she came before him, she thanked Qod, and she was 
speaking concerning him with all who looked for a re- 
demption of Jerusalem. ^And having finished everything 
according to (the) law of the Lord, they returned to Qalilee, 
to their city Nazareth. ^^And the child had grown, and 
was being strengthened, being full of wisdom, and grace 
of God was (imperf.) upon him. 

^^ And his parents used to go (year) by year to Jerusalem 
to the feast of the Passover. ^^And he having become 
twelve years old, they went to the feast according to tlio 
custom. ^And the days having been finished, as (lit. in) 

e&oX] om. LM. KA.T^] of. Gr. «*DL &c. A.TKOXOT] GT., 
C. n^^A.p€e] cf. Gr. B*D &c.: -p^e. A*, cf. Or. A e. 
*"A.X0'C] Gr. D adds 15. neA.q] ltA.q, E2F1*. lt^q^JULA.g^l] 
cf. Gr. NBDL&c: ^q., Fj* : +ne, LN: +j6eitninitA., I),* 
YfJ M, cf. Gr. A &c.; D| has glow jj*j«ll ^ ^j^ 'not in the Coptic' 
j6€nOTrCOcJ>I^] cf.? Gr. H^BL &c. &IXU5q] oin. HG, tk. 

*' o-cog, &cj Gr. D €nop. «€ luu. iteaj^*v(q, A)aje] ne^Toje, 
K noooTj+ne, DjFJKln. itxenpoAJini] a 1)1,2^1.2*^2 

JLM: RxeJUL&c, BCrAi'?FGiOS: itXep.,KN: F^ has glow 

iiTeiULpoxiLni ^'a copy has' &c. ^>itX€npoxiLni luce- 

Ueqicf , Da. eni(om.Fi*H)aj^l] JUL Ac. Dj; obn. Gr. rj iofni. 
'"^ l^ varies much, but corrwponds to no Gr. &e. *^8T^q- 

ep Ac] Gr. DL ry«Wro a{^ without an. iK] cf. Gr. HV. ^'Ygjc] 
for pret cf. Gr. £ &c., for 3rd pers, plur, cf. Gr. D a e: pref. X6y K. 
nU30Tr]ACHJKLM(nU30Tn)X; +0n, Bri),.2AiKFG0K: 
^eiXHJUL, M, cf. Gr. AC Ac. Di has gloss JLj^li J\ ^^j * Greek, 
to JerosaleiD ' &c. eUI (om.F,* H)a)^l] Gr. D X a c e aild tAp dCvf^- 

^'onrog, i^] om. B. j6€n] e, k. iccmnroT] iccmeponr, 




32 ROXTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

nroTx^ceo ^qcooxn iiccooT j6en iXhSl ibce- 
ni^XoT iKc. onrog, juLnoTCJUii ibceneqio-f. 
**€nrxiL€nri ^e xe nA.qAJLogi neAJi itK eejutogi 
2,1 nixiLcoix ^Ti no-ceg^ooT juuuiogi. 
O'cog, nA.TK(Joi" nccjoq i6€it noTcnrrrenKc iteu. 
HK eTo-cccjooTit ijuuLcooT. "oTog, enreruL- 
noTxejuLq elT^Hix erKOJ-f itccoq. 
^•O'cog, A.caj(Joui xt-enenc^ v iteg^oo-c ^.nrzcjuiq 
j6€it niep^ei. eqg^ext-ci i6€n ejuLH-f itm- 
peqi"cJ^a5. eqccjoxext. epooonr OTog, eqcgim 


I *^ H^TXCJOAJLX 2ie XHpoT itscenK exccoxext. epoq 

eg^pHi exeit niciULi nejuu xeqxmepo-co) itcoo-r. 

*®o'cog, €XA.TitA.T epoq ^.nrepcgcl^Hpi. 
* O-cog, nexe xeqAJLA-T n^q. xe n^ojHpi ott ne 

4>^i nA.n juLnA.ipK'f. g^Kune ic neK- 

icox itejuL A.noK n^^itoi itejuLKA^g, itg^Hx ne 

eitKco-f itccjoK. 
"OTog, nexA.q ncooT. xe eefieoT xexenKcoi" 

itccoi. nA.pexenexiLi A.n ne xe &a)'f epoi iixA.- 

cytwni i6en nA.nA.ia5X. 
*®Heu50T ^e ijLnoTKA.'f eneqcAJCi exA.qxoq 

ibceni A.X0T mc] for order of. c f ff*- g^' 1 vg Aug. aeth : Gr. 
U*\ 87. om. ifiaovs. > nxeniA.XoT IKC j6eni7CHXJL, BF, for 

order cf.? Gr, oTog, 2°] om. B. juLnoTejuLi nxeneqicf ] 
cf. Gr.i^BDL&c: ixno-cejULi nxeicjocHct> neAJLxeqiULA.-c, 

A«FiO(^\ ^ ji *in other copies') J LN, cf. Gr. AC &c., but these 
have verb in the singular, except A al pauc ; D^ has gloss (.JL^ • w»t ^a. 
'Greek, his mother and Joseph.' ** eTXILeTl] ^'X., M. ^e] 

om. AiJLNOS, cf. b c e f ff** 1 q go : Gr. D jccm wvfi. nA.qAJLOCl)f 

A.q., Ci* : +ne, n. nexiLnH(nnH, Fi*) eeAJioaji] om. j^*. 

A.TI] A.fipi they made, B Ji* M N. CCOg,] om. Gj. ItCCOq] 

+ ne, F. j6en] neiut, n. nonrcTrrvenHc] a« (from tt over 

erasure) &c. neXt.] om. T*D^* : Gr. C^D &c. add cV. HK eXOTT- 

LUKE 11. 44-50. 33 

' (were) returning, ibe child Jesus was left behind them 
Jerusalem; and his parents knew not; ^but thinking 

he was walking with them who walked on the road^ 
' went on (lit. came) a day of walking. And they 
e seeking for him among their kinsfolk and them 
m they knew. ^^And having not found him, they re- 
led to Jerusalem, seeking for him. ^^And it came to 
I after three days (that) they found him in the temple, 
ng in (the) midst of the teachers, heaiing them and 
ng them. *'And they who heard him were (imperf.) 
amazed at the knowledge and his answering them, 
nd having seen him, they wondei*ed: and his mother 

to him: 'My son, what is this which thou didst to 
thus? behold thy father and I were grieving, seeking 
thee.* **And he said to them: 'Wherefore seek ye for 
! were ye not knowing that I must be in the things 
ay Father?' ^^Aind they understood not his word which 

DTTIt] IIH eXCCOOTIt, B r L. iSuULCOOT] Gr. «♦ L* om. 
oit yp^i^arais. ^^ XeJtX^\ cf. Or. A C * &c. ** OlfOg, i^J 

Fi*. ji)eitniepct€l] Gr. D 254. post icaB., al pauc om. eq- 
ftjtci] om. Fi*, cf. Gr. G. it|itltl, A. Om. icai 2° cf. Gr. D &c. 
A.TT"a5AJLT"] pref. OTOg,, FK. THpOT] +ne, FJi*LN. 
eXCOOXeAJl] Gr. B om. HieAJLl] A* B C F Dj E G H ^I, 

Jr.: neqexiLi, AcDjAxJKLOS: ueeJULi, Fj*. xeqxin.] 

CFEGxHKM: HCq., Di.gAiFGaJLO. ItOOOT] om. BFDi^i 
LN 8. *® OTOg, 2°] om. F. XieXB &c.] cf. ? Gr. l< BC D L &c. 
l] om. Fi*. IC] om. BDiEiFLMN. nCKICOT] Gr. C* 
ryytprit km o narrip trov icm cyv. It^ItOl] tt^IOI, Fi* : CltOI, M : 
^9 r Gi«. 2 K- ^^ 2°] om. B F G K. Gr. D 8yr«» &c. oivtmfupoi 
ivwovfupoi, eitKCOi"] ItA.riKCO'f, imperf.. Ji*N, cf. Gr. exc. 

\ 69* ^^ Cnrovfitw. **n(jooT] om. B. xeTenKco'f] cf. 

»• 346. b syr*". n^peT€It€JULl] Xeit^pC, A« Gg* J N : 
Lp€., L. ne] om. Fi* Jj*: Gr. D Ac. ot^€. g^cf, A*. 

>i J + ne, BJ L N. itx^gcjoni] eojooni to be, b f. ha.] om. s. 

leOOOT 2^e] cf. Gr. D e syr«« et ^\ neqCAXi] HI., F: HOT., 
XOq] 2COC, K; cf.? Gr. i. 118. 131. 209. eyr"-* et <« §intP. 
OL. II. D 


ntoonr. "onrog^ ^.qi €i6pHi neauLtooT en^.^^- 

civ pee. onrog^ n^-q^rito ibccjoq ntoonr | ne. xeq- 2s.e n^-c^-peg^ en^.fcjLxi XHponr ne j6en 


^*Onro2^ iHc n^-qepupoKonxm ne i6en i"xiu.iH 

neauL -fcocl^iA.. neauL uig^ouLox i6^xeit cl^-f 

nejUL nipcoAii. 


^ Hg^pHi 2ie i6ert BXfU.^\e ttpojuini ftxe eamex- 
g^HveouLtort Sxifi-epioc uonrpo. eqoi ng^Rve- 
jULcon itxenonxioc niXA.xoc et"ioTf2i.eA.. onrog, 
eqoi ftxexpA^px^^c efr^-XiXe^. tixeKpa)2s.HC. 
^iXmuoc 2^e neqcon eqoi itxexpA.A.pXKc ef- 
2^i2^onrpeA. itejuL i"xexpA.rtonixHc Sx^P^- 
nejUL XicA.nioc eqoi iixexpA^pXHC ef^-iii- 
XirtR ^ n^g^pA-q tt^nn^. next. ka.ia.<|>a. niA.pxi- 
SXqgtJoni SxeonrcjLXi iixe <|>i- exen ia)^.itnHc 

nojHpi ft^A-x^pJ^c 2^1 ngA.qe. 
•Ocog, ^.qi ei"nepix^poc XHpc ftxe nnop2^^.itHc 
eqg^itjoig SoiftoauLc Sxe onrjULexA.itoiA. enx^ 

f nofi.1 e&oX. *i}Lc{)pHi" exci^Honrx g,i n^cjoAt. 
titticjLxi trre rca.ia.c ninpocj)HXRc. 

ntOOnr] om. Ei* M : + SxeiHC, F. *^ Oir Og, i<»] om. m. 

^.qi] eXA.qi, partic. DjFi^JLN. eifepKl] eg^pRI, F. Om. 
Koi ?X^K, cf. Or. C*DF'' 28. nA.^A.pee] cf. Or. B*D &c. 
OnrOg^ 2<^] om. L. (Tho] CD,.2Ai°Fi*Gi«.2HL0S: flTtOn, ABF 
Ai* E Fi« Gi* J K M. ibCtOq] q altered from former letter, A«: 

ibctoonf, L. ne i°] om. l. n^-i] cf. Or. >^acl &c. ne 2^] om. 

rFi*Gi*: +eCCO(rhl pondering, A»»Fi«G2«JLN,cf.Gr.KoXal*8lEuii 
add <n;fi^X)Xov<ra. ^* He] om. BTDj^ AiEJLMN S. ifeciti"] 

cf. Gr. KL Or, item B omisso tV. AIL^IR IteJUt'f COc^IA.] 
A(JULA.H)&o., cf.Gr.DL8yr«»et»ci»et»»r&c. Rlg^JULOX] Rg^OULOX, 
Ci*. i6A.Xen<|>'f ] Gr. K* ^cov. neJUt 3°] Gr. D add^ napa. 

*eXt.A.a,]i-aULA.2^, KBGJLNS. ItXe] A*?rEFGHKM: 

ft, OD2E3,: ioen, A«B«DiAiJLNOS. JULXg^irrejuLton, a*. 

LUKE n. 51— III. 4. 35 

le said to them. ^^And he came down with them to 
"Nazareth, and was (imperf.) subject to them: but his 
Qother was keeping all these words in her heart. ^^And 
TeBus was advancing in [the] stature and [the] wisdom, 
md [the] grace with God and the men. 

ni. Now in (the) fifteenth year of (the) government 
)f Tiberius (the) king, Pontius Pilate being governor of 
Fudea, and Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and Philip his 
brother being tetrarch of Hidurea and the TetragdnitSs- 
x>antry, and lisanios being tetrarch of AbilinS, ^in the 
ime of Anna and Kaiapha the chief priests, came the 
lit. a) word of God upon John (the) son of Zacharias in 
the) desert. ^And he came to all the region round about 
;he Jordan preaching baptism of repentance for (the) for- 
pveness of sin; ^as it was written in (the) book of the 

p,KvejuLton]BK2°Si<»: g^nrvexiton, A2°rKi°LM&c.: are- 

ULUOIt twice. E^. Gr. D twirpontvovTOf. ft] ItXe, D,.2 AiEi*^.2N S. 
n&epioc] ADiEi«.aFJM: -ffi-GpIOC, BCr*D2AiEi*GHKLX 
)8. et"IOTf2^e^] Gr. K* om. XeXpA-ipX^c] A» &c.; Xe- 
rpe^-pX^C, thrice A«(B)rFi«JMN. 2° Dg Aj ; cf.? Or. l^*C, tiXC- 
ltpU32iHC] for position cf. Gr. >^BCDL&c. cj)l.] c^nt., A. g^ITiOnt- 

?eA.]2;i(nr)2s.onrauLeA.,A°BAi(nr)j(nr)KcMN(nr)0(nr)S(nr). Gr. 

fl* om. Wovpamt . . ,\wraiaov. 'fxeXpA.VtJOniXHc] i"2i.e., B: 
'ItlCXHCy £2 K : om. *! , II L ; therefore X6 maj represent the article, 
nit Gr. K*K 69. 48^ 8»«' e have rrrpax^t^iT^^s- XlCA.It.] XnrCA.rt., 

8*. efiS\ ef, N: nejL«.i"A., Ej. ^-fi-iXiita], 

f; cf. Gr. C &c.: ^A-XlHR, B«. '^ inn^.] A-HA., Ai, cf. 

Jr. H 28. 258: A.nnA.C» B. KA.IA.c{)A.] cf. Gr. KABL &c. 
tl^pXICp^^c] cf. Gr. minusc vix mu it pier &c. A.qttJtOni] A.C- 
gCOni, r*?E : +2^.6, E2M. ^'f'] cf. Gr. exc. 28. pP*'** •©^ c 1 q &c. 
*yMov. ^Ij IC ^ly A*? D2* ? : syr^" praem 'et praedicabat ' posteaque 
wA fk&€w habct et Ktipvairw om. ^ OntOg,] om. B. 'fliepl- 

X?OpOc] for article cf. Gr. K C D &c. ftxeOTf JULeXA-HOIA.] 
GUULeX.,KD,.2JLN0S; JUUHenoiA., Aj. * iiLcJ)pH'f &C.J 
Jr. C mtfo^r: K^X^ nCA.XI tiKCA.KA.C nmp., ^^. ^I- 

itttJOjuL] i6en &c.. AiOS. iln!CA.2ci] itxe ni., F; g^ixeit 

iiniCA^I, Ci* ; cf. Gr. E* ^d rS^ X<fy»r. npO<|>HXHc] (erasure of 

D 2 


TcAiLK jOLneTtooj eiioX ^\ ncg^.qe. 2ce ce^xe 
4-<|>auLa)ix JDLuOT conrxtjon iin6qAt.^itiU.oa)i. 
*I)eXXox ni&en eTexiog,. onrog, xcjoot iti&en 
4- next. eA.X ni&en e^eeeiiitooT. OTOg^ enreajuoiu 
4- ibcena exKoXx erconrxton. onrog, hh een^gx 
4- e^iMxsLOdVT enncKn. ® onrog^ eir enA.T itxec^pj; 
ci2^ *- ni&eit emcto|xHp Sxe <|>i". 

^ ^H^-qxa) onrn iJuuLoc ue nniJULHO) ceitHonr e£.oX 

2;A.poq eerftojuLc efi.oX g^ixoxq. 
HiJULici ilxe niJLXcjo. nixi ^.qxAJULe eKitoTt 

e<|>tox e&oX ife^Tg^a Xinixtonx eeitHOT. 
* UA.XA.OTfe onrxA.^^ onrn efi.oX eqjOLngA. it-f-JULe- 

xA.noiA.. onrog; Xiuepepg^HXc ibcoc iii6pHi 

i6en eRitonr. xe uenitox itXA.n A.£.pA.AjuL. 
'I^xo) iOuuLoc ntoxen. xe onron cgxojUL ijL<ti" 

exoirnoc g,A.ngHpi e&oX s^vi 

•&H2S.K 2s.e uiKeXefim qx^ ^^ enonrni nmojgKn. 

ggan 3ie nifi.en exeqnA.en 07rxA.2, enA.neq 

e&oX A.n cenA.Kopxq Sceg^ixq euixP^-M- 
'^Onrog; nA.nrami ijuuioq ne nxeniJULHO) eT^o) 


XHC after cJ)R, A**) cf. Gr. K B D L &c.: +eqXCJO iUUULOC, F, of. 
Gr. AC &c. XCOULh] XeXCXlR, l^BrDi.jFKLMN. HCX] 

ne ex, Di : ct>H ex, r d^ n. coTrxton n] no ms., but h m 

have COnrXton last of line: COTTXCJOn, ABCTEFGHKLM: 

conrxen, DijAiOS*. *i6eXox, a. onrog^ i°] om. nbFi*. 

eA.X] KA.XAJL«.ct>0 hill, SBrQKM»N. eefiltOOTf] -COOTX, 
r. OTf Og^ a°] om. S F J LN. OTf Og, . . . eTCOIfXtOn] om. Gt*. 
KoXx] KtJoXi, AiE^FGi^HJKLMNOS. e^COntXCJOn] cf.Gr. 
>^ACL &c. «0Tf02^ i°] 2, altered from p, A«: om. M& 

em] om. e, Ci*r*. Obs. CCJOXHp for awT^^w. <l>i"] Gr. D 
aeth KufHov. "^ onrn] 2i.e, BrDjFG, cf. Gr. D &c.: om. K L: 

Byrouet«««> *et.' ne] om. BFJLN. eenHont] eirnKonf, il 

efioX i°] om. Di E F J L. 2,A.poq] cf. ? syr ^ et «>»». eeTTcJOJULC 
om. K*, cf. 8yr«« which alHO omita vnavrov: enrflTtOXlC, A. TO 

2ceni, JLMN. XAJULeennonr] Gr. da i^iw (mffi. * XA.onre 


LUKE m. 5-10. 37 

words of Esaias the prophet: (The) voice of him who 
crieth out in (the) desert : ' Prepare (the) road of the Lord, 
make straight his paths. ^ Every valley shall be filled, 
and every mountain and every hill shall be humiliated, and 
the (places) which are crooked shall become straight, and 
the (places) which are hard, smooth roads ; ® and all 
flesh shall see the Saviour of QodJ ^He was saying then 
to the multitudes who came forth to him to be baptised 
by bim: 'Ofispring of the vipers, who told you to flee 
from the anger which cometh ? * Send fruit then forth 
worthy of the repentance, and begin not to say in your- 
flelves, that (as) our father we have Abraam. I say to 
yon, that it is possible for God to raise up sons to 
Abraam from these stones. ^And now the axe is laid at 
(the) root of the trees, and every tree which will not 
Injng forth good fruit will be cut down, and cast to the 
fire.' ^^And the multitudes were asking him, saying: 

o-rr^g;] XA.onro nonrxA.^^ e&oX, b. onrxA.2, . . . eq.] 

cf.? Gr. D io6. e go: Gr. B a^iovs Kapnovs. OTritJ om. B. Gp- 

' g,KXc] Gr. L wfiyrc. ibcoc] €3Coc, N: >i6eneRrtonr 

exoc, K. iij6pHi] om. >^FJL: ei6pKi, B. ifceneanonr] 

f, nj6HTOT, E,.2*M«: itj6KX07r itnexeng^HX, m«: ;6en- 

J [texeng^HX, JLN : it pier (non f q) vg syr®^ arm om. h 4avTois : Gr. 
i D P om. cV. Xe] cf. Gr. L 33. sy r «« et "o** &c. UeHItOX ftx A.n (om. 

- iiT., s»)] onron itx^n iiuuL^.-v iiuenitjox, hf. -fxvd] 
^ ACEi»HM: +r^p, B &c., cf. Gr. >efi.oX ;6enitA.itoiti... 

■- eXOTTItOC, S, cf. Gr. sb^ti] ft, Jj*. •g^His.H 2s.e] om. 

• !^€, K B Ji*N; cf. Gr. D go &c. om. kqI: 8yr«" *et ecce' 8yr««>» arm 

r. ecce aatem.' KeXe^IH, A Dj J N 0. qX^] ^^X^* Ci*? Dj. 

t ggKIt 3ie] A»fCGJ,«HK, cf.c: -OTTH, DiAiEMOS, cf. Gr.: om. 

D A.*BrFi*Ji*LN,cf.bff*-arm: gojan OTfon, Dj. exeqnA.enJ 
.: k: exenq., c &c.: een^-en, b. en^neq] om. m, cf. a 

L ff*- &c.: Gr. D «yr«« et** plural. KOpXq] K over erasure, A^. 

'J wxp^-"-] w^-* pi«'-» B- ^^ OKO^] om. s. nA^gmi] 

i] A.X, L, cf. Gr. D 344. &c. Ue] om. «FJLO. enfXtO JUUtt.OCj 
I- om. », cf. »yr^: +ltA.q, M. 


ijuuLoc. xe onr uerennA^iq. " 3Xqepo-ca) ^e 

Xe <|>H exeonron ojoHn cnonri" itx^q iutA-peqt 
jjL^H exeAJUULonxA-q. onrog, ct>H exeonroit 
2;A.ni6pHonri ilxA.q AiLA.peqipi on juLnA-inKi". 
9 ^^SXnri 2^€ on nxeg^A-nicexeXtonHc g^inA. nxor- 
(Titoxic onrog^ uesctooTr nA.q. xe <|>peqi"c&a) 
^* Heoq 2^6 nexA.q ntooTr. xe jOLnepep g^Xi c^^oX 
JULuexeHttj ntoxen. "HA.nrgini 3i€ ijuutoq 
itxeg^A-nKexiA-xoi erxo) jOuuLoc. xe ot g^cjon 
cie n€xen|nA^iq. onrog, nex^q ntoonr. xe juLnep- 
Xegx g^Xi. onr2s.€ ixneptfT g^Xi ibconc. OTOg, 
AiL^.ponrp^cg OHnonr ibcenexeno^cjonion. 
" Gqxonrcgx 2^e iixeniXA.oc XHpq. onrog, erJULOK- 
juteK XHponr i6en uonrg^HX eefi.e iu>^.nnHc. 
xe auLHnoxe neoq ne ux^- 
^ " 3Xqeponrto ntoonr xapoT ibceico^nnHc eq^u) 
ijLJULoc. xe A.noK juten 'ftoxic iiuuLooxeit 
i6en onrauLtoonr. 
4nR07r 2^e ilxenexxop epoi. <tH exen^-JuLnoji. 

Onr]>^ACEG2HJKLMN,cf.Gr.D&c.: +Onrn,B(On)rD,.2AiF0i 
S, cf. rest of Gr. Uex] Ue eX, B T. Gr. D Hyr«> &c. add iki <r«^fifr. 

"^.qeponrto 2^e] a*: onrog, nexA.q, K: +nexA.q, a«b&c., 

cf.? Gr. AC^DP' &c.; after ^-qepCVO) 2^6 18 erasure of several letters, 
probably of ntOOnt. A^. cnonf-f ] Si", Di.gJLMN : 5, K. nXA.q 

i°] epoq, N. <^K exeauLjuLonxA-q] aCi«DiEFGhJi*kl; 

-n nX-, B &c.: om. Ci* (also OntOg,). exeO^TOn 2°] om. oTon, 

K. &A.n] om. JLN. iUL^peqipi Ac] xiA-peq-f jjl^r ex- 

ejUUULOnXA.q, L. ^ * 3ie] om. K L* ?. on] cf. ? Gr. D a o/ioi«r : 
om. >^Ji*L«N. Ke] om. Fi*. tOJULc] +nXOXq of him. Di*?., 
Fi« G2« JLN, cf. Gr. C &c. OntOg,] om. B F,*. <|>p€q+cAa)] 
(»m. syr««. Iiex] Tie eX, >^B TFj^ Gr. D adds iva trt»Bu>iuv, alHO 
verse 14. " nOOq 'h.e\ syr<^« non exprim. neXA.q noOOnr] 

Gr. M* om. ncOO'Vj obs. Gr. D &c. ovrotf, but the Coptic never usen 
g^^. = irpof with lieSC^^q. JOLnepCp] Gr. D has irpao-acrr after irXcwi 

LUKE ni. 11-16. 39 

What shall (lit. will) we do?' "And he answered them: 
He who hath two coats let him give to him who hath 
lot; and he who hath victuals let him do likewise' (lit. 
igain thus). ^'And there came, again, publicans also that 
ihey might be baptised, and they said to him: 'Teacher, 
^hat shall (lit. will) we do?' ^^And he said to them: 
Do not anything beyond that which is appointed to you.' 
^And soldiers also were asking him, saying: *What shall 
lit. will) we also (g^COIt) do?' And he said to them: 
Do not assault any one, nor take anything by violence; 
knd let your wages suffice you.' ^'^And (as) all the people 
ire (lit. is) looking, and all (are) reasoning in their heart 
concerning John, lest haply he is Christ; ^^John answered 
hem all, saying: 'I indeed baptise you with water; but 

►ut addfl wpatr<riiv at end, syr •«'* et ®** npdaarrt before irXcw. UGTrj 

>K ex, D,.2AiEM0S. ^* n^] om. 

1* : for imperf. cf. Gr. KABL &c. syr®"". 2^e] om. r*EiKM, cf. Gr. 
? fu. iSuULOq] Gr. D c om. aM>^ : + He, M. ^^J^€UUJTO\, A. 
nr 2CtO jOuULOC] q syr®^ om. XOty A*. g^COn] for position cf. ? 

Jr. AC^ &c.: Gr. D 7*^ om. ueT"] ue ex, ST. nexen|, 

L Onrog^ i°] om. >^rFi*0, cf. b q 8yr«« et «>> : Gr. D e o «€. 
ttOOnr] of.? Gr. BC* DLE I. 33. it, see above. XeoJX . . . JuLnep] 
m. El* hoDieot. OTf2^e] ACDi.aFHJLMNOS: Onrog,, l^TAi 
: G K: om. B. iJLnep . . . g^Xl 2°] cf.? Gr. t^* H syr*^" et «\ 
^Xl 2°] eg^Xl, BG2. OTTOg, 2*^] om. >^BrEiFJLMN. p^-ffl] 

>€g, K. "eqxonrttjT.. .XRpql e^xonrajx 2^e efi.oX 

PHponr, K: om. 3i€, Fj* : 2s.e + €fi.OA, A«Gi« &c.: om. XRpq, 
K)BrAiFi*GKOS. Onrog^ (om. B) . . . XHpOnr] cm. >^. eif- Ai«»d« 
ULOKXieK] B&c. : A-TT., AC: +ijLJtXO^Onf, F. €eiiei(JO- 
LltHRC] om. syrc". ^® A.qepOnrtO. . . jOuULOC] cf. Gr. AC &c. 

xc, X 33. 131. cop (pref. *to them') place 6 i». after vatriw : ItOOq 

ie nA.qx(J0 ijuuLoc ncoonr ue, >^ : om. XHpoTr, (K) Dj* 

1* K, cf. Gr. r : Gr. D €viypovs ra vorftAora avT<ov titrtp : syr*^" nil 
isi 'dixit illis.' JuUULOC] +na)Onr, M. OULen] Gr. D om. 
["(VJJLC &c.] for order cf. f 8yr«" et ^^^ go; for cV cf. Gr. D &c, 
fr. CD &c. add €it iimvotav, qitHOTf] eqHHOnr, Ai'.gOS, obs. Gr. 

) o dc (pxpfitwos. uex] ne ex, Di : cJ)h ex, >^BrD2EFJKL 


A.n e^oTTto noTTOULonrcep nrre neqeojonri. iieoq 
eqeeauLc eHnonr i6en onrnnH eqcrc^A neiii 

« "4>H exe iieqi6A.i ilonrtoxeii i6eit Teqxix 
€Xonrfi.o iuLneqeTitcooTr. oxo^ trreqouooxf 
juLneqcoTTO ei"A.noeHKH. uixog^ 2^€ qit^pojc^q 
i6en oTTXP^-w. SA.x(feito. ^®2^A.nauLHg juuen 
onrit ncAK. g^A.HKex^o'^'WJ eq'fnojuL'f" nuxrc 
nA.q2;igenitonrqi ijLUiX^.oc. 

*3 i»Hpto2s.Hc 2^6 mxexpA^PX^c eqcog^i ijuutoq 
ilxeIa3^.n^Hc ee&e Hpco2ii^c xcg^ioun iUL<^i- 
Xmuoc ueqcon. iteouL eefi.e g^tofi. ni£.en exA.q- 
A-ixoTT nx€Hpto2s.HC. *® ^qxontg^o ijLU^IX^^ 
eptjoonr XRponr ^.qg^ionri Rioo^nnHc emaxeico. 

^ ** IlXcujconi 2^6 ex^.q(JTooauLc ilxeniXA.oc XHpq 
onrog^ niKeiHc exA-qeJlooxic onrog^ eqepnpoc- 
eTf^ecee. A.conrton Rxex^e. ^^onrog, ^.qi 
ci«> €i6pHi I excjoq nx6nmn2I eeonr^A. juLucxnox 
hoyciJOJtx^ juL^pai" SonreTpojuLui. onrog, ottcaik 
^.ccgconi eiioX i6en x^e. xe iteoK ue n^-cgnpi 
UAJUienpix €X^.Ii■xt.A.i■ il(6Hxq. 

If *» Ihc 2s.e ^.qepg^HXc ttcijconi j6en eAiLA.g,X itpojuLni. 
g^ooc eTfJutenri epoq xe uctjapi mtocH<|>. 

MN. epOl] eg^OXepOI, HFGa^^JK^FLMN: Gr. L add awia» fiov, 

exen-f] exe-f, k. nonrxionrcep] iXni., f, cf. Gr. ueql 

Gr. D &c. om. a vrov. Sooq] Gr. l^* om.: +2i€, H. €qej 

eeit^, s. onrnitA-J om. onr, Ci*. nexionrxP^At.] i^onr., 

Di*. "eXOnrfi.o] cf. Gr. «*B a anu Ir*"*: qitA.X07rfi.O, 

TFi^JLMN, cf.? Gr. S*AODL &c. which pref. «ii: eqXOTfi.O, 
Di,2« OTOg^ iixeqj cf. Qr. 8*B e arm because conjunctive replaces 
infinitive: OTTOg^ q^^., J, cf. Gr. K-ACDL Ac: om. ontOg,, B. 
UCqCO'VOj Gr. D rov fMv airov and before awa^Mi ; rest of Gr. have rov 
also without auroC. i"A.noeHKH] AOAi'.gEHOS, cf. Gr. >^*D 13.6: 
Xeq.,BrDi.2FGJKLMN. pOKg^, A*. OntXP^AIt] HI., JLN. 
" &A.n] + K€ other, M. OULeit] om. N. eq-f ] nA.qi", imperf .. B T 

LUKE III. 17-23. 41 

the stronger than I oometh, (of) whom I am not worthy 
bo unloose a latchet of his shoe, he shall baptise you with 
the (lit. a) Holy Spirit and fire: ^"^ whose fan of winnowing 
[lit. removing) (is) in his hand to cleanse his floor, and 
grather his wheat into the gamer, but he will bum the 
shaff with unquenchable fire/ ^^(With) many (things) 
indeed then, and other (things) encouraging them, he was 
preaching good tidings to the people; ^'but Herod the 
betrarch, John reproving him concerning Herodias (the) 
wife of Philip his brother, and concerning all things which 
Herod did, ^ added this also to them all, he threw John 
into the prison. ^^And it came to pass (that) all the 
people having been baptised, and Jesus also having been 
baptised and praying, (the) heaven opened, ^and the Holy 
Spirit came down upon him in (the) form of a body as 
Ek dove, and there was a voice from (the) heaven: 'Thou 
urt my Son, my beloved in whom I was well pleased.' 
^And Jesus began to be in (the) thirtieth year^ as he 

Dj.jG K. nax)7r] om. BrD,.20 s, cf. Gr.: + onro£„ M. nA.qg,i 

:f. Gr.: Cqg^I, TF. KpCOXHC twice, A. ^^ TeXpA.A.pXHC 
A. &c.: T"€2ipe, B : TCTpe., Ci*rDaFi«(XOC)JMN. eqCOg^I 

&.qco2;i, L. ^iXmuoc] cf. Gr. A c &c. nifi.en] a Ci» Ei* 

H JL : +eX2^t007r evil. BrDi.gEi" jFGKMOS Hunt 18. cf. Gr., but 
position varies. *^ ii^^.I] U^.I, Ej J M N. XHpOnr] om. O. 

&.q2,10nri] eq., M. UigxeKo] ArD,.2Ai'^EaFGi*.2JKO,cf.? Gr. 
kC Ac ; U. , SBCAjEiGi^HLMS Hunt 18. cf.? Gp. KBDL &c. 
^* nilCeiHc] HKG., B r Fi* G L Hunt 18, the particle KE seems to 
require the unusual definite article. eqepTIpOc] ^q., G Af K M 
S' 6. Xcl>€] erasure of fifteen letters, Fi«. ^^ UI UIti.J III It A., A. 
tincaULOXJ OUL^pKi", Hunt 18. i}LcJ>pHi" &c.] cf.? Gr. HB 
DL 33. ir: itCrpOaULUI, Hunt 18. OTfOg^] IC, N: +IC, JLM: 
+ A., H*. X4>e] Gr. D rov ovpa»ov : + Gq^CO) ijUULOC, M, cf. Gr. 
A &c. iteOK] ^^.I, J. n^OjHpl] om. I, A*, TU. added, B^. 

lujuteitpix] jOuuienpix, l, cf. Gr. iti6HTq] ab» r* Aj' 

F J 0, cf. Gr. X al aliq f &c. : itjfcKXK, B« &c., cf. rest of Gr. 
"2^e] cf.? Gr. D i?v «c 5: om. K. ^.qepg^HXc] ABCrAj'.jG 

Hunt 18, 










^® 4>^jL«.eXxJ 


2* 4>A.IKCOT 




^ 4>^CIJUL60DIt 

HJLN: nA.q., FS: Iie^q &c., pluperf.?. Dj.aEMO. nojCJOni] 
JULiULOUJI of walking, i. e. to walk, F, cf.? Clem, t'px^fupos. eiUL^^J 
C^AJL^^, H. £|U>C &c.] is nearest to Or. D oof cyofACiffro emu vior, 
and f 'sicut extimabatnr filius/ vg 'ut putabatur filius/ cf. also syrP aim 

aeth. xe] +Seoq, j,«. itocHcl>] A: +ne, B &c. **ABr 

Pi,2^iEi.2^^*^^^3 ^Ave names in two columns; C has two names in 
a line; H has three names in a line; L has three columns; A EG read 
down each column ; the rest read across each column. iUL^*T0^7j 
cf. Gr. AB &c.: Xt.A.XXA.e, D^gFi^, cf. Gr. M«»f c»«'; JUUJT- 
O^Oy B, cf. ing em; Tisch. classes these two with yuoMaB of Gr. K: 
JUL^.e^.X, r, cf. vg pi mathat. OULeXxO AHeXKI, Gg; obs. 
Gr. AL JUteXx^^ ^i*^ ^^' ^B- J^nHH] classed with Gr. NBL A 
uivvm\ Ignite, BDjAjEFMNOiS, cf . c f q vg ianne; e^HItH, H; 
^ntte, D2Ai'G2L, cf. a 'anne' e 'anuae:' ^^Itlt^, J, cf.? Gr. A &c. 
^ XIL^Xe^.eIO•v] ABrDgEaHJL, cf. Gr. B^ JUL^.XX^.eIO^f, 
C &c., cf. Gr. K A L &c. ; Gr. B* iiaSeaBiov ; Xt.A.Xe^.2^IO•C, M (began 
Xl^XX). eCpIXl] A (tr. has ^1 Asrim, but Lagarde and Walton 
^^ Hasli) ; ecXiJUL, B &c., cf. Gr. L al mu f go aeth ; ^.cXlAIL, L : 

LUKE III. 24-30. 43 

is thought (the) son of Joseph, [the] * of £li, 2* of Matthat, • ^^^^^ 
of Levi, of Melchi, of JannS, of Jdseph, ^of Matthathiu, 
of Amos, of Naum, of Esrim, of Agge, ^•of Maat, of 
Matthathiu, of Semein, of Jdsech, of J6da, ^^of J6nan, 
of R^, of Zorobabel, of Salathiel, of N6ri, ^ of Melchi, of 
Addi, of Kosam, of Almadain, of £r, ^of J^u, of Elezer, 
of Jdrim, of Matthat, of Levi, *®of Simeon, of Juda, of 

Gr. KAB &c. taXd iJWe] ABCEGHM, cf.? Or. P' al mu ayyai: 

itA.rre, rDi.2FK*02. cf.?mo8t ofOr.voyya/; nA.A.rr€, JL, cf.? 

Gr. A<5 pottyYoi; MA^WC, Af. 2 K« ^ Oi S, cf. c 'magge* b *magga.' 
-* XMUUJT] a C El H L, cf. Gr. 69. 346. f 1** ; AIL^.^.e, B &c. 
(AJL^.e, G2), cf. most of Gr. JUlA.Xe^.eIO•v] A T H J L, cf. Gr. 
al pauc; JUL^Xe^.2^10'V, M, cf.? Gr. z«^ fioBSadtov; XILA.XTA.- 
eionr, B &c., cf. Gr. l^AB &c.; JiX^TTOlOt, A2*, cf. Gr. H al pane. 
CIUU-em]ACH; CeOULem, B&c; cf. b e go semein ; CeXieeilt, 
K, cf. Gr. )<BL trt/ittlt^: C6JULeei, A,'.2S; CeJULei, FJL, cf. Gr. 
KUAIT al perm. itP» syr"*"^ &c. ItOCRX] ^^- Gr. l^Bh &c.: 
ia5CH<|>, 02«. cf. Gr. A &c. 1002^^.] ABCrE,Fi«GHL(X)N(X), 
cf. Gr. S B L &c.: ^On^2^^., D,. 2 E2 Fi* J K M S. cf. Gr. A &c. 
2^ ICOn^n] A Ai"^ El J M N, cf. Gr. S* U al mu arm acth ; ICJOnHtt, 
Ej; ICOn^JUt, FL: ICJO^n^n, BCFGiH, cf. Gr. S»AB &c.; 

Ico^nn^.n, d,. 2 G2 k o s, cf. Gr. l &c. pRCA.] pe^A., r. 

^O(CJ0,F)pO&A.fiLeX] cm. A., A»;, BEiS; ^Op^- 

B. ItRpl] nepi, L M. ** A.2i2s.l] A.X2iI, J N ; Gr. L Mi 

KtOCAJULj Ka3CA.n, EiF. cf. a ff ** vg; KOntCAJUL, Gj; KOC, N. 
A.Xxt.A.2s.AJUL] A ; eXftJLA.2^AJU., B &c., cf. Gr. M B L 33. al ; Ai begim 
€XaJLA.XaJUL, Fi<»; HXtJLA.2s.AJUL, Gg. *» IHC(om. A*)OTf]'*^" 

A«B&c.; IHCCOnr, Gj; cf. Gr. SBL 13. 33. 69. 346. al pauc; HCOnt, 

JKLN. eXe^ep] ah*; eXie^ep, b &c., of. Gr.; eXie^A-p, 

I>i.2(-^^)M ; obs. Gr. S* e cXiaffp (e* -zar). lOOpIXl] cf. Gr. KU V 
33. al mu: ICOpAJUL, A«Ei«Fi«JN, cf. Gr. T al pauc f g*" bjt*^^ &c.; 
KJOpeJUL, DiOg. cf.? Gr. i. l^paifi, Xt.A.XeA.x] cf. Gr. B^G 
HMSUVAA al pi;, D,.2. obs. Gr. 69. b tiarrBa. 
'® ClXiecon] A, cf. a e 'simeon ;' CrrJULeCJOIt, B &c. G2(on), cf. Gr. 
I07r2LAw] A*: IOnr2s.A.C, A«F: ia32wA.C, Gi*?. IOOHAJUL] AC 
EGH, cf. Gr. SBT i. al '* fere c e g^* 8yr«>> &c.: IOOItA.n, FAi Ac, 
cf. Gr. A L &c. : ia)A.nA.n, B, cf. Gr. E K A A 11 al mu. eXlAJCIOUL] 
cf. Gr. 33. al aliq; rest -mifi. 




^* <l>A.ieccK 







** <l►A.c^.po•vx 



" <l>AJULA.e7rc^XA. 



^® <t>A.entoc 


Ihc 2^6 eqjULeg, e&oX i6en umiiA. ^.q- efi.oX g^i nnop2^^nHc. onrog, ^.qoXq 

3^ iLX-enitA.] A &c.. cf. Gr. l^BLX 33. c g^* ** 1 vg arm ; iUten- 
nA.n, Dj.aAiEaKOS, cf. vg"« (ap. Ln.) : Gr. A 49. 51. om. JULATT' 

XA^eA.] xt-^Te^oA., r : jutexx A.e A., n, cf. Gr. B. nA.eA.n] 

cf.Gr.««AL&c.: Gr. >^* B c e wAtf*. 2iA.nri2i] cf. Gr.EKMUX A al; 
2^iJr2s., Dj. ^* lecCH] A; IHCCH, Eg; I€CCe, B &c., cf. Gr. 

Uirtrai IOofiH2i] cf. Gr. «<=AL &c.; IOoAe2i, F; IOnr&H3i, J. 
fioec] A Ac; fi-OOC, Ei. cf. Gr. H^ABh &c.: fioo^, Fi*. cf. Gr. 
E &c. CA.XftJLa3It] A &c., cf. Gr. ««ADL &c.: C^Xa., EjM, 
cf. Gr. H*B aeth. It^CCton] A &c.; -OH; Dg. cf. q vg^^^daUq. 
nA.A.CCCOn, CEi*H, cf. Gr. exc. X al pauc. ^^ AJtt.mA.2^] 

cf. Gr. l^AL &c.; AJULA.n^2iA.&, Ei*: AJULiniJl^^:, T* : 
Gr. M* ada^: Gr. B om. A.2JULm] cf. Gr. K 69. al: A.2^iU.I, JL, 
cf.? Gr. X al 0^17. ^.pm] A &c.. cf. Gr. LX; ^.epltl, T; GpHI, 

LUKE m. 31-IV. 1. 45 

JosSph^ of Jdnam, of Eliakim, ^^ of Melea, of Menna, of 
Mattatha, of Nathan, of David, ^^of Jess^, of Jdbed, of 
Boes, of Salm6n, of Nasson, ^of Aminadab, of Admin, 
of Ami, of Asrom, of Phares, of Juda, ^* of Jakob, of Isaak, 
of Abraain, of Tharra, of Nachdr, ^of Saruk, of Ragav, of 
Phalech, of Eber, of Sala, ^^of Kainam, of Arpbaxad, of 
Sem, of Noe, of Lamech, ^^of Mathysala, of Enoch, of Jard, 
of Malelcel, of Kainam, ^^ of Ends, of SSth, of Adam, of God. 
IV. And Jesus being full of the Holy Spirit returned 
from the Jordan, and the Spirit took him away to (the) 


BDLaAiEjFi^HLOS. ^CpCOaUl] AFj*?, cf. Gr. D^-^; eCptOJUL, 
B &c., cf. Gr. KAL &c.: Gr. B tafx^v, ^^.p€c] cJ)A.pRC, AjEj 
M N O S. ^* IA.KCJO&] ICOKCoA, L. IC^A.Kj cf. Gr. «« A B D^ 

L &c.: Gr. li*D* utok. O^pp^] ABCrDi.jAiGiHKLNOS, cf. 
Or. H<^ X I. 33. 69. 346. al plur •** : O^p^., Gg, rest of Gr. : e^.p^i6> 
Fi«^J. ^ CA.pOTX] A. cf. Gr. miuusc pane tjr^^: CepOTTXi 

B &c., cf. Gr. l^ABL &c. P^^V(X>N*)A.*c] p^^^.q, Ei; Gr. 
LV al pormii, paya^. 4>^Xex] ACrEiGiHKL: ^iSKeKy BDi.g 

A1E2FG2JMNOS, cf. Gr. KBDL &c. e&ep] ^.&ep, E2L. 

CA-Xa.] CA.XXA., BDj; CA.XA.R, F,". »• K^IHAJUL] AC 

Ei.2*GHK, cf. Gr. SBL i. 33. al pauc aeth: K^.m^n, B &c., cf. Gr. 
A &c.: Gr. D om. ^p<|>^.X(?>S)A.2s.] ep., HL; Hp., NO, -A.X, J. 

cetx] A c G H s : CHiUL, B &c. X^juLGxI XeouLex* J I* ; 

Gr. DMX Xa^it. "JULA.enrCA.XA.] A; JU.A.e(T", N)onr- 

CA.XA., C &c., cf. most of Gr.; Xt.A.eonrCA.XXA., B T Dj H ; Gr. 
B* fiaBeovfTi^a. IA.p2^] A*; IA.pA.2^5 A^L; IA.p€(H, N)2i, B &c., 
cf. Gr. B» L &€.; lA-peO, C F E F H, cf. Gr. A K O al aliq b c g^' 

AJLA-XeXenX] ab* &c., cf. Gr. k^bdl &c.; juLeXeXeaX, b^f 

JMNO, cf. Gr. K*AA 69.; aULA.XA.XeRX, H, cf. vg 'malaleel;' 
AiLA.XA.XlRX, Gj: OULCXeRX, Eg. cf. Gr. al*. KA.inA.At.] AC 
ELs^GgH. cf. Gr. HL ff^': KA.inA.n, B &c.. cf. Gr. A B D &c. 
*^ cue] ^ae, B : Gr. a oti^. 

^ 3i€] om. N. eqXieg;] for position cf. Or. H BD h &c. Hunt a6, 
C0OTA.&] ee, : om. F*. Ji has gloss ^J\ ^^ Ch** c^ ^^ j J 
'Coptic, and then Jesus being filled with the Spirit.' 7A.Ceo] -Oq, 

X. eiioX 2,0 A: eiioX g^A., b &c. nuop2s..] uiop2i., hl 

Hunt 36. A.C|oXc[ &c.] probablj for passive, but not confirming cV. 




ibceumnH enoj^-qe. ^ hJx Seg^oonr eqepni- 
pA.^m ijuuLoq Sxeui2s.iA.&oXoc. onrog, iuLneq- 

exA-nrxcoK eiioX ^.q2^Ko. 
•^€2C^.q 2^e ^^.q nxeni2^iA^oXoc. xe icxe SeoK 

ue naHpi iicj)'f . a^oc Xiu^icom ^m^ iixeq- 

*Onro2^ ^.qepoTfto nA.q itxemc. xe ccifeKOTX xe 

n^.p6 nipcoAii nA.ooni6 euoiK ijuuLA.nrA.xq A.n. 
* Onrog^ exA.qoXq enujcoi A.qxAJULoq enixiexoi- 

pcoonr XHponr Sxe 'foiKonrjuLenH ifeeit onr- 

cxirxiH itxe onrxponoc. 
•Onrog^ ne2CA.q nA.q ibceui2iiA.&oXoc. see 'fn^.-f 

nA.K iiLnA.iepgigi XHpq next. uonrcjooT. xe 

A.noK ue exeqxoi exox. 
Onrog^ cJ)H efo-vA-a^ gA.iXHiq nA.q. ^ neoic onrn 

AJCctjA.rtonrcocgx ixuAJuLeo e£.oX eqecgcjoui itA.K 

^Oifog, A.qepoTfto RxeiHc nexA.q rtA.q. xe ccj6k- 

€ngA.qe] cf. Gr. a &c.: >S2puL it€£,oonr ena|A.q6, f. 
2 iliJL] it&ii, b Di Ai ; cf. Gr. M ft', eg^onr] + neouLg^juL 

neXtOpg; and forty nights, Di«.2 Hunt 26 (JUL), cf. Gr. T g«» 71* 
aeth. 2iIA.iioXoc] Gr. D 243. e traram. OnreJUL( + €, G2)2,Xl] 

onrcoJULg^Xi, ACi*.] om. k. onrog, 2^] om. b. 
2CtoK] +2^e, B. efi.oX] om. K. A.qg,Ko] +epi6A.e, a«\ 

€nj6^€, Ao^FGj^JLN, cf. Gr. A &c. * UeXA.q 2^€] cf. Gr. 

M B D L &c.: om. SiC, N. nA.q] om. L. JULIIAj] sing., B &c., 
cf. Gr. exc. D: ttHA-I, AM, cf. a * lapidibus : * JULUI, Hunt 26. 

g^iHA. itxeqepcoiK] a c e g h k : -iixoTrep., piur., m : xe- 
itxeqep., BrDi.gAiOS: ftxeqep., fjln: Gr. d 3i«^ toi t^ 

oi \i6(H ovToi SpToi ycMAin-at. * GYO^J cf. Gr. unc (D anoKptBtit) : 

om. BF. A-qepOnrCO] +2^6, F, cf. Gr. 13. 69.; for om. koI cf. 
1308' 8ah«»»>«^ syr. ItA.q] cf. Gr. 13. 69. 76. 346.: om. L Hunt 26. 
cf. 1308'. itXeiHc] for position cf. Gr. M B L &c.; Gr. D km airoic. 
o if HIT. Om. \ty<op cf. Gr. K B L &c. XS] Gr. D &c. om. Ill- 

ptOJULl] cf. Gr. l^ABDL &c. A.n] +e&HX ecijxi iti&eit 

LUKE IV. 2-8. 47 

desert, 'for forty days the devil tempting him. And he 
ate not anything in those days : and they having been 
finished, he hungered. ^And the devil said to him: 'If 
thou art (the) Son of God, command this stone that it 
may become bread.' ^And Jesus answered him: 'It is 
written that the man was not to live by (lit. to) bread 
alone.' ^And having taken him away aloft, he shewed to 
bim all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 
*And the devil said to him: 'I will give to thee all this 
authority, and their glory, because to me it is delivered; 
and to him whom I wish I give it. ''If thou then 
shouldest worahip before me, all shall be thine.' ^And 

eertKOTT e&oX (om. O, A) ifeenpOOq iX^'f except eveiy word 
which cometh from the mouth of God, A^^DsFi^JLN : ^XX^ CJLXI &c. 
but every &c., DiG2« : ^XX^. eCiJXl &c. hut by &c., D2E2: ^XXa. 
exencJLXI &c. hut upon &c., B^ (K hegan ^.XX^ 6X611) MS ; for 
last clause cf. Or. al^^ aeth arP ; for rest cf. Or. AD &c. B gloss 
41)1 ^ ^^ Iji3 j5o Ji i^U (c>/>ll ti *^^ the Arahic an addition, hut hy 
every word which proceedeth from God.' Ei gloss ijj Jjo Jj t<»jJ^ 
4]]1 ^JM 'the Greek, hut hy every word from God.' * OTOg^ &c.J 

cf. Gr.; sah*^***^ has ^XIXCJ 3i6; Jj tr. ^j»^\ iJju>lf *80 Ahlls made 
him ascend,' and gloss %jjua\ \Ji j; 'Coptic, so when he had made him 

ascend.' 6na|coi] cf. Gr. SBL&c: + exenonrxtooTT 6q(J6ci 

upon a high mountain, A"« B D,. 2 E2 FjC Gj® J M« N, cf. Gr. A D &c.; 
D,.2G2« add alno ibcenI2^I^.&oXoC the devil, cf. Gr. A &i\ 
JULTOnrpCOOTr, a*. i"OIK &c.] Gr. D TOW Kotrfiov. J^not] oni. 
OT, Ai*. CXIVAUK] -XIA., Hunt 26, cf. Gr. E. « Onrog^ i^] 

cf. Gr.: om. Aj 8. ^^^] om. H; ohs. Gr. avrf exc. D &c. 

wpog auTw. n^.i6pa)icgi] ni. the, CGiH. nonrcooTr] cf. 

Gr.: n6C|aX)*C his glory, FFi^GgJLMN. n6 eX6q] AC 
r*(X^q?)D2FGHJx«; XKBT., AiEJi*K(L)MNOS: om. n6, BD 
Hunt 26. TOl] ^, G2. 6XOX to me] om. H. gA.IXHiq] q 
over n, A«; Gr. S* d«Kr«. "^ Oflt] OH, A : 2^.6, Hunt 26, cf. sahw**'' 
•vero' ap. Ln. Onra>ajx] ^VTK Sxeonra>ajX throw thyself and 
worship, M. tliJC] cf. Gr. 157. 346. aP* sah»*»<* croi. XHpq] cf. 
Gr. KABDL &c. fra<ni. ® OlOg, i^] om. F. Onrto] +2^6, F. 

nxeiHc] for position cf. Gr. >^L &c. nA.q] om. D2*G : +1X^.0)6 

48 ROXTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

o*rT xe HOT neKHonr'f ne exeKeoToogx 
cm ijuuLoq. onrog, iteoq ijuuLA.*c^Tq ueTreice- 
ojciutcgi iiUuLoq. 

•3Xqenq 2^e on eg^pHi eiXiGuL. oTrog^ ^qTA.£,oq 
€pA.xq eacen uxeng, nTe niepct>ei. oTrog, 
nex^.q ^^.q. xe icxe SeoK ne ncgnpi JuL^i". 
g^iXK euecHX efi.oX xa.i. ^®cci6Ho*rr v^p 
xe eqeg^ong^en exoxoTr niteq^-rveXoc «e- 
£lhxk. xe itxo7r^.p€2^ epoK. " o-cog, iixonr- 
qixK exen itonr(£,. juuiuoxe nxeKtfTtfpon 
eonrtoni nxeKtfiXox. 

" Onrog^ ^qeponrto nxeilic n6X^.q nA.q. xe a.txoc. 
xe Sit€KepnipA.^m juLuot neKnonr'f . 

"Onrog^ exA.qxeK uipA.cauLoc niiien eiioX nxe- 
ni2^i^.£.oXoc ^qaj6 iu.q e£.oX £^^.poq oj^ 



? "Onro£, ^.qx^ceo ftxeTiic ei6onrn efv^-XiXe^. 
i6en i"xoauL Sxe umlti;. onrog, otcjulh ^ci 
efi-oX i6en i"nepix^poc XHpc ee&Hxq. 
**Onro£, iteoq nA.q^c£Lto s^eti nonrcTrrt^rcjovK 

n^K C^JUien^ei nc^.X^.n^C go behind me Satanu, A>"ff (C^2k) 

Fi«(xetJL^.)j(2;Ki)L(£,Ri)N; xejUL^xyc n^jc e&oXg,^- 

pOI IICA.XA.nA.C go from me &c., Di.g^Gj**; cf.Gr. A &c.; JJL^JOQC 
nA.K nCA.XA.nA.C, M; El tr. gives addition ^Ikt, l> ^ ^,^^ *go 
from me, Shifftn,' and gloes iJi/^\ li J^h 'addition in the Arabic.' 
CCi6H07rx] om. yap, cf. Gr. «ABDL &c. Ue GX] UeX, TDi 
AjEOS: om. Ue, B. eKeonra>ajx] BDjE: eKOTfOOOJX, pres.?, 
A (K added) FG2HJKLMNO Hunt 26 ; for position cf. Gr. l^ B D L &c 

onrog, 2°] om. L. nex] a a, e jl mno s Hunt 26 : ue ex, Ci* 
D,. 2 F G H K : om. ne, B. eKeojexioji] B r Ai (gRXq) E P 

OKXq)0(gHXq): eKOjeAlcgi, ACi*Di.aGHJKL(gHXq)N 

Hunt 26. • ^.qeitq] -oXq, J L N. 3ie] cf. Gr. S B L &c. 

Ort] obs. e 'Iterum.' eg^pHl] CifepHI down, L: eifeonrit within, 
J N. OnrOg^ I*'] om. El . cf. sah «»»«^. A-qXA-g^Oq] cf. Gr. A D &c. : 
Gr. MBLH e om. aMp. exeit] ABCrEi^G HJELN Hunt 26: 

LUKE IV. 9-15. 49 

I answered, he said to him: *Ib is written, that the 

thy God thou shalt worship, and him alone thou 

serve.' ® And he brought him, again, up to Jerusalem, 

made him stand upon (the) wing of the temple, and 

to him: 'If thou art (the) Son of Qod, throw thyself 

1 from here (lit. this): ^^for it is written, that he 

order his angels concerning thee, that they keep thee, 

1 lift thee upon their arms, lest haply thou dash thy 

against (a) stone.' ^'And Jesus answered, he said to 

'It was said, that thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy 

' ^^And the devil having finished all the temptation, 

' from him for (lit. unto) a time. 

ind Jesus returned into Galilee in the power of the 

t: and a fame came forth in all the region round 

t concerning him. ^^And he was teaching in their 


en, DljAiE^fmos. iiTe] jjl, b. ofog, 2°] om, bfj. 

om. Gr. LB e. nojKpi] cf.? Gr. >*ABDL &c. vUs. €&oX 
for jKisition cf. Gr. 69. 127. al aliq aeth. ^^ CCJ^KOf t] 

. v^-p] om. JL. cf. Gr. «♦ 244. xeeqe] xeqit^, fut. i, m. 

Og,] cf. Gr. D &c.: +Xe, AoBBljAiFi^JO, cf. Gr. KABL &c.: 

s cf. a c e flf*- qiTK] -q, N. exeii] 2,IX€n, r D,.s AiE 

Hunt 26. eOf com] eCO., a*, €f com, Ei* : Hoy Ac, F J. 
tfiXox] -tfiX^TX, A B*. ^^ Of Og,] om. Ci* Ei* F J 

nxeiKc] for poBitioD cf. Gr. D &c. XB i°] Gr. N*D &c om. 
S] om. JUL, M. " e&oX i°] om. LN Hunt 26. ItZe*. . 
X 2^] (e&O, A*) om. Fi* homeot. " O'COg, i°] om. F. Hunt 18, 

-A.Ceo] cf. Gr. : CT^q &c., AiF J 8. €j6o;r It] A C EGM : 
BrD,.2AiFHJKLN0S Hunt 18. mUIt^.] om. HI, Ei. 
g^ 2^] om. L N Hunt 1 8. Of CJU.K A.Cl] A C G H K M« : -^qi, 
LlUOJim Oje the question (i.e. about bim) went, BFDi.gAiF 

: + n^q, JLN Hunt 18 : ^nmlul cge, s. Tape] THpq, 

. ,* S : om. M N Hunt 18 : exemUUL^.f TKpC all that, F. 
>oq] om. A«JLN Hunt 18, cf. Gr. A iip« e. It^qi"] B &c.: 
ters ilOOq to It^q, possibly having had originaUy q j y pres. 
i] + ne, B. jfeeimonr] Gr. D &c. cm. air&v ; obs. G2 jfceito'c, 
, however, is probably caused by fusion of It. 
L. U. £ 


60 RaxT3X ?S.0YR3XH. 

•^ eri'cjoo-r it^q ibceo-roit iti&eit. ^•o-rog, ^^qi 

€It^.^^•pee niiUL^. ex^.'ca^no-raq jOuuLoq. 

O-rog, A.qge it^^q ejfeo'cn e^fcnrit^roovH Xini- 

€2,oonr iiT"€ iticAAfiL^xon k^t^ 'fK^2,c. o-rog, 

^qxcjoitq ecjoo). " o'cog, eT^qo'ccoit eni^ooiut. 

^q^cijuti iJtniAiLA. eit^qcjfeKonrT JuuuLoq. | 

cie "Xe o-rnit^I iiTenOT neTX^ &i2ccoi. ee£.c4»^i 

4-^qe^2,cx ^qo-rcjopn jOuuloi eg^igennoTqi 

4-e&oX. iteju. ofit^-r ilLJ^oX nni&eXXer. eof- 

^••copn iiitK excong, j6en o-rx^ e&oX. "eg^i- 

<i-coia) iio' ecojHn ijLnoc. 

^^Onrog, e^-^.qK€X nixooju.. ^qxHiq iimg^nrnH- 

pexKc, ^q2, ofog, ofoit iti&eit eT"j6€n 

•fcnrn^rcjovK it^pe no-r&^X 2co-rax eg^pHi 

g^icoxq ne. 

"Ocog, ^qep2,KXc ibcoc ncoo-r, xe ^.cxu)ic 

e&oX iicl>oo-r ibce^-^.Ivp^.4>H i6eit nexen- 

^ ^^Ofog, it^'cepju.eepe it^q xupo-r ne. o-rog, 
itA.-repajcl)Kpi e:£er( nic^j^i nxe nigputox itH 
eit^-'citKo-r e&oX j6en pooq. 

eTff coot] o-rog, e-r., b. ^« of og, i^] om. b. n^- 

^^•pee] cf. Gr. E &c. niJULA.] eniiU.^, A«L Hunt i8. 
Of Og, 2°] om. E Fi* M. -f CCn.] HTOt their. F Gj*?. JuLni] 
A* &c.: iini, F: jfeeitUI, A«J: jfeeHItl, plur., LN Hunt i8: 

em, D2: iin, k«.] a« &c.: ni &c., a*?. i^KA^c] 

ABCEiGi.2*('T")HM; cf. Gr. D &c. om. a{^^: TeqKA^C 
his Ac, Di.2AiE2FG2«JKLN(C-rnKei^)0 Hunt 18, cf. Gr. 
69* auToC, rest of Gr. exc. D have avry. eCOOj] eqCOOJ, G2*. 

" o-rog, (om. El* Fi*) A.'C'f n^q iini^ccoju. itT"eKCA.KA-c 

ninpOcl)KT'HC, A^^sB &c., for order cf. Gr. A &c. eX^q- 
O-rCJOn] ^.q., indie, B; for *open' cf. Gr. ABL &c. eniXOOJU.] 
A*0Gi<^.2: ii-» A«B &c.: Gr. D al'^** om. A^q^CIJU-l] n^qXIJUU, 

imperf., L: om. B*. ixniJtx^ enA.q] iuLnien^ en^q, b*, 

an evident confusion, itt.^ in margin, and eit^ marked, but Gr. 40. 

LUKE IV. 16-22. 61 

ynagoguee, all glorifying him. ^' And he came to Nazareth, 
he place in which he was brought up: and he went into 
he synagogue on the day of the sabbaths, according to the 
ustom, and rose to read. ^"^And having opened the book, 
.e found the place in which it was (imperf.) written: 
'The (lit. a) Spirit of the Lord is upon me; therefore 
iC anointed me, he sent me to preach good tidings to the 
K>or, to proclaim to the captives release, and sight to the 
lind; to send to them who are bound, for (lit. in) release, 
'to proclaim the (lit. an) acceptable year of the Lord.' 
''And having rolled the book, he gave it to the officer, 
le sat, and all who were in the synagogue — their eyes 
vere looking upon him. '^And he began to say to them: 
This scripture was fulfilled to-day in your ears.' ^And 
hey were all bearing witness to him, and were wondering 
t the words of [the] grace, which were coming from his 

59. 260. e om. nfan w; fo r article cf. Gr. A B D &c. JUUULOC[J om. 

I,*. " ^ceo'cnHX] e . . . ^ o. e., a^. nenrx*^] ^^ ^t &Cm 

>,. 2 F : er* &c., J L N Hunt 18. ^.qOf COpn] pref. O-COg,, J. 
\r. inverts c^oyy. irr. an€<rraKK€W fu. ^KKl] + OtO^j €T"0-r2C0 
ina eTrreitnuO'CX jfeennO'Cg^KX to cure them who are 
rushed in their heart, BEi"»«.2; + eX^XtfO IlItK &c. to heal them Ac, 
i^ ; cf. Gr. A Ac; E|™8 gives addition in original hand, and Ej. 2 have 
[cjM kr^l ^ji^Jxu ^Jlt\ J (<M;1^ * the Greek, and to heal the broken of 

le hearts.' ncrX^] o™- ^i*. O-cn^-c] om. Ot, AiO S. €0-r- 
3pn] pref. O-rOP,, H. ^® 6^,1] neJULGg^I, K. *^ Om. Fj*. 

.qxHi(iH, A)qJ e^q., A* c. 2,KpeT"Kc, A*; 2,Hnep., a«. 
.qg^ejixci] eq., J: pref. ofog,, k. eT-(+xw>M)j6en] 
HA.'rjien, b r Ai Fi« j l n o s Hunt 18. aicoxq] e^ccoxq, 

J*, cf.? Gr. 13. &c. tit alfT6¥, item * in eum' it exc. d *ei :' g^I^CtOq, G2. 
;e] om. Ji*OS; for order cf. Gr. A &c. ^^ Of Og, &c.] AOD,G 

LK: -g^KTC +2^.6, Dg: om. O-rOg,, then ^q€pg,HTC 2s.e, 
TAiEFJLMO Hunt_i8, cf. Gr.: without coiy., N. tlXOC] eXOC, 

;. nooo-r] +ibceiiic, f. xe] Gr. d om. rp^c|)K] eni- 

'pA.<l>K, DljAiOS. " O-rOg, 2°] om. Fj*. -g4>Hpl] ACGH Hunt .6. 
K L N : + ne, B &c. ItlC^^l] HI., sing., B H L. " OTOg, 3 

£ 2 


Onro^ ^^.'r^(JO jOUuioc. xe Jtxn 4>^i ^n ne nojHpi 

* ni(J0CKcl>. 23Q^Qg^ ne^c^-q ncoo-r. xe nA-itTOM: 

TenrenitA^e T"^.I^^.p^.&.oXK nKi. 

Xe nicHini ^.pIct^J6p^ epoK juuut^nr^.T'K. hh 

er^ncoeju-onr e^Tojaoni s^en K^^^^pit^.o'viUL 

*^ ^*n€2c^q 2i€ ncoo-r. 2C€ ^JUtHIt i"xco iiiULoc nu>- 
Teit. 2ce ijuuLoit g^Xi juinpoc^HTKC eqcgHH j6eit 

_ T"eq&A.Ki. 

Mfi 2fiT^-4>A».Hi 2s.€ i"X(Jo juUuLoc ncoxeit. :^€ itecvon 

cK o-rju.Ha I itX^^P^ ^^ -^eit nicJv j6en meg^oof 
iixe kXia.c. g^oTe €^"^.cge^JUL ibc€T<t€ ilv 
npojuLUi iteiUL F il^.&.ox. 

iVK^.^1 TKpq. ^•o-rog, JutjUo-cofcopn itHXi^.c 
2,^. g^Xi juuuLcoo-r e&.HX g,^. of cg^iJU-i iixKp^- 
OK exj6en c^.pe^x^ iixe -f ci2s.a)iti^. 

*^ Ofog, neo-ron o-rju.Ka nKA-Kceg^T ne j^en nicTv 
It^•2,p^.q iteXiceoc ninpocl)KXKC. o-rog, iuLne 
g^Xi iij6HXo-r To-r&o cAkX enewLA.n nicnrpoc. 

** Of og, A.fju.og, THpof n:sconT" efccoxejui eiuj. 


n^^-r^co)] + Of n, k. juuuloc] + ne, bDjFk. xe] om. r*. 

JULk] JU.KTI, M. C^^^I &c,] for order cf. Gr. A &c. ^ HA^e] 

-xcjo S, Hunt 26. ex^ncoejutof ] exen., prea., h. e^^f- 
ojconi] ^f ., J N s. j6en i°] cf. or. a &c. K^4>^.pn^of ah] 

of. Gr. l^BB &c, T€K] BK over erasure of three lettem, A^. 

HuntjB. 2* nex^q T^e] pref. of op,, l : om. 2s.e, B"8 G2 0. nax)f ] 

om. FJS Hunt 18. XC i°J om. F. AJULUn] ^JUtH, A*, Gr. 
D al pauc cifi^y cifi^i'. nCOXen] for position cf. Gr. K B D L &c. 
^ejUUULOn . . . ^^^^ Xe] om. B*. g,Xl ii] om. Fi* : Of, B»i 

Hunt 26. ann] ojKg^ despised, F, cf. Matt. j6enxeqfi.4wKi] 

j6enT'e|T'ene(J0q ii&^KI, probably meant for *in his own city/ 

F: j6eneeelxeecoq it&^Ki, B"« Hunt26(eK-..ii); cf.?Gr. 

HB tavTov. jOen] Gr. L om. ** X^-cl)JU.HI &c.] ^XVJ 2s.e, 

Hunt 26. 2ie] om. A» Al F J L N S, cf. Gr. D &c. Xe] cf, Gr. 

LUKE IV. 23-29. 53 

Dooth. And they were saying: *Is nob this (the) son of 
Joseph?' ^^And he said to them: 'Ye will altogether say 
his parable to me: "Physician, heal thine own self:" the 
hings which we heard of having been done in Eaphamaom, 
lo here also in thy city/ ** And he said to them : * Verily 
' say to you, that there is not any prophet acceptable in 
lis city. **And truly I say to you, that there were many 
vidows in Israel in the days of Elias, when (the) heaven 
^as shut for three years and six months, so that there 
VBS a great famine upon all (the) eai-th; '^and Elias was 
tot sent to any of them, except to a widow woman, who 
nts in Sarepta of Siddnia. ^And there were many lepers 
a Israel in the time of Eliseos the prophet: and not any 
f them were cleansed, except Neman the Syrian.' ^And 
hey were all filled with anger, hearing these (things), ^® and 
hey rose, they thrust (lit threw) him outside of the city, 

^L &c. rte] om. JK M. ne] AB &c.: otn. K. jfeeHUIcX] for 
osition cf. eyr** et^*' aeth: +n€, B. eX^CttjeAJUL] B &c.; 

gxajUL, ACi»: er^nr., f. iiv] cf. Or. bd &c.: iixenv, 

', cf.? Gr. «ACL &c. v] v1", BBLaCViti" ) Ei« a^S. 2,(&C2s.e, 
.<^(ttX:2kovereraflure)D2GJi*LMN HuntiS, 2*6. HK^^g^l] HI., J], 
r. Gr., and for 2,i:sen obs. Gr. T tiri lijs. E,™« &^CIAe^ 2s.. 

* AjLno-rcjopn, a*. a^-ftXi] g^^o-ron, B: eg^^no-ron, 
Lont 26. eu] o^-i, N*. €Xi6en] exgon j6en, a«»»FiC j 

, N S. C^penX^] El , cf. Gr. » a B* C D &c. ; C^p€&rr^, M ; 
epeUT^, BDiF Hunt 18; Cep€&T"(e, NS)^, CFDgEaGHJK; 

"c€pe&T^.,L; cepe&T"€,AiO,.2*; cep\&rr^.,A. -^01210)- 
^^^] i>i.2^i; -ci2^om^-, B; -c-rss.cjom^, A&c; -c-r2s.oni^., 

JLNS(n02^) Hunt 26; cf.? Gr. ^^ABCDLV^XF 8ic. ai^o^pias, -topias. 

ne] om. ¥1* N. jfeennicX] for position cf. Gr. >* B D L &c. 

Ag^p^q] -pen. Hunt i8. eXiCeOc] for C i<> cf. Gr. >*ABDL &c. 

J^HXOnr] pref. €&oX, EFi*LMS. €&hX] A"« &c.: om. A*. 

:eAJt^It] cf. Gr. X al aliq, but classed bj Tisch. with paifi, of Gr. 

ABCDL: It6e?iU.^n, F,*, cf. Gr. E &c. "O-COg,] Gr. 

e ol «f. erCOOTejUL] eX^nr., pret.. J, cf. Gr. D I. al pauc e 
Ttth ^ua^tmrtf, 2» ^.f XCOOf ItOT] om. 0*^ 2^ JLN 8 Hunt 18. 
'8lLX\\ XOf &., F. 

54 R3XT3X ?S.OYRaxH. 

o-rog, ^.f enq e&oX exeti neTfci iinixcoonr ^k 

2CoXKq ej6pKi. ^^iieoq 2s.e €T"^.qcmi e&oX 
j6en xo-rjuLHi" n^.qjuLoai ne, 

*7 siQ-rog, ^qi €j6pHi €K^.4>^pnA.o-rjUL o'v&^ki iiTe 

i■^^X^Xe^.. of og, nA.q^c&.a) ncjoonr j^n ni- 

^ cAAfi^Ton. ^^o-rog, n^vroojuLX exen xeq- 

c&cjo. 2ce it^pe ncqc^^i x^ i6eit onrepojigi. 

H ** ^^ Ofog, neo-ron onrpcojuti s^en 'fcnrit^voovH eonron 

o'cnnX n^-K^e^pTon iteAiLA.q. o'cog^>aj 
enojcjoi j6en o-rniai" iij6p<x3o-r. **xe ^JboK 
nejtx^n &cjok. Ihc nipeiULn^^^.p6e. ct^jki 
ex^-Kon. i"ccoofit juuulok. xe iteoK nuuL 
ni^noc iiTe c^^f . | 
CK^ ^'^O'cog, ^qepenixiJULA-it it^q iixemc eq^coo JuL- 
jULoc. xe ecoiu. itpcjoK o-rog, AJULonr efi^oX 
©•rog, er^ ni2s.eju.coii c^.xq eoAJUii- ^^qi efi.oX 
ftj^nxq. iineqi" g,Xi ne^iLK^g^ it^.q, 
^^Ofog, ^ o-rnigi" iig,o'f aooni g^ixcoonr TRpox 
o'cog, n^nfc^.x^ itcxiL nonrepKo-r eTfxoo Jjutxoc. 
2Ce o-r ne n^.ic^:^i. ^e j^^it o-repojiaji neu. 

e&oX] c^Slo\ f. €3cen] g,ix€n, Hunt i8. ntffci] cf.? 

Gr. « A B L &c. 64>pvos: nKTTci?, Gg*. ixniXtWO-c] A* Ac: 
tnreiVl &c., A«FJLN, this reading presumes preceding III. XJ^ 
A* : KHTT built, A« &c., cf. Gr. ^IXCJOq] eXCJOq, F, cf.? Gr. o«» 
€^3. g,&CXe] ^(J0C2s.e, ADgGJLMNS Hunt i8, ife. cf. Gr. 
>*BDL &c. ^^ eSoX] om. B Hunt 26. It^q &c.] pref. OTOg,, 

Hunt 18. 26, Di.2(^q). ^^^qi] eXA.qi, partic, F Hunt 26. ej^pKl] 

cibpK, A*: om. K: ejfeo'CIt, F Hunt 26. OTOg, 2^] om. F. 
ItCJOOT] obs. Gr. E i. 28. al'' avroU: om. Fj*, cf. Gr. al^® fere: +Il€, 

D1.2A1OS: +j6ennicm^r(JorK, A"8. ^^ it^-nr toojult] 

^•CXOJULT", Ej*. TeqC&CJO] TcfiLCJO, F,*. X,^] om- ^ 
Hunt 26. ^ Of Og^ i^] om. F, obs. Gr. B e rjp dt. neOf OH] 


LUKE IV. 30-36. 55 

and they brought him forth upon (the) height of the 
mountain upon which their city was (imperf.) set, so that 
they might cast him down headlong. ^^But he having 
passed through their midst, was walking (away). 

31 And he came down to Elaphamaum, a city of Galilee. 
And he was teaching them on the sabbaths: ^^and they 
were (imperf.) amazed at his teaching; because his word 
was (imperf.) with authority. ^^And there was a man in 
the synagogue, having (lit being) an unclean spirit with 
him, and he cried out (lit. up) with a great cry : * ^ What 
(hast) thou with us, Jesus the Nazarene? camest thou to 
destroy us? I know thee who thou (art), the Holy (one) 
of God.' ^And Jesus rebuked him, saying: 'Be silenced, 
and come out of him.' And the demon having cast him 
down in (lit. to the) midst, came out of him, he gave not 
any pain to him. ^^And a great fear came upon them all, 
and they were speaking to one another, saying : ^ What is 
this word? because with authority and power he com- 

A»« &c.: ne. A*, pcoju-i] +XH» BrDi.2AiO. 'fcnrit^r.] 
Tonrcnr. thew &c., A«(c^)LNS_Hunt 18. eo-rott] neo-ron, 
Fi^JL. niu. n^-K^e.] nitA. iiK^e^-pTcon, a*: nn^ 
it2^6iULa}it it^K^e., A""* &c., cf. Gr. encgcoi] a*cehm: 

efi.oX, A«B &c.: efi.oX CncgCOIi F. Om. Xfy«ir, cf. Gr. >*B L &c. 
^ Xe] om. fo, cf. Gr. D &c. ^S^OK ti€AfU,n g^OOK] om. g^OOK, 
K: -neJULKI (with me) g^CJOK, A«AiJLN08 Hunt 18. nipeJUL- 

n^^^pee] nm^-^copeoc, jlns Hunt i8. jeT^KonJ Gr. d 

fjpas «dc tmoktaai. 'fc] it+C, S. JUUULOK] ijUULOq him, Dg*. 
Xeneoic] om. S. ^ O-rOg, i«>] om. Fi*. It^-q i°] +on again, 
A^FiO JLN S Hunt 18. JUUULOC] + It^q, N. Q-COg, 2*»] om. E Jj* 
L N S Hunt 18. e&oX ilj6HT"q i°] of.? Or. A C &c. cf . ClTi^] ^, 
F. eJU-Ui" ] for weak article cf. Gr. D &c. f iV tuaop. efi.oX &c. 2^1 
cf.? Gr. Mr al pane tf: +0f02„ A"«Fi«JLNS Hunt 18. i"&XlJ 

i" iv2>Xi, M. *• ^ . . . ojconi] o-rg^o-f ^ccgconi, ff. 

nigi" il]AOGHJKLNS Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D 353. &c.: om. B T 
D,.2AiEFM0 Hunt 26, cf. rest of Gr. O'COg, 2° .. . ItO-cepKO-r] 
om. Fi*. ne] cf. Gr. U it vg al add iarw. H^l] C^^-I, absolute, 0^. 

66 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

cenuo'c e&oX. ^'^ofog, iteofon o*ccajlk cap 
e&oX ee&KTq jfceit At^i iti&cn iiTe -fnepi- 


'^*' ®* CtXqToonq 7^e e&oX j6€n i-cf it^rcorK ^qjge nA.q 

ejfeo'rit euKi iiciJU.(Jon. 
Tgcjoju-i 2^€ nciiULcoit neo-ron o-ritigi" t^i^jJLOJtx 
n&ftju.c ne. of og^ n^-r'fg^o epoq e^pHi exooc. 
"O'cog, ^.qo2,I ep^xq c^nojooi jOuuloc. ^qepeni- 
TiJULA-n ixnii^JtxojJL. onrog, ^.qx^c. ca.t"otc 
2^e ^.cTcoitc o-rog, ^• jDuuLcoonr. 

1 «? *o Gx^ <l>pK 2s.e g^ooxn, o*coit ni&en exeonroitxof 

peqajconi ijuuu.'r i6eii 2,^.ngcom noTAJLHg 
Gfenonr &^poq. iieoq 2s.e exA.qx^ ^^^ e^ceit 
nio-r^ nio'v^i iJutiLCJOo-r ^.qep^A^pi cpooo-r. 

j6€n 2,A.nju.Kg. CTrcoa efi.oX e^xco jQuuloc. 
cKfi. 3ce I SeoK ne naHpi XSt^^i". 

O'cog^ nA.qepenixiJU.^n itcoo'c ne. nqx^ -wL- 
jULooo-r ^Jt ec^^i. :&€ n^'vcooonrn JuuuLoq. xe 
iieoq ne n^cc. 

niuT] 2s.eju.(Jon, l Hunt i8«. cenuo-r] a*(ck)CEiGH 

KM: pref. OfOg^, A™»BrD,.2AiE2FJLNOS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. 

e&oX] om. M*. ^"^ ^njuL^.1 &c.] jfeen-f nepix^poc in 

the region around, A^ (erasure after JOen and sufficient space for AIL^I- 
ni&enitXe, but tr. has ^y^ ^\ ij^\ j^«». ^ 'in all the region ^hich 
was round them') Jj^LNS Hunt 18: j6eni~nepiX^pOC XUpC 
€ in all that region around, F Gg*. IlXe^] Il'f , H. 
^COpOc] +XKpC, KN Hunt 26. ^®2s.e] om. BGJ. €fi.oX 

j^en] cf.? Gr. A &c. 4k, n^.q] om. El* : Gr. A &c. syr*«»» have 6 15. 
ClitXCOn i<>] CTJUtCOn, A: +neXpOC, F, obs. syrP "« has 
'Petri' instead of * Simon 2°.' XOJCOJULI 2^6 itCIiU.(JOn] om. F^* 
homeot.; for weak article cf.? Gr. K ABDL &c. nti^tpd, nej om. 

LUKE IV. 37-41. 67 

mandeth the unclean spirits, they come out.' ^ And there 
was a fame spread abroad concerning him in all places of 
the region round about. 

^And he rose from the synagogue, he went into (the) 
house of Simon. And (the) mother-in-law of Simon — there 
was a great fever with her, and they were beseeching him 
for her. ^And he stood above her, he rebuked the fever^ 
and it left her: and immediately she rose and ministered 
to them. *^And (the) sun having set, all who have sick 
folk in sicknesses of many kinds (are) bringing them to 
him. And he having laid hand on each of them, healed 
them. ^^And demons also were coming out from many, 
crying out, saying: 'Thou art (the) Son of God.' And he 
was rebuking them; he permits them not to speak, because 

J L N s*. onrog, n^-T i-g^o epoq] Fj* om. €poq] a c e h j 

LMN: +n€, B r Di.8 Ai F G K S. €X(JOc] CXUOC He, B. 
»• A-qOg^l] It^q., N. €niTIXILA.n] ensure between T and I, A«. 
OnrOg, 2*>J om. Gg. XA-^] G'- >* e add o nvprns. C^XOXC 
(0*r, N) 2^e] A* ? &c., cf. Gr. « A B &c,: om. 2^.6, A<' B F J L N S, 
cf.? Gr. D: +OnrOg, (sic), Qi* K. ^.CTCOnc] eX^C, T. 
O'COg, 3^1 ACDi<^.2GHK: om. BTDj* AiEFJLMNOS. ^C- 

gejuigij n^.c., h. juuulcjoo-c] ijuuLoq, k*. *®ex^ 

. . . g^OOXn] cf.? Gr. DS' Ac. Q-COn] + 2^.6, J LN S. Of onXQ-C 

peq.] o-ron peq., M: o'cpeq., b. g^^itcgconi] 2,^.n:sm- 
ojooni, r. noTJULHoj] ito'ceo, k. enrenoT] a, obs. Gp. d arm 

€4>€pw: ^.-r., B &c &^poq] epoq, D,.2: &P^q to meet him, 
B*. eXA-qX^] ^^' ^r. >* A C L &c. htiBils ; fop position cf. Gr. 
K C aeth. jOuULCOO't] Gr. D al pauc om. •^qep] cf . Gr. ^^ A C L &c. 

€pax)'r] +T"Kpo-r aii, b. *^e&oX i^] om. G1.2*: +ne, 

rDi,2^lF0. e&oX j^eit] Gr. >* l. 209. 215. om. airo. g^A-It- 

AJLHg] onriULHO), sing., B. eToxg efi.oX] om. J. enr^ccjo &c.] 

Gp. L* om. Xe] repeated, A. HOJ Hpl &c.] cf. Gr. ^^ B C D L sine 6 J? : 
ppcf. n^CP, A«Fi«n8Hi™8JLMNS ; gloss of Ci ^ ,,.U Si]) 'addition, the 
Christ; ' gloM of Di ^yA\ ^^ *Greek, &c.' H^^qep] (ep, A°»») ^q., 

Ci*F. ncjooT ne] om. ne, ffgjln. juuuLoq] +ne, fk. 

ilooq &c.] of. b g^ q Tg, classed with Gr. D 69. {jhv) aviw J^ c&oi. 

68 R3XTax ?S.0YR3XH. 

^ "Gx^ nieg^oo-r 2s.e cgconi ^.qi efi.oX. ^.qae n^^q 
eo-cju-^ita^qe. of og^ n^'CKCJO'f iiccoq ne iixe- 
niJiiLKa. Of og, ^-ri gi^-poq o-rog, n^f^JULoni 
juuuLoq ne. eaTejuieepeqge it^q e&oX g,^-- 
*^Heoq 2s.e nex^q nooof. xe gjUO'f ne itxA^x- 
genno-rqi jfcen niKe&^.Ki ii'fjULexo-rpo STe 

XeofKi er^fT^ofoi ee&ect>^i. **o-ro2, n^q- 
g^icoia ne j6en ^^c•rIl^.v(J0VH nxei'io'c^e^, 


*^ HKcojcjoni 2w€ ex^'cecjoo-r'f exooq iixeniJULHa|. 
ofog, eccjoxejuL enic^j^i hire <l>i". 
Heoq 2s.e n^qog,! ep^xq ne s^^Ten 'fWtxxtXK 
iixe rennH^^pee. ^o-rog, ^qit^.^ e^coi 5 
enfjtxom j6^Ten 'fXnr Ju.nK. nio-rog^i 2s.e ex^-f i 
eg^pHi 2,i(joxof. n^^-rpa5j6x nnonranHo-r ne. 
^^qoXq nonr^i itnixoi e^^ciJtxuoty ne. ^qxoc 
n^^q eepeqg^eitq ca.&oX iinixpo nofKOf^ci. 

*2 eX^] pref. OfOg^, J L N. nieg^OOf] cf. Gr. T praem i^j. 
2s.e] cf. Gr.: om. Dg* J. ItCCJOq] om. F*, obs. Gr. E &c. iC^ow 
without cV-. ne 1®] om. J L N S. ttl] Of, N. ^f I g^^poq 
Of Og,] om. K homeot: -OJA-poq-, JNS. Of Og, 3°] om. ENS. 
Aiendsagain U^f ^.JULOm] ^.f ., JKLNS. ne 2^] om. JLNS. €Bp.] ACS: 
ep., B &c. *^ &^i"] for position cf. itP^' vg syrP. The position 

of JOen &c. between the \erb and object is caused by the Greek placing 
Koi Tois &c. before tlayy. IlX^Ig,!, A*. jfeennilCe] om. Ke, Ai'.g 
J,* : itm, AjJi^LNS. iti"JU.eXOf po] iixei", CD2Gi*N: Gr. 
N* TO €vayy€\top. Of Hi] om. N : Gr. D e >«p. eefi.e] cf.? Gr. >*B L 
13. 67. 134. 346. a (ob hoc), *ideo' b c S^' g^' *' 1 vg. ** Of Og^] om. N. 
ne] om. Af.aGi* JLN S. jfeert &c.] cf. Gr. ACL &c. "f lOf 2s.e^.] 
A^ (two or three letters erased after X , but tr. has h^yi^\ Al YahUdiyah) 
BC,«rEFi*G,.8*HKM0S, cf. Gr. «BCL &c.: T^^X^Xe^., Ci* 
Di,2^i'Fi«(^^ ^ J*hx other copies') J LN, cf. Gr. AD Ac. 

LUKE IV. 42— V. 3. 69 

they were knowing him, that he is Christ. ^^And the day 
having come, he came forth, he went to a desert place : 
and the multitudes were seeking for him, and they came 
to him, and were laying hold on him, that he should not 
go from them. ^^But he said to them: 'I must preach 
in the other cities good tidings of the kingdom of God, 
because therefore was I sent.' ** And he was preaching 
in the synagogues of Judea. 

V. And it came to pass, the multitudes having gathered 
upon him and to hear the word of God, that (:^e) he was 
standing by the lake of GennSzareth; 'and he saw two 
ships moored by the lake: but the fishermen, having come 
up in them, were washing their nets. ^He betook himself 
to one of the ships, being Simon's, he told him to move 
out from the shore a little. And having sat, he was 


^ eiT^T &c.] for order and OtOCCf" cf. Gr. H*, which omits avrf. Hunt 18, 
OXOgj eccOTetx] cf. Gr. >*ABL &c.: om. Q-COg,, BFLM 
Hunt 18, cf. Gr. C D &c. tdv dKovtu^. €ni] xiMCi^l, Oi*. Ue] 
om. B A2Ji*LNS Hunt 18. ilT"€Veit . . . ^2)X'rJU.nH] om. Ci* 
homeot, cf. Gr. X a. tiTe] ItXeit, N. VeitltK^^^pee] 

A r (enK) Di (ru.). , (enK) As e f m o : vennuc^pee, b Ci« 

Ai'(e2^) G H J(eC) K L N«(e2^) Hunt 18 ; for -pee cf. Gr. E H K M 
69. Ac; ^ is peculiar to Coptic. * O'COg, i**] om. Ai' J, cf. Gr. 

al pauc &c. ^CJIt^'v] ^f., plur., B. Sj for position cf. Gr. B a e 

BjT'^. €rT^.t\] om. err, N: ne^.•f^, piuperf., NBrDLjAgFi^ 

J LOS Hunt 18. egjPM £,1] CnojCJOI 2,1, M ; lit. 'up on,' not as 
Schw. 'in eas:' from comparison with Mark yL 54 it is possible that 
6&OA should be supplied, 6^pHI being rarely used with ^I : all 
Greek MSS. and versions read 'from.' g^ICJOXO'c] +116, D1.2. 
HA.'rpCOjiO I added, A«, cf. Gr. B D 91. tfvXvpopi CT., F; 
obs. Gr. >*0*L &c. ftrXway, AC' &c, Anivkvvop. ItO-rcgnHOnf] 
cf. Gr. 435. &c. add a^w. Hc] om. B« A,'FL Hunt 18. ' A.qoXq J 
A*K: +2s.€, A« &c.. cf. Gr. Itonr^l] A: eof^.1, B Ac. Iini- 
3COl] Gr. D ffXoioy. e^^I\ GTe^^j B. HC] om. B* L. ^qxoc] 
pref. O'COg,, Ao Ai^ 2 J L N S Hunt 18. epcq] om. Aj^ 2 J L N 
Hunt i8^ giGHq] 2,€It, F; for po^Jtion cf. Gr. D &c. 

60 R3XT3X ?S.0YR3XH- 

lA J ni2Coi. ^GT^qo-ro) 2^€ eqcA^i n€2C^.q iici^ 

Ancjon. xe AJULo-r efi.oX enexgHK onro^ x^ 
iteTeitgitKO-r €j6pHi eof^cop^cc. 
cKr *0f02, ^•qepo-rco nxeciJU-oon ne|!^^q^ >C€ nipeq- 
•fcfi-cjo nie:soDp2, THpq ^it^iq Sj6oci JuLneit- 

• GTA.-ripi 2ie ix^i^i A-nreooo-ri" iiof julkoj RTe&x 

en^cycoq. it^'rn^.<i>a)j6 2^€ ne SxenianRonr, 
^OTog, ^-r^Tcbpciu. eno-rgc^Kp itR erg,! niKe^coi. 

g^mA. iixo-ri iixo-ri"T"OT"onf neJULooo-r. o-rog, 

^ * Gx^qn^-r 2.6 nxecijutcjoit nerpoc ^qg^iTq j6^- 
Teit iten62.X^'r2C iiiHc cqxoo jOuuloc. xe 
jix^-oje n^K eAoX 2,^.poI h^-ot. 
2C€ ^itoK ofpcjoju-i itpeqepno&i. •o-rg^o'f v^-p 
^cx^-2,oq itejut ofoit iti&eit eoitexiLA.q eacert 
-f 2cop2cc itxe itixefi.T" €T^YX^^(Jboir. 
^®^^.IpHi■ 2s.e on niK6i^Kco^oc nejut ito^nnKC 
nianpi iixe ^eK€2ieoc nn enA-nroi nojc^Hp 

2s.e] cf. Gr. «BLQ a: om. F: +0f02„ M. ItA-qi"] ^ql", 
Ai': eqi", AgJLNS Hunt i8. G&oX 2,mi:SOl] for position cf. 
Gr. ACL &c.: om. Ai': om. e&oX, L: eX^XTlI^COI who were on 
the ship, J N S. * Z.e] om. M. €qCA.Xl] om. Fj*. OT Og,] 

om. FAf.gJLNS Hunt i8. * OTOg,] om. EFi*M. ^qepOTU)] 
€XA.q., Af . CtJU-CJOIt (JU., A*)] + neXpOC, F; for position cf. Gr. 
J^^ABCL: Gr. Do«f aifuw^. Om. ai^^, cf. Gn N B e. Hipcqi" cfi.tJO] 

A*CEGHK: <t>p€C 
didacrieaXr. iULlien 

, A«BrDi.aAifFLMNOS HuntiS; cf. Gr. D 
pref. OnrOg,, A"8 A/. 2 Fi« J L N Hunt 18. 

T^g^o] A*?: TA-g^eg^Xi, «A« &c. ueicc^jici] neKp^it thy 

name, L Hunt 18. TeitnA-X^] ACAi'.aEFGHJKLMNS Hunt 18, 
cf. Gp. K al pauc : 1"n^^Xi^> ^BFDi.aO. ItignKOf] cf. Gp. « B 

DL &c. • ex^'ccq, H)ipi 2s.e] a*cghk: o-ro^ ex^f ., 

LUKE V. 4-10. 61 

ling the multitudes from the ship. ^And having 
i speaking, he said to Simon: ^Come out to the deep, 
let your nets down for a draught.' ^And Simon 
ered, he said: 'Teacher, all the night we toiled, we 
ht not, but at (lit. in) thy word we will let the nets 
1.' *And having done this, they gathered a great 
itude of fish^ and the nets were going to rend. ''And 

beckoned to their friends, who were in the other 

that they should come and help them. And they 

I, they filled the two ships, so that they began to 

®And Simon Peter having seen, threw himself at 

feet of Jesus, saying : ' Go from me, my Lord, because 
d) a sinful man.' ®For fear seized him, and all who 

with him, at (the) draught of the fish which they 
tit: ^^and likewise (lit. thus again) James also and 
, the sons of Zebedee, who were (imperf.) friends to 

rBrDi.2Ai'EFJLMN0S Hunt i8, cf. Gr. ipi . • . iiL<l>^.I] 
&.I, construct form, >* Ai'.aJK^LNS Hunt i8. iiO'rJU.HajJ 
Lit JULKO), plur., Dj. ItT'efi.x] om. Aj' ; for position cf. Or. 

cL&c. e^^.g(Joq] en^^oj^^''^* MN- wicgitKO'rjforpiur. 

.HBDh&c: ItO-rcyWHO-r, A^BAi'.jJLS Hunt i8, cf. Gr. 
al pauc. "^ ^"reJcbpeJU.] Gr. D &c. Korewtvop. nOTOJ^^Hp] 
KCOJ^^Hp their partners also, M. ItK . . . XOl] om. L Hunt i8. 
>I SJ om. S, N : niKe:£OI 'K the two ships also, J 8°. ^0302^6, 
^GJLMNS Hunt i8. ® 2s.e] Gr. D o «# . UeTpOC] Gr. 

. om. j6^Ten] ACEGHJK: j6^ under, BrDiA^FLMOS 
i8: j6^P^TO'r it, lit. * under the feet of,' Dg. ItlKC] 
[ ; obe. Gr. D ovrov. Tl^OCj HOC, A^* S* : for position cf. b c 
q syr"**: Gr. H*" 244. e om. ** VA.p] 2^6, Ai'.gJLNS 

18. T^g^oq] Gr. i^* avTws : + HG, M. nejui] + exsix, 

\. ItCiUL . . . IteJULA.q] Gr. D 47*^ om. -f 2COpXc] A* &c. : 
A« cf erased, and p added) A, J LN 8. €TiLt^^.^UJOy] cf. 
\DX go &». "2s.e] om. EiFKN. Hi] H, FEiKL; article 

■6 of K€, cf. chap. ii. 4. > ICO^.^ItHC neJULI^K(J0&.OC, K*. 
Hpl itXe] A« &c. : It! • . . ft, A* : Iteit . . - tt, DlsAaTx* J. 
JUOIt] it., F 8. 


^ Ilexe Thc ncijutcon. xe iinepepg^o-f. icxeit-f no-c 
r^-p eKeojconi So-rog^i itpeqT"^.2,epa)juLi. 
"Ofog, exA-fceK maitKonr enixpo ^'^XA- &^^ 
ni&eit nccoo-r. ^.•ro•f^^onf ncooq. 

IB ^"^ " ^cgconi 2.6 ex^f i €j6of n eof i itm&^Ki. o-ro^ 

ic Of pcjoiun eqjULeg, itceg^x- 
6x^qn^.•r 2.6 6Ihc ^qg^xxq e^ceit n6q^o eq^-g^o 
cKTi. epoq I 6qx(J0 jDuuloc. xe h^ot ^jccg^witonrcoo) 
o-roit gxojUL juUulok exonffi.01. 
^^O-rog, ^qco-rxen xeq^cix 6&0X. A.q(JT ii6iUL^q 
6q2C(J0 JuuuLoc. xe 'fof ooa aha.xo-c&o. onrog^ 
c^xoxq ^qoje it^q e&oX g^^poq iix6nic62,x. 
"Heoq 2s.e ^•q2,on2,6n n^q eq^coo juuuloc. xe 
jjLuepxoc it^Xi. ^.XX^ jJL^c^e it^.K jut^x^juie 
nio-CKfi. epoK. o'cog, ^.itionri 6X6n nejcxonrfiLO 
K^x^ <l>pKi" ex^.qo•r^.g,c^2,^^ it2:6iULu>nrcHc. 
6nfjuL6XJU.6epe ncoo'c. 
a8 "aXqccjop 2S.6 efi.oX ng^onro iixenic^^i ee&Rxq. 
o-rog^ ^.Tetwonff it2:62,^nnig'f ijuuLKg, eccjo- 
xejut 6poq ofog, 66p4>Aj6pi epooo-r si^eti 
^ " fleoq 2S.6 n6aA.qae n^q 6r(IAlLA.itu)^.q6 itX6q6p- 

n6Z6] A*CEiGHK: pref. Q-COg^, A^sBDj.aAi'EgFJLMNOS 

Hunt 18. -fno-r] i"o-rno-r, n. ito-rog^i] pref. 6K01, 

A^Af.jEFJMNS. ^^ 6X^'rC6K] A.-r., indie, Fi*. aitHOT] 

A* C E (tr. of E,. 8 ^Ju** boats ') : 62CKO'r shipa, A« B &c.. cf. Gr. 

Ai^M ^2 ^cojcjoni 2^e] acEiGh?kmr: o-rog, ^.cajconi, tAiFi^os 

BHanta6, Hunt 1 8, cf. Gr. : O'COg, . . . 2i6, Di.gEj: ^COJCOTlIy Fi* : O'COg, 

Hurt'fs. and om. ^COJCOni, B Hunt 26. ex^fl] A*EiFHM : 6X^qi, 

'*"*' AoBCrDi.2AiE2GJKLNOES Hunt 18, 26. cf.Gr. Of Og,] om. Fj* 

Hunt 26, cf. Gr. 0^ 253. al pauc b Amb. ^^6 2°] cf. Gr. K B e: om. 

LUKE V. 11-16. 63 

mon. Jesus said to Simon: 'Fear not, for henceforth 
3U shalt be a fisherman catcher of men.' ^^And having 
nwn the nets to the shore, they left everything, they 
lowed him. 

^^And it came to pass, that (lit. and) they having come 
x> one of the cities, lo, a man full of leprosy. And 
ving seen Jesus, he threw himself upon his face be- 
aching him, saying: *My Lord, if thou shouldest wish, 
is possible for thee to cleanse me.' ^^And he stretched 
t his hand, he touched him, saying : ' I wish, be cleansed.' 
id immediately the leprosy went from him, ^^And he 
lered him, saying: 'Tell not any one, but go shew thy- 
f to the priest, and offer for thy cleansing according as 
>8es commanded, for a witness to them.' ^^But the 
x>rt (lit. word) concerning him spread abroad the more: 
d great multitudes gathered to hear him, and (for him) 
heal them in their sicknesses. ^^And he used to go to 
3 desert places and pray. 

T Hunt 26: Gr. ACDL &c. koI. €qi"g^o] ^.q., AjJLNS 
nt 18. " OTO^] cf. Gr. : om. r : Gr. D «e. COf TettTeq] 

>iA,EGKMO Hunt 18, 26: CO-CXCOItTeq, ABDjAaFHJLNS: 

30-rT"enT"€q, r. niceg^x] neq. his &c., f. " ^q- 

DHg^eit] n^q., AjS. ^XXa. iUL^.a)e IT^^k] obs. Gr. D &c. 

x^ dc icoi. <l>K'f , A. Ju.eTJU.eepe] a &c. ;, 
ju.eeju.ex., b. ^^ ^qccop . . . ee&Hxq] om. Fi*. 

l] om. C S*. niC^.Zl] n^I., K. ee&.KXq] Gr. «* om. n€pi 

oo-rf] +g^^.poq, r. &^nnigi"] (iticg ait. fr. JU.Hcg, a«) 

rn., N. epoq] cf. Gr. M al aliq 8yr»»>. Of Og, eep<l>^j6pO 
BCr»DL2^iEFi*<>HKLM0R Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. NBC*DL &c.: 

xeqep., Jj, of. Gr. ac* &c. im' ai^v: -A.qep., Ff: -ex- 
|€p., A»»« AjN 8. j6en] pref. e&oX, Ji . " necg^^qaje] 
. ne, G K : ^.qge, g,* : neA.qge, n : n^qa^-qaje, b. 

AJtAnaj^qe] niC^itaj^qe the desert parts, R: niJU.^11- 

Lqer, d,: 2,^nju.A.itaj^qe7f, indef., b Hunt 26. itxe- 

pnpOC] eqep., AjJS Hunt i8: eep., LN: +JUJU.A.'r there, 
sEi^.s^ Hunt26. 



^^ "Ofog, ^.cajaDni j6eit oyjLi Rmeg^ooir. oirog, 
iteoq itA.qi"c^a) ue. 
Ofog, itA-fg^ejuLCi ibce£,A.itcl>A.piceoc neu. 2,A.n- 
peq-fcfi-O) trre umoAXoc. efi.oX j^en 

ofog, ofxojuL Rxe UOT n^-cojon enxmxA.X- 

ir ? ^^Ofog, ic g^Kune ^.fini ilx6£^^.npa)iui.i itof^j 

eqojHX efi.oX g^ixen oftf5N.ox. ofog, n^.ifKtJO'f 

ue itcA.eitq ejiofit ofog, ex^^ juLneqixeo. 

"ofog, exejuLnofxejUL uipui" iieitq ej^oirn | 
cKe ee^e niJULug. ^.faje itaoof eg^pKi exen nixen- 

ectxjop. ^.^x^^ eiipHi nejuL mtf?vox e&oX 

g^ixen uiXcjD^g st>eii ^sxKf XiineiULeo kIkc. 
^^^Ofog, eT-A.qnA.if enofixA.g^-f uexA.q jjl^r err- 

guX eB.oX. xe ctpcjojuii ce^n ha-k efiioX ibce- 

** Ofog, A.fepg^KXc jOuuLOKitxeic ibcemcAj6 nejuL 

ni4>A.piceoc efxo) jOuuioc. xe itijui ue <^a.i 

excA.xi juLuA.ixeofA.. num. exeofou c^xojtx 

ijuuLoq ex^ noJii e&oX eJinX euio-YA.! 

ijuuLA.ifA.xq c^i". 
"Ofog, exA.qeAJU ilxeiHc euoTJUioiauLeJc A.q- 

epoTO) uexA.q uooot. xe ee^ecnr xereu- 

"OTO£, 1^] om. F. A.Ca(JOUl] +2ie, F. j^eUOfAj] 
itOlfA.1, Fi*. OfOg, 2<»1 om. B Ji*. Keoq] om. T Fj*. Qr. D 
c e aurov dtdao-ffoiTOff.. UC] cm. K. Of Og, 3°] om. F. ^A^It- 

<J>A.pIceoC . . . aA.u] cf. Gr. NACL &c.: Ulcj^ ttl, Dj^iFO, 

cf. Gr. B. eA.1flJ Gr. l<* 33. om. o* : Gr. D e lycrop dc; for om. crwr- 
cf. Gr. » A^ B C L &c. nejULlXHAJC] Qr. D om. RxeU^ 
-^^i", A2FS: om. Ji*. ttA.CaOU] ACH: -aCJOUI, D,: +Ue, 
B &c.: +^\X(J0OX XKpOf Ue upon them aU, F. eUXIu] 
A<^(e mg, U alt. fr. IC, I o.e. of e?) &c. ^® ic] om. HK*. 

LUKE V. 17-aa. 65 

And it came to pass on one of the days, that (lit. and) 
^as teaching, and Pharisees and teachers of the law 
I sitting, having come from all Galilee, and Judea, and 
salem: and the (lit. a) power of the Lord was (present) 
[the) curing them. ^^And behold, men brought one, 
lysed upon a bed: and they were seeking to bring 

in, and to lay him before him. ^^And having not 
d the way of bringing him in because of the multitude, 

went up on the housetop, they let him down with 
bed through the tiling in (the) midst before Jesus, 
id having seen their faith, he said to the paralysed : 
1, thy sins are forgiven thee.' ^And the scribes and 
Pharisees began to reason, saying: 'Who is this who 
keth this blasphemy? For whom is it possible to 
ve sin, except the one alone — God?' ^And Jesus 
Dg known their reasonings answered, he said to them: 

ni] er., k*?, cf. Or.: + n^-q, a«8 q^^ j l n s. ibceg^^-rt- 

Lt-l] itXeg^A-nOfOn some, B. itOf^.!] A*CEFGH: 

pcojuLi, A« &c. qgeX, a*, g^ixen] exeit, BAaJLNS. 

f"] A-v. ue] A« Ac: oin. AjJLNS. llCA.] A^ &c. Cltq] 
tq, Oi*. OfOg, 3°] om. Fi*. X^^] f<>>^ "^^^ cf. Of. BL &c. : 
lOX, A2S. ^' O-COg,] om. F. XeiXiOiXeJtX, Ai«F) nipKi" 
qlABCEjFGH: -eenq, Di.aAiEiJKLOS: XeiULpK-flt, 
H^eJtJLXOSX itenq could bring him, FM. cg^pKi] eucutjoi, 

^lO. exeti] g^ixen, AiO. uisceit.] u., jl. e^oX 

en] -&I , Di* : -g^IXeit (usual prep.), FGj^JLNS; cf. Or. 
&, A*. IliKc] Or. B miirrw. ^^ OfOg, &c.] GXA-q ItA-T 2s.e, 
Gr. D e: Gr. C(D) &c. add 6 17. JUL<^H GT" &c.] JULueX, T; 
r. C D &c. c{>pa3JULl] UipOOiULI, F. HA-K . . . ItCK] cf. Gr. 
: L &c. *^ epg^KXC Jul] cm. L. c|A.pICeOc] ^ added 

> erasure of one letter, A.OC, A^ eTXO) JULJULOc] om. Ag* JL. 

A.i2C€] A: itn^.ixe, B &c., cf.? Gr. gx^i^o^I^hX eni, 
eui] iini, c. ijuuLA.fxq, a. ^^ oTog^ ex^>q.] Ai«>d.igidn 

HK : eXA.qeJULI 2s.e, BrDi.2Ai'.2FJLMNOS. IHc] HOC, 
eitOf] ItOT, C D2 Ai'. ^.qepOfOO] Gr. C D om. 116- 
[J om. M. 
»L. II. F 


xKOKJtxeK iieit nexeng^KX. "oir eejuioxeit 

ezoc. xe neKitofi.1 cexj^ i^^k e^oX. le exoc. 

xe TCJDitK ofog, iULOcyi. **2,inA. RxexeiteiULi 

xe oToit epojicgi inre nojHpi ijL<t>pa)AJLi ^ixen 

niKA.2,1 ex^ i^o^J efi.oX. 
Ofog, nexA.q juL^^k exgaX efiioX. xe neoK 

uefxo) jOuuLoc m^K. xcjoitk cjdXi iinejctfJ^ox 

ofog, n^-K ejieKHi. 
"Ofog, CA.Toxq ^.qxojnq ixnofixeo efi-oX. 

^.qtJoXi JUL^H enA.qitKox g^ixajq. ^.qoje nA.q 

eueqHi eq'fcjDOf iicj^-f . 
^'Ofog, ofxojJULX ^.qtfi ilofoit m&eit. ofog, 

JuuuLoc. xe A.itnA.if 6£^^.na)ct>Hpi ijL4>ooT. 


I A M 27 (jeitencA. m^x 2^e ^.qi eB.oX ofog, A.qnA.T eof- 

cKr- xeXcxjitHc. I eueqpA.It ne Xefi. eqg^ejuici ^i 


Ofog, nexA.q nA.q. xe Axoai iica)i. "ofog, 

_ A.qX^ &^& ni^eit ^.qxtjonq A.qjULoaji nccoq. 

^ ^•O'cog, Xeri ^.qep ofnioji" itaouc epoq Riio'cn 

jfceit ueqHi. 

Chfog, neofoit ofitiai" iJUUiHg ilxe nixeXtJO- 

nuc neuL £,A.itKex^of ni efpoxefi. itejuLooof. 

2s CHXH, A. leexoc] lexoc, a : gA.n exoc, b r d,. 2 

Ai'.jFJKLNS. IteK . . . ItA-K] for cro« . . . <rov (inverted) cf. Gr. 
ABL &c.: Gr. l^Vf om. o-oc: Gr. C &c. (rov...(rov. ^* &ir^^] 

ABrAi'.gFJLMNOS: +2s.e, ODj.aEGHK. epojIOJl] epojIO), 
A*: OfepajiaijCDjK; for order cf.Gr.»ACD &c, aHpil4>., A*. 
mKA.2,1] IT., BEi, cf.? Gr. D*A al pauc. Of Og, &c.] ACDi.jE 
GHM: UeXA.q 2s.e, L: UeXA.q, BrAi'.jJK^OS. cf. Gr.: XOXe 

nexA.q, f. ^r ex] nex, b. ue-fxoj] Jie e-f &c., T: 

eCom.S)^"., BEM. XCJOItK] XOOH, A*: XeTiJOtXK, Af.jG^'^H 
J N S. CJoXl] pref. OfOg,, A^'.j J L N S. OfOg, 2°] cf. Gr. N D &c. : 

LUKE V, 23-29. 67 

'Wherefore reason ye in your hearts? ^What is easy to 
say: "Thy sins are forgiven thee," or to say: "Rise and 
walk?" **That ye may know that (the) Son of (the) 
man hath authority upon the earth to forgive sin' — then 
(lit. and) he said to the paralysed — ' to thee I say : " Rise, 
take up thy bed, and go to thy house."' ^And im- 
mediately he rose before them, he took up that upon 
which he lay (lit. was sleeping), he went to his house, 
glorifying God. ^And amazement took all, and they were 
glorifying God, and they were filled with fear, saying: 
*We saw wonders to-day.* *^And after these (things) he 
came out, and he saw a publican, his name being Levi, 
sitting at a custom-house, and he said to him: 'Walk 
after me.' ^And he left everything^ he rose, he walked 
after him. ^^And Levi made a great feast for him within 
his house : and there was a great multitude of the publicans 


om. EM, cf. Or. ABCL &c. " JuLnofjuLeo] iuLneqJuLeo, 

A^LN^S, cf. Gr. ». e^oX] A : om. B &c. ^-qCJOAl] pref. OfO^, 

Af.,Fi«JLNS. g,i2ca)q] ^icjoxq, FF. A-qajej pref. ofog,, 

G2. " OfOg, 1° . . . 4>Tj om. B, cf. Gr. D &o. A-qflT ] A*0 

rD,EFi*GHLM: Re ^.q., A«Ai'Fi«: neTA.q., J K: Re 

exA-q., D2A2NS: ne tfi, 0. ofog, 2^] om. Fi*. it^-ff] 

A.Tf, Dj.j. *^ AXeneitCA.] A*CEFi*GHKM: pref. Hunt ,8. 

0*^0&» A»§ B r D,. J Ai' Fi« J L N O S Hunt i8. cf. Gr. n^-l] + 2^6, 
ACEGHKM: OfOg, . . . 2ie, D,.2. cSloX] +jJLJtXiJXy Dj: 
+ itXeiKC, F. OfO£, i°] om. TAi^gEFJLMNS HuntiS: +11X6- 
IKC, F. eneq &c.] Gr. C* 157. add «aXowfi€Kor. XeTl] cf. Gr. K 
al pane, D al pane \tv€i. ^IOT] ^ITIL at the, B Di Hunt i8. 
OfOg, a*>] om. Fi*. *® Itlfi.eit] + ScCJOq after, i.e. behind him, 

B. ^-qJULOOJl] -JULOOJ, A*: pref. Of Og,, H; for tense cf. Gr. 
HAC Ac. *• XeTf l] cf. Gr. D (c*) al pauc &c. ^.qep] for position 

cf. itP>» vg gyrr. epoq] epCOOf, Di* 0. jtifeofltj Gj^Oflt, 
BD,.2Ai^2EFHJKLMN0S Hunt i8. j^CIt] €, Aj'^.gFJKLNO. 
OTOg, 3*^] om. E. ne Ac] ItA-peOfltlOji", Hunt i8. OfOIt] 
om. M. Olf] ^^Iti plural, D2. XeXoOItKc] +J3LJtJUr€, D,. 
JCe^axyfltl] Gr. »♦ om.: peqepItO^I, Di, cf. Gr. X 239. 399. 
al pauc. neiULCJOO'Y] +ne, GD1.2EMO. 


'^Ofog, itA.fxpG'M.peAJL iixemct>A.piceoc ite«. 
nicA.i6 of&e neqAJLA.eHXKC efxo) jOuutoc. 

itGAft. itixeXcjDitKc itejuL nipeqepitoJii. 
g ^^Ofog, ^.qepofo) iixeiHc ue2CA.q hcjoot. xe hk 
exxop ceepxpj^ juLnicKini ^.n. 
UXXXa. hk eoJULOK^. ^^ itexA.n r^-p ^.n eB^^ejtx 

niBJULHi ^.XXa. nipeqepnojii erjuLeT^-itoiA.. 
^^fleooof 2l€ uexcjoof itA.q. xe mAJLA.eKXKc trre 
i(jo^.nnKc ceipi il^^.ltiUl.Ha) ititHcxi^. nejtx 
^^.mrujSL^. uA-ipai" on n^.nict>^.piceoc. iteK- 
iULA-eHTKc T^e fieojof ceof (joajl ceco). 
^*Ihc 2s.e U€XA.q ncjoof. xe ajlk ofoit cgxoAJi 
jOuuLajT-en eepe nenajapi iiumA.xaeXeT 
epHKcxerm g^cjoc eniJiA-xaeXex itejuLooof. 
^CeitKOf 2^6 iixeg,A.neg,oof g, A.fa^.nooXi 
juLnmA-TaeXeT efi.oX g^^-ptjoof. xoxe ere- 
epitHcxerm j6eit itieg^oof exextJU^T. | 
CK^ ^•HA.qxa) 2ie ntjoof. xe ijLnA.p6 
g,Xi cj>e)6 oTTOJic efioX j6eit ofg^Jioc JuLfiepi 
iiTeqg^ixc eofg^fioc ilA.(iA.c. JuuuLon aA.ccJ)€^ 
niKefiepi ofog, ixnA.c'fiULA.-f nexfu niA.nA.c 
nxe-fxcxjic eTA.f oXc efioX j6eit nifiepi. 

*^ nA.-CXPeJULpeAJL] +U€, Di.aO,. mCAj6] cf. Or. 
«D &c. urn. auTwv; lor position cf. Gr. MBGDL &c.: >ItICAji) 

iteiULmc{>A.piceoc, DgS cf. Or. A &c. offie] eefi.e, n. 
eefieoT] om. ot, l. nejuLitipeq.] cf. Or. nabc*l &c 

*^ Of Og,] om. F,* : Gr. D I50«^ e dt. ItCJDOf ] obs. Gr. LH 33. &c. 
avTOis, eXXOpJ obj*. Gr. 13. 69, 346. al plus*^ laxvomrts, 60- 
iULOKg,] B C E F H J L Hunt 18 : GT"., A &c. ^^ neT^.\l] 

ne ex., BTDi.aM Hunt 18. rA.p] om. BAi'.2*JLMN Hunt 18. 
e^.^eJJL] BtJ^^eJUL it, absolute, M. Itipeq.] Gr. N* a<rci3f«. 
^^ Xe] + eefieof, A"* A^.a^i® G/ J L N S (om. Of ), cf. Gr. N* A C D &c. 

ceipi Ac] ceepitKcxerm it^^^-^J^Hoi, o. 2,A.nAJLHg] 

g^A.nnia'f , B AfJLN. nA.lpHT---Ceoc| A« &c.: SJLIUA Ac 
A*?CGi*H: OTOg, UA.I Ac, B: om. F^*, cf. Gr. D Ac. om. 

LUKE V. 30-36. 69 

others sitting-at-meat with them. ^And the Pharisees 
the scribes were murmuribg against his disciples, saying : 
lerefore do ye eat and drink with the publicans and 

sinners?' ^^And Jesus answered, he said to them: 
3y who are strong have not need of the physician, but 
' who are diseased. ^For I came not to invite the 
teous, but the sinners to repentance.' ^^And they said 
iim: 'The disciples of John make many fastings and 
'ors, likewise (lit. thus again) those of the Pharisees, 

thy disciples — they eat, they drink.' ^And Jesus 

to them: 'Is it possible for you to make (the) sons 
Jhe bridegroom fast, while the bridegroom (is) with 
1? ^But days come when the bridegroom should be 
n away from them, then shall they fast in those days.' 
id he was speakmg (lit. saying) a parable to them: 

one rendeth a piece of cloth from a new garment 
putteth (lit. throweth) it to an old garment ; otherwise 
)ndeth the new also, and the piece which was taken 

r col o2 r. ^. K erased after Olt, A9, It^J ^ added, A*': cm, 

N. mcl>A.piceoc] niKe4>., A«BroD,.2Ai'.2EJLMS. iteK- 

.e] cf. Or. D &c.: pref. liEJiX, Ai': ltIAft.^.e., 0. JteOJOf] 
V.jKi JLMNS. cecU)] ACr Ai'.jGH JKLNS : pref. OfO^, 
jEFMO. ** IHC 2ieJ cf. Gr. NBCDL &c. JOuULOJTen] a, begin. 


r. A B G L &c.: om. Aj'. 2* ^ G2® J L M N ; this reading need not 
pond to fui ^vpavrai of Gr. N* D &c. nmA-TOjeXeX l°] 
▼g. &^G eni &c.] A*(2,OC) &c.: 2,030 UI, A«(2,OC) Aj 
NS: g^OCOIt m, rD^aEg, for cxror cf. Gr. D e: ^tJOC €q- 

njudox ilxeni &c., f. "g^oT^-it] cf. Gr. »ol &c. 

re] cf. Gr. ABCDL &c. meg^OOf] UI &c., Ai. 2*^018: om. 

OT, D2*. ®* 2^e] cf. Gr. X 254. c e. ItOOOf] cf.? Gr. 13. Hunt ,8. 

46.: Gr. H*X 8yr»»» aetb irp. avr. napcS.: +116, B. <^esti] ^^^' 

It, Fi* ; for (Txitras cf. Gr. M B D L &c., but position different. 
;c] XOOICI, A«(twice) B D,.(2FS 3°) Ji* L. efi.oX j^etl] cf. Gr. 
>L &c. cW: Gr. AC &c. om. oiro. g^IXc] -q, Fi*H. eOf] 

, s. ajA.ccl>ej6] jgA.q., Fi*G2*JLNS. ajA.c...ijLiiA.cj 

iense may represent Gr. future: JULTieC, pret. neg.?, Ax NO. 


" 0*^2^6 ixn^-pe ^Xi g^i upn juL&epi e^-CKoc 
il^.n^.c. JOuuLoit a)^.pe. nmpn ijL&epi <^ej6 
niA.cKoc. ofog, iieoq gA.qcl>a)it eB.oX ofog, 
a)^.pe niA.cKoc xa.ko. *®^.XXa. ea^-fg^i npn 
ix^epi 6^.cKoc juL&epi. 

^•O'co^ jOuuLon ^Xi eqco) ^.n^.c n^-Oftooj fi.epi. 
qxu) r^.p JOuuLoc. xe qg^oXx ibceiu^.ii^.c. 

^ * ClXcajtjoni 2s.e €XA.qcmi j6eit itic^.£.£L^.7oit e&oX 
g^ixoxof ftrnpo-f . ofog, n^.pe iteqiULA.eHXHc 
qcjoxi iiiti)6eAJLC eTc^.g,ce2, ijuuLoooT j^en 
itcnrxix ofog, erofcjojUL jOuulcjoot. 
* ft^.ttofon 2s.e e^oX )6en nict>^.pic6oc nexoooT. xe 
ee^eof xexeitipi ixnexcejuLng^. iu.\^ ^.n 

' Ofo^ ^.qepofa) itxemc n6x^.q nooof. xe oT2^e 
<1>AJ juLuereitoajq. <^h exA. 2i^.'Yi2k Ajq. g,oxe 
€X^.q2,Ko nciUL nu eeneiUL^q. 

mice] om. Ke, A1.2NOS, cf. Gr. N*. uiA.nA.c] niKe., Dj.jFJl. 

'fxtJOIc] cf. Gr. >^BCL &c., but differently placed. ^.foXc] ^f- 
tflXC, AiO. •^OfTi^ ABOFFGHJKLMNS Hunt i8: 

O-CO^, Di. 2 Ai EiO(0-COg, ijUULOIt g,Xl ?pil, Ei*). 2 0. g,Xl] 
om. Ji*. ^l] ACDgGHJKLN: "f , BrDiAiEi^^.jFi^MO Hunt 18; 
obs. Gr. C firi3aXX€4. ItlA-CKOc] + il^.Il^.C old, D,.2AiE2FG2 0, 

cf. Gr. D arm. iieoq] +2,a)q, G2*. ajA.q] 6a|^.q^ Dj^j. 

O-COg, 2«] om. Fi*. »« eaA.-cai] ffl^-Tai, Aj J LM N S 

Hunt i8«; cf.? Or. «* D &c. ^oXXouw: a^-TT, B. XtAcpl] 
■i-OfOg, a)^.*V^.pe£^ epCJOOIf ijL(l£. and both are preserved. 
Di (marked). 2, cf. Gr. ACD &c.: +OfOg,^ epODOT 
XHpOf and all shall be preserved, G2« J. ^^ Gr. D Ac om. 

OfOg,] Gr. K« B om. eqCO) A. JIA.c] A B* C Dj. , Ai E G H (K) L 

(M)O(S): eqce ^.n^-c, B«rFi* Hunt 18: eqce n, Fi«: eqco) 

Il^n^C, JN(S), the second and last are correct according to general rule, 
but eqCO), OftOOJ here, and COfXOOIt elsewhere used for the con- 
struct state, together with the third reading, suggest a phonetic confusion 
between 6 and (JO: qCO), pres. indie, KS : 6^.qcU), pret. partic^ M, 

LUKE V. 37— VI. 3. 71 

away from the new agi-eeth not with the old. ^^Nor doth 
any one put (lit throw) new wine into old bottles ; other- 
wise the new wine rendeth the bottles, and it (lit. he) is 
poured out, and the bottles perish. ^^But they put new 
wine into new bottles. ^^And no one drinking old (wine) 
will wish (for) new: for he saith: "The old is sweet.*" 

VI. And it came to pass, (that) he passed on the sabbaths 
through the cornfields, and his disciples were plucking the 
ears of com, rubbing them in their hands and eating them. 
^But some of the Pharisees said: 'Wherefore do ye that 
which is not right to do on the sabbaths?' ^And Jesus 
answered, he said to them: 'Did ye not read even this, 
that which David did, when he hungered, and they who 

cf. Gr. HA. (om. ItA., J L N S) OfOJttj] -UXg JUL, F J : -A.aj JUL, L^ N : 
-A.aj, L* : riA.qOf OXg, M ; cf. Gr. N BC* L &c. om. Mtm. qXOO] 
eqXO), M. r^-p] om. M. q&oXx] (X added, A«) cf.? Gr. 
H BL 157. 225. 8yr"<^: Gr. AG &c. have comparative. 

^^e] Gr. D Ac. nii. eX^qcmi] eX^*C., Di; obs. Gr. 33. Hunt 18, 
om. aWir, D ante » aafifi. pon.] ABOEGHJLN: HI- *"*, r?S:» D1.2A1FKMO Hunt 18; om. dcvrc/xnrp^ry, 
cf. Gr. MBL &c.: Dj has gloNS ^}p\ ^U o^l ^^j 'Greek, the sabbath, 
the second of the first.' ttlpcf ] cf. Gr. K« D &c. Of Og, i<>] 
om. EM; obs. Gr. D &c. neqAJLA.e] HI., AiG2?M0i. Hl- 
S^eJtXc] for position cf. Gr. « A 0^ (D) &c. 6^ CA^CGg, JUL- 
JULOJOf] B*(A.1f)Fi*?M Hunt 18: eTCA-g^CA. JJL, T Dg Aj? 
Ei(ceXg*(Ce)JKMO: entC^^C XlL, ACDiEjFi^GHLN, these 
two last may be identical, because A. of CA. and C of JUL may be fused. 
j^eitnOf] iinOf, BrDiFJLNOS Hunt 18. Of Og, 2°] om. EiF 

Hunt 18. erof.] ereof, D1.2E2. ^2^e] +ue, k. Om. 

d^rotr, cf. Gr. N B 0* L &c. Uex] 4>H €X, T Hunt i8. CGJUL- 
nojA.] ACrEGHKM(eC) Hunt 18 (ec): COje it is lawful, BD,.2 
AiFi*(ecaje)JLN08.] om. BFFi^LN, cf. Gr. B(D) &c. 
j^eitrHCA.^] -HI., A«JL: -U &c., Fi*N, cf.? Gr. 13. 346. 435.; for 
j^e it, cf. Gr. AC &c. 'Of Og,] Gr. D «f: om. B Hunt 18. 

ibceiSc] for position cf. Gr. NL vg &c. OfTiC] Gr. D &c. 

oWflTOTf : Of ne, B. Ajq] om. H. g^oxe • . . n€iULA.q] 

om. Fi*. 


* Iltjoc ^.qge nA.q e^feofit enni ijL4>i". ofog, nicoiK 
nxe -f upoeecic ^.qcfrrof A.qofOJULOf OTOg, 
^.cff ftitiKex^ofni eeitejUL^q. itK exeitcae 
noooif ^.n eofojuLOf efiiuX eniofK^ juutiL^.'v- 

^.XOf. I 

CKH ^Ofog, n^.qxa) iJuuioc ncjoof. xe uot 
fi^-xon ue nojHpi ijL4>pooAJLi. 

IE t^ •nXcacjoni 2^e ffyeti niKecA^fi^-xon ^.qjge nA.q 

esbo^ti exofcnrnA.voovK ofog, ^.qi" cJioj, 
Of og, neofon ofpooAin jOuula.'y ne. epe xeqxix 
nonrm^.iui. aoftjoof. ''nA.'C'f itiA-TOf riA.q 
ibceiticA.)6 nejUL nicl>A.piceoc. xe ^.ri qitA.ep- 
ct>Aj6px iieit ncA.M.A.Toit. ^im. trrotxejtx 
KiJTKVopi^ i6^poq. 
•Heoq 2l€ n^q&ftiLi eivo'XJULOKULeK uexA.q ixni- 
poDiULi eitA.p€ Teqxi2C ajof ewof. xe xooixk o^\ 
epiJTK j6en eiUiHi". of og, ^.qTOjnq ^.qog^i 


•Ilexe Ikc ittjoof- xe •fgmi ijuuitjoxeit xe ^n 
caje Sep ueeitA.neq )6eit ^^.n 
eep ueTg^tJOoif. of^rf^a enA.g^JULec ajA.rt 

* ntJOc] cf. Gr. »«L &c. ^.qOf OiULOf] -Of |AJLOf, A: prcf. 
Of Og,, B, cf. Gr. AC* &c.: Gr. ND &c. om. in<afi€v mL Of Og, 2°] 
om. Hunt 18. KeX^|l^I| A. 6eit&ftiLA.q] n6iULA.q, B. 

exencoje] excoje, rDi.2AiJLN0(JLNs Hunt i8 ec), 

single negative. eOfCJOAJLOf, A. *^ Hi] AB(ni)Di.2Ai 

Fi*JO, cf. Gr. NB BjT^: +Ke, C &c., cf. Gr. ADL &c. 

Hunt 18. •niKecA^.] AG2HJLMN: hkg., AiEjO: niKe., Fi«s: kg., 

BCrDi.2EiFx*GiK* HuntiS; cf.Gr.NBL&c. XOf]ABCrD2F 
GiHJKLNS Hunt 18: -f, D1G2: Of, AiEMO. OfOg, i<^] om. 
EiFi*M. A-qi"] A* C DjE Fi* G H K M Hunt 18 : nA.qi", imperfect, 
A«BrDiAiFi«JLNOS. OfO^ 2^] om. BTF. i5jULA.f] for 
position cf. Gr. ^^BLR &c. Ue] om. JLN. "^ WA-f "f] +2s.e, P. 

illA.TOf ] + 2^e, A«n« J LNS Hunt 18. For «€ cf. Gr. exc D : c * igitur.' 

LUKE VI. 4-9. 73 

were with him: ^how he went into (the) house of God, 
and the loaves of the Protbesis — he took them, he ate 
them, and he gave to them also who were with him, 
which it was not lawful for them to eat except (for) the 
priests alone 1 ' ^ And he was saying to them : * The Lord 
of the sabbath is (the) Son of (the) man.' 

'And it came to pass on the sabbath also, (that) he 
went into their synagogue and taught: and there was a 
man there whose right hand was (lit. is) withered. ^The 
scribes and the Pharisees were considering him, whether 
he will heal on (the) sabbath, that they might find accusa- 
tion against him. ®But he was knowing their reasonings, 
he said to the man whose hand was (imperf.) withered : 
' Rise, stand in (the) midst ; ' and 4ie rose, he stood. * Jesus 
sidd to them: 'I ask you, whether it is lawful to do good 
on the sabbaths, or to do evil ? to save life (lit. a soul), or 

nA.q] cf. Gr. «BDL &c.: om. BDa^Fj*, cf. Gr. A &c.: +ne, B*r 
I>i.2^iE2Fi*G2K«M0 Hunt 18. ^.h] om. Gj^J. qn^-Cp.] cf. Gr. 
B &c.: +epoq, M, cf. Gr. MX &c. UCA.&.] III., Dj, rIoss of Ji 
c>y«n 'the sabbath:' HI, JS: UKe., 0. JtT-OfXeAJLKA.XH- 
VOpIA.] A. over erasure, A«, cf. Or. N«AL &c.: -KA.TKVOpm, E, 
cf. Gr. H*B &c.: JlXOfepKA-XKropm, Fj* Hunt 18: Sceep- 
KA.XHrOpm, B. i6^poq] cf. Gr. N«F^KLRn &c.: epoq, Fi* 
Hunt 18, cf.? rest of Gr. ** enof AJLOIOULeK] jlltOf &c., M : 

nOf., C (D2N it). Ue2iA.q] om. «€, of.? Gr. D &c.: +OTIt, T: 
+ 2l€, F Hunt 18, cf. Gr. »BL &c. pOOiULl] Gr. D om. GltA-pe] 
n^.p6, A*: epe., pre«., B Dj Aj Oj Hunt 18. Og^l] cf. Gr. A 
8yr«<* et»»': pref. OntOg,, A«n»rJLNS, cf. r est of Gr. jfcen] cf. Gr. D. 
Of Og,] cf. Gr. « BDL &c. • UGXeiHc] cf. arm 8yr»ch . +2^€, 

B Ds K M Hunt 18. cf. Gr. ^^ B D L &c. "f Ojim] -flXA. &c., fut., L, 
cf. Gr. AD &c. A.ri] cf. Gr. »BDL &c. Iiep.] Gp., C Hunt 18. 
j6en] JUL, Fi*. niCA^.] A*CEHK, cf. Gr. A &c.: HI, A^^DgG : 
n, BrDiAiFJLMN08Hunti8; cf.? Gr. NBDL&c. neXg^OJOf] 
n^COOnr, Fi*. T-^.K0C] cf. Gr. «BDL &c.: +0*rOg, A-TX^- 
pCJOOT and they held their peace, A»»« Fi« Ga« J L N S ; tr. of Cj yC* 
'so they were silent,' cf. Gr. D A ai^* arr. 


^® Ofog, exA-cpco-cgx epcooT xupof nex^.q juLni- 

pooAiLi. xe cofxen xeKXix efi.oX. iieoq T^e 

^.qcofxcjDitc e^oX ofog, ^.coxx^.\ ilxexeqxix. 

" Heojof 2^6 iJXJULo^ efi.oX )6eit onfjuLeT-A.XKA.i". 

ofog, it^.'vc^^i neu. nonrepHonr xe oir nexof - 

_ HA^iq iliHc. 

'y ^^nXcgooni 2^6 s^en nie^oof exejuuuu.T ^.qi 

nA.qoi iici)pa)ic j^en i^npocerx^ ^^^ *i"' 
I9 ^ "Qrog, exA. uie^ooT aojni ^-qjuLoiff eiteq- 
AJLA.eKXKC. ofog, ^.qctJOTii e^oX Rj^ktot | 
cKe iiu5. na ex^.qtpenof xe ^.uocxoXoc. 

** Cijtiujoit 4>H exof AJLonr-f epoq xe nexpoc, iteiui 
^.n2ip€^.c neqcon. i^.icu)Aoc nejtx ia)^.itnKc. 
4>iXmnoc nexK fiApeoXoAiLeoc. "nejui ajla.x- 
eeoc nejUL bvjjul^c nejtx iiJcvdSk.oc tire A.X- 
ct>eoc. neuL ciiuioon ^k exonrjuio-rf epoq xe 
uipeqxo&- "nejUL io'C2^^.c irre i^.ica)£.oc. 


mJ^ "Ofog, ex^.qi ei6pHi itejULooof ^.qog^i epA.xq 
)6eit Of iUL^.iiKoi. nejuL onrjuLHO} iixe neq- 
xiLA.eKXKc. neAJL KGAJLHoj eqooj tcre niX^-oc 

^® XHpOnr] for position cf. ? Or. D X al pauc &c. : + fV ifryg, fur 
Spytjt, Gr. D Sec; Dj has gloss s^>A9\ ^3. 'Greek, with anger.' iULTU- 
pCOAJLl] cf. Or. »DL &c. COfXeit] COfXCJOIt, AiFJLNOS 
Hunt i8«. 2s.e] om. Dj K : Or. D it &c. Km. A.qCOfX(J0Itc] 

cf. Gr. ND &c.: ^.qcoifxenxeqzix efi.oX, b. efi-oX] om. 

G2^ J L N. ^COfX^l] implies vyirff, but Tisch. classes ' sanata est ' 
of aeth. with omission of vyifis and Gr. M A B D L &c. Om. cor ^ Skkti^ 
cf. Gr. HBh Ac. " efi.oX] om. BFJMN S Hunt 18. ItA.fCA.Xlj 
^.nr., TFi*: nA.nfXa) iUUULOC they were saying, B. IteiUL Ac] 
It &c., B, cf.? Gr. np6s : + Ue, F. UGX.] A* Ei G M : He ST., 
BrDi^aAiEjFKO: He exeitHA. (what) will we, A«(IieX) JLNS 

LUKE VL 10-17. 76 

to destroy it?' ^^And having looked upon them all, he 
Baid to the man : ' Stretch out thy hand/ And he stretched 
it out; and his hand was cured. ^^And they were filled 
with madness; and were speaking to one another what 
they will do to Jesus. ^^And it came to pass in those 
days, (that) he came forth upon the mountain to pray; 
and he was keeping watch in [the] prayer to (lit. of) 
Grod. ^^And the day having come, he called his disciples: 
and he chose from them twelve, whom he named ' Apostles ; ' 
** Simon whom they call * Peter,' and Andrew his brothei*, 
James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, ^^and Matthew, 
and Thomas, and James (the son) of Alphaeus, and Simon 
whom they call 'the Zealot,' ^^and Judas of James, and 
Judas (the) Iscariot. 

^^ And having come down with them, he stood in a level 
place, and a multitude of his disciples, and also a great 

Hnnt iSP: Gr. D vmp oiroXc<rcocriv ovror. ^' ^6j om. G2. ftl • . • 

errejtjuuurt] a*flmn, cf. Or. d it vg €«««*£: n^.i...eT-., 

A« &c., cf. rest of Gr. ravrmt. A.qi] cf.? Gr. E &c. efi.oX] om. 

JLN. €xet(] g^ixeit, T: it?, Ji: Gr. €iV upocefXHcee, 

A. pOOIc] OJpCOIC Ue, BTDg. "OfOg, i^] om. Fj*. Hunt 18 1. 

eg^OOf] +2^6, B. OfOg, a°] om. E. e^oX iu6HT"Of ] of.? *^'* 

Gr. 28. &c. €*f juLiS] Siff, r* E S : uiiff, c. " exof- 

JULO-rf ] ACEFGHJLMNS Hunt 18 : eX^-fi" peitq who was 
named, B(peq)roDi.2AiKO; for om. icm i*» cf. b &c. Byr«ch. IA.K.] 
pref. neJUL, S, cf. Gr. t< D* L. I(JOA.ItnHc] + UeqcOIt his brother, 
Fi«JLNS Hunt 18, cf. aeth: +IteXIL, BFDg, cf. Gr. ^^ B D L. 
^^ neiUL i°] om. FL Hunt 18, cf. Gr. A &c. XILA.Xeeoc] cf. Gr. 
A B^ Ac. neiUL 3*^] om. Ai F J L 0, cf. Gr. A B D* &c. Sxe- 
A.X4>€0C] cf. Gr. » B L &c. ItGJUL 4"*] om. J L N S Hunt 18. 
"neJUL i^] cf. Gr. KBDL &c. UICKA.pI(JOTKc] ABFAjGaK 
(2k)M02S. for Ucf.? Gr.: RUCK &c.. CDi.jEFGiHJi^^LNOi Hunt 18; 
for -OOXKC cf. Gr. K«A &c.: + JULnpOSiOXKC, A"?: +4>H 
er^-qcyOOHI JuLnpOT^OTKC who became traitor, B &c., cf. Gr. 
K B L &c. " €XA.qi] om. GT"., Jj*. AJLKOj] pref. Of, B. » Hg»{;« 

eqooj itxeni] e&X \ joen, Fi* (gloss eqoaj inre &c. i^^ ^j 17 V' 

iiA 'in another copy'). 


e^oX j6eit -f lOfT^eA. XHpc. nexK iTCkSx tieix 
€&.o\ j6eit i"nA.pA.Xioc xnrpoc nejjL xcisioon. 
^®itH exA.fl ecooxeJUL epoq ofog, ilxeqxA.X- 
tfcoof efi.oX j6en nofojcjoni. 
Ofog, nu en^-nrxg^exiLKo juuulcjoo'y ibceitiuiul 
ilA.KA.eA.pToit, A.qepc{>Aj6pi epooof. 
" Of og, niAJLHa xapq Koo-f nc^. (TT neAJLA.q. 
xeofKi itA-cnHOT e&oX ijutiLoq SxeofXOAJL. 
__ ofog, nA.qxA.X(ro jOuulcjoot XKponr ue. 
12 M*" 20Ofog, ileoq exA.qqA.i itneq^A.X enojooi eneq- 

iULA.eKXHc n^-qzo) jOuuloc. 
lUof iiiA.X€it eHitof ni2,KKL xe eooTen xe 
•f AJLexofpo iixe c^-f. 
^ " lUof iliA.xert eKitof na exg^oKep "f hot. xe 
xexeitn^.ci. | 
cX f"^ Ulof iiiA.xeit ennonf na expiiun i" itoT. xe 
_ xexennA.ca3fi.i. 

'Jj* " Ulof iiiA.xen euitonr eajaon itTonr Axecxe eKnof 
ttxeitipooiULi. ofog, itTofOfex euitof efi.oX. 
Of og, iixofttjea eartof . ofog, itxofg,! ne- 
xenpA.It efi.oX ijLc{>pKi" iiof Jiexg^ooof ee&e 
naHpi JuL^pvjJULi. 2^pA.aji j6en nieg^oof ex- 
.eiuuuLA.f Of og, eeXaX. g^KiiLue vA.p uexeri- 
fi.exe Of nioj-f ne itg^pKi i>en xcl>e. 
Ha.1 va-p enA.f ipi juuuLOJOf ititiupoct>KXKc itxe- 

-fnA-pA-XlOC XfpOC] -fUA-pA-XlA. XfpOC, JKLNS 
Hunt i8 i, ii, iii, iv: i"nA.pA.XlA. XKpC Xf pOC, F; 'fUA.pA.- 
XlA.C XfpOC, R : -f nA.pA.XlA. neJULXf pO the sea coast with 
(or, and) Tyre, M ; 'f nA.pA.XlA. ItXeXf pOC the sea coast of Tyre, 

r, cf.? Gr. xciTiCJon] xcixojn, A; xcf T^ojn, D1.2E2G2J: 

Cf TiOJn, El . ^^ e&oX] om. B J L S Hunt i8 i, iii. enA.f ] 

€XA.f , D2*. nxenmnZ] g^ixenniniu; by the spirits, d,., 

AiO, cf.? Or. KUXn al pi 6fr^. A.qepcl>.] AGAiEFHMO 
Hunt 18 iii, iv, cf. Gr. ^^ABDL &c. without koI: nA.q6p., imperfect, 

LUKE VI. 18-23. 77 

multitude of the people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and 
from the sea coast (of) Tyre and Sidon, ^^who came to 
hear him, and that he might cure them from their sick- 
nesses; and them whom the unclean spirits were afflicting 
he healed. ^^And the whole multitude was seeking to 
touch him; because power was coming out of him, and 
he was curing them alL ^And he, having lifted up his 
eyes to his disciples, was saying: 'Blessed are ye the 
poor: because yours is the kingdom of Qod. ^^ Blessed 
are ye who are hungry now: because ye will be satisfied. 
Blessed are ye who weep now: because ye will laugh (lit. 
mock). ^^ Blessed are ye, if the men hate you, and separate 
you, and revile you, and east out your name as evil be- 
cause of (the) Son of (the) man. ^Rejoice in that day, 
and be glad: for lo, your reward is great in (the) heaven, 
for these (things) their fathers were doing to the prophets. 

BTDi^jG JKLNBS Hunt 18 i, ii, cf. Gr. " XHpq] om. K. 

Xeoif hi] + r^-p, Dj. JUUULOq] + ne, r Di. 2 Ai G K O Hunt 
18 iii. nA.qTA.X(J^] ItA.C., J. He] om. B r G R Hunt 18 ii*. 
*° neoq] om. Di*, cf. Gr. D e syr^K eXA.qqA.l] om. eX., Fx*. 

eiteq] acjnrs: Rneq, H: offi-eiteq, b &c. n^-qxa)] 

cf. Gr. exc. X : eq., AiO ; if eq is for q, cf. Gr. X X/y«: UeXA.q 
nOOOf, JL N S Hunt 18 ii. OJOT] pref. Xe, N S. Itlg^KKl] Rni., 
J: -t-j^eniUJIIlA., FiȤG2*^JLMN Hunt 18 ii, cf. Gr. N<* &c. 
eOOXeit] eCJOOf theirs,. F. c^i" ] mc{>HOf I the heavens, Gi*LS 
Hunt 18 ii, cf. Gr. X* &c. ** COOT . . . Cl] om. Dg*. Xexeit- 

n^.Cl] Gr. N* &c. 3rd pew. WOt 2*> &c.] Of o.e., A« : Gr. D om. Xe- 
X€nn^ 2^J Xeitlt^f ist pers., K*; obs. e g^* aeth &c. 3rd pers. 
^^OfOg, i<> . . . Rxonrg^l] om. A J. ilX0f0*Cex] NR*; Ai«id« 

itxofof Jiex, Fi*; tnroyer, A*B(iixoTfiLex) &c., of. Gr. 

difHtpiawFi : ilXOf Ofexefi. deportent vos, J L S Hunt 18 ii, iii, iv ; 

TVToxeireSL, a°»8 r gj> r«. ojeojeHno'v] +efi.oX, k*. 

"g^Hime r^-p] Gr. D 6p« 8yr«»» aeth 5rt. Jie] om. Ai'. it(€, N)- 
g^pKl] om. K. T4>e] cf. Gr. ^^ A D L &c. : Gr. B &c. plural. 
rA.p2*>] ACAi'EiGHJM: +on, BrDi^jEgFELNGS Hunti8ii,iii: 
om. Dj*, cl Gr. Dr Ac. en^.^] m.'X, B. 


78 ROXTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

xe ^.pexenKHit epexeittfi iuLueT-eni" ^o. 

Ofoi nojxeit j6^ itK exctofiii i"itoif, xe xe- 

_ xennA.ep2,Hfi.i ofog^ xexeitnA.piAJLi. 

7 "Ofoi ticjoxeri egton A-faA-rixoc epcoxeit ibce- 
nipu)Aft.i THponr xe ka-Xooc. itA.i r^-p oit ijin^.!- 
pnrf en^-fipi jOuulojot ilnmpoct>KXKc iinofx 

*^ 2^ nxXX^. -fxa) juuuLoc nooxeit )6^ hk exctoxejut. 

xe AiLCitpe n€xenx^^i. ^.pI neen^-iteq iiitK 

eejuLocf JOuuLooxeit. 
_ **CAJLOf enK excA.2,ofi epcjoxeit. xa)fi.g, exen 
7 itH ex(Joxi iicA. eHitof. ^^^n eeitA.g,iofi 

)6eit XA.IO-COXI x^ "fX^ j6^T"oxq. 
cXa. Ofog, ct>H een^-CJoXi ijLueKg,fi.oc. | ixuepx^-g^ito 

jOuuLoq etJoXi nxeKKegenn. 
•^Ofoit 2^6 ni^en een^.epexin jOuulok. juloi 

nA.q. Of og, c{>H 6en^.eX itexeitofK. JuLncp- 

ajA.xq iJUULCJOonr. 
7 ^^Ofog, KA.XA. <l>pHi" exexeitoftoaj ilxofipi 

itojxeii tixenipooiULi. ^.pionri ncjoonr g^ooxen 

7 32 0nf02, icxe ^.p6X6nn^JULCItpe itK eeiuiei Xi- 

Hnnt a6. «* nXuit] H alt. fr. H, A«. j6^] om. Di Ai' J L N O 8. pAJULA.ol 

H^r,8. A*B: p^JUL^.OI, A«0 &c. flT] etrr, BJLN. " ItCJDXeit I**] 

•*■'' Gr. L &c. om. -f HOf] cf. Gr. N B L &c. ttCJOXen 2*^] cf. Gr. 

At begin. AD &c. XeXenitA-piJULl] XexeitpIiULI, preet.. D,.2: 11X6- 

*^^ xeitpiJULi, Ai 0. *• ncjoxen] cf. Or. d &c. egoon] om. 

BFi* Huut26. A.fajA.nXOc] HA-f., B: llxOfXOC, JLN8 
Hunt i8; 'say of yoa...well' combines the order of Gr. ^^ and B, and 
the position of XHpOT is the same as in Gr. ^^, but the interposition 
of 'all men' is peculiar to Coptic. ttipCJOAILl] pCOiULI, D2 Fi*. 
XKpOT] om. L S Hunt 18. TA-p] Gr. D &c. om. H^.ipH'f ] 

uipK-f , Ji*. €nA.-cipi ijuuLooo-Y iini] e-cipi J3L^Jtx,e^i 

LUKE VI. 24-32. 79 

"But woe to you of the rich: because ye have ali*eady 
received your comfort. **Woe to you of them who are 
satisfied now: because ye will hunger. Woe to you of 
them who laugh (lit. mock) now: because ye will mourn 
and ye will weep. **Woe to you, if all the men should 
say of you *'weU:" for their fathers were doing these 
(things) likewise (lit. again thus) to the false prophets. 
^ But I say to you of them who hear, " Love your enemies, 
do good to them who hate you. ^ Bless them who curse 
you. Pray for them who persecute you. ^To him who 
will strike this cheek offer the other: and him who will 
take away thy garment forbid not to take away thy coat 
also. ^And give to every one who will ask of thee; and 
of him who will take away the things which are thine, 
want them not (again). ^^ And according as ye wish that 
the men should do to you, do ye also to them thus. 
^And if ye are to love them who love you, what are your 

ititi (they are) remembering the, Fi*. ItltO'TX] om. K, cf. Or. H* 
243. f g*' 1 &c. no*CIoi"] Gr. B om. *^ A.pi] pref. Q-COg,, 

BD1.2A1O Hunt 18. Huh] ncAiLnH, b. " (T^xi itcA.] no 

MS. has imiptaC^w, cf. Matt. CXCH] ^IXCIt, JN S. ^' COH^- 

^\Ot\\ erg,., J L M ? N S : + epOK, FjO J L M N, cf. Gr. X A.l] 
XeK, >>B. 0*COXl] +0*CmAJLI., B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. \ik* &c. 
i6A.XOXq] cf.? Gr. D &c. O^COg,] om. Fj* Hunt 26. CoXl 
itX€K] eXx€K, BT Hunt 26; for aov cf. Gr. AF al pauc syr"*'. 
ice] om. B L Hunt 26. ^® 2^6] cf. Gr. AD &c.: om. F^*, cf. Gr. 

>>BL &c. eenA.ep] exep, >>B Hunt 26. O-COg,] om. ExM. 
n^eX] Ao(era8ure of letter before 6) &c.: -OoXl It, EsF J LN S Hunt i8. 
n€T"enO*CK]ACE,GiHK: HHeX., B^Di.jAiEjFJLNOHuntiS: 

ne ex, g,. ^* exeT'eno-caxg itxo*c] epexen., b. 

iiXO*c] &in^ ilXO*C, BrD^jF Hunt 26. ipi] A.IC do it, 
B Hunt 26. na)0*c] + JteCOXeit, L« Hunt 18. P^COTen] for 
pOAition cf. b : Gr. B &c. om. ir. viuis, JOLn^ipHy] Gr. D om. 
ifunms. '* O-COg,] om. H Hunt 26. A-pexeHHA.] HA-pe- Hunt ,8. 

XeitltA., future imperf.. L Hunt i8* : XexeHHA., fut. i, B F K ^""^^ 

Hunt 26. itK 60] nee, Ei. 

80 ROXTOX ?eOYRaiH. 

juLcoxeit. A.g ne nexeng^jtiLox. kg vA.p niice- 
peqepno&i ^.tjtxei ititH eojtxei jjujuuoot. 

'^ Chfog, eojcon A.pexeititA.ep neeitA.iteq itnK exep 
neen^-iteq itejuLcoxen. A.g ne nereng^ixoT. 
niKcpeqepttofi.! ceipi XinA.ipK'f . 

** O^cog, ccycjon A.p€T"encijA.nep2iA.m^m itg^A-ito-con 
epeTenepg^eXnic edi iItoxot. a^ ne nexen- 
^jxoT. niKepeqepnofi.1 g^coo-c ceep2k^ni^in 
nnipcqepttofi.! ^im. itxo*ctfr Rtoto-c iIxot- 


^ nXKn Jtnenpe nexenxA^i. ofog, A.pi neett^neq 
ncoo-c. o^cog, jtiLoi. nxeTenepA-neXni^m A.n 
itg^Xi. o-cog, qn^-gconi ilxenexenAex^ ^n^.- 
O^cog, xexennA-a^ni ttcgHpi jtiinextfoci. xe 
ileoq o*c3cpc ne exeit niA-xg^xiLox neju. ni- 
^•lljtjoni epexenoi nnA.KX. iJL4>pH-f ixnexemcox 
_ eqoi ilnA.HX. 
cX£l *][ »7 Onep-f g,^.n. oTog, itno-c-f 2,A.n | epooxen. Xinep- 

g^io*ci jOLng^A-n. oTog, cen^-g^i eHnoT juLng^^n 

Xo) efi-oX oTog, itxoTX^ itcoxeit efi.oX. ^' juloi. 
oTog, RxoTi" itcoxeit. o-ccgi en^tteq eqxneg, 
eqg^eitg^coit eq4>eit4>tJon efi.oX cen^-XKiq ej^pm 
eKeit eKito*c. 

g^JtlLOX] A« (over erasure) BDgJLNS Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. x^fi 
fieX^ reward. A*?Cr Ac. niKC] um. ICe, BTAiJLNOS Hunt 

18. 26. A.*cjtiLei] BCD1.2A1EFGHKO: e*cjtiLei, affi^jlmns 

Hunt 18. ^^ OTOg,] cf. Gr. N« A D L Ac. ecijtwn] om. Fj*. 

A-peTennA.] A*crEi(epe)G(epe)nM: A.p€Ten, B: 
xencg^iti a^ Di. 2 Aj EjCepe) f k l Hunt 18. UtiH exep- 
neenA.iteq] om. G2*K: nnn eeitA.ep., Di.2. neixcoxeit] 

ADl2- ncOXen to you, B &c. ne] for position cf.? Gr. P b c e 1 
aeth syr «»» et »^ : om. T* ?. nexeitg^JULOT"] cf. syr "^h. ceipi] A* : 

LUKE VI. 33-38. 81 

thank8(8iDg.)? for the sinners also loved them who love them. 
^And if ye are to do good to them who do good with 
you, what are your thanks (sing.) ? the sinners also do thus. 
^^And if ye should lend to some, hoping to receive of 
them, what ai*e your thanks (sing.)? the sinners also them- 
selves lend to sinners, that they may receive of them their 
exchange. ^^But love your enemies, and do good to them, 
and give, and hope not for anything again; and your 
reward will be great, and ye will be sons of the Highest 
(ch. i. 31): because he is kind to the unthankful and the 
eviL ^Be ye pitiful, as your Father (is) being pitiful. 
^ Judge (lit. give judgement) not, and ye shall not be 
judged: condemn (lit. throw judgement) not, and ye will 
not be condemned. Forgive, and be forgiven. ^Give, and 
be given; a good measure full, shaken (i*ead rt6£^rta)£^), 

+^a)o*c, A»« &c. ^^oTog,] om. B. A.peT€ncij^it] 
i.peTeititA.^BrD,.2. epexenepg^eXnic] epexeneitep., 

r>,.2: €ep., L Hunt 18. lie] Gr. B e om. tarw. &JtlLOXj 
&eX€» M*. Itipeq.] for ol cf. Gr. H K S al mu. ItXO- 
XOT 2*»] om. B. ^ O^COg, i°] oni. Dj Ai E Fj* Ji* K M 0. ItCOOf] Hunt i8, 
om. BFj*, cf. Gr. OTOg, 2°] om. J,*L8 Hunt 18. ItXexeitep] '^"^ 

epereitep, r. nexenaex^] b &c. : nexen, piur., a c g. 
jOLneTtTo ci] -4>h e x &c. , D1.2: itxenex., f. neoq] om. 

A, KG. OTXPC] OTJQC, A; olw. Gr. B al' •^^v xpurros. KI- 

noitKpoc] -nopnoc, cGi«: -cA-ixnexg^too-c, Ti<^ij^\ ^ j 

'in other copies ')JLNS Hunt i8. '^^ ttJtORl] cf. Gr. J^BDL &c. 

ii^tpH'f] cf. Gr. j^BL &c._^ itox] +exieitmc|>Ko*ci, J^. 
eqoi] qoi, lYi k*. ^^ JDLnep. i°] cf. Gr. d &c. o-cog, 

illtO-C'fg^A.n] cf. Gr. >>BCL&c.: om. OTO£„ F^* : g^IKA. 
ilXOTgXeiX'f 2,A.n, Fi« J L N S Hunt 18, cf. Gr. A D &c, 
JULnep. 2°] pref. 0*C02,, B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. » BL Sec. JULn^^.n i^] 
ABCD,.,EGHLMSHunt26: eu., TAiFJENO Hunt 18: +A.It, E. 
0**0& 2*^] om. Br«A,Fi*0 Hunt 26: Gr. D &c. mi fuf. OTOg, 2° 
. . . A.n] om. r*. g^ieHItOT] -f eHItOT, L Hunt 18. jOL- 
Ug^A-H 2^] en., BFJ. A.n] om. am. OTOg, f] om. FGJLNS 
Hunt 18. "jtlLOl] JULO over erasure, A«. eqg^eilg^tJOIl 

( =^ eqite^flCOg^, Lagarde)] cf. Gr. SB(D)L &c. sine kgL 

82 RaxTOX ?eOYRaxH. 

riiai TA-p exexennA-gi jOLAJLoq ^tha^i ncoTeit 


^ ■• ^qxe KenA-p^JioXH 2^6 ncoo-c. xe iutHXi o*con 

Qixojtx hot&LeWe eeTutiLcoix j^^^cjoq iioT- 

fi.eXXe. JtiLH ceitA-g^ei A.n ej6pHi ito*cgiK Xinl. 
•^ *®Uh OTon o*cjtiLA.eHXHc eqo*cox eneqpeq-fc&oj. 

At^peqojconi 2i6 itxeo*coit nifi.6n eqcefi-XcoT 

ijL4>pH'f iJLneqpeq1"cfi.(w. 
^ **6efiL€OT xe x*^^**^ eniXHi jfeen ^&i^.\ ixneic- 

con. nicoi ^e €T'i6en neKfiiA-X itjcf hi^TK 

juuuLoq ^tt. 
^' le ncoc o'Toit ojxojtx juuulok exoc ixneiccoit. xe 

nAx:oit XA^ nxA-g^i mxKi e&oX j6en neic- 

&^X. ileoK 2^6 g^coK x^^'*' ^^ enicoi enr/fceit 

niojo&i ^i nicoi c£loX ^en neKSL^\ itojopn. 

o-cog, xoTe eKeiiA.*c juL&oX eg,! nixm e&oX 

i6€n ct>fiLA.X XineKcon. 
f *^0*c vA.p juuuLon ofttjfflHit eitA.iteq eqipi no*c- 

o-cxA-g, eq2,a)o*c. nA.Xm juUuLott o'vajajHit 

€q2,(joo*c eqipi ito*co*cxA.2, enA.iteq. 
cXr **nio*ci.i VA.p nio'T^i itniafajHit | eaA.*cco*ca)nq 

e&oX j6en neqo-cxA-g,. 


niai vA-p exexen.] cf.? Gr. j^bdle &c. _A.*cnA^i] 

e^HA.., FJLMNS Hunt i8: e^e^I, fut.iii. indie, >^. iiUULOq 2*^] 
Hunt a6, itjfcHXq, T. ^* Kc] cf. Gr. J^ B C D L &c. 2^6] om. Ai* Gj* 

JKLN8*. JtlLHXl] om. XI, Fj*, cf. Gr. X al pane: JtXKf, TLN 
Hunt a6. >€j6pHI A.It, F. 110X^1^] ACGH: eO*C., >>B &c. 
*®XILK 0*C0IX] >^A*BCDi.2A,EGHM0: iLllLOIt there is not, 
A«rFJK?LNS Hunt 26?. Ueqpeq.] cf. Gr. A C &c. 2i€] om. 
AiKO Hunt 26, cf. Gr. A S al pauc arm: +OIt, A<'Fi«JLNS. 
AIL^.peq.] cf. Gr. )^ &c. ?(jr«. itXCO'TOn ni&Cft] Gr. ^^ b om. 

eqcefiixtox] exc, f. juLct^pK-f ] om. Ji*k. ** xe] a o 

GH: ^€, rDLjEKM, cf.Gr.: om. BA^FJLNOS Hunt 26. ^en] 

LUKE VI. 39-44. 83 

roxming over they will give into your bosom. For with 
the measure with which ye will measure, it is to be 
measured to you."' 

''And he spake (lit. said) also a parable to them: 'Is it 
possible for a blind man to guide a blind man? will they 
not both fall into a ditch? ^Is there a disciple greater 
than his teacher? But let every one, being prepared, be 
as his teacher. ^^ Wherefore then seest thou the mote in 
(the) eye of thy brother, but the beam which is in thine 
eye thou considerest not? *^0r how is it possible for 
thee to say to thy brother: "My brother, let me cast the 
mote from thine eye," and thou thyself seest not the beam 
which is in thine eye? Hypocrite, cast the beam from 
thine eye first, and then thou shalt see clearly to cast the 
mote from (the) eye of thy brother. *'For there is not 
a good tree producing an evil fruit; again, there is not an 
evil tree producing a good fruit. ^For each of the trees 
they know from its fruit. For they gather not figs from 

cf.? Gr. D al pauc om. to sec. RICOl] pref. 0*C02,, K. UICOI. .. 
&A.X] om. Ga*. ftirf"] irf, single negative, T* Ai J L N S Hunt 26. 
A.n] om. H. ** lencOC] cf. Gr. ACDL &c.: om. HtOC, B : om. 

le, 8*. HA-COIt] om. EFi* ? M, cf. Gr. D &c. ^l i°] 2,IO*CI ix, F. 

€&oX j6€iineKfi.A.X] cf. Gr. D &c. neKfi.A.A . . . eTj6en] 

om. Ci*G2* homeot. ^e] ABCi«rD2EGi.2®H Ji^KM Hunt 26 : om. 
D] AjFLNO. ^COIC] om. B Hunt 26. ^fl] om. B ; obs. km idov &c. 
of Gr. D Ac €Xi6€n] GX^H ^€It, BDj.gF Hunt 26. fiiA-X 
a*'] A««. O-COg,] A,JLNOS. eg^lRIXHl] erasure of two letters 
after 6, HI added, A^ ; for position cf. Gr. t^ACD &c. 6&0X 3^ &c.] 
cf. Gr. D &c.: om. G&oX, A, 0, cf.? rest of Gr. *^ 0*C VA.pJ 

Gr. D a «yr«* aeth wk. O'TOjafHtt i°] om. OT, E^* Ji*LMNS. 
€ItA.n.] €0ItA.Il., Ji* L N S. hot i^ it, H : Gr. D Ac. pluml. 
1U>anj ABCAiEiG,.2*HM0: 0*C2ke HA-Xllt, rD,.2E2FG2« 
JKLN8 Hunt 26, cf. Gr. »BL &c.: +OIt, T. 0*CttjttjHIt 2^] om. 
O-r, JL. *^rA.p] om. >>Fi*, cf. Gr. D &o. >niO*CA.I 

nioTT^i r^p, B. itni] itxem, U: sbenm, a«n8: e&oX 

J^nitl, J. COTOO (e, A) nq] CO*Ca3ItO*C know them, B Hunt 26. 

Q 2 


^^ Ot vi.p jOLn^TccK Kemre e&oX ^en ^^nconpi. 
__ o-cog, j3Lmjx(fe\ a.XoXi e&oX g^i ot&a.xoc. 
^/ "ni^.v^.eoc ilpcojxi e&oX j6en niA-g^o it^.v^eoit 
nxe neqg^HX a^^J^^J iiLniA.vA.eon e&oX. 
O-cog, nicAjOLnexg^cooT e&oX jfeen niA.^o er*- 

2,(joo*c ajA.qini juLninexg^oooT eKoX. 
GfioX i6en ng^o-co jxng^KX cgA.p6 nipcoq cajxi. 
^ **Gefi.eo*c 2^6 xexenjtiLo*c1" epoi xe nw n^. 

o-cog, xexenipi A.n nnu e-fxco aSjulooot. 
f *^0*con ni&cn 6enA.i a^-poi o-cog^ nxeqctoxeAi 
6nA.cA.xi o-cog, nxeqA.ixo*c. -fnA-XAJUujoxen 
xe A.qxenea5nx enixn. 
*®3X xeneconx eoTpcoixi eqKcox no*cKi. <tH ex*- 
A.qxa5Xi o-cog,^Ki ej6pKK o-cog, ^.qx^^ 
itoTcen-f g^ixen -f nexpA^ 
GxA.Tcya3ni ^e iuce£,A.nx«.o*cit2^a3o*c eToaj. A.q- 
KooXg, nxeuiA.po ej^oTn ilcA. nmi exejuuuLA.T. 
cro^^ juLncqafxcjxxojtiL nKiiut epoq eo^exe 
nA.qKKX nKA.Xa5c. 
^•<I>K ^e eenA-ctoxeiut 6nA.cA.xi o-cog, nxeq- 
cyT6X«.A.ixoT. A.qx6nea5nx eoxpvojtxi 6A.q- 
Ktox noTKi £,ixen niKA.^i XM^P^^ cen-f. 


6fi.oX i66n(om. A)] A &c.: Z^MTStl, l^. n6qOTXA^] 
nO*COT., B: nOTOT., Hunt 26. 0*C TA-p] OT^6 VA.p, K. 
OTOg,] A C El H M : OT^6, B &c. ixnA-^CeTeX] A«^ &c.: ok. 
ii.nA.T, A*. A.X0X1] for position cf. Gr. A Sec. 2,IOT&A.XOc] 
innt 18. j66nfi A.XOC, F : Gr. »* 3Xa<rrov. ** UIA.2,o] U6q., F Ji^Kl 

NS Hunt 18*. neq£,HX] cf. Gr. A(D)L &c. mi i°] XA.OT0 
send, ». niCA.ixUeX2,a50*c] cf.? Gr. »*BDL &c. 6&0X 3*" 
om. El. niA.2,0 6Xg^a50T] J^A^CFEGiH. cf. b vg«» et™" 130.*^: 
n6q Sec, A'^BDiC.gFi^'GgJKLMNS Hunt i8: nm6Xg,a)0f, 
D,*AiFi*0 Hunt 26, cf. Gr. KBDL Ac: +nX6neqg,KX, 

D2, cf. Gr. AC &c. ii.uin6X2^a30T] nni., em. eAoX 

j6en 3^] A C H : 6&0X VA.p j66n, B &c., cf. Gr. n^OTo' 
of.? Gr. KABD. n^KT] A* N, cf.? Gr. KABD: m^KXj 

LUKE VI. 45-49. 86 

Q8, and cut not grapes off a bramble-bush. ^^Tbe 
1 man from the good treasure of his heart bringeth 
1 the good ; and the evil (man) from the treasure, which 
Til, bringeth forth that which is evil: from (the) abun- 
)e of (the)' heart the mouth speaketh. ^® And wherefore 

ye me "Lord, Lord," and do not the things which I 
I ^^ Every one who will come to me, and hear my 
Is, and do them, I will shew you to whom he was 
led : ^^ he was likened to a man building a house, who 
ad out, and dug down, and laid a foundation upon the 

: and great rains having come, the river struck in at 

house, and it could not move it, because that it was 
erf.) built well. ^'But he who will hear my words, 

do them not, he was likened to a man who built a 
<e upon the earth without foundation; into which the 

B &c. nipcoq] cf.? Gr. exc. &c.: UipcO, AiMO, Uipo, 
Hunt 26 ; cf. Gr. G &c. CiJX\] for position cf. Gr. )^ G &c. 
S] ADiM, cf. Gr.: om. BC,*rD2 AiFGi*.2* JKLNOS Hunt 18. 
•C-f ] Gr. D &c. \€y€T€. ItltK] Gr. B &c. o. > llltH cf X(JO 
ILCOGT A.It, LNS. iilXtOOT] +na5Xeit to yon, B F. 

A.i] om. I, 0|. o-cog,] om. F^*. xA.jtiLoxeit, A. xen- 

;X, A (thrice) Ei Gi«. 2*. *® eOfptOJXl] llOT., K N. 

UOX] ABCrEi*Fi*GHL; eA.q., Di. 2 Ai E,« 2 K : A.q., 

^s. itOT] JDLueq his, J. >cij^Ki ofog, A.qxa5Xi, 
G. oTog, 2°] om. Ai E 0. o^ccen-f ] -f ceiff, K. 
en] exen, D2G2. 'fnexp^.] cf. Gr.: ot., DiAjO: om. 

N. 2,^.ItlXO*c] ^^MLOt, A*: -iUta30*C, N* : om. 
t, M. A-qiCtoXg,] A.TKoXg^, D2*M. niA.po] A*B: 
.po, A«C &c.: cJ>IA.pO, D2F, c|>UA.pO, I^: ItllA-pO, GiL 
OT) S. itCA.] om. F,*. itKIXH] 6., Fi« S. €0&.e &c.] cf. Gr. 

&o. iiK^Xcoc] om. it, K: +exenoTnexpA., a«"»FiC 

'JLNS Hunt i8Cf ), combining with the variant of Gr. AGD &c. 
HU.] €0, F. 6n^C^^I] A: om. B &c.. cf. Gr. OTOg, i«] 

LS. ^qxenecoitx] eqxeitetoitx 2^6, l. eA.q] cf. 
ABDL &c. itoTKi] jQLneqHi, D1.2A1O. niKA-g^i] n., 


86 ROXTOX ?eOYRaxH. 

<I>K ex A. nii^po iccoXg, ei6o*cn epoq o-cog, c^.- 
cX^ xoxq A.qg^ei. | o^cog, a. ng^ei ii.niHi exeix- 
iUt^T A-qepoTitigi" . 


IH ^ exA.qo*c(w 2^6 eqxcjoK ittteqc^jfi xupoT e&oX 

j6en nettiut^ajx XiniX^oc A.qi ej6oTn exA.- 

* OT€KA.xonxA.pxoc 2ke. eqxiLOKg, nxcneq&coK 

n^qitAJULOT ne <tH eitA.qxA.moTX itxoxq. 

* 6xA.qc(joxejtiL ^e eefi-e ihc A.qoT(wpn g^A-poq 

itg^AnnpecfiiTxepoc ilxe ttnoT2kA.i. eq-fg^o 
epoq g^oncoc nxeqx ilxeqxoTxe neqfi-toic. 

*He(woT ^e €XA.ti g^A. ihc A-Tfg^o epoq cuot- 
2ie(Joc eTXco juuuloc. xe qejULuajA. ibce<&K 
exeKitA.ep ct>A.i nA.q. * qixei rA.p ixnetteenoc 
oTog, i'CTiiA.rcovK ileoq A.qi:oxc n^-it. «iKc 
2ke nA.qAxocgi neixcooT ne. 

2»H2iH ^e eqoTHOT JOLniHi A.qoT(wpn g^A-poq 
it2,A.iicycJ>Kp iixenieKA.xonxA.pxoc eqxco juL- 
jULoc nA.q. 

2Ce nOT JOLnep-f j6ici nA.K. -fjOLnaA. rA.p A.n 
g^mA. itxeici ejfcorn j6^ oota^coi ijLnA.Hi. 

4>K ex A.] <tK exe. A: <tH eA., incorrect, AiOg: om. <1>H 
then eA., Dj* Oi. nilA-po] niA.pO, C: ct>IIA.pO, T: <&IA.po, 
Di«. 2 ^i F M Hunt i8. e/fcoTn] om. F. CA.XOXq] Gr. D 
a c om. OTOg, 3°] om. Fj*. A-ng^ei] om. A.^ J L S Hunt i8« 

A.qep] om. A.q, Fi*. 

^ exA.q . . . 2ie] oTog, exA.q . . . i^e, b ; for dc cf. Or 

H 0^ L &c. rircl dc ; for 0T0£^ . . . ^e obs. Gr. D &c. km rytt^o orr 
and a c syrP "»« * factum est autem cum.' XOOK] XCO, Ji* M. llneq] 
nnA.1, BrD2FJi*L(ni, S). cf. Gr. D for ravra; for om. airrov a b &c.: 
iJLneq, H. XHpOT] om. Ji*, of. Gr. >>* X 131. e aeth. A.qi' 
OTOg, A.qi, Fi«(L)8: A.TI, L. ei6oTn] om. K 8. « 2ie' 

om. GOi*. LuOK] &lOK, A: Gr. D«»^* m, Gr. ik* om. kmw tlx^^i 

LUKE Vn. j-6. 87 

river struck, and immediately it fell, and (the) fall of 
that house became great' 

VII. And having quite finished all his words in (the) 
ears of the people, he came into Eaphamaum. 'And a 
centurion's servant (lit. a centurion his servant), who was 
(imperf.) precious to him, being diseased, was going to die. 
'And having heard concerning Jesus, he sent to him elders 
of the Jews, beseeching him that he would come and cure 
his servant. ^And they, having come to Jesus, besought 
him earnestly, saying: 'He is worthy for whom thou wilt 
do this: 'for he loveth our nation; and himself built for 
US the s}magogue.' 'And Jesus was walking with them. 
And now he being not far from the house, the centurion 
sent to him friends, saying to him: *Lord, trouble not 
thyself: for I am not worthy that thou shouldest come 

Jtxox] +r^p, D2. ne] om. f,* n. ^h eitA.q] ^i^i nA.q, 

D,., Ai*0. ' eXA-q] pref. 0*C02,, A«n« JL, cf. Gr. D &c. TlC] 

om. HJL: obs. Gr. D &c. ical iKo{nia$. ^qOTCOU, A*. aApoqj 
om. N, cf. Gr. D &c. Itg^A-Ix] Rxeg^A-H, T* 0. g^ORCOc' 
OnOX:, AlO: Gr. >> adds avrof. XO*CXe] XO*CXO, A«L. 

* IRc] Gr. C avTOP : Gr. D om. ^.-rfg^o] AC AiH JLOS, cf. Gr. A : 
ItA-T., BrDi.2EFGKMN, for imperf. cf. Gr. t^BCDL, for verb cf.? 
Gr. A B C Ac. epoq] + HC, F Di. 2 E K N. cnO*C2i€a5c] F : 
-€OC,ACD2EGHJKLNS: itCUO*C2ieOC, BrDiA,MO. Om.o^, 
cf. Gr. J^BC'DL &c. nxec|>K] ijL*H, Gj^Ji^L. €T"eKnA.ep] 

er^j cep, . j^*. * -f cnrn.] xen. our, Ai o, cf. Gr. k. 

• IHC] A« (over erasure extending backward) &c. tt^q AXOO) I (om. A)] 
cf. Gr.: 6n^q.y BF: ^q*» D2A]0; for position cf. Gr. exc. D. 
ne] om. rAiFi*GKO. T^e] om. BEiJi*N. eqO-CKQ-c] ACD1.2 
A1EHJLMO8: nA.qO*CHOT, FK: ItqOTKOT, double negative. 

B(eit)rGN. iiniHi] cf.? Gr. ud &c. A.n] om. L. a^-poq] 

cf. Gr. H^CDL &c. ffl<tHp] for position cf. Gr. NBCL &c. HieK.] 
-eKA.XA.ItXA.pXOC, A: Gr. L om. 6: Gr. D om.: -apxit, 
Gr. BL. eqXto] A.qXa), D2. nA.q] om. K, cf. Gr. J^* b q vg. 
nw] lU-OC my Lord, FJ. i"iJLn.] AODx AiEHJLOS: Iti"., 
B(om. il)rFi*(om.iJL)GKM: iJLngA., Dj. JULnA-Kl] Itxe., EF. 


^ee&ecl>^^i oT^e ^ttoic ixniA-ix itexiLnajA. ill 
a^poK. A-XXa. ^^oc i6eit ncijxi ofog, qn^.- 
o'Tx^i nx€n^.A.Xo*c. 

• Re VA.p ^ttoK oTpcoiuti 2,03 erepxA-ccm ijuutoq 

j6a. o*cepaiax- eo*coit 2,A.nAJLA.xoi i6^p^T. 
o'To^ -fxu) iiUULoc iiLct»^i. xe Jtn^aje n^K. 
of^qcyc it^q. kcot^i ^e. ajulot. oto^ SS^^i- 
cXe o*cog, n^.&(joK. xe A.pi ^^\. oTog, | 

* 6xA.qc(joxeAJL 2^6 eiiA.i jbceiiic A.qepci)4>Hpi 

juuuLoq. o-cog, €XA.qc|>on2,q n6XA.q. xe -fxco 
_ juuuLoc ntoxeit. xe o*c2ke jfeeit uic5v xnpq 
^/ ixnixejUL 0TitA.2,-f iixA.iAXA.iH. ^^o-cog, ex- 

A.*cKoxo*c eniHi lixeitK exA.*co*copnoT A.'vxiJtiLi 


10 fi "Oxog, A.cga3Ui eneqpA.c'f A.qae nA.q €ot& 

evjuLo-cf epoc xe nA.m. o-cog, ttA.Tiutoa)i 
tt6JULA.q ilxeneqiutA.eKXKC netx oTnicgl" 
"&a3c ^e exA.qj6a5itx ei" utXk itxe -f &aki g^nnne 
HA-TooXi itoTA.1 e&oX eA-qjtiLOT eoTttjHpi JuL- 
At.A.*c A.xq ue ilxe xeqx«.A.T. 

^ ill] iiXA.1 that I might come, F. h\ OJA-pOKJ om. ill OJA., 
B: -2,A.pOK, FL. A.XOC] Gr. &c. praem fiopw, O^COg,] om. 
EiFi*?. qnA.OTXA.l] X«.A.peqOTXA.I, BFi*. nA.A.XoT] 
cf. Gr.: ni., D,*AiO. * epXA.CCIIt] B &c.; ep^A-CClIt, 

AiO; €p€XA.CCin, ACFi^GL. ijUULOq] jOLXHOI, B. i^A.] 
i^en, AjO. €0*COIt] OTOIt, Ai*0. OTOg, 1^] om. Di.,AiO. 
Ke] pref. O-COg,, BF. ^e] om. BDjEFM. AJULO*c] ACGi^gS: 
pref. Xe, B &c. OTOg, 2°] om. BEFL. Q-COg, nA.&a)K to end] 
om. B. OTOg, 4*>] om. FAiEiFLMO. ^ 2^6] om. Ai*?H J,*L. 

6ft A.l] itnA.1, C : om. K*; obs. Gr. C 157. syr^h 6 « rovra. ijUULOq] 

Gr.D& nexA.q]A*OH: +itniJtt.Hg eexnottji itccoq, 

A"« Fi« J L S(neAt.A.q):' +ijLUIX«.Hg Ac. Ai 0: +ijLm- 
JULHO) 6ItA.qjULOa)I ilccuq, B(It6AJLA.q)rDi.sEGKMN; for 

LUKE Vn. 7-1 a. 89 

in under (the) roof of my bouse : ^ therefore neither thought 
Oit. made) I myself worthy to oome unto thee : but say with 
(the) word, and my servant (lit. child) will be cured, ®For 
I also am a man ranked under authority, having (lit. being) 
soldiers under me: and I say to this (one), "Go," he 
goeth ; and another, *' Come," and he cometh ; and my 
servant, "Do this," and he doeth it.' ®And Jesus having 
heard these (things) wondered at him, and having turned 
himself, he said: 'I say to you that neither in all Israel 
found I [not] faith of this degree.' ^®And they who 
were sent, having returned to the house, found the servant 

^^And it came to pass on the (lit. his) morrow, (that) 
he went to a city called *Nain;' and his disciples were 
walking with him, and a great multitude. ^-^Now when 
he approached to the gate of the city^ lo, they were 
taking one away dead, being the (lit. a) only son of his 

order of the addition cf. Gr. D e, but D oin. avry. i" Xto] ^AXHIt 

G,«L; cf. Gr. D &c. Xe] TA.c|>X«.KI Xe, JL?; for X€ cf. Gr. 
A &c. OT^e] cf. Gr. N A BCL &c. XKpq] om. B, cf. Gr. JULUI- 
XejUl] Gr. D e before i6€n. nXA.l] CTA.!, FGg. ^® CniHl] 

for position cf. Gr. >> B D L &c. eXA.*CO*COpnO*c] A C DjF K N : 
eX^q &c., Br«DiAiEGHJLMOS. XIJtlUXILI, A. £l(J0(O,A)K] 
A.Xo*C, T; without aaBtpwirra, cf. Gr. K B L &c. e^.q] eq, F*. 
"OTOg, 1^] om. Fi*. ^COJCJOni] Qr. D e aetb om.: eXA.C- Hunt 18, 

cgtoni, B: A.qg(jom, Gg. ^q^e] cf. Gr. nb &c. ^^^Jxhoot 
-ritxeiKC, F, cf. Gr. c^ &c. eTJAo-cf] Gr. N* om. nA.mJ 

cf. Gr. NABCDL &c. n€iULA.q] nCCOq, BDi.2G2*?: om. N. 
cf. Gr. A &c.: +n€, D1.2KN. Om. 1*01-01, cf. Gr. ^^BDL Ac. 
"^OX: T^e] BDi?AiFJLNS: g^OCXe, A Hunt 18; g^COCXG, 
C &c.: pref. Q-COg,, D,.8. -f R^cXk IlTe] om. Fj*. g^Knue] 
n 2** orer erasure, A, without jcai, cf. Gr. i. 440. &c. ItA.TU3AlJ 
en^T., M: A.*C0Xl, Fj*. nO*CA.l] om. J,*^ efiioX] om. N. 
€A.qJtlLO*c] eqiXa)0*CX, Hunt i8*. jQuuL^T^^xq] for 
poaition cf. Gr. ACD &c. 


OTog, eA.1 ite o*cxHp^ xe. oTog, iteoToit ot- 

jtiLKttj eqog ilxe i" & nejut^c ne. 

"OTog, €XA.qitA.*c epoc RxeiHC A-qgeitg^KX j6^- 

poc o-cog, ne^^q m.c. xe Xinepputni. " oTog, 

A.qi A.qtfr ficjUL i" cXh. uk 2^6 €xqA.i ^Tog^i 

OTog, nex^q. xe nii66Xa)ipi itooK nei"X(w 

nipeqiJL(joo*cx oTog^ A.qep2,KXc Hc^jxi. o-cog, 
A.qTHiq itT€qA«.^*c. 
" OTg^o-f 2^6 A-ctfT ilo*coit ni&en. o*co^ itA.Tf coot 
Xict^-f enrxco juuuloc. xe o-cnigi" iJLnpoc|>KXHc 
A-qTconq ili6Hxen. o-cog, xe a. <(>+ xcjULncgmi 
cXi> S "O-cog, A.qi efi-oX ilx6^IC^^l | eefi.Kxq jfcen 

-f io*c^eA. XHpc nejuL •fnepix^poc XHpc. 


K P ^«0*co2, ^•cxAJU.e ico^ititHC itxeneqAt^eHXHc 

ce&6 HA-i XHpo*c. o-cog, €XA.qjtiLo*ci" e5 efi.oX 
iien neqAJLA-eKXHC. ^•A.qoTopnoT g^A. hot 
eqxco JuuuLoc. xe Hook neenuo-c. iixen- 
x6*cgx e&oX i6A^^q itKeoTA-L 
*®Gta.*ci 2ie &A.poq itxcttipcoiuti nexcooT. xe 
ico^ttttHC nipeqi"a)jtiLC A.qo*copnxen &A.poK 
eqxco ijuuLoc. xe tteoK ne <&k eenHOT. cg^it 
itxeitxo*cax e&oX i6^xcA>q nKeo*cA.i. 

Ite. . . xe] (X, A«), cf. Gr. >> B 0* L &c. OTOg, 2°] M. He . . . 
ne] cf. Gr. J^ BL &c. eqog] for position cf.? Gr. D i. 131. arm. 
ne 2<*} om. rDi.aAiFi*OS*? Hunt 18. ^^Q-COg, i^] om. Fi* : 

Gr. D e 8yr«»» ibav «€. epOc] Gr. D 8yr"«^ om. avrffp. IKc] cf. Gr. 

D &C. 6 1?, o-cog, 2°] om. Fj*. ixnepiAXi, A. " A.qi] 

eXA.qi, partic, B F. ^TOg^l] Og^I, T*, A.I preceding. X€j 
om. FDiAiO Hunt 18. iteox] pref. Xe, Di«.2 Hunt 18: Iteoq, 
K*. XOOKK] pref. Xe, JL: +^eJtXC\, A»«Fi« JLS. " ^q- 

LUKE Vn. 13-20. 91 

mother, and she (lit this) was a widow: and there was 
a great multitude of the city with her. ^'And Jesus, 
having seen her, had compassion upon her, and said to 
her: 'Weep not' ^^And he came, he touched the bier: 
and they who carried stood. And he said : * Young man, 
to thee I say, Rise.' ^^And the dead sat, and began to 
speak. And he gave him to his mother. ^^And fear took 
all: and they were glorifying Qod, saying that a great 
prophet rose among us: and, that God visited his people. 
^^And the report (lit. word) came forth conc^*ning him in 
all Judea, and all the region round about. 

^^ And his disciples told John concerning all these (things). 
And having called two of his disciples, ^^he sent them to 
the Lord, saying: '(Art) thou he who cometh, or look we 
for another?' ^And the men, having come to him, said: 
' John the Baptist sent us to thee, saying : " Art thou he 

g^ejULCl] cf.? Gr. B €ica^»<rw. OttO^ i°] om. B. O^COg, 2°] 

A.c(rr] eA.c(JT, E,<^.2. itoTonJ nejtiioToit, J. 4>i"] acDlj 

AiFHJKLNOSHuntiS: +ne,BrEGM. 0*Cmcgi"] AOT.,BrM. 
A-qTCOnq] om. ^q, BFM. O^COg, 2°] om. r. Xe2°]om.E. Di 
hiw glofis -5U> ^j^ * Greek, with good/ cf. Gr. M X A &c. " HICA-Xl] 
AOEiFHJLM Hunt 18: H^I., BrDi.sAiEsGKNOS; posiUon fluc- 
tuates in Gr. eefi.KTq] om. Fj*, cf. Gr. U* ff^* 1. XKpC i°] ora. 8. 
neJUL-fnepi.] cf. Or. >^* et* BL &c. XapC 2°] XKC, Ei* : ora. 
AiOS: +enA.Ti-(J0OT ii^i", Ai«^ (recent) F. " €XA.q- 

JULOTi"] om. err, J. e5] om. riw, cf. Or. D &c. AJLA.eHXKC] A 
CEGHJMS,cf.?Gr.Dc: + ibcei(WA.nnHC, BrDi.2AiFKLN0,cf. 
re«t of Gr. "HOT] AEi(^*a copy')Fi*, cf. Gr. BL &c.: IKC, (Atr.) 
BCrDi.2A,Ei*.aFi<^GHJKLMN0S, cf. Gr. UA &c. neeitKO*c] 

A : <1>H 60., B &c.: GO., H. CyA.It IlTreit] ClJ^r^(om- M)X€n, 
indie.?. BAjEiO. ifei^COq] i6^X2,K, Ej. *® Om. K* 

homeot.. cf. Gr. R 239. al^ ■* g** 1. €TA.*CI 2^6] Q-COg, eXA.*CI, 
JL, cf. Gr. D &c. a^poq] gA.poq, F; for position cf. Gr. 
exc D 33. a syrP. ftxettip.] Gr. N* om. ol &^$. ajA*n(om. M) 
Xeit, BDiAiEiO. efiiOX j6a^WKI] om. K«. 


"I)€n -fo-cito-c exeAiuULA.T ^q€p<t»^i6pi eg^A-it- 
juLHaj e&oX st)en g^^nojconi nejtx ^^ttxiL^c- 
TTirvoc neJUL 2,A.nniuI erg^oooT. o-cog, ot- 
JXKg juLfiieXXe A-qepg^xiLox ncooT JDLnin^T 
"Oxog, ^qepoTO) ne:^^q itcooT. xe ajl^.^^ ^^* 
xen Jx^x^JULe loo^iiftHc eitK exexeitn^T 
€pa3o*c oTogj exA.p€xencoejtiLo*c. 
iti&eXXer cgha-t juLfi-oX. 
nierXXcT C6JULosgi. 

itiKA-Kceg^x cexo*cfi.Ko*cx. 
niKo-cp cectoxejuL 

nipeqixa30*cx cexa30Tno*c. 
nig^HKi ceg^iaennoTqi itcoo-c. 

^^oTog, tooT iti^.xq JJl^h exenqnA.epcKA.n- 
2iA.Xi^ecee A.n iti^HX. 
**GxA.*cae ncoo-c 7^e nxenipejuiilg^oofi. nxe 
itoA-nnac. ^.qepg^HXc nxoc hniAXHo) ee&e 
cX^ 2Ce exA.pexeni e&oX eugA.qe | enA.*c eo*c. eo*c- 
KA-a cnrKiJUL epoq e&oX g^ixen o*ceKOT. 
**3XXXa. exA-pexeni e&oX enA.T eonr. eo'vpuoiULi 

€o*con 2,A.n2,efi.c(jo e'vxKn xoi g^itoxq. 
&Knne ic£,&a3c nxe rcoot neJUL no*cnoq 

ce^K i6en hhi nnio-cpcooT. 
"UXXXa. exA.pexeni efi.oX enA.'v eoT. eo*cnpo- 
4>HXHc. A-g^A. i"X(w iSLxiLoc ntoxen. xe o*cg,oTo 
I eo*cnpo4>KXHC. ^t^^^j ^g cj>|^ exci6Ho*cx ee- 


" o*cno*c] cf. Gr. ^^> A B D &c. exejuuuLA.*c] of. Or. K B 

L&c. Oin. «€, cf. Gr. t^BL &c. A.qe pct>.] Gr. Df^ &c., imperfect. 

e2, n2,A.n, r*Gi k n. 2,A.nnnA.J ©m. 2,A.n, D|. e^r- 

g^CJOOTj Gr. U* b 1 aicaAv>r«». O'TJULHOfJ g^A^n., plur., BrD^F. 

jUL^ieXXe] -Xenr, erDi.aG k n. A.qep2,jtt.ox] Gp. d e tnw*. 

Xim] cf. Gr. >^L &c. ** -0*Ca3] cf. Gr. KBD &c.: + ibceiHC, 

LUKE VII. 21-27. 93 

who Cometh, or look we for another?"' *^In that hour he 
healed many from siokne&aes and plagues and evil spirits; 
and to many blind he granted [the] sight. ^And he 
answered, he said to them: 'Qo, tell John the things 
which ye see, and which ye heard; the blind see, the 
lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the 
dead rise, the poor have good tidings preached to them. 
^And blessed is he, who will not be offended in me.' 
^And the messengers of John having gone, he began to 
say to the multitudes concerning John : * What came ye 
out to (the) desert to see? a reed shaken by a wind? 
'^^But what came ye out to see? a man who is clothed 
with soft raiment (plur.) ? Behold, those with the garments 
of (the) glory and (the) delight are in (the) house of the 
kings. ^*But what came ye out to see? a prophet? Yea, 
I say to you, more than a prophet. ^ This is he concerning 


Ci«, cf. Gr. AL &c. HH] ACEHJKLMNS: ItH 

ex^-perenitA-T, BrDi.2^iFG8(ite)0: ita 6n^.pe., imperf.. 

Gi. O-COg, 2°] neJUL ItH, KN. COeiXOx] C added. A«. 
Itl] pref. X6, FL, cf. Gr. AD &c. ttlKO'Vp] thus because of tabu- 
lation, cf. Gr. A L : Gr. S B D &c. icai «ca><^/. nig^KICI . . . HCOOT] 
om. L. Diseases and cures tabulated, ACEiG^. ^'* GTO^J om. F. 

COO'V ill^XC| At.] om. K* ; omission supplied without Aft.. 
eTCnq] exeq, F, single negative. ^^ pJULH^UdSty A*. Hunt ,8. 

g^KTcJ +2ie iixeiHc, h. itniAft.Kcg] (niAft.K, a^) juLni., 

A, 0. >€e&ei(WA.It. itniAft.., Hunt 18. -A-pe.] p o. e.. A«. 
efi-OX i*»] om. N. eOT 2°] om. BM. COfKA-Oj] om. €, M. 

^eo*cpa3Aft.i] om. e, km. eoTon &e.] epeofon &c„ rD2«: 
€peg,A.n2,fi.(wc ibcA.neT ttoi, HuntiS. g^eficto] g^fi-coc, 
BrD2A,E,.2<^o,. >ic2,Knne, L.] tt^mi, a. ^^jSloc, 

AFM. i66nnHl] i6€nKI, N. *«eOT 2°] pref. enA.-¥, N: 

om. BG« Hunt i8. XS 0*c] €OT, B. 0*C2,0*Co] g^OTO, AjO. 
eOTUp.] om. €, B Hunt 18. npO<tKXHc] + HC, B D,, 2 
Hunt 18 : + J3Lm.\JUt^y Fj*. *' c|>A.l] ACA1E2FHLOS: 

+ rA.p, BrDi.jEiGJKMN Hunt 18, cf. Gr. U &c. Ej"* has Aft.^.- 

Xa.x^a.c o npo<l>HX. 


2Ce g,KUue -fn^onropn iin^rreXoc s^^.t^h 


^ a«^xco jQuuLoc ncoxen. xe s^en wxinjuacx Hre 
iti^ioAiLi JuuuLoit g,Xi it^^q eico^ititKC. ni- 
Konrxi 2^€ epoq i6€it -f xnexonrpo itxe nic^Honri 
onrnia'f epoq ne. 

•f **Onro2, niX^.oc THpq neAiL itixeXcoitHC ^.Te- 

•® Hi4>A.pi'ceoc 2^e next. nmoxiLiKoc A.nrepA.eeTm 
iinicoeTni itxe 4*+ iliipKi liiiHTonr. iinonr- 

tfTcOAILC itToxq. 

^ ^^ 3XmA.Teneu)nx eitipooAni itTe n^ixcoonr eonr. 
onrog, onr ue exonrom ijuuLoq. 
3*Ceoni ftg^A-n^Xcoonri kh er^ejtxci j6eit onr- 
A.ropA.. onrog, enrxnonff o-cf^e no-cepHonr erxoa 


2Ce ^it^u) epcoxen. onrog, iinexentfocxec. 
ep^K&i. onrog, ixnexenpiAJLi. 
cXh **3Xqi r^p Sxeico^nnKC mpeql-fcoxiLC eqonreAt. 
coiK o-fog, riqce Kpn onrog, xexeitxco 
juLAJLoc. xe o-voit onr2^eAiLcoit iteiUL^.q. 

-f ItA-OTOlI, A*. ijLRA.r.] AF^DjOi* : ixm^V. my mea- 
sengcr, B &c. : JtXlll., Oj. ixneKJtXtJOlT thy road] om. K*. UeK- 
JuLeo] erasure after K, and iJL o. e., A«. ** 'f XCO] cf. Gr. B Ac. 

ncox, A*, xe] cf. Gr. Dee. Tucm] uixiit, D,. n^^q] 

AOGHKLN: en^A.q, B &c. ICO^nnKc] cf. Gr. »BL &c.: Gr. 
A(D) &c. prefix npo4>KXKC : + Ulpeq-f COXILC, Di^^FL^M, cf. 
Gr. A(D) &c. epoq] ABCrDLtsAiEFGHKLMNOS, cf. Gr. D 
Hunt ,9. avTov: om. J. m4>HOnri] (^-f, BTEGEMN. "XHpq] 

+ eXA.qcCOXeiUL, A«»K&c., cf.Gr.exc.M&c: + exA-Tccoxejut, 
B, cf. Gr. 7P« a c: Gr. M 71. g«-*' 4 Hx^ot Koi ol rcXvMu aicovirayns. 
j6€nniC0AJLc] om. Fi* S* : -RCOXILC, B F. It] A B C T Gi S : 
itxe, Dj.gAiEFGjHJKLMNO Hunt 18. I^ItltHC, A*, ^ HI- 
ItOAILIKOc] A &c. Tf (^1 ^ i * in other copies') : ItieOItllCOC the 



LUKE Vn. 28-33. 93 

whom it is written : " Lo, I will send (the) messenger before 
thy face, who will prepare thy road in front of thee." ^®I 
say to you, that among (the) offspring of [the] women 
there is not any greater than John : but the lesser than he 
in the kingdom of the heavens is greater than he.' ^^And 
all the people and the publicans justified God, having been 
baptised with the baptism of John. ^^But the Pharisees 
and the lawyers rejected the counsel of God in themselves, 
they were not baptised by him. ' ^^ To what am I to liken 
myself for the men of this generation, and to what are 
they like? ^^They are like to childi*en who sit in a 
marketplace, and calling to one another, saying: ''We mng 
to you, and ye danced not: we mourned, and ye wept 
not" ^For John the Baptist came eating not bread, and 
he drinketh not wine, and ye say, that there is a demon with 

Gentflw, Fi*. ill6pHI iXj6HXOnr] of. Cyr*"**^ ip iavrols g*" *in 
•eraetjpso : ' Or. M D &c. om. ixnOT (XLHI, F) (TlUJJJLC] compare 
this nae of the indicative for the participle with the frequent ^C| . . . ^^ 
for Greek participle and indicative. *^ ^.m^TeneCOItX em] 

A: -TeneOOIt m, B&c. pa5AJLl]ACAiFGHJKLN08Hunti8, 
cf. Gr. F" al pane: +0-¥n, BFDj.aEM, cf. Gr. HABDL &c.: 
Gr. H «€. XCOOnr] X altered, A«. OT Ue] Gj H L S Hunt 18 : 
ItlAIL ne, rDLjAiEFJMO: om. OT, AKN: ItlXIL GX, B. 

ne er] AcrDjFGHLNS: nex, DiAjEJkmo. '*&^n] 

Gr. D Toif. j6enonrA.rOpA.] a B C D,. 2 E F(a)) G H L S Hunt iS : 
^lOnr., Ai: jfceit-f ., MN: g^I'f &c.. JKOa; for two last cf. Gr. D : 

^enniA.rop^, r: aim., Oi, for piurai cf. Gr. F^A. onrfi.e] 

A(£.H) BCFDigEFGHLMNS Hunt i8 : €, weaker preposition, 
A|JKO. enrXCO iJuULOC] cf. Gr. DL &c. gjKfi-l] om. i/i»^ of. 

Gr. »BDL &c. oTog, 2°] om. BE. *^ eqonrexiLcoiK ^n] 


iviK A.n, Br(it); eitqonreimcoiK, DjF; cf.? Gr. kbh 
157. f«i. o-fog, itqce...A.n] achls Hunt 18; o-yog, eqce 
. . . A.n, J : onr2^e itqce. .. A.n, b(co) r Di (en). 2 e f g k m n : 

0'V:^e e(om.O)qce...^It, Ai 0. Hpn] for position of COIK and 
Hpn cf. Gr. » B L &c. TeTTeitXCO] for pres. cf. Gr. : ^Te- 

xeiucco, Fi«. neJULA.q] n^.q, n. 


^CtXqi 2^6 iizencgHpi ijL4>poojuu eqonrcoiUL onrog, 
eqcco. onrog, irereitxuj JOuutoc. g^Hnne ic 
onrpcoM.1 itpeqonrcoxiL onrog, itc^*CKpii. eqoi 
tiaj4>Kp eitixeXcoitHC tiejtx itipeqepnoAi. 
**ofog, ^coJUL^io itxei"co4)iA. efi.oX j6en 
iteccgKpi THponr. 


KA ^ ••H^q-fg^o epoq ne itxeonr^i efi.oX i6en ni(t>^pi- 

ceoc am^ itxeqonrcoxiL it6iut^q. onrog, ex- 
^qoje €i6onrit enni i}Lni4>^piceoc ^qpcjoxefi. 
^'O'rog, ^KRue ic onrcg^iAJLi n^coi ilpeqepito&i 

nm JuLnic^^piccoc. ^ctfT itonrA.X^&A.crrpon 

itneqtfX.X^.nrx ecpijuii. A-cepg^KTc iig^cDpn 
Sneq(rX.X^.nrx j6en n€C€pxiLcoo*ci. 
Onrog, A.cqoxonr e&oX jfcen niqcoi itxe xecA.4)e. 
o-cog, n^-cf 4>x eiteqtfX.X^.nrx ececog^c juutx(Joo-¥ 
'•GxA-qit^T 2i.e hxen\^s.p\ceoc eTA-qe^g^Axeq. 
nex^q iliipKi iii6Kxq eqxco iSuuLoc. 
Xe ene onrnpo4)KXKC ne <^s.\. n^qn^euLi xe ot 
X€. onrog, X€ onr ^cg itpK'f xe x^icg^uuLi 
ex^ceJT n6iUL^.q. xe o-cpeqepitof^i xe. 
cXe *° O^cog^ ^.qeponrco itxeinc nex^q | n^q. 2ce ciAxcon 

3*A.qi 2i.e] ABCrD,.2EGHJi«KLMN8 Hunt i8; om. 2^.6, 
Ai(F)0, cf. Or.: OTOg^ ^qi, F. hXC] X€ over erasure, A«. 

onrog, 2*^] +TOT€, J. Texeitxcjo] srreiren., Fi«. 

g^HRIie] A, cf. Gr.: pref. X€, B &c. C^KpH, A*, eqoi] qoi, 
BrAiFi*0. a^WpI, A*. emxeX] ABCrD,.2EFGHLM8 
Hunt i8: ftni., AjJKNO. ^*aKpl] Gr. M tfry^^, .TKpOT] 

HoAt 18. for position cf. Gr. A &c. ^* ^^^qtS/O] G*"- ^ *«. ttpwrjatp : + 2i.€, 
B Ac, cf. Gr. epoq] for poeition cf. Gr. D &c. Tie] om. Fi*GS. 

iiLnic^^p.] om. ni, c. ^qpoTef^, a. *^ o-cog, i«] om. r. 

LUKE Vn. 34-40. 97 

JD. ^^And (the) Son of (the) man came eating and 
-inking; and ye say: "Behold, a man gluttonous and 
inebibber, being friend to the publicans and the sinners ! " 
And [the] wisdom was justified from all her sons.' 
^ One of the Pharisees was beseeching him that he would 
it with him. And having entered (the) house of the 
iiarisee, he sat down to meat. ^And behold, a woman — 
te was (imperf.) (a) sinner in the city; and having known 
lat he sits at meat in (the) house of the Pharisee, she 
ok an alabaster-box of ointment, ^^and having stood 
)hind at his feet, weeping, she began to wet his feet with 
)r tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head, and 
as kissing his feet, anointing them . with the ointment. 
And the Pharisee who invited him, having seen, said in 
mself, saying: ^If this (man) were a prophet, he would 
ive known what [is] and of what sort is this woman 
ho touched him, that she is a sinner.' ^^And Jesus 

:] oiD. K. It^COl] AEM; en^COI, C &c.: eCOI, pres., B, for PrUBodi. 
«itioii cf. Gr. K B L &c.: om. Fi*. Q-COg, a°] cf. Gr. K A B &c. eiU^COI 
pOTefii] ACr*Gi«.2Frii: qpCDTef^, BP* &c.: ^qpOTef^, * 
I*?: A.qpCOXe&, Ji*. ^® C^4>^2,0*C] for position cf. Or. 

B D L &c. : + iiXILOq him, M. ^Cepg^HXc] pref. O^gO^, T Dg 
■ ii. itg^COpri] (p altered from T", A«) om. J : Gr. D &c. syr®" c/S^fc. 
benitecepXILCOOnri to end] om. Ci*: for position cf. Gr. A &c. 

cqoTonr] cf. Or. k* A D L &c. j6eit] efi-oX iSL, Ei m. 

iqCDl] ACi«DiAiEFi*(n)GHKMNO, Frii^: HI &c., BrDgJLO, 

unt 18. it^c-f] ^c-f , Ji*s. eneqtfi-X^^^c] ABcrDi.2Ai 

FHLMO Hunt 18 Fr ii : Illteq., GJKN. eCOCOg^c] A*(om.e) 

G H J L 8 Hunt 18 Fr ii : 0*COg, n^CeOJg^C, B F Dj. 2 ^i Ei. J" 

lA-C and C added) FMN 0, cf. Gr.: Q-yOg, n^cnA-OCOg^C and 

18 going to anoint, K. iilllCOXeit] 6111., Dg. ^' A.q- Pru ... 

A.2,iUl€q] B® and A^® correct from former word; obs. Gr. D &c. ^A-pICe 

q^cco &c.] Gr. D om. xceite] D1.2A1EFHLMO: xeite, ab 

r G J K N 8. >c^^I 0-yiIpo4>HXHC He, E M. B E pP*' * 

wf>a4>. n^qn^exiLi] + ne, kn : n^qexw ne, Arabic idiom, 

LM. *^OfOg,] om. Fi*. ItA.q] cf.? Gr. X al pane q a^y. 

YOL. II. H ^ 

98 RaxTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

o-yoit itXKi iio-yc^xi exoq n^K. iteoq 2^8 

*^n€XA.q 2i.e. 2ce neonroit ^pecocxKC S eo-coitTe 
onr2wA.iticxKC eptoo-y. 
nio*c^i iteo-yoit $ iic^eepi epoq. niKeonr^.! 2i.e 
iteo*coit it epoq. 
^^OxiLoit itxcoonr T^^e XLajl^t eeponrxo&onr ^.q- 
X^*'^ ncoonr ef^oX iJLnS iig^xiLox. itixt. onrit 
ivfifenxonr een^JUieitpiTq ng^onro. 
*3 CtXqepo-yco iixeciAJLCJoit nex^q. xe 'f xnenri xe <^h 
e^^^^X.^ nig^onro it^q ef^oX ii^Jtxoir. 
Heoq 2i.e nex^q. xe ^.jcfg^^n j6eit onrccoonr- 
Ten. **o*cog, eT^q4>on2,q e'fcg^ixt.i uexA.q 
2C€ x^^*'^ ex^icg^iAJLi. ^n ej6onrit encKKi. 

iiueK-f no-cxiLcoonr en^.(JXX^'¥X- 
0^1 2v€ iieoc ^cg^copR itn^(JXX^nrx i6en itecep- 
imcoonri. o*cog, ^.cqoTonr efi.oX jfceit itecqtjoi. 
^*Oneicf ito-yc^i 6pa)i. e^i 2^e iteoc icxeit gta-h 
eji^oyti JuLuecx^TOTc ef^oX ec-f^*! eit^.- 

_ aUkij^x. 

*« OneKecog^c iiT^^.4>e itonrneg,. o^.l 7^e Reoc 
^.ceoog^c nnA.tfS.X^*cx nonrcoxen. 

onroit itXHi] onroitTHi, Ei* Ji*KN : om. ftXKI, B. itof - 
c^xi] eonr., D2*Gi*. excoq, a. 2^e] xe, a*. nezA^q] for 

position cf. Gr. A D &o. 8yp«« : + lt^.q, F N. cf. 8yp«^«. *^ IieXA.q 2i.e] 
ACEFGiH JKLMNOgS Hunt i8 : om. 2i.€, F: ^.qepOfCO 
ilX6iKC UeX^q n^q answered Jesus, he said to him, B(om. It^q) 

i>i.2^iG2?_Oi._ JS] +ijuuL^nr, f. iiio*c^i] pref. onrog,, b. 
neo*con c^] -e cge» k*'- ^o''^-* Fi*. 2i.e a*»Jom. Fj* j. ne- 
onroit n] eonroit il, bFi*K: o-con S, D2*M: Gr. d 69. 

gyrC" &c. praem drfvdpia, Ei has gloss Li. ^j = 'f'OT Cg6 = 500, 

Fr u JUL- yrjb = xeonri = 50. ^^ ixxnon iiTcJoonr] Di.8E,« jFM Ff ii : 
iuion . . . XixiLonTcjoonr, a &c. 2^e] cf. Gr. « a &c. ijuut^-T] om. l 

Hunt 18. epO-c] om. F^*. A.qX^*'^] "X^^» ^Ji*: pref. 


LUKE VII. 41-46. 99 

answered, he said to him: 'Simon, I have a word to say 
to thee.' And he said : ^ Teacher, say it.' ^^ And he said : 
•There were two debtors having one (lit. a) creditor. The 
one owed five hundred staters, and the other owed fifty. 
^^And they had not (enough) to pay; he forgave them 
both frankly. Which then of them will love him the 
more ? ' ^^ Simon answered, he said : * I think, he to whom 
he forgave frankly the most.' And he said : ' Thou judgedst 
rightly.' ^^And having turned to the woman^ he said to 
Simon: *Thou seest this woman. I came into thy house, 
ihou gavest not water for my feet: but this (one), she 
wetted my feet with her tears, and wiped them with her 
hairs. ^^Thou kissedst not my mouth: but this (one), she, 
from (the time) I came in, ceased not to kiss my feet. 
**Thou anointedst not my head with oil: but this (one), 

0-yog,, N. JOLnS] JOLni^S, Og: >itg,AJLOT iinS, BrDgF. 

2,JUL0T] T over erasure, A®. OTn] om. M. iXj6KTO*c] Gr. 
D &c. om. Om. €?irf, cf. Gr. KBDL syr*^" &c. AJLenpITq] cf. Gr. 
KBL &c. *^0-ytJD] cf. Gr. BDL^ &c.: +2^6, BDgKN, cf. Gr. 

KAL* &c. 'fimenri xe] cm. b. c^h eir] ne enr, Fr ii, 
m2^o*co] ng^onro, \*. efi.oX] +ue, Di*Ai«o. ^Jtxoir] 

+ ne, F. Seoq 2^e] 8yrc» et««»> 'Dixit ei Jesus.' UeXA.q] A : 
+ nA.q, B &c., cf. Gr. ** nCIAILCOIt] for position cf. Gr. D it vg 

syrromn go aeth. JuLlieK] Gr. D 157. praem Kai: om. Fj*. CH^- 
(TX-X.] nn^ &c., H LN Hunt 18 : Gr. B e fioi ciri nodas. 2^e] TE, 
ABAjGHOFrii. iieoc] om. GiN. necepAJLa30*Cl] Itl. the Frii ... 
tears, C D,.2 Ai« (adds GpiUKJOOTl) E G K M N S. G&oX] om. S. aCJDpR. 
j6eit 2°] il,EiM. Itecqcoi] necqCOI, Di^AiFGaKNOjHunt 18: 
-i-T^s K€0aX^f, Gr. E &c. syr®": qCJOI over erasure, and point erased, A*'. 

*5 epcoi] epoi, TK Hunt 18. 2^6] Te, A Ai 0. ex^u] A C 

r* Di El F H M S, cf. Gr. exc. L* &c. : €XA.CI she came, B Dj Ai Ej G 
JK L Hunt 18, cf. Gr. L* Ac; T has gloss 6X^.01 ^ *a copy has,' &c. ; 
Dj ha« gloss cJiao ^^j 'Greek, she entered.' ej^onrit] +€ReKKI, 

F. ef^oX] om. H L S Hunt 18. *« nT^A.4>e] GT^.., Gj* : 

8yr«» 'me' tantum habet. ^g] Xe, ACAiHO. nooc] om. E,. 
nnA.tfiXA.fX] Gr. D &c. om. 

Ha .: r - 



*^Gefi.e4>^i -fxuj jOuuloc ita-k. xe itecnofiii exooj 

ce^H it^c ef^oX. xe ejULA.aa>. | 
CAJL 4>K VA-p ecg^*»X^ o'cko'c^ci nA.q ef^oX ttjA.qep- 

A.r^ hotKotxx. *^n€Xi^<q 2we it^c. xe 

iteito&i cexH ite efi.oX. 
*® Onrog,^p2,HTc rucoc iti6pHi itj^axonr ibceitH 

eepoTefi.. xe mxt. ue 4>^i exep nKex^i^o&i 

*®nexA.q 2i.e it'fcg^iAJLi. xe JULA.cge ite j6eit onr- 

g^ipKitK. uen^.g^'f ueTA.qitA.2,iuii. 


Onrog, ^ccgcoRi Anenenc^it^.! o-cog, iteoq n^.q- 
iuioaji KA-X^. J&^Ki Ite AIL i" xiLi. eqg^icoia onrog, 
eqaigeitno-yqi it'fxiLexo'cpo Sxe 4>'f . 

Onrog, nii5 enrnexiL^.q. * next. g^^ixKeg^iojuLi hk 
eTr^qep4>Aj6pi epcoonr efi.oX i6eit g^A-nnrSI 
enrg^toonr itext. g^A-ncgconi. 

U^pi^. OK eTonrAJLonr-f epoc xe 'fiuu.r2^A.XmK. 
OH ex^.qai uif it2ieAiLcoit e&oX g^icoxc. 

HexiL icjo^itit^ Tcg^ixiLi Hx^oy^^. niemxpouoc 
itxe Kpcoi^KC. itexiL co-ycA.nnA. iteit. g^^-itKe- 
X^o*'^^^ enrottj hh en^.nra)eAiLa)i JuuuLoq efi.oX 


*^ 4>^0 Or. Ds' adds «c. -fxco] Gr. H* cmou. VA.p] A C Fi« 
G H J K L N S Hunt 18 : i^e, B T D,. 2 Ai Eg M ; om. E^ Fi*. 

ettj^.nr] exeoj^.T, b. n^.q to end] om. Fi*. *® 2i.e] om. 

r D|, cf. 1 q. n^.c] e syr^u et»°»» 'ad illam mulierem.' lt€nO&l 

cexH Ite eJ&oX] acEiGhjklmns Hunt 18 : cexH Ite 

efiiOX nxeiteitofi.1, BTDijAiEgFO. For Ite <roi' cf. Gr. P al« 
gyrcu ^c.; f fp ' 1 eyr®" et «**'** et*»«" have tibi peccata tua,' which = Coptic: 

+THponr all, D2A1E2O. ^'eepoxefi.] r*Di; ct &c^ 

ABOEi«FGK: eopcOTefi., AiJMO ; eXpCOXefi., DgEaHLS: 

;+enrxa3 ijuuLoc saying, E M. ne 4>^l] cf. Gr. D &c. 


LUKE VII. 47— Vm. 3. 101 

she anointed my feet with ointment. ^^ Therefore I say 
to thee, that her sins which are great are forgiven her, 
because she loved greatly. For to whom they forgive 
little, he loveth little.' **And he said to her: *Thy sins 
are forgiven thee.* ^' And they who sat at meat began to 
say in themselves: *Who is this who gives (lit. makes) 
(the) forgiveness of sin also?' ^And he said to the 
woman : * Go in peace, thy faith saved thee.' 

vm. And it came to pass after these things, that (lit. 
and) he was walking by city and village, proclaiming and 
preaching good tidings of the kingdom of God, and the 
twelve being with him, 'and women also whom he healed 
from evil spirits and sicknesses, Mary who is called ' The 
Magda]ene,' from whom he cast the seven demons, ^and 
Joanna (the) wife of Choza the steward of Herod, and 
Susanna, and many others, who were ministering to him 

**» 7^e\ om. Fi* K. iUlA.ttJ€ tie (om. Cj*) &c.] -RG GTT^q-, Dj : 

nen^.g^'f ne ex^qnA-p^xiLi iUL^cge ne ji>eit &c., btFi^. 

OT repeated, A. It^g^AJLlJ It^.g^'f*, 0. After yuyotwi Or. D adds 
yvMit. For jfceit cf. Gr. D Ac. 

* onrog, A.cttjcoui] cf. Gr.: ^.ccgcjoni 2^6, BF. onrog, 2°] 

om. T: e syr^ om. wil outcJp. It^CIAJLOOJl] Gr. M &c. dittdcvcrcy: 
+ n€, TDaF. KA.XA.] ItKA-X^, T, 'fjtxi] pref. Itl, P. Gq- 

g^icoig] 8yr«" om. eqg^ittjen] qg^i., g. nii5] uiKeiS, 

rPg. '"enriteXIL^q] a &c. T(J^\ ^ j'in other copies *) : GH^T- 

neju^q ne, f^* : n^nrnejuLA.q, e. ^ g^^n^e] cf.? Gr. 

TiVff, which 8yr«° &c. do not express. efi.oX] om. B. ^^Itnit^] 
om. ^^^Jt, L. JtiLA.pI^] cf. Gr. h* B D &c. JUL^.r2i^.XmHH, 

A. OH er^q&mif ni^exiLtoit e&.o\ ^Kjyrc] abcfDj 

Fi«(i.\ ^ J)<«&c.: -eX^Tll^ it2weAJLC0lt I 

ef^oX g^ICOXC, Di Ai E Fi* (efi-OX ilj6HXC)M0, cf. Gr.; for 
riiiHTC cf.? Gr. D &c. if McO^nHA.] lOTA-Itn^, F. 

XOT^A.] XO'VC^ B r D, Ai F Oi . &A.ItK€X«50Tni] 
g^nOTOrt, Fi* ; Fi<^ adds the other reading. en^nfttjeJULttJl] 
€g^.T., r. JUUULOq] cf. Gr. KAL &c. efi.oX jfeen] cf.? Gr. 
» A B D L Ac g,I lU.pXO«T"^> A B F. 


KB **/ *6qeo-yKX 2^8 itxeonrnia'f iJuuLKcg. itext. hk 

g^ixeit onrnA.pA.f^oXH. 
^ ClXqi efioX it2:64>H exci-f eci-f ixneqxpox. onrog, 
i6eit nxmepeqci-f . 

g,eAJLg,coAJLq o-fog, itig^^X^.-f itxe ^^e ^nr- 
o-yoAJiq. I 
"Onrog, Keo*c^i A.q2,ei e^ceit onrnexp^.. onrog, 
^qptjDx ^qa^oo-yi eoSiexe ijuuLonTeq tfnoni 

^O-yog, Keonr^i ^.qg^ei j6en oiuiK'f itniconrpi. 

onrog^ eT^-yptox netXA.q Rxemconrpi a.**- 


O-yog, KeonrA.1 ^.qg^ei e^ceit niK^^i een^iteq. 

o-yog, eT^.qpcox A-qenonrxA-g, efiioX itp 

H^i eqxco iijuLcoonr iiA.qAJLo-¥i" ne. xe 4>k exe- 
onroit o-yiUL^ttjx JuuuLoq ectoxeim iUL^peq- 


J •H^'cgmi 2^6 ijuuLoq itxeneqxiL^eKXKC. xe o*c 
xe x^in^.p^fi.oXH. 
^^Heoq 2^6 nex^q ncoonr. xe ilecoxeit execxoi 
ncoxeit eejJLi emxiL-fcxHpioit itxe -fjuie- 
xonrpo nxe 4>'f . 



R 4-«5 * neix] Ite, a*. K^.X^] iIK^X^, r. j6&IT€n, A^, cor- 

rected from former writing. 0*cri^p.J cm. OT, F* ; syr^™ praein *illis.* 
* ^.qi] pref. P^Knne, Fi* (Fi« pref. X€). cf. Gr. q»«r * a b e ff^ g^* ^ 1 q 
syrcu ethr. eKoX] om. N. eCl'f ] om. R*, cf. Gr. A* ▼« JOLueq- 
XpOX . . . CI*!"] om. F : c syr «" arm "»" om. t6p an6pop avrov. Opeq] G r. 
D om. aMu. OT^l] Gr. B a. jfcA.XeJt] eCKeJt, HF: j^GIt, J. 
©•yog^ ni] ^'CI ttX6ni came the birds, F: Gr. D 8yr<«» &c. om. roC 
oupoKov. ^•yO'yOJULq] Gr. B avra. ® OTOg, l°] om. K. ^q&Cl] 
Gr. BLRH KaTfn€(T€v, 6X6 It] g^IXett, F. 0-yU6XpA.] cf. Or. B 

LUKE Vm. 4-IO. 103 

from their poesessions. ^And a great multitude being 
assembled, with them who were coming to him (from) 
every (KUTlJj city, he spake (lit. said) by a parable. 
' * The sower came forth to sow his seed : and in his sowing, 
some (lit. one) indeed fell by the road ; and it was crushed, 
and the birds of (the) heaven ate it. 'And another fell 
upon a rock, and grew up, it withered, because that it 
had not moisture. ''And another fell in (the) midst of the 
thorns; and the thorns, having grown up with it, choked 
it 'And other fell upon the good earth, and having 
grown up, brought forth fruit an hundredfold.' Having 
said (lit. saying) these (things), he was calling: 'Who hath 
an ear to hear, let him hear.' ^And his disciples were 
asking him: 'What is this parable?' ^^And he said to 
them : * To you it is given to know the mysteries of the 
kingdom of God : but (to the) rest in parables ; that seeing 

om. TTiw : Onr«.A.ijLneTpA. a stony place, K N. ^qpcox] A C 
GHJLS.obs. Gr. Lf<^v«i^: eT^qpCOX, partic, BrDi.2A,EFKM 
NOR. ^ O-yOg, i<»] om. ». Keo-f A.l] om. KC, T. OJULH'f] 

JtX added, A^. niCOTpI i°] g^A-It., indefinite, F. OTO^ eT- 
A.T(o.e., A<^) pCOX . . . n (R, A*)ICO*Cpil om. AiO,.2*. ^.TOXg^q] 
om. q, r*. ® O-yOg, i°] om. l^. ^£1] pCOX grew up, l^, cf. Qr, »*. 
exeit] cf. Or. D &c. ini. eOlt^Iteq] Or. D 8yr«« &c. add kui icoXiyv. 

onrog, 2°] om. M. exA.qptJDx] om. ». eT^.q . . . ^.q] Gr. 

N*(DrL) Km f<^vfy ICO* firoijycrfv. GftJ "f", Ai°JL. O'rT^g^] pref. 

en, Ai^ n, J: +eit^neq, k itp] iif, n. SKcofi.] +itcon 

of times, F. ItA.1 GqXCO JUUULCJOOnr] cf. Gr.: Jt^.1 2^6 &c.. 

Di. 2 K R : n^-i ^qz(Jo &c.. M : K^i n^-qxco juumcoonr, b : 

lt^.qxa) ijUULOC he was saying, Ai 0. n^-qJULQ-yi" UG] eq- 
XILOTf" Re, AlO: om. He, B. 0•yJUL^.ttJZ] A: om. OT, 
B &c. • ijUULOq] + Re, FF. Om. Xcyoi/Tfff, cf. Gr. h^B DL &c. 

'® ItCOOnr] cf. Gr. I. &c. 8yr«". ilxe4>i"] AFi<^(^\ 4r^ (J *'" ^^^r 
copies ') &c. : itXeni4>HO-y I Fi* N : om. Aj"^ J S. CCOXR] CCOX, A<^. 

jfceng^^n &c.] it^qcA.xi nexiLcoo-y ;6eR2^^it, f, obs. g^- 

'dicetur,' 8yr«« 'dicitmr eis,' Gr. A i3.a62.346.8P«b XaX«. e(^,M)nr- 
IU.t] ItH eeit^-T they who see, F. 

Ai eoda 


itxonraxeAJLn^nr. o-cog^ enrccoTeit. nxonrcg- 

a^q(joXi iSLnic^^i efi.oX jfceit nonrg^HX. g^iiiA. 

iuiHncjoc liceitA.g^'f onrog, itceitog^exiL . 
"Hh 2i.€ exg^ixeit -fncTpA. ne tin g^ox^it a.t- 

aj^nccoxexiL . ttjA.nrajen nic^^i epcoox j^eit 

o'Yp^.cgi. o-yog^ n^i juutxonxonr nonrni iJuu^T. 
cjuUS. UK eenA.g.'f npoc | o-ycHonr. ongo^ j^eit uckot 

itonrnipA.cxiLoc oj^.tx^'^'O'^o*'^ e&oX. 
^*4>H 2i.e ex^qg^ei j^eit mconrpi. n^.i ne nn ct- 

ccoxeiiL. o-yog, nipcoonra neiUL niAnexp^JUL^o 

neiUL ni2,nr2i.onK nxe Ti^.ixm(jonj6 enrjULocgi 

njfcKXonr ttjA.-yox2,onr. of og, iULn^nrenonrTA-g, 

^*4>H 2i.e eT^qg^ei j^en niKA-g^i een^neq. nA.i 

ne nn eT^*cccoTexiL enic^^i j6en oTg^KT 

en^.neq onrog, nA.rA.eon enrAJtxoni Juuu.oq. 

o-cog^ ttjA.nreno-fXA.2, efi.oX j6en onrg^-yno- 


itTonraxexiL i°] pref. onrog^, n. 2*». . . gxexx 2°] 

om. G2 homeot. e'rCCOXeXIL] nH eT"., F: Gr. A ojcouo-oyrrf. 

nxonrajTeAJLccoxeiui] om. ctoTexiL, F: g^m^. nTOT., 

D1.2O ; cf. Or. F'' gat syrP "b aeth : d tantum *non audiant.' ^* Z.e] 
om. H M. Xe] X over erasure, Fj® : om. B. TlIXpOX] UX.^ L. 

^* j6A.T'en] j6en, n. ne na] neimnH, DjN: om. ne, a*, 

cf. Or. A om. ctVtv. nH CT"] neX, Di*. eXCCOXeXt.] cf. Or. 
A &c.;, BF^o, cf. Or. KBL &c.: +eUICA:XI, Di,a, cf. Gr. 
X Ac. syr«" et*^*». ITA.] I over erasure, A^; CTA., C; obs. Gr. D 
tw: syro" &c. *et venit;' tr. of A ^jp^i *8o comes.' OTOg, i°] om. 
E Fi* H M. JULTIIC AJ^Cl] Gr. D &c. after * their heart.' e om. efi.oX^ 
om.DaJi*. i6enJom.Fi*. ncenA-g^i"] nTOT., B. 0^02,2*^ 

om. BrDgFO. ncenog^eAx] nxonr., rD,.aF. " nn t^lB 

4>K 2i.e, Ai' J. 2,I2Cen] cf. ? Gr. »« a B L &c. f jr4 gen. : Gr. H* D &a 

LUKE VUL 11-15. 105 

they may not see, and hearing they may not hear, and 
may not understand. ^^Now the parable is this. The 
seed is the word of God. ^^And they who are by the 
road are they who hear: then the devil cometh, and taketh 
away the word from their heart, that they may not believe 
and be saved. ^^And they who are upon the rock are 
they (who), when they should hear, receive the word to 
them with joy; and these have not root, who believe for 
a time, and in (the) time of temptation they cease. ^^And 
that which fell in the thorns, these are they who hear^ 
and the cares and the riches and the pleasures of this life, 
in which they walk (lit. walking in them), choke them, 
and they bring not forth fruit. ^^And that which fell in 
the good ground, these are they who having heard the 
word in an honest and good heart (are) laying hold on it, 

^i' ace. ne ItK] m.\ Ite, F: IteiULItK, M. Syr«» has *imme. 
diately.' C^^l] Gr. »* rov ^cov. OTOg, i°] om.ri*,cf.Gr.»*. K^I 

juuuLonTOT] n^i exeitmuLoitTOT, r : iteAJUutonTOT, 

L,cf.?Gr.D&c.Byr««om.o^o4:Gr.B*ai;Toi. OnrC.]Oo.e.,Ac. UCHOt] 
m.,N. nonr] ii, r*. ttJA.nrX^&cJsyr*'"* are offended.* ^*4>H 
^6 J riH ^£, B E2 ; tr. of E], 2 has singular, and also in verse 15. 

eTA.ql ex^.nr, b o. itA.i ite itn] Jt^innH, b*. excco- 

T€JULj cf. Gr. K 11 33. 131. al^® &c. syr®":, BrEgFM, 
cf. rest of Gr.: +€IIICA^I, L«, cf. Gr. i. &c. syr®": CCOXeXIL . . . 
^"^ne HH eX^T, om. L*, marg. suppl. begins Jt^I HG and ends 

ceit^ncq. nexunixiLex.] nexn-fxiLex., bfl«. for 

singular cf. Gr. ItCiUlItl^'V^OItH] Gr. A 251. arm praem vir6, 

n^.ixm] ui., b FFi* Gi* L«. a^-nrozg^onr o-yog,] om. Fj* : 

om. O-fOg,, L«. ^*4>H 7^e] € added, A<^: KH 2^€, E2O2: om. 

2i.€, L«. eTA.qCr, 0)^e\] cf. f Byrc« : eXj6en, BFi*L«, cf. Gr. 

j6en I**] exen, bDiPGjLO, cf.? Gr. d 157. it. ciV. ne na] 

€ over erasure, A«. eXA.f CC0X€XIL] (CT^q &c., G) cf. rest of 
Gr.: eTCCDTeJUL, KN, cf. Gr. 69. 124. 346. al pauc it. CAJXl] Gr. 
D adds Tov e€w. Clt^ItCq] Gr. D &c. om. icaKi koL tt^r^OOIt] 
-eOC, L. om. il, B*. ^AILOItl] I over erasure, A«. OTg^f- 
nOAXOItHJ -g^I-, A B : Rig,., Aj'. 

106 RaxTOX (\OYRaxH. 

^ ^*On^p€ ^\\ tfepe onri6Kf^c itTeqg^oficq j6en 
o-ycKenroc le itxeqx^^ c^ej6pKi itoT(r?^ox. 

I een^i ejio^rn itTo*cit^nr emonrcjomi. "Oxnon 

iluuLon uexxHU 2ce ceit^.6AiLi epoq ^.it oxog, 

_ iiTreqi eejutai" . 

~ ^®3Xn^.T oTit xe ex^pexenccoxext. il^a hpKf. 
4>H r^p exeonroit itx^.q. e^xerf it^q. onrog, 
4>K exexiLJULon ilT^.q> uiKeonr^i exeqxiLe-yi 
epoq xe qenxoxq. e^eoXq nxoxq. 


"f ^^ CIXci g^^poq ibceTeqiUL^nr it6iUL iteqcJtKonr. oyo^ 
n^TaxeimxoxiL ue e-f xn^'f epoq eeJ&e 

niAJLHttJ. ^® ^.-^T^-XILOq 2^€. Xe IC TeKiUL^'C 

itGAiL neKcnaonr ceog^i ep^xox c^oX €•»!- 
cixv oTOJoj en^."r epoK. 

"Heoq 2^6 ^qeponrco nex^q ittoonr. xe t^jjlux 
itciui n^cnaonr m.\ ite. na exccoxext. euicA.xi 
_ ilxe 4>'f oTog^ eTipi JuuuLoq. 
Kr y^^aXcgjcom 7^€ j6en ota.i ilitieg^oonr neoq ^.q^Xai 

Huni^xs, ^®&Xl] cf. Gr. 346. &c.: +2^8, B. cf. rest of Gr. ItXeq- 

pfi.cq &c.] itxeqx^q ;6^oTXiLeitx lenxeqg^ouq 

)^0'YCK60C that he may put it under a measure (cf. b c) or hide 
it under a vessel, Fi«. si^eH &c.] -CKCOC) A* B* F ; for j^eit 
cf.? Gr. al aHq cV. C^.e^pai S] AM: +j6^, M: j^A., F. 

itox] jjLWiy B. eoj^nrx^^] eaj^q-> b Hunt 18; s^q, Dj? 

Gi? 0. OtX-^X"^^] a C F G H J K L N O2? S Hunt 18, cf. Gr. 
ABL &c.: "f. the, BrDi.2EM0i, cf. Gr. H B &c. Ita] letter 
erased before H, A«: 4>H, F. eeJt^.l] A: eOHA., B &c.; I might 
easily fall out before following € : eetiaOT who coraeth, F. ej^OTIt] 
+ eniai, F. iIxOT] ilxeq, F. Gr. B om. tua to end. 
^^neXg^an] U€X2,ofi.C covered. F. rA.p] 2^6, CH: om. 
Fi*. qit^OTCJOn^] cf..> Gr. I. &c.: -tfODpU revealed, TPa, cf.? f 
'reveletur.' X€ 2°] om. Dj. llxeqi eOXt.a'f ] A &c. Fi«( vj^ j 

LUKE Vin. 16-22. 107 

and bring forth fruit with patience. ^®No one lighteth 
a lamp and covereth it with a vessel or setteth it under- 
neath a bed; but setteth it upon a lampstand, that they 
who will come in may see the light. ^^For there is not 
that which is hidden, that it will not appear ; neither is 
there that which is secret, that it will not be known, and 
come into (the) midst. ^^Take heed then in what manner 
ye heard: for to him who haUi shall be given; and from 
him who hath not, even that (lit. the one also) which he 
thinketh that he hath shall be taken away.' 

^^His mother came to him, and his brothers, and they 
were not able to meet with him because of the multitude. 
*^ And they told him : * Lo, thy mother and thy brothers 
stand outside, wishing to see thee.' ^^ But he answered, 
he said to them : ' My mother and my brothers are these, 
who hear the Word x)f God, and who do it.' *^And it 

J:^ 'in other copies') Gi«.2(om. I): ItXeqi e^K eeO-COH^ that 
it may come to that which is manifested, K : -1160-} B F N* 
(COng^) Hunt 18: ilTeqi e^^O-CCJOn^- come to (the) manifestation, 
Di«(e 2° added). 2 Fi* ; for the three last cf.*Gr. " OtVi\ om. F, cf. 

Gr. 254. 8yr«a &c. €X^pe] eXCpC, pres., Aj'; ^pC, Hunt 18. 

o-conitx^q] BcrDi.2FM0: o-conxA.q, A &c. JuUuLon- 
nx^q] B r Dj F M : ijuuLonxA.q, a &c. niKe] ni, l, cf. e. 
ereqxiLeTn] ex^q, pret., b : enA.q, imperf., r. eroXq, 

A*. itXOXq] om. G2*. ^^A.Cl] A: +2^6, B &c., cf. Gr.; 

for sing. cf. Gr. BD &c. XeqXIL^'c] cf. Gr. l^D &c. efl It'f , 
r Dg. ^® ^-CX^XILOq] for plur. cf. Gr. X 8yr«" ti^^. 2i.e] 

cf. Gr. >(BDL &c.: Gr. A &c. kqI mr, Om. X<yoW«v, cf. Gr. h^BDL &c. 
Xe] cf. Gr. i^DL &c. IC] cf. gat: om. BrD,.2EFi*M0i Hunt 18. 
XeKJUU.'c] Gr. i< om. <rov. CCOg^I epA-XQ-c] om. B. 6^- 
O-COXy enur epOK] (err repeated. A), of.? syr®" &c. 'volentes te 
▼idere.' ^^ nCJOO-c] cf.? Gr. D 127. 7P« c e Bas avroU, tiCJUL] 

om. K. ne] om. N. eXCJOXeXH, A*. itXe4>i" ] Gr. l^ om. 
JULJULOq] cf. Gr. E &c. syr^". ^^ 2^6] cf. Gr. l^ A B D L &c.: Hunt»6, 

E &c. syr*^" ml rycV. ji)Gn . . . ItOO] € &c. over former writing, A«. 
O-C^.1 it] om. DjK*; obs. Gr. N* om. tV. itOOq] ACEGHJKL 



eo-cxoi nejtx. neqxit^eHTHc o-cog^ nexA-q 
ntoo-c. xe xnA-penoje nA.n exuKp e-fX^cxunH. 
o-cog^ ^-cccjoK eAoX. 2' e^cepg^cjox 2^6 eqenKOT". 

iieHO'c. o-cog^ n^qKoo-f epcjoo-c ne o-co^ n^-c- 
2*Gx^'ci 2ie ^-cne^ci iJuuLoq ersccjo Hjuloc. xe 
^ ^peq^cJSiCJO xenn^x^-Ko. 
Heoq 2^6 ex^qT'CJOitq A.q€penixiJUL^n iinieHo-c 
ncjuL nig^toiJULi tire mjuLUJot. o-cog^ ^.-c^epi 
o-cog^ ^catoni itxeo-cmoji" rbc^JUiH. 
^^O-cog^ nex^q ncjoo-c. xe ^qecjon neTeitn^^-f. 
itecjoo'c 2^6 emj^ep^o'f' ^•cepaj4>Hpi e'xxvo 
juUuLoc itito'cepHO'c. 
Xe niJUL &^p^ ne 4>^i. xe qo-c^.2,cA.g^ni itniKe- 
BHO'9 itcjUL niAncjoo'v. o-cog^ c€ccjoxejuL n^q. 


^•O'cog^ ^-cepacjoT GTX^P^ ^'^^ nireprecKHoc. 
exe en xe exg^iJuiHp o-c&e -fr^XiXe^. 
KA 27 9rj-^qi 2^6 efioX ©niK^g^i ^qi efi.oX a^poq nxe- 

MNOS, cf. Gr. 121. c arm : pref. CCOg^, BrDi.2F Hunt 26, cf. rest 
of Gr. exc. D avafirfvai avroy : Gr. hi*" om. Koi aMt. ^q^AHIJ for 
tense cf. Gr. exc. D. Q-CXOl] HI., Ci*(n) Aj'JL, cf. Gr. H &c. 
O-CO^ i°] om. BFF. GXUHp] om. F. cf] il-f, TGK. Syr~ 
etwh om. Koi dinixOflfrop. ^^ €rT€pg^CJOX 2^6 eq.] IJ^Cp Ac, 

Di* ? : ^•Cepg^HXC 2^e ^.-CenKOX and they began it, they slept, 
F: om. 2^6, M*. O-COg^ i°] om. F. ei"X.] CXX., G. 0*^- 
niOJ-f ] Ot over erasure of probable HI, A^. 0*^0^ 2°] om. FEM. 
It^.qKCJO'f" epCJOO'c] syr®" &c. have 'complebatur, implebatur . . . 
navicula : ' H^'CKtO'f Cpoq, K* S. Ue] om. B T Hunt 26. Kllt- 
is.'Clte'Cm] Ei; K'Cn2i'Cn'Cin, a*, -em, A«. several other varia. 
tions : + Ue, B F D, F N Hunt 26. ^* 2^6 i°] Gr. K IT &c. Byrc» 

Kalnpoa. l^'tnC^Cl] HA.'C., imperf., Ej M. ^^pCq'fcJSLCJO] 
once, c£ Gr. Ik* XT &c. 8yr«" : twice, K, cf. Gr. N A B L &c. Dj has 
gloss UJoft b UJa^ U ^^^ * Greek, ! great one, ! great one." ^6 2^] 

LUKE Vm. 23-27. 109 

came to pass on one of the days, (that) he entered into 
a ship, himself and his disciples, and he said to them : 
'Let us go across the lake.' And they launched (lit. drew) 
forth. '^But (as they are) sailing, he (is) sleeping: and 
a great wind came down to the lake, and it was over- 
whelming them, and they were (imperf.) in danger. ^^And 
having come, they woke him, saying: 'Teacher, we shall 
(lit will) perish.' And he having risen, rebuked the wind 
and the waves of the waters, and they ceased, and there 
was a great calm. ^ And he said to them : ' Where was 
your faith?' But they having feared wondered, saying to 
one another: 'Who then is this? because he commandeth 
even the winds and the waters, and they obey him.' 

*®And they sailed to (the) country of the Qergesenes, 
which is over against QaUlee. ^And he having come 

om. A,', ^qep.] pref. 0*^0^, Dj.jO. JOLnioHO-c] itni., 
piur.. rDi.jFOi. ^icjoiJULi, A*. nxeuixiLcjoo-c] -ni., Bcr 

DgFL Hunt 26 : -4>I0JUL the sea, H, cf.? Epiph. O-COg^ ^''f&epl] 
cf. Gr. ABDL &c.: -^CJg^epI, O2, cf. Gr. hi &c.: om. Ai', cf. a b e 
8yT««. OTO^ a^] om. F. .^COJCJOni] ^.q., masc, B. HlOji" It] 
cf. Gr. KAn I. 28. &c.: om. CFO. ^^ 0*^0^ i°] cf. Gr. L &c. 

BjT^, .^.qecon] cf. Gr. d &c. ?<7tif. itecjoo'c ^e] cf. Gr. 

XL &c. 6yr«». .A.'Cep] 8yr«« &c. imperf. itHO'CepHO'c] for position 
cf. Gr. A B D &c. X€ 3^] om. Oj. qo-C.] eqO-C., O. ItlKe] 
om. Ke, Ai'JM. niXt.CJOO'c] AAi'EFGHJLMN Hunt 26: HI., 
B C rDi.aKO S. 0*^0^ . . . It^q] (It altered, A^) om. 0*^0^, EFM : 
itCOOq, B r G K N : Gr. B om. ^' O'CO^] Gr. D &c. df. Hunt 18, 

A.'Cep^CJOX] ^q.,Ei*MN,cf.Gr.Rm~': eX^'C.jB, cf. Gr.i3.&c. ^j^^i 

recKHoc] r«FJK; -cenoc, Br*N; -rncertoc, L; -re^e- 

nOC, D2H; -^H-, A« (Vep over erasure, C probably erased and ^ 
written) &c.; cf. Gr. IkL Sec: rep^HHOC, M, cf.? Gr. BD it &c. 
ytpatnif^v. OtSLe] Ot^e between. Hunt 18. 'fTA.XlXe^] 
om. -f, F. cf. Gr. A. ^''CX^qi] GTU^ly K; obs. Gr. D 

KM t^fiKBw, efiiOX i^] om. Af. .A.qi] pref. 0*^0^, F, cf. Gr. D. 
^^.poq] A* : eg^p^q, A« (om. 6) &c.. cf. Gr. A D L &c. 


o-cpcjojULi cSloX j6eit -f&^Kr. eo-coit g^^iti^e- 

CJUL2S, O'cog^ eA.q€po-cniai" itXP^^^^ jOLneq-fg^fi-oc 

g^itoxq OTOg^ ixncqcxjcjoni j^en ki ^XX^ ji)ert 

2® G'T^qn^'c 2.e emc ^quxy cSloX ^q&ixq ej^pHi 

ji)A.pA.xq OTO^ nexA-q j^eit OTniaj-f iicjulh. 

2Ce dj6oK r(6JU(.Ki ngnpi ix4>1" exortj6. 1^&o 

epoK ixnep-fjULKA-g, nai. 
" HeA.qg^on^ert v^p ne excrrq Xt-ninnZ itA.KA.- 
eA.pxort ei gSloX j^eit nipcojULi. 
He^qg^oXjuieq r^p ne itg^A-nxuKoj itxp^noc. 
OTO^ neoj^'^coitg^q ne ng^^ng^^XTcic neiUL 
g^^nnea^Hc e-c^-pe^ epoq. 
O-cog^ neoj^qccjoXn Rnicn^T^ ne. ttxeqtftbpext. 
itctoq itxeni2.exiLCJ0it enioj^qev. 
»«CiXqgenq ^e nxemc. xe hijul ne neKpA.n. iteoq 
T^e nezA.q. xe Xencjoit. 
Xe A-Toje ittooT eji)OTrt epoq rbceoTAHHoj 
tt2ieiUL(Jor(. ^^o-cog^ nA.'C'fg^o epoq ne ^iitA. 
nxeqojTejULO'CA.^cA.g^iti hcjoot ege e4>no'crt. 

OTpCJOJULl] obs. Gr. D y*^' a tol* om. tU. €&.o\ ji)eit- 
i" &A.KI] 8yr«" &c. om. COTOIt] cf.? Gr. UB 157. g^^n2ie- 
XUCJOIt] OT., Ai'Ei*?J Hunt 18. O^COg^ i°] om. Ei F M. 
eA.qep] a B C D^. 2 E F H S -. ^qep, indie, r G J K L M N Hunt 18. 
O'CniOJ'f i^XpOnoc] cf. Gr. l^ B L &c. xP^^^ «a»^ : OTXHHOJ 
itCHOT many times, H 0, cf. Gr. A D &c. ixncq i°] for om. km 
cf. Gr. l^ B L &c. i" &&0C] A B C Aj' J M, -g^&CJOC, EOS: 
-g,e&CCJO, rDi.2FGK. 0-COg^ 2°] ABCAi'^EFHJLMS Hunti8: 

o-c2i.e, rD,.2GKN0. juLneqajtoni] -ojon, l«; of. Or. al i. 

f/i«wv. hi] pref. 0-C, N. A-XXa.] Gr. L 33. add ^u. ^* ^q^AXg] 
cf.? Gr. D apfKpa$iv. ^q&ITq] AC Ai'EjFH JL(eq)M0S Hunt 18 : 
pref. 0-COg,, BTDLaEaGKN. ej^pw] om. B. j^A-p^Xq] 
om. M. 0T|0T0g^, A. IteJULKl] IteXIL^n with us, Di«Fi*0; 
Dx^* writes ^It over erasure, and gloss has IteAILHI ^ 'a copy has, &c,' 

LUKE Vm. a8-3i. Ill 

forth on (lit. to) the land, a man came forth to him from 
the city, having (lit. being) demons with him. And having 
been (so) a long time, he clothed himself not with a garment, 
and abode not in a house, but in the sepulchres. ^^And 
having seen Jesus, he cried out, he threw himself down 
at his feet^ and said with a loud voice : ' What (hast) thou 
with me. Son of God, who liveth? I beseech thee, pain me 
not.' ^For he had ordered the unclean spirit to come 
from the man. For it had carried him off many times, 
and they used to bind him with chains and fetters, keeping 
him ; and he used to burst the bonds, and the demon used 
to lead him to the deserts. ^^ And Jesus asked him : 
'What is thy name?' And he said: 'Legion;' because 
many devils went into him. ^^And they were beseeching 
him that he would not command them to go to (the) abyss. 

nOJHpl] ACAirEFGaHJLOS Hunt i8. cf. Gr. D &c.: pref. IKC, 
BF Di. 2G1 K M N, cf. Or. l^ A B C L &c. ijL4>1"] Gr. D E i. &c. om. 

€Tonj6] A* c H : ex tfoci, A« &c. ^^ iteA-qg^oHg^en] ^.q., 

M, cf. Gr. B &c.: GHe^q. , F. VA-p i°] om. F, cf. Gr. E*. Ue i'^] 
ne, Di : om. B F 0. Ult^J Gr. D e iai/ioi'.y. Gl] I, F*. UI- 
pCOJULl] Gr. L 33. o^ToiJ: ItlpCJOAA.!, F. ne^qg^oXjULGq] 
n^.q., imperf., K*. Ti€ 2^] om. M. itg^^ItXILHaj] ItO-CXHHOJ, 
O : ICXenOTXHHttJ from many. M. UG f] om. B. ^^XtCIc] 
+ nG, B. GTA.p6&] G^T^pGg^, M. Q-COg^ 2°] Gr. l<^* om. 
ne 4°] om. EM. ilXGqCrr] itXOTtfT^ plural, F: Gr. D &c. add A^beglns 
yap. ^.GiULCJOn] cf.? G r. A L Mixavos : nitH, F. niOJ^qGT] 
Gr. D &c., singular. ^^ IHC] Gr. Ik* om. XG i°] A C E F H J L S, 

cf. Gr. UB &c.: pref. GqXCJO JuUULOC, BrDi.gAiG KMNO Hunt 18, 
cf. Gr. ACDL &c. 6yr««. HIJUL IIG] Gr. C* aeth om. ^ariy. Xg- 
nCJOn] (CJO over former O, A^) cf. Gr. i<*D*L syr^&c: XGVGtOlt, 
OgS cf. Gr. N*^AB^CD^ &c. tiXC &c.] for position cf. Gr. l^B q vg. 
N O Hunt 18 : Gr. D &c. iroXXa yap riaray dai/ioi/ia, syr®" adds *in eo.' 
»* n^'C'f&o] cf. Gr. l^^BCDL &c.: H^q., sing., AiO. cf. Gr. A &c. 
€poq] Gr. D om. UG] om. J. g^IH^] XGg^IHA., B^ g^IH^. 
,. . . ^^-^ Gpoq] om. F homeot. 


^*Heo-cort o-cog^i 2,e ftpip Jjuulut exjtxom ^en 
nixcjooT. o-cog^ nA.*rf g^o epoq g^m^ iixeqx^''^ 
eaje Cj^o-cit eitH eTexnjUL^.'c. oto^ ^qx^''^- 

^^Gx^Ti 2.6 efioX g^i mpcjojuLi iixeni2ieAft.(jon 

OTog^ ^ci itxef^veXK iipip ej^pai e-fXTJUiitH 
j^eit nixA^piJUL oTog^ urvjx^. \ 
cjuie ^*Gx^Trt^-c T^e rbcenu eejuLoiti e4)K enrA-qgajni 

nejuL HH exj^eit xkoi. ^^.ti efi.oX eit^T 

€4>H exA-qajcjom. OTOg^ ^.ti g^^ Ihc. 
OTog^ ^T^iAJLi ixniptoxiLi eqg^ejuLci 4>k exA. 

ni2iCiULaor( i efi-oX ili^HTq. eqoi Sc^&e epe 

iteqg^fiLtoc xoi g^icjoxq. eqxH j6^xen nen- 

(TX.Xa.'cx itiKC. oTfog, ^.Tepg^o-f. 
^' 3EXTXAJULCJ0OT 2ie itxeitR ex^THA-T. xe ex^q- 

nog^ejUL itA.aj itpai" it2C€4>K iti2iejuLU)it 

"O-cog, ijrf^o epoq rbccniiULHa) xapq itxe 

-f nepix^poc itxe nireprecHitoc. see itxeqoje 

^^O-COg^l] Og^I, A. ijUULA.'c] cf. Or. D c 49. om. 2icav«y: 
+ G'COaj muny, B T Di. 2 K N Hunt 18, cf. rest of Gr. e-CJULOni] 
cf. Gr. ACL &c. j^eit] i6A.X€It by, FKMN. OTOg, i°] Gr. 

D dc. n^T-f g^o] cf. Gr. i<* A D &c. epoq] + ne, b. hh 

GTeULlX^T] eniegA-T, F, cf. Gr. D syr^ &c. o-cog^ 

^qX^*^ • • • ^^^^ eniea^'^r] om. f homeot. ^^ ^i^cye &c.l 

Gr. D wpfiriaay. HCJOOt] om. L. Cj^O'dt] om. K. ecg^-yj 
e added, A^ C^c. OTfOg^ i°] Gr. D dc. ^Cl] +efi.oX, rDi.gX. 
A-VeXa] -Xl, A*' (A. added) B Di«: Gr. X 69. syr^" &c. add TrSao. 
itpip] cf. Gr. 69. c 1. €i6pHl] om. B Hunt 18: IvipKI, Di*.2- 
XtXHHk] Gr. l<^ &c. edkaaaav, ji)enni.] ifceni., A«, n altered 
from It: A.Cg,HI eueCHX ifcenUI. fell down iu the &c.. D^: 
ji)A.XenUI &c. by the &c., BrEiC.2JK:MS Hunt 18: om. Ei*. 
A-TCJOXg,] O-Cg^, A : A.TO-COXg^OT they choked them, for passive, 
M: A.CCJOXg„ BrD2AiO Hunt 18 : A.COXg^OT (the herd) choked 
themuelves, F: Gr. C has imperfect. ^* eeAHOHl] eXAJULOItl, 

LUKE VIII. 32-37. 113 

'^Now there was there a herd of swine feeding in the 
mountain: and they were beseeching him that he would 
permit them to enter those (swine). And he permitted 
them. ^^And the demons having come from the man, 
went into the swine: and the herd of swine came down 
to the lake by (lit. in) the precipice, and were choked. 
^And they who fed (them), having seen what was done, 
fled, and told them who were in the city, and them who 
were in (the) field. ^They came forth to see what was 
done; and they came to Jesus, and they found the man, 
sitting, out of whom the devils came, sane, clothed with 
his garments, set at (the) feet of Jesus; and they feared. 
^And they who saw (it) told them in what manner 
he, with whom were (imperf.) the demons, was saved. 
'^ And all the multitude of the region round about of the 
Gergesenes besought him that he would go from them; 

F: +ijUULCJ0OT, D1.2F. ^T4>tOX] HA-T., imperf., H. Q-COg^' 

om. B. HH ex i^] nee, b. nexiL...TKoi] om. b. ^'a.'ci 

A* J: +2i€, AC &c.: Gr. C* i. 131. 8yr«" &c. kqI €$i\6ov. €&oX 
om. J. O-CO^ i°] om. F. OTfOg, 2°] om. BFAiGK^NO Huut 18. HuntiS, 
eq^eXHCl] for position cf. Gr. P i. &c. ^H (om. c{>H, S) eX^ &c.] 35 OTOg^ 
(Ci* Fi*G S* om. I before €&lO\ om. I €&oX, Ji*) cf. Gr. N* B f mm : "^ 

^H eX^q2,ini2ieJULCJ0rt cSloX n^fcaxq from whom he cast 

out the demon, T. eqoi tt] eqtl, Fi*. epe...g^icjoxq] om. F. 
^Slvoc] g^ejS.cu5, K. > epeneq^^fiicjoc xoi g^icjoxq eqoi 

itC^&e, BT Hunt 18 (om. XOI). itlKc] om. It, F : ijLIHC, K* ; 
obs. b &c. 'ejus.' ®® ^•CXAJULOJOT 2ie] Gr. C s^t^" &c. koi 

awrjyy. : Gr. D c oir. yap : Gr. l«^ adds 'Ktyoyrts, 11X6 It H &c.J cf. Gr. 
N B C D L &c. itXe4>H &c.] syrcu 'homo ille.' ^^ O-COg^] om. 

FF, cf. Gr. A*: Gr. D a dc ^"^r-fao] H^''^., imperf., D1.2 
El. 2(6^); ^or Pl"'- <-'^- CJr. D &c. epOq] Gr. D c tov irjaovy. HI- 

xiLHg] ni., F, hut XHpq. nepix^poc] -XPP^^y ^• 
+XKpc, D1.2. itxenirepvecHitoc] tAiFkln; repre- 
cenoc, Gi ; repfKCHitoc, j m ; Kepre^Hitoc, a ; -i"vep- 
re^HHoc, H«; repreaitoc, b*; veprK^eitoc, G2; rep- 

re^HHOC, B«^Di.aEOS: cf. Gr. N*C2L &c.: om. H*. Xe] Gr. D 
c g(» yap. 

YOL. 11. I .^ 



Heoq 2^e ^q^Xni enxoi ^qx^ceo. ^* n^qi"2^o 
epoq rbccnipcjoAA.! 4>h ex^'ci efi.oX itji)Hxq 
Sxeni2i.€xiLCJon. &m^ itxeqog^i nexnA-q. 

HXqoTopnq 2.e eqxto ijuuioc n^q. ^^xe xila.- 
x^ceo eneKHi o-cog, c^sci ttna enr^q^ixo'c 

eqg^itoioj itna ex^q^ixoT n^q rbc€4>i". 


KE 3 *® Gx^qTA-ceo :^e itxenic ^q^onq epoq Hxe- 

niJULHO). n^TSCOTojx TA-p efi.oX ji)A.xcjoq 
XKpoT ne. 
"O-cog^ g^Kune ^qi itzeoTpa5JULi eneqp^it ne 
cjtxv^ i^ipoc. OTO^ 4>^i I ite o-cA-px^rt ne iixe 

-fcTH^TCJorR. o-co^ ex^qg^ixq ei6pHi ji)^- 
xeit nentfiX^TX itmc. n^.qi"g^o epoq eepeqi 
€ji)OTn eneqHi. 
**2Ce o-cojepi iJuuLA-T^xc en^cnx^q ne. €Cji)en 
15 itpojuini. o-cog, e^i it^cit^.Ano'Y ne. 
K^ Gqit^! 2.e rbceiHc n^Tg^ox^ex JuuuLoq ne 
iixemxiLKaj. *^oTog^ o-ccg^ixni neoToit o-c- 
cnoq x^ ji)A.poc ixTS itpojuini. 

oTHigji" it^o-f ne] om. Fj*: om. ne, B. en^-TXH] 

<t>H enA-TXH, L : ^T^H, B Fj* : n^-CX^» ^i^ M Hunt i8 : 

+i6enoTniaj't" i^&o-f, f,®. ili6HXc] -xot, J: -xq, 

DgL. iteoq] Qr. D om. nXOl] ACrEi*Gi^2HL, cf.? Gr. l^B 
CL &c.: niXOI, BDi.2AiEi« 2FGi*JKMN0 Hunt i8, cf. Gr. 
A &c. : Gr. D om. *« i"&o] A C Gg K : + 2ie, B &c. €pOq] 

+ ne, AiKO. <t>K] om. B. rtXeni2ieAft.(J0r(] for position cf. Gr. 
» A B D L &c. &mA. &c.] cf. Gr. P it vg. 2.e] + llxeiHC, M. 
cf,Gr. AO&c. nA.q] ACEGHJKLMN: om. B F Di.a A^FO 
Hunt x8, cf, Gr. *» iULA.X^Ceo] -OOK, B F G K N Hunt i8 : 

LUKE Vm. 38-43. 115 

because it (was) a great fear which they were (imperf.) in. 
And he entered into (the) ship, he returned. ^^The man 
out of whom the demons came, was beseeching him, that 
he might stay with him: but he sent him (away), saying 
to him : ' ^^ Return to thy house, and speak the things 
which Qod did with thee.' And he went out in all the 
city, proclaiming the things which Qod did for him. 

^And Jesus having returned, the multitude received him 
to them (lit. him); for they were all looking for him. 
^^And lo, a man came, his name being Jairus, and this 
(one) was a ruler of the synagogue: and having thrown 
himself down at (the) feet of Jesus, he was beseeching 
him to come into his house; ^^ because he had an only 
daughter, being [in] twelve years (old), and she (lit. this) 
was going to die. And Jesus being about to come, the mul- 
titudes were thronging him. ^^And a woman having had 


Gr. D iropcvou. eX^qiXOTf 2°, A*. nCiUL^JC] A : UAK ao*, 
B &c.; for position cf. Gr. AC^ &c. syr®". ItZe^'f" i°] for position 
cf. Gr. AC^ &c. (syr*^" aeth * dominus '). OTOP^ ^q] over former 
writing, A°: om. to end of verse, N*. -f &AKIJ -fuCpIX^pOC, 
B. eq^l] Aqg^I, J, obs. Gr. D fKfipvaarfv. HAq] om. Dg*. 
^'f 2°] A B, cf. Gr. I. 118. al plus'*^ &c.: XHC, C &c., cf. rest of 
Gr. *<^ eX^qTT^CeO ^.e] om. 2^8, rJ: pref. Q-COg,, T. H«^tj8. 

n^TXOTaT] enA-c., D1.2A1O: nAq., n. VAp] +ne, a«l. 
gJBloX] om. N. ne] om. F. *^o-cog, i<*] om. T. g^Hnue] 

^nnne IC, F: ICg^nnUe, BD1.2A1EMO Hunt 18: 8yr«°om. 
^.qi itZe] om. F, cf. Gr. 71. &c.: Aqi &Apoq rbC6, EM : Aqi 
€JBloX itXe, J. lAIpOc] cf. Gr. E*; lApOC, BF Hunt 18. cf. 
sah»«»»w^ O'CO^ 4>Al] cf. Gr. BD &c. Ite] Gr. D c syi**** sah™""* 
om. vmjpxtf. ne 2°] om. L. ji)AX€n] ACDj.gEHJKLMNS: 
St)^ "ncler, BrAjFGO Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D. H^q-f"] ^q., Hunt 18. 

epoq] + ne, BrDi.aAiEgO. *^xe... en^citxAq] Gr. d 

6yr«» &c. Ti¥ yap. €C^€ti\K] cf. Gr. D &c. om. w. ItACItA.] 
Gr. D partic. CqHAl] eqnA, B* Di Ei.a* Fi* : CqitAT, M. 
nxeiKc] cf. b c g^* q 8yr«" et^h. ne 3°] om. Di Ai Hunt 18. 

ni-HLHcgJ HI., r*JiO: +ne, DjAiO. ^^oTog^] acDiEi.,* 

I 2 

' v\- fC7 ^^^^^^^^ 


0A.I ex^ctfo ixnecajn^ TKpq e&oX jtrticnmi. 
o-cog, ixuecajxejULXOJUL eepo-cepcl>Aj6pi epoc 

** Gx^ci efi.oX 2,i4>^&o-c A.c(ff nejUL najx^-f trre 

neqg^&oc. o-cog^ c^xoxq A.qog^i Rxenicnoq 

eit^qoj^T efi.oX j^^poc. 
"OTog^ nexe Inc. xe niJtx nex^qcTf nejuLHi. 

e-cxcjoX 2ie efiioX XHpo-c. 
Hexe nexpoc nemi na eenexnA-q. xe uipeq- 

-fcfi-cjo. niJULHcy exKOJ-f epoK o-cog^ ex^ox- 

g^eX ijLtJLOK. 

*«Ikc 2ie nex^q. xe oToit nex^qcTf nexnai. 
DiXitoK v^p ^lejULi eo-cxojUL ^ci efioX juuuloi. 

'*^ex^cn^.-c 2^e rtxe-fcg^ixni xe juLneqepncjoiSLcg. 
^ci ecceepxep o-co^ eT^cg^xTc €j6pHi j6a.- 
p^.xq. i^cotvon^ efi.oX juLnejuieo ixniXA-oc 
XHpq. xe eefiieoT itexi^ ^ctfl n€JULA.q. nejUL 
nipH't" exA-co-cx^i JuuuLoq ca.xoxc. 
cxn^ **Heoq nex^q nA.c. xe xA-^epi | uen^.g^-f nex- 
^qnA.2,JULi. xnA-oje ne j^ert o-c^ipHnH. 

*«6xi eqcA.xi ^qi nxeoT^i itxe uia-pxhctha.- +IC, lo, BrDjAiFGIvNO HuntiS. Iteo-COrt] A: 
e., CEHJMS: epe., BrOiOgGKLN Hunt i8: €pe(om. O-COIt), 

AiFO. oTcnoq] nicnoq, AiFO. x^] ^"^- ^iFno. 

i6^.pOC] SJA-T" efi.0X j^A-pOC flowing from under her. F. 
HaK] om. JUL, Ci* Ai*. eXA-CtfO . . . CHini] Gr. B D om. 
neCOJItifc] cf. Gr. hi* &c. 8yr««. e&oX I*'] om. A^*, itHI- 
CKini] cf.? Gr. 1<^ACL &c. larpoU, Q-COg^ 2°] cf. Gr. I** 157.: 

om. Di*AiEFMO. ixnecoj.] ixno-cttj., BM. eepo-c] it, 

Hunt 18. efi.oX 2°] om. B. ** CXA-Cl] cf. rest of Gr. : + 2ie, 

BTDi.aGKNS, cf. Gr. 0* al plus^ pref. OTfOg^, M. ^l^^^O-f] 
CA.c{>A.g^O'C, F: Gr. D 258. om. nojT^i"] Gr. D &c. om. 
itXeneq] (H altered from H, A«) iiueq, B: Gr. A* om. airov. 
CA.XOXq] BrDi.2AiEFHJKMN0 Hunt 18: CA.XOXC, fern., 
incorrect, A C G L S : syr^u om. UICHOq] UCItOq, T. en^q- 

g^.x] ex^.q., H: en^qajxo, f^*? **o-co2^] om. B: 

LUKE Vm. 44-49. 117 

an issue of blood for twelve years, who (lit this who) 
spent all her living on the physicians, and could not be 
healed by any, ** having come forth behind, touched (the) 
hem of his garment: and the issue of blood stanched. 
**And Jesus said: 'Who touched me?' And all denying, 
Peter and they who were with him said: * Teacher, the 
multitudes surround thee and throng thee.' ^*But Jesus 
said : ' Some one touched me : for I knew that power came 
(lit. a power, it came) out of me.' *''And the woman, 
having seen that he forgot not, came trembling, and having 
thrown herself down before him, confessed before all the 
people, for what reason she touched him, and the manner 
in which she was cured immediately. ^^He said to her: 
*My daughter, thy faith saved thee; go in peace.' ^^(As 
he is) yet speaking, one from the ruler-of-the-synagogue 

Gr. D a o df li. nex^qtfT] acAiEhjklno Hunt 18: ne 

€T, B r D,. 2 F G M. BT {iJX, DjC L S) XOjX . . . ^*^^ nCJULHl] om. 

Hunt 18. nexunH €enexiLA.q] Gr. b &c. 8yr«° om. mxiLHaj] 

ni., r Ai 0. eXKCJO't" . . . O-COg^] om. F homeot. JUUULOKj 
cf. Gr. G; for om. addition cf. Gr. l^BL &c.: +OTOg, nXeKXOC 
^CltlAft. neT^qCTT neXILKI and thou sayest, 'Who touched me?M, 
cf. Gr. ACD &c. 8yr«^ Cj has gloss jlI* ^jJl ^^ Jj*^ j ^]) 'addition, 
and thou &c.' *** IHc] Gr. DB &c. om. OTfOn] It added, A«. 

neTA.q] ne exA.q, BD1.2A1O: nex, pres., r. ^ci] am: 

e^CI, B&c: €XA.CI,J. *^ 2.6] om. S. UOO&Oj] ^^CCJOfioj^ 

L. €ji)pHl] om. D2*F. ifc^-p^Tq] -XC, F: +^CO-CCJ0ajT 
JUUULOq she worshipped him. F. Om. avr^, cf. Gr. l*ABC*DL. 

juLncAiteo . . .Xa.oc] om. Eg*, xe 2*^] om. J. OT iteTi^.] ne 

Ot iteXIA-, M : Gr. l<^ om. ti jjy air, Ij^ot. avrov : Gr. A* om. ^irar. 
almw. nipKf] ACAiEHJLMOS: eofiie HI., BrDi.2FGKN 
Hunt 18. JUUULOq] -C, L. CA-XOXq, A. *® itOOq] A* : 

+ 2.e, A«B &c., cf. Gr. l^ABDL &c.: +Ii, Gr. C &c. H^c] Gr. I* 
fu om. Om. 3apa€i, cf. Gr. l<^ B D L &c. neXA.q] 116 eXA.q, 
BTDj.aF. ji)en] cf. Gr. D«' &c. *• 6X1 eq] exeq, A: Hunt, 8, 

OTO^ cf eq, B. ^qi...OTA.ll Gr. DE* c syr®** tlpxo^M, and 
D Ac. om. tU, and has Kiyovns. ItXeJ itXCIt, M ; of.? Gr. l<^ B C &c. 





rcjoroc eqxcjo juuuloc. xe ^cjulo-c nxexeKojepi. 
iin€pi"ji)ici ijLnipeqi" ***Ikc t^c ex^q- 
ccjoxexn ^.qepoTCJO nez^-q. xe iinepepg^o-f . 

nejuu^q efiLuX enexpoc nejtx. \a.kvjSloc nejtt. 
icjo^nnac iteut <t>icjox it-f^.XoT nejuL xecxiLA.-c. 
•*itA.TpixiLi 2ie TKpo-c o-cog, n^-citeg^ui epoc 

Heoq T^e nex^q. see juLncppiAiti. £kn€CJtx.oif 
r^p itxef ^.XoT. ^XX^. ^cSkox. " oto^ ha-t- 
ccjoBlI juuuLoq ne enreuti xe ^cxhot. 

Heoq 2^e CT'A.q^ixo'c ^HpoT. o-cog^ exA.q- 
AJULom itxecsciz ^qxno-c-f eqxcjo ajuuloc. xe 
•f^.Xo'c xcjooTiti. "oTOg, ^.qKoxq epoc nxe- 
necniiZ. oTog, c^.xoxc ^cxcjonc. 

Oto^ ^qoT^g^cA.g^rti iiTo-y-f ha-c eo-ccjoxn. 
^'o-cog^ A.TXCJOJULT' itzeitecio'f". neoq 2^e ^q- 
^ong^eit noooT egxejuixe 4>h exA.qajcJoni 


KZ "/ Gx^qjULO-c-f" 2.e eniiS itA.nocxoXoc A.qi" xojul 

ncjooT itejuL OTepojioji eg^pai exen ni2^eAft.(joit 
XHpoT nejUL niccjcjoni. ^o-co^ ^.qoTfopiio'c 


napd: efiioX g^ITen, F, cf. Gr. AD &c. otto. <^PX*^"] '^'y 
CDgEi: -CTIt^VCJOrK,A*L. Cm. ai^ri^, cf. Gr. l^ B L &c. JULnep] 
cf. Gr. ACL &c. ^^ ^c] om. H Hunt i8. CCJOXeXn] Gr. D &o. 

(sjtc") add TOP \oyov, .A.qepo'ccjo nexA.q] ^qepoTCJO n^q, f 

Hunt i8, cf. Gr. UBL &c.: Gr. ACD &c. add Xcywv. XILOnon] pref. 

A.XX^, H. cn^nog^ejui] (ceit^, a*? D2 s*) -a5nj6, f, cf. 

11 Hah««hw syrcu ethr. 6i 2^£^ om. J, cf. Gr. A. e] C^O-^n C, 

D1.2, cf ? Gr. D &c. fiVcX^wv. ei to come] om. A C Ei* H L M* S. 
IA.Ka5&0c] for position cf. Gr. l*AL &c. 8yr«". n't] nTC'f", G. 
'*- 2ie i*>] om. r. ne] om. B r F. V^p] of. Gr. t^ B C D L &c. 
itXef'^XoT] cf. Gr. L &c. A-CttKOX] CenKOX, pres., F* : 

LUKE VUL 50— IX. 2. 119 

came, saying: 'Thy daughter died, trouble not the teacher.' 
^But Jesus having heard, answered, he said: 'Fear not; 
only believe, and she will be saved.' *^And having come 
to the house, he permitted not any to come in with him 
except Peter, and James, and John, and (the) father of the 
child and her mother. ^^ And all were weeping and wailing 
for her: but he said: *Weep not; for the child died not, 
but she slept.' *^And they were mocking him, knowing 
that she died. ^But he having put (lit. thrown) them all 
(forth), and having laid hold on her hand, called, saying: 
'Child, rise.' **And her spirit returned to her, and im- 
mediately she rose: and he commanded that they should 
give to her to eat. ^And her parents were amazed: but 
he ordered them not to say that which was done, to 
any one. 

IX. And having called the twelve apostles, he gave to 
them power and authority over all the demons and the 
sicknesses. 'And he sent them to proclaim the kingdom 

eceitKOX, DjS* : n^citKOXi imperf., B. *^ OTOg,] om. F. 

evejuLi] ^•cejULi, D2G2. " ex^qg^ixoT] achjlns 

Hunt 18, cf.? Gr. C* sah^hw. +e&oX, BF D^.g ^i EFG K M O ; 
for UpdK^p cf. Gr. AC &c. >T'HpO'C efiiOX, B, cf. Gr. AK &c. 

xcoo-cm] xtjom, ta^*: -hot, Gg. ^^O-COg, 2°... 

XCOnc] Gr. U* om. O-JTO^ 3<>] om. F. ilXOT-f] XG- 
iiXOT-f, BFD1.2 Hunt 18: eXO-y-f, Gi*: GOpOT-f, M: 
ef, F. n^c] for position cf. Gr. D &c. syr^'^. ^" llzene- 

Cicf"] Gr. D c 8yr<« place before verb. itOOq] Gr. D om. 

* ^.e] om. L, cf. Gr. 0^ &c. 6yr«". ^TlOCXoXoc] cf. Gr. UC* Hunt 18 i. 11, 
L &c. XOJtx] for position cf. Gr. B. OTepOJIOJl] A*(e, I 2^ om.) 
CGHJLS: om. Ot, BFD1.2A1EFKMNO Hunt 18 i, ii. Cg^pHl] 
om. M. ni2^eiULU)It XKpO-c] A &c.F(i^l ii-J J *in another 

copy'): mnnZ itA.K^eA.pXOn THpOT, Fi*; obs. 8yr«« 
'omnes spiritus et demonia.' OJCJOni] AGAiEHLMOS Hunt 18 
i. ii: +e€p4>Aj6pI epOJOT to heal them, BrDi.2FGJKN. 
'^ O'COg, i*^] om. M. 


120 uaxTox <\OYRaxH. 

cjtx.H eg^KJoicy nl^xitexoTpo irre \ 4>i" o-co^ gta-X- 

^ 3 O-cog, u€XA.q ntooT. ze iinepeX g^Xi ec^juicjoix 
o'C2i€ ajfi.aox oTf2i.e nnp^ o'C2ie cjoik o-ca.e 
g,A.x. oT2ie juLnepx^ cgean cno-rf hnrea 

^O-cog, nxKi exexeitn^oj^^ noDxen ei^o-tn epoq 

_ ojcjoni juuuLA.'c a^xexem efi.oX juuul^.'c. 

^'^ ^oTog^ HH exeitcen^ojen OHJtoT epa50'c A.rt. 

epexennaoT efiioX ifceit -ffii^Ki eTejuuuLA.T 

neg, noj^iffl itn€X€n(riX^.-c2c efiioX erxitex- 

xneepe hcjoot. 

eTg^ittjennoTqi o-cog^ eTep4>Aj6pi i6en jua^i 

3 ' HXqccjoxejuL nzeKpcj02i.Hc nixexp^^.pXHc c^ivSl 
nifi.en en^Taon. o-co^ nA.qoi itaXA-g, ii^HX. 
Ge&exe nur^tjo ixxnoc nxeg^^no-con. xe icjo^n- 
HKC nexA.qxcjonq cSloX j^en na eejuLojo-cx. 

* ft^itKex^o'^^^ ^^ ^^ hXi^c nex^qoTon^q 
SA-riKex^o-cnx 2^6 see oTnpo4>HXKc nxe ni- 
A.p^eoc nexA-qxtJonq. 

2^10)1^3 g^iaennOTqi to preach glad tidings. D,. 2 Aj 0. 
it-f ] ef, E M. O-COg, 2^] IteXH, B r Ai F Oi Hunt 18 i, ii. 

iinn exojtoni] cf. Gr. i*a(C)dl &c. ^ikjoot] om. f. 

eX] (over former word, A«) €p, Gj K* L : e, O2 . 2>Xl] + HCOXen, F. 
ec^AJLOJIx] ACTEGHJKLNS: ^\ &c.. BD1.2A1FMO Hunti8i,ii; 
for weak article cf.? Gr. CXA 69. 254. al^ »f ^ om. nyy. OT2ie i°] 
GJ, A*. OJ^^'^] cf.^ ^^- i^BC*DL &c. 0-C2.€ 5*^] om. Fj*. 
ixnepX^ • • • I^TeneKnOT] Gr. l^* aeth om. €x€r«; Copt. 
representH fiffrt . . . «x'tc of Gr. ^^■F*'L &c.: om. d«i, cf. Gr. hi BC* L &c. 
cnOT-f] E-f , Di.2Fi*(om. •f)JKM Hunt 18 ii. nxeit] ^I, F. 
* O-COg, 1=^] om. Fi*. nOJXen] om. B Ai 0. €pOq] €iUL^'V 
tbither. Aj 0. ttj^'^^'^^'^^ e&oX JUUUL^'c] A C D,. 2 Ai E 
Fi«(i^l isK^ i *in another copy')GHJKLMNOS Hunt 18 ii, -ttj^'^"* 

LUKE IX. 3-8. 121 

of God, and to cure them who were sick. ^And he said 
to them: *Take not away anything for (the) road, neither 
staff, nor scrip, nor bread, nor silver, neither have two 
coats. ^And the house into which ye will go, abide there, 
until ye come from there. * And they who will not receive 
you to them, (as ye are) coming from that city, shake off 
(the) dust of your feet for a witness to them.' 'And 
coming forth, they passed through every village, preaching 
good tidings, and healing in all places. "^ Herod the teti*arch 
beard all things which were happening, and he was (imperf ) 
doubtful, because that some were saying, that John rose 
from the dead ; ^ and others, that Elias manifestest himself ; 
and others, that a prophet of the old (prophets) rose. 


Hi. a^i^'O; cf. f mm sax aeth: 0*^0^ ^JULCOini €&oX 
ijUUL^'V and come from there, B T Fj* Hunt i8 i, cf. Gr. 

*oTog^ &c.] HH :b.e eertA-ajxejULcgen, j*. .^.n] om. t^BO. 

efiiOX ji)€n] cf.? Gr. i^D &c. €K. -f^A-Kl] UJ-f JULI leiWHl 

the village or the house, hi. I^eg^J for position cf.? Gr. D c f. Om. 
no*, cf. Gr. I* B C* D L &c. Om. dno, cf. Gr. D &c. 8yr«". Itne- 
XenCriXA-TX] K A(tfiX-CX) C F H J L N S Hunt i8 i, ii : 11X6- 

nexen &c., b r d,. 2 Ai e g k m o. e&oX] + iluuL^'v, e m n. 

xiLexxiLeepe(om. A)] a &c.; xnee., b. nojo-c] cf. Gr. 

H* &c. 8yr««. » n^-CXHO'Ca'^] A*»(eT,*) &c: n^.-CXILOttjI 

they were walking, KNOg. O-COg^] om. M. "^ ^qCCJOXeXH] Hunt ,8, 

A*r: Gr. D dKovadt: +2^6, A« B &c., cf. Gr. XeXp^A.pXj 

cf. Gr. N«CS*; XexpeA.pX» B Cj* TDi.a Ai Gg J M N S*. 

€^U5fi(fi. altered, A^) m&en] for position cf. it syr<^" &c. SJOU] 

OJCOn, A; om. iir avrov, cf. Gr. i<BC*DL &c. O-COg^] om. Di., 

Hunti8,cf.Gr.D. g^KX] A*: +ne, A«&c. X(o.e.,A<^)€i°] om.r*X. 

nex^.q] ne ex^q, Br«D,.2 AjEjC 2F0 : ex^q, s. xcjonq] 

XCOO-Cn, Ai*; obs. Gr. D ai^on;. ® g^^ItKCX^O'^^I^O <^f- 

Gr. 69. fiAXoi. ^A-It 1° . . . O-COng^q] om. Fj*. 2^6 i°] om. N. 

nex^q i°] ne exA.q, b r Dj. 2 A, h? m 0. g^A-riKex- 2^] 

cf. Gr. D oAXoi. 0'Cnpo4>HXKC &c.] (H over e., A*') cf. Gr. I) &c. 
om. tU and tU: -4>HXKC Ue then ex^.q, B Fj*. UGX 2^] ne 

ex, ctdljAxHo. 


•nesce Hpco2iHc. xe itoA-ititHc A.noK A.ieX xecj- 

jOLuA-ipKi" ee&Kxq. oTog, nA-qKco-f ne itc^. 

liAJX epoq. 
vS ^**OTog, ibceniA.nocxoXoc a.tca.xi 

j6A.Toxq jtitK exA.TA.ixoT. +ot|o2, A.qoXoT 
7 neAiLA.q A.qae nA.q ejfeoTit ca-Uca. ijuuLA.TA.xq 

CMXB eOT&A.Kl eTJULOTi" epOC Xe fi.HeCA.I2iA.. 

" HiiULHci) 2^6 exeiuuuLA.T nA.TJULogi itcooq. OTog, 
exA.qttjonoT epoq nA.qcA.xi itejuttooT eefie 
-fjULexoTpo itxe ^^. oTog, itH exepxp^^ 
ilepcl>A.ji)pi epoooT nA.qxA.X(ro juuulooot ne. 
^^nieg^ooT 7^e nA-qepg^axc itpiKi ne. 

KH ''7 GXA.TI 2^6 &A.poq nxeniTS nextooT nA.q. xe 

X^ niJULHg efioX g^mA. itxoTge noooT eni- 
-f juLi exejuLnKooi" nejUL nnog^i. nxoTjOLxon 


xe xen^H iiHA-iJULA. j^en oTJULA.ngA.qe. 
**nexA.q 2i.e noooT. xe juloi ncooT neooxen ee- 

» Hpa52iHC] ATDi.aKNS: +2ie, BCAiEFGH JLMO Hunt i8. 
cf. Gr. J* B C D L &c.: T^G ne, Fj^, Xe] cf. Or. C D. A.nOKj 
om. L Hunt i8. A.ieX] A® (A. over erasure) Fi®(i^l as>^ ^ *iu 
another copy') &c.: toXl It, Fi*. ^e\ om. L Hunt i8. c{)A.l]"c{)H, 
El. -fcOOXeJUL] cf. Gr. J* B C* L &c. nA.1 JULnA.IpH'f] Gr. 
D &c. Bah«o»»«' 8yr«^" raCra. ne] om. Fi*. ^® OTOg^ i°] om. Fj*. 

itna ex] of.? Gr. J* a, A.IX0T] Gr. A adds km o<ra (Ma^av, 
Cj^OTn CA.nCA.] A^ (n over erasure) C Di. 2 ^i E Fi^ (* in another 
copy')HJLO Hunt 18: ejfeoTn CA.OTCA., BFF: itCA.OTCA., 
G K M N. JULM.A.TA.Xq] T end of line, and dotted letter erased 
after it, A°. eOT^ A.Kl] A^ (e over erasure) &c. : eOTJULA.ncgA.qe, J ; 
eTJULA.n., FjO: eni«, M; for iroKiv of. Gr. K<^ B (D ico^iyf) 
L &c., for T6nov tpritioy cf. Gr. K* A &c. eTJULOT^f ] Gr. N* &c. 
8yrc«» om. fi.HeCA.I2!k.A.] A Ai Ei*? 0, for ^ijO- cf. Gr. exo. K~ D ; 
AH2iCA.I2i(X)A., B(X)Cr(X)Di?.8*Ei«.2FGHKLMNS Hunt 18; 

LUKE IX. 9-13. 123 

* Herod said: 'John I beheaded: but who is this, con- 
cerning whom I hear these (things) of this kind?' And 
he was seeking to see him. ^^And the apostles, having 
returned, spoke before him the things which they did. And 
he took them away with him^ he went apart alone into 
a city called 'Bethsaida.' ^^But those multitudes were 
walking after him: and having received them to him, he 
was speaking to them concerning the kingdom of Qod, and 
them who had need of healing he was curing. ^^And the 
day was beginning to decline. 

And the twelve, having come to him, said to him: 
'Send' the multitudes away, that they may go to the 
villages which are around, and the fields, that they may 
rest themselves, and find that which they w^ill eat : because 
we are here in a desert place.' ^^And he said to them: 

for 'da cf. Gr. J*«BCD &c.: Gr. l^* &c. 8yr«»» om. ^^ BTejUL- 

XILA.T] ACEi*HJLS Hunt 18: eXA-TCJULl, BTDi.a AiEjC.jF 
G K M N 0, cf. Gr. yv6vT€s. nA.TJULOttJl] A.T., B T Dj. 2 ^1 ^i*. 2 

Fi*MOi, cf. 89h^^^. CT^qcuonoT] A.q., A^o. nA.qcA.xi] 

Gr. K fXflXiycrn.. nCJULtOOTJ A« (OT added) CEiGHJKLNS 
Hunt 18: +ne, BrDLaAiEaFMO. GTCpXP^^] A.CD,.2*^AiE 
FjcCin another Ac.') H L M 8 Hunt 18 : eHA-TepXP^^j impeif., 
B I^ F,* G K N. <l>A^pl] Gr. D adds aim>v iravras, H A-qTA-XCTo 
jOuULOOOT] -XA.X(Ja50T JuLULtOOT, L; for imperfect cf. Gr. 
KABD &c. ^^meg^OOT 7i.e] Gr. B 17817: pref. OTOg,, B, 

cf. Gr. X 8yr<^ mi: sah»o»»«^ om. dt, nA.qepg,HTc] A Ji* L* : 
It€A.q., pluperfect, B &c. : Gr. aorist. lie] om. Ej^.j ^i*. &^P^^] "'^n* «»• »'5, 

epoq, G; cf. b f. nA.q] om. Fi*Ji*. niiULHoj] abcDljEf "ex- 

HJLMN08 Hunt 18. 26, cf. Gr. >*«« &c.: UI., T Ai G K, cf. Gr. A.TI-17 

»♦ A B c D L &c. eTeiULRKto-f] exeuKoj-f, r : exejUL- 

nOTK., N. nilOg^l] cf. Gr. A C D L. IlXOTJULXOIt] pref. 
^im^ BD1.2KM Hunt 18, 26. itXOTXeJUL . . . OTOJUiq] Gr. 
D om.: -2CeAILq-, K: -HeX-, BT Hunt 18, 26. 2Cexen] A 
Fi«('in another copy') &c.: 2CeXOT, Fj*. ixUA-IiULA.] om. AjO. 
cf. sah »»»«'. ^^i^e] AB«(over erasure) &c.: om. T Ai Fi* O. 

ItCOOT] A B«(over erasure) &c., cf. Gr. N L S 124.: Gr. C &c. 8yrc« 
add o 5. iteoOXen] for positiou cf. Gr. K A D L &c. eO- 


g^oTo ee itooiK nToxen nejui xefi.x S. 

jipHOTi iin^-iX^-oc XHpq. '*nA.Toi 2^e n^-T 
e ilttjo itpcoiULi. 
3Xq2Coc 2^6 ilneqjULA.eKXKc. xe Jtxi^poypvjireSL 

ixn^-ipKi" ^qepoTpooxefi. TKpoT. 
"6TA.q(yf 2^6 ixnie ittoiK neftx nixefi.x 5. ex- 
^.qcoJULC eg^pHi er^e A.qcjuLOT epoooT oTog^ 
^q^^fflOT. oTog, ^.q-f SitiiULA.eHXHc eepoT- 
X^ ji)^.pa50T XiniJULHO). | 

^TtoXi ijLc{>K eT^qepg^o-yo eptooT 15 itKox 

itXA.Kg, GTJULOg,. 

K (altered) H. 

K0 ^^18 Cvog, A.catoni eqxH cA.ncA. iiJULA.TA.xq eqep- 

npoceTX^cee. nA.TXH nejULA.q ne rtxeni- 

pOTOTOOJUl] A Fi«(*in another copy') &c.: JULA.pOT. let them eat, 
rAiFi*0 Hunt i8. HGXCOOt] sab^hw sjt*'" go aeth add avr^. 

g,oTo] itP^oTo, JL. ee] ite, b : Gr. j**B >apT. 7^«^T€. neAx- 

Xe&X 5] for order cf. Gr. J* A B C &c.: om. T. A.non] ff»r 
position cf. Gr. D &c.: om. GK, cf. q. OJtOn itg^A.n] cgORg^A.n, 
B. nA.lXA.Oc] ni., AjO. XHpq] om. Air^*Oi. ^*2ie] 

cf. Gr. J**L &c*: om. L: +ne, BTHuntiS: Gr. J*<»ABCD &c. 
syrc^ yap. nA.T] It, Hunt i8: q syr^" om. ItpOOJUH] ftpOOq, 
N : om. B Hnnt 26. 2i.e 2°] om. T. Xe] om. M, cf.? Gr. pO)- 
Xefil CjO Ai E FjC (* in another &c.') GHJKLMOS; pOXe^, A Cj* : 
pOe^^OT, B r Dj. 2 Fi* Hunt 18. 26. iULA. i°] om. J^. Om. «<7*t, 
cf. Gr. A &o. 8yrc«. ^* A.'CIpl] nA.Tlpl, OS*: A.qipl, B*.>. 

XinA.!] J0l4>A.I, Gj*. A-qepO-rpOOXeA] a (pOjCEFi«(' an- 
other') G H K S : pref. OTOg,, B T Dg M Hunt 18, 26 : A-qepOT- 
pOefi-OT sit them down &c.. Fi* N : eOpOTpCOXefi. to make 
them sit down &c., AjO: A-TOpOTpOOXe^, JL Hunt 18. 26: 
A.Tp(JOXe& they sat down &c., Di ; if A.q = A.T, the reading of 
B &c. represents Gr. exc. DX om. ^* eTA.q.] pref. OTOg,, J*. 

LUKE IX. 14-18. 125 

'Give ye to them to eat/ And they said: 'There are not 
more than five loaves with us and two fishes; except we 
go and buy victuals for all this people.* ^*And they were 
(imperf.) about five thousand men. And he said to his 
disciples: 'Let them sit down to meat by companies (lit. 
place) of fifty to (the) company.' ^'^And they did thus, he 
made them all sit down to meat. ^^And having taken the 
five loaves and the two fishes, having gazed up to (the) 
heaven, he blessed them, and brake them, and gave to the 
disciples to set before the multitude. ^''And they ate and 
were all satisfied: and they took up that, which remained 
over to them, twelve baskets of fragments filled. 

^^And it came to pass (that) he being apart alone, 
praying, the disciples were (imperf.) with him; and he 

7^e] om. J*L. niTefi-T"] om. UI, M. eXA.qCOiULc] pref. 
O-yOg,, J^Dg: +2^6, BFDa Hunt26: A.qCOiULC, NL. C^pHl] 
A F(* another') Sec: enojtOI, J^Fi*: om. Oi*. ^.qCJULOTj pref. 
OTOg^, J*L: eXA.q., ^i. epCOOT] cf. Gr. ABCL Sec. 
OTOg, i°] om. J*. A.qcl>A.(om. A*)CgOT] A.qcf)tOttJ, J, cf. Gp. 
om. avTovs, Gp. D om. koi KartKKaatv, OTOg^ 2"^] om. K E Fj® M. 
^.qi"] N A &c. : n^-qi" , imperfect, B AiFj* Hunt 26, cf. Gr. itHl] 
itneq, J^BrDgFi* Hunt 18. 26, cf. Gr. L Sec. syr^". eOpOT.J 
^T., Hunt 26. X^] o™- Ji*K*. ^^.pOOOT] TDi.a^i 
I'V(i*?)GJKMO: -p(JOq, ACEiH: -pOq, EjFi*^ (* another ') J LS- 

» has iteqAXA-OHTHC oTog, neqjut4.e. ^x-f SniiULHcg 

his disciples, and hw disciples gave to the multitudes. iULTlIiULHCl)J 
ACE, FHJLS, cf. Gr. exc. D: Itm., B T D1.2 Ai EjG K M N 
Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. D &c. syrcu. ^^ Cf Og, i°] om. B Hunt 26. 

OnrOg, 2°] om. Fi*. XKpOTJ Gr. 13. &c. syr®" place after €<l>ayop, 
a &c. om. OTOg, 3°] om. Fj* Hunt 18. (JOX, A. eptOOT &c.] 
epOUOT eqcgOOR ixifi &c. being twelve &c., M: i^XJtX^^ \K 
itKOX itX^K^ they filled twelve baskets of fragments, F : Gr. hi 218. 
arm aeth om. avrois, and Gr. K D have tS>p KkaafAorav. 8TAt.O^J 
A : -iUteg^, &c. : om. B F Hunt 26. " ^qX^] Gr. D sah™"°' Hunt ,8. z6, 

avTovs. cA.ncA.] CA.OTCA., F. eqepupoccTX^cee] -upoc- 
exHcoe, A* : ^.qep., ODg: eep., infin., Gg : Gr. D &c. gyr«« om. 

n^'cX*^] ^^' ^* 245- ^ ^yyh^^^y- iteiULA.q] + 2^8, J. ne] 

126 ROXTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

JUL^OHXHc. OTOg, ^qgertOT eqxo) ijL«.oc. xe 
^p6 nipcoiULi xo) iJuuLoc. xe ^.noK itiAx. 
^•HeoooT 2ie ^TepoTO) nexoooT. xe ia54LnitHc 
uipecffoojuLc. g^A.itKex^o'^J^J 2^^ ^^ kXia.c. 

^.p^eoc ne exA.qTtonq. 
***nexA.q 2^6 ntooT. xe itetoxeit 2^€ ^.peTeitxco 
juuuLoc. xe a.noK itijui. Hexpoc t^c ^.qepoTco 
nexA.q. xe iteoK ne nx^ ^'f- 
^ *^Heoq 2ie noooT ^.q^^ong^en 
egxejULxe 4>^J it&Xi. ^^ GA.qxoc. xe gi^'f ^^ 
itxe nojHpi jtisbptjjjtxi (S\ oTiULHcg it^ici. 
OTog, itxoTcgogq itxenmpecfi.Txepoc nejUL ni- 
i^^yQxe^ertQ wexx. njcA.j6. oTog, itxoTj6oefi.eq. 
OTog, itxeqxconq j^eit niJULA.g^v iteg^ooT. 
^ 2*HA.qxto 2ie juuutoc itoTon ni&en. xe <^k een^.- 
OTtog eoTA.2,q itcooi JULA.peqxoXq e^oX OTog, 
iULA.peqtoXi ii.neqcxA.Tpoc jOuuLuni oTog^ 
itxeqjULOttji itctoi. 
cnA. 2*4>K rA.p eeoToxg enog^ejut itlxeq^TXH qnA.- 
XA.KOC. 4>H 2ie eeitA.xA.Ko itxeq^^TXH eeAax 

om. r F J. niJULA.eHXKc] neq., J* B r F K N Hunt 26, cf. Or. 
M U I. &c. 8yT««: +ne, T. Xe i° . . . ijUULOC 2°] om. Hunt 26.] epe, S. pOOJUH] iUlHCg, BTKN, cf. Gp. exc. a al* &c.; for 
poHition cf. ? Gr. J** B L &c. " A.TepOTto] e added. A« : eXA.T., 

partic, J*B &c., cf. Gr.: om. Fi*, cf. sah •«»»«'. &A.n. i°] OTOg, 
2^A.It., J*. -KeX^O'^I^O -KeOTOn, Hunt 18. 2^6 2°] om. 

NFi*. 2ie 3^1 om. K*. npoct)HXHc] + ne, D1.2. ^PX^ I oc, 

A. ne eXJ J*AB0D,.2AiFHJ0S: nex, rEOKLMX Hunt 
18, 26. *®2!ie i°] om. B Hunt 26. HOJOt] + ItXei KC, D,.2. 

2ie 2°] om. J*Fi*,cf.8ah«°»»«'. neXpOC T^e &c.] A Fi«(* another') &c., 

cf. Gr. NBCLE I.: nexenexpoc xeiteoK &c., Fi*. A.q- 

epOTto] AN Hunt 18, 26: eXA.q., J*B &c., cf. Gr. KOOK] AC 
D3,2 AtEFGH JKLMN O S Hunt 18, 26°(Ko.e.) : om.J^BT. ne] om. 
KBrAiFO Hunt26. n^C 4>1"] KA(tp.UH ^l)BCDi* AjEFGH 

LUKE IX. 19-24. 127 

asked them, saying: 'Whom said [the] men that I (am)V 
^^ And they answered, they said : ' John the Baptist ; but 
others, '' Elias ; " and others, that a prophet of the old 
(prophets) rose.' ^°And he said to them: 'But whom said 
ye that I (am)?' And Peter answered, he said: 'Thou art 
Christ God.' ^^ But he having charged them, ordered (them) 
not to say this to any one ; ^ having said, that (the) Son 
of (the) man must suffer much ; and the elders and chief 
priests and the scribes (must) reject him, and kill him, and 
he (must) rise on the third day. '^And he was saying to 
all : ' He who will wish to follow me, let him deny himself, 
and let him take up his cross daily, and walk after me. 
^For he who wisheth to save his life (lit. soul thus again) 

LMNOS Hunt 18, 26: -i}L4>i",Di«(ijL over erasure). 2* (+nttJHpI,2C): 
-itXe4>i", J K(isx--j *a copy' i» written above) : IH^XC itXe4>'f , 
r ; for genitive cf. Gr.; Ei gloss iiA ^.^^^ ^j^l yj^^ j ^\u^ 'the Coptic 

and some of the Greek, the Christ of God.' ^^ eXA.qep] A.q., 

indie, Fi*02, of. sahw>>w A-qg^OItg^en] pref. OTOg^, FDa: 
e^q., F: +n(J0OT to them, Fi«JKL, cf. Gr. K &c. Itg^Xl] 
eg^Xl, KN. "eA.q2COc] O-yOg, neXA.q ntOOT and he 

said to them, K. g^tJO'f] Gr. J** places after oi^pwn-ov. CVOg, i°] 
om. Hunt 18. IteJULniA-p^.] om. N ; B^ repeats OTOg^ ItXOT- 
CyOCyq after ItlC^j^ ; obs. Gr. i. 131. 209. om. mi y/Ki/u/u. 
j6e&eq, a*. OTOg, 3°] om. EiFi*, cf. sah^^^'^. xtoitq] 

+j6enitK eeiuitooTx, Hunt 18. >nie2,ooT jGuuL^-g^r, 

Di.2^1 ^ O' Gr. D &c. /x«^' ijfirpaff rp^ii. ** 2k^e] om. B D] Ai 0. Hunt i8. 

iiJULoc] +ne, k. itoTon nifi.en] syr^^ om. een^.- 

Hunt i8, cf.? Gr. ^c'Xfi. eOTA.g,q] om. 6, D2: GJULOttJI, B. 
CX^.'VpOC] J^, A. XJUtXani] cf. Gr. J**ABL &c. OTOg, 2°] 
om. KAiELMO. JULOOJl] OTA-g^q, AjO. ** eeOTOOttj] 

»A(nr altered from ?) B C D1.2FG H J K LM S Hunt 18, cf.? Gr. 
HFA al mu e^n\ eeitA. &c., rA,0, cf.? Gr. M17. ItXeq] 
exeq, B«. qnA.XA. (altered, A«) KOC . . ."^^TXH] om. J,* homeot. : 
eqeXA-KOC &c., F. ee^KX] KA*Fi*K, cf. Gr. 56. &c. syr^u 
sah «««>>: +<1>A.I, A«Fi«(* another') &c. eqenA.g^JULec] A Ai* 
Fi«(*another') &c.; eqitA-g^JULec, F: eqeXCJULC, Fj*. 


IJ.» ■■^^ • — -■ 


"Ot rA.p epe uipcojuii m^xexK^Hoy iiJULoq 
A.qttj^nxeJtt.g^HOT JuLniKocJULoc XHpq. iteoq 
2l€ itxeqxA.Koq i}uuLA.T^xq le nxeqi"oci 

g^ooq ncgHpi ijL4>p(A5iULi itA.'fami n^-q. ccgcon 
^ j6eit neqcooT itexiL 4>^neqia5x nejui 

_ iteqA-vreXoc 

^^7 27#j»^^j^ juLAJLoc ittoxen TA.4>Jtt.Ki. xe o-ron g^A-it- 
oToit j6en na eTog^i epiJTox XSLn^-iiULA. na 
exencenA.xejUL'f ui juL^^julot A.n. ttjA.xoTnA.T 
e^iuieTOTpo itxe cl>i". 


A '-^^CtXcacjom 2^e xxenencA. nA.icA.xi nA.T a ileg^ooT 
A.qa5Xi jOLueTpoc neuL iA.K(jofioc neiUL itoA.rt- 
nac. A.qae nA.q eg^pai exeit hit coot eep- 
-•OTog, jfeeit nxmepeqepupoceTX^^c^e 
A.qgtofix itxenA.oTA.It itTe neqg^o. oTog^ neq- 
dTg^fioc A.qoTfiA.g ijL<l>pai" iteqg^icexefipax 

** epe] A: exe, B &c. JUUULOq . . .g^aOT] om. Ei* bomeot. 

g A.n] A. altered, A<». xapq] + xeq^T^H ^e itxeq+oci 

JUUU-Oq le itXeqXA.KO ijL«.A.TA.Xq,F; obs.ayrc^^aethom. 
$ CfjfimBfU. XA.KOq] X A.KO, FJ 0. ^® VA.p] om. F. ttjini i°] 
+ A.n not, FKMN. XA.2,a] A*?B<^r«D,.2 A,»Ei«.2GiJKMN: 
Xg^a, A« B* r* Ai« El* F Gg H L S. CA.Xl] Gr. D &c. syr^" oin. 

nA.q] juuuLoq, n*. ecycon] aoefghjlms: g^oxA.n, 
B r D2 A, K N o^ eycon g^oxA.n, Dj. jienneqoooT &c.] 

j6enn(J0OT JUineqiOOX in (the) glory of his Father, F; for 
neqitOX of. Gr. D &c. syrc^ neqA.W.] cf. 8ahM»»'» 8yr«> et«h 
aeth: ni., AjO. " ^fxco] A*BrAiFKOS: +2^6, AcCDi.jj 

E G H J L M N, cf. Gr. Xe] cf. Gr. K &c. 8yr«» ; Gr. D ort oXiy^wp. 
j6en] j^A. belonging to (lit. under), K. na eXOg^l] erasure of 
two letters, second dotted, after O, A«. na CXen] om. J*. X'f'ni, 

^^^sl^ A*. *® A.cttjtoni . . . CA.XI] cA.xoxq iuienencA. epeq- 

LUKE IX. 25-29. 129 

will destroy it; and he who will destroy bis life because 
of me, shall save it. ^^For what will the man gain, if he 
should gain the whole world, and destroy his own self or 
forfeit himself? ^^For he who will be ashamed of me and 
my words, of this (one) also (the) Son of (the) man will 
be ashamed, if he should come in his glory, and that of 
his Father, and his holy angels. '^I 'say to you truly, 
that there are some among them who stand here, who 
will not taste of (the) death, until they see the kingdom 
of God.' 

^And it came to pass after these words about eight 
days, (that) he took away Peter and James and John; 
he went upon the mountain to pray. ^^And it came to 
pass in his praying, (that the) form of his face was 
changed, and his vesture was white and (lit. as) flashing. 

^e<t»^.I immediately after his saying this, K. C^^l] +XHpOT all, 
F. A.qC0Xl] for om. mi cf. Gp. l^* B &c.: OTOg, GT^qCJoXl, T, 
cf. Or. H°ACDh &c. IA.Ktofi.Oc] for position cf. Gr. C^ D L &c. 
8yr«°. ItO^mtKc] CO^Itlt over erasure, K, a sign of the other 
reading. eepHpOCeTX^Cee] -KCee, A twice: A.qep., Fi*; 
eqep., Fi« ; ohs. Gr. K irpoatvx*<reat : Gr. L om. *® OTOg, . . . 

npOCer^ecee] om. Fi*K*. A.CCytom] Gr. Ik* om., but inserts 
it after mpop. epeq] BCrAiEGiHJLMNOS Hunt 18; eepeq, 
A Di, 2 Fi« G2 K«. epUpOC] -KCee, AK^: om. ep, T; Gr. H* 
-iaaem. A-qcgCOfi-T"] cf. Gr. D lyXXoiwAy: -OJOUTq, S: pref. 
A.qgORq, N. U^OTA.n] nA.OTfi.A.n, F; Eg has UA.O'CA.n 
(tr.Jai* 'look'), and gloss ^^^ UIA-OTOUt ^^^^ 'Greek, UIA-OTOm 
colour.' neqCTf.] Gr. L om. alrov. -^fiocj -g,fi.tOC, AiFKLNO. 

oT^Axg] oTA.g, B J L M*. neqg^icexefi-pHx] a* c Di* At 
Ei.2*M; eneqg,!., K; ititeqg^i., A«rGi*?H JiS: iteeqg,!., 

Di^aGi^a: €qg,I., B HimtiS: XiUICexefipHX the lightning, 

L: noTg,i(om. g,i, Ea*"* 02)cex., 0: itoTcerefipKx eq- 

(itq, E2«)&IC€X€fi.pHX a lightning flashing, Ej^F. l^hait OTOg, 

em^xti^.x iuc€JUL^.e. eneqtooT ^T^ei g^ixennoT^o. 
oTog^ g^Hune ^.TOTong^oT n^g^pA-q it^cejuLtoTcac 

nCAHiiXl^C the disciples having seen his glory fell upon their face; 
and lo, Moses and Elias manifested themselves near him. 
VOL. U. K 

130 RaxTOX ^OYROXH. 

^**Oto2, g^Hune ic pcojuii 5 nA.TCAJB:i neftii^.q. 

OTOItg^OT j^eit OTtOOT. 

H^^TC^^i JuLneqjULtoix e&oX 4>h enA.qitAJB:ojcq 

e&oX j6en i?auX. ^^nerpoc 2^6 hbjul hh 
cnfi. €enejuLA.q neA.T^poaj | n^miJUL ne. err^.y- 

epcgpcoic 2^6 ^Tn^.nr eneqcooT neJUL nipu3JULi 

5 itK eitA-Tog,! epA.xoT nejuL^^q. 
^^ OTog, eTnA.4>oopx efi.oX JOuuLoq nexc 

uexpoc iiThc. xe inpeqi" itA.itec 

itxenttjtoni ilLn^iiULA.. 
Oto^ icxe xP'^^Si ftTeneAJULio nri" ncmritK. 

oTi itA.K nejuL oTi iiJULcoTCKc o-yog^ o-yi 

naXiA-c. juLqetxi ^n euexA.qxco JOuuLoq. 
^*Ha.i 2^6 eqxto Xiuulcoot A.caj(joni iixeoTtfTini. 

OTO^ A.cepj6Hi&i excooT. ^.Tepg^o-f 2^6 €T- 

A.Tg€ ittooT eji)OTit ei"tfHni. 
** OTog, OTCJULK A.ccgconi e&pX i6eit i"tfKni ecxto 

juLuLoc. xe 4>^i ne n^^ojapi excoxn. ccoxejui 

^•OTog, exA-cgtoni iixei"cjuLK ikc ijuuu.TA.xq 

nexA.T2cejULq. oTog, netooT a.tx^P^o*^- 

*® ptOiULl] pref. OT, S. neW.A.q] ACrEiGHJKMNS: 
+ ne, BD1.2A1E2FLO Hunt 18. ne] om. KLMS*; obs. 6yr~ om. 
omivf fjaav. ** KK ex] Gr. D &c. om. oL OTOng^OT] O 2^ 

A»8. nA.TCA.Xl] enA.T., F, cf.? Or. P sah^hw. Or. C* D al^° 
c e syi wb et p ?X«yov dc. neqiULtOIx] neqiCOX his father. Dg 
(which has e^oX). XOKq] XtOK, M. neJUinH ee repeated, 
A. ^^neA.T.] n over erasure, A«: nA.T, B Hunt i8. 

^e 2°] Or. I. &c. Byr«tt ical ««ayp7y. neqCJOOT] nOTCOOT their 
glory. Ji*. E &c.] 5 nH(e, S) enA.TCA.XI netXA^q two who 
were talking with him, B ; obs. Gr. 28. rovr (tuXXoXoOitcu koI truvtartn-at, 
^^OTOg, i°] om. r. nipeqi"C&a5] ACEjGHJKLMNS: 
4>peq., BrDj.aAiEjFO Hunt 18; cf. Or. X 157. dcdacriraXc. 
OTOg, 2^] om. r Hunt 18, cf. Gr. MU &c.; obe. only £f^ has 'si vis :' 

LUKE IX. 30-36. 131 

^^And behold, two men were speaking to him, who are 
Moses and Elias; ^^who manifested themselves in glory; 
they were speaking of his exodus, which he was to fulfil 
in Jerusalem. ^^And Peter and they who were with him 
had been heavy with slumber: but having kept watch, 
they saw his glory, and the two men who were standing 
with him. ^^And it came to pass, (that) they being about 
to part from him, Peter said to Jesus: 'Teacher, it is good 
for us that we be here ; and — if thou wishest — that we make 
three tabernacles, one for thee, and one for Moses, and one 
for Elias;' he knoweth not that which he said. ®^And (as 
be is) saying these (things), there was a cloud, and it 
shadowed over them: and they feared, having gone into 
the cloud. ^And there was a voice out of the cloud, 
saying: 'This is my Son, who is chosen, hearken to him.' 
^And the voice having been (heard), Jesus alone was 

Gr. t^ al pauc mi irot^o-o^i'. vi"] ACT^ Fj* Qi H : V, B Sec, for 
pofliUon cf. Gr. DL &c. CK-^ItK] A &c.: CKKItK, B C Di OJ": 

+ Xin^^iJUL^., Ai Oi Hunt 18. hcjul] A0EFHJLM(+ OT) S 

Hunt i8«: CVO^, D1.2A1O: om. BFGK Hunt 18*. OTOg, 3^] 
om. TGKN: ItGiUL, FJLMS Hunt 18. JULqeJULll A*CG,H; 

nq., A« &c. exc. eitq., B D,. 2 El F. enex^qxooj a : ene- 
Teqxco, E Gi«. 2 H ( JOLu) J (iiu) k l n : e4>K ereqxto, 

B r Di. 2 ^1 Fi«^ (* another') M 0^. 2 (om. 6, 1°) Hunt 18 : Xe ^q^CU), 
Fi«. JUUU-Oq] iiUULOC, D2 F K : JuLULtOOT, N: +XeOT, F, 
cf. Gr. al pauc W Xfyfi : Gr. D o Xcyti. ** A.CgtOni ibce] IC, 

Hunt 18. O'VOg,] om. Fi* H L Hunt 18. ^Cepj^.] cf. Gr. 
A C D &c. aorist. €XtOOT] » A F^^C other copies') &c.: eptOOIf, 
Fi*. ntJOOT] cf. Gr. KBCL &c. ^* OTOg,] +IC, L Hunt 18. 

^.COJCOni] Gr. D iyX^e», syr®" 'audita est.' lie] om. H. eXCOXU] 
-CCOTn, r Al Fi« Gi* H J K N S Hunt 18 ; cf. Gr. K B L &o.: 
er^I'f'JUL^'f' IljfeKTq in whom I am well pleased, J^ ; Di gloss 
^•s^ kS» '^'^®^» ***® beloved.' ^« OTOg, i°] om. T. eXA.C- 

OJCOni . . . XCiULq] om. Fi*. "fcAILK] XCJULH, EFi*G2MN. 
neX^T(q, A)X€JULq] om. ne, S. OTOg, 2°] Gr. D e sah«»«»» dc. 

K % 



AA ^^ "3Xcatoni 2ie eneqp^.c'f en^xi e^pm e&oX 


^.qajg e^oX. xe nipeq-fc^o) i"i"&o epoK. 
xoTax enA.gHpi. xe oTaapi jQuuL^T^xq 
itHi ne. 
^®Oto2, g^HUue qitKOT esctoq ibceoTnitI!. oTog, 
cnr noTg^o-f I j6en o-cg^o-f qtocg efi.oX oTog^ 
qcijeopxep juumoq. oto^ qpooj^x juumoq 
ej6pHL OTO^ p(Joq 2C€g c^^Hi-f efi.oX. 
OTOg, JULoric cgA.qae n^q e&oX &A.poq eq- 
j6oAiu6ejUL iiUULoq. *®oto^ ^J+fto eitCK- 
iULA.eKXKC &mA. itxoTg^n-q efi.oX. OTog, 
^^HXqepo-yu) Sxemc oto^ ne2CA.q. xe to nixtoo-c 
iiA.enA.2,i" o-^og, exct)oit^. a)^en^.Y -f itA-atoui 
neiULcoxeit oto^ itTA.epA.itexecee JuuuLto- 
Teit. A.iti neKajHpi itai iA.n^i. 

OTO^ 3^] om. E Fj* M. jfeeit . . . &Xl] om. Qg. eP^Xl 2** 
...epOOOT] om. S*; obs. Gr. D &c. om. wdcV. JtHH] eitH, 
D2G2O: j6ennH, Fi*N. eX^JTHA-T] eTOTHA-T, pres., 0. 

Hunt i8j_a6. »'' 2^6] om. N. eneqpA-cf] ixneq., m ; cf. Or. tJ i^g ^/i. 

37-43 X«.- eXA-Tl] eXA.qi, Fi*, cf. Or. D. ej6pHl] A F,o(* another') &c.: 
AXtOOT eneCHT, Fi*. ^\] om. H*. A.TI] AcEGHJKLMNO: GTI, 
A* : ^.qi, B Ci« r D,. 2 A, Fj* Hunt 26. &^poq] A, obs. Gr. D 
awt\etw avT« : Gg^pA-q, BH*K« &c. ^* OTOg^ . . . e&oX i«] 

A Fi«(* another') &c.: A-qODOJ gSloX itXeOTA.1 C^oX jfeenUI- 
itX-HCl) cried out one from the multitude, F^*, omitting the con- 
junction, jfeen] g^i, Hunt 26. A.qaxg] eA.q., rD,.2- ^e] 

AOEiGHJL Hunt 18: pref. eq^CtO JJLMXOC, BrDi.jAiEjFKM 

N s Hunt 26. nipeq] 4>peq, Ci*. en^] a* : exeniu., 

LUKE IX, 37-41. 133 

found. And they held their peace, and told not to any 
one in those days any of the things which they saw. 

^'^And it came to pass on the (lit. his) morrow, (that) 
they having come down from the mountain, a great multi- 
tude came forth to him. ^And behold, a man from the 
multitude cried out: 'Teacher^ I beseech thee look upon 
my son: because he is an only son to me: ^^and lo, a 
spirit Cometh upon him, and suddenly he crieth out^ and 
he convulseth him, and he hurleth him down, and his 
mouth foameth, and it hardly goeth from him, bruising 
him. ^And I besought thy disciples that they would cast 
it out ; and they could not' ^^ Jesus answered, and said : 
'O [the] faithless generation and which is perverse, how 
long shall (lit. will) I be with you, and bear with you? 

A« &c. HKI Ue]_cf^Gr. K A B C D L &c. *• OTOg, i^] .om. 

AiO. O-yog, . . . niUl] om.Fi*. qnuOT] ABCDiAiEiFHJMO 
Hunt 26: eq., rDjEaGKLNS Himt 18; doubtful variation because 
of preceding 6. JtOTg^O-f ] ^etiOX., Ci* ; IteOT., ; ^^, 

A*, qcmj] eqaxg» N Hunt 18. q(eq, JN)ttjeopxep jtx] 

qOjeepeOOp JUL, erased q, Tio. OTO^_qpa5j6T AXAXOqJ 
om. Fi* Hunt 26: OTOg, A.qji)OOItX JULlXOCJ Cj^pHI and 
leadeth him down, M, of. Mark ix. 18. Q-f Og, 5°] om. B T F Oi 
Hunt 26. pU)q] ACEi*GHJi*LMS: epepOOq, BTDj.jAiEi^ jF 
•V K N O Hunt 18, 26. iULOric] of. Or. » A C D (L) &c. eq- 
i^OAJL.] pref. OTOg^, K, cf. Gr. D km avprpiffti. Ei gloss ^^1 J 

lift JUiJl ^^ j^ J ^'J^^^ fS^^ *^ ^^^' J^^. J (^ -^iri J **" *^® Coptic, 
and (his) mouth foameth, and he hardly goeth from him ; the Greek and 
the Arabic, and he foameth at his departing from him.' ^^ OTOg, i°] 

om. Fi*. eneK.] iweiCy k. oto^ 2°] om. EiFi*m. ttjxeAi.- 

XOJUL] obs. Gr. C^ laxwrap. *^ A.qepO-rto] ABCFHJKLMS 

Hunt 18, 26, cf. e am* : +2^6, rDj.aAiEGNO, cf. Gr. exc. C*, which 
.jmits also ajroKpt^€«. OTO^ i^] om. BF^* Himt 26. O) UIXCOOT] 

onr added, A« : A. HI &c., K*. itA-en^-g^i" . . . <l>on^] ex- 
jcoXx o-yog, nA-enA-^-f, K. nejuLooxen] cf. Gr. K iite.] A-ItlO-yi JUL, KFi*?. nai] om. Ji*. JULIt^l] for position 
cf. Gr. A C &c. 


f^MgggggWB^a^ssa ^ -^'? ."j rz s r- .i^ . i rvj .: — :: 



**exi eqitHOT e;6oTn &A.poq A-qpA-^xq ej^pHi 

it:£eni2i6JULCon OTog, A-qajxepecopq. 
Ihc 2^6 jOLniTieiULcon ilA.K^.eA.p- 
Ton. oTog, A.qTOTxe uia-Xot oto^ ^.qTKiq 
^ ** HA.Tepa$Kpi XKpoT exeit 'fiuteenioj-f itxe cj^-f . 
erepcg^^Hpi 2^6 itsceoTon niKeit eg^pai exeit 
^cofi. ni&en enA.qipi jEjuulcoot. 

+^ +ne2CA.q itneqjUL^eKXKc. '•^xe iletoTen x^ ^^J- 
cA^i j^eit itexeiuuL^aj2C. FEcgHpi vA.p JuL^po)- 
jULi cen^-XKiq ej6pKi eitenxix jt^^^npoojULi. 
**HecooT 2^6 n*.TU) 6na.ic^xi ne. o-cog, nA.q- 
2,KR epoooT ne. oTog, &in^ itTOTgxejuLK^.'f 
epoq. itA-Tepg^oi" egenq ne ce&e n^.ic^.xi. 

AB ^ **3Xqi 2s.e €j6oTIt eptOOT tlX60T|iUL0JCiUL6K. XG 

cn^ It! JUL JuLuLtooT ne nmigi". 

^^liic 2s.e exA-qn^-T eniJULOKJUieic itxe noTg^KX 
A.qAJUloni iioTA.XoT A.qxA.g,oq epA.xq j6^- 
xoxq. *®oTog, u^x^.q ntooT. 

*2eXl] ABCEFHJLMS Hunt i8, 26: +2ie, TDLgAiGKNO; 
obs. ff*- g^- ^ 1 vg 8yT«»» * et; Gj^OTn] om. K*. &A.pOq] erasure 
of four letters after q, A«. A.qpA.j6xq] om. q, GgH JO. gJXep- 
OOOpq] X and OtO over erasure, A^; cf.? Gr. exc. K IT al plus*^ &o. 8yr««. 

2ie] om. Al*. nis^eiULoon 2°] ace Fi* h : nnZ, b r Di. 2 Ai 

Fi (* another') GJKLMNOS Hunt i8, 26, cf. Gr.: niTiGiULCOn 
ixnitZ &c. the demon of unclean spirit, M. OTOgj 2°] om. Fj*. 

OTog^ 3°] om. E. eneq] a : juLneq, b &c. » has oTog, 

A.qX^^ efi-OX eq-ftOOT iJL4>i" aud he sent him away, glorifying 
God. ^3 nA.Tepa$Hpl] A*: +2^6, A^ &c.: syr^u 'et.' 

XHpOT] A(OT added, A«)CEiFGHJKLMNS Hunt 18, 26 : + ne, 

BrDi.gAiEgO. -fiULeecXjA&conig-f] DjAiO: numex- 

nia'f* J. 2iel om. EFi*, cf. Gr. b. Gg^pHI . . . XJUULOOO**] 

om. J*. _g^a5&J o-ron, j. en^.qipi] cf. Gr. K a b c d l &c. 

syrc". JUUULCOOT] cf. Gr. N B D L &c. 8yr«« : + nxeiHC, M, cf. 

LUKE IX. 42-48. 135 

bring thy son to me hither/ ^(As he is) yet coming in 
to him, the demon hurled him down, and convulsed him. 
But Jesus rebuked the unclean demon, and cured the child, 
ftnd gave him to his father. ^^They all were wondering at 
the greatness of God. But (as) all (are) wondering at all 
things which he was doing. 

He said to his disciples: '^^Set ye these words in your 
ears: for (the) Son of (the) man will be given into (the) 
hands of men.' ^^But they understood not (lit. were for- 
getting) this word, and it was (imperf.) hidden from them, 
[and] that they might not understand it; they were fearing 
to ask him concerning this word. *^ And a reasoning came 
into them, as to which of them is the great. ^'^ And Jesus, 
having seen the reasoning of their heart, took hold of a 
childj he made him stand by him, ^and said to them: 

Or. AC &c. UeXA.q] ABODiAjFHOS: +2^6, rDjEQJKLMN, 
cf. Gr. H b &c. ** Xe] om. T*, cf. Qr. ftetOXen] om. K. 

nexen (iten, a*) jula^sc] nereng^HT", j, cf. vg aeth. ncgn- 
pi &c.] g^oo-f VA.p ne nxoT-f ixncgHpi jOL^^poojULi for 

(the) 8on of (the) man must be given, U. g^^ltpUOiULl] cf. Gr. : 
ni &c., KF. **n^TtO&cg] AAiEjJO: -ofi.a, B &c.: 

IU.T01 it^XCtOOTIt Ue JUL, H. ne i°] a C H J L N S : om. 

B Ac. nA-qg^Ku] n^T., M: +efi.oX, ». eptoo-c] g,^- 

pOJOT, J*, ue 2°J om. »F. OTOg, 2°] A C Di.jE H J L M S : 
om. K B r Ai F G K N 0, cf. Gr. P,m^ &cj eaTeJULCOTtOItq 
■o 88 not to know it, H. ItA-TepJ ACEGHJLMS: pref. OTOg,, 

» B r Di. 2 Ai F K N 0. g^o-f ] + Hc, ». egenq] -gjitq, a* : 

itajenq, F; Or. D om. oirc^K. ue 3°] om. J*F. *®epa50T] Hunt .8. 

g,, L. ne] om. r*M*. niOJ-f] +ili6HTOT among 
them. D2. *■' 2ie] om. F. eXA.q] q altered from T, A«. K^t] 
cf. Gr. A C D L &c. ^.q^JULOItl It] A-qJULOT-f e he called, K. 

noT] itoTKo^fxi it, K(e)rDi.2G. j6^xoxq] om. D2*; 

obs. aeth 'ante eoe:' K has ^eitTOTJULH-f eqSCtO JuLULOC 

xec{>H eenA.eefi.ioq iict)pKi" iinA.iA.XoT ct>A.i ne ni- 

nigi" i^en-fjUteXOTpO itXe4>'f in their midst, saying: 'He 
irho will humiliate himself aA this child, this is the great in the kingdom 
of God.' *® ntOOT] Gr. D &c. 8yr«» om. 


A.itoK neTA.qaton jOUuloi.' o-yog, cI>k excgcon 
iiJULoi ^.qa)co^ xL^^h exA-qxA-o-yoi. ^h v^.p 
GToi tiKOTXi i6eit eaitoT xapoT <b^i ne 

_ nimg-f. 

^ *^3XqepoTa5 i^e iiX6ico^.nitHc. xe nipeqi" A.n- 
itA-T eoTA.1 eqg^i 2i6iULCon efi.oX j6eit ^6Kp^.It. 
oTog^ A.nxA.g,no iJuuLoq. xe qjULogi n6AiLA.n 

°**Ihc 2ie uesc^q xe iinepxA^no. ot rA.p qi" oTfi.e eHHOT. cl>K VA-p exeitq^f oTfi.e 
eaitoT A.n ^.q-f g,i eHitoT. 

'f " nXccgtwui 2^6 exA.T2ca5K e&oX itxenieg^ooir ilxe 
xeqA.nA.XTJULitic. oTog, iteoq ^.qcejULne neq- 

pejit-itg^tofi. e&oX j6AJB:toq. 

juLuoTcgonq eptooT. xe n^.pe &p^q o^feg, ne 

nA.iA.XoT] OT &c., KB. epoq] +iinA.ipKi" thus, k. 
nerA-qgcon] -gon, aDj: nexeqgon, pres.. b &c.: ne 

exeq &c., K r. OTO^ 2°] om. Hunt i8. ^H eXOJOOn] obs. 

Gr. i^x6g, icxfToi. A-qcgoon ii4>H] A.qga5n nxe4>K, CiGj.a 

(CgCOni), probably an error in the three MSS. ne] cf. Gr. NB 
CL &c. ^^T^e] om. J^BEiFK*, cf. Gr. C*^^: 8yr«« et wh *et.' 

xe] A* : ne2CA.q xe, a»» &c.: nexA.q nA.q xe, K. nipeq- 

•f c^o)] <l>peq., » Di. 2 Ai E2 ; cf.? Gr. C* L &c. T^eiULCOn' 
cf. Gr. J^ABCDL &c. ji)enneKpA.n] cf. Gr. KBL &c. OTOg," 
om. Hunt i8. A.nTA.g^no] cf. Gr. ACD &c.: itXA-g^HO, D2, 
perhaps for enTA-g^rtO, cf. Gr. t^BLS a b e 1 tKaXvofuv, q(om. A*)- 
iUtOCgi] A« &c.: itq &c., r, double negative: qOTeg, tiCVJli 
A.n, K, as in Mark. ^^^e] cf. Gr. KBCDL &c., but they place 

LUKE IX. 49-53. 137 

'He who will receive this child to him in my name, he 
received me: and he who receiveth me received him who 
sent me : for he who is little among you all, this is the 
great.' ^' And John answered : ' Teacher, we saw one casting 
demons out in thy name, and we forbade him, because he 
walk^ not with us.' ^ But Jesus said : < Forbid not : for 
he is not against you: for he who is not against you is 
for (lit. on) you.' 

'^And it came to pass, (that) the days of his being 
received up having been fulfilled, [and] he set steadfastly 
his fSEkce to go to Jerusalem, ^^ and he sent messengers forth 
before him: and having gone, they came into a village of 
the Samaritans, so as to prepare for him. ^^And they re- 
ceived him not to them, because his face was (imperf.) directed 


•li^roCs after aMi^. neXA.q] A* C F E^ F G H S, cf. Gr. D &c. : 
+ nA.q, N B Di Ai Ea K M N Hunt 18, cf.? rest of Gr. : + HtJOOf , 
A"pD2.4JL, cf. Gr. 13. &c. TA.g^no] A C rOiEi.a* OH K M 
Hunt 18*, cf. Gr. »AB &c.: +i}UULOq, BDaAiEa^FJLNO, cf. Gr. 
CDL &c.: TA.g,na)Of forbid them, 8. Of TA-P . . . OHHOf ] 
cf. Gr. L &c.: K continues as in Mark, exc. Cqit^) :^OAA., e:^6It. 

q^ A.n] A-q-f, r*?: nq-f, BAiO: nq-f, J 8: 

qiTA.'f A.It, future, E2. Of fi.e i*'] 6 altered. A^. >A.n Of fi.e- 

ennof , r. ennof ...ennof ] cf. Gr. ^o^bodl &c. +&!] 

g^i, 8. "T"(n, N)eq^.^^.XfX5L1^Ic] -Xhxil'^ic, OjS cf. Hyjatjg, 

Gr. NABCDL &c.: -A.nA.Xf ^IC, A*, cf.? Gr. E &c.: -XILeTA.- 
XfXt-^IC, D4: Gr. N* om. ainov. OfOg, ItOOq] EiM om. 

Of og, : neoq 2ie, m. A.qcex5Lne] -cext-nK, a Ai o : 

IU.qceA«.ne, imperfect. S ; for position cf. Gr. L &c. Tieqg^o] 
cf. Gr. N A C D &c. e] Cg^pHI 6 up to, F. ^^ ^^npeXt-J 

om. g,A.n, H. ng^cofi.] 2,a3&, h. exA.fae] om. ex, n'-^: 

+ na30f , nk^Y. A.f l] om. S: om. A.f, Dg. ej6of It] om. N^ 
-f Xt-l] cf. Gr. »« A B C D L &c. : fi.A.KI, F, cf. Gr. »* &c. ItXe] it, F. 

g,a3cxe] crDiAiHKS; 2,a)C2ie, abDj.4E2«fg2Jlmno 

Hunti8; cf.Gr. ACDL &c.: 2,a3C,EL2*.cf.Gr.KB &c. " Of Og, 

iSLnof .] rteooof 2^6 iinof ., k^. of eg, ne] of og, ne, 
AHOS: ttje ne, jl: >ne of eg,, KN(og,): om. ne, ». 

138 RaxTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

•* 6TA.f itA.-r 2ie ibceiteqAJLA.eHTHc iA.Ka)fi.oc itexiL 

iu3^.nnHC 1163^0301'. xe hot xP**^^^ tnrenxoc 

cite oTog, iixeqi hxeoxxjp^^^ efi.oX | j6en xc^ 

o-rog, nTeqpoK&o-y. iSLc^pHi" eT^-qepg^coA 


** 6TA.qc^ong,q ^e nujot eq^cco 
JOuuLoc. ze xexeitexiu A.n ze necoxeit a-oj 
iJLniuI. iixeqi tbcenojHpi iJLc^pu3A«.i eir^Ke 
ni'^nrxH iixe mpcjoiULi ^.XXi. €XA.nj6o. 
••ofog, ^Toje ncjoo-r eKei"iun. 
Ar 7 *''Ofog, evAiLoaji 2,1 uixt-cjoix nexe o-ta-i n^-q. 
ze iinriJULoaji iiccjoK ec^uu. exeK^e n^.K epoq. 

*®ne3ce iHC itA.q. z€ ni&^cyop OTonxo-r fi.KA 
juuuL^-Y. oTog, nig^^XA-i- iirre ir^e ofonxo-r 
iULA-iioTog,. nojHpi 2ie neoq juLc^pooxin ijuuLon- 
Teq AJL^.iio-Y^.£;XU3q epoq. 

••ne2CA.q ^e RiceofA.!. 3ce jtxooji iiccoi. Reoq ^e 

" IteqAJLA.e.] cf. Gr. AODL &c.: HI., K, cf. Gr. »B &c. 
UeXCOOT] om. Eg*: +iinOC, B: syr^ et"«^ add a^«. XE- 
ndc\ om. HOC, B. OTOg, i«] ACFGHJKLN: om. »BDi.2.4Ai 

EFMO Hunt i8. itTeqi &c.] tireoTXJP^^^ h i^. o-r- 

XP^««J^] XP^-*^* K. e^oX j6eit] obs. Gr. D &c. fV. 
Obs. the second page of folio Cite of A and the first page of CItr* 
have no red colouring of capitals or other letters. The translation of A 
agrees verbatim with that of Lagarde's edition, which says that the words 
are not in the Coptic. Of Og, 2°] om. J* F Hunt i8. IlXq, A*. 
ijLC^pHi". . . hXiA-C] ADiAjFa^sH^KJLOS, cf. Gr. ACD Ac: om. 
NBCrD,.a.8AiEFGH*KMNHunti8,cf.Gr.»BL&c.; Dj has gloss 
1^1 Jjii [S ^ji) * Greek, as Elias did;' Ej the same and ^J«J ^j«J. 
^ ncOOf ] passage ends, N. eqXtW . . . eTA-Hj^O J A D4 Ag H™K Jj L 
OS: om. BCrD,.g.8?'^iEF,.2*GH*KMX Hunt 18. X€ i°] OfOg,, 
D4: OTOg, X€, F2"™«H"K8; obs, Gr. D Ac. Ka\ ihtv. ItXeqi] 
letter erased after q» A^*; the Arabic conjunction ^1 may have been rendered 
by conjunctive : IteT^qi, perf. ii negative, correction of Peyron, Gram., 
p. 135, J. eXA.rtj6oJ J: eXOTOItii for their life?, A AgH"*: 
eroitji* Fg»»«L 8, eX(J0ni6, D4. Obs. i, Gr. (D) &c. Jtoi fZiTfr 

LUKE IX. 54-59. 139 

toward8 Jerusalem. ^And his disciples James and John 
having seen (it), said: 'Lord, wishest thou that we say 
(the word), and that fire come from (the) heaven, and bum 
them, as Elias worked.' ^^But having turned himself, he 
rebuked them, saying : ' Ye know not (of) what spirit ye 
are; and (that the) Son of (the) man cometh not to 
destroy the lives of [the] men, but to make live.' ^And 
they went to another village. ^^ And (as they are) walking 
on the road, one said to him: 'Let me walk after thee 
whither thou goest' ^^ Jesus said to him: 'The foxes have 
holes, and the birds of (the) heaven have nests; but (the) 
Son of (the) man hath not where to put his head.' 
^'And he said to another: 'Walk after me.' But he said: 

ovK oSkiT€ tSov (D irolov) tnmtiun6i itrrt vfuls. Obs. ii, Gr. P"^ K M U 
F A n &c. a b c e f q bjt^ 8cc. 6 yhp vlht rov dvBpwrov ovk l^X^c ^;^af 
cMpwcMT anoKtam aXXh <rwrtu, witb Blight variations. Cj bas ^ Jjh 

^J 'addition in the Arabic, Raying, *' Ye know not what . . .spirit ye are — 
verily the Son of man came not to destroy, but to give life." ' Dj has ^1^ 

'Greek,' and same except ».•. ^, eUij, (j^j1\ (j«yu 'the souls of people,' 
1^ J 'and they went;' E] ^laJ ^j^ ^ ^^j 'Greek and not Coptic,' same 
as D| exc. U for J , eU4J ; £2 nays ^^ . ; F2 has the same translation 
as £2 exc. J, with marks, and gloss ^ ^j^ i^^l li^ aa^\ iJl* ^ 
iJsJfl^ 'from this mark to the other is not in the Coptic' ^^ Om. 0. 

©•cog,] obs. M begins section Xr OfOg, ^.qoje: om. F. 
"OfOg^] of. Gr. NBO(D)L &c. syr®'^: Gr. A &c. V*«> ^'- Hunti8.a6 
€TX5LOttjl] iJT., S*: eXA-T., pret. partic, Di. 2. 4 E M^ CC over '^^ 
wasurc). IlTiJULOgi] "f XILOai, indie, J. ^JtXi^] HliUL^., 
B r F Hunt 18, 36. exeKOje] exeKnA-Oje, future, » B Scc. 
HA-K] om. F. epoq] +nA.OC, M, of. Gr. AC &c. (pyr**). 
"Uexe] ACEjGHJKLMNS Hunt 18: pref. OTOg,, BTDjaAi 
EjFO Hunt 26, cf. Gr. X€nifi.A.ttJOp] om. Aj*. JUUULOnxeq] 
AJUULOn, S. JULA.itOTi.2,Xa)q epoq] a BOi*fo(over erasure) 
D,.2.4AiEGi*Hi«JKLMOS Hunt 26; AJLA.itOTOg, epGKXOjq, 

G,«2: AJLA.n(e)peKxa3q epoq, NF Hunt 18(e): jUL^hoTi^ 

eXCOq, Ci«. " Om. Gg. a^e i°] om. CEiGiK. 

140 RaxTOX ^S^OYROXH. 

RxA-ae iiXA.ea)X5Lc JuLn^-itJox. 
^^ne3CA.q itA.q. 3ce XA- itipeqAt-coo-rx X5LA.poTKec 

it-f xnexoTpo vnre ^i" . 

''/' "ReofA.1 2^6 Tie3CA.q nA.q. 3ce -fnAJUioaji nccoK 

ROT. oTA-g^cA-g^ni nw Rgopu nxA-epA-uoxA.- 

^ecee nnn €Xj6en ua.hi. 

*^ne3CA.q 3i€ n^-q ibcemc, 3ce XJUxon g^Xi eA.q- 

g^ixoxq eof 2,efi.i. nxeqxof a*^ e^^.^o'^. ka.- 

cite^ ga3Ui eqcof xojn j6en -f xnexoTpo iilxe ^•f. 

/^ ^ UeneitcA. nA.i 2^6 a. uot ofojitg, itKeo efi.oX. 

Of og, A.qof opnof itS S e&oX j^A^ooq ejio'nt 

eo'v&.^.Ki m&en neut ajl^.i ni&.en en^-qn^-cge 

pv 2HA.qxu3 jOuuLoc ncoo'r ne. xe nitwcii Anen 

oTnia'f ne. niepvA.XHc 2^6 g^A-nKo-rxi ne. 

TcofiLg, OTn JOLnOT JuLnia3Cj6 g^onojc itxeq- 
^ g,iof I ng,A.neprA.XHc efi.oX eneqcocji. * 


nA.OT] nOT, D2.4FG1*: Gr. B*D &c. om. nHl] om. LN. 
itttjOpn] for position cf. Gr. J^BD &c. syr^"; olis. K* began RXA., 
cro8«ed XA- and wrote fflOpn. ttje] ttj, A* : + nHI, J^FM Hunt i8. 
®"ne3CA.q] NABG2HJKLNS Hunt 26, cf. tol 8yr«^»» (syro'i Iosub 
dix, ei): +2ie, C F D1.2 Aj EF GjM 0, cf. Gr. Om. 6 li, cf. Gr. 

NBDL &c. Kec] Ktwc It, N'^F: eu)A«.c It, ^^^ K. no-cpeq] 

itnOT., N^ El. 2* M : ni., N^ F J L Sc Hunt 18, 26. ^ T^c] om. 
B Hunt 26. 'f nAJtXOCgi] nXA.., r. nOT] nA.OC, Hunt 18. 
CA-g^ni] +^e, BD2.4 Hunt 26, cf. Gr.; for position cf. Gr. D. 

itxA.ep.] itxA-ae nHi nxA.ep., Hunt i8. A.noxA.^ecee] 

KDK2.4EFKMN: -2i^,^-, A &c^ J|^nA.q] cf. Gr. D avn>: 

Gr. B om. itXeiHc] ItXenenOC mc our Lord Jesus, h^; for 

position cf. Gr. h^ L. eA.qg,i] eqg^i, F: eA.qofA.p», N: eq- 

O'^^^, M, for pres. cf. Gr. A D L e»'^ Clem. XOXqJ Gr. B &c. 

LUKE IX. 6o-X. 3. 141 

* My Lord, command me first, that I go and bury my father/ 
*^ He said to him : ^ Leave the dead, let them embalm their 
dead; but go thou proclaim the kingdom of God.' ^^And 
another said to him : ' I will walk after thee, Lord ; com- 
mand me first, that I take leave of them who are in my 
house/ ®^ But Jesus said to him : * No one having put (lit. 
thrown) his hand to a plough, and looked back, will be 
right for (lit. in) the kingdom of God.' 

X. And after these (things) the Lord appointed (lit. 
manifested) seventy others, and he sent them forth two 
(and) two before him into every city and all places, to 
which he was to go. ^ He was saying to them : ' The 
harvest indeed is gi*eat, but the labourers are few: pray 
then the Lord of the harvest, that he would send (lit. 
throw, cf. Matt. xii. 20) forth labourers to his harvest. 
^Go: lo, I send you as lambs in (the) midst of wolves. 

om. o^rov. cot] CXenOT upon a, N. RxeqXOI'ttJx] A C G 
HLMO Hunt 26: pref. OfOg,, NBTDi.** AiEFJKNO : OfOg, 
eqZO-rOJT, D, : eqX., Hunt 18. 4>&OT, A*. nA-ttJOJUl] 
KACD1.2.4A1EFHJLMNOS Hunt 18, 26: qnA.., FGK. CQ-r- 

Tcjon] coTxeit, r. j^en] it, jj* ; for j^en cf.? Or. »« 131. q -. 

for ii cf. Or. N*BL &c. cl)'f J m4>HOf I the heavens, N, cf.Valentt 
ap Ir Marc Cyr. 

^ iULCnenC^. &c] Or. D a c e awtd€i(tv d#. OTOItg^, AFFGH Hunt 18. 
K O. iilCe] Ke, F ; cf. Gr. B L &c. ora. kuL o] o5, Fi«, cf. Gr. '"^ 
B D &c. OTOg,] om. F. Om. avrwr, Gr. B. ItS 5] om. It, O2 ; 
for OM dvo duo obs. Gr, B &c.; for om. wd cf. syrco ^^^h ethr. eOT- 
Sl^JKI] a : om. OT, B &c. n€iUUUL^.I nifi.en] om. F ; obs. Gr. 

D &c. transpose. cnA-qnA-a^] enA.qaje, Ci* : eTeqnA.aje, 

^uue Be Hunt 18. eptJOOT] A C,« Ej Gi« 2 H J K* L, cf. Gr. D &c. : 
epoq, Ci*Gi*: +iteoq, BrDi.jAiEgFK^MNOS Hunt 18. 
*nA.qxa5] Gr. 1. 131. syr^^ &c. «irfi.. XUj] ACHJLOS. cf. 8yr«« 
Bine copula: +2^6, BrDi.2.4AiEFGKMN Hunt 18, cf. Gr. NBO 

DL &c. ntjoo-r ne] om. j: om. ne, m. ocj6 i*^^. Jtxen] rends 

Gr. D &c om. OTIt] Olt, A: Gr. Db' om. iSLlIOC] om. JUL, 

LOj. iJLTii] iineq, n. &io-ri] TA.of o, r. * itooxeit] 

+ 2k€, DS.4E. 


&KTine A.noK i" of U3pn jDuuLooxen ixcl>pH'f ng^ 

^ &iHfi. j6en ext-H-f ng^^-noTCJong. *JOLnepqA.i 

itA.coi'i oT2ie HKp^. o-ri^e -eooof i. of og, JuLiiep- 

^ '^Ilmi 2ie itcoxeit ej^oTn epoq. 

pHHH eceiixoit jOuuloc e^cojq. ec^von jjumon. 

TeTreng^ipHitH eceKoxc epcjoxeit. 
^ ^Iflcjoui 7^€ j6en umi exetJUULA.-r epeTreno-rcojUL 

oTog, epexeitco} hnn eTenxcjoox ineprA-XHc 

VA-p qiJLnaj^. itxeqi6pe. JuLuepofCJOxeA e&oX 
_ j^en H! eHi. 

epoc OTOg, iixoTaen OHnoi' epcjoox oyvjjtx 

•Onrog, KH GTratJoni il(6HXc ^.pic^^j6pi epooo-r. 

cit^ ofog, A-lzoc ncjoo-r. see A.ci6tpnT ibcei"JULe- 

To-rpo hire ^"f. 

^ lO'i^fi.A.Ki T^e eTreTreitnA-a^ nooTen ej^o-rn epoc 

Of eg, iixoTttjTeiULgen ennoi' epcoo'r. 

CDuuLU3mi efi.oX j6en necnX^-xiA.. a^oc. "see 

niKCcycjoio) eTA.qx(J0X5Li enen(fi.XA.f3C efi.oX 

jfcen xexen&AJci xenn^-iteg^q nooxen efi.oX. 

g,Hnne...ijL(»«)cl>pK] om. »: over erasure, A«. A-HOK] 
cf. Gr. C D L &c. OfOpH, remains of another letter after H, A^'. 
* RA-CO-TI] ACEi*HS: IlOf A.COf I, B &c. OTiiC i°] cf.? Gr. 
M 69. &c. fi^. UKp^.] OTUIpA., N. Of 2i€ 2°] cf.? Gr. AC &c. 
Iiffii. Of Og, JuLuep . . . itg^Xl] of 2^6 &c., 1>D2.4FM; cf.? Gr. 
««ABCDL &c. KOI yjfiivai om. Of Og,, AiJOj, cf.? Gr. N*A* 28. 33. 
lufiiva. ^MJU^VT] ACDi?EGHKLMN: HI., NBD2.4AiFJ0 
Hunt 18. * niHl] for position cf.? Gr. A &c. 8yr«». 3ie] om. 

Hunt 18. >itaOpn A^OC, BPDiAiFJO Hunt 18; obs. Gr. D* 
Aieodf d Or om. nA.IHI(OC, A«)] HA-HI, GgM. * Of Og,] om. J. 

enojHpl] om. e, BE2«FQi*HJN Hunt 18: epCII &c., Ei.jj*L: 

eofanpi, D2.4. iii"] acEiGi«hms: nxei", g/ &c. 

LUKE X. 4-1 1. 143 

* Carry not purse, nor scrip, nor shoe: and salute not any 
one on (the) road. ^And the house which ye go into, — 
say first : " (The) peace (be) to this house." ® And if (the) 
son of the peace is there, your peace shall rest [itself] 
upon it: if not, your peace shall i*etum to you. ''And 
abide in that house, eating and drinking the things which 
they have : for the labourer is worthy of his food. Remove 
not from house to house. ^And the city which ye will go 
into, and they receive you to them, eat the things which 
they will set before you: ®and heal them who are sick in 
it, and say to them, that the kingdom of God approached. 
^^But the city which ye will go into, and they receive 
you not to them, come forth in its streets, say: <'^^Even 
the dust, which clave to our feet from your city, we will 

•f gjIpHnn] X., B: Gr. L om. r^^r. eceJuLxOIt] CnAJULT., 
Hunt i8. e3Ctt>q] om. Fi*: eg,pHI eZCJOq, BI>VFiCJK. 
eOjUJli 2^] ACGHKLN6: +2^6, Bl>Di.2.4A,'EFJMO Hunt i8. 
cf. Or.: om. to end, M. '' TlS] om. F. tUVH eTTeitTOOOl'] 

JuLneX., 0^2.4 O; o^- Gr. GA 69. al^ om. TO. V^p\ om. D4. 

qiinttjA.] qext-oj^j a, cf. Gr. AC &c.: JuLnoj^., f, cf. 

Gr. NBDL &c syr^". nxeqj6p€] ACEjGHKLMNS Hunt 18: 

ju-Tieq&ex^> B(H)r'Di.2.4Ai'EaFJO, cf. Gr. HI ew] 

OTHI eOfKI a house to a house, F: IHIK the house, Al^ 
* O-rOg, i°] cf. Gr. NBCD &c.: om. NBF: -f fi.A.KI 2^6, F, cf. Gr. 

AL &c ofog, 2°] om. Ai'EiJLM. nnn] efi.oX j^enitK, 

©2.4- eTOf n^.] eTOf, pres., Ai'. ® OfOg, i°] om. Ai'J. 

Of Og, 1° . . . epa)0*c] om. Hunt 18. ItlfcHXc] it(6KXO'r 
among (lit. in) them, D,.2.4G2?HK. OfOg, 2®] om. F. A.C-J« begin. 

i6a>itT] A c n El*. 8* Gi H K L M s Hunt 18: +epa5xen, ^JLb 

BDi.2.4^f F1.2JNO. -fxiLeT] om.'f, D4. c^fl m^Ho-ri, F. 
^^-f J&AKi] OTOg, -f., B: m., Aj'. 2^6] AB &c.: om. NJi*K. 

exexenn^.] eTexeit, Ai'. onrog,] om. DjAi'EiJj.^. 

^JULCJOIItl] altered from former ^JUlHIt, A^: ^JtXOy, A^'. 
j6en] ACDl2.4^i'EGiHKLMN8: it, PO: e, BFJ,.2. 
nX^-XIA.] B &c. : nX&.'fA., A. i^XOc] OTOg, A^OC, D4 L. 

" niKe(om. A*)aja3iqj] om. K€^ F. enen.] itnen., M; cf. Gr. 

ACL&c.: eneX6n.,J].2,ob8.Gr.K*&cv/uraftcr«oXXi7^Vra. Xen- 

144 ROXTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

xt-exoTpo itxe 4>i"* 
"'i^xo) iSLJULoc nojxeit. 3ce onron onrext-xon n^.- 
fflcjoui iico2iOJULA. iieit nieg^oonr exetuit.A.'c 
_ e^onre -f&AKi exex5LjuLA.f . 
pic i8 0*coi ne x^P^^iit. onroi ne fiLHecA.i2iA.. 2C€ 
il&pHi j6eit xf poc neix nrc\7s.ujti ene^-nrcgu}!!! 
ii>cen^.i:^oiUL exA.'raajni j6en ohixot. neicenei 
A.'repiULexA.nom eTg^ejULci sb^a ofcoK neiUL 
^*nXHn x-rpoc neiUL xci2i(joit onron ofexiLXon 
n^-cgcjoni ncooT j6en -fKpicic eg^oxepooxen. 
"Ofog, Seo 2,0)1 KA.4>^pnA.o^jUL. xilh xepA-tfTci,pKi exct>e. cen^-ee&io ctj^^^^c^*^ ^^' 
_ xt-en-f. 

f)«- le^i^ excajxexiL itccjoxen A.qc(joxeiUL nccjoi. o-rog, 

ct»H cxa)U3cy i}uuLU3X6n A-qcgcjooj jOUuLoi. c^h 

exatjoa iiULOi A-qcgajg ijL4>K exA.qxA.ofoi. 

^ " 2^6 ibcenio j^sn ofpA.cyi e^xtjo 

ixjuLoc. xe HOT niKes^eAJLCJon cefllto rtxajo-r | 

citH nA.n j6en 

"nexA.q 2i€ ncjoof. xe A.inA.-r encA.xA.nA.c. eA^q- 
g^ei efi.oX j6en xct>e ii^^pKi- noTcexe&pioc. 
^®&Knn€ A.i'f ncoxen iOLniepajiaji e^ujjjLt exen 
g,A.itg,oq nejtx g,^K iteAiL ezeii -fxoxt.€g,] xexeitnA.., Ji,2. ncjoxen] bji^ om. e&oX] 

om. L. eJULl] Gr. N* adds v^it. A.Cj6a5nx] cf. Gr. » B D L Sec, : 
+ €pa3Xen, J^g, cf. Gr. AO &c. "-fxO}] ACr'EiFGiHKL 

MNS, cf. Gr. ABCL Sec: +2^6, B D1.2.4E2 Ji.2(Te)0, cf. Gr. 
M D &c. eg^OOf ] for position cf. Gr. A 13. &c. Cg^OXC Sec] 
om. J4 homeot. " X^pA-^m] cf . Gr. U A al plu^" . X^P^? J ^> 
CD4HKN0,cf.Gr. 127. 157. almu; X^P^^^^j ^4- &He(oin.N)- 
CA.I2iA.] fiH2iCA.I2iA., J1.2. 4(e for C) K L N 8, -CA.H2iA., D4M. 
-CA.HXA., D2, cf. Gr. A B* ^7«crai«a: +j6€nnieg,001' €X- 

ejuuuLA.T, Al^ iiapHi] itj6pHi, f. xc!2ia)n] xc-r- 

^U3n, AD4EA J1.2.4M. A.f OJCJOni] cf.? Gr. »BDL &c. eXA.T- 

LUKE X. ia-19. 145 

shake off against (lit. for) you: but know this, that the 
kingdom of God approached." ^^I say to you, that there 
is to be rest for Sodom in that day, (rather) than (for) that 
city. ^^Woe to thee, Chorazin! Woe to thee, Bethsaida! 
for in Tyre and Sidon if (there had) been done these 
mighty works, which were done in you, long ago they 
(would have) repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. 
i*Biit Tyre and Sidon, — there is to be rest for them in 
the judgement, rather than (for) you. ^^And thou also 
Kapharnaum, wilt thou be exalted up to (the) heaven? 
thou wilt be humiliated down to Amenti. ^^He who 
hearkeneth to you hearkened to me: and he who rejecteth 
you rejected me; he who rejecteth me rejected him who 
sent me.* "And the seventy returned with joy, saying: 
'Lord, even the demons are subject to us in thy name.' 
^^And he said to them: 'I saw Satan fall (lit. who fell) 
from (the) heaven as lightning. '®Lo, I gave to you the 
authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and upon 


ojcjom] eitA.-r &c., J4. icenei] acEi*GiHL*: +ne, b &c. 

JULXA-nom, A*. COK] CCOK, Gi* Ja. 4. ^* Of on] om. Ai' 

Ji.2.4- of]om. LS. ncjoof ] itcjoxen, El*. jfeen-fKpicic] 

Gr. D &c. om.: sjr^ &c. «v rifupa Kplatm, ^* Of Og^] om. P. 

iieo] om. K*. KA-cJ).] pref. O), Af Jj.j.*. -M-H] cf. Gr. »BDL &c. 
tfTci . . . Cen^.] om. J4. XC^] cf.? Gr. h^ B* C D 254, 259. a^^ 

om. Tov. ajA. 2°] om. FD4«^J4. enecHx] necHX, EiKOj. 

iJULeiffj cf. Gr. «ACD &c. ^* ^H i**] 4>^I, J4. JUUULU)- HuntjS. 

Xen ^CJttJWffl] -afOaJ* A : om. K homeot. <^}i 3°] ABC Aj' 
J1.2.4LNS: OfOg, ^H, EHM: +2^6, PDi.jFGiKO Hunt 18. 
6X0)000) 2^] eXA.qaja3aj. ^4^ Gr. D &c. *aud he that heareth &c.' 
" 7^e] om. D4*KN0. o] o5, Fj*, cf. Gr. BD &c. dtio] tfrtOH, 
B A,' F M N O2 Hunt i8* : tflttJOOf ibCOJOT, Ei. 2* ?• ^^ 2^6] 

om. tkF. e^.q2,€i] eq., pres.. H: A.q., !>: +enecHX, Ai' 

J,,2 4. e&oX . . . X4>€] for position cf. Gr. B 254. ItOT.] iJLni., 
Hunt 18. " ^.Vf] cf. Gr. N B C* L &c. CXeti i^] eg^pHI 

exen, O. g^A.n(om. A*)g,Oq] ni., NC Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D. 
g,A.n(rXH] nitf?N.K, « Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D. 6^611 2^] om. F. 

146 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH- 

THpc vnre nxx^jxi. ofog, ititeqtff OHnof 
iixonc itg^Xi. 
^^IIXhr ijLn6pp^.a)i j6en <1>a.i. xe nmnH cetfno 
ihctjoo-r nojxen. p^-gi 7s.e iiooq. see neTenpA.n 

(jong^ nA.K efi.oX <l>ia)T hot nx^e neiUL niKA-g^i. 

xe i^K^en rn^i eg^^-nc^er nejtx ^^.nK^jr- 

^HTT. ofog, Ajscefopno-r e&oX itg^A-nKOfxi 

^ aXg^A. ^lujir xe c^A.1 ne i5L4>pK'f iini-f AJLA.-f 
f^ exA.qaa3ni iXneKiJLeo. "g^cjoA m£.eit A.-r- 

O-rog, ijuuLon g^Xi cooonr n xe nisx ne ncyapi 
efiaX e<tia3T. onrog, 3ce nixiL ue ^lujir €&hX 
enajHpi. neiUL c^h exe nojHpi ofcocg e(f(bpn 

_ nA.q e&oX. 

p* 28 0-f02, eT"A.qKoxq enequLA-OKXHC c^.nc^. ii- 
X5LA.fA.xoi' uexA.q. xe (joonr n!A.xoT iimfi.A.X 
eenA.f ena eT-exenitA.f epcjooi. 


exen4>A.i, n. niniu.] itiSiCiULCJon, Ai'Ji.2.4M*?, cf. Gr. 

D Ac: om. B. tflto] tffion, BFKMOa^ Hunt i8*. noJXeit] 

for position cf. Gr. L 8yr«« &c. nexenpA.It] nexen., Ji. 

HuntiB, <t>HOnfl] Gr. D &c. singular. *' 3ie] cf. Gr. D &c. OeXaX] 

""^ A.IHC A.qeeXHX, D2.4G,«: +nXeiHC, LMS Hunt i8«. cf. Gr. 
LX, Gr. AC &c., after nptvfiari. J^en 2°] cf.? Gr. NDL &c. 
nmnA.] OT., H. eeOTAjS.] cf. Gr. NBCDL &c.: om. !>, cf. Gr. 
A &c, B has gloss ^^J\> Jii^i iA/^^ ti *^ the Arabic, he rejoices in the 
spirit.' Onrog, 1*^] om. F. -f OTCJOng^] "fnA.., LS. cf. Gr. A &c 
mKA.g^l]ABCHLS«,cf.Gr.: nKA.2,I,r''Di.2.4Ai^EFGiJ,.2KMN0 
Hunt 18. aen] Di E FM : ^HU, A &c. &c.] Gr. D trans- 

poses, tftbpnoi, AAj'. n&A.n] e2,A.n, bk. jOLc^pni" jOl] 

LUKE X. 20-23. 147 

all the power of the enemy; and ye (lit. he) shall not 
suffer (lit. treat you with) any violence. ^^But rejoice not 
in this, that the spirits are subject to you ; but rejoice 
[(in) that], that your names are written in the heavens.' 

"And in that hour he was glad in the Holy Spirit, and 
he said : ' I confess to thee, Father, Lord of (the) heaven and 
the earth, because thou hiddest these (things) from (lit. to) 
wise and understanding, and revealedst them to little 
children: yea, Father, because this is [as] the good pleasure 
which was before thee. ^All things were given to me by 
my Father: and no one knoweth who is (the) Son, except 
the Father; and who is the Father, except (the) Son, 
and he to whom (the) Son wisheth to reveal him.' '^And 
having turned himself to his disciples apart alone, he said : 
* Blessed are the eyes which see the things which ye see: 

om. M Hunt 18. Ri-f] ivf., N. eTA.qgja3n!] itTeq., S ; 

for position cf. Gr. B C* L &c. ijLneKijLneKX5LeO, A*. 

"g,(jo& &c.] cf. Gr. «BDL &c.: ofog, A.q4>tJon&q cneq- 

AJL^eHXHC ne^^.q ^U)& &c. and he turned himself to his 
disciples, he said, all things, B, cf. Gr. AC* &c.; B has gloss ^ luU 
JlS • iJuaVa JI cJbJL WUi^ i^U (P./*)^ *here in the Arabic an addition 
which is translated, and he turned &c.* Dj has gloss &c. oai)^^ ^ji^ 
'Greek, and he turned &c.:' transl. of E^ has the addition, and gloss 
laJ LTs' (VJj ' ^f^^> c^^ ^^^ Coptic : ' gloss of £2 gives the addition 
as ^^j 'Greek.' A.fXHIXO'r &c.] eA.f., A: -KHI efi.oX 
ilTen, B: -g^lXen, n, ohe. Qt. D am: A-qXHIXOnr RHI 
ItXCn^ICJOX my Father gave them to me, F ; Gr. miuusc pauc syr^'" 
aeth have fiui after the verb : Gr. D &c. om. /iov. ^CltliUL i^. . . X6j 
om. J2*. 4 homeot., obs. a has nothing but *quis est pater nisi filiuH.' 

7L€ 2°] om. s. netJL^H(ne4>H, A*) exenttjHpi] om. Og: -ere- 
oj^-penaj., Ai^nOj: -exeg^nencg.. Hunt i8*?. ofojoj' 
nA-ofcog, Ai'j,.2.4. ^^ofog,] Gr. D e d«. eneqx5LA.e. 

iineq, r; for airov cf. Gr. U &c. 8yr«". CA.nCA. ijUULA.TA.XOf 
Gr. D &c. syr*" om. > nOJOf ijUULA.fA.XOf Ue:^A.q, Aj', 
ne2CA.q] ACPEiGiHJiK, cf. rest of Gr.: +na50T, BDi.2.4E2F 
J2LMNOS Hunt 18, cf. Gr. D &c.: ne3CA.q . . . IA.XOf , om. J4. 

L 2 

148 RaxTOX ^S^OYROXH. 

2* ^xuj vA-p iJuuLoc ntwxeit. xe g^A-iuuiHg JuLnpo- 

cite <1>HXHC nejtx \ g,A.nofpa)Of ^.Tonrcoa emr€ 

enH exexenn^f epcjooT. onrog, juLnoTnA.f. 

ofog, eccjoxejUL enH exexertcooxeiUL epcoo-r. 


_ \e. 

AE A^ **Ofog, g^KHTie ic onrnoxiLiKoc ^.qxcjonq ^.qep- 

nip45.^m 4tJUULoq e^xuJ jjuuloc. xe uipeq-f c&cjo 
OT nei"n^^iq iixA.epKXHponoiULm iio^(janj6 
_ fieneg,, 

**Heoq 7^e nex^q niJ:i. xe ot excj^Konrx j6en 
nmoA«.oc. le ^.Ktjoa i^^ffl SpH^f . 

2'^Heoq 7^e ^LqepoTO) nexA-q. ze 6K6A«.enpe noc 
neKKOT-f e&oX i6en neKg^HX XHpq nejtx 
xeK^-rxH XKpc neiUL ^eKXOJtx XKpc nejuL 
jfeen neKxiLen XHpq. nejuL ueKgc^Kp ixneK- 


*®ne3CA.q 2^6 nA.q. xe ^xepotvo jfcenonrccjooTxen. 

p5 ^A.1 A.p!xq o-rog, xr^^^rij6- "Heoq a^e 

eqof cocg nez^-q niilc. xe mxiL g^toq 

ne n^.a|4>Hp. 

A^ »oaxqepofU3 2ie itxelnc nex^.q. xe iteo-ron ot- 

2* TA-p] om. M, cf. Gr. U 8yr«> arm. g^A-lUULHa] A C D2.4« 
GiHKLNS Hunt i8: OfXILHg, singular, B Di Aj' E F J,., M O : 

Of on oTiULHOj, !>. 2,A.n 2®] om. Al^ enA.'r] om. Ai'J,.2. 
** A.q€pnipA.5m] apdjEiMM: eqep., bcd,.4Ai'E2FGiJ,.8 

K L N S. eq^CO)] cf. Gr. N B L 8yr«" &c. TllpCq] ^peq, 

Oi*? i>. Of uefnA-A-iq] -ne e+n^.-, b m : om. Ji*. nxA.ep] 

Gr. hi* pref. tva. *® T^c] Gr. 69. &c. 8yr<« add. XeOf ] 3COf , A. 

eXCj6.] WABOi^F'EiFi^GiHMS: nex., Ci«Di.2.4Ai'E2J,.aKL 

NO. A-Kcjottj] eKOJcy, a^f. 2*^ neoq 2ie] om. «. ^.qep- 
otvS] eqepofo}, Jj: om. nFi*k*. nexA.q] +nA.q, f. 
eKejutenpe] eKULenpe, j^. e&oX j6en i°] ». j6en, cf.? 
Gr. D. neKg^KX . . . nexn i°] om. N. nexuxeK^TXH] a o 
PEiFHK*L; neuLefi.oX j6en., BAi'jj.aS: neiuu6en &c.. 

LUKE X. 24-30. 149 

^for I say to you, that many prophets and kings wished 
to see the things which ye see, and they saw them not; 
and to hear the things which ye hear, and they heard 
them not.' 

^And behold, a lawyer rose, he tempted him, saying : 
* Teacher, what shall (lit will) I do that I may inherit 
eternal life?' ^And he said to him: 'What is written in 
the law? or in what manner didst thou read?' ^And he 
answered, he said: 'Thou shaJt love the Lord thy God 
from all thy heart, and all thy soul, and all thy power, 
and in all thy thought; and thy neighbour (lit friend) as 
thyself.' ^And he said to him: 'Thou answeredst rightly: 
this do, and thou wilt live.' ^But he wishing to be 
justified, said to Jesus: 'Who also is my neighbour (lit. 
friend)?' ^And Jesus answered, he said: 'There was a 

Di.2.4E«GiN0: Gr. B om. mu. neJULTeKXOXt.] ACD4E1FH 

Ji«.,L: neAiu6en., pd,,2E,GiKnos: neAne^oX j6eit., 
B M : om. ^BKxojtx . . . j6en a^ Ji*. nejuu6€it 2°] 
neiULefi.oXj6en,BAi'M: om.j6en,EiF. neiauie^i TKpqJ rbegin. 

-XHpC, Jj: neKAILeVI THpOf, plural, BD,.2(q).4. Obs. Or. ****" 
KBL have €(,..t9,,.f¥, Gr. AC have f( four tiroes, Gr. D 99 thrice, 
and omits third. Copt. ACH e&.oX j^CIt ?=:f(, continued by ItCiU. 
twice, then J06^=<V. Copt. B agrees with Gr. AC. Copt. D^ has 

€&oX j^eit . • . j6en . . . jieit • . . s^en. copt. Ei f have efi-oX 
;^n...itejUL...neftjL...nejUL=?Gr. ac. Copt. k has e&oX 
j6en...neiUL...j6en...j6en. neKpH'f]of.Gr.h^BCDL&c.: 

Ci* may have had Ueq, cf. Gr. A. *® UeXA.q 2^6] A.qepOf CO 

2k€ nezA.q, L. Ajceponro) j^enofcojoi'xenj om. «: 

Gr. L €Kpipas : sjt^ 'dixistL' ** 2i€] om. C. eqC-TUXg] cf. Gr. : 

A-qO-rCOttJ, M : n^.qOTU3€l), imperfect, Aj^Jj. eeAJLA.Io] A*C 
GiHL: -Oq, BrDi.2Ai'EFi*Ji.2*KMNO(eTe.): -Oq ^6, Af: 
+ il(om. D4«FiC)Xeq^XW> A"«D4Fi«LS, cf. the Arabic idiom 
Lju, tr. of A has LJu J^ ^^\ ^\j\ wlj ; obs. Gr. ^^' A B C D &c. have 
f'awrrfv, »♦ L &c. aM9. niHc] syr*^** *ad eum:* llnenOT IKC, «. 
g,00q] om. N. ^^7^e] cf. Gr. KoAC*DL &c.: om. Ai'Fi*MO, 

cf. Gr. N* B C* ^^ (8yr«« et«»>). neXA.q] A C FEi* F Gi H J,. 2 , cf. rest 
ofGr.: +nA.q, BDi.a.4Ai'Ei«.2KMN0, cf. Gr. D&c.8yr«>: om. L6. 

150 RaxTOX ^.OYRaxH. 

pcjOAiLi eqnKOf enecuT efi.oX j6en iXhjul ei- 

o-rog, GTTA.'r& A.f -f ng^A-itepj^ajx nA.q 

^^ Ra-xa. Of -f xjLA.'f 2ie Of Of K& nA.qnKOf enecHX 
e&oX j6en niuLtwix ereixAfurt. of og, ex- 
A.qitA.f epoq ^.qcenq A.qx^^- I 
cj; ^* ReXef iXHC exA.qi exen niut^. of og, eTrA.qitA.f 
epoq A.qx^^ ^.qcenq, 
** Of c^jLt^pixKC 7s.e ^qjULogi A.qi eg^pKi e^ccoq 
ofog, exA.qnA.f epoq A.qaeng,HX. ^^ofog, 
exA.qi ^.qxiLOf p ilneqepiicjox ^.q^f neg, g,i 
Kpn itctjoof . 
exA.qxA.Xoq enexe^tajq nxefi.nH A.qenq eof- 

nA.nxoxior^ ofog, A.qqi neqpcjoofa- ^ofog, 
eueqpA.c'I' A.qeit 2iHnA.pion S e&oX ^.qxHixof 
ijLTi!nA.nxox6oc ofog, nexA.q. xe qi neq- 
ptjoof a j^en nA.1. of og, uig^of o exeKnA.(foq 
e&oX epoq A.noK -f nA.XHiq itA.K. 
'•HiUL ofii j6eit uA-ir exeKX«.ef! epoq. xe A.q- 
epg4>Kp JuL4>K exA.qi exoxof nnicmojof i. 

ne(oin. Of Olt, r*) . . . eq pKOf ] = }Kari^P€,; obs. Or. C* KUTU- 
Paivti. efi.oX] om. H. IJOUX] X altered, A«. iepX^> A*. 
Of Og^ I*'] but Or. 0* om. A.qi] om. I, A* ; A.qei, J^: ^.q^ei 
fell. M: eXA.qi, «. OfOg, a«^] om. S*. ^.f-f] OfOg, 

€XA.f -f, r. epj6a3x] » a b o D1.2.4E1FG1 s : epj6ox, r &c. 

A.f eye na30f 

om. Di*. A.f XA.q] ef. Gr. 0* a^ccicav. CqOI 

cf.? Or. NBDL &c. iffiiBavii. *^ 7s.e] era. F, cf. 

abcq: syr*" &c. koI. Of] Of Olt Of, D4. Of H&] H 0. e., A«. 

nA.qitHOf ] eitA.q., F: eq., N Aj' J,.2, cf. Or. d. efioX j6en] 
e&oX e, F ; obs. Or. B i. om. «v. A.qcenq . . . ^^^^epoq] cm. n. 

^^Om. D2*, cf. Gr. N*. Ke Ac] A*: UA.ipHi- Olt KG &c. likewise 

also, «A"«B &c.: -HiKe &c., Ai'K. exA.qi exenuiuLA. 

Of Og^J cf. c f a syr**' ita ut pro ytv6fi€vos exprimant cX^mv idque trans- 
ponunt: syr®" &c. om. tXBoiv: om. OfOg^, E: om. eX...OfOg^, 

I*, cf. e. epoq] cf. Gr. AD Ac. >A.qcenq A-qx^^> ^^ &«. 

LUKE X. 31-36. 161 

man coming down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he came 
among robbers ; and having stripped him, they gave wounds 
to him, they went (away), they left him being half dead. 
'^And by chance a priest was coming down by that road: 
and having seen him, he passed him, he left him. ^^Also 
a Levite having come upon the place, and having seen 
him, left him, he passed him. ^^But a Samaritan walked^ 
he came up to him, and having seen him, had compassion ; 
^and having come, he bound his wounds, he poured (lit. 
gave) oil and wine along them; having placed him on his 
own beast, he brought him to an inn, and took care of 
him. ^And on the (lit. his) morrow he brought forth two 
dinars, he gave them to the host, and said: "Take care 
of him with these; and the more which thou wilt spend 
for him^ I, if I should return, will pay (lit. give to) thee." 
^ Which then of these three, thinkest thou, that he was 
neighbour (lit firiend) to him who came among the robbers 1 ' 

^* Z^qXILOgjl] A*LS: eq., A« &c.: om. KD4*: +g^iniiJLa)ix 
on the road, Ci«. U^l] A: eTA.qi, «B Ac. eg^pHl] 6i6pHI 
down, F. epoq] ACDi.2.4Ai'EFGiHKLMNS, cf. Gr. ACD &c.: 
om. NBFJljO, cf. Gr. «BL &c. &KX] +j6^poq, A°»b:Fi<^LN. 
^O-rOg,] om. Ai'FJ,.2. A.qi"] ACEFGiHKLMNS: eA.q^, 

»BrD,.2.4Ai'Ji.20. exA.qxA.Xoq] A.q., J1.2 : +2ie, BrDi.2.4 

E J,.2M0 : prefix Of Og^ K F, cf. Gr. D &c. 8yr«". Uexe] H^ Ac: 
<tH exe, »^ TlA.ItX0Xi01t] for X»^'^^' t^ABDL &c.; 
nA.It2iOXIOI^» B 02« ; nonXOX^^I^j ^f J1.2 : Gr. K* wapiouov. 
Cr Og, 2°] om. F,*. qi] + iX, D,. 2.4 Ai' Ei« 2 Ji. 2 N 0. ^ Of Og, 
i^] om. K."] om. e 1°, a H Ji* L S. Om. fffXAiv, 
cf. Or. KB DL &c. A-qXHIXOf] Gr. D places before dvo dijp.: 
-XKiq gave it, Ai'FJi.2. ix] CXOXOf JUL, VJi.g. HA-W- 
XOX^OC] »A« &c.; nOItXOXerC, a*?; -2iOXeOC, D1.2E1; 
-rrOtXJ^^Cy Af. OfOg, 2*^] om. J,.,. ne>CA.q] cf. Gr. 
BDL &c. 8yr««: + IlA.q, K. cf. Gr. KAC &c. qi] +ijL, E1O.2J1.2- 
A^ItOK] Gr. D c e place after 4v rf &c.: om. K\ cf. Gr. M Sec, 
XKiqj XKIXOf give them, H. KA-K] Gr. D om. ^* OTH] 

cf. Gr. AC &c.: om. KEiO. cf. Gr. KBL &c. j6en] J^A-It, A: 
efloX j6€It, 8. UA-ir] niV, r* Ai'Ji.2: IW.r my? three, K* : 


^.q. nex^.q 2kC n^.q ibceiKc. xe At.^.a)e n^.K 

c^iiULi. enecp^.n ne AiL^.pe^. ^.cojonq epoc 
ej6o*rn enecai. "^oTog, neonronxe eA.i Sof- 
ctoni e^juLOT-f epoc xe JtxjLpi^ 

O^og, exA-cg^e-WLci j6A.xen neittfiXA.fx JOLn^ 
nA.cca)xejuL eneqc^^i. ^^At.^.pe^. 2^6 n^^ctfl 
n^pA.c ne iiuKcoi" ncnrjuLKoj najCJULoji. 

GTA-cog,! epiJTc nexi^c. xe hot | cepjuieXi 
n^.K ^.n. xe ^. x^-ccoiti x^'^ iJUUt^.TA.x ei- 
ajCJULoji. ^^oc OTit n^.c ^^m^. nxec-fxoxc 


*^ HXqepoTU) ibceiHc ne2CA.q nA.c. xe xt^pe^. 
iUL^.pe^. xeqipcooTa onrog, xeaTrepeojp ee&e 
oTAHKoj. ^^^^.TiKo^xi ^e ne i^XP^^ ^^ ot^.!. 
iUL^.pi^. :^€ A.cca)xn itA.c it-fxci een^^nec oh 
€TrencertA.aoXq nxoxc ^.n. 

n^.lS, », cf. e : n^^iv, Oi : Gr. D om. eTTeJULeTi, A. ^.qepo)- 

4)Kp] for position cf.? Gr. D &c. ijL4>H] A Aj'^ Ji : C^H, H B &c. 
A.qi (om. Dj*)] - ei, Ja : A.qP,ei felUFGi : + €&oX, L. »^ neiUL- 

^.q] +ne, »bd4F. 2^e a°] om.K. n^.q] om. A/J,.2, cf. Gr. DX. 
liic] nen^ ihc, Jg. >^vjk ^.pioTi, ». juLnA-ipni"] cf.? 
Or. X ovr^s. ®®^.qge nA.q] +ileoq, bFi©: ^.qge neoq, 

r E2« ; cf.? Gr. K B L &c. OTCg^IJULl] A Fj^ Gj K L N S : + 2^6, 
BrDi.2.4Ai'^EF,*HJi.2MO, cf. Gr.: +ne, C S. €pOC repeated and 
crowed, A®. neCHl] cf. Gr. N*A C* &c. : Gr. B om. ** Of Og, i°] 

om. Ai^j,.2. oTTonxe] oTon itxe, fg^o. AJL&.pi^.] Acr 

D2.4Af FGiJiKLM, cf. Gr. AB*C®D &c.: At.^.pIAJUL, BDiEHJj 
N S, cf. Gr. K B^ C* L &c^ OTOg, a°] cf. Gr. »♦ B« L S : om. 
Af J].2' &eAILC, A*. iiLnOT] cf. Gr. K B* C* D L &c. 8yr~: 
IHC, Ci«rM, cf. Gr. AB^O^ &c.; tr. of Ej has jyjJi *the Lord.' and 
gloes c,j^ ^^ 'Greek, Jesus;' tr. of Eg has v^YsnoC. H^C- 

LUKE X. 37-44. 153 

^■'And he said: *He who shewed (lit did) the pity to (lit. 
with) him/ And Jesus said to him: 'Qo, do thou also 

®'And (as they are) walking, he went into a village: 
a woman^ her name being Martha, received him to her 
into her house. ^^And she (lit. this) had a sister called 
'Mary.' And having sat at (the) feet of the Lord, she 
was hearing his word. ^^But Martha was (imperf.) anxious 
about much ministering. Having stood, she said: 'Lord, 
carest thou not, that my sister left me alone to minister) 
Bid her then that she help me.' ^^ Jesus answered^ he said 
to her: 'Martha, Martha, thou takest care, and thou art 
troubled concerning many things: ^^but (of) few things is 
the need, or (of) one: for Maiy chose for herself the good 
part^ which will not be taken away from her/ 

CCJOTreJUl] +n€, EM: Gf. LE 6p« ^icww. n€qCA.2Cl] +n€, F: 
Gr. D om. ai^ov. *® JUL^.pe^. 2^6 (Xe, A)] OTTOg, At.^.pe^. 

2k€, M: AiULpi^. 2i€, Ji*.2*- nA.C(jT] A.C., L«. S&P^c] 
ABCDi.2.4Ai'EFGiHJ,.2MS: ftpA-C, FKLNO. HG] om.Br. 

err A,co^{\ A: +2^6, B_&c.: cnfo^ exA.cog,! 2^6, r. 
€p^.xc] epoc, K. 2cenoc] iinoc xe, e. c(om.A*)ep.] 

ceep., VJ,M. AieXl] ACr*D4EiQi«HLMS; -Xm, BD,.2Ea 
F K N ; -XlCee, Af Jj. 2 0. A.It] ora. A*. ijUULA.TA.T] for 
position cf. Gr. D &c.8yr««. 6160)64X0)1, A. OTK] om. T*. HKl] 
n6iULHI with me, BrD, Af, cf.? Or. trvi^-. *^ A.q6pO'ra)] AC 

Aj^QlHJj.jKLMN: +2^6, BrD,.2.4E2F08, cf. Gr.: Ryr«> om. 
IHC] cf. Gp. AB*CD &c.: HOT, E^JiM, cf. Gr. KB*L &c.: sjr^^ cm.; 
tr. of £] has ^^J\, and gloss e^ ^^j 'Greek, Jesns;' E2 Copt., Arab. 

'Jesus.' *r6qipa)o*ro)] Gp. d &c. om. a)e6pxa)p, a k*. 

Of JULKOl] 2,^.rt., >^. ** 2i6 i°] om. B Gj* K N. He 

1"3CP^^ Lagarde : Schwartze joins n6X^pJ^» but (i) the usual 
relative construction would require the expression of the object; and 
(ii) the usual form of the verb is 6pXPI^- I60'r^^I] om. Hi Ji*, 
cf. Gr. 38. arm syr^'^ : + AJUULCOO'V, Aj' Ji«, this is the object men- 
tioned in the previous note. For the whole reading cf. Gr. KBC^L &c., 
with exception of the article before XP^^ At.^pI^.] JUL^-pi^JUL, 
Gr. JB I. 1*. 2^6 2^] cf. Gr. AC &c.: VA-p, BDiAi'JiO, cf. Gr. 

154 ROXTOX 2S.0YRaxH. 


AH pnr Oto^ ^.cojconi eqx^ ^^ otaiul eqepnpoc- 

erx^cee. eT^qKKit nexe ota-i ititeqAt.^.eK*rHc 
nA.q. xe hot JUL^.xcA.&oit eepnpoceT^ecee 
K^.Tr^ 4>pKi" er^ ico^rtiiHC Tc^e neqiUL^.- 

*nexA.q 2k€ ncooT. xe g,oTrA.n€p- 

Ilenicox €Tj6€n ni<tKOTi /ULA.peqTOT&o ibce- 
•fi-n€KpA.n. At^peci ibceTreKAneTroTpo. nexe- 
^^HiJC AHA-peqaconi ii<tpH-f j6en rr^e nejuu 
•fi-^ixen niKA^i. ^nenooiK eenKOf JULwq n^n 
4-ijUuLHni. ^oTog, XA- nennofii nA.n e&oX. 
«fi- KG vA-p ^.rtort &a)it xenx^ e&oX SrtH exe- 
•fi-oTon nxA.n epooof onrog, JuLuepeirren eifconrn 

^ * O^og, nex^.q noDOT. xe nifx eJ^oX j6en eanoT 
exeofpHTeq gg^np juguu.-y, o^rog, nxeqge 
aA.poq nx< Amexo^pg^ oTog, nxeqxoc 
n^jq, xe ^^.a)c^Hp ajla. v hcjoik nai enonrg^n. 

KBL &c.: :^e VA-P, ^2.4*^: D &c. 8yr«« om.: +ileOC, K. 
ffloXg,, erasure of four or five letters after g,, A«. llxOXc] cf.? 
Gr. »*BDL &c, 

Hnnt 18, 1 OYO^] om. M. ^COJCOni] -1-2^6, D].2i combining the reading 

HiiTae. of Gr. A al* e. AHA.] + ng|^.q6 denert, A"« F H« L M N O S. 

'"*" "X^^^^ **^"<^» A- *^^^] ACEi*LS Hunt 18: +2^6, B &c., ob«. 

Gr. D &c. prefix Kai, itneq J tMh, : > H A.q itxeneqiULA.- 

enXKC, B Hunt 26.>pH'f] iSL^^pHi", » ; for om. mi 
cf. Gr. >^* A I. &c. * ^e] om. Aj' E, Fi* Ji. « M : Gr. D o ftc. 

A.pexen] epexen, r. iJSoc] om. n : + juLUA-ipai", », cf. Gr. 

K* : +Xe, CDi.xEjFGiKNO Hunt 18. neitlCJOX . . . ^HOTl] cf. 
Gr. AC D &c. n€Kp^.n] Gr. D adds €<p i;/iay. neX€g,nA.K &c.] 
(JUL^pq, A*) cf. Gr. >^ A C D &c. : Gr. BL &c. om. : 4>H exeg^ItA-K, 
K : om. JUL^tpHi". . . KA-g,!, BFj*, cf. a harl vg~d "»«q. HIKA-g^l] 
Gr. K*eto»'ACD &c. om. rijs. ^ eeHHOT] itXepA.C'f of 

LUKE XL 1-5. 156 

XL And it came to pass, (that) he being in a place, 
praying, having ceased, one of his disciples said to him : 
'Lord, teach us to pray, according as John taught his 
disciples.' ^And he said to them: 'When ye should pray, 
say: Our Father who art in the heavens, hallowed be thy 
name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in (the) 
heaven, so upon the earth. ^Qive to us daily our bread 
which Cometh. ^And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves 
forgive our debtors. And bring us not into temptation.' 
^And he said to them: 'Which of you hath a friend, and 
he go unto him at midnight, and say to him : '^ My friend. 

to-morrow, S Hunt 18, 26. iXJULHltl] ii^^OOT to-day, S*, 
Hunt 26, cf. Or. D &c. * no&l] Gr. D &c. i^^ciX^/iora. K€ T^-p] 

Gr. N* D &c. 8yT«« ««. &U)n TGnX^] A B C H L S Hunt 18, 
cf. Gr. KL Sec. d<t>itiuv; ^CA^It ItXCIt., probably tbe Fame reading, 
it being repeated by mistake, KrDi.2Ai'EFGiJi.8KMN0 Hunt 26. 
itna ere] AFGiKLN Hunt i8. cf. Gr. D &c. Toir: itOTOn 
nt&eit €X€, NBDjAi'O Hunt 26: eOTOH &c., CFEHJuMS; 
cf. re«t of Gr. iroKri': il0'r&eitltl£.61t SkH 6X6, Dg. OTTOIt 
itTrA.rt] BDiEjFGi Hunt 18; OafOnTA.n, A &c. OTOg, 
JOLnep . . . nip^.CAt.Oc] »A*BCrDi.2.3EiFHK Hunt i8*, 26. 
cf. Gr. N*BL &c.: om. Jj* : +^.XX^. lt^.^iUL€n €&oX & 
neXg^COOT, A-gAi^EjGiJaLMNOS, cf. Gr. ACD &c. syr*^"; DiEi 
have gloss^^l ^ L»J ^J^ ^Lf}J^* ^1) tf^j *^^^^ (t^e Greek, Ei), but 
save us from the evil;' Jx ha8 gloss ^Jt^i u»^ y l^l^ if}}^ li '^^ ^^® 
Greek pecuUarly, and not the Coptic' ^ IleX^.q] n^.qza) 

AffJULOC, Hunt 26. HCDOTr] Gr. D om. vp6i airrovs, HIJUL] 

+ npa3iULi man. Hunt 26. exeoTonxeq] eofonxeq, L: 
exeo*ronxA.q n, >^F: exeoTroit, b Hunt 26; cf.? Gr. 240. 

itP^^lx'*- ffl4>Hp] ABAi'Ji.gLMS: OTa^^Hp, NC&c: +ilXA.q, 

B Hunt 26. OTTog, 2°] om. Af Jj.g. itxeqaje] +ItA.q, D1.2 
EjFO. aj^poq] g,A.poq, EjO. !\x4>A.giJ j6enx4^ai, 
SDj. iJLni] itxem, Di. oTog, 3°] om. Ai'J,.2. nxeq- 

XOCj this form continues the previous tenHe, and differs from the Greek, 
if that previous tense was the present, viz. Gr. FIT* al plus^^; otherwise, 
being indefinite, it will agree with either aorist or future, tiiqj MBCL &c., 
or c/Mi AD^ Sec. JtXJLv] pref. Xe, N. 


^MJLUdiT. OTog, ijuuLon 4)K ei"rtA.x^^ *&^- 
'OTOg, iiTe 4)K g^coq excA^oTrt epoTrco nireq- 
2C0C. xe iinepi'^ici nw. a-ioto) vA-p a.i- 

ijuuLoi extonx nx^-i" nA.K. 
^'i^xcjo ijuuLoc itcoxen. xe JCA.n ^.qgxetULXcwnq 
e-f nA.q xe neqa^^Hp ne. ee&.e xeqiULexX^^xi 
2ie eqextonq itxeqi" nA.q nita ex^qepxp^^ 

'^^ »3XrtoK 2,0) -fxoo ijuuLoc ntwxert. xe ^.piexm 
oTog, cenA-i" nobxen. Kcoi" oTog, xexenitA.- 
xiitxi* KcoXg, oTog, cenA.o-¥a)n nooxen. 

^^O^ron r^p mfi.en exepexm gA.qtfr. oTog, 4)k 
exKco-f gA.q2CiAin. oTog, 4)K exKcoXg, g^*r- 
of con nA.q. 

"HiAX 2^6 nicox €Xj6€n eurto-r exe neqajHpi 
rtA.epexm ijuutoq noTcoiK. julh qn^i" noTooni 
nA.q. \e iixeqepexm ijuuioq no^rrefi-X. julr 
nxaefi-io) noTxefi-X qrtA.i- noTg^oq nA.q. 

«Xe] repeated. A* RXHl] cf.? Gr. KABL &c. fiov. ^.qi] 
cf. Gr. ira^ytrfTo: Gqi, Cj*, cf.? Gr. D irapfcn-iK gA.pOl] ACD,.2 
EFGiHLOS: ^^pOI| BFAi'^Ji.gKMN Hunt 26, cf.? QT.irp6sfu: 
Gr. D 7P« om. g^l] g,^., T. 4)JULa)Ix] HI., F Hunt 26. ^K 
e-f HA.] nefnA., K: om. n^, Hunt 26*. "^OTOg, 1^] om. 

Fi* : Gr. D citfiroc ^. llxe] €X€, Dj. 4)K] HG, A. >2,a)q 

epoTO) efi.oX caj^oth, >^. epoTco] AorAi'^GHJj.gKL 
M N s : itxeqep., b DljE fo Hunt 26. itxeqxoc] (exeq, r*) 

cf.? Gr. D*' b i m'^ rpfi, if the coi^unctives continue the tense from 
verse 6 : 8yr«" et •<* add *to him.' TA-p] cf. Gr. F &c. ^lAiULO)- 
eA-Al] NA(X^JUl.)BCD2AfFi«GlHKLN Hunt 26: ^.I^eAJUt, 
M: eiJtJUL., rDiEri*J,.20: om. A.I, S. UA-po] HipO, BO, 
cf. Gr. ; ni^.pO, S. HA.] Gr. C* &c. 8yr«« &c. om. fuw. neJULHl] 
Gr. »^ &c. place after c^ r. ico/r. H^JUUL] niiUL^., B. AJUULOHJ 

LUKE XI. 6-11. 157 

lend to me three loaves; ^because a friend of mine came 
unto me from (the) road, and there is not that which 
I shall (lit. will) set before him;" ^and he also who is 
inside answers and says: '^ Trouble me not; for I have 
shut my door, and my children are with me upon my bed 
(lit. place of sleep); it is not possible for me to rise and 
give to thee." ^I say to you, that even if he should not 
rise to give to him, because he is his friend, but because 
of his importunity he shall rise and give to him the things 
of which he had need. ® I also say to you : " Ask, and it 
will be given to you. Seek, and ye will find. Knock, 
and it will be opened to you." ^*^For every one who 
aaketh receiveth; and he who seeketh findeth; and to him 
who knocketh, they open. ^'And what father who is 
among you, whose son will ask him for a loaf, will he 
give a stone to him? Or he ask him for a fish, will 

pref. OTTOg,, N F D,. j E, cf. Gr. K. eXCOHx] IlX^TCOItT, 
Di.sEi.s. nX^i"] eTA.i", Ci*: €^, BTGiKM Hunt 26: 
OfOg, €^, KAi'Jj.j. » -fxCJo] +2^6, Dj. jE 0. Xe i^] 

ora. L*. KA.rt] Gr. c2 icm : om. jca/, 8yr«« &c. : Gr. D om. XCOItq i°] om. 

q,r*. ef] inrecjf, bd,.2Efo Hunt26 : oTog, itxecff, N'^^ 

ee&e] pref. ^.XXa., N»^ 2ie] cf. Gr. »♦ &c.: om. K'^. €q€- 

xcjoitq] qn^.., fut. i, f. ftTreqi"] eqe-f, Aj' J1.2. nA.q] 

Gr. Dr om. !tnK...ijUULCJ0O'r] cf. Gr. K*ABC &c.: Hj^H... 
iJUULOq> DjM, cf. Gr. >^»DL &c. GT^-qep] €T€qep, B &c.: 
exep, N*. •ft^] om. Hunt 26. OTOg, (Fi<^) cen^-f] Hunt .8, 

(Of Og, above erasure, Fi«) eT€^, Fj. OTTOg, 2° and 3°] om. Aj'" 
J,. , M. ^^ ^^P] om. Fi*. OTOg, 1° and 2^] om. Ai' Fi* Ji. j. 

4>K eXKCOi"] n€T., S. a^.TOTCOn] cf.? Gr. B Db' syrc" et»^ 
cbocyfToiy but the customary tense may agree with the future of the other 
Gr. MSS.: Mh^^^ om. iral 6 for. *V " MJJl] cf.? Gr. KDL &c. 

w : Gr. ABO &c. riya. 2^6] om. Fj*. lllCOTJ Gr. B places after 
alTffati: Gr. 48*^ b 8yr«» om. : the rest of Gr. after v/iw. lieqgHpi] 
cf. Gr. I. &c. add avrov: Gr. KL &c. om. ijUULOq i""] om. Di* EO. 
COIK &c.] Gr. B &c. om. afn-o¥ fui \i$, orid. avr. 7 «eai. >n^CI 

nof ooni, Ai'j,.2. le] cf.? Gr. kl &c. om. Koi. itTeqepexmJ 
cf. Gr. D Ac. syr««. JULH nxojeJBLio) noTxe&T"] (cxg., A) 



^^le nxeqepexm noTrccoofg,!. ahh qnA-i" 

^cooT. xexenccooTit erf ng^^nxA-io eit^ner 
nnerrenaapi. uoco) iUL^.XXon <tia)x qn^.^" 
noTHitl! eqoTT^ j6eit x<te nna eTrepexm 

JuuuLoq. I 

cjr _ 
AG p^j ^^O-rog, itA.q2,io-ri e&oX no-y2i&it.a)it iiKo-rp. a.c- 

_ itxeniKOTp. OTog, ^-y6pd)4>Hpi Ji:2ceniiULHa|. 

fi-eX^e&oTX nA.px^w i^Te niSieAxcon ^.qg^iofi 
_ itrtiTieJULCDit e&oX. 

_ OTAJLHim itxoxq efi.oX ^en x4>€. 

^ "Heoq 2i€ eqccDOTrn ilito-viULeTi n€XA.q ncooT. 
xe AUCT'O'vpo ni&en ^.ca)^.n4»u)aj extjjc aj^-c- 
acoq. Of og, oTKi exeit otki a^-qaei. 
"Icxe 2^6 nc^x^.nA.c g^coq ^.q4^u)aj ezcoq iJL- 

om. J1.2O2. ^^ Gr. G places thifi verse before 1j km Ijd^p. ICJ cf. 

eah-o**" om. itai. eXIIt] +i3uULOq, BDgAi'FJi.jKN. JULk] 
Gr. B L sah***" om. n^.q] ora. F. " nOCOYeit 2°] om. F* 

Yi* Hunt 18 ; obs. Gr. A B G L &c. xmapxam^^ty Gr. K D &c. Hvr^t. 

eX n] ni", Fj* k : om. e+, l : om. it, B Af. enA.rteT] a o 

^i^ Gi J2, 2 ^ S Hunt 18 : 60n^nCY, incorrect because ^^It pre- 
cedes, B« r Di. 2 E F H K L N o. neTTertgnpi] nexenepKo-r 

one another, L: n^.CIJHpi my sons, Af. TIOCU)] A C Di* £1 
GiHi*: nCJOCOn, Fi®: HCOC, B Fj* Hunt 18*. cl>ia)x] 
cf. Or, M A B D L &c. eqO*] Gr. L &c. ayaBov : Gr. D &c. 
ayaBov bofia. ^eti] AOGiHi*LS: efi.oX j6en, BFDi.aAi'EF 

J1.2KM0, cf. Gr. NL &c. i$ ohpapov. Gxcpexm] 6eit^.ep., f. 
Hunt26. 1* n (om. N) ^.qg^ioTi efi-oX ito-v2kCiULa)n nKo^p (noT- 

KOTp, A)] ABCrDjjAi'Fi<^GiK<^LM Hunt 26: -^jGiULCJOK i\e&0 
dumb demon, HNS: nA-qg^IOTTI ItOTTieJULCOrt (itO'rilIt&., 0) 
ItKOTp eAoX (K* efi.0X repeated here) 116, Di E (0) : nA.q. 


LUKE XL 12-18. 169 

he instead of a fish give a serpent to him ? ^^ Or he 
ask an egg, will he give a scorpion to himi ^^If then ye, 
being evil, know how to give good gifts to your sons, how 
much rather will the Father give the (lit. a) Holy Spirit 
in (the) heaven to them who ask him?' 

^^And he was casting out a deaf demon. And it came 
to pass (that), the demon having come out, the deaf spake ; 
and the multitudes wondered. ^^But some of them said: 
*By (lit. in) Belzebul (the) ruler of the demons he cast 
out the demons.' '* And others, tempting, were seeking for 
a sign from him out of (the) heaven. ^^But he^ knowing 
their thoughts, said to them: * Every kingdom if it should 
be divided against itself is desolated; and a house against 
a house falleth. ^^And if Satan also was divided against 

iiOT2i. e&oX iiK.y J1.2, omitting ll€ ; cf. Or. KA*BL &c. om. 
m mrrh ?». KOTp i°] i-iiefi.O, FjO L, cf. c *8urdum et mutum.' 
^.Ca]U)Ill ^e] om. 2ke, BN: O-VO^ ^COJCDHI 2^6, Di: 
Of O^ ^.COJCOni, Da* E 0, cf. Or. L &c. eyr«>. eX^.qi e&oX 
nxe &c.] (XA.q altered. A^) cf. Gr. KB &c. 8yr<^° q: GXA-qg^mi- 
2ieiULCJ0It e&oX, BrDi*.2^i'Ji.2 Hunt 26. cf. Or. ACL &c.: Or. D 
KOI cic3aXorro£ avrov. ^.qC^.XI ibceUI KOTp] A'' adds ne&U) : 
A.qC^^I nxeniC&O, Fi"»»HLNS, cf. c f if^ i l q vg: b om.: 

A.qca)xejuL nxeniKOTpi, B«(nKOTpi, b*) Fi*(om. i a*») 

Hunt 26. ^.T (q, Hunt 26) epoj^^Kpi] ABCFGiHKLMNS: 
n^.T., r D1.2 Ai' E J,.2 O, for imperf. cf. Gr. D b c i 1. niJULKOj] 
ni &c., LN* Hunt 26. ^* 2^e\ Or. D c 8yr«« »u ru^s. iv6HTroV 
b ff*- i 1 8yr«»^*ex Pharisaeis:' j6e^n^0-V2i^.I, ». neXCOoV 

mjTiXVJ JuuuLoc ne, ». fi.eX^efi.0TX] cf. Or. l b; 

-^eOfX, Ji.2 thrice. nA.pX^^] cf.? Gr. DRXFAA unc'^ al plu 
om. 1^. ^.q^IOTl] eq., Hunt 26« cf, *) : nA.q., BFi«S : q., M. 
"erep] ^.Tep, M. efi.oX] Or. ad &c. add dnoKpi0€U &c. 

"eqccooTit] q., FK: ^q., J2: itA.q., Hunt 26. itnof- 

iUieVl] -AJLOKiULeK, E. n62C^.q] E bas n marginal, and gloss 
liA IJLA 2smo ^ ' in a copy this is first.' €XU)Cj for position cf. Gr. 
« A D L &c. syrc. " 2^6] om. B F H Ji* L M N* Hunt 26. 

nc^X^nA.c] cf. Gr. F: HIKE &c., FO: UKG &c., BF Hunt 26; 
cf. Gr. 2^U)q] om. B Hunt 26. 


x«^*r^.xq. ncjoc xe TreqjuLexoTpo n^^ojog^i 
epA.xc. xe xexenxu) ijuutoc. xe j^cn JS.eX- 
^efi-Of X 'fg^ioTi itni2keJULCJon efi.oX. 
"Ic2ce ^e ^.noK j6en ^eX^efi-o^X -f^ioTi itm- 
T^eAicjon efi.oX. nexenctjapi ^.Trg^ionn ejS.oX 
j6en niJUL. ee&e^^^i necooT ceeppeq'fg^A.n 

nniT^eiULCJon e&oX. ^^^^p^. ^.c^^og, epcoxeit 

nze-fjuLexof po nxe cl>-f . 
^^Gttjcon VA-p ^.peg^n nii^coopi j6oKq nxeqA.pe2, 

eTeq^-TXa ctj^pe neq2,*rii^.pxoitx^. cgooni 

i6en oTg^ipKHH. 
^^Gcycjon 2^6 tire oTXoopi epoq i eg^pw excoq 

OTog, KTeqtfpo epoq. a)^.qcjoXi iXncqj^CA}!: 
C2;2i 4>K eit^.pe aenq x^ ^po^ oTog, | gA.qza)p 

^*4>H exeitqitejULKi A.n oTog, <tR 

errenqepcTn^ncee nciULKi qzcop juUxoi 

?^ 2*6m^n ^.p6a|^.it nmiul ilA.KA.eA.pTrort i e&oX 

j6en nipcDAJLi. aA.qcmi e&oX g^iTen 2,^.11- 

AiULit^eiULCJOO'v eqKaji" iic^ OTJULA-itiJLTroit. 

oTog, A.qgTrejULXiAin. Toxe ^qscoc. xe -fn^- 6n^.KX errA-n e&oX iv(6Kxq. 
^^Onroa nxeq^cejuiq eqcpcoqx eqcp^^g, 

Xe i^] 2i6, E, X is easily mintaken for 2k : Or. M* n. X6 . . . 
2Ce] cf. Gr. E &c. syr «». fi.eX^.] fieeX^ ., El twice, cf. Gr. A C D &c. 
" 2ie] om. Fi*MO Hunt 26. j6en&eX.] om. F. efi.oX] om. L. 

>^.noK -fg^iofi itni2iejuLCJon e&oX j6en&., Di.jEfo. 
nenreng.] pref. le, DjLM Hunt 26: +2ie, 0. nexen.. . 
nijui] om. Fi*. ^.Tg^ioTi] erg^ioTi, FjC M. ceep] a c Gi 
HKLNS: cenA.ep, BrD,.2Ai'EJi.2MO Hunt 26: een^.ep, F. 

epCOXen] for position cf. Gr. N A C L &c. ^® 2^6] om. Dj* K 

MO: O-VIt, J1.2. ^.nOK] cf. Gr. D &c. in this position: Gr. M*B 

LUKE XI. 19-25, 161 

himself, how then will his kingdom be able to stand? 
because ye say, that by (lit. in) Belzebul I cast out the 
demons. ^^And if I by (lit. in) Belzebul cast out the 
demons, by (lit. in) whom did your sons cast out? therefore 
they are judges to you. ^ But if I by (lit. in) the (lit. a) 
finger of God cast out the demons, then the kingdom of 
God reached you. ^^For if the strong man should arm 
himself and keep his court, his possessions are in peace : 
^but if a stronger than he come upon him, and conquer 
him, he taketh away his armour to which he was trusting, 
and he scattereth hb spoils. ^He who is not with me was 
against me; and he who gathereth not with me scattereth 
me away. ^^If the unclean spirit should come from the 
man, he passeth through dry places seeking for a resting- 
place; and if he should not find, then he said: ^^I shall 
(lit. will) return to my house from which I came.'* ^*And 

CL &c, place ty« after e€ov. OTXKJS.] KJS. altered, A«: HlXUfi., 
Ci*: om. OT, B*. &A.p^.] om. M. ^^ TA-p] AB<^CFi<^LMS: 

2k€, r Dl s Aj' E Gi H J,<=. g K N : om. B* Ji» 0. cf. Gr. HIXCJOpi] 
Gr. »♦ om. 6. TeqA-^XK] neqHI, Ai^Jl2; obs. Gr, D Tiyy avX. 

avrov: neqA.*rXH, F. ttj^P^ • • • Sy^^O <^^8- ^'- ^li 8'*^' '<^*- 

** 2^e] om. Fi* : Xe, B* (X altered to 2i). OTXCOpl] cf. Gr. 
HBDL &c. epoq] Gr. D om. alrov. OTOg, i°] AODLaAfEFjC 
HJ1.2LMS: om. BrFi*GiKO: Gr. D om. piKtian aMv. &OHq] 
^enOT, Ai' Ji. ZCJOp it] CiFi have eranure after XOOp, and F^ 
hafl space for five letters after It. gJCJoX] A : + 6&0X, B &c., as 
usual with SCCJOD. ^^ OTfiLHl] fi-HI, A. OTOg^] om. BFj* Ji.j. 

CTn^.ncee] abf: -ecee, c &c. nejuiHi] am:, 

B &c. Fjc (altered from JUUULOI). qXCJOp] ^.q^tOp, Aj' F Jj. 2 0. 
JUUULOl] cf. Gr. N*etc»>L &c.; om. Jj.g. ^^eojOOn] +2^6, Hunwa. 

Di.gEKMN, cf. Gr. D &c.: + VA.p, FF. A.pecgA.n] ttJA.n? erased 
and repeated, A* : Sxe, ^. nipCOiULl] om. ni, C^*. CIJ^.qcmI 

€&oX 2,ixen2,A.n.] oj^^ffl^ ^^^ e^i^w. goeth to &c., f. 

OTJULA.] om. OT, i^DjAf EFJi.2 Hunt 18. TTOXe] cf. Gr. 

^^?BL &c. ^.qxoc] acGi*: aA.qxoc, b &c., cf. Gr. -fnA.-] eie., J^gN. exA.n] nixtA. exA-n, \^. ^^'z.stx^, 

a*, eqcpcoqx] ^.qcpcoqx, Jg ; all have CO ; cf. Gr. N^B CL &c 




eqceXccoX. ^'xoxe jy^qge nA.q. onrog, gA.q- 

cI)^.p6 nij6^€T nxe nipooAxi €X€xiuula.t 

M p^« 27^cgJ^5J|^ 2^6 eqi^cu) nn^.! ^ OTcg^iJUH q^i nonr- 

ciULH cncycjoi e&oX j^^n niJULKoj nez^.c n^.q. 
xe COOT niA.xc n-f nezi ex^.cqixK nejuL ni- 
ejULHoi" €TA.*¥gK. 
"Heoq T^e ^e2C^.q rtA.c. see JULeitoTuve cjoot 
niA-xoT itna exccjoxeAX enic^^i itxe 4>1" 
oTTog, eT^-peg, epoq. 

AAA M^ *• G'rnA.ecoo'r'f 2^6 ibcertiJULHO) A.qepg,HTc ibcoc. 

xe TTA-ireite^. oTrene^. ecg^coonr tg. ecKco-f 

itcA. oTAiHini. oTog, o-viULKmi nnonrxaiq n^.c 

efi.HX eniJULHmi nxe icort^. ninpo4)KXHc. 

«®Ra.x^ ^^pni" VA-p ex^. ICjon^. gconi itoTiULKmi 

c^e nnipentmiteTK. UA-ipn-f g^twq ncgHpi | juLc^pco- 

juLi riA-atoni itx^.ireiteA- 

81 '^oTpoo tire cA.pHc ecenrconc j6en -f Kpicic itciUL 

nipoojuu itxe x^.ireneA. oTog, ece+g^^^n 

eqcpA.^,] ArcDi.2Ai'FJi.2MS* : eqc^-pg,, N^ (-CA-peg,*) b &c. ; 

om. Jcm, cf. Gr. DL &c. ^* TTOXe] om. Ik, cf. Or. D 8yr«» Or*"*. 

OTOg, g^.qXIJULl] ACS: -ttJA.qtfl, rGiHJi.2KLM: OTOg^ 
itTreq(rT,Di.2EFxC(Troverera8ure)NO: nxeq^Tfji^B HuntiS; for 
tfl cf.? Gr. irapoXofi^aw, N C &c. fitff iavrov. eg^OXepOq] Gg^OTTe- 
pOC, F, for oi-der cf. Gr. D &c. OTOg, 2*>] om. Jj . ^.T . . . CIJ^.'v] 
A C r D2 A/ Ei« Gi K L M N S. A.qttJ^n . . . a A.q, B(a ^.T) Dj 

(o-rog,gA.-r)Ei*.2HJi.20: ajA.q...ttjA.q,F('^nA.q); ffl^.-r... 

Cg^'^f , Hunt 18 ; cf. Gr. >^ A B C D L &c. tlatXB. : jy^.qi IlXeq- 
OJCJOni j6€nilIAt.^. eTeJUUJUrt, K, cf. Gr. E G &c. i\B6ina ; 

LUKE XL a6-3i. 163 

if he should come and find it empty, swept, garnished; 
^then he goeth and findeth seven other spirits more evil 
than himself, and if they should go in, they dwell there, 
and the last (states) of that man are worse than his first.' 

^And it came to pass (that as he is) saying these 
(things), a woman lifted up a voice from the multitude, 
she said to him: 'Blessed is the womb which bare (lit. 
lifted) thee, and the breasts which nourished thee.' ^^But 
he said to her: 'Yea rather, blessed are they who hear 
the word of God, and who keep it.' 

^And the multitudes being about to assemble, he began 
to say: 'This generation is an evil generation, seeking for 
a sign; and a sign shall not be given to it, except the 
sign of Jona the prophet. ^^For according as Jona was 
a sign to the Ninevites, thus also (the) Son of (the) man 
will be to this genemtion. ^The queen of the south shall 
rise in the judgement with the men of this generation, 

gloss of El has la^i u^j it^^j ^S.) ^ J^Xjji *80 he enters and stays, 
Greek and not Coptic* OJCJOni] + ItHI, F. JJUtX^Tt] Gr. C* D & 
OTOg, 3^] om. F. nij6A.enf] neq. his ends, N. tiTS] JJL, S. 
ilTrenip. .. .JUUUtA.*r] om. K. Tg^COOT] A« : Tg^O, A*B &c. : 

Tg^o n^.q, bDljAi'EFmnoo. *^qA.i itoTCAJLa] A*Bcr 

DljAi'EGHJi.jKMO: -ItTTeCCAILH her voice, A«FLS; for order cf. 
Gr. D c e ywtj ns tnapaaa <^«w;if. CUCyCJOl] om. Fi* Ji*. lll^TC] 
a added, A«. ** T^c] Gr. C km qvtos. K^c] om. Fj*. JULeH- 

oTnre] cf. Gr. b^cd &c. exFccoxejui, a*, epoq] cf. 
Gr. X FA n &c. ^* oTrerte^.] cf. Gr. » a b d l &c. ecKCJo-f] 

CKCO-f , CrGiHKNS. OTOg^] om. F. ninpo4>KTrHc] cf. Gr. 
AC &c.: om. BJi*0, cf. Gr. NBDL &c. ^^^TA-p] om. FAf^Fi* 

Ji*KO, cf. Gr. >^ &c. ICOriA.] + nmpO(t>HXHC, Di.2Fi«. ItOT- 

iULHmi] ijuuLKini, k. nni.] nxem., Ci«. nipejuLni- 

neTTK] -nnm., F: nipCOAJH itXeitirt., V; for position cf. Gr. 

ad &c. nA.acjoni] qrt^.., FJj^g: ^^ffl-> M: + noTJULwrn, 

M, cf. syr»»' (Gr. 49*^ al aliq). ^^ iieil-f KpICIc] Gr. D fP^' om. 

ItlpOOAUX ilTe] om. N, cf. Gr. C &c. syr«« om. OTOg, i°] om. 

r J1.2. 

M 2 


epcooT. xe e&oX i6en neur jjLiifCi^^i 
eccoxejUL e^co^^iA. itxe coXoAioort. oTog, ic 
2,o*ro ecoXoAHoon ijL^^.IiUL^.. 
"HipcjoAii Hire itmefH cenA-TcooTnoT j^ert 

epoc. xe A.TepjuLexA.nom enig^icoia iiTe 
icon^.. OTog, IC 2,o*ro 6Icort^. juL^^.IAt.^.. 

oTjuLA-itg^aon oT^ie j6a. oTAiemr. a.XX^. g^i- 

liut enioTCJomi. 
^ **ni6Hfi.c iiLneicccJOiUL^. ne neKfi.i&.X. cajcon eneK- 
fi.A.X o•r^L^Xo•rc ne neKccjOiUL^. THpq eqe- 
epoofcjomi. eaton 2^6 oTnonapoc ne neKccoxft^ 
XHpq qoi hx,^^^* 
^3Xn^.T JULHUCJoc nioTCJOini exertj^HTK oorx^J^J 
ne. ^'icice oTtn neiccaoAiUL xnpq o*ro*ra5im 
ne. iiUULon toi nTA-q oi tix^ejtxc. eqegconi 
TKpq eqoi noTcomi ii^^pHi" iinii6Kfi.c jfcen 
niceT"efi.pKX eqeepoTrcoini. 


MB ^ "GxA.qcA^i 2ie A.q'fg^o epoq nxeo-r^^A-piceoc 

g^oncoc nxeqoTrcjoAJL j6^Toxq. exA.qae 2^e 

Xe] € over ^., A^. nH^-TT, A. OTOg, 2°] om. Fi*. OTOg, 
IC &C.J om. D3*. 2,0*rO e] om. e, Fi* twice. CoXoJULOn 2°, A. 
^^Or. D om. verse. mpCOJULI ItXenm.] cf. ? Gr. E* &c. syr^". 
XA-l] niptOJULI itXeT4.I the men of this, B, cf. Gr. MU al pauc. 
epoc] cf. Gr.: eptOOT them, B Gi* Hj^ (over erasure of C). 
Hunt x8. 26, OTOg, 2°] om. TFi*. '*2ie] AC Di.aAi'^EFi© J^^.a^, cf. Gr. 

^^^ AL &c.: om. BrFi*GiHJi*KLNOS Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. >*BCD &c. 
jfcen] j6a., rDi.2A/EJ,.2KNS; obs. Gr. fiV g^tJOn] ^ altered 
from O, AC. OTTie... JULCnx] Gr. L &c. om. OntT^e j^^] 
AC (^. over erasure of eti) &c. : ICj^A., Dj. 2 (eOTji)^) A^^ E 0. 

^.XXa.] +^^^XA'^> ^i""' ^^ ^^-1 i^^^-i Hunt 26. een^.- 
ej^o-jfn] -nA.1-, Fi*K: Gr. L eicTTop. nTo*rn^.*r] exo*r., 

LUKE XL 32-37, 165 

and shall judge them : because she came from the ends of 
(the) earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon ; and lo, greats 
than Solomon (is) here. ^The men of Ninevd will rise in 
the judgement with this generation, and will jvdge it: 
because they repented at the preaching of Jona, and lo, 
greater than Jona (is) here. ^ No one lighteth a lamp and 
setteth it in a secret place, nor under a measurer, but upon 
the lampstand, that they who go in may see the light. 
^(The) lamp of thy body is thine eye: if thine eye is 
single, all thy body shall give light; but if (it) is evil, all 
thy body is dark. ^Take heed lest the light which is in 
thee is darkness. ^*If then all thy body is light, having 
no part dark^ all shall be shining, as the lamp with the 
flashing shall give light.' 

^And he having spoken, a Pharisee besought him that 

A*CGi. ** neKCCJOJULA. i°] cf. Gr. D &c. : HI., M, erasure after H, 
Ji«, cf. the rest of Gr. lieKfi.^.X] cf. Gr. N* A B C D &c. : Ul., M, cf. 
Gr. N«L &c. egJCJOIl] cf. Gr. » B D L &c. : + 2^6, L Hunt 18, 26 : Gr. 

A c Ac. + o^y. eneK] neK, b r f Gi* Ji. 2 m n Oi* s. ^.nXo-rc] 

^^.nXoTC, BDi.2Ai'ELM0i(O2^) Hunt i8, 26. n€ 2^] om. H: 
Gr. D &c. place i; before o cx^. IieiCCaOiUL^. 2°] cf. Gr. CD &c. : 
WUkins pref. OTOg,, cf. the rest of Gr. eqeepOTCJOmi] ABCF 
Fi^HKLMNS Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. L &c. fcmw; eqep., Fi*GiJi.2: 
qOI itOTCJOmi, D1.2O; eqOI it., Ai'E; cf. the rest of Gr. iariv. 

Of nonHpoc(n, M Hunt 18*)] eoT &c., Di.2Ai^en: +n€ neK- 

.&A.X, H, cf. Gr. X a syr^ arm aeth. All omit koI. XHpq 2°] cf. Gr. 
X &c. syr«". qoi] €qOI, D2Ai'Jl2; for pres. cf. Gr. D e aeth: 
Gr. L &c. future: Gr. NABO &c. om. ^^A.ltA.T] ACFG^HLS 

Hunt 18: +0'rrt, BrDi.2(Ort,Ai')EJi.2KMNO. AILHnoC,AJ2. 
^ Gr. D &c. syr c° om. verse. neUeKCCJOXtA., A Gi . OTOTCOim] 
om. OT, AB. iiiULOn] pref. OTOg,, E J1.2. X^-^^^l X^*^^> 

Hunt 26. eqeojcjoui] eqajcom, rD2*. eqoi] qoi, k. ni- 

J^afi-C j^eit] om. m, r* : om. B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. K* om. 6 \vxPot ; for 

j6en cf. Gr. B. eqe (om. J1.2) epoTcoi m] a*, cf. Gr. x : + epoK, 

A"* &c. " eTA.qCA.Xl] A : eq., pres. B &c. : Gr. D syr®" om. 

A.q'f^o] eq., S; obs. Gr. CL &c. ^pwra: Gr. KAB &c. /p«T$. 

ofc|>A.piceoc] cf. Gr. NBL &c. om. rw. eTA.qaje ^e] 


ej^oTfit A.qpa)X€&. ^® ni4>A.pic€oc -^e exA.q- 
c^v- n^T A.qepaj4>Hpi. xe iJLneqtfujojuLC | ilajopn 
s^uxen nioTCJOiUL. 
*^nex^.q ^e n^-q ilsceiHc. xe -fnonr necjoTen 
j6^ ni4)A.piceoc. TrexenxoTfi-o c^.fi.oX JOLni- 
^.4>ox nejuL ni&m^^. cAj^onrn 2^6 jOuuLODXcrt 
AJte& itg^coXejuL nciUL nonnpi^.. 

iieoq on ^.qeAJULic cAj^onrrt. *^ nXan hh 

excgou aihixot eeiULexitA.KT OTOg, ic ^twfi 

niAen cexoaffi.Ko-rx itcoxert. 
p^ ^^HXXXa. ottoi ncjoTen ni^^^-piceoc. xe xexeiti" 

ijL4>peiULHX ijLniA.tfrnSceoi nejUL nifi.A.ojoTg 

nejJL oTO'f ni fieri. 
Onrog, TeTenx^ iiccoxen juLni2,A.n neut 

-fA-rA-HH Sxe 4)i". nA.i 2^6 nA-cjOLnojA. trre- 

xenA.ixo*r oTog, niK€x^o'*'i^i nxexeng- 

Teixx,^^ ^^^ eHuoT. 
p^C **0*roi ncoxen nicl>A.piceoc. xe xexeiXAiLei iirti- 

aopn ijuuLA-iiaejuLci j6en nicTrtA.va5rK next. 

niA.cnA.ciULoc j6en inA-rop^.. 
?M **0*roi ncjoxen xe xexertoi juL4>pKi" nnijuL^^.T 

exenceoTOjng, efioX ^.n. o*rog, nipooiULX ee- 

Anocgi ^ixcooT itceejULi A.n. 

OTOg, eXA.qae> F, cf. Gr. 13, &c. : om. ikC, F*. ** ikC] om. S. 
^•2ke] om. B. nA.q] om. Ji*. Ihc] hoc, Ao &c.; A tr. p^ 
* Jesus.' xe] om. >^N, cf. ? Gr. 4>A.p.] Gr. D b add vfroicptrai. 
C^oX] AC &c.: nCA.fioX, A*?BOr*Fi*?Gi*. g/Jj\eXfL\ 
jO^Xefi murder, Fi*, corrector writes unusual ^ * correct.' *® Itl- 

A.xg,Hx] CO niA.x2,HX, Ji.2. fioX...j6o-rit] cf. Gr. » A 

BL &c. on] om. El*. CA^OTH] UICA.., ». *i HK €Xl 

IteX, Fi*. e(om.Ci)e-llLexnA.HX] no MS. has iULee. ICj 
om. KFi*. *2^XXa.] om. K. m4>A.p.] j6^ni, FM: syr^" 

b gat aeth scrib. et Ph., also ver. 43. ^f" ijL^^peJULKX] "f" e<t>P*9 

LUKE XI. 38-44. 167 

Duld eat with him : and having entered, he sat down to 
eat ^And the Pharisee having seen, wondered that he 
lished not first before the eating. ^'And Jesus said to 
m : ' Now ye of the Pharisees cleanse outside of the cup 
id the dish; but inside of you (is) full of extortion and 
ickednees. ^° Senseless (men), did not he, who made out- 
le, also make inside? ^^But the things which ye have 
t. which are) give for (the) alms; and lo, all things are 
3ansed to you. *'But woe to you, Pharisees I because ye 
ve (the) tenth of the mint and the rue and every herb, 
id ye leave (out) [the] judgement and the love of God: 
it these it was (imperf.) right that ye should do, and 
e others that ye should not have left (out). *^Woe to 
»u, Pharisees 1 because ye love the first sittings in the 
nagogues, and the salutations in the market-places. 
Woe to you I because ye are as the sepulchres which 
»pear not, and the men who walk upon them know not/ 

5; 'f4>p.>J2. ^(Tmitceoi] ^(fTitceo!,rD2GiJi.2S. Te- 
eitx^] ^Terrenx^j pret., ^*. itTect>'f ] Gr. b* om. roo 

w. 2^e\ cf. Gr. >**BCL &c. : om. ><B*?KO, cf. Gr. >**A(D) &c. 

Lc] en^c, ><Fi*. jOLna^] +rKJoxen, m. itxeT-en^i- 

Ot] itXOT., 3rd person, Fj*: eepCTTeit^lXOT, ^*. 

'0& 2°] Of og, . . . 2i€, D2. itxexenajxejuL] eajxeiUL, 
^^-txei] -txeitpe, j,.2. nniojopn] JuLm., b, cf. Gr. 

(o.e.)eJUt.CI, Ao. **n(JOXen] cf. Gr. ^*BOL &c. 8yr«": 

iiic^g, it€iULnic{>^piceoc niojo&i, a»8Fi°»8J2Lmno, cf. 

. AD &c.; Ci has gloss ^^j^ b ^Jf^ b i-iS^b ^^j^\ ^y 'in 
J Arabic, scribes, Pharisees, O hypocrites;' E^ has gloss ^^^J] 
Miji b « i^ b *the Greek, scribes and Pharisees.' 01 
L<&pH'f ] Gr. D &c. Ryr^^ tart lunniaa. iULg^^TJ Gg^OOT, L*. 
fOJItg,] E2J1.2KMNO : OTOItg,, A &c. Obs. syr«" om. rh SbriKa, 
^Xt-Ottjl] CeiULOCyi, Jj.2; obs. Gr. ad &c. om. ol. g^IZUJOf 

3G1HKLMNOS: exoooT, BrDi.2 VEFJ1.2. e-txf 

JpOOOT them, Di*Ai'E. 


_ UH. 

Mr p^ "SXqepoTco 2.6 ibceoT^i RniitojuLiKoc nex^.q 

n^q. xe mpeq-fcKco n^i ejc^cjo JJutxtJoot 

_Kttj«5ttj juuuLon ^(jon. 

*« Heoq 2^6 nesc^q. xe iteooTen g^ooxen j6^ itmo- 

c^5 xiLiKoc oTJoi ncoxen. 2ce TeTemr^Xo itg^^n- 

ex^cjoof I erxt-ojcg^ ixqnroT exea itipooixi. 

OTog^ itecoxen xexeittfi nejtx merr^oxi ^n 

?A* *'Ofoi rwjoxen xe xexeitKoox hnijtx^ur itxe 
nmpo^KXKc. nexenio-f ^Tjfcoe&OT. *®g,A.pA. 
Texenepjuteepe of og^ xexeit'f ju.^.'f* exert 
nig^JiKOTri itxe nexenio-f . xe iteoooT Mxen 
^Tjfcoe&oT iteooxen xexeniccox. 

^ *• GeJie^^! A. -f jcecocl>i^ itxe cj^-f xoc. xe -f n^-oir- 
(jopu g^^pcooT Rg^^nnpo^KXHc nejut g^A-n^.- 
nocxoXoc. oTOg, ef e^cwxefi. e&oX itj^nxoir. 
Of og^ erecfbxi itcoooTr. 
*^&mA. itcetfl juLnajia ixncnoq itmnpoc{>HXHC ex- 
^f^onq eJioX icxen xjc^x^B-oXh jOLuijcoc- 
jULoc itxoxc itx^irene^.. ^Mcxen ncitoq 
it^JieX a^. ncnoq Jt^A-x^pi^c najHpi JulSl^.- 
P^X*^^" *^ ex^TX^Koq oTxe niAt^iiep- 


Httnt26, 46 -^e] om. BFi*K Hunt 26. ItOJULIJCOc] syr«» et«o^ 'scribia.* 

n^q] om. LOS. uipeq] c{>peq, Dg J1.2. eKXcw] kxcjo, r. 

jOUULOOOt] JQUULOC, Dg* Ej*. ICgOOttj] eJCttJ'J K L Hunt 26 : 

eicf aooa, Ji. *« nex^q] + it^q, BrD2J2M. g^coxen] 

cf. Gr.: om. TJ^g. 07r(Of rep.. A*) 01 J Gr. D syr*'^ place it before 
r. vofi. 2^A.nX^a)0f I, a J^c M. eXJULOKg, &c.] Gr. C X al 
plus^** syrpn^s prefix ^apta kcu. ixqiXOf] ABCLOS; Itqi- 

xof, r &c. exeit] itxen, mo. oxog, iteooxen 2°] 

+ 2^U3Xen, BrJi.2*^ Hunt 26: +2we, Dj; obs. Gr. B avro» vfitts. 
XeXentfT &c.] pref. it and omit ^.K, Dg . flTltlteJUL, A. ItieX- 
<l)U30Tl] 8yr«" a have ' ea,' Gr. D b q om. *' KOX, A. ItXeni] 

itltl, Ai'Fi*. lO-f] ACrGiH(K)LNOS: +2s.e, BDi.jAi'EF 

LUKE XL 45-51. 169 

And one of the lawyers answered, he said to him: 
icber, saying these (things) thou reproachest us also.' 
nd he said ; * Ye also of the lawyers, woe to you I 
kuse ye place burdens painful to be b'ome upon [the] 
., and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one 
j^our fingers. ^'^Woe to youl because ye build the 
ilchres of the prophets; your fathers killed them, 
len ye bear witness and agree to the works of your 
ers : because they indeed killed them, ye build. *^ There- 
also the wisdom of God said : " I shall (lit. will) send 
Jiem prophets and apostles, and they shall kill (some) 
them, and they shall persecute them;" ^^that (the) 
>d of the prophets, which was shed from (the) founda- 
of the world, may be avenged on this generation; 
om (the) blood of Abel unto (the) blood of Zacharias 
) son of Barachias, whom they destroyed between the 

^I Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^^»ABDL &c. : Gr. l^* C mI ol: a * nam : ' syr^a 

' qiio«.' *^ &^P^ • . . ^•r^oe&oTr] om. K* L. ite(JO- 

^] A*Ji.,: +2^6, Ao &c., cf. Gr. TeTeitKOOX] A*B0Di.2 
ia*FG,HJi*KN Hunt 26, cf. Gr. J^BDL &c.: + itnOTJUL2,A.-r 
sepulchre!, A°»BrEiC.2Ji'"*(Ai-J *a copy').2LMOS, cf. Gr. AC &c. 
.] added, A«: om. LS. JCe] om. T^LNOgS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. A 
» aeth : Gr. D b om. Koi... tlntp. XOC] A.3C0C, N. iriA.] Gr. 
gpres. ^^pCOO-r] cf. Gr.: 2^A.pa5Xen to you, BFCi^KO. 
:;6wT'eK] T, over erasure, £ 2° altered, A** : ^.TT., 8* ; obs. Gr. 
momwovfrw. OTOg^ 2®] om. J1.2. GTretfOXl] A<^ Ac: CT- 
il, A* : nce(r"&c., TJj. *® iJLnaia] AJ^AfEjK : JULH- 

-najittj,AcB&c.; ijLneiut.cgiaj,BEi»Fi*. jutncnoq] om. L. 
[] nxeni, rj,.2S. npoc{>KXKc] acfGiHJi*lms, of. Gr. 

Sec: +XKpOT, B F D,.2 ^i' E Ji^ 2 K N Hunt 26. JtXWi] 

U.I, Hunt 26. " ncnoq . . .oj^] om. Ai'. ncnoq i°] cf. ? 
rtBCDLX 1. 33. ^.AeX] a-KkX, abl«: +nieiut.Ki, lm 

1 26, cf. Gr. K &c. ; gloss of Ji adds jfaxJl -t * a copy has, the righteous.' 

loq 2°] cf.? Gr. ^*BDLX i. 33. Hcnoq il^^X^P^^^] o™- 

nojHpI iJLJi^.pA.X^^c] ACrD2Ai'EFi0 2G,HKLMNOS 
H K it, the rest JJL), cf. Gr. D &c.: om. B DjFi* J1.2 Hunt 26 ; gloss of 
It L^L> ^^. f'*^ copy has, the son of Bar&chiyft.' GT^XAJCOq, 


cgtoofttj! nejtx niw. ce 'fxuj jjutxoc nojTen. 
xe cen^Koo-f itccoq itxoxc itx^ireneA.. 
pi^ 62 0toi ncoxen nmojULiKoc xe ^.xexencoXi itm- 
ttjcogT itxe nccjoo-rn. iteooxen JOLiieTeni 
e;6oTn. oTog^ na eenaoTr ej^oxn nrexenep- 
jcooXm jDuuLcoo-r. 

_ U(V). 

nciut. nic{>^pic€oc ecojULc itK^jiccoc. oTog^ ecijxi \ 

c^H ne-tJLA.q ee&e g^^ruutaoj- "eTrtfrxP^^ exopxq 
itoTCA^i e&oX si^en ptjoq. 
^ 6n oic ex^TecooT-f ibceg^^ne^^ juuuLag 
_ g^oocxe tiTor^uojtxi exen noTepao-r. 
AAA p^ nXqepg^axc itxoc itneq-tJLA.eaxac itgopu. jula^- 

eaxen eptjoxen e&oX g^^ nojexiLap itxe ni- 
_ 4>^piceoc exe xoTrjutexgo^i xe. 
/^^ ^UAiLon 2^Xi eqg^oJic xe qn^-tftopu eJioX ^.n. 
Of og, jQuuLon uexg^au xe C6n^.eiut.i epoq A.n. 
^Ha r^p exexenitA^oxoTT ;6en nx^^i cen^.- 
coexiLOf ;6€n ^of oomi. oTog^ <l>a exA.pexen- 
cA^i ijuuLoq ^en 4>iUL^.gx ^en mx^JULion 
ereg^icoiaj juumoq g^ixen nixene^p. 
^'I^xoo 2.6 ijuuLoc nooxen n^-g^ap. xe JOLnep- 

A. OT2ie, A. ai] Gr. D &c. I'oov. XG] cf. Gr. 69. 124. e 8yr«> 
Hunt 18. et"*'. itXA.l] eX^I, Fi*. *2 nOJULIKOC] 8yr<«» et^ * scribis; 

52-xii. 1 ^^exentJoXi] exexeitcoXi, Jg: xexenooXi, o Hunt i8*: 

Gr. D &c. eVpv^aTf. ttjCJOCgx] AHL: ttJOOJX, B &c. COOOTK] 
erasure between It and It, A«. flOOOXen] Gr. D &c. rot ovrot'. 
XeXenepKCoXm] ACGiHJiKL(om.ep)MN*OS, cf. Gr. G c: 
^Xexenep., BrDi^aAj^EFJa, cf. the rest of Gr.: A.XeX€n- 
XA-g^ItO, Hunt i8. ^3 eX^qi 2^6 &c.] cf. Gr. ^* B C L Ac: 

eXA.qX(JO itn^.! ^-rep, L, cf. Gr. ad &c.; gloss of Ji has U ^ ^ 
c^gjJl ^\j3 ijA i»i) JlS 'a copy ba8, and when he said to them ,these 
before the people.' ijULt.A.f] +!tXeiaC, M, cf. Gr. 48 •^ Itl- 
C^J^ &c.] Gr. D &c. ' the Pharisees and the lawyers.' ^^.It JULaOj] 

LUKE XI. 52— XIL 4. 171 

bar and the House: yea, I say to you, that it will all be 
ught for from this generation. ^^Woe to you, Lawyers! 
icause ye took away the keys of (the) knowledge: ye 
me not in yourselves, and them who are coming in ye 

^And he having come from there, the scribes and the 
larisees began to watch (him) maliciously, and to speak 
him concerning many things: ^ using subtlety to ensnare 
m with a word from his mouth. XIL In the mean 
me myriads of multitude having assembled, so {hat they 
ode upon one another, he began to say to his disciples 
•st: * Beware of (the) leaven of the Pharisees, which is 
eir hypocrisy. * There is not anything covered, (so) that it 
ill not be revealed; and there is not that which is hidden, 
0) that it will not be known. ^For the things which ye 
ill say in (the) darkness will be heard in (the) light; 
id that which ye spake in (the) ear in the chambers 
lall be preached upon the housetops. ^And I say to you 

v.. Da Hunt 18. " enrCTTxpO^] ^'^•' ^l^ 0; cf. Gr. >< &c. 

Q. oMv: +epOq, Hunt 18, cf. rest of Gr.: Gr. D &c. om. Om. 
rowTfs, cf. Gr. t^BL &c. CXOp^q] 6 over erasure of It, A«. Om. 
I &c, cf. Gr. >^BL. 

^ en oic] enoeic, jg. exen] g^ixen, f. ibcoc] nsceiac 

XOC, F. itneqXILA.eKXKc] cm. F; Gr. D &c. om. avrov. 
ajOpnJ B has DO point before or after, cf. Gr. B &c. : F has point 
fore, cf. Gr. L &c. : F adds X€, cf. Gr. >* A D &c. Xt^g^eK- 
•eit] -eexen, a : +2^6, BDg. !lxemc{>.] Gr. BL e place T. <^. 
ler {moKpuTis. ^ JOuULOn] cf. Gr. >* &c. om. bt. eqg^onc, 

bcs. oTog^] 0^2.6, F. xe 2°] om. L. cenA.eAit.i] 
A.ejun, Dj*. ® r^-p] om. BFF: 2^6, J1.2. eT'exenit^.J 

CDjGiHKLMNOS: eTTexen, Di: CX^pexen, BFAi'E 

J1.2. nx^J^O ^iX^Ki, B^JuidC'X)' o-foom, a*. 
TOP,] om. J1.2. AiL^oj* A*- &J^^r^] escen, b. niscene- 
(wpj iterren., 2nd piur., a^'E: ni., sing., j,.2KM: nscen., o. 

h.e] om. FLMNO. ItCJOXeit] om. E^*. ffl^^Hp] a4>ep., l^B 

172 ROXTOX ^OYRaxH. 

epg^o-f ^^xg^H itna eenA.^a)xe& iinexen- 

nxpig^o-f jfc^xg^H i}Lcl>K exe JutenencA. eepeq- 
ji^cjoxeB. Of onxeq epgigi eg^ioTi e-freenitA. 
^.g^A. -fscoo jOuuLoc nooxen. 2C€ ^pig^o-f 

*Uh e itcTix ^.n exoT-f ijuuLooo-r e&oX ,^ 
xe&i cnoT-f. Of og^ ot^i eJioX itjfeHXoir 
ceo&oj epoq ^n ixnejuteo ii.ct^'t". 
^3XXXa. niKeqcoi ilx€X€n^c{>e cenu XHpoT. iJL- 
cS^ nepepg^o-f. xe|xenoirox eoTJULHoj ittfXx. 
p^r fl'j^xa) 2ie JOuuLoc ncoxen. xe oTon ni&ert 
een^-OToong, efi.oX it^KX ixnejuteo itm- 
pcjojULi. najHpi &ooq iiLct>pa)iut.i n^oToong, efiioX 
iti)Hxq jjLivejtxBO itni^rreXoc iixe ^^. 
•^K 2.6 een^^oXx e&oX JuLnejuteo itmpcjoAA.i. 
cen^^oXq efiioX g^ooq ixnejtxBo nitiA-rreXoc 
itxe c{>'f . 
pJ*C ^^^Ofog, oTon mfien een^^e otca^i itcA. nojKpi 
jOLct^pcjoJULi cen^x^^ ^^^ efioX. 
^K 2^6 een^^eoT^ enmiul eeox^fi. itnoTX^ 
n^q eJioX. 

nejUL ni^pXH nejx me2.ofci^. ijLnepqi- 

nnn] juL^h, J1.2N. een^] cf. Gr. d &c.: ex, B*(nex)Fi*, 
cf. Gr. B &c. JuLnexen] itnexeit, piurai, Ji. of og,] om. 

J1.2. iiUULOnXtJOOf , A &c., except -Itllx-, ^*^. iJUUL^f 

om. U. e^.\^] om. B. *i"nA.] -f, Ji.g. 2.6] om. N. Xe 

om. Ai'. A.pI(om.A)2,0't" ;6^X2^K JtltlJUt.] om. N. 
g^O-f 2®] cf. Or. ABL &c. syrca: Gr. IkD &c. om. exeWLCn- 

enc^.-.^cjoxefi.] exeoTon ^xoxx ijutnoq Aft.enen- 

Ca.epOTj^(J0Xe&. for whom it is possible after their killing, B. 

LUKE Xn. 5-1 1. 178 

friends : " Fear not them who will kill your body, and 

these (things) they have not anything moi*e to do." 

1) I shall (lit. will) tell you whom (ye shall) fear (im- 

bive). Fear him who after his killing hath authority 

ast to the Geenna ; yea, I say to you : " Fear this 

)." *Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings? 

one of them is not forgotten before God. ''But the 

hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not: ye 

better than many sparrows. ^And I say to you, that 

y one who will confess me before [the] men, (the) Son 

bhe) man also will confess him before the angels of 

: ^but he who will deny me before [the men] will be 

ed also before the angels of God. ^°And every one 

will say a word at (the) Son of (the) man, it will be 

Lven him: but he who will blaspheme the Holy Spirit, 

lall not be forgiven him. ^^When they should bring 

into the synagogues, and (before) the rulers, and the 

leq] A; epeq,rD,.2Ai'EFJi.2: epOT,(B)0GiHKLMN0S. 

►nxeq] pref. e, Ji.a. ojicgO +iJULt.^T, Dg. efv] e 

erasure, A«. * cnOT-f] S^fi D1.2 Aj'E H J1.2K MN. 

»P,] om. Fi*Ji*. Ce] itce, double negative, D1FG1J1.2N. 

j-f] 4)^", J2. ■'^XX^ &c.] iteooTen 2^6 &c., ». 

f"] cf. Or. BL &c.: +OTn, F, cf. Gr. UAB &c. Byr^. OfOX] 
Lp, ^*, cf. Gr. D arm: Gr. D &c. add vfjuis. * 2^6] om. KB 

^ S, cf. a b 1 sah «>»^ aeth. XC] cf. Gr. >* D, OTOng,, A (twice) 

uaapi . . . pooAXi n^] i"it^, u. ixuejute, a*. 

rreXoc] Gr. »* 259. om. • Om. B, cf. e bjt^. c{>K 2^6] 

>& *H, M. xtJoX., A(twice)Ji.2L. iupcojULi] mA.rre- 
:,K. cen^] -fn^., r«, cf. Gr. x b. &ooq] &tX3, r°: om. 

JJLlieJJLBO 2°] om. Eg*. ^^ OTOg,] om. TF Ji* N. ItC^] 

j,.a . cen^x^^] cex^^j pres., B» Jg. eenA.3ceoT^j 

Lq 2Ce., EFi* J1.2; for position cf. Gr. 225. 245. a e 8yr«^ 
OX^n] ACHLMOS: +2^6, BrDi.2Ai'EFGiJ,.aKN, cf. Gr. 

g^n] eTajA.n, Gi. ej6ofn e] cf.? Gr. t^D &c. tUi Gr. 

I Sec, iir'u 


pcoof eg xe nooc le ot nexexenn^epoira) 
juLiULoq le ox nexexenn^scoq. 

noT exejuuuLA.T enn een^ccAt-na)^ rbcoxoT. 

ME pi^ ^^Ilexe ota.i i^e n^q efioX jfcen niJULKa. 2ce 

nipeqi"cfi.(jo a.2Coc JuLn^con cepeqctKjoa) eg,p^q 
neiULHi jt-fjcXaponojULi^. 
'*Heoq 2^6 nesc^q. xe <l>p(joiut.i tmtx uexA.qx^T 

ftpeq'f 2^A.u \e lipeq^cog escen eHitoT. 
" Ilesc^q 2^6 ncooT. xe ^n^T oTog^ ^p^a epcoxeit 
efioX 2^^ (Tf ilxonc mfien. xe n^pe ucjonj6 
cgoTi iOLnipcjDAiLi ^.n efioX j6en ng^oTo ixnex- 


Mf i«3Xqxe OTn^p^fioXK 2.6 ncoo-r eqxco jOLiuloc. 
xe iteoTon oTpcojULi itpAJULA.o e^cepojA-Tr | 
CO itxexeqx^P^- "oTog^ nA.qiut.0KAiLeK ne 
it^pK! il^Kxq eqxo) ijuutoc. xe ot ne-f- 
n^^iq xe ii.Ait.on'f jul^ ijuuLa^T eepieoooT^ 
itit^oTXA-g, epoq. 
^®0to2, U6XA.q. xe 4>^! -fn^-^-iq 'fn^.ajopajep 
itnA.a.noeHJCH oTog, -fn^jcoxoT itmoji" itg^oTo. 
OTOg^ itx^eoooTi" e-tJLA.T iin^coTO XHpq 
nejx n^^r^eon. 

leoT uexexenn^epoTCJo ijuutoq] om. Fi*Ji*.2L. 
leoT nexexennA^oq] om. bo. uex] ArD,.2Ai'EGi(2°) 
j,.2M ; ne ex, b c f Gi (i°) h k l o. ^^ na.xcA.Aa)xen] 
een^ &c., Fi«L: nA-xcA-fioeHnoT, J,.2. exejut.jt«.A.Tj 

om. K ; obs. Or. 33. om. h avri rfj &fHf, ettHj firiH, L : om. K. 

een^-cexiLna^] A«L*0: eec&c, A*cr«L«; excexung^, 

B &c. ^^ r^^^J foi- position cf. Gr. A D &c. HliULHaj] TI., J^* : 

iti., u. nipeq] ^peq, m. -f cfico . . . eepeq] om. Fi* homeot, 
^* nex^q] + na.q, Dj.jAi^ekns, cf. Gr. nex] ue ex, ikBT 

LUKE Xn. ia-i8. 176 

authorities, take no care how or what ye will answer, or 
what ye will say. ^^For the Holy Spirit will teach you in 
that hour the things which it will be right to say.' 

^^And one said to him from the multitude: 'Teacher, 
bid my brother divide with me the inheritance.' ^*But 
he said : ' Man, who set me for judge or for divider over 
you 1 ' ^* And he said to them : * Take heed, and keep your- 
selves from all taking by violence: because (the) life was 
not consisting for the man out of (the) abundance of that 
which he hath.' 

^^And he spake (lit. said) a parable to them, saying: 
< There was a rich man whose country was fertile: ^"^and 
he was reasoning in himself, saying : *^ What shall (lit. will) 
I doy because I have not place to which to gather my 
fruits?" ^®And he said: "This I will do: I will over- 
throw my bams, and I will build them greater, and I 

I>1. 2 H Ji. a N. le] om. B*. itpeq4>aX£j] om. it, Dj. a Ai' E : 
epeq., B. "noOOf] 8yr«»»*ad tuvbas* syr«c»> 'ad discipulos' 

8ah«»»^ adds 'JesuH.' OTOg, ^P^&] sy*^ et»»» om.: 8ah«»»»^ 
i"&'^HX!t give your heart = take heed. m&en] cf. Gr. >< A B 
DL &c 8yr«« &c. UCOItii)] cf. Gr. D 8yr«" ei^^ om. avrov: 8ah«'>»^ 
ha« neqCJDItg^, csf. Gr. KABIi &c. gJOU] for position cf. Gr. exc. D 
al pauc; no Greek ha8 imperf. ^tt] om. LO. tl^OfO] III^., N : 

n^., Jj. nex] ue ex, d^ : c{>k ex, Dg. -enx^.q] cf.? Gr. 

H«BD &c. ovT». ^* n^p^fioXHl altered from former word, K«. Hunt 26, 

^€j om. B K Hunt 26 : Gr. X oZu. ItCWOT] Gr. D 8ah*»»^ place it before 
•parable.' eqXOO JOUULOCJom.M. netom.Cr*. OTpOOAA.!] om. 

OT,Fi*. e^cep] ^cep,L. ^''n^q]A.qo.e.,A«. JULOJCJUieK 

. . . eq] om. Fj* = It^q^CJO imperfect. lie] om. Di Aj'E Jj.g Hunt 26. 

nef] ne ef, B«Ji.a. ijuuLonxwxiLA., a*?. ijuuL^.T] 

JUUULOOOf for them, K. OTXA-g,] OTX^fg,, D2E^«Fi*H. 

epoq] e&oX, n with gio&s epoq ^. ^« c{>a.i -f" 

■yr«° om. : c{>^I Ue ei" , B Hunt 26. n^.noeHJCH, A*. Of Og^ 2°^ 
om. B Hunt 26. -f K^JiCOXOTr] ACHLMOS: ItX^JCOXOTr, 
conjunctive, BrDi.2Ai'EFGiJi.2KN Hunt 26 : Gr. D &c. have 'make.* 
OTO^ 3°] om. Ji. eJULA.T] eUL^, A*j ijUUL^.7r, DgF. 
iXIU.] e H^ N. COTo] cf . Gr. >^ ■ (om. irorra) et « B L &c. neJUL- 



Of JULHoj it^r^eon x^ *^^ itoTiut.Hg 
JuLxon ijuuLO of oojul ccjo oTrnoq jOuulo. 

^^Ilesce ct^-f 2.8 it^.q. xe niA-xg^HT. iii6pHi jfccn 
n^-iexoopg, ceitA-coXi itTeJc^x^ eJioX itj^axK. 
itK exA-Keof (joxoT €rTn^.g(Joni itniJUL. 

2*4>^i ue ix^pai" juL^k eTg^iofi n^q ej^o^n 
Of og, eqoi iipAJUu.o ^n jfcen <l>i", 
^^ 22ne2c^.q 2^6 itneqjut.a.eHXHc, 2ce eefiiect^^i -fsco) 
jOuuLoc ntjoxen. 2ce JOLnepqipoooTci) j6a. xe- 
xen^lnrxH. xe ot ncrrerrenn^ofojuLq oxi^e 
i>^ nexenccoiut.^ xe onr nexexeitn^xaiq ^i 
eHHOT. ^''f^TXH ra.p onrox ei"j6pe oto^ 

2*U^i^xen enitoT itni^fLCOK. xe cecrf ^.n oto^ 
c€(joc;6 ^n. na exejuuuLon xAJUiion nxcoof 
oT2ie ^.noeHKH. ofog^ cj^-f a)^.na} jOuulooox 
^THp JUL^XXon iteooxen xexenoTox em- 
2,^XA.i". I 

It^^r^eon] Or. »* D om. ^^ -f n^^^COc] itX^^OC, con. 

junctive, F Gj K M N. XeX^.'^^-rXH] om. T* Gj* K M, cf. a b c e ff *' 
i 1 m®^ itA.rA.eon...JUt.Hg] om. B* homeot. lie] cf. 8ahti««>» 
Byr««: om. M: +e^pW, », of.? Gr. 235. 6p« ^oKiifjupa. ixXOIt 
JUUULOJ JUL 1^ over erasure, A^': om. Fi'^, cf. Gr. 36. om. apanavov. 
Of OOiUL] OTOg^ OTOOJUL, Jg : Of COXIL Of Og^, Ji : > Of OJJUt. 
COO Of Og, JULXOlt ijUULO, », omitting c^pmiw ; Gr. D a b c 
e i Leo om. Kct/icfo . . . nu. ^^ 116X6 . . . ^6] Of O^ 11., 

Hunt 26. <l)i"] Gr. A o itvpiof. n^l] HI, Oi*. Cen^OoXlJ C6., 
Oi; cf. e Or^*2-^^® auferetur. itXeK"4ffXH] ^or position cf. Gr. 
D&c. nHJACFHLOS: +2.6, BrD,.2Ai'EGiJi.2KM. cf.Gr.exc.D: 
Of Og, ItK, >* : Gr. D &c. a ow, eXA-JCeOf tJOXOf ] ACFiC(*an- 
other')HLNO: eXA-KCefiiXC&XOf which thou preparedst, ^*B^5 
D,.2Ai'-EFi*GiJi.2KMSHunt2\cf.Gr. ef HA.] A FiC(* another ')M: 
a.f It^., B &c. ^' Gr. D a b om. verse. Of Og,] om. Hunt 26. 

eqoi. . .u\\ n^.qoi, om. ^.it, j,.2: qoi, Ffns: itqoi, B(en) 

Di.2*'Ai'Ei. >^n p^JUU.0, r. F2 haa gloss ^ JL, Ijj^ Jl5 U» 

LUKE XII. 19-24. 177 

gather thither all my wheat and my goods. ^^ And I will 
say to my soul: 'My soul, there are many goods laid up 
for thee for many years; rest thyself, eat, drink, delight 
thyself.'" ^^But God said to him: "Senseless (man), in 
this night they will take away thy soul from thee ; the 
things which thou gatheredst, whose will they be ? " ^^ This 
is as he who layeth up (lit. throweth in) for himself, and 
is not rich toward (lit. in) God.' ^And he said to his 
disciples : * Therefore I say to you : " Do not take care about 
your life (lit. soul), viz. what will ye eat; nor about your 
body, viz. with what will ye clothe yourselves. ^^For the 
life (lit. soul) is better than the food, and the body than 
the raiment. ^Consider the ravens, that they sow not 
and reap not; which have not storehouse nor bam; and 
God feedeth them : how much better are ye than the birds ! 


^xjUI ^ yk ^jm^ J^\ VjA y ^^.uM ^JcM^Lt ^Ul iJ ' 80 when he said 

this, he cried : He who hath hearing ears let him hear. And these words 

are not in the Coptic,' cf. Gr. HUTA &c. ^* neqXILA.e.] cf. Gr. Hunt 26, 

NADL &c. ncOXen] for position cf.Gr.l^BDL &c. Texen- 

•^tTX^] cf. Gr. T'^oiX &c. syr««: Itexeit., plural, B. UeTG- 

T€nn^.oTOJULq] Tie ex., btFi^O; nexexenoT., k*. 
nexenctJOJULA.] cf. Gr. b &c.: nexen., nf*?. uexexen- 
nA.XHiq] ne exexenn^.., DiEFJi^: ne exenn^., ist 

plural, B. ** Om. verse, K. TA-O] cf. Gr. KBDL &c. 8yr«" : om. 

L, cf. Gr. A &c. : 2.6, B Hunt 26. T;6-] Xeqjfc., S. COOXIL^] 
+ OTOX, M. 24 itltl^OOK] em., >* B r N : Gr. D e l ra 

vmipa Tov ovpawov. CeCli" ^It] J^ACFGHKLNOS Hunt 26: ItCe., 

BDi.2Ai'EFM: cen^.cj'f,Ji: nc^.n^.ci'f ^.n, Ji^citcexg. 

OTTOg^ i°] 0X2.6, NBrDi.2Ai'Ei.2FJiM Hunt 26. CecOC^ ^.It] 
ACG1KLO2: itCeCOC^ ^n, BFJ^^M Hunt 26. For 0V...0M cf. 
Gr. AB &c. XAJULIOn] om. B* confounding it with XejUUULOIt. 
Gr. D has ovrt rafi. ourc. ^'f] l^<^'f, Dg! iX^i", T. ^f Hp] 
^Hp,A; A.OTHp,rDi.2Ai'EF: ieA.THp, (F).J,.2 (these two ep)M. 
JULA.XXon] +ile(JOXen n^lIIKOTXI itlt^.g^'f ye belonging 
to the little of faith, B Hunt 26. Gr. D has ov^c instead of ytoo-^ /ioXXov : 

^U arhw ^. 

178 ROXTOX (\OYRaxH. 

co^ ^^HiiUL eJioX si^en eKnonr eqqipcoofg exeofort 
axoAA. juLiiioq ex^Xe o-r-tJLA.2^1 noj^H e^ceit 
*®Icxe ofn ixAiLon ojxojul jOuuLcoxen eoTKo-r^ci. 

le ee&eoT xexenqipooonrg ^^ nceui. 
^'U^i^xen eHitoTT itnig^pHpi. xe ncoc ce^.ii.i 
itcej6oci ^.n of 2^6 itceepioua ^.n. 
'i^xtjo 2^6 jOuuLoc ncoxen. xe oTi^e coXoxt-coit 
;6en neqtjoof XKpq iiueqi" g^icoxq JOLct^pHi" 

2«Icxe 2l€ uiciAt. qojon JOL^^oof jfcen xkoi oto^ 
p^cf g^.Tg^ixq e'f epip n^-ipai" cj^-f -fg^eJico) 
g^icoxq. uocoo xt-^XXon n^mjcoTSCi nit^g^i". 

^"Ofog, netjoxen g^ooxen juLuepKco-f xe ot ne- 
xexeitn^-onrojULq of og^ ot uexexenn^^coq 
oTog, JuLncpqipcjooTO). 

^®H^i r^-p XHpoT nieeniKoc itxe niJcocjuLoc 
ceKco-f itcoooT. iiecoxen nexemoox cax)Tn 

xe xexenepxp^^ itn^i. 
^^nXan Kuj'f itcA. xeqjULexoTpo OTOg, itA.! 
XHpoT cen^oTA-g^oTr epooxen. 


pi^a 82 u^£pepg^Q-|- niKOTxi iiog;!. xe ^.q-fjULA-i" tixe- 

_ nexemcox ef ncoxen it-fjutexoTpo. 

^f ^^U^ nexen2,TnA.pxonx^. efiioX. AitKixo-r ee- 

2*miUL] ACFGiHKLNOS Hunt 26: +2^6, BrD^aAf EJ1.2M, 
cf. Gr.: +ilpa5JULI, F. eqqi] exqi, Di.2Ai^EJi.2: Or. D 64*. 
225. om. iitpifjivS>v, OyJJUL^i &c.] cf. Gr. N*BD i 1 8ah»«*»». 
JUL^IK] iUL^K, AJg; cf. ? it pi vg 8ah«»*»^ syr^^ &c. %taturara;' 
cf. ? b q ' statum : * Gr. 6 places npoaOfivai after ffkuuay, ^^ OTIl] 

OTOrt, J,. 2 MS: 6yr«« et««>» dc: om. B Hunt 26, csf. Gr. X 8ah-<*». 
ijUULOn] om. J1.2. €Ot] ItOT, Jj.gL. le] AOFDiAi'EGiHKL 
MNOS: om.BD2FJi.2Hunt26. ^^ ilm] eitl, BrD2GiKMNS. 

nCJOC.^n 2°] cf. Gr. KABL &c. OT2we I®] OTOg^, K. 

LUKE Xn. 25-33. 179 

r which of you, taking care, is it possible to add (lit. 
i upon) a cubit to his stature? -^If then it is not 
ible for you (to do) a little, wherefore take ye care 
t (the) i-est? ^Consider the flowers, how they grow, 

toil not, nor spin ; yet I say to you, that even Solomon 
11 his glory clothed himself not as one of these. ^^But 
lus God robeth the grass, (which) is to-day in (the) 
, and to-morrow they cast it to the oven, how much 
3r (shall he clothe you, ye) of [the] little fiuth? *^And 

not ye also what ye will eat, and what ye will drink, 

take not care. ^For all these (things) the Gentiles 
le world seek for: your Father knoweth that ye have 

of these (things). '^But seek for his kingdom, and 
these) things will be added to you. 
^Fear not, little flock, because your Father was well 
jed to give to you the kingdom. '^Sell your posses- 

ep] Ceep, D,.2Ai'E. ^e] om. FAiTj^GiN, cf. Gr. 18. &c. 
i^J cf. Gr. J^ADL &c. ^^ 2^6] Xe, Jg; 2Ce, Ai ♦. CIJUl] 

rexjcoi, K. cf. Gr. D &c. ^fflon] eqojon, DiAx'Ei: 

I, A*. jSfeenXKOl] cf. ? Gr. N A B L &c. cV AyPV ' ^^' K, cf. 

► &c. ; obs. Gr. KBL place «V d. before t6v x^pfov : Gr. E S &c. before 

. ipTa. n^.l] pref. OTOg^, F. -f g^efiiCOo] A C Gj Hi* M : qf, 

: eqi", J1.2 . noCO)] C Di* Af Ei Gi« OgS nOXrOO, a and other 

.: ncoc, B. juLA.XXon] ACi*E2*L: +ite(joxeit, B &c. 
rog, i°] om. j,.2. nex i°] acdi.2EGiHJi*.2KLMNS: ne 

BTFO. OTOg^ Ot] ACrDi.2EHLM0S, cf. Gr. KBL &c. 

f, BFG1J1.2KN, cf. Gr. AD &c. nexeTenn^-coq] a«Gi 

M Ue ex., BF: nexenn^-COKJ, wt plural, A*(tr.2nd)Ji*; 
"KA.., I8t Bing., Fi*K. OTTOg; 2° &c.] om. Fi*. ®® fteOO- 

l] ACFGiLNOS: +2^8, B &c., cf. Gr. exc. D &c. oiJcy yap. 

>f It] qccoof It, D2. n^.! 2^] +XHpoT, F. ^^ uXhh] 
D Cnr^iTi d€. Kco'f] ceKorf, K. xeq &c.] cf. Gr. 

>rL &c., no MS. has + ItXe^'f , of M^akins. XHpOf ] cf. Gr. 

D &c. cen^.oTA.g^o'c] eqeof ^.g^oT, b. ^^ itiog^i, 
uexenioox] uemcjox, Jg. xitexof po] two letters 

i after X, and OT over another erasure, A«. ^Xt-KI.J pref. 

^ l^BDjAi'EM. 

N 2 

180 ROXTax ^OYROXH. 

cofi. nicl>Ko-ri. uiJUL^. | exejutn^-pe peqflToTi ^coitx 
epoq Of 2^6 juLn^-pe &oXi XA.Koq. ^*niAit.A. 
r^-p exe n€TenA.2,o ijumoq. eqeajtoni xx- 

_ JULur nxenerren^KT. 

^' 3« U^po-rcgtoni e-Cj^HK ibcenexeit-fni ofog^ ite- 
xen^aJic exixo^. ^^ of og^ iteooxen g^ojxert 
epexeitoni itg^^-npcojun eTSCoTojx eJioX 
;6^T2;K iinoTOT. xe qn^i" of tjo iten^-T eJioX 
j6en uig^on. &m^ jtxeqKcoXg, c^xo- 
xoT itce^-Of cjon n^q. 

yt 8tuiq^ itiA.xoT iiine&iA.!K exeAitJUL^-f na ex^.q- 
a)^.ni ibcenonroc nxeqxejULOf erpHc. 
OEXjulkh 'fxoo ijuuLoc ncoxen. xe qn^.j6oKq 
Of og, itxeqepof ptjoxe^ oTog^ ilxeqog^i 
epA.xq itxeqcgexiLcgi juuulcjoot. 
^® ^.qa^ni j6en 'fjUL^.g^cnoff ^^^ 
jfeen 'fiULA.g^ri" itoTepcgi of og^ nxeqxejuioT 
ef ipi ixn^.ipK'f. COOT ili^^xoT itna exexit.- 

p^ ^®^^i 2^6 ^.piejuL! epoq. xe en^-pe nme&ai ejuii 
xe j6en A-a itoTnof qnaoT lixenipeqtfTof i. 

n^.qnA.pa3ic Tie ofog^ n^.qn^X^'*' ^^ ^^ 
eepttj^xc eneqai.] a &c., no ms. has itoT^-g^o] 

neJULOTA-g^O with a treasure, BDi^.g. A-OiUL.] ^.XJUt.., AJ,.2- 

JULA. exe] om. exe, m. exejutn^-peqeTT^ a*, peqtflof i] 
ora. peq, M. ^* exe] exeiJL, o. nexen^-g^o] iien., 

Jj. cf.? Gr. G^^PP^ al jmiuc. eqettJtJOTll] for position cf. ? Gr. D &c. 
€Kn carat koi &c. Uexeit 2°] A*: + Ke, A^ &c., cf. Gr. 
^ AAA-pOT.] Gr. D €crra>. eX^aK] om. L*. ^® OTOg^] om. 

^^U2' &a3xeit] +acjom, b. oiti] oi be, k. ^^.xg^a] 

added by corrector who altered from ^^Xeit, which was also a 
correction, A^. ijLUOfOC] JULHOC, Hj* L. qHA.'f] A F* M : 

LUKE XII. 34-39. 181 

sions, give them for alms; make for you purses (which) 
become not old, an unfailing treasure in the heavens, the 
place to which thieves approach not, nor moth destroyeth. 
^For the place in which your treasure (is), your heart 
shall be there. ^^Let your loins be girt, and your lamps 
kindled; ^^and ye also like to men looking for their Lord, 
when he will return (lit. unloose) from the marriage feast; 
that if he should come and knock, they may immediately 
open to him. ^"^ Blessed are those servants, [who] if their 
Lord should come, and find them watching: verily I say 
to you, that he will gird himself, and make them sit down 
to meat, and stand and minister to them. ^^And if he 
should come in the second, and if he should come in the 
third watch, and find them watching thus, blessed are 
those (servants). ^*But know this, that (if) the owner-of- 
the-house knew (imperf.) in what hour the thief cometh, he 
would have watched, and would not have permitted them 


eqit^-i", F: ^.qnA.'f, b &c. g^m^ ^.qttjA.m] 2^^.nA.q- 

ttj^n, A*: &mA. itXeq(l)itTeq, the I being lost before It, K. 
C^^XOXOT] pref. Of Og^, K. itCe^^OTCJOIt] -^.f OTCJOIt, A : 

itTOTA-OTCon, K^ r. ^^] a : €xeA.q., b &c. Hunt is. 

O-rOg, i*»] om. K. Of Og^ 2°] om. F. ^** A.qttJA.ItI('f for I, Jg) 

. . . A.qcijA.I\I &c.] the order is peculiar to the version, but nearest to 
Gr. A &c.. though KA.n. . .KA.n agree with Gr. J^BL &c. CltOff ] 
ACDjEFGiLOS; E^f, BFDaH Jj.gKMN: 5, Hunt 18. V'fJ ?, 
^*F Hunt 18. Of Og^] Of over erasure, A«: om. Fi* J1.2. iULn.] 

xk alt. fr. n, A«. ilitK eTejut.iULA.f] (itnex &c., r*) a*bc 

FFGiHJi.aK Hunt i8. cf. Gr. >^*BDL e syr«": +iteJilA.IK, A°»80S: 
ilnie&.IA.IK eX€Ait.JUt.A.f, KDi.2Ai'(om. it) ELMN (, cf. 
Gr. A &c. ^®] Di. 2 ^f E :, A &c. nuB-HI, 

ArD2J2KN«. ejtx\ 2°] +ue, BD2F. j6eA.aj, a*, qitaof] 
eqitHOf , L. it^ceuipeqtflbf i] om. b, then itA.qitA.pa3ic 
ne dhfog^ itA.qitA.p(JOic ue. ofog^] om. bj,.2; o^s- Or. 
K* D &c. om. iypny6pj]<T€v hv Kai it^qn^-X^'*'] 'XA-^ F- 
eep] ep, k. ajA.xc] +euecKX, b. eneq] iineq, l. 


*® Oto^ itecoTeit g^cjoxen gcjoni epeTence&TCJOx. 
xe j6en 'fonrnoT exeTenccjoo-cn julajloc ^.n 
qitHOT itxenaHpi juL^^pcJOJULi. 
p^C *i Tlexe nexpoc 2^6. xe noc axxuj ilxA.mA.pA.&oXH 
epoit gA.n ^.kxcu jDuu-oc ito-con mfi.eit. | 
cov *2 0to^ nexe roc. xe niJUL ^^.p^. ne nmicxoc 
itoiKonojuLoc o-co^ itcA.&€ 4>H exe neqro 
n^-X^^ exert iteqefi.iA.iK. xe itxeq-f itxo-c- 
j6pe itcjooT j6en uchot itxaic. 

*^lIIoT itiA.xq juLnifi-CJOK cI>h exA.q- 
ttjA.iti itxeneqoc SxeqxeAiq eqipi iiiiA.ipH't. 

** Ta.cI>julhi 'fxo) juLAioc ncjoxeit. xe qn^-x^^ 
exeit neq^-cnA.pxo^T^ THpo-c. 
p^ **GgcjoR 2^e A.qttjA.itxoc itxenificjoK exejuum^-T 
j6eit ueqg^HX. xe n^-oc ha-cjock ii.nA.xeqi- 
OTO^ itxeqep^HXc it^io-ci ititificjoK nejuL ni- 
ficjoKi itxeqo-ccjoAJL onrog, itxeqccjo Sxeqei^i. 

*^4itA.i itxeuoc juLnificoK €xejuuuLA.-c ^ert ni- 
eg^ooT exeqcoAJLC j^^xcjoq A.n. neAX ^eit 
'fo-crtoT exeqccjooTit juuuloc A.n. onro^ qrtA.- 
4>opxq j6en xeqiULhi" o-cog, xeqxoi itA.x^^ 


*® OTOg, itetOXeit] cf. Gr. KBL &c. 8yr«> : Gr. A &c. add o^y : 
D8' jc. v/A. «€: om. O'CO^, J^ g. JtOCOXeit ^CJOXen] om. K; 
^(JOXeit may represent d«. Xe] + Q-CHI, K. CCJOQ-Crt JUUtiLOC] 
ACFi«(*another*)GinLNOS: iULeTI €pOC,DrD,.2Ai'EFi*J,.2KM 

jiunt 26, Hunt 18, cf. Gr. do«*rr. qitHQ-c] eq., H. *^ uexeuexpoc 

2ie] ABCD,.2EFi*GiHJiCMNS Hunt 18,26; for om. avr^ cf. Gr. 
BDL &c.: om. 2ie, KrJi*K*L, cf. syrc« et»«»» arm : Gr. D km fintvi 
+ rtA.q, D2EFi«J,.2(nA.q 2ie)K<^L0S, cf. Gr. KA &c. noc] om. K. 
A.H:X(JO i°] A.KXO, A ; for position cf. Gr. D ftcsyr^". epOlt] F^* &c. : 
nA.It, Fi«L. A.KX(JO 2<^] eKXCJO, B Hunt 26; KXtO, MO. itO-COn] 

A r* L N o : eoTon, ^* b &c. ^^ o-cog, nexe] of. Gr. ^* b 

DL &c. : om. CCOg,, KJ].2. cf. i syrc'i ef^»» (which have *illi'). 
ne] om. K. ni] om. ArA/Fi*Ji*. itOIKOnOAJLOc] Gr. N* 
dovXos: om. B Hunt 26. OfOg,] cf. Gr. K AL &c. syr®" 

LUKE XII. 40-46. 183 

to break through his house. ^^And be ye also prepared: 
because in the hour which ye know not (the) Son of (the) 
man cometh." ' ^^ And Peter said : ' Lord^ saidst thou this 
parable to us, or saidst thou it to all?' ^^And the Lord 
said : ' Who then is the faithful steward and wise, whom 
his Lord will set over his servants, that he may give to 
them their food in (the) time of giving it? ^^ Blessed is 
that servant, [who] if his Lord should come and find him 
doing thus. ** Truly I say to you, that he will set him 
over all his possessions. ^^But if that servant should say 
in his heart: "My Lord will delay; he cometh not yet;'* 
and begin to. strike (lit. throw) the servants and the 
women servants, and eat and drink, and be drunken; 
*^the Lord of that servant will come in the day (in) 
which he expecteth him not, and in the hour which he 
knoweth not, and he will cut him asunder, and will set 

ical ^/xJwfWf. ReqOT] cf. Gr. 235. 435. &c. nA.^A.q] cf. Gr. 
l^^&c: Gr.K*T^o^d|24.&c. jcarccmyaev: +e^pMy Hunt 18. ItXO'C- 
St)pe] cf. Gr. KAL &c.: no-Cj^pe food, J,. 2. cf. Gr. BD 69. 
IttOO-c] cf. Gr. R 69. &c. *^ JULHI &c.] Itm &c., plural. K.^iti] AJg: eTeA.q, bJi &c. xeJULq eq] cf. Gr. D: 

cm. Ai'. eqipl] for position cf. Gr. ABD &c. ** TA.<tAJLKl] 

Gr. D &c. diJii^. qit^-x^^] ffl^^X^^> KN- ^^ert] g^ixert, 

Dj.jAf E. TKpOir] om. K. ^^ 2i€] om. Jj* K. SlUJK] A* F^* 

Ji*.2; +eT"^CJ0O-C, Ac(o.e. of eijUUU.T?)BCrD,.2Ai'EFi™«Gi 
HJi«»8KLMN0S Hunt 26, cf. Gr. MX &c. neqg^KXj ^HTT over 
erasure, K«, obs. Qr. 435. om. ITA-CJOCK] n^-CCOK will draw, but the O) 
may have been written above at the end of the line, and thus wan mis- 
placed, L. OTOg, i°] om. B Hunt 26. Sg^IO-Cl] iimg^IO-CI, Di . 
it(AiOnifi.CJOK] A0i«KLNOSHunt26: eitl &c., B &c. : -efi.IA.IK, 
Ci* Al^ O'COg, 2°] 2ie onrog^, D,. 2 ^i' E, cf. Gr. T€ Kai : 2ie, 
om. O-COg,, rFJi.2. rtX€qeij60 pref. OTOg^, A<^rD2Ai'Fi<^L 
M O S ; obs. Gr. Dff** has taBtwv t€ km ntivmy luBvvKoiitvot, ^^ qit^lj 

+ 2^e, D2 . hot] Gr. D o icvptos avrov. 6X6 (A., S) q] 6T6 Itq, twice, 
double negative. TDgF. COJULc] +6fi.oX, B Hunt 26. ^eit 2°] 
om. KB Hunt 26. XeqXOl] T i'' over erasure, A«. nA.^A.Cj 


1^ *■' IIi^lcjok 2ie €xejuuuLA.T ex^-qeAXi ecl>onfcocg juL- 
ReqOT. o-co^ exeAJLueqcofi.'f onrog, iineqipi 

*® 4>H 2ie exejuLneqe-WLi itxeqipi ^e trnn ercejUL- 

O'con ni&ert exA-nr-f o-c-wiKa ^^.q cert^-Kco-f 

co2i Oto^ 4>h exA.TXA.Xe OTAJiHa I epoq cen^.- 
epexm jjutxoq Sg^onro. 
pj 49 Otxp^'"- ^^ eTA.u eg^iTq exert uika.^!. o-cog, 
o-c ne ei" le 2,K2iK ^.q^xog^. ^° o-coit 
itTHi 2ie ito-ccoAJLc ecfrrq. o-co^ rcoc "f epc-crt- 
ex^cee a^''"^^^^^ e&oX. 
CtXpeTeitJULenri xe €TA.n eg^io-ci nonrg^ipHitK exeit 
RiKA.g^i. JOuuLon -fxco jOuu-oc ncjoxen a.XXa. 
"Gnreaooni vA.p icxeit-fno-c itxee j6eitoirHi 
ito-ccox e'cct)opx. v exeit 5. onrog, S exen v. 
^^ eireclxjopx itxeonricox exen o-caHpi o-cog^ 
©•caHpi exeit o-cicox o'c-wla.'c exeit o-caepi 


ACGiHJi.aLMNOS: qitA.X^C, KBFDi.jAi'EFK Hunt26(q); 
for position cf. Gr. D syr^" et«h. *'' RiAcOK 2ie] pref. Q-COg^, 

B*. ecl>o-ccjoa] ii4>., ^*B(eAJL)Jl.2. JuLneqoc] juL ait. 

fr. n, A<^: Re over erasure, CjO. OTO^ i°] om. KFj*. O'COg^ 
iiReqipl] (A)CGiHKLNOS: Reqipl over erasure, A«: 0-C2ie 

iJLReq., KBrDiAj'EFJj.aM Hunt 26. o-c2ie exejuLueq &0., 

D2; for CC^e cf. Gr. A &c. fiffi€; obs. Gr. D 69. om. iroifmaas rj; 
Gr. L 13. &c. syrc" et^h om. tj noiriaw. KA.TA. ReqO-CCOa] KA. 
over erasure, and T altered from ^f", A®: KA.TA. 4>0''f^a 

XJLReqoc, K. JULHa] Ria't* ^^- *^ exejuLReqeAXi] 
jULReqeAJLi, L; itTeqe-wii, Ji.j. itTeqipi 2i€] o-cog^ 

ItTeqipl 2ke, M : om. 2ie, KDjAf EFi* Hunt 26. eTCeAJL- 
Ra^] exXi-aA., K. OTOIt] AOGiHLMOS, cf. Gr. H* : +2ie, 
»BrDi.2Ai'EJi.2KN Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^** &c.: +VA.p, F, cf. syr^" 

LUKE Xn. 47-53. 185 

his part with the unbelievers. *^And that servant, who 
knew (the) wish of his Lord, and who prepared not, and 
did not according to his wish, will be given many stripes ; 
*^but he who knew not, and did the things which are 
worthy of stripes, will be given few stripes. From every 
one to whom they gave much, they will seek for much : 
and of him to whom they committed much, they will ask 
the more. ^^I came to cast fire upon the earth; and 
what shall (lit. will) I wish, (rather) than (ie = €n) (that) 
it was already kindled? ^^But I have a baptism to 
be baptised (with); and how am I straitened until it is 
finished I "Thought ye that I came to send (lit. cast) 
peace upon the earth ? Nay, I say to you ; but division. 
*^For henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, 
three against two, and two against three. *^They shall be 
divided, a father against a son, and a son against a father ; 


ct«J». eXA.-C'f] +it, N; cf. Gr. D tb^icap. Ceit^-KCO-f] cf. Gr. 

D CnTfi<rovaw. OtO^] om. J^.g. XA.Xe] +6, Gi*. ** RG ";*^\j8, 

eXA.n] R€rr., B. exen] cf.? Gr. KABL &c. cV/ ace; Gr. D &c. 

tU : g^IXeit, K r F K Hunt 26 : G&oX g^IXGH, N. RG ei"] 

A &c.: nerfj BDiAi'EFKM Hunt 18,26.] A Af, B &c. A.qAJLOg^] cf. Gr. dufi<f>eri : A-qitAJULOg,, Dj 

RA-qjULOg,, N. ^^ O-COR RT W] B FFM ; OTORXHI, A &c. 

om. to €(JTxq, K. 2^e\ om. rFi*Ji.2, cf. Gr. L &c. (Hyr«" et»«»»). 

i"] cf. Gr.: -f RA., KPF^^GiJi^N Hunt i8. CfReX^Cee] AC 

EFi^L; c-cRA.x^cee, M ; ciRA-X^^^^^' ^1^2; c-cRA-vecoe, 

HO, cf. Gr.: l^tieyQecoe, BrDi«(A.R over erasure). 2 Fi*Gi J,* 
(A.RA.) K N S Hunt 18, 26. efi.oX] om. Fi*. *^ eTA.u] A.TA.n, 

A*: eXA-I^IO-CI, L. exeR]ABCHOS: ^IXGR, KFDi.g^i' 
EFGi J1.2KLMN Hunt 18 : Gr. «V. RIKA.g,l] cf.? Gr. rj : R., DiE. 
ijUULOR] AJULHR, Jj*'. RCOXeR] om. L. ^^ eTeaCORl] 

ececycjoRi, jj.j. enr^opx] bcd,Ai'EiGi; -(jopx, A*rD2E2 

Fi*HKX, cf.? Gr.: GTe^pX, A^rjj.aLM 0(OpX)S. GXeR 
(twice)] obs. Gr. D «v, cf. ver. 51. S 2°] CRA.-C, ». *^ 6^6- 

4>a5px] AcB<^(OpX)C &c., cf. Gr. KBDL &c. : eqe4>C0pX, F 
Hunt 18, cf. Gr. A &c.: €nrcI>OpX, K; enrct)COpX, A* r« M. 
lUOT 2 ] Gr. D &c. add avrov. OTttjepI i°] Gr. L &c. t^v. 


oiro^ o-caepi exert OTAJLA.T o'ccycjoAXi exeit 
o-cojeXeT o'cog, o-caeXex exeit o-xc^o^xki. 
^" " H^^qxcjo 2ie ijuu-oc itmKe-WLHa. xe g^ox^-n 
TeitttjA.nnA.T eo'cflKni e^-ci e&oX 
ttjA.pexenxoc cA.Ten eanoT. xe o-c-wioir- 
itg^cooT eeitaoT, o-cog, gA.cacJoni ii.RA.ipHi". 

'^^O-cog, 2,oTA.n onreoTpHC eqniqi a^-pexenxoc. 
xe KA.'Tccoit neeiu^ojconi. 

"Hiaofi.1. ng^o SxcJ>€ nejuL niKi^^i Texeitccoo-cn 
itep2iOKiAJLA.^m juuuLoq. ra.icho'c 2^e iteoq 
Rcoc xexenccooirn a.r Rep:^oKiiULA.^m jSjULoq. 

*^Gefi.eoT Texen'fg^A.R a.r R-fAxeeAXKi efi.oX 
g^ixen eHROT juLiULA.'CA.TeR eKRo-c. | 
coe (^ "&COC VA-p x^^SB^ nejuL R€KA.RTi2kiKoc a^. 

o-cA.px^^- -*^0J Ro-cg^cofi RRo-cqx 2,1 RI- 
AJLCoiT efi-oX &A.poq. 
Uhrot€ RxeqcoKK ^^, Ripeq-fg^^-R. onrog, rtc 

Rlpeqi" ^A.R THIK eXOXq JULRIRpA-KTCOp. o-cog, 

exeR 4^J e i^ added and repeated on the next page. A*. 
OTAJLA.T 2°] Tec, F: Gr. BDL &c. r^v: +0-C02,, FN. 
Of cyeXeT i°] for om. avfijs cf. Gr. K* A* 1 ; for om. t^v cf. Gr. X 
248. &c.: TecaeXeT, BDiAi'EFJ,.2, cf. Gr. K^ABDL &c. 

onraeXex 2^] om. onr, a. onracoAxi 2°] a b c r Gi m o s Hunt 18, 

cf. Gr. K*BDL 157.: TeCttJCOJULI, Dj.^A/EFIUi.gKLN, cf. Gr. 

Hnnti8,a6, ^c A &c. " 2ie] om. T*. JUUULOc] +Re, KDg. RRIKe] 

^^"^' A*? &c., om. Ke, K A<^ (probable Ke erased) r* L S Hunt 18, 26. 

^oxa.r] &OX, Ji*. A.peTreRa^RRA.T] ^.pecy^RR^'*', 

Di*: A.p€TeRRA.T, L, cf.? Gr. A »«t€. 0-c6KRI] cf. Gr. »A 
BL &c. e^-Cl] ACFGi«HKMNOS Hunt 18; A.CI, indie.?, Gi*L: 
eA.Caj^I» BrDi.2Ai'EJ,.2, cf. Gr. dyareWovaai^. efi.oX CA-RC- 
AJLCRT] cf.? Gr. AD &c. air<{, unless efi.oX belongs to A.CI, then 
cf.? NBL 64. al? «ir£. a^-pTeRXOC, A. Xe 2°] cf. Gr. NA 
B L &c. syrc" : om. M, cf. Gr. D &c. OTAJLO'C] tlOtXKO'X, M. 
eORKOir] om. M. OJ^^SJ^^O SJ^ Added, erasure of e ? after C, 
A<^: fflA.q., F. ^^OTOg, i°] om. Ji.g. CqRiqi] A« &c. : 

^q., A* : eqRKO-C (is) coming, N. Xe] cf. Gr. N« A B &c. KA.T- 
CCOR] a* : pref. OT, A« &c. RCORA.] RC eORA., »; eORA., Di 

LUKE Xn. 54-58. 187 

a mother against a daughter, and a daughter against her 
mother; a mother-in-law against a daughter-in-law, and 
a daughter-in-law against a mother-in-law/ ^^And he was 
saying to the multitudes also : * When ye should see a 
cloud having come from the west, ye say immediately: 
"Rain cometh;" and it happeneth thus. ^And when a 
south wind (is) blowing, ye say: "Scorching heat will 
happen." *• Hypocrites, ye know how to prove (the) face 
of (the) heaven and the earth, but how know ye not how 
to prove this time? *'' Wherefore judge ye not the right 
by your selves alone? ^For as thou wilt go with thine 
adversary unto a ruler, give diligence to be quit of him 
on the road; lest haply he draw thee to the judge, and 
the judge deliver thee to the exactor, and the exactor cast 

Ai'E L Hunt 18. OJCJOHl] A* (and tr.) S Gr. K* &c. tpxtrat : + OTOP,- 
ajA.q(C, Hunt 26)cy^ni and it happeneth, A^ &c. ** nicgo&l 

. . . 2iOKIiUL^.^m i°] om. F^*. Hg^o] + AXeH, Oj, cf. Gr. D &c. 
niKA^l] RKA-g,!, KrFi*Ji.2KMN; for position cf. Gr. N^DL &c. 
^.p2iOKIiUL^^m I^ A*. iJUU-Oq] jDUU-CJOOT, BJi Hunt 26. 
n^.1 . . . JUUUtOq] om. FJ2*(Schw. incorrect) K, cf. Gr. X; T has the 
wordB in the text, hut a corrector writes them also in the margin as if they 
had been omitted. ^Cj Gr. L om., Gr. B places after Koipov, Gr. D irXi^i^. 
ncoc] om. B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D &c. Hyr^*. CCJOOTIt A.n] A® &c.: 
om. A-It, A*; for +nt^T€ cf. Gr. ^*BL. Itep 2^] e€p, DiAi'EK«. 
*^ eefi.eO*r] +2^6, D,.2Ai'E, cf. Gr., except D b^** syr«« om. W dc. 

xexeit] T-exertn^., f. -&.n] om. Fi*Ji.2. tif] acFi«GiH 

KLMNO: cf, KBrD,.2Ai'EJ,.2 Hunt 26. " g^COC VA.p] 

(^OC, A and other MSS.) ^(JOCXe, F, cf. Gr. 235. Byr«« arm : ^(JOC^e 

r^.p, Dg. x^^^ffl^] KitA.-, J1.2: eKHA.., fm ; exJ^^-» i>2H 

L08(om.e) Hunt 18: +n^K, Dg. A.nTI2iKOC, A*. JULOl] Ef. 
iino-cqx] ACi*rGiHMS; -Xq, »BD2Fi*?L HuntiS, 26: GO- 
pe<{>COAX to cause to separate (or he separated) = be reconciled, D1E2* 
KN; Cep6K &c. to cause thee. Ei.2^J,.20; GOpeK^^COpX, CV. 
N has gloss itnOTqX is^ * a copy.* ^l] ACGiHLMOS: ^GH, 
KBrDi.2Ai'EFJi.2KN. ItTeqCOKK] ItTeKCOKK, 2nd person, F. 
OTOg, i*^...^A.n] om. Ci* homeot.: om. OfOg,, Ji*. TKIK] 
TKiq, Fi*M*. 


jSju-oc ttA.K. xe itneKi e&oX iiuuLA.T ttj^T"eKi" 
juLRij6^e itXenxon. 

^^.no-con ernr^JULo jOuuLoq ee&e niv^-XiXeoc. 

noTcy o-coj uoo'ccg i. 
2 O'cog^ A.qepoT(jo nexA.q ncoonr. xe ^penreruuteiri 
xe rtA-ir^-XiXeoc ^.Tojcom e-coi npeqepno&i 
e&oX o-cxe mrA.XiXeoc XHpo-c xe ^.TtfT itrt^.!- 

^ U^JLort -f xco jdutxoc ncoTen. ^.XX^. ecycjon ^.pe- 
T"encyxeAJLep-WLexA.itom T"eTertnA.TA.Ko th- 

pOT JULnA-IpHi" . 

*IG niiH npcoAJLi exA. nmnrproc ^ei excooT j6en 
niciXcjoA.juL oTo^ A.qj6oe&oT. i^perensxe^i 
xe A. ttA.1 ajcjoni eo'cort epcoonr efi.oX ©•cxe 
pcoAJLi m&en eTgon j6en ITChjul- 
* UAXon i" xcjo iiJtJLoc ncoTeit. ^.XX^. eojcon ^.pe- 
nrencg'TejuLepAJLexA.nom TexeitnA.XA.Ko xh- 
poT iinA.ipH'f . 
p£* «HA.qxcjo 2ie nxA.mA.pA.£LoXH ncoo-c. xe rteonrort 
itxe OTA.I ito-cfi-O) iiKenxe ectfaonrx j6en 

Uia'TeKo] n., HO2S. ** i" XCO] +2ie, M : Gr. L &c. a^i/v 

Xcyw. itrteKl] iineKI, N« ii^ *a copy.' Om. Kat, cf. Gr. D &c. 
XenXOrt] FFMOg*; Xefi.XOIt, B &c.; Xirfi.XOn, A: Gr. d 
Tou «ax' Kodpavrriv ; for position cf. Gr. D &c. syr®" et*^**. 

Hunt 26, ^ neA.Tl] A L Hunt 26 : + 2ie, B &c. ixniCHO-c] A C F H 

LOS, cf.? Gr. D &c. om. €p: ^eit., B &c., cf. rest of Gr. eTX.l 

A.-CX., Hunt 26. nonrajo-c.] nonr., kcfhlo. ^ A.qepo-c(joj 

cf. Gr. KBL &c.: om. Fj* : +itXeiHC, A^LMNOS, cf. Gr. AD &c. 

A.pexen] epexeit, r*: exA.pexen, l. ha.!] A.ttA.i, U; 


LUKE XII. 59— XIII. 6. 189 

thee to the prison. *^I say to thee, that thou shalt not 
come from there, until thou payest the last mite.' 

XUI. There had come to him at that time some telling 
him concerning the Galileans, whose blood Pilate mingled 
with their sacrifices. ^And he answered, he said to them: 
'Thought ye that these Galileans were sinners beyond all 
the Galileans, because they received these pains? ^Nay, 
I say to you: but if ye should not repent, ye will all 
perish thus. ^Or the eighteen men, upon whom the tower 
fell in the Siloam, and killed them, thought ye that these 
were debtors beyond all men who dwelt in Jerusalem? 
*Nay, I say to you: but if ye should not repent, ye will 
all perish thus.' ^And he was speaking (lit. saying) this 
parable to them: '(A certain) one had a fig-tree planted 

for position cf.? Gr. D &c. 8yr«". VA.XlXeOc] + JUUJUJ^i^TO'X 
alone, F. ^'Vg]COni CVOI &c.J obs. Gr. D it pier place afiofyroaiKoi 
after ryri^ovro. ^'VCTl ttj ^fgJCOn It received, Fi'^, and gloss gives 
(TT 1^1 ii^ 'another copy.' 0-C2ie, A. nA.l] cf. Gr. KBDL 12. 
157. e. JULKUr^] iJLKA,^y ACDi.aEiGjJi.aS. ^ Uoit, A*. 

epAXeTA-nom] KeXeHrtOnr Sxexeitep tum you and repent, 
Fi, gloss of Fi i^\ asK^ ^ ^j-J * not in another copy.* * IHJ Jj 

over erasure of one letter;" cf. Gr. K*BD8'L &c. ItpCJOAJLl] ABC 
rFiCGiHKLcNOSHunt26: om. KD,.2^i'EFi*Jj,2M ; Gr. has fVcti^oi. 
i6en &c.] j^eniCnrXcO^JUL, a : Gr. D tov &c. O'COg^] om. I*. 

^.q (T, Hunt 26) j6.] ^jfeoe^iOT, A- A-pCTren] epex., 

Hunt 26. A.ItA.1 OJCJOm] GiHKLN Hunt 26; eHA.!., ACQS: 
ItA.1 ^.TOJCJOni, BTDj.a VEFJ,.2M ; for 0^01 cf. Gr. FAA unc'' 
al plu Bas. efi.oX] om. F^*. O-CTG] OT2i€, AL: e^OTe 
than, F. pCOAJLI ni^ien] Itlfie, A*, cf. Gr. XFAn &c. om. tovs: 
OTOn mfi.eit, K. j6eit 2°] cf. Gr. K a &c. syr<^«. * i" xco] 

Gr. D adds df, e *enim.' nCJOXeit] om. L. ^.XX^.] Gr. L aXV ^: 
Gr. D oTi. ecgCJOn] om. H Hunt 26. THpO^f] om. Aj'* Ei*. 
®TA.l] TA., A. nCJOO-c] cf. a: om. B Fj* Jj* Hunt 26, cf. Gr. Hunt 26, 

OTon Rxe] onronxe, d,.2Ai^EiKN: oiroit, Eg. ota.i] ^ 

OTpCOAJLI, Di.2AfE. ectfUOITT"] for position cf. Gr. NB 
DL Sec. 


190 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

co£^ neqiA.^A.XoXi. oirog, ^.qi ^.qKCJO'f | ncA. onrT^g, 
^icoxc o-cog, juLncqxiAXi. 
^ IlexA-q 2^e iiuioTcoi itA.XoXi. xe ic v'f rtpojuLni 
icxen emHOT eiKcoi" itcA. o•cT^.2, j6en XA.ifi.a5 
iiKeitxe oTog, -fziJULi ^.it. Kopxc onrn g^m^. 
OT X€ cepnKGKtJopq julrika.2,1. 
®Heoq 2i€ A.qepoTco nexA.q nA.q, 2ce ua-oc x^^ 

-f jULA.^po nA.c. » A.pHOT ilT"€cenoTTA.g, efi.oX 
Si"KepoAJLRi eertHo-c. eojcon 2^6 ^.cttjxejuLmi 



MH ^®HA.qi"c&a) 2^€ ne i^en ot\ hmcxm^vuovK j6en "o-co^ ^Hune ic o^c^isjn 
eonron onrnitll itajcuni x^ aesxi^c juLm 
RpoiULni. oTog, itA.cKoXx ne. itaccoonrxen 
jjuuLOC A-it enxKpq. 
6xA.qnA.T 2^e epoc ilxelKC A-qjULonr-f epoc o-cog, 
nexA.q nA.c. xe -f c^iajli xe^H eAoX j6en 
necgcjoni. " onrog, ^^X^ neqxix g^ixcoc onrog, 
A-cccoonrxen ca.xoxc o-co^ ^.c-f coot ii^^i" . 


OTOg, I*'] om. I*. A.qKtoi"] ADgMS: eqKCO'f, KCFD, 
Af EiFGiKLN, cf. Gr.: GKCO'f to seek, BE2HJ1.2O Hunt 26. OT- 
XA-a] OTOTXA.^, Ji.aK N. OTO^ 2°] om, Jj.jM. iiueq] 
JULRA.q, L. "^ neXA.q 2i€] Or. D cvp«y €tir. : Gr. M al pauc cXry. 

OTOg, R€XA.q, Ik, cf. Bas leal Xcyci. Ix] Gr. trpdr. ri"] V, 
t)i?.2GiJi.2MS Hunt 26. ICZen] cf.? Gr. NBDL &c. emHOT] 
om. Ji*. 0-CXA.2,] OTOTXA-g,, Dg. XA-lfico] 'f fi-O), L 
Hunt 26. OTO^] om. I*, -f XIAJLl] A C F G, H Jg L : tif &c., 
BDi.2Ai'EFJiKMNS Hunt 26. OTIt] cf. Gr. AL &c. OT ZGCGp] 
-Ceep, LMO: om. OT, KFGi*L Himt 26: OTIt XGCep, D1.2A1' 
E JiC.gK® : Ji* may have had X€OTHI * because * instead of giHtA. &c. : 

xeRitecep, f Hunt 26 : itnecep, i* : ot xeitceep, b (6t 

marked). RKCKCJOpq] UIKe., Dg. UIKA^g^l] H., F* : Gr. B* 80. 
r6p T6nop. ® riA.q] om. Hunt 26. nA.OC] om. K*. ItXA-IKe] 

Or. D arm frt. rovroy. OTOg^] om. T. IIXA. &c.] ItXA. over 

LUKE XIII. 7-13. 191 

in his vineyard ; and he came, he sought for fruit on it, 
he found not. ''And he said to the vinedresser: "Lo, for 
(lit. from) three years I come (lit. coming) seeking for 
fruit in this fig-tree, and I find not: cut it down then; 
why maketh it also useless any longer the eai*th?" ®And 
he answered^ he said to him : " My Lord, leave it this 
year also, until I dig under it, and dung it: ^perhaps it 
may bring forth fruit in the year also which cometh : but 
if it should not bring (forth), thou shalt cut it down.'' ' 

^^And he was teaching in one of the synagogues on 
(the) sabbath. ^^And behold, a woman having (lit. being 
set) a spirit of sickness with her for eighteen years; and 
she was (imperf.) bent, unable to straighten herself at all. 
^'And Jesus having seen her, called her, and said to her: 
'Woman, thou art unloosed (lit. set) from thy sickness.' 
^^And he laid his hands upon her: and she was straightened 


erasure of two letters, A«. ® it^f .] A C Dg Eg Gi H K L N S : ji>eit- , 

BFDi Ai'EiF Ji.aM ; for order cf. Gr. N BL &c. KOpXc] XOpXC, A^^ 
"2^e] oni. BN Hunt 26. He] A BCFi<^Gi H JiKLNO Hunt 26 

om.rDi.2Ai'Eri*J2M. j6eo-ci, A*.] ACGHKLMNO 

III., D2, for singular cf. Gr. D: Itl &c., BrDjAi^EFJi^aS Hunt 26 
itni, Ji*, for om. «V cf. Gr. D &c.; for plural cf. the rest of Gr. 
** ^KRUe IC] syr®** ei^ om. Om. ^v, cf. Gr. KBL &c. eOTOIt] 
epeO'COIt, K D,. 2 Ai' E Ji. 2 S. yCji] probably erased by A«, over 
erasure, P', om. L M S. neAJLA.c] + Ue, D2. Ik] cf. Gr. K B (D) &c. 
d€KaoKr» : ICIK, E2''F; here and below A^^^ adds ^U^l i::?U mftt ashm&n 
= JULHT OJAHHIt 10, 8. ItpOAXm] Gr. B* om. Iti;. (€, D2) nA.C- 
ICOXX] ABCFDi.aAi'EiFG,. itttJCCOOTren] A«CiKO Hunt26; 

enac, E2*GiLNS ; euaec, b* (encgcc, b«): itccgc., fDiAi' 
E1HJ1.2: itcgco'CTcon,Fi«(i*ncg?); ngco-cTen, a* : onrog, 

Ita.COJCCOO'rxeit and she was not able to straighten, D2* JULRC 

(for JULReC) CUJOt^etl she straightened not, M. ijUU-Oc] om. H 

Hunt 26 : + efi-OX, F. THpq] over erasure, ¥{», " 2^6] om. N. ^}^^ 

A.qAJLOT'f ] pref. Q-COg,, K : Gr. D e om. frpo<rf<^v. «n'. €pOc] C 

alt.. A«. O-CO^] om. BFj^M Hunt 26. i" C^IAJLl] XC &c., KN. 

€&.o\ i>ei(] for prep. cf. Gr. « A D &c. syro"" dn6. " ^^X^] 

€XA.q., r. neqxix] xeq., d,. ^ixcjoc] extoc, ff; for 



'^^ ^*3Xq€po-cco 2^6 itxeRiA.pXJCTnA.vcovoc eqxconx 

xe A. iHC ep4>^j6pi epoc ^en nc^Afi.A.Tort, 

H^.qza) ijuu-oc ixniAHHaj. xe F rte^ooT ex- 

ecttje Sepg^cofi. itj6HTOT- iijipHi o-cit itj^HTOT 

^jULcoini itxoTepcI>A.j6pi epcooT onrog, ^en 

co^ ^*3Xqepo-ca) 2^6 nA.q nxemc o-cog, | ne^c^-q. xe 
nittjo&i. cl>o-cA.i cJ>o-cA.i iJuuLtoT-en q-f o-cco iiTeq- 
e^e eStok ^.n le neqico e&oX j6en nioTortg^q 
j6en"on onrog, itTeqtfrro-c itxeq- 
^^0^.1 2ie iteoc oTaepi Snre a.&pa.a.ajl tg. e^. 
ncA.xA.nA.c con^c ic m itpoAJini. ne nexcoje R€ e&oXc e^LoX j6en n^-icn^.^, j^^en 

A^^ '^Onrog, itA.1 eqxo) ijuuLCJOo-c nA.Taini THpoT ne 
itxena e^'f oT&Kq. onrog, niX^-oc TKpq nA.q- 
pA.ttji ne exen g^cofi. nifi.eit exxA.moTX nn 
• eTA.Tttjcjom efi-oX g^iToxq. 

_ ue. 

^f ^®HA.qxco onrn jOuuloc ne. xe ^.pe -f-wieTo-cpo 
trre <^'f A.coiti ito-c. o-cog, A.mA.Tenea)nc 

position cf. Gr. D syr«« et wh : om. Of O^ 2°, T. ^.cf COOT] A C Gi H 
KLMN OS Hunt 26 Fr, cf. Gr. D c syr "»> : n^-C, BrDi.gAf EF J,.2. cf. 
rest of Gr. " ^c] cm, Fj* Hunt 26. ^PX^-] ^^1 • "X^-» -'^ &c. 

eqxcoiiT"] eqxco jDuu-oc j^erto-cxcom-, Hunt 26. ikc" 
noc, D2*. epoc] a m : om. B &c., cf. Gr. jfeeixc, A. nA.qxa)' 

Gr. D &c. place it after ayai^oKToiv : +2ie, Di.2^i'"EJi.2(Te)K. JULTII- 
AJLKCg] Sni., B Hunt 26. Xe 2°] cf. Gr. K B L gat mm. exeCOje] 
eTCttje, Eg^H : ne ex &c., D,.2 Ai'^Ei.2* J1.2 : Gr. ^** om. fv . . . €py., 
Gr.B* om.cV afs. ilj^pH! O^ti itj^HTO-c] om.Ei*FGiLi homeot.: 
O-COg, nj6pHI nj6., M; for fV airrms cf. Gr. NABL&c. OTn] 
om. B*?r*M, cf. Gr. U p^" syr«" et^ch arm aeth. ^AJLOim, A. 

epcjoonr] A: epcoxen, b &c. j6enne2,oo-c] cm. r*Fi*?: 

LUKE Xm. 14-18. 193 

lediately, and glorified God, ^*And the ruler of the 
igogue answered, being angry because Jesus healed her 
[the) sabbath, he was saying to the multitude : ' (There 

six days on which it is lawful to work : on them 
1 come, and let them be healed, and on (the) day of 
) sabbath not/ ^^But Jesus answered him and said: 
^pocrites, doth not each of you unloose his cow or his 

from the manger on (the) sabbath, and taketh them 
giveth them to drink ? ^* And this (woman), being (eoT) 
laughter of Abraam, whom Satan bound, lo, eighteen 
re ; was it not lawful to loose her from this bond on 
) day of (the) sabbath?' ^"^And (as he is) speaking 
]e (things), they who were against him were (imperf.) 
ashamed : and all the people were rejoicing over all 
noble things which were done by him. 
'He was saying then: 'To what was the kingdom of 

E^OOt, A0BD2K Hunt 26, cf.? Gr. tJ. JuLn] SxeUI,- B 
it 26, cf.? Gr. Tov. ^*2ie] cf. Gr. I* B D L &c.: om. TFi* 

t 26, cf. syrc". nA.q] om. Jj K*. ilXelKc] A* BK^^M Hunt 26. 
fr. D«^ syrcu &e. : -ROT, AcCrDj.2VEFGiHJi.2LOFr, cf. Gr. 
B L &c. O-COg^ i*^] om. B Hunt 26. niOJO^Ll] cf. Gr. I* A 

&c. q-f ] eq-f , K* M Himt 26. ^.It] om. M. efi.oX 2®] 
L. j6enni] iineq, g^^kn. ^ert 2°] of. Gr. at 

Miuc : AJL, r H, cf. the rest of Gr. : Gr. H* om. t^ cra/3. 
^& 2^] M. ^® iteoc] om. Hunt 26. ICIk] om. IC, K : 

sltlK, 0: ICXertlH, H : Gr. D irj after cny. R€XCttje] UeX- 

:ttje, B. ^.n] +xe, Di*Ai'^eJi.2. cit^.^,] abCi*Gi«k*: 
x^y F: cm^'€2jy Ci« &c. neg^oonr] m., fGiN.] 

BN of.? Gr. ToC. " eqXCO] e altered from A., A^: Gr. D e 

ravra Uy. avrov. JUULUCOOt] COO over erasure, Ci^r^ ItA-T- 
U] nA.-C(rr., N: A.T(JTami, pret., M, cf. Gr. Dk^ e sah^**'^. 
I om. TLN Hunt 26. 0-cfi.Hq] +ne, T. Xa.Oc] cf. Gr. GL 

rac. nA.qpA.cyi] a &c. : nA.T., b, cf. Gr. A 262. exeti &c.] 

i^r. exc. D &c. €p naaw ois c^fcapovv &c, ItHj om. B Hunt 26. 

Tit] cf. Gr. ^*BL &c. : om. BEg* : 2^6, T Hunt 26, cf. Gr. AD &c. Hunt 26, 

r] eoT, HK<^o. A.mA.] a.i, n. 

OL. II. O 



eoT. ^®Coiti itoTnA.4>px itcgeXTA-AX. en exA. 
OTpcoAJLi tfTxc A.qcA.xc j6ert neqtftbAX. onro^ 

_ X^-i" nxe T<1>€. -&.TOT02, ezcit necxA.X- 
^' 2oo*cog, UA-Xm nexA.q. xe A.inA.Teitecon -fiULe- 
TOTpo itxe 4^1^ eoT. 2^ corn nonraeAXHp. ^h 

_ nitcoix. ttjA.T€q(fKgeAJLKp XHpq. 
^^ "O^cog, itA.qjuLocgi ne KA.x^. A^jci iteAX -fjun 
eq-f oTOg, eqipi JuLneqxinjULoai elXiuuL. 


N p^ ^^Ilexe 0-CA.I 2ie nA.q. xe hot g^^-itKonrxi een^.- 

nog^ejuL. iteoq 2^6 nexA.q ncooT. ^*ze A.pi- 

^.rconi^ecee ei ej^oTit g^ixen nipo exxHOT. 

COR xe o-coit OTAJLHg. I 'fxo) iluuLoc ncoxen. 

_ nA.Kcjoi" ilcA. I ej6oTn oTog, ititoTa^^cju^oAJL. 

^ ** ^qttjA.n4>o2, excortq ilxeRme&H! onrog, itxeq- 

ojoA-AJL juLnipo. OTO^ iixexeitep^HXc itog^i 

epA.xeit eunoT onro^ CKuSk^ enipo 

o-cog, epexeitxo) jQuu-oc. xe rot A-onrcoit 


Onrog^ iixeqepoTU) ilxeqxoc ntjoxen. xe tif- 

" OK eXA.] e^., Dj.aAi'E Ji.2. eoTgojHit] a* &c. : noT, 

Fi* M ; Gr. D &c. 8yr«« om. €ls ; for om. fUya cf. Gr. K B D L &c. : + ItlttJ'f 

S, A"8 Fi« J2« L (ibceonr nioji" ), cf. Gr. a &c, a.toto^] -ojg,, 

N : -^2,, S : -A^^OT, M : Gr. A 13. 69. 346. KOTccrie^wwM. GXeit] 
2,I2C€It, Dj. 2 ^1' E F Ji. a M : Gr. D 8ah»c>»^ wro : the rest of Gr. h. 
*® Oiro^ UA-Xm] cf. Gr. l^BL &c.: +OIt, B. Xe] om. B. A-IItA.] 

A.I, N. juLexoT, A. eonr] om. BM. ^^ coiti] ecoiti, M. 

^h] ^^l,¥: om. B Hunt 26. (jtxq] CfTxC, Dg. -tfJffl] CTaltered, 

limit afi. A«. "OTOg^i*'] om. Hunt26. fi.A.Kl] +mfien, F: Gr. L &c. 

rat. &L^Kl . . .'f'AILX] for singular? cf. Gr. 1. 131. 209.: -Itl'fAJLI, 

BF; for plural cf. rest of Gr.: -IteiJL + KA.XA.,D,.2Ai'EJ,.2. €qipl" 

A.q., Hunt 26. xinjULogi(om.A*)] xmcye, m. ^^^/^ty 


LUKE XIII. 19-25. 196 

God like? and to what am I to liken it? ^®It is like 
a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, he sowed it 
in his garden ; and it grew and .became a tree ; and the 
birds of (the) heaven lodged upon its branches/ ^®And 
again he said: 'To what am I to liken the kingdom of 
God? ^^It is like leaven, which a woman took, she hid 
it in three measures of meal, until all was leavened.' 
**And he was walking (through) every city and village, 
teaching, and making his journey to Jerusalem. 

^And one said to him: *Lord, (ai-e there) few who will 
be saved?' And he said to them: *^ Strive to come in 
at the narrow door : because there are many, I say to you^ 
(who) will seek for coming in, and they shaU not be able. 
^If the owner-of-the-house should come to rise, and shut 
the door, and ye begin to stand outside, and to knock the 
door, [and] saying: "Lord, open to us;" and he answer 

pref. A.n, interrogative?, KCGiFr. >^i^iiKOtXl HOC, B. 

eeiu.] ACGiHO: neeitA., »b*?: pref. ne hr, r &c.: 

IteenA., B®. 7^e 2°] Or. D adds airoKpi0€if. tiUOOt] HA-q, B, 
cf. Gr. 71. &c. 6yr««: Gr. D 13. 69. om. ^^^IXGIt] l^ACFGi 

HLOS : e^ioX g^IXeit, BrDi.2Ai'E J1.2KMN Hunt 26. Ulpo] 

cf. Gr. KBDL &c. xe &c.] >'fxu) JOutxoc ittjoxeit xe- 

OTOn O-CAJLHCg, I* Da: XCIte, FjCLOS: om. 'fxCO jJUtJLOC 

nojTen, Fj*. itcA.i] om. i, jg. a^xejJL^ojtx] Gr. d (vpn- 
owHTiv. *^A.qc^^.It4>02,(+2ke, Hunt 26) e (ii, ro) Tconq] 
-nxeqxconq, B: A.qcg-&.itT"CJonq, M: Gr. D &c. ciVA^. 
n2:enmefi.Hi] -nnfi., a n, for position cf. Gr. exc. D. itnreq- 

Ofe^JU.] A(aT)BCrFGiLNOSFr: ilXeqAJLA.ttjeA.AJL, KDg 
Ei^2HJi.2M: itXOTJULA.aeAJUL, Ei*K:, 

DiAj'. uipo i°] npo, B*. oTog, 2°] om. KFj*. SxexeK- 

ep&HXc] ACDi.2GiHN0SFr: XexenUA.., KBFAi'EFJi.aK 
LM Hunt 26. 0^\ . . . 0-COg, e] om. K, cf. Gr. N*. OtO^j 3°] om. 
Fi*. KCOX^I, A. enipO 2°J »ACrDi.2GiHKMFr: JULRI., 
BEFJ1.2LNOS: Gr. Dc»«'bqsah"^°*om. 0X0^^4°] A: om. B &c. 
hot] ABCrFi*GiHKLNOS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. KBL &c.: HOC HOC, 
Di. 2. a'' ^1' E Fi« Ji. 2 M, cf. Gr. AD &c. UCOXeit] UCJOOT, N. 

o a 


^•Toxe epereneepg^HTc itxoc. xe i^notvoix 
xJLueKijLOo o-cog, ^.nco) o-cog, ^.K^f c£l(jo j^eit 
itenRXA-TiA.. ^^ oTog, qitA.xoc. xe -f ccoonrit 
jOuuLcoxeit A.n xe ilecjoxen g^A.itefi.oX eooit. 
UA.a)6 ncoxeit efi.oX &A.poi XHpoT ^Iep^^.XHc 

ttjconi nx€4>piAJH rtejuL nceepxep nrre ni- 
_ mjx^u 
f^f &oTA.n A.pexenttjA.nnA.T e^pA.A.juL neAX ica.a.k 

nejuL IA.KCO& nejuL mnpo4>HTHc xapo-c ^en 

i"juLeT"OTpo itxe cj>'f . iletjoxeit 2^e er^io-ci 

ijuu-coxen efi.oX. 
^^Onrog, e-cei efi.oX j6en niAiL^.ila)^.i next, m- 

jULA-tig^coxn itejuL ueAxg^ix neiUL cA.pHc onrog, 
_ eTepoefi.oT j6en i"JULexoTpo itxe cj>'f . 
^ ^®Oto^ g^HRue onrort 2,A.nj6^eT enritA-epcgopn 

o*co^ ^A.ngopR enfnA.epj6^€nf. 


NA p«« ^^Hg^pH! 2ie j6en nieg^ooT exe-wtJUL^-T | A.iri 

coe &^poq SxenicI>A.pic€oc erxto ijuuLoc nA.q. 

xe JUL^.aje n^-K oto^ &ca)X xa.i. xe Hp(U2iHc 

2Ce 2°] cf. Gr. U syiwh. jt-fcCJOOTn] ABFi^GiLNSFr: om. ft, 

c &c. -&.n] om. s. ^® xoxe &c.] om. xoxe, K^ : ^.XXa. 
A.pexenaj^nxoc but if ye should say, Kl epGxeiteep] cr 

D,.2Ai'EGJi.20 Hunt 26; ep€Xen€p, ABFHKLMNS: XeXGH- 

n^.ep, K^ xe] Gr. d adds Kvpu. >^.ItccJO iineKiieo, n^ : 

ftcCJO, D2J2. O-COg, 2°] cm. Fi*. uX^.'f A., A. ^7 Q-COg, &c.] 

^.XX^. -f it^^oc ncjoxen ^ceiimcoTeneHrtoT eae^ 

but I will say to you : *I never knew you/ K^. qit^JSOC] ^qit^., 
Dg: +ncJOXert to you, l^Di.gAi'EJi.aKN, cf. Gr. Om. Xeyoy, cf. Gr. 

» 225. &c. 'fccoonrn] ft-f ., b r k. juLjutcoxeit] cf. Gr. 

LUKE Xm. 26-31. 197 

and say to you: "I know you not whence ye are." 
^Then ye shall begin to say: "We ate before thee and 
we drank, and thou taughtest in our streets;" ^and he 
will say: "I know you not whence ye are; go from me, 
all the workers of [the] unrighteousness." ^^(In) that 
place will be (the) weeping and (the) gnashing of the 
teeth, when ye should see Abraam, and Isaac, and Jacob, 
and all the prophets, in the kingdom of Qod, but your- 
selves cast out. ^And they shall come from the risings 
and the settings, and (the) north and the south, and they 
shall sit down to meat in the kingdom of Qod. ^^And lo, 
there are last about to be first, and first about to be last.' 
'^And in that day the Pharisees came to him, saying to 
him: *Qo, and depart (from) this (place); because Herod 

»A &c. &^pOl] p^^^pon from us, B*. ItiepV^.TKC] cf. Gr. 
A &c. i"^.2i.IKI^jf A &c. FiO(* another'), cf. Gr. A &c.: T^.ItO- 
iUU^., Fj* Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D x>«r. ^» qn^^cgtoni] B &c.: 

A.qajentt|toni, a. nceepxep] ABorFi*GiFr: ni &c., 

Di. 2 Ai' E H J,. 2 K L M N S Hunt 26, cf. ? Gr. 6 ppvyH^s, &OX^.n] 
+ 2^6, Da. ICA^k] Or. N* D L a b e i icraic. HeXSL 3°] Olf Og,, M. 
JULeXOnr, A. itT"e4>'f] om. N; obs. Gr. A aurov, 86. 7P« t. ovp. 
eTg,IO*Cl] enreg^IOnn, K^N: eTeg,ieKItO*C, Fi«(* another'): 

eTe^ixo*c, Buffix of 3rd person, Ji. 2. ^® ecei] e^i, K : enr e- 

2^IO*CI, by mistake, Aj' M. HI ... Hi] HI .. . HI, Og : om. HI 2®, F. 
neiXneJULg^lx] cf. Qr.HADr Ac. 0*COg, 2°] om. KFi*. 

'®0*C0^ i°] om. KFi*. onroit] g,^.ItO*COIt, Dg* : eO*COIt, 
Ci^(e altered from ^) H Fr. ^^.It i°] om. MN. Olf Og, 2°] om. Fi*. 
J^^.eX 2°] A FM S : j6^e, B &c. ^^ itftpHI 2^e] cf. Gr. G S &c. : Himt 18, 
0*C0^ it&pKI, Dj: OlfOg, it&pKI 2^6, D2EJ,.2: iljfcpKI, K. HuntSu. 
nie2,00*C ex &c.] ADi.2Ai'EFi*JiL0S Hunt 18: n^.1 &c., KB ^''^^ 
CrFi«QiHKMFrHunt26ii(It^.I,i),cf.?Gr.D&c.: Itl &c., J2 (j6em), 
cf. syr«°; for e^OO*C cf. Or. B^ &c. &^pOq] om. A,', cf. Gr. al 
pane ni4>^piceOC (o.e., A^)] A Fr : ^^11 &c., B Ac, cf. Gr. H^^q] 
om. Ax' L 8, cf. Gr. al pauc. Gr. D has avr» after irpo<n)\6.j the rest of 
uncials after Xcyovrc^. TV^k] +efi.oX, D2FM: +efi.oX X^I, B. 

onro^ &coX] om. K. ir^\] itx^.i, D2Ai': pref. efi.oX, 

H B Ac. Olf tOOj] qOTtOCg, Fi« : Gr. D Ac. syi^ Cnrtl 

198 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

^*0*co^ ne:^^.q ittoo*c. xe ix^oje ntoxert ^^oc 
itT^.ifi.^.tt|op. xe ^Hune -fg^i s^ejuLcoit cSloX 
©•cog, -f xtoK t^^tiT^\(^ JuL^ooy tteftx p^^cf. 

** nXHK ^to-f epoi nx^.ep 4>oot nejut p^.ci" o*cog, 
neenHo*c nx^^ge itw. xe cxh ^it itxe onr- 
npo4>HXHc xAJco c^oX niXHUL. 

p*** 3*I?Ckjul iXhISl eK eT^.cj6toxeBL iimnpocl)HXKc 
oifog, €T2,i toni exeit nu ex^.*confopno*c 

0*cKp neon ^.io*c(joaj €eo*cex neojHpi i}L4>pH'f 
iio*c^^.XKX JuLneqjuLog, i6^ neqxeng,. onrog, 
i}LneT"€ito*ctog. ^^Knne ic nexenw qx^ 

'f^xto 2i.e ijuuLoc ntoxeit. xe !tnexeitn^.*c epoi 
icxen'fno'c aA.X€xeitxoc. xe}o*cx 
itxeneeitKOT i6eit 4> ilLn^. 

_ HR. 

^J 0*co^ ^.cojconi ex^^qi ej6o*cn enui no*c^.px^i^ 
nT€ ni4>^piceoc j6eit nc^fi.A.xon eonrcoiUL 

NB K o*cog, iteu5o*c nA.*rf ilg^eKOT nA.q ne. ^onrog, 

g^Kune iteo*cort o*cptojun il2,*c2ipa)iUKoc eqxH 
juLneqiieo efi.oX. 

^* OTOg, i°] om. Fj*. ntOO*c] om. B, cf. Gr. K FT al pauc. 
gjHUe, A*. 2ieJUt.U5It] Gr. L rh daifi. i"XtOK] i"nA.., N. 
V] cf. Gr. KAD &c.: +ite2^00*C, K Hunt i8. cf. Gr. B &c. 
^^epOl] A*L Hunt 26 i, ii: +ne, A« &c."] Gr. »♦ 

om. o*co2^] + j6en, m. n€eitKo*c] cf. Gr. N D &c. cxh] 
npo4>.] om. N. o-cog, i*»J om. Fj*. ex€n] g^ixeit, Fi*. 

^^.poc] Gr. K* a^di*. OTKp] Hp over erasure, A« : O'tlXHOj, N. 
ixneqULO^^] eneq., FiOR; for 8ing. cf. Gr. KBL &c., for masc. Gr. 

LUKE Xni. 32— XIV. 2. 199 

wishes to kill thee.' ^^ And he said to them : ' Go, say to 
this fox (fern.): "Lo, I cast out devils, and perform cures 
to-day and to-morrow, and on the third day I shall (lit. 
will) finish." ^But I must have (lit. make) to-day and 
to-morrow and the next day (lit. which cometh), and go : 
because it is not right (lit. set) that a prophet should 
perish outside of Jerusalem. 

* ^^ Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killed the prophets, and 
cast stones upon them who were sent to her I How many 
times I wished to gather thy sons, as a hen (gathereth) her 
(lit. his) brood under her (lit. his) wings, and ye wished 
not! ^Behold, your house is left to you: and I say to 
you, that ye shall not see me henceforth, until ye say: 
'^ Blessed is he who cometh in (the) name of the Lord." ' 

XIV. And it came to pass that (lit. and) he having 
come into (the) house of a ruler of the Pharisees on (the) 
sabbath to eat bread, they were observing him. 'And lo, 
there was a man who had the dropsy, set before him. 

K*: epeHeqULOg,, KBDaHunt26i,ii; obs. 8yr«» et^*' eah ■«'»'' aeth 
add 'congregat.' Ei has gloss l4i».U». v::«aJ \^\^ ^«»J ^1 ^^j^ 'Greek, 
which (fern.) gathereth her chickens under her wing.' JO^] ic)^^, 

0. iinexenonftoaj] ijLneo*ca}aj, singular, Fj*. ^*ic] 
om. r. nexenHi] xenKi, ist piur., tm. qx^] ^^X^ 

(CO,L), Ai'Fi«(' another') OS: ^IX^^ I 1©^* »*» ^i*- IttOTen] 
cf. Gr. KABL &c.: +eqajtOaj desolate, A^jAiTjOLNOS, cf. Qr. 
D &c. 2i.e] cf. Gr. ^^»ABD &c.: om. 2i€, KOi*FN, cf. Qr. K*L &c. 

iijuLoc] +2^6, CjO. ntoxeit 2®] mo, A: om. H. xe I®] cf. 

Gr. A &c. epOl] for position cf. Gr. K A B &c. ICXeiti" no*c] 
cf. Gr. As' sah»«»»'' aeth : om. K B Fi*, cf. the rest of Qr. OJA-XG- 

nrenxoc] cf. Gr. » b l &c, neeitHo*c] ABcrFGiHLO 

Hunt 26 i: 4>K €0 &c., KDi.aEJi.aKMN Hunt 26 ii. 

^UHl] nmi, Fi*?, cf.? Gr. A. Q-C^pX^I^] 0-cpU5ULI 

iio*c^.px^"> ^- ^0 ^r- ^ B K* om. T»v. eo*ctojUL] ee- 

OnrCOJUl, O. * 0*C0^] om. Fi*. ^HUne] om. M, cf. syr<»« 

sah»°»»''. -COIUKOC] -OUIKOC, BDjE M N, cf. Gr. X &c. eqX"] 

200 ROXTax ^lOYROXH. 

^Onrog, A.qepo*cto nxelac nex^^q SnmojuLiKoc 
en nejuL ni4>^piceoc | eqxto juuuLoc. 

Ccge Rep neeit^^neq ^ert^.xon cg^^it 
iJLiULon. * netoo*c 2ie ^'^yQ/^pvoo^. o*cog, 
^.q^JULOiti JuLuLoq ^^qx^^XeToq ^.qx^^ efi.oX. 
'^onrog, nex^.q ntoo*c. xe mjut jfeen eKitonr 
exe neqito le Teqeg^e nA.g,ei ejfepKi eo*c- 
ato-f . o*cog, qitA.€nq encgtoi cA.xoxq jfceit 
ne^oo*c iixe nicA.fiL6.^.xon. •o'cog, ijLiio*ctt|- 
xejULXouL neponfo) nA.q o*cfi.e n^.!. 

Nr w '^H^.qxu) 2ie ito* nnK€xe^.^eJUt.. eq- 

n^.*c xe ntoc nA.*cctoxn ntoo*c nttiojopn ijuui^.- 
iiptoxefi. eqxu) JuuuLoc. 

juLnepptoxefi. enigopn ijUiL^.itptox€&. xilh- 
ntoc ^.'ve^.g^ejUL Keo*c^.i eqx^.iHo*cx e^o- 
TepoK. ^o*cog, ilxeqi ilxe4>K ex^^qeA-g^juteic 
nejuL^.q. o*co2^ itxeqxoc n^.K. xe x^ hijula. 

* 0*COg,] om. M. ^.qepOlfto] ABOrDiAi'GiHKLMNOS: 
eT"A.q, DgEF Ji.a, cf. Gr. UeX^^q] pref. OlfOg^, M. Itni] 
ACrAi^FGiHLMOS: 0*cfi.eitl, BD1.2EJ1.2KN. eqXCO &c.] cf. 
Gr. KABL &c. Cge] ABCrAi''Fi*(Xeadded, i«)GiHOS, cf. Gr. 
»BDL &c.: pref. Xe^^It, D,.2EJi.2KO; for ^.It cf. Gr. A &c. «: 

pref. xe, L M. epneoH^^neq] kacAi^fhlos: ep4>A.j6pi 

to heal, BrD1.2EG1J1.2KMN, cf. Gr. jfeen] cf.? Gr. i. 131. 209. 

243. c««r. ncA^fi.A.xon] nic^.^., k, cf. Gr. i. &c. a^/^n 

ijUULOrt] cf. Gr. KBDL &c. * ^^X^^] ACrFGiHKLNOS: 

pref. 0*COg,, BDi.2Ai'EJi.2M. * Olf Og, neX^.q] +2^.6, Dg; 

for om. anoKpiBtis cf. Gr. K«»BDL &c. na)0*c] Gr. K* irpos avrop; 
for position cf.? Gr. AD &c.: om. N. .^€neKno*c] pref. efi.oX, 

BD2KMN, cf.? Gr. D fg. ito] cf. Gr. »L &c. qn^.] itqit^., D2. 

LUKE XIV. 3-9. 201 

^And Jesus answered, he said to the lawyers and the 
Pharisees, saying : * Is it lawful to do good on (the) sabbath 
or not?' *And they held their peace. And he took hold 
of him^ he cured him, he sent him away. ^And he said 
to them: * Which (is there) of you — whose ass or his cow 
will fall into a well, and he will not draw (lit. bring) him 
up on (the) day of the sabbaths?' ®And they could not 
answer him against these (things). 

"^And he was speaking (lit. saying) a parable to them 
who were invited, seeing how they were choosing for them- 
selves the first seats, saying: *®When one should invite 
thee to marriage feasts, sit not down to meat at the first 
seat, lest another more noble than thou was invited, ^and 
he who invited thee and him come and say to thee: 
" Leave the place for this (one) ; " then thou wilt begin 


€nq]AD,.2EFJi.2: GHC, fem.sufiP., BCFAi'GiHKLOS: eno%M. 
i6en 2°] cf. Gr. l*B &c. : JuL, DgM, cf. Or. ADL &c. neg^OOf] 
cf.? Gr. N*B al pauc: nieg^OOf, BN, cf. Gr. l<« A D L &c. tJ : om. 

DgK M. itxem(ni, n)c^.&.] ilni., D2 Aj' :, b : 

niCA^., K:, DgM; for singular cf. Gr. : Gr. D 8yr«'i ei^^ 
place T7I rffA, &c. before km ovk tvBtas, ^ JULnOfCyX &c.J Gr. D 

ovK an€Kp. nep] eep, D1.2EJ1.2. nA.q] cf. Gr. a &c. syr^^ 
■^ n A.qxa)] A.q ., B Hunt 26. 2^6] Gr. D &c. add kcu, OA-g^JUL, A. Hunt 18. 26. 

€qnA.*c], J2: om. b Hunt 26. nA.nfctoxn] ce., k. 

jgopn Jul] om. S. ijUUlOc] cf. Gr. 1. 131. 209. (e 8yr«^>») : + ntOO*C, 
B Di. 2 E M Hunt 26, cf. rest of Gr. ® 0*CA.l] Gr. D Ac. syr^'* 

om. vnoTivos. &,on] o*c2i.einnon, D2; Gr. d i7«^ yd/iov, 

+ *aut ad convivium,' arm: b sab syrP™?^** om. 6 (JUL, Hunt 26) 
nittJOpn.. . ptOXefi] om. D2 bomeot. ^^B/^^eJJL] A(^JUL) 
BCFAi'FGiHLS Hunt i8, 26: eA.*C &c., D3.2EJ1.2KMNO. Ke] 
K over larger erasure, tben 6, A®. Gr. H* L om. wr*. For om. vn avrov 
cf. a b c ff^* i 1 q 8yr«<* aetb. ® 0*COg, 2*»] om. BM Hunt 18, 26. 

niXILA.] A B C r Ai' F Gi H K L M N S Hunt 26 : n^-IAJLA., D1.2E 
Ji(om.JUL^.).20: e4)JUL^., D2*. XOXe] AOrAj^FGiHKLNOS: 
0*COg, XOXe, BD1.2EJ1. jM Hunt 18, 26. p&HXC, A. 

ijLnij6.] ixniJtx^ii^^e, Hunt i8. ixjUL^.] Hjulo^o^ 

of tbem, K"^: om. Hunt 18. 


ptoxefi. iJLni^A.€. &mA. ^ A.qcij^.ni 

itxe4>H €rT^<qB^^JtxeK itxeqxoc nA.K. xe 

n^.a)4>Hp onfoefi.eK encgtoi. 

_ Toxe epe onftoo*c cgtoni it^.K ilLnejuLeo So*coit 

'^f nifi.en eepoDxefi. netx^jc. "xe o*coit iti£.en 

eenA-tficq ceriA.eefi.ioq. onrog, 4>h eeitA.eefi.ioq 


cuA. ^ ^^ji^q^^^j 2ie ijuuLoc ijL4>H exA.q|eA.g,ijLeq. xe 

2^oxA.n A.Ktt|A.nipi ito*cA.picTon le onf2imnon. 
juLnepJULO'c'f eneKa|4>Hp o*c2ie neKcnHo*c oit:^e 
neKc^vvenHc oy^^e iteKeeojer itpAJULA.o. xilk- 
ntoc iiceeA.^jULeK g^toK onrog, iixe onfttjefi.ito 
ojconi nA.K. 
"UXXXa. A.KajA.mpi iio*caonc juto-cf e^i^n^HKi 
^A.nA.xxojuL g,A.n(rX.Xe*c g,A.nfieXXec. ^*o*cog, 
Xi^^€:ponfjuLA.KA.pioc xe juUiLort nxtoo*c Jul- 
jtjajx e'f aefiio) itA.K. cenA.'f VA.p ha-k itxo*c- 
aefiiu) dben i"A.itA.cxA.cic itxe niejuLHi. 
" GxA.qctoxeiUL T^e enA.i iixeo*cA.i ilnK eepoxefii 
nexA.q. xe too*c iiiA.xq i3L4>H eeitA.o*ctoJUL 
nonrtoiK ifcen -f JULexo*cpo nxe 4>'f- 

^®iULA....eA.2,JUL€K] om. H homeot. JULA-ge HA-K] Or. D 
251. e om. nopivBiU. JULHI.] ACTAx'GiHLMOS Hunt 26: €111., 

BD1.2EFJ1.aKN: j6eitni., Hunt 18. j6^e] actgi^hls: 

j6^e ijUULA., BAi^ Hunt 26: XILA.fii6^6> D1.2EFG1CKMNO 
Hunt 18. g,OTA.It] om. Fi*. ItXeqXOC] cf.? Gr. AD &c. tlnji. 
XOXe] ABCTAi'GiHKLMNS Hunt 18, 26: pref. OlfOg,, D1.2 
EFJ1.2O S, cf. Gr. D. JULnCiULeO to end] om. N, gloss supplies, with 
iiK-J *a copy.' Onron mfieit] Or. DFAAn &c. om. wdifTtiP. 
IteULA.Jic] Gr. D &c syr«» om. aoi. " Itlfieit] om. Hunt 26. 

CTicq] A. over erasure, A^. >e€filoq . . . (TXcq . . . tfi.cq . . . 
HMt 18, eefiioq, N. " 2^e] cf. Gr. V al^® fere &c. : d€ km, the rest of Gr. : 

'*"'* om. Hunt 18. JUUULOCj ABOrDiAi'FGiHKLMN Hunt 18: +ne, 
DgE Jj.aOS. ^K ex] c^ex, J2 . neKacl)Kp] after g an erasure 

LUKE XrV. 10-15. 203 

¥rith shame to occupy the last place. ^^But when thou 
shouldest be invited, go, sit down to meat in the last 
(place), that, when he who invited thee should come, he 
may say to thee : " My friend, remove thee up (higher) : " then 
there shall be glory for thee before all who sit down to 
meat with thee. ^^ Because every one who will exalt 
himself will be humiliated, and he who will humiliate 
himself will be exalted.' ^^And he was saying to him 
who invited him: *When thou shouldest make a dinner 
or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brothers, nor 
thy kinsfolk, nor thy rich neighbours ; lest they invite thee 
also, and a recompense be made to thee. ^^But if thou 
shouldest make a feast, call poor, impotent, lame, blind: 
^^and thou wilt be blessed; because they have not (where- 
with) to recompense thee: for thou wilt be recompensed 
in the resurrection of the righteous.' ^^And one of them 
who sat at meat, having heard these (things), said : ' Blessed 
is he who will eat bread in the kingdom of God.' 

of ^Kp? which begins the next line, A^ : Or. D a om. otw. Of^iC i^j 
le, B Hunt 18: Gr. L &c. om. fufii...trov. O^T^B nCKCXW.] 
-CfVe &c., A: om. A^^L, cf. Gr. D &c.: Gr. K &c. om. crew. 

onr2^e 3^] Gr. B fiJi. neiceeaje*c] cf. Gr. 13. &c. aw tov^. 

!tCee^.g,JULeK] cf. Gr. KBDL &c. &tOK] ACrDi.2Ei*.aFGiH 
LMNOS: &a}0*C, BEi^J^.g Hunt i8: om. Ai'K. 0*COg,] om. B. 
HAJC] for position cf. Gr. KBDL &c.: +ixneMXBO nO*COrt 

ni&cit eeptoxefii tteiUL^.K, n^j li^ 'a copy.* ^* A.Kaj^.n] 

ACrAi'FGiHL: pref. g,OXA.n, BD1.2EJ1.2KMNOS Hunt 18. 
itO*CttJonc] O a® added, C defaced, A«; for position cf. Gr. ADL &c. 

e^^n] n^A-n, r. g,^fi.eXXe*c] pref. nejtx, DgN. 
" iJuuLon itxtoo*c] bm : ijuuLonxtoo*c, a &c. juuula.*c] 

om. Hunt 18. VA.p] cf. Gr. ^^»ABDL &c. " €It^.l] itn^.1, ; 

for poflition cf. Gr. D : Gr. I** e f om. eOpOXefi.] B ; eXpO- 
Xe&, D,. 2 El Gx« ; eXptOXefi., A r« (OD over erasure) Ai' Ej F H 
JljKLS; eeptOX€&, MNO Hunt 18: +neJULA.q, A^JAi^LS. 

^ex^.q] +n^.q, BD1.2E1, cf. Or.: om. s. a)o*c] o*c, a. 

itO*CU5Ilc] cf. Gr. KABDL &c. 

204 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

_ KX. 

NA p^ "Heoq 2^e n€XA.q nA.q. xe o*cptoAJLi e^^qipi hoy- 

itioj-f it2^inttoit o*cog, ^.qe^.2^elJL o*cxiLHa. 
"onrog, ^.qo*ctopn juLneq&coK ijL4>n^.T ii2iin- 
non exoc nnn exe^-g^ejut eeponri. xe g^HTiH 
g^tofi. ni£.6it cecefi.xtox. 
"0*cog, A.'cepg^HTc i\epii^.pexicee i6en o*c- 
i6pa)o*c itonftox XKpo*c. Hig^onnx ^.qxoc. 

epoi eepiojc e&oX itx^.It^.T epoq. i"i"2^o epoK 

X^"^ tnroTK ^toc n^f nHonr ^n. 
" O^cog, Keo*c^.i ixexA-q. xe ^.icgen e it^efi-i fteg^e 

onr og, •f n^.ge hki ilx^.ep2iOKiAJLA.^m ijuuLtoo*c. 
cn& 'fi'&o epoK x^*^ S|xoxic ^(wc -f nKo*c 
*®0*co2, Keonf^.1 nexA.q. xe ^.iflT i\o*ccg,iJUU o*co^ 

eefi.e 4>a.i 'fn^.i ^n. "o*co£, ex^.qi ibceni- 

fi.toK ^.qTAJUie neqOT. 
ToTe exA.qxtoitx itxenmefi-Hi nex^.q iineq- 

Slojk. xe JUL^^ae m^K efi.oX iix^^^*"- ^^^" 

g^KKi nejut m^^xxoxiL nejuL nifi.eXXec ^.rnxo*c 

Hunt 26, "n^.q] ntOO*C, Hunt 26: om. FK*, cf. Gr. D &c. Xe] 

^^^ +It€0*COIt there was, Di^jE J1.2KN O. ptOJULl] +ne, Dg. 

e^^qipi] ^qipJ, BM Hunt 26, for pret. cf. Gr. ADL &c. 1110^^ 

it J om. Hunt 26. 2kIIlItOItJ 2k over erasure, and I added, A^ 

Ja end! ^7 ixneqfi.a)K] a &c. Fi^ ('another') : jtlteq efi.I^.IK, Fj*, cf. Gr. 

Ga begins p ^^^ ijL4>n^.*c] 4>i^^X Gg*. it2imitoit] A*r*?: iJLni., 
A« &c. r«(it). exoc] ^^oc, d,. eeponri] cf. Gr. kadl ifec. 

g^tofi.] A.g,tO&, Ff : Gr. K* et«BL &c. om. trwra. Cecefi.XtOX] 
Ce&TOJX, BN Hunt 26. ^^epg^KXC i\] om. Hunt 26. 

Sep] eep, f. n^^pexicee] actdiEiFGiH; n^.p^.- 

XHCee, B ; n^.p^Xl(e, N)Cee, Dg &c. XKpO*c] position not 
agreeing exactly with either Gr.; for position after nap. cf. Gr. A Ac; 
tr. of Dx has j»1j u:^^. 'with one voice,' and gloss fjt^\ ^J ^^ '^^^ 

LUKE XIV. 16-21. 205 

^^But be said to him: '(There was) a man who made 
a great supper; and invited many: ^"^and he sent his 
servant at (the) hour of supper to say to them who were 
invited, to make them come : '* Now all things are pre- 
pared." ^^And they all began to make excuse with one 
voice (lit. cry). The first said : *' I bought a field, and 
there is necessity for me to go out and see it: I beseech 
thee, put me from thee as that I do not come.'* ^^And 
another said: "I bought five yoke (lit. plough) of oxen, 
and I shall (lit. will) go and prove them: I beseech thee, 
put me from thee as that I come not." '^And another 
said: "I have taken a wife, and therefore I shall (lit. will) 
not come." ^^And the servant having come, told his lord. 
Then the owner-of-the-house having been angry said to his 
servant: '*Oo out quickly to the streets and the lanes of 
the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the impotent. 

in the Arabic' ^.qxoc] ABCFAi'GHLS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D &c.: 

+ nA.q, D,.2EJKMN0 : ^.qxoc nxenig^onm-, f. o*cog, 2°] 

om. DiEJO. 0*COn] om. Dg*: +0*C, B Hunt 26. It^^VKH, A. 

eepicge. . . nT"^.nA.*c] cf.? Or. a &c. epoK] om. s, cf. Or. h*. 

^OC, A Hunt 26. n-fnKOIf] 'f., KS. " Of og, Ke] 

niKe, N Hunt 26. 0*CA.l] + 2^.6, D2 Hunt 26, e] over erasure, A®. 
^(JOC] g^OC, A: om. Hunt 26. 'fllKO'c] A: tlf., B &c. 
^^ 0*C02^ &c.] niKeo*C^.I T^e, Hunt 26. KB.] A &c., cf. Gr. D oXXor : 
niKG., B, cf.? Gr. rrcpoy. OfOg, 2®] om. BFi*MO Hunt 26. 
€efi.€(om. A)4>^l] 8yro« om. i"n^.l] A: ll'fnA.ttje I shall not 
go, F: n^^OJI, B*: 'fn^.tt|I, future potential, B^ &c.: iti"n^.ajl, 
D2 Hunt 26. 21 ni&OOK] cf. Gr. N A B D &c.: HGq &c.?, Jj*: 

+ efi-OX, D2*. XAJUie] a*, cf. b c e om. ravra : + 611^.1, A"» &c., 
cf. Gr.: Gr. D &c. napra ravra, XOTG] Gr. D e koi. GT^q- 
2CtOnx] A.qXtOItX, Indic, BJi*M Hunt 26. nK&KI, AN 
Hunt 26. neqJ&OOK] ni£.COK, B Ai' Hunt 26. XSXX^] OlfOg, 
JULA., CS. e&oX] om. B Hunt 26. nijfeip] HI., Fi*?. HI- 
^HKIJ cf. Gr., exc. D om. rovs, Coptic has article throughout. Aj^L 

om. nejuL throughout. ^eXXer] a*.- +nexjLni(fi.Xe*c, a™? 

&c., for order cf. Gr. KBDL &c., for om. x«Xovr cf. Gr. A al^ syr*»'. 


er^Koxi^^c^^m jQuutoq. onrog, exi o*coit 
JULA.. 23o*fo2, ne^ce noc ijLnifi.u5K n^.q. xe 
xiL^^ge it^.K e&oX eitijuttoix next. ni4>p^v- 
juioc. onrog, ^.pi^n^.vKA.^m ei ejfeonrit g^in^ 
iixequLog^ nxen^-Hi. 
2* 'f^xto v^.p JuuuLoc ntoxeit. xe tine ^Xi ititipaojuu 
erejuuuLA.*c nn €Te^.2^eju. xexiL-fni JOLn^.- 


o*cog, exA.qcl)ong^q nex^^q ittoo*c. *«:a:e cI>k 
eeitKo*c 2,^.poi o-cog, exenqit^.jutecrre neqiaox 
nejUL TeqAJLA.T neuL xeqc^iAXi ncxiL neq- 
ojHpi neiULiteqcnHO*c nejutiteqctoiti exi 2^6 
neftx xeqKeTlnrxw ijuuton gxojut JuuuLoq 

ver.^'^om. ecp JULA-OKXHC ItKI. 

NE pn 28HiiUL r^.p e&oX ifcen eKito*c eqo*ctott| eKCT 

o*cn*cproc. AUK qnA.g,€JULci ncgopn rixeqqiaon 
ni"2i^.nA.nH. xe ^.it onron nxA-q juuuL^*c eep 

^^ nCXeJ Gr. D e place after dovXot: Gr. A adds avrti, X€j om. 
B*, cf. Or. hot] Gr. D c e om. cl>H GX] n€ eX, D1.2 Ji*"- 
neX, EiJi*; cf. Gr. KBDL &c. ef, A BC F Aj' G, H LN S 

Hunt 26. ^^ hot] Ikc, D2*. nifi.a)K] neq., Dg, cf. Gr. D 7a. 

a b aeth Bas^vi 627 etwh add avroO. nA.q] om. D2 , cf. Gr. Xe] 
om. Ci*, cf. Gr. eAoX] om. Fj*. ^.nA.VK^.^m] + JUUULtOOX 
DjM. n^.Hl] of.? Gr. P T A A imc® &c. 6 olco^ fiov. " V^.p] 

om. KN: 2^8, BFHunt26. itm(om. HI, S)pa3AJH] ABCrAj'FGi 
HKLMN S Hunt 26 : j6en., Di.aEGaJO. €XeJUUUL^.*c] Gr. Db* 
om. cKeiVttv. Dj gloss ^^j^liiil J-JS j ^;j^^' ^ J^ tS}) *^^®®^» many 
are the called, and few are the preferred.' F2 gloss j ^^p^jJLI ^ ^j:S^ 
^aj)1 ^ f^^ \jjk ^^^uVl ^ JJS 'many are the called, and few are the 
chosen, this is not in the Coptic' Tl^^lTHtOIt] B &c., cf. Gr.: 
HA.!, this, A: HI. the. Hi*?. , ^5 j^^^j^j^^ "j ^€:^.nfJUL., N. 

LUKE XIV. 22-28. 207 

and the blind." ^And the servant said: "Lord, the thing 
which thou commandedst was done, and yet there is room." 
^And the lord of the servant said to him: "Go out to 
the roads and the hedges, and compel to come in^ that 
my house may be filled. 2* For I say to you, that none of 
those men who were invited shall taste of my supper."' 

^And great multitudes were walking with him: and 
having turned, he said to them: *^*He who cometh to me, 
and who will not hate his father, and his mother, and his 
wife, and his sons, and his brothers, and his sisters, and 
further even his very life, it is not possible for him to be 
disciple to me. *®For which of you, wishing to build 
a tower, will not sit first and count the cost, whether he 

neJULA.q] ItA.q, G2 : + ne, M. fc^nniOJ-f ] Gr. D &c. syr«« Hnnt 18, 
om. iroXXo/. ntOO*c] cf. Or. D avrois. *« eTen(om. K)qnA.] B^'aT^as 

itxeitqit^., Gi : itqn^., omitting relative, B : eqitA., Vie Pakh.®^ 
neqiOJX] a* B* : +^.rt, A« &c. T"eqJUL^.*c] for possessive here 
cf. Gr. D, and afterwards syro^ et^h. xeqC^IJULI . . . cgHpi] 
Byr«« etw** place it after Mk<p^s, neJULneqcnHO*C . . . CtOmJ 
om. ^^. eXl 2ie] cf.? Gr. KAD**^ : Gr. BL tn rt icai: syr«« cri km. 
•^Tf^K . . . eep] om. Fi*. HKl] position nearest to Gr. F iia$. 
ciV. /Aov, but not agreeing exactly with any. *^A* omits, cf. Gr. 

M*Er ai mu. ^H exenqnA.x^.Xeneqc^ epoq ^n onrog, 
ilxeqonfA.g,q iictoi ijuuLott ojxoxil iJuuLoq eep- 

iULA.OH7HC ItHI he who will not place his cross on him, and follow 
me, it is not possihle for him to he disciple to me, A^f &c. 4^H 
GTenqn^.] -exeq &c., Oj*; for om. ««' cf. Gr. ^^*L: Gr. B 
ooTis ow; for future cf. Or. F al ^ ■c'. X^Xe] X^Xo, A«»Or Aj'G 
HL : T^.Xo JUL, S Hunt 18. CpOq] om. K. Olf Og,] om. BFi* M. 
0*C^.g^q &c,] cf ? Gr. K n al'^ : JULOOJI RctOI, K, cf.? the rest of 
Gr. Zpxtrai. *® V^.pl Gr. D e ^c: a h ff*' 1 q om. qitA.] Hunta6. 

nqn^., Dj. ^eJUtClJ BrDi.2Ai'EFJKMN0R Hunt 18, 26: '^^^ 
+ rA.p, ACGHLS Hunt 18. nojopn] AOrGi*HL: ^.H 
ncgopn, BDi.jAi'EFGiO.sJKMOR Hunt 18, 26. ton] A*BJ 

M*N: nojn, A« &c. ^2iA.n.] X &c.. El*: xeq2i^.n., M. 
A.n onr on] ^.o*con, k. o*con nx^.q] m Hunt 26 : onr on- 
x^.q, A &c. 

208 RUXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

CUV neqcofi.'f. ^^ ^irn^ JULKUtoc ilxeqx^ "fcen-f 
. onrog, ijuuLoit ajxoxjL juuuLoq ezoKq efi.oX. 
Sxonrepg^HTc ncoofi-i JOuutoq rtxeonron iti&cit 
een^.*c. ^^erzo) juLajloc. xe n^-iptojULi A.qep- 
2,HXc itKCJOx. onrog, JuLneqcgxejULXoxt. ibcoKq 
^^le mxjL no*cpo eett^^aje n^.q ennoXeJutoc e^ 
itejUL Keo*cpo. JULK qit^.2^ejULci ^.it ilajopn 
nxeqcocrni. xe ^.it onroit cgxoxt. ijuuioq i6eit 
I Scgo ei efi.oX eg^p^q ijLneenKo*c extoq neuL 
K ncgo. ^2 JuuuLoit exi icxert eqo*cHo*c JuuuLoq 
a^^qonrajpn nonrnpecfi-iA. eqKto-f Hc^ ot^i- 

_ pKItH. 

pwb ^^U^i^H'f o*con ni&eit exjfeert eHito*c exenq- 
nA.€pA.nox^.^ecee ^.n ititeqg^'cnA.pxo^'^^ 
xapoT ijuuLon a^xoix iiuLoq eep xft.^.eH- 

_ XKC nw. 

pn* 34j{^j|g ni2^ijLo*c. egton 2i.e nxeqXtoq ilxenig,- 

onf2ie •f Konpi^. qepcg^^T ^.n. 
UXXX^ effl^.*cg,ixq efi.oX. 4>h exeonron o*cJULA.gz 
_ juuuLoq ecojxejUL JULA.peqctoxejuL. 
^*' ^H^.•cj6to^x 2^6 ijUiLtoo*c epoq fbcenixeXcoitHC 

XHpo*c nejtx nipeqepitoAi ectoxejut epoq. 

neqcofi.'f] co&rf, K: ipi JuLneq &c., d^. ^® nxeq- 
X^] J^^X^> Fi*. -f ceit-f ] -cn-f , a : cen-f , b. ilxo-cep] 

pref. O'tO^jy BF: XOXeep, Ai^ JUUULOq] for position cf. Gr. 
E &c. ^^Xe] Gr. D &c. om. 0*COg,] om. T. SzOKq' 

ex., Fio. 5^ le] e, Gg. o*cpo] ptojuti, j^*. nnoXejutoc" 

ni., CFjOK N 0. Keonrpo] for position cf.? Gr. T &c. XKH 
Gr. D ovK €v^€o)ff. ItTeqCOtfTtl] continues the future, cf. Gr. t< B &c. 

^.it 2°] om. Hunt 26. ei] Sxeqi, Da. JuLneo] jjl^h ee, 

D1.2E JO Hunt 26 : neJUL<4>H., BB (IXeO). HCJULK] ^eHK, Di«.2- 
^^ijUULOn] neJUUULOn, O. cf, ABCr*IIS Hunt 26: om. M, 

LUKE XIV. 29— XV. 1. 209 

have (wherewith) to complete it? ^Lest he lay the foun- 
dation, and it is not possible to finish it; and all who see 
begin to mock him, *^ saying: "This man began to build, 
and he could not finish it." ^* Or what king, who will 
go to (the) war to fight with another king, will not sit 
first and take counsel, whether it is possible for him with 
ten thousand to meet him who cometh upon him with 
twenty thousand? ^Otherwise, while he is yet distant 
from him^ be sendeth an embassy, seeking for peace. 
^^Thus for every one who is among you, who will not 
renounce all his possessions, it is not possible to be disciple 
to me. ^* [1^^] ^^ ^s good : but if the salt lose its 
savour, with what is it to be salted? ^Neither (for) the 
earth nor the dunghill is it useful: but they cast it out. 
He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.' 

XV. And all the publicans and the sinners were drawing 

cf. Gr. A al pane aeth. ICXeit] om. B Dj E J. €qonfHO*C 

iijULoq] qo*cHOT &c.. Ai'L Hunt 18: €qajopno*c ixiULoq 

being before bim, B. ' TlpCC&I^J for position cf. Gr. D e go. 
eqKOJ-fj.ACrAi'FGHLMRS Hunt 18: eqxa)&&, BKNO 

Hunt 26 : eqxtofig^ eqKto-f , D1.2E j. ^^ n^^ipH-f] + o*cit, 

Da, cf. Gr., Of It and Of Olt easily confused. Of Olt] Oil over erasure, 
Fi«. mAeit] om. L. A.n] om. LS. ^XU^pXP^^^y M'^) 
B R. XHpOf ] om. M. HKl] om. B, obs. fluctuation of Gr. 
** n^.Ite] +ne, Fi«. g^Xt-Of i^] A^Ai^EsGL, cf. Gr. ad &c.: 
+ Ofn, A*?BCrD,.2EFHJKMN0RS* Hunt 26, cf. Gr. KBL &c. 
eojCJOn 7^e] ABCrDi.gAi'EaFGHJLMR Hnnt26: om. 2i€, EjE 
N S ; for «€ alone cf. Gr. A &c. itXeqXojq] erasure between It 
and X, A«: ^^qcg^-ItXcJOq, B Hunt 26. llof] eOf, F. 
^niKA.g,l] ACi«rGiHS. cf.? Gr. D 69. rlji^: H., BDi.2EFGaJKL 
M N R Hunt 26. -f KOHpiA.] om. i", S. q€ptt|^.f ] A C T Ai' 
FGiHL{N)R8 Hunt 26: A.qep &c., G2KM: Sqep &c., BDi.aE 
JMO. ^.It] +it^Xl, Da. 4>H exe] nexe, be jo Hunt 26. 
Of JULA.ajXj A : ora. Of, B &c. 

* n^.f ji>tOnX, AC Gi«.2. epoq] for position cf.? Gr. D &c.: 
+ ne, Da. XeXtJOItHC] erasure of two letters after It, A«. 

210 RaxTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

^oifog, nijntyQpeixpexK itzerti4>A.piceoc rteju. 
mcA.ji) e*cxto ixJULoc. xe ^i^\ ajojn riitipeq- 
6pito£.i epoq oifog, qonrtojUL nejULtoo*c. 

_ Hr. 

N^ K s^j^q^jg T-^.mA.pA.&oXK ntoo*c | eqxto ijuuLoc 
cn2^ *2C€ nixjL itpcojuii exj^ert enitoT €xeo*con- 
T"eq p necojoT iitJULA.'v. ^^qcg^-nxAJce o*ca.i 
efi.oX it^KXo*c. JULK juLn^^qx^ niqe ilcajq 
g^i na^.qe. o*co^ ilxeqcge nA.q nxeqicco-f 
itc^. 4>H eT^.qxA.Ko a^^xeq^cejutq. 
* Oif og, ^.qtt|A.nxejULq cg^^'^^^o^ exen iteqjULo-f 
eqpA-cgi. •onrog, A.qtt| eniw ajA.qjuto'C'f 
eneqtt|4>Hp nejUL iteqeecger eqxa) jjljuloc 
na)o*c. xe p^-cgi nejuLKi XHpo*c xe ^\x\ix\ 
jjum^ecvdo^ ex^^qx^jco. 
^ 'f^xto jjLMxoc nojxen. xe o*con o*cp^.ttn n^^aconi 
jfeert x4>€ exen o*cpeqepno&i rio*ctox eqep- 
_ jutex^itom le exen niqe Sojulki. 
'^T' ®l€ mxjL itcg^iAJH exeo*conxec I iixecKi-f jOL- 
jUL^^nr. ecgojn A.ctt|A.itx^.Ke onri jOuulooot. julk 
juLn^^ctfepe o*cj6h^c o-cog^, nmi. 
0*cog, itxecKto'f ^en o*cqiptoo*caj oj^^xecxejutc. 

2 ni4>^p.] Gr. A 69. 124. 346. i<^^ 8yro« et«»> aeth y/Ki/ifi. ir. ol 
<liapur. epitofi.l] p over erasure, A^. Cpoq] e&oX, E J. 

Hnntj,6. qo-coDjut] eq., M. » xA-i] om. B*. n^] A r 

Ai'GHKLNS Hunt 26: +2i.e, BD1.2EFJMO, of. Or. HOJOT] 
om. Ai'. eqXO) &c.] Gr. D &c. syr^" om. * eXjfeen] ACT 

AfFGHKLMNS: efi.oX j^eit from, of, BD,.aEJO Hunt 26. 

cf. Gr. €*f exeo*conxeq] eo*coitxeq, b Hunt 26. xeq 

p] ilXA.q Sp, Dg. ^.qa^^X^Ke] a*: pref. o-cog,, Ac &c., 
Meth®*^ K&v diroXfoi;, cf. a &c. *et si,' e *et cum:' -X^^KO 
nXeO'V^.I. if one of them should be lost, M, cf. a. 0*CA.l] 0*CI, Gj*. 
for position cf. Gr. AL &c. e&oX] om. N. i}LlI^.q^^.] 
JuLneq., r J K M N Hunt 26. A^^ has ow^^J j>U^, bs^ftia abbit 

LUKE XV. 2-8. 211 

themselves near to him to hear him. ^And the Pharisees 
and the scribes were murmuring, saying that this (man) 
receiveth the sinners to him, and eateth with them. 

^He spake (lit. said) this parable to them, saying: 
*^What man who is among you, who hath a hundred 
sheep, if he should lose one of them, — leaveth he not the 
ninety-nine on (the) desert, and goeth, and seeketh for 
that which was lost, until he find it? ^And if he should 
find it, he placeth it upon his shoulders, rejoicing. *And 
if he should come to the house, he calleth his friends and 
his neighbours, saying to them: "Rejoice all with me, 
because I found my sheep which was lost." ''I say to 
you, that there is joy to be in (the) heaven over one 
sinner repenting, (more) than over the ninety-nine righteous. 
^ Or what woman who has ten half didrachmas, if she should 
lose one of them, lighteth not a lamp, and sweepeth the 

at qe. itCtOq] om. K, obs. Gr. D Meth a^iV* b c ff^ : +A.It, Dg, 
cLatLh^^K^...^n. nxeqKtoi"] cf.?Gr.D &c.: om.DiEJi*M, 
cf. the rest of Gr. &c. IT/JC, A*. * ^.qtt|^.n] pref. eoJOJn, Fi«. 

T^^Xajq, A.|l] A.q., Ci*. «0*COg,] Gr. D sah-c^w 

«c. ^.qoj^ltl] ^.qi, r*. Ill hi] Gr. D* Meth ora. T6y. ffl^Hp] 
-ep, BDiAi'E,FGHOS: JULA-OKXHC, N. ntOO*c] om. 0. 
•rHpO*c] ACTAi'EFGHJLS: om. BD1.2KMNO Hunt 26. 
eT^.q] erasure of X ? at end of the line. A«. ^ -f XO)] + 2^6, 

J, cf. Gr. D al pauc syrc". Tt^^OJCJOni] for position cf. Gr. AD &c. 
mqe] m., O2; cf.? Gr. F al pane add toU: om. HI, BDiEJ. cf. the 

rest of Gr. A™« &c. add (HH) exenceepxp^^ ^^ JjLJtxe- 

nr^ItOI^ who need not repentance: om. ItK, A"80rAi"^GiC.2HLS. 

*mjuL] om. A*. exeo*coitT"ec] epeT"eo*com"ec, Di*-. 

er'eO'COIt, E,. ,♦ J. l] I'f , Hunt 26. eojODn] pref. OTOg^, 
D2; obs. Gr. D 157. Koi dnok^craaa, OflJ cf.? Gr. D &c. om. tpaxfuiv, 
ijULt.a50*c] cf. a syron et«»»» *ex illis.' iXHA-Ctfepe] ijLn^.T., 

Gj. o*co2^ i°] om. Ai^s. itxecc] iixenc., n. c&.pg,] 

CpA-a, Di*EF J ; no MS. has C^.g,p or Ceg^p. HIKl] JULniHI, 

D1.2MN. itxecKto-f] itxenKto-f, k*. o-cqipcoonraj] 
(cj>i. A) oTJUtexqi., G. xejULc] xeixq, K. 

p a 


212 ROXTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

^onrog, ecgcjon ^coj^itxeiULC oj^ciULOff eitec- 
a}c{>Hp nexx iteceecgenr ecxco juuliloc. xe p^-oji 

_ iteiULHi xe ^.ixiiULi nTA^ecKi-f eT^.CT^.Ko. 

^ ^^n^-ipK-f -fxcjo juuuLoc itcoxeit. 2ce a^.pe onr p^gi 
cgcjoni jOLueju-eo itfti^.rreXoc itTe c^-f exeti 
onrpeqepitoJSii itoTCJOx eqepjUL€TA.itom. 

NZ p^i " nex^.q 2ie. xe iteonr oit onr pcjojuLi eonr oitxeq gapi 
cne 5 ijLiUL^.T. | ^^onrog, nexe nxKotxi exeit- 
^Kxonr JOLneqicjox. xe n^.icjox juloi itai 
itx^.Toi itTe -fonrci^.. iteoq 2^e ^.qcjxjog 
ijLnia5it)6 eg^p^-f . 
" OTog, JULCtteitc^. Of juLKttj iteg^oof A.ft ^.qecjooT-f 
Rg^cwfi. itifi.en ibceniKOfxi nojHpi. ^.qoje n^-q 
encgeiULiULO eofX^P^ econr hot. onrog, ^.qxep 
xeqoTci^- efi.oX ijuuu.T eqon)6 )6en ot- 


"GxA.qofCJO 2^€ eqtfb ng^cofi. iti&eit e&oX. A.q- 

OTog, iteoq g^coq ^.qepg^KTc itepj^^e. ^^oTog, 

^.qcge it^.q A.qxojULq eoT^.1 itttipeiUL£L^.Ki itxe 

■f X^P^ eTejuuuL^.T. onrog, A.qof opnq exKoi 

eiULoni itg,^.neajA.T. 

^« Of og^ it^.qepenieTJULm eixi.^ jiaxq efi.oX i6€ft 

® Of Og, . . . XeXJLC] om. Fi*. Of OjP, GOjCJOU] over erasure, Ci«. 
ecgcon] eoj over erasure, A^ : om. K D, E J 0. A.Caj^.It2CeJULc] 
^.nci)^.n., H. Oj^Kp] A H J N Hunt 26 : Cgc^ep, Ai' lY L S : 

ct)c{>Hpi, D2*G2: cg^epi, B &c. HejuL iteceeojef] -eeajK, 
(JHe,A*)B<'FGi*: nieeojK, kg, cf. Gr. A&c: itejuLoecgH, B*, 

cf. Gr. KBL al pauc without article. JJLJULOC] +na50f , D,.2EJ. 

itx^..] ex^.., N. xA-xecKi-f] -f ., «, cf. Gr. ^® ttj^-pe 

...a^wni] for order of.? Gr. A &c.: IteOfOIt Ofp^.ttjI HA.- 

LUKE XV. 9-16. 213 

house, and seeketh carefully until she find it? ®And if 
she should find it, she calleth her friends and neighbours, 
saying: '^ Rejoice with me, because I found my half 
didrachma which was lost." ^®Thus I say to you, that 
there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner 

^^And he said: * There was a man who had two sons: 
^'and the younger of (lit. who was in) them said to his father : 
"My father, give to me my portion of the substance." 
And he divided the living among them. ^^And after not 
many days the younger son gathered everything, he went to 
(the) foreign (land) to a distant country; and he scattered 
his substance there, living dissolutely. ^^And having 
quite spent everything, a great fiftmine happened in that 
country; and he also began to be in want. ^^And he 
went, he joined himself to one of the citizens of that 
country; and he sent him to (the) field to feed swine. 
^•And he was desiring to fill his belly with the pods 

cgCJOni there was joy to be, B Hunt 26, oba. Gr. D &c. Icrrat. eqeJULG- 
XA.!tOm, A. " 2ie] om. K*, cf. sah^'^ 'dixit' without conjunct. Hant »«, 

2Ce] om. K*. lie] om. T*. 5] S5, 0. ^^ Of O^] om. N. ""^' 

XJLneqiCJOX] l 8yrc« et^^ *illi.' U^-ICOX] Gr. H* om. irorc^ 
XA.XOI] cf. Gr. D al "^ tA ivifiaKkop fioi. 'f Of CI^.] 8yr<^ et «* ' e domo 
tua.' neoq 2^6] cf. Gr. l<« A B L (sah). niC0nj6] e go sah*^^^ 
gyrcu etutr et^r ^dd oirrov. ^^ ^.qO.] CT^-qO., Hunt 26. Of CI^.] 
Gr. D*' piop. e&oX] om. K. ^* ^tJOq] om. K*. obs. sah^b^ 

itxoq 2^e. epj6^e] j6^e, n Hunt 26. "oTog, i«>] 

om. K^ OfOg, ex, U^. €Of^.l] itOT., N. peXtA^-Kl] A; 
peiUUUL., B? &c.; peJULIt., DiEFi*J. X^P^] X o^^r former 
letter, A«. Of Og, 3°] om. Hunt 26. Of COpHq, A. eXKOl] 
ABCrAi'FGHKLMNS Hunt 26, cf.? Gr. 251. itP»«', for om. a^ov 
cf. Gr. D &c.: GXeqKOI, Di«(Xeq over erasure). 2: €It€qKOI, 
K^ E J 0, for plur. cf. the rest of Gr.: om. U^. iULOni] AJUtOltl, 

M Hunt 26. n2^^.neaj^''f] a &c. ri« ('another'): nnieoj^-f, 

^1. 2 g ^^^ 16 ju.^.2^KXq] cf. Gr. A &c. c&oX j6eit] 

cf.? Gr. NBDL &c. ex. 


214 RaxTOX ^OYROXH. 

mxiitipi itK €ft^.TOfOJULOf itxeiti6a}^.T. onrog, 
iteiuuuLoit 2,Xi •f itA.q ue. 
" GxA. neqg^KX 2^e i epoq uex^q. xe OToit onr Hp 
itpeiULj6L€XC i^T^ u^-icox hicjoik oi itg^onro 
epcjooT. A.ftoK 2ie 'f nA.xA.Ko ijLnA.iJULA. j6en 

" '^ItA.xcJOItx ftTA-oj^ J^Hi ^^ n^ivdir oTog, 
itxA.xoc ftA.q. 2ce ua.icot A.iepitofi.i ex^^e 
iteiu. neKiJLeo eJSioX. 

^* H'fijLnttjA. A.!t 2ce eepoTJULo-rf epoi xe ncK- 
ojKpi. A.pix JOLc^pKi" itofA.1 ititeKpejuJiex^- 
2® OTog, A.qxcJOftq A.qi ^A. ueqicjox. | 
cnf> Gxi 2^e icxeit eqoTKOT ijuuioq. A.qitA.T epoq 
ftxeneqicox onro^ A.qajeitg,KX. A-qcToxi A.q- 
g,ixq exen xeqitA-g^fiii onr og, A.qi"4>i epcoq. 

"Ilexe neqojKpi 2^e itA.q. xe nA.icjox A.iepno&i 
exc^e neiu. neKJOLeo e&oX. it'f ixnsA. A.ft 2ce 
eepoTJULOT'f epoi xe ncKcgKpi. 

" Ilexe neqicox 2^6 itit6qe&iA.iJic. x^^^^^ A.itiof i 
efi.oX rl'fg^oTi'f itcxoXK onrog, julkic g^icoxq. 
onrog, JULA- oTstfbnrp exeqxi^c iteiUL onreaoonri 
eiteq(riXA.fz. **oTog, a^hioti ex- 
ttjA.neTS. SJA.xq. 
Of og, itxenofaojUL oto^ itxeitoTnoq ijuuLott. 

Of Og, to end] om. B. Ite (alt. fr, K, A°)-] om. G2. &^0 om, Al^ 
-f] C &c. : pref. €, A. nA.q] +, Dg. " GXA.] Of Og, eXA., 

B : ixA- 2^e, i^l nexA.q xe] nexe, g^ ; obs. Qr. i^bl &c. ^rj, 

Gr. AD &c. €&r€F. npeJUt] iJLi Hunt 26. itxeHA-icjox] 
syrc" &c. *in d(Jmo patris.' HICOIK] pref. OTOg^, UT>2- Ol] qOI, 
M Hunt 26: om. B*. ng^Ofo] llepg^OfO, Fi«(* another'). 
JULUA-IAiLA.] for position cf. Gr. D &c. 8jr^\ " 'f ItA.XCOItx] 

Or. H* 83T«« add «c. Of 02,(om. A*)] om. Hunt 26. €X4>eJ 

j6ertx<&e, Dj : om. e, r Oi*. it&u.n6KijLeo] k a b o r Di 

Ai'EFGHJLMNOS Hunt 26: ItGiULijLneK.i DjK. " it . . . 

LUKE XV. 17-23. 216 

which the swine were eating: and there was no one 
giving to him. "But his right-mind (lit. heart) having 
come to him, he said: "How many are there of hirelings 
of my father, (who) have [the] bread in abundance, and 
I shall (lit. will) peiish here in famine! ^^I will rise and 
go to my father^ and say to him: 'My father, I sinned 
against (the) heaven, and before thee: ^^I am no longer 
worthy to be called "thy son:" make me as one of thy 
hirelings/" "^And he rose, he came to his father. But 
yet being distant from him, his father saw him, and had 
compassion, he ran, he threw himself upon his neck, and 
kissed his mouth. ^^ And his son said to him : " My father, 
I sinned against (the) heaven, and before thee: I am not 
worthy any longer to be called *thy son.'" ^And his 
father said to his servants: "Be quick, bring out the first 
robe^ and clothe him; and put (lit. give) a ring on (lit. 
to) his hand, and shoe on (lit. to) his feet: ^^and bring 
the fatted calf, slay it, and let us eat^ and delight our- 

2Ce] Gr. GMPX &c. syrc* et««' Ka\ oiirm; om. Xe, KAj'. ^PIT] 
A.piXX, KBFH: prefix ^-XXa., KBDi.gEJ. itOfA.lJ om. 
Ji*. 20 Of Og, i°] om. KBF. ^e] om. B Ai'H. eqof KOf ] 

eqg,IcI>Of ei, B Di(Of KI). 2 Hunt 26. JOUUtOq] om. B Huut 26. 
OfO^ 2°] om. M Hunt 26. ^.qtfo^Cl] ACTAfFGHLS: pref. 
Of O2^,BD,.2EJKMN0 Hunt 26 : €TA.q(r6xi, D,.a Hunt 26, cf. Gr. 
icui dpofjLwp. OlfOg, 30] om. 0, cf. Gr. D«'*. *^ l^^q] for position 

cf. Gr. BL &c. ex4>e] ^^ over erasure, A^ IieK.] AB0rD,.2 
Af F G H J K L M N S Hunt 26 : JOLueK., E. It . . . XS] cf. Gr. 
KABDL &c.: om. XG, L. neKOjKpl] cf. Gr. AL &c.: +ne, Dj. 

^^ uexe. . . ^e] OTog, nexe, k. itneq] itA.q to him, Gi*k*. 

X^'^CAJL] cf. Gr. «BL &c.: XeXJ^'^^^^i Ao(2Ce «»« X> a^^e^^l 
from^C) &c.: 2CeSX-> ^J^- G&oX] om. Aj' L. CToXk 
-f CXoXk, K, cf.? Gr. D"E &c. Of Og, i«] om. «Fi*. Of Og, 2*^] 

om. B. exeq] nTeq, o. nexx] of eg, jul^., u. eneq] 
itxeiteq, Hunt 26. iteq(riX^.TXj cf. Gr. d &c. " onr og, i\ 

om. H. ^.mOf l] cf. Gr. l^BL &c. SJ^Tq] Gr. D &c. pref. Koi. 
OTO^ 2*»] om. M. itTe(Xeit, N)nOfCJ0iUL] cf.? Gr. D &c. 


A.qcjoftj6- n^.qxAJCKOfX ne onr og, ^.ttxcimq. 

Of og, ^.Tepg^KXc SoTnoq iJuuicjooT. 
^^Ileqitioj-f 2ie SajHpi n^.qxH jieit xkoi. onrog, 

^coc eqitKOT eg^pw ^.qj^w^nx eumi ^.q- 

ccjoxeju. eoTcifJULclxJoniA. iteju. &^-rtxopoc. 

^•oTog, exA-qiULOTi" eonr^.! nniA-Xcoonri nA.q- 

cgmi iJuuLoq xe ot itc tt^i. 
"Heoq 2^e nexA.q it^.q. xe neKcoit A.qi OTog, 

neKicjox cgcox exs^.itef oj- ^^ ^^" 
tfixq eqofox. ^s^q^^j^rj- -^^ oTOg, iJLueq- 

oTCJOoj ei ej6of ft. 
Heqicox 2^e kxA.qi e&oX it^.qi"2,o epoq ne. 

*• ileoq 2^e ex^.qepof co ne2CA.q juLneqicox. xe 

\c Of Kp npojuini 'f oi XL^cjok nA.K. onr og, XiLni- 
cn^ epcA-fiioX n|ofenxoXK nx^.K eneg,. oTog, 

^.noK JuLneicf nonr jul^.ci xxSL/^exxni nm eneg,. 

g,mA. nx^-OTnoq iJuuioi nexx n^.ttj^«P- 
•&oxe 2^e ex^qi nxeneKaHpi c^^.i ex^-qonrajjui 

iiLneqconji neju. ninopnoc. A-Koj^^x nA.q exaj^.nefttj* 
*^Heoq 2^e nex^q n^.q. xe nA.ttjHpi neoK x^ 

neiOLHi itcKOT niJSien. onrog, na exenoTi 

XHpoT itofK ne. ^* n^-cJOLnttjA. nxenoTnoq 

jOuuton oTog, nxenp^ttj^- xe neKcon ^^i 


^>ay«>/i€v: om. Gi*. OfOg, 3«>] om. Fi*. nxenOTrtOq] 
nXencCO, K*. '-^^ n^.] neK, Hunt 26. cl>^.l] for position cf. 

Gr. UK ai«. n^.qjULa)oifx] en^.q., Dj: n^.qn^.., n. 

A.qCJ0n)6] cf. Gr. B 8yr«ci» arm fftacv. n^qX^.K.] cf.? Gr. 
KABDL &c.: Gr. D &c. om. ?ir. OTOg, 3°] Gr. U* om. ^.f p- 
g^KXC, A*. 2*2s.e] om. B. X«] "^^^^ ^ &<^- &^C 

e(om.N)qnKOf eg^pm] om. eqnKonr, Di*: Gr. d cX^wi* «c jcm, 
sahwhw eqitHT 2ie eg^p^.!. ^.qiiconx] Gr. am 69. 346. 

al pauc tfyytCtp : Gr. D €77iaaff. eOf ] Of, Fi*. *« niA-XcOOf l] 

neq., B, cf. Gr. minusc aliq sah'*^''. fflini] +ne, DiEJKO. 

LUKE XV. 04-32. 217 

selves: ^^ because this my son was (imperf.) dead, and 
lived; he was (imperf.) lost, and we found him." And 
they began to delight themselves. **Now his elder (lit. 
great) son was (imperf.) in (the) field : and as he (is) 
coming up, he approached to the house, he heard music 
and dances. ^^And having called one of the servants 
(lit. children), he was asking him what were these (things). 
^ And he said to him : " Thy brother came ; and thy 
father slew the fatted calf, because he received him in 
health.'* ^But he was angry, and wished not to come 
in: and his father having come out, was beseeching him. 
'^But he having answered, said to his father: "Lo, how 
many years do I serve thee? and I never transgressed a 
commandment of thine: and to me thou never gavest 
a kid, that I might delight myself with my friends: ^but 
when thy son came, he (lit. this) who ate (up) his living 
with the harlots, thou killedst for him the feitted calf." 
^^ And he said to him : '* My son, thou art with me always, 
and all the things which are mine are thine. ^It was 

JUUULOq] om. BDjEJMO Hunt 26: > iXXKOC\ HG, Dg. n^.l] 

+ cnr juL^^ojiti^. nejuinixopoc, m. ^^ 2^e] om. l. ne- 
2C^.q] ^.qxoc, L. n^.q] Gr. D om. neKicjox] a* : ^.neK &c., 

AC Ac. eg cox] Gr. D sah^hw add avr». ^^ 2^6 i°] om. Hunt 26. 

ofo^] om. M. jOLneqof cooj] cf. Gr. AL &c. neq] ^.ueq, J. 

2^€ 2°J cf. Gr. K A B D L &c. ^^ ^c] om. M. GT^-qep] ^.qcp, 

BM S Hunt 26. UeqiCJOX] cf. Gr. A B D &c. > It^.K JUtAoOK, N. 
0T02,(f,A*) 2*»] g^m^., K. >ItKI nOT &c., BD2EJMO: Gr. 
D ovdfTTorc fdoMcas /xot. JUL^Cl] OFDiGKS Hunt 26 : JUL^C, A &c. 

jOL&^-eiULni] -jOLm, ae. Sj4>Hp] abd2Fi*hJiMN Hunt 26: 

-e-, C &c. 2® 2ie] om. K. 4>^.l] 4>H, H : + cl>K, Hunt 26. 

neqojitj^] -onj6, a : neK., h, cf. Gr. exc. d navra. nmopitoc" 

cf. Gr. ADL &c. " n^.aj«pO ^m. B, cf. Or. D. X^ HGMX. 

KXH nejUL, B &c.: x»^^^^'y ^- ^^ e^s] (ItKXe, A) HB 
D1.2J: nexe, c &c. ^^ it^.ciinaj^] actghlms Hunt 26: 

pref. OTOP^, « : +2^8, MBDi.aAj'EFJKNO. 2CeneK(n, N*) 

coit <t^.ij exeit neKcoit, k. 


ne oTTog, ^.nxeiULq. 

NH H^-qxtr ^e ijuuLoc iiniiUU.eHTKC. xe iteonrort 
o-vpoDXJU hp^JUL^.o eoTon iiTA.q ijuuLAnr 


■ Chrog, er^qjULox^" epoq nexA.q nA.q. xe ot ne 
c{>Aj ef correiut epoq eefi.HXit. 
U^ nojii S-f JULeroiJconojuLoc. ot r^p x^^^P^^' 

ItOItOiULOC ^it 2ce. 

^nex^.q 2^e ilipHi itj6KT"q ibceiuoiKonojULOc. 
xe OTT iiefitA^iq. 
IIa-ot nA.crXi irf JuteroiitoitoJULOc iitot. n^f n^.- 
gxeAJLXojuL AJt etfpK. otto^ +31111 eg^T 
* DXieftiLi xe OTT uei-na-Ajq. ^im. g^ox^it A.Tg^.it- 
g^rr efi-oX j^cit -f juLeroiJconoiutoc itcegoux | 
cuK epcjooTT ejfcof n eitonr hot. * onrog, er^-qiULOTri" 
€ci>oTA.i <t>oTAj nitR exeoToit iixe neqw 
H^-qxco ijuuLoc jOLnig^onrrr. xe oToit oTKp epoK 
irre nA.OT. • iteoq 2^e uex^-q. xe p ijL&A.Toc 

^.qa3n)6] cf. Gr. i<* b L &c. n^qxAJc.] turrr^x., d^; 

for om. Koi cf. Gr. ^^ D &c., for imperf. cf. Gr. hi &c. 
nnnta4. ' 2^6] cf. Gr. 8V &c. ijUUtOC] om. Fi*L*: +n€, D,*.,EJ 

KNO. ttIiUL^.e.] A*BrFHM Hunt 26, cf. Or. KBDL &c.: Ueq., 
AC C I>i.2 ^r E FiC('another ') G J K L N O S, cf. Gr. A &c. Xe] um. B, 

cf. Gr. neoTon] neonrn, Dj: om. onron, bGjM. eoTon 

ilT A.q] Ai'FM ; eOTOKT^-q, A &c. OIKOItOJULOc] pCOiUU, 
K : Gr. B* ouopofMovt. ^i^l] om. K*N. A.T€p] Ite^T Ac, plu- 
perfect, BDg. 2^IA.&oXml AD2*Fi*Gj*: -A^-XXlIt, DiEi: 

-&^.Xin, B &c. iluuLoqJ j6^poq, «*****. ^onro^ &c.] 
€rTA.qjuLo-¥i" 2^6, «. epoq] euioiKon., K: Gr. D«^ 69. 

LUKE XVL 1-6. 219 

(imperf.) right that we should delight ourselves and rejoice : 
because this thy brother was (imperf.) dead, and he lived; 
he was (imperf.) lost, and we found him."' 

XVI. And he was saying to the disciples: 'There was 
a rich man, who had a steward; and this (man) was 
accused before him as scattering his possessions. ^And 
having called him, he said to him: "What is this which 
I hear concerning thee? Give (the) account of the steward- 
ship; for thou wilt be steward no longer," ^And the 
steward said in himself : " What shall (lit. will) I do ? My 
lord will take away the stewardship from me. I shall 
(lit. will) not be able to dig; and I am ashamed to need 
alms. *I know (lit. knew) what I will do, that, when I 
should be cast out of the stewardship, they may i*eceive 
me to them into their houses." ^And having called each 
of the debtors of his lord, he was saying to the first: 
"How much owest thou to my lord?" ®And he said: 

f«^ om. nexA.q] pref. otopj, u. nA.q] om. Ci*. ne] om. 

Dj*. i"JUL€TOIKOnOJULOCJ ^*Ac (JULGX &c. over erasure), &c., 
cf.Gr. ADL&c: XeKOIKOftOiULI^., Di.2(OC)EJi*(JULeT, Ji«)0. 
cf. Or. « B &c. : + KKI, Ai' Fi®. X^^^P] ^ ^ (KItA.) C TF G H K 
LMNS Hnnt 26 : X^^^aj^P* ^l^i.2E JO, cf. Or. AL &c. ^ Instead 
ofvv.3,4«ha8eX^.qipi 2^8 jSfeeitOf JUL€TCA^e itxeniGiKo- 
nOJULOC and the steward having done wisely. HA-OCj pref.^C, D2 Ai^ F, 
cf. Gr. JULGT] om. J,*. ftXOX] for position cf. Or. « A B &c.: 
+ OTOg,, KMN. OnrOg^] of. Gr. B &c. 'fSJIHl] +A.It, J. 

jULeTn^.1, A. *^.ieiuu] ^.pieiOLi, o. 2ceJ om. Fi*. 
ue-f] ne ef, b. A-nrcg^itg^ix] ABorDiOHJKLM; 

-g,ITX, DgAi^EFNOS Hunt 26. e&oX ^eit] cf.? Gr. «BD &c. 

-fjtxer.] om. -f, D2. enofKof] a* &c.; nofKonr, Oj; 
nofKonr, Ci*: eitonrw, a^fl. ^onrog, ex] om. j<. 
ecI>of A.I . . . it] om. «. 4>onr^.i 2°] om. D2. oTon trre] 
oTonxe, EJO. nA.qxco &c.] oTog, nex^.q, NDg, of. Gr. 
K &c. ijuutoc] +ne, b. epoK itxen^.OT] riTenA.oc 
epoK, ^*D^E JO. • Seoq] om. ^*. 2^e i^] om. KF. nexA.q i°] 

+ nA.q, K, &A.TOC] of. Gr. A B &c. 



ititeg,. iteoq 2^8 n€2:A.q. xe julo eiteKCj^^x 

■'Ix^. nex^.q nKeoT^.i. xe neoK 2^e OTOit ofHp 

epoK. Seoq 2^6 nex^-q. xe p SKopoc itconr o. 

uex^.q n^.q. xe julo eitcKCji^i onr og, cj6a.i en. 
*Oto2, ^. noc ojonrajof exen uioiKonojULoc itTe 

i"A.2iiKi^.. xe A.qipi j^eit otxxe^c^&LC. xe 

niojHpi tire u^-ieneg, 2,^.itc^.&€T ite e^oTe 

nicgnpi itTe cj>ofa5mi ^en xoTveiteA.. 
®Ofog, ^.itoK g,cjo -fxco ijuuLoc ncoxeit. xe 

JutA.e^JULio ftcoxen it2,A.itaj<&Hp efi.oX j6en 

jUL^juLcon^. itxe x^-t^ikia^ 
&m^. 2,ox^.it ^.Tcg^^itJULOTitK ilxofcgeu eHnoir 

ej6of ft enicKTna iteiteg,. 
^^Ilmicxoc j6eit onrKonrxi onrnicxoc oit ue jfcen 

Of itioj'f . Of og, c^K extfT itxoitc j^eit otkotxi 

qtfT itxoitc on j6eit onr itiojl". 
^^Icxe Of It )6en niA.2iiKoc jul^julcjoh^. iinexeit- 

cgconi epexeititg^ox. nixA.4>iULKi 2^e hijul ee- 

HA-gxeng^ex enitof epoq. 
^^ Of og, icxe j6eit uexec^xjoxeit ne ixnexen- 

iteoq 2!l€ 2°] cf. Or. ^*ABL &c.: om. 2^e, F: Of Og, neXA.q, 

H, cf. Gr. p X r &c. nex^.q] + it^.q, K Dg K N. julo] juloi, 

Fi® (twice). eneKCj6^0 itIteK., MN; cf. Gr. NBDL &c. 
^eJULCl] 0111. H. itX^^GJUL] om. UH: for om. raxe«9 cf. 
Gr. 6o.: Gr. B &c. place it after ypdyjrov, eit] It It, ^^B D2M: om. 
e, J. MX^] OfOg^, «. KeOf^.l] Gr. D &c. pref. r». 

2ie i°] om. l«^KN. iteoq 2ie] erasure after 0, A«: om. K. 

nex^-q 2°] +n^.q, ^*. uexA.q 3° it^.q] of. Gr. bl &c.: pref. 

Of Og,, «, cf. Gr. A &c. : - 2^e It^.q, B L Hunt 26 : - n^.q i^e, 
1)2 ; for_«€ cf. Gr. « D a. e(it, N)neKC^^.l] cf. Gr. ^* B D L &c. 

en] itn, u^. ®^.noc &c.] ^.q^ofojof eg,pHi excoq 
itxeneqnoc, k. 'f2iiKiA., a*: itx^.2^iKi^., Gj*?. julcx- 

C^-fiie] JULeXK^-Xg^KX understanding^, U: CCOOfXen direct- 
ness, B. Gr. 2<( places f^poviymrtpoi, after on. ct>Of CJOIItl] IllOf - 
COIItl, B, cf.? Or. Tou. « Of Og, &c.] om. B Hunt 26: ^.ItOK 

LUKE XVI. 7-1 a. 221 

*'A hundred baths of oil." And he said: "Take thy 
writings, sit and quickly write fifty." ''Then he said to 
another : " And how much owest thou ? " And he said : 
" A hundred cors of wheat." He said to him : " Take thy 
writings, and write eighty." ®And the lord commended 
the steward of [the] unrighteousness because he did wisely : 
because the sons of this age are wiser than the sons of 
(the) light in their generation. ^And I also say to you: 
*' Make for you friends out of mamon of (the) unrighteous- 
ness; that, when they should fail, they may receive you 
into the eternal tabernacles." ^^The faithful in little is 
faithful also in gi*eat: and he who taketh by violence in 
little, taketh by violence also in great. ^^If then in the 
uniighteous mamon ye were not faithful, who then (^6) 
will be able to entrust you with the true? ^*And if in 


2i.€, B Hunt 26. ^(J0\ om. « B Hunt 26. ItCJOT"€It i*»] for position 
of.? Or. D &c. noOXen 2°] for position cf. Gr. «*AD &c. iavroU; 
for 'vobis' cf. it vg syr"'' arm &c. Oj^^Kp] AF^DjHJLM Hunt 26. 
e&oX] om. N. JUL^JULCJOn^.] ^^.nJUt^JULCOn^^ M Hunt 26. 
T"^.2iIKl^.] AB«CrFGHKNS Hunt 26: -f^-T^IKIA., Di.2^1' 
E J L M : Or. D a rou adiieov iiafuova. g^OTCIt, A. ^.f aj^.n- 
AJLOf HK] a (and tr.) KN. cf. e : ^.qajA.It., B &c., cf. Or. «* et«b B* 
D L &c.: ^.qJUtOf HK, L. nTOfOjen] nceojen, B Hunt 26. 
ej^OTn] om. J. mCKTrnH] a &c.; -CKH., BoCjOrDiEi, for 
om. avT&y cf. Or. ^^ABDL &c. ^® KOIf XI i^] of.? Or. 131. d e f Hunt 18, 

EphpoXryy. ofnicToc] ofog, nicToc, Dj. on(ofn,Ji, 

A.It, N) Ue] om. B: om. OK, S. ItlOjl" i"*] ^*ABCl*^Al»^FGH 
KLMNS Hunt 18: JULKOj, Ci«D,.2EJ0. c^^K €t] UCX, 
Hunt 18. KOf XI 2°] cf.? Gr. D i. 118. it aliq 3X/yy. qtfl J eqCjT, 
BZ^i'L: A-qeTl, M: qA.1, Dj. OK 2°] om. L N S. niOj-f 2°] 

^.2klKOC JUL^JULCOn^. J A C G H L Hunt i8* : -i3LiU-A.iU,CJ0n^,, 

B &c.: iti &c., Ai^F. jOLneTeitttjtJoni] juLnepexencg^ni, 

B. itg^OX] eng^OX, F M N ; g^OT, B Ea*. 2^e] om. K B. 
T-€Itg,€T]KC&c.; Xeng^KXjDjGN; TGnPTjA*: Teitg^e, 

A«BFS. " Om. i^. i>en] om. BL. uexe i°] nexen, a : 
^K (€, D2) exe, D2 H unt i8^ cj^cjoxeu i°] cf. Gr. « A D &c. ne] 


cne ojcjoni | epeTenitg^ox. neTe^^cjoTeit iti-tx ee- 
_ _it^.ajXKiq ncjoxeit. 

5. le v^.p itxeqjULecxe onr a.i OTog, uik€ot^.i 

itxeqjuLenpixq. . 
le itxeqccoTeju. itcA. of^.i onr og, nifceo'v^i 

nxeqepK^.x^.4>ponm ijuutoq. ijuuLoit g^ioAJt 
_ ijuuLCJOxeit eepfi-coK ix,^^ iteju. JUL^juLooit^ 
^^ ^* H^.Tca>xejuL 2^e en^.! XHponr ibcenic^A-piceoc 

exoi ijLMXi^\^i>rr. onr og, nA.ifeXKttj^.i ilccoq ne. 
^^Onro^ n€x^.q ncjoonr. 2ce necoxeit ne itK er- ijuutcjooT juLuejuLeo nrnpooiOLi. c|)-f 2.6 

qccjoof ft nneTeng^KX. xe ncTfci itg^KX €T"j6en 
_ nipcjoiuti Of ccjoq ne juLneAJieo^'f. 
f^^ ^^Hmojutoc itciu. itinpocl>KXKc oj^ icjo^-imKc. icxen 

nicHOT ex€juutiLA.f 'f jutexof po Sxe (^-f ce- 

^icjoicg iJuuLoc. onr og, onr oit iti&ett ce(S\ iJuuioq 

ibconc epoc. 
p^ " Ciutoxeit 2^6 itxe x4>e nejuL uKA-g^i cmi eg^oxe 

itxe Of Kepe^. g^ei e&oX j6eit ni itojutoc. 
^* *® Of Oft iti&cit exg^iofi itxeqcg^iJULi e&oX oto^ 

extfi itKeof 1 qoi ttitcjoiK. ofog, c^k extfT Sen 

exg^cjoof I eJSioX itxen uecg^A-i qoi nncaifc. 


_ H0. 

f^^^ "Heofon oTpcjojuti ^.e ne itp^JUL^.o. ofog, ne- 

om. L. ep(X, A)€T-enn2,ox] ArD,.2E,.2*GH jls ; eng^ox, 

CAfFKMNO; g^OX, B. cJ>a5Xen 2°] +2.8, BD,.2EFi*JKMX 
Hunt i8: c^COH?, Fj*. eenA.ajTKiq] Ueen^-Oj., Dg; for 
position of. Gr. l^DL &c. ^^ JUUULOn • . . epfi.CJOK] jOUULOH 

it&CJOK OjXOiUt itXeg^Xl fi.COK, confused, Dg : iSjULOn 
OJXOJUL itXe^Xl ep&COK, DiEJO: cm. ixSLiydK, M: om. 
n^., Hunt 18*. itXeqiUL.] conj. continues the future. Rot] €0C, 
M. Ke i°] om. Oi*. KeOf A.I 2^] niX^X, K. JUUULOIt 
Hunt 18. ttjXOJUL JUUULCJOXen] om. Ai'Fg . JuL^^i"] e^'f, 0. " 2.6] 
'^'*^ om. L Hunt 18. XHpOf] ABCrDjAi'FGHKLMNS Hunt 18: 

LUKE XVI. 13-19. 223 

that which is not yours ye were not faithful, who will 
be able to give to you that which is yours? ^^No servant 
will be able to serve two lords: for either he will hate 
one^ and the other he will love ; or he will hearken to one, 
and the other he will despise. It is not possible for you 
to serve God and mamon/ ^*And the Pharisees who were 
lovers of silver were hearing all these (things), and they were 
deriding him. ^^And he said to them: 'Ye are they who 
justify themselves before the men; but God knoweth your 
hearts: because (the) pride which is in the man is an 
abomination before God. ^•The law and the prophets 
(were) until John: from that time the kingdom of God is 
preached, and every one taketh himself by violence into 
it. ^"^But it is easier that (the) heaven and (the) earth 
pass away, than that a point fall from the law. ^® Every 
one who putteth away his wife, and who taketh anothei* 
committeth adulteiy: and he who taketh her who is put 
away from her husband committeth adultery. 

*^^Now there was a rich man, and he used to clothe 

+ n€, DiEJO: Gr. D &c. om. lbcemcj>^.p.] cf. Gr. l^BDL &c. 

enrol] e(o, D2)toi, BD1.2E. onrog, n^x &c.] om. Fj*. 

^* ne] om. L. eiUL^.Io] XJLA. over erasure, A«. llnipCJOiULl] 
over erasure, A«. 2ie] om. N. qCCOOTft] eq., F. Utftci] Dj.a 
EFi*JKMNO Hunt i8 : qtfTci, ACrAi'Fi«GHLS: HltfTci, B. 
Ulpa5JULl]ACj*rHS,cf.Gr.B*,8ingular: ni&c.,B&c.; tr.ofA^^UI 
'the men.' He] om. LS, cf. Gr. KABDL &c. 4>'f 2°] Or. B icvfuov. 
"eg A. &c.] Gr. D &c. €7rpo<f>fiT(v<rw; Rah^^'' ^.flKJOg, 'reached.' 
Of Oft ftl&eit] <i>K Itl&eit, Ai'F: Olt ttl&eit, M : Gr. U* &c. om. 
irar &c. CeflT ] om. CG, B. epoc] om. G. " UK^-g^l] UI., S. 

trre 2**] om. r* Gg k Hunt 18. Of Kepe^.] « A(pi^.) Cj* r*? 

VFG,.2(p^^)HKLM(p^.)S: Ofaj^'^&> BrcDi.2(oX2,)E J 

0(oXp,). 2,ei] itxeqg^ei, roo Hunt is. "-^oiri, a. 
qoi i^eqoi, m. onrog, ct>H] cf. Gr. bdl &c. erdi 2^] 
een^-CTT, DjEJO Hunt 18: ex(JTbf i n, l. nTeitnecg^^-iJ 

om. H*. cf. Gr. D &c.: JOLneC, H^: ttXeueC, D2AiTGi*Ji*M0. 

qoi 2*'] eqoi, s. " onr on] cm. Gj*. 2^e] om. Ai' f^* n, Hunt is. 26, 



oj^^i-f itonrnopcl^Tp^. g^icjoTq txejtx OTgenc | 
cq eqonrnoq ixAJLKiti j^en onrcoXceX. 

^^Onrg^KKi 2^e g,coq eneqp^.it ue XA.^A.poc. eq- 

^ijjoti eneqnnrXcoit eqoi Saj^ffl- 
" OTog, eqcpentoTJULm eAJLA.g, ^KTq e&oX j6en 

HK eoj^'v&ei efi.oX g,i 'fTpA.uez;^. itxe uipA.- 

iULA.o. ^.XXa. niKeonrg^cop nA.fnKOT erXoj^cg, 

^^ UXcttj^ni 2ie eepeqjULonr it2:enig,KKi oTog, nxonr- 

oXq eB.oX g^iTen ^i^n^vvekoc CKeitq S^Ji- 

nXqiULOf 2^8 g^cjoq ibccnip^ju^o onr og, ^.TKocq. 

"oifog, il<6pHi j6eft ^juien-f ex^.qq^-i ititeq- 

C!Xqit^.f eA.&p^-^juL g,icl>0Tei OTOg, X^.^^.poc 
)6en Kenq. ^- onr og, iteoq exA.qiut.oT'f ue2C^.q. 

itX^.^^.poc. g^m^. ttTeqcen &eKq ijLneqT-K& 
ijLJULCJOoT onrog, itxeqi"x^o^ ijLUA.X^-c. xe 

"Ilexe ^.fi.p^.A.juL. xe n^-a^P^ ^.pi4>JULefi 3ce 

onrog, XA.^^.poc ^ojq nmnexg^coonr. -fito-c 
2^6 ceecox iineqg^KX iJLn^iAiU.. iteoK 2.e 
XH i6en oTijLK^.2,. 

cf. Gr. D &c. >itp^JULA.O RC, Fi* : om. HG, N: np. 2^€ RG, 
Ai' Fi«. ne 2°] om. B Hunt 26. ffl^q'f ] q added, A«. 
^ICOXq] ABCr^Ai'FGHLS Hunt 26: +ne, Di.jEJKMNO 
Hunt 18. eqonrnoq] AOrAifFG HKLMNS Hunt 18, 26: 
+ ijUUl.Oq, BD1.2EJO. JUUULKni] om. B. 2"Ofg,KKl] 

for om. ^u cf.? Gr. l^BDL &c. eqg^COOfl] ACrD,?Ai'FGHKL 
MNS; obs. Gr. A &c. 09: n^.q., BDgE JO Hunt 18. 26, cf.? Gr. 
^*BDL &c.: +Ue, B Hunt 18, 26. ffl^ffl] jg^.na, Gj. 

"e(A.,L)qepeniefJULm] nA.q., Hunt i8, 26, cf. Gr. x 44*^ a 
8ah»chw ,v«^/ifi. e&oX )6en] obs. ciem"^ fit. na es(x, s)- 

A-Tg^ei] cf. Gr. «*BL &c.: HK GT^-T &c., L: XeqXiqi &c. 

LUKE XVI. 20-25. 225 

bimself with purple and fine linen, delighting (himself) 
dally sumptuously: ^and a beggar also, his name being 
Lazarus, lying (lit. thrown) into his porch, being (full) of 
wounds, ^^and desiring to fill his belly with the things 
which fall from the table of the rich (man); moreover, 
even the dogs were coming, licking his wounds. ^And it 
came to pass, that the beggar died, and he was taken 
away by angels to the bosom of Abraam : and the rich 
man also died, and he was embalmed. ^^And in Amenti 
having lifted up his eyes, being in pains, he saw Abraam 
afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. ^'^And he having 
called said: "My father Abraam, pity me, and send 
Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, 
and cool my tongue; because I am in pain in this fiame." 
^'Abraam said: "My son, remember that thou finishedst 
receiving thy good (things) in thy life, and Lazarus also 
the evil (things): but now he is comforted here, and thou 

crumbs, A"«, cf.? Gr. I. t»¥ iriirrovro»y yltixui>»'' ItlA€C| &c., Ai' 
Fi*^L8(om. ItH), cf. Gr. ««AD &c. g,l] )6en, N. A-XXa.] 
OTTOg,, G. nKO-c] +e&.0\ J. erXcOXg,] l\iS€., B Hunt 
i8, 26. ^^2^6] om. l^N. eepeqiULOT] €X^.qJULOT, ». 

Of Og, nXOToXq] ^.ToXq, M. e&oX] om. Hunt 18. ni- 
pAJULA.o] ABCrAi^FGHKLMN Hunt 26: HlKep &c., D1.2EJOS 
Hunt 18. cf.? Gr. A.f K.] ^.qK., CAi'. KOCq] KOC over ewwure, 
A«. *^ OTO^ i°] om. B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. K* ff*" q. lljipKl] 

om. ^*. eqxHj om. i^. &^n] ni, m. e^.&p.] nA.&p., Dj. 

Onrog, 2°] ACFDi.jjA/EFGHJLMNS: nCiUt, l^BKO Hunt 
18, 26. Keitq] +q, A«; for singular cf. Gr. Ds^ &c. " OTOg, 

iteoq] iieoq 2^e, Dj: om. iteoq, Hunt i8. 26: a.XXa. ue- 
xe4>K eTeAJUULA.f , ^*. exA-qjuLOff] ne^., r. o-vopn 

iiX^^., It over €, X^. over erasure, A«. XH (alt. fr. €), A«. JULOK^] 
ptOKg, bum. Hunt i8. ^* ^.^pA-^JUL] (^.fiip^JUL, F, cf. Gr. F) 

»A*M: +2^€, A"« &c., cf. Gr.: +nA.q, A"«Ai^Fi«S, cf. Gr. A &c. 
X€ 2^] om. O. ^.KOTO)] for om. aC cf. Gr. KBDL &c. eKtfl] 
A* Ci« F Ac: ^.KtfT, A« B Ci* Ai' Fi<» L S Hunt 26. llni] A* &c.: 
ftlteq, Di« Hunt 18: j^eitftl, A«Fi«LMS Hunt 26 : jfeeHUI, Al^ 
X,^] ACiS Hunt i8* : K^,^* T &c.: BK^H, BHJM Hunt 26. 
TOL. II. q 


"Onrog, jieit n^i TKponr onroit oTitigi" itaii: 
eqTA^pKOTX ofTcoit itejuLcoxeit. g^onooc hh 
cq^. eeoTtoaj ecmi | e&oX x^.i 2,^.pa)xeit itxonr- 
axejuLxejuLXojuL. of2ie hk exg^A-pooxen eep- 
xmiop g,^.pon. 
"nex^.q 2^6. xe 'fi'g^o epoK ua-kjox. ^iha. 
itxeKonropnq enai jOLiu-icdx. ^^otok v^-p e 
iicon itTKi. ^oncoc itxeqepJULeepe ncoo-c 
^m^ itceajTejuLi g^cjooT en^iut.^. itxe nA.i- 

2®nex^.q 2^e ibce^pA-dJut. 2ce onron nxcoo-c 

juuuL^.'v juLcanrcKc neiu. ninpocI>KXHc. iULA.po'v- 

ccDxejUL ncojoT. 

3ofleoq 2ie ue2CA.q. xe JuuuLoit ua.icjox ^Ap^„^JUL. 

A-XXa. eojcjou A.pettj^K ota.i cg^ ^^^ g,^-pax)-c 

e&oX )6en na eejuLcoonr x cenA.epjutexA.noin. 

^^nexA.q 2ie nA.q. xe icxe cenA.ca5xeJUL A.n 

ncA. JULCOTCKC tiexx nmpocI>KXHc. ot-^e 

aA.n OTA.I xa>nq e&oX j6en na eeiULCJooTT 

_ nonrg^KX nA.ea)x A.n. 

'^^^ ^JTexA-q 2ie nneqxjLA.eKXKC. xe ^co-f nxo-ci 
ibcenicKA.n2iA.Xon. uXan otoi jOLc^h exe ui- 
cKA-n2iA.Xon nKOT e&oX g^ixoxq. 
2 nA.q nxonr eoj oirconi ijumoTXon ejfcnxq 

2« j6en] cf. Gr. « BL &c. efi.oX XA.i] Or. D &C. om. ^A. i«] 

efi-oX g^A., Ai'. oT2.e] oTog,, H Hunt 26. nK ex] cf.? 

Gr. 2<(«AL &c.: hi*BD om. o2. I^IItlOp] p added, A^". ^A.pon] 
g,, BL*, cf. Gr. E al pauc v/Aas. *^ 2.e] 2^ altered from 

2C, A« : om. M: + nAq, Dj. g^o] cf. Gr. pauc e f aeth : + OTn, B, 
cf. Gr. Uh&c: Gr. ABD &c a* oSp. HAICOX] Gr. DX add afipaofu 

g^inA. nxeK] om. m. ^s^^p e] a: e rA.p, b &c.: Kee 

rA.p, D,. 2 E J. g^OUCOc] g^CJOnOC, a : Gr. r^i : Gr. D om. era. 

nceojxejuLijnxof., NDg. g^coonr ] om. Fj*. enA.iJULA. &c.] 

eniiULA. &c., J: enA.IxibeiUt.KO to this torment, Hnnt 26: 
enAJ&A.CA.noC JULUAJpH^ to such tormentfl, H; F|0 enaed six 

LUKE XVI. 26— XVn. a. 227 


urt in pain. ^And beside (lit. in) all these (things) there 
18 a great pit fixed between us and you, that they who 
wish to pass from here (lit. this) to you should not be 
able, nor they who are with you to cross to us." *^And 
be said: "I beseech thee, my father, that thou wouldest 
send him to (the) house of my father; '^for I have five 
brothers ; that he may bear witness to them, that they 
may not come also to this place of this pain." ^^And 
Abraam said : '^ They have Moses and the prophets ; let 
them hearken to them." ^^ And he said : ^^ Nay, my father, 
Abraam: but if one should go to them from the dead they 
will repent." ^^ And he said to him : " If they will hearken 
not to Moses and the prophets, neither, if one should rise 
from the dead, will they be persuaded."' XVII. And he 
said to his disciples: *It is necessary that the offences 
come: but woe to him by whom the offence comethi ^It 
is good for him^ that a millstone be hanged to him, and 

letters after JUt^. *^ He^C^q] pief. OnfOg,, Hunt 26. 2^6] 

om. B Hunt 26. cf. Gr. E &c. : + H^q, A^ &c., cf. Gr. ADk^ &c. (A* Ai^ 
om., cf. Gr. «BL &c.). OnfOIt HtCOOT] BHM Hunt 18, 26; 

onronTcooT, a &c. juwjotckc] A: JUUULCO'VCKC, B &c. 

AJL^ponrccoxejut] eccoTejut to hear, M. ^" ne^c^q] 

+ n^.q. A/. Cge &c.] Or. M aiwn; npos avr. g^^pCOOnf] pref. 

e&oX, NOi. efi-oX j6en] cf.? Gr. d &c. cV. *» nez^q 
:^e] cf. Gr.: iteoq 2^6 nez^q, b Hunt 26. n^ql om. b 

Hunt 26. IC2:e] A"* &c.: om. A* K. cen^CCOTeJUtJ cf. Gr. 
E*ilpanc. ^n]A<^: om. A* ; after JUtCOTCKC is ^ the first of ^.^, 
but altered to H, A«. Onf2ke] +r^p, B Hunt 26. TCOItq] Gr. 
D oMian} KM ant^Bri. G^lOX j^GIt] Gr. 69. &c. oircJ. eTJUtCO- 
OTT, A. 2,KT] g^K, A*. n^eCOT] Gr. D &c. martvovirip. 

^ r* began ordinary verse as A B Af. itlteq &c.] cf. Gr. K A B Hunt a6, 
DL &c.: K* wrote It^q, altered ^., and added It. g^CO'f ] + 116, D2. 

nXan] cf. Gr. «bdl &c. _ *^^.r^ecl +v^.p, Di.2E,.2«JO: 

Gr. DP- adds dt. COItl iSuULOTXoit] cf. Gr. «BDL &c.: 
+ i}Lniea5, A»«Ai'Fi«S(ia5), cf. Gr. A &c.; tr. of Ei has^lJJ 'the 
asi/ and gloss ^Ja^ u^ '^^ i^ Coptic' 



onrog, nTonrg^iTq e)6pKi ec^iojut. eg^onre itTeq- 
€pcK^^2w^.XI5ece€ iloT^.^ n^^.^Ko^f2CI. 
^^ ^U^.&eKT€it epcjoTeit ^pecg^it neKcoit epno&i. 
^pieiiixiAJLA.n n^q. o-rog, ecgtou ^qgA.nep- 

cqjS. p^* ^Gttjcon 2^6 ^qcg^itepnofi.! epoK | nf neon )6en 

meg^ooTf. itTeqKOTq epoK nf neon eq^co) 
ijuuLoc. >:€ -f epjutex^noin. x^ ^^^ e&oX. 
^ ^O^fog, ne^e m^nocToXoc JuLnoc. 2ce ota^ 
^^.2,'f epon. 
•^Ilexe HOC 2^6. x€ eneoTfonTexen n^^f 
ijLJULA.Tf ijLcl)pKi" noTn^4>pi naeXxAJUL. ka.- 
peTenn^^oe n-f nonrg^i. 2ce qco^i onrog, pcoT 
i^en t^ioMX. oTfog, n^en^ccoxejut itc^ oh- 
noT ne. 
^'^^ "^ Hijut 2w€ efi.oX j6en okkot exeonr onxeq ot^cok 
iiuuL^T eqcx^i Je eqjutoni. ^k|^ni 
€)6oTfn efi-oX )6en xkoi juih qn^^oc n^q 
e^xoxq. 2ce ^ahot encgcoi pcoxejS.. 
Uh qn^.xoc n^q ^n. 2:e eoK-f ix^M e^w^- 
oTOJUtq. onrog, iutopK cgejutai JuUuLoi g^i"- 
oTcojut oTfog, nx^.ca3. onrog, iutencne^ nA.i 
g^coK nxeKOTcojut o-rog, nxeKcco. 


nxoTg^ixq] nee., ej: neeg^ixK, o. €j6pHi] om. 

BAi'FHunt26. epCK^.^2w^Xo^, Dj. H^IKOnrXl] HI., K*; 
for position cf. Or. N^AD &c. ** JULA-g^OKXen] +3^6, Dg* 

Hunt 26. .^pCOJ^n] ACrAi'FGHLMS: pref. eojCOH, BD1.2EJ 
KNO Hunt 26. epnofi.l] cf. Gr. »ABL &c.: +epOK, DgMN. cf. 

Or. D &o. * ecgcjon 2^6] OTfog, ecgcon, b jo, cf. Gr. ^q- 

a}^n] ^q, M. epOK i*^] om. N, cf. Gr. 28. &c. aetb. Itf !<>] f , 

^1' Fi*. iben] iju B Dg Ai' Hunt 26. nxeqKoxq] a* Ai-^ : 

pref. Olf Og,, A® &c. : Gr. A &c. have ia». epOK 2°] cf. Gr. ^^ A B 
DL &c. neon 2«] cf. Gr. »BDL &c.: +iinieg,OOT, BDj.jEJ, 
cf. Gr. A &c. 'f ] Gr. DR' future. X^] ABCrDi.gAi'FGHLMS 
Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D &c. : GKCX^j E J K N 0, cf. the rest of Gr. 

LUKE XVn. 3-8. 229 

that he be cast into the sea, (rather) than that he offend 
one of these little ones. ^Give he6d to yourselves: if thy 
brother should sin, rebuke him ; and if he should repent, 
forgive him. ^And if he should sin against thee seven 
times in the day, and return to thee seven times, saying: 
'^ I repent ; ** foi'give him.' '^ And the apostles said to the 
Lord: ^Add faith to us.' *And the Lord said: ^If ye 
have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye would say to 
the sycamine-tree : ^' Be plucked up, and grow up in the 
sea; and it would hearken to you. ''And which of you, 
who hath a servant ploughing or feeding, (is it) who, if he 
should come in from (the) field, will say immediately to him : 
"Come up, sit down to meat?" ®Will he not say to him: 
''Prepare that which I shall (lit. will) eat, and gird thy- 
self, minister to me, until I eat and drink; and after these 


* OTOg,] om. B Hunt 26. m^UOCXoXoc] HI., F^*. « HOC] Hunt 18, 

IHC9 B Hunt 26: Gr. D o d€ and avrois. 2k.€] om. B Hunt 26, 

xe i^] om. El. 2*. 2ce ene] DgL; ^cene, a &c.: om. ene, K; 

for eite cf. Gr. D &c. €ixrr€. OTfOItTeH, A*. ^^peXeIt^^.] 

epexene, Hunt 26. 2coc] +ne, bdjM: +:^€, DiEiJi®. 

it-f ] cf. Gr. » D L Ac. . OTOg, 2«^] om. M Hunt 18. ^^C^^.] 

n^c, TAi^F. ccoTejut nc^.] cTeJutc^., b*. ne] cm. km. 

^3^e] om. H. €£loX j^eit] Gr. Dp L om. c'f 6X6.] 6., 
Hunt 18. 01ffi.a5K] t&L over erasure, A«: om. Ot, Aj'FGKMN; 
OTCOK, Dj*. CX^O erasure between C and X' ^''' exe^.q- 

aj^.m] BCi« &c.: ex^.qa|^m, aAi': Ci* has exea^^. with 

the next letter erased, ej^Olflt] e)6pHI, Di K ; eg^pKI, DjE J 
N 0. ej6.oX] om. Ai' Hunt 18. ifeeXKOI, A*. JUtu] obs. Gr. 

Dels, qn^] ^.qr^^., b. it^q] cf. Gr. » b d l &c. xe] 

separates tifBias from the following sentence, cf. Gr. D &c. iULK 

qn^^OC] le^qn^^OC, M. It^q] ^^. over erasure, AC: om. L. 
Cofi-i"! + nUI for me, Ci«Di.2E JO Hunt 18, cf. Gr. >* a b f q. (^K 

€rfn^] ne-f n^, b. onrog, 3°] om. m. ^ujk itxeK- 

OTCOJUt] it over former letter, A<=, cf. Gr. i. &c. Kal av; before 
^y€crai cf itP» vg 8yr«^»> Cyp: > ItXeKOTf COJUt g^tJOK, DiEJOj: 
eKeOtUJMJL g^COK, fut. iii, B ; after <p^aai cf. Gr. D S. Onf Og, 
SxeKCCO] om. El*. 


• Uk oToit g^jutox epoq trre nifi-ooK. 2ce A.qipi 
nna €X^qoif^g,cA.2,iti jOuulcoot n^q. 

^^ ^^.IpKi" neooxen g^cjoxen A-pexenojA-nipi it^a)& 
nifi.en ex^iroTf^g^c^g^ni JuUuLcoonr ixcwxeit 
^.2:oc. 2ce ^noit ^^tt&coK nA.xa^T. uexepoit 
e^iq ^ 


H "UXcttjconi eqae nA.q eg^pui eiXnjuu oTog, neoq 
n^qcmicooT €j6.oX oirxe ejutu'f RxcAJUL&.pi^ 

" OTog, eqIt^.tt^e nA.q e)6oTn eoir-fjuti. A-tti ej6.oX 
cqv eg^p^q Mcei nlpcoiuti itKA-Kceg^x. oTog, n^f- 

o&x epA.xoT g,i4>oifei. "o-rog, necDo-c n^f- 

(Tfci nxoTCJuiK eif^co) iJuuLoc. xe mc nipeq- 

-f cj6.a) itA-i itA.n. 
"Ofog, ex^qit^if ne2CA.q ncooT. xe iULA.a)e na>- 

xen JULA.x^Jute nioTHfii epcoxen. oTog, ^c- 

ojconi ercije ncooTr a.txotj6.o. 
" 0^f^.I 3^e efi.oX rtii)KXonr €X^qnA.T xe ^qXo^cq. 

A.qx^ceo ncAK. o-rnia-f nciutH eqi^cooT ixc^-f . 
"Oifog, ^qg>XTq exeit neqg^o )6^T€n iteqtfX.- 

X^ifx eqajeng^jutox Rxoxq. oTog, cj»a.i ne 

oTfCAJUt^pixKc ne. 
"CSXqepoToo 2^6 ibcemc ne2:A.q. xe juih ixne nn 

^ g^JULOX] OTf g^JUtOX, H : om.J: +3^e,M. itXemfi-COKj 
JuLni., M: nxeHI., F; for om. €K€ipf^ cf. Gr. l«t*ABDL &c.: Or. 
N* om. dovXy. ^qOTf^g^] ^T., B Ai'FM. W^q] cf. Gr. DX &c. 
^*'ipf itg^COfi.] epg^COjS., 0. mfi.eit] Gr. a al* add ravnu 
eX^T . . . nCOXeit] om. M, cf. Chr nil nisi ira^ra: eXOTOnr., S: 
€XO^f^.2, &c., DaL. Xe] cf. Gr. »BDL &c. nexepOlt] for 
om. oTi of. Gr. NABDL &c. <] C^H^iq, participle, M. 
^* ^.Ctt^a)UI] A C r D, E Fi* G J: pref. OTfOg,, B, cf. Gr.: +3^e, 

DgFi^HKLMO. eqqje] a*Gi*, cf.? Gr.: eqn^ojc, A® &c.: 

^qOJC, 0. OlfOg^ neoq] cm. neoq, K, cf. q: itP»" vg om. mi 

aMs, nA-qcmicooif] +ne, b. oTxe] actfghklmns: 

LUKE XVn. 9-17. 231 

(things) thou also eat and drink?" *Hath he thanks for 
the servant, because he did the things which he com- 
manded him? ^^Thus ye also, if ye should do all things 
which were commanded you, say: "We (are) unprofitable 
servants; that which we ought to do, we did/" 

^^It came to pass (as he is) going up to Jerusalem, 
that (lit. and) he was passing through (the) midst of (the) 
Samaria and Galilee. ^' And being about to go into a village, 
ten men, lepers, met him; and they were standing afar 
off: '^and they were lifbing-up their voice, saying: 'Jesus, 
the Teacher, pity us.' ^^And having seen, he said to them: 
*Go shew yourselves to the priest.* And it came to pass 
(that as they are) going they were cleansed. ^^And one 
of them, having seen that he recovered, returned with a 
loud voice glorifying Ood. ^^And he threw himself upon 
his face at his feet, giving thanks to him : and this (one) 
was a Samaritan. ^"^And Jesus answered, he said: 'Were 

^ixeit through, BD1.2EJ0. ^eJut'fv^.X^Xe^.] om. Fi*. 

*=^eqn^ttj^] ^"^ &c.: qIt^.ttJ€, cAi'HM: nA.qn^cg^> ^2' 
^.qge, A*. e&oX] om. Af . eg^pA-q (T, S)] B &c. (Dg om. €) : 

^^poq, AT; cf. Gr. K A &c.: om. 0, cf. Gr. BL : Gr. D e otrov fftrav. 
pCOAJU] for position cf. Gr. D 157. it vg eyr^*'. OTOg, a°] om. BO, 
cf. a &C. It^lfOg^l] n^I A-lfOg^I these stood, B : Gr. «* om. 0* &c. 
^^ nA.1f tffci] A.T., B, cf.? Gr. X OnfCJ ULH] 'vocem suam ' ap. Ln ; 
obs. Gr. « TJipflH^inip: HOT., M. IKc] ROC, Fi*. peq'f&OO, 
A*. "er^qnA.-*] Gr. D &c. add a^rov£. niOTfUfi.] for sing. 

cf. c aeth : HI., M, cf. Gr. OTf Og, a°] Gr. D tytv. «€. e^fOje] A* : 

ern^.a)6, a« &c. ^.T^"OT£Lo] enr., c r g k*? s. ^* A.q- 

Xoxq] ^1f., Gj. nCJUtKl for position cf. Gr. D &c. eq^'COO'f] 

onro^ A-qi"., b. ajL^^I"] om. ii, r. " onr og, &c.] ^q- 
^ei exen he feii upon, B. neqtfX.X] nen., Fi*, obs. Gr. 157. 

Byr»h aeth rov Ifftrov, 28. tov Kvpiov. eqajCU] ^qOjeH, 0: Gr. D 
om. cvx. ow-y. ItTOXq] T 1° altered firom C, A®. OTfOg, cj)^!] 
cf. it P» vg : Gr. D ffw dc. " 2^6] om. KMN, cf. Gr. A. neX^A.qJ 

om. L : Gr. D adds ovroij. AILK] om. Ji* 0. AJLHeni] iUtHI, 
A M : Gr. A D &c, 0^01. 


xoTfi.o. niKee ^-reajn. " o-rog, ixnoT^ceAJLOf 

e^.TKoxoT ei'cooT ijL4>i" ej6.KX e<l)A.i a.XXo- 

veitHc. ^' onr og, IIez^.q n^q. xe TconK ju^ge 
__ nA.K neKnA-g^-f neTA.qit^2,juteK. 
*f 20 Gx^irgeitq 2^6 nxeni^^^piceoc xe ^cnA.i nen^ir 

nxe-f JuteTOTpo nxe 4>i". 
dXqepoira) itcooT oTog, nex^q. 2C€ it^pe "fAJie- 

xoirpo itT€ <l>i" n^i ^n ^en oirjuLeTpeqi"- 

g^euq. ^* oTf2we cert^^oc ^it. xe cx^i le cxh. 

g^Hune v^p ic -fjutexoTpo irre cj^-f c^jfeo-rn 

«^ *2 nex^q 2^6 itn€qjULA.eKT"Kc. xe cenKoir ibceg^A-n- 

eg^ooT g^oxe epexenit^epeuieTJuuit en^-ir 

eonf^.^ nnieg^ooT iiTe najKpi ijLcI)pa)Jun oTog, | 
cq2w ^ niteT"eitit^T. ^SQ-fog, e-rexoc ncoTeit. 2ce 

g^Knne qxH le qT^.I. juLnepoje ncoxeit ot2^e 

^ 24 U4)pK'f ixiiicexej6.pfoc ett^^.qoTOIt2,q efi.oX j^n 

xcl>e oTfog, nxeqepoTCJoini cA-necKX nxc^e. 
4>A.i ne i}LcI)pKi" exe ncgnpi JUL4>p(J0itff.i n^cgcjoni 

ijuuLoq ng^pw ifeeit neqeg^ooT. 
^ ^^UJopu 2^6 &a)i" epoq nxeqtfT o^fiULKa itj^xci. 

oTfog, itcecgoajq ibcex^^ve^e^.. 
^ ^eQifog, K^x^ 4>pHi" exA-ccgtom j6en meg^oo-r 

nxe ncjoe n^ipai" neen^ojconi j6en nieg^oo-r 

XOt£lO] itXOIf £lO, L. niKe] pref. Olf Og,, AfF, cf. f aeth ; 
ob8.Gr.»BL&c. ol dc. ^® OlfOg,] ACrDi.jAi'EFiOGHJKMNS: 

om. BFi*LO, cf. Gr. XSXOt, A*, ef] Ct^, BDjFM. cj»^.l] 
AM : H^I, B &c. : HI, S. " XCOHK] om. L. HeKItA.g^'f ] pref. 

Xe, B, cf. Gr. D&c: Gr.Bom. Tl€X] Tie eX, B. ^^ m4>^p/ 

2,^.^., «. AJiexoT, a*, hcjoot o-rog,] om. «. n^.p6 
^.pe, ». 21 oTf 2we] oir op,, h. le] cf. Gr. n b l &c. ^2 ^^^ 

Or. D 157. otp. neqJUtA.e.J cf. Gr. A &c. : HI., BDjE J, cf. Gr. N B 
D L &c. Xe] + g^KTlUe, Dg. g^OXe &c.] Gr. D &c. tov imBvfifiaai 
v/iaf. eit^lf J for position cf. a b &c. : Gr. D om. €OTA.I &c.] eOTT- 

LUKE XVn. 18-26. 233 

not the ten cleansed ? where are the other nine ? ^^ And there 
were not found who returned to glorify God, except this 
alien/ ^^And he said to him: 'Rise, go, thy faith saved 
thee.' ^And the Pharisees having asked him, when the 
kingdom of Ood is to come, he answered them, and said: 
* The kingdom of God was not to come with (lit. in) observa- 
tion : ^^ neither will they say that it is here, or it is there ; for 
behold, the kingdom of God (is) inside of you/ ^*And he 
said to his disciples: *Days come, when ye will desire to 
see one of the days of (the) Son of (the) man, and ye 
shall not see. *^And they shall say to you: "Lo, he is 
there, or he is here:" go not, nor run: ^as the lightning 
manifesteth itself in (the) heaven, and giveth light below 
(the) heaven: this is as (the) Son of (the) man will be 
in his day. ^"^But first he must suffer much, and this 
generation reject him. '^And according as it was in the 
days of Noe, thus will it be in the days of (the) Son of 

eaooif, «. nitTennA-T, a*. 23g^,^^^£•j j^2 ^^ . om. s ^ 

>qT"^I leeqTK, K^-^DjJ, for order cf. Gr. AD &c.; for ^ cf. Gr. 
AB &c. qTK] eqXK, Ai'MN; for position cf. Gr. «B^L. ttj^ 

itcoT-eit oif2we] I ej6.oX, X^ : Or. B 13. 69. &c. om. ot^e &c.] 

cm. »^ cf. 8yr«* om. ** iX^tpK^f ] A* Ji* M : +rAp, A<^ &c.. 

cf. Gr. ecg^qOTOItg^q e&oX i>et(] a tr. ^i ^ U\ * vhen it 
appeared in.' j^eXc^e, A*. OTf Og,] A C F Dj Aj' F Gi H K L N S : 

om. BD1EG2JMO. nT"cl>e] itTex4>€, c. ne] om. a^^ 
exeuttjHpi] iinaHpi, bAi': nxencgHpi, Dg: iiii^mi 

JXTlcyHpi to (the) coming of (the) Son of man, M, for irapovaia cf. 
Gr. 248.: Gr. D &c. koi 6 vi6s. n^cgcOUI JUUULOq] om. M. 
ng^pKl] om. L. neq] B &c., cf. Gr. « A L &c. : neq, A and 
tr. i-«U : Gr. B D 220. a b e i om. cV t. fjfiep^ avrov. ** ClJOpn 3^6] 

ABCrAi'FGHKLMNS: httj &c., Di. 2 E J : ^XXa. g^coi" 

ngopn, «. epoq] +ne, D1.2EJO. 6\] +n, a^'F. 

2« OTfOg,] om. M, cf. Gr. A? 42. eTA-CttJCOUI )6e] cm. 0*. 

eg^ooT i°] +T"HpoT all, Af. itTe i°] It, N. ueon^] 

ne ee., B: ee., M; for om. mI cf. Gr. r &c. syr««. Hieg^ooif 

itxe 2°] nzim Jul, k. 


nxe ncgnpi ijL<l>'f . " itA-TOToojut oTog, mjxcw 

^^.Ttf^ cg^iJULi n^Ttff g^A.!. oja. nieg^oo-c eir^ 

ncoe ttje n^q e^feoTn e^" Kifi-coxoc. o-cog, A.qi 

ibceniKA.T"A.KXTCJUtoc oTog, ^qx^Ke onron 

_ iti&eit. 

^ 28 U4)pHi" oIt.€X^.caJa)^^ i6en nieg^ooT nxe Xaox. 

ni.Toifa5JUL nA.ifca3 n^Tfacon n^*rf" e&oX 

n^Tftfo n^TKcox. 

*®I)en nieg^ooT 2^6 exA. Xcox i e^oX jfcen 

€j6.oX )6en x4>e o-rog, ^.qx^Ke onroit ixij&en. 
*® Ra-xa. n^i poo on ^cnA-cgtwni j^eit nieg^oonr exe 
naapi iJLcI>poojuLi it^tftbpn efi-oX itj^axq. 
^ ^^ Jben nieg^ooT 3^e exejuum^-r <^k ex^H g^i^cen 
cqe ii^enelctcop o-rog, epe neqcKenroc ifeen nmi. 
ixncnepcqi euecux eoXoT. 
O^fog, 4>H exxH )6en xkoi. ^^.IpK'f on ixneit- 
^* epeqKoxq ec^^g^oir. '=^ CSXpictJUteiri itxcg^ijuti 
»3 <J>K eenA-Kooi" ncA. nog^ejut nxeq^irxH qnA.XA.- 
Koc. 4>K eenA-x^Koc eqex^.^i6oc. 
«ri3 84 ^xuj JjLJtxoc ncoxen. xe n)6pKi j6en n^ie^cop^ 
eTfettjcom iticeS g^i^ceit onrtf^ox noTcox. nioT^ 
e-^eoXq oTog^ ^^Keo•¥^.^ exexA-^* 

4>i"] A*: cI)pa5JUtI, A® &c., tr. ♦ 4U\ *God.' *^ OTOg, i°] 

A (and tr.) B M : om. C &c. KA-TftfT 2°] pref. OlfOg,, M. 
eX^] € altered from It?, ^ over erasure, A«. Klf&OXOC, A. 
^qi] Gr. D €y€i^o. K^.X^.KX^CJUtOC, a. OTOg, 3°] om. 
B Di. 2 E J M 0. " ijL4>(om. A*) pK-f] pref. Olf Og,, I*. OH] 

before Xk^.^ K: om. Ai'M. Xcox] >* proceeds ^^.l OH JUL- 

4>pKi" iJLii^mi iuLncijKpi AJL^^pooiuti. e&oX] pref. ot, 

Ai'. 29^ej^|^j-] c^^.m, M. 2^6] om. BHJi*L*MO. cf. Or. 

D &c. : oif og, )6en, B. ex^] exe, c ; nxe, l*. Rot] 

nzeO-¥, D2 . XP^-"-] ^«r position cf. Gr. « BL &c. ^ K^XA. 

LUKE XVIL 27-34. 235 

God. **'They were eating, and they were drinking, they 
were taking wives, they were taking husbands, until the 
day (in) which Noe went into the ark, and the flood 
came, and destroyed every one. ^®As again it was in the 
days of Lot; they were eating, they were drinking, they 
were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they 
were building; ^but in the day (in) which Lot came from 
Sodom, he rained fire and brimstone from (the) heaven, 
and destroyed every one. '° According to these same 
(things) again it is to be in the day in which (the) Son 
of (the) man will be revealed. ^^ And in that day he who 
is upon (the) housetop, and his goods being in the house, 
make him not come down to take them away: and he 
who is in (the) field — likewise (lit. thus again) make him 
not return back. ^'Remember (the) wife of Lot. '^He 
who will seek for saving his life (lit. soul) will lose it: 
he who will lose it shall make it live. ^I say to you, 
that in this night two shall be upon one bed ; the 
one shall be taken away, and the other shall be left. 

^^.I poo on] cf.? Gr. s«bd &c. m] ni, m. eire] tcre, 

BAi'Gi*M*0. ®*2we] ACrDgAi'FGHKLNS: om, B D, E J 

MO. cf.Gr. 2,i2:en] )6en, LN. 2cen€|ne4>a5p, a. oTog^i^] 
om. J. niKi] neqKi, Fi*. xJ^ ^""J <>™- ^' t"Koi] cf.? Gr. 

N B L 13. 69. 346. go. on] om. N. ^* TCg^IJUtl] i"., B K S. 

it] nxe, B c a^' ty Gi* l s. ^^ eenAJccoi-] exKcoi", b. 

no^eJtx] cf.? Gr. «A &c.; for position cf. Gr. D 8yr«« ei^K 
qn^.X^.KOc] om. q, Dj. 4>K a°] AOFAfGHLS: pref. 
OTOg,, D1.2EJKNO, cf. Gr. AD &c.: ^K 2^6, BFM, cf. Gr. 

NBL &c. ^-^.Koc 2°] cf. Gr. AL &c. add airriv, >een^- 
XA.nj6oc qnA.x^Koc, b. eqeT"A.n)6oc] qn^., (B)M. 
'*i"2:a5] +2ke, c Ai'Fi«, cf. Or. A 8yr«° &c. nj6pHi j6en] 

cf. Gr. 346. &c. praem cV. eTecgCOm] for position cf. Gr. KBL &c. 
OTf(J?i.OX] over erasure, A^. hOTfOOT] Gr. B c om. II^01f^.I] 
cf. Gr. B &c. ereoXq] Gr. DV &c. pres. OTOg,] om. ». Kc] 
om. NAi'*. 


<«7 ^tQko^ ^TepoToo ne^ccooT ^^.q. xe i>etv ^g 
jOuul^. nc^. neoq 2^6 ^6X^.q ncooT. xe uiajla. 
exe nccoiut^ ixAiLoq ceitA-oooo-fi" ejuL^.'v 

HA <^»« H^qxoo 2^6 noifnA.p^fi.oXK itcjooT en^cmxoT- 

epnpoceTX^cee. itcuoT nifi-en oTog, nxonr- 
gx€JUtepeItK^.KI^. ^eq^cco jOuuloc. 
HeoTfon oTpeq^f 2,^.^ ne j6en otSLiJci nqepg^o-f 
^it j6^T2,k JuLcti" oifog, nqcgini A.n j6a.X2,h 
'Heonron oirxHpA. :^e ne si^en -fSn^Ki eTrejut- 
iULA.-Y. onr og, n^cHKOT g^^poq ne ecxuo jJujloc. 
X€ tfT JuLn^JuLaicy nejix. ^h extH iiUuLoi ilxonc. 
* onrog, n^qoToxjj ^n ne cg^ otckot. 
Uenenc^ n^i :^e nex^q ilfifcpKi itj^nxq. xe XA-^ 
cqc^ xe cl)'f 'fepg^o'f ^.n )6^Teq2,K. OTog, h|i"gini 
^n )6^T2,K itnipcjoiuti. 
*Gefi.exe x^ix^P^ 1^)6x01 nm -fnA-tfi ixnec- 
juLaittj g^iHA. nxecajxejuti cy^^^o^ €ci"j^ici 


^^Gr. «* &c. om. verse. eifettJOOni] for position cf. Gr. N»BDL 
a syr*". CHOff] S'f, Di.2(S, Ai^EHJKLMOi. i6en &c.] 
ACrAi'FGKLMNS: g,I &c., »BDi.2EJ0: j^enOTfe^Itl 
in a mill, H; obs. Gr. K* iv r^ fivkiavi ; 8yr<^" aeth praem 'in niola.' 
Onri] ABCFAi'FGKLMNS, cf. Gr. AL &c.: 'foTI, Di.gEHJO, 
cf. Gr. K*BD &c. OTfOg,] ABCrDaAi^FHRLNS, cf. Gr. AD &c.: 
om. DiEGJMO : Gr. N«BL &c. ^ bi Mpa. 'f ] om. MS, cf. Gr. S al. 
•fKOTfl, A*. *• Omitted, cf. Gr. KABL. ^^ OnfOg,] om. B, 

cf. c i vg: syr«" om. kqI dnoKp, nA.q] om. L, cf. Gr. D. Cen^- 
eaOOT-f"] for position cf. Gr. AD &c. eJUt^nf] JJUtX^t, 
B Af F : om. S. KC] cf. Gr. K B L &c. : om. Dj Ai' F J Oj, cf. Gr. 
AD 8' &c. ^.j601rJUt, A. 

Hnn^a6, 1 2ke] om. B. Om. Kai, cf. Gr. KBL &c. enzmxoT.] en- 

LUKE XVn. 35— XVm. 5. 237 

^ Two women shall be grinding in a place ; one shall be taken 
away, and the other shall be left.* ^^And they answered, 
they said to him: 'In what place, Lordt' And he said 
to them : ' The place in which (the) body is, the eagles 
also will assemble thither.' 

XVni. And he was speaking (lit. saying) a parable to 
them for their praying always, and that they should not 
faint, ^saying: 'There was a judge in a city, he feareth 
not before God, and he is not ashamed before [the] men: 
^ and there was a widow in that city ; and she was coming to 
him, saying : '' Avenge me of him who offereth me violence.'' 
^And he was not wishing (to do it) for (lit. until) a time: 
but after these (things) he said in himself: ''Let it be 
that I fear not before God, and am not ashamed before 
[the] men; ^because that this widow ti*oubleth me, I will 
avenge her, that she may not come until the end (lit out) 

^mepOir., M; cf. Or. K*et«*ABL &c.: CnxmCp., A/, cf. Or. ««• 
D&com.alTovs. GHK^Km] KACF* : it.,B&c. * eq^CO) &c.] 
Gr. D &c. syr^^ om. Xryw^: +Xe, D2. IteOTfOIt OTpeq] over 
erasure, A®: -OITpCOiUtl Itpeq, K. &^n] +2^6, Hunt 26. 
ne] om. l*KN: +eqXH, BM Hunt 26. Olf&^Kl] cf.? Gr. 

UAB &c.TiPt: Gr. DL &c. t^. n(om. N)qep2,oi-] eqepg^Q-f, 
»« : npeqepg.o'f , s. oirog,] oirs^e, ^>N. nqcgim] qcgmi, 

Di Ai': enepcgmi, K. ^ 0*»X-] ^'-^ ^^- uncials (esc. add m). 

:^e] om. L. ijuuLoc] + n^q, N. juLncgiffl, a Da Ai' h j k l M 

N S Hunt 26. neJUt] e&oX )6^, « B M : 2,^, Hunt 26. 
^n^qOTOXJj] cf. Gr. NABDL &c.: A.q01faXJJ, Ji*, cf.? Gr. 
r A n &c. AIL then enenc^n^I2w€ over erasure, A® : om. ^^.I, T*. 

xe 2^] icxe, Ci«. i"ep] kaoffghls Hunt 26: it-fep, 

BD1.2EJKMNO. 0-¥0g, 2*^] cf. Gr. AD &c.: OT2we, ^BDi.aEJO 
Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^> B L &c. : om. OTf Og, . . . Tg^K, Fj*. It'f ] 
•f , « Hunt 26. si^iJT^H] om. S. * XC] om. E,* S Hunt 26. 

ixnecJuLcgicg] ^^ c r* Di e f^* Qi\ 2; -iS-ncijittj, a &c. 
ttjTejut] om. Ji*. a^efi.oX] ttJ^fi.oX, C Dg* F H S : ttj^po^ 

up to me, Di*?Ei*JNO; Ej* seems to have written ejS.oX above, 
with tr. ^j^ jT^i J\ ' until all time ; ' Ej has o5j jTj JL 


^Ilexe HOT :^e. xe ccoxejut xe ot nexe nipeq- 

-fg^^n trre -f a.3^iki^ xco JDUuioq. 
^4>i" 2i.e qn^cTf juLnejutaiffl ^i^ niteqccoTrn. nA.i 

exoxg oTfi-Kq JAJiie^oox iteiut niexoopg,. 

OTfog, qaooT itg^KX exoooir. 
*Ce i"xa5 jjutJLOc ncoxeit. 2:e qn^cTf JuLno-cixaig 

i^X^^^-^J^* nXnit naKpi juLct^pcoiuti ^.qaj^ni. 

EB ^CSXq^coc ce&e 2,^.no^fo^. na e^xoj jjuuloc 
epcooT. 2ce itejuLKi ne. oTog, eraoojq nmKe- 
ccoxn. nxA.iii^pA.&oXK eq^cco ijuuLoc. 
^^3X pcoiuti 5 oj^ itcooT eg^pKi eniepc^ei eepnpoc- 
erx^cee. ^^oT^.I neonfcI)^.plceoc ne niKeoir^i 
neoTfxeXconKc ne. 
" nicl>A.piceoc 2^e ex^.qo2,I ep^.xq nA.i n^qepnpoc- 
e^fx^cee JuLAJLoooTf itj^pHi it)6Hxq. 
2Ce ^-f -fttjeng^jutox Rtoxk 2C€ -f oi ^it i3L<|>pKi" 
iiLncco^n nrtipcojuLi itpeqg^coXetiL itpeqtfT 
nxonc ititaoiK. 
le iJLctpKi" AjLiU-iKexeXcoitKC. ^^ -fepitKcxerm 
nconE k^xa. cA^j6.A.xon. i"i" JuL4>p€AiLHX 
nenx^J nifi.en erf z4>o iSuuLcoo-c. 
cq^ ^^IIixeXaonHc ^e eqog^i epA-xq | ^\^ote\. nA.q- 
oToxjj ^n ne oif2we eqA.i itneqj6.^X enofcoi 
CSXXX^ n^qKcoXg^ ne )6eit xeqjutecxeng^KX 

^xe i°] om. B*. nexe] ne exe, ba^m^ A.3^IKI^.] 
KA.Ki^, M. '' qnA..] nq^^.., DigE J : enqcff, b. eiuina., 

roDgJi^KLMNOS Hunt 26. nneqCOOXn] om. n, K. OTj6.Kq] 
cf. Gr. A &c. eg^OOTf] Gr. D wicr. «. i;f»cp. qCOOIf] cf. Gr. K A B 
DL &c. ® Ce] cf. Gr. G &c. : om. BE J Hunt 26, cf. the rest of Gr. 

xe] Gr. DG &c. om. iinoTJuLaJaj] •"•'^ja^aj* roAi'Ji»K 
Hunt 26. q^^.2:eJUt] ^qnA. &c., D2(ne)KN. niK^^i] cf.? 

LUKE XVIII. 6-13. 289 

troubling me." ' ^ And the Lord said : ' Hear what the 
judge of [the] unrighteousness saith. ''And will not God 
avenge his chosen, these who cry to him in the day and 
the night, and he is long-suffering over them ? ® Yea, I say 
to you, that he will avenge them quickly. But if (the) 
Son of (the) man should come, will he then find (the) faith 
upon the earth?' 

®He said concerning some^ who said of (lit. to) them- 
selves that (they) were righteous, and (were) despising also 
the rest, this parable, saying: '^^Two men went up to the 
temple to pray; the one was a Pharisee, the other was 
a publican. ^^And the Pharisee having stood was praying 
these (things) in himself: ''God, I give thanks to thee 
that I am not as (the) rest of the men, extortioners, 
violent, adulterous, or even as this publican. ^^I fast 
twice a week ; I give (the) tenth of all things ^ which I 
get." ^^ But the publican, standing a&jr oS, was not wishing 
even to lift his eyes up to (the) heaven, but was striking 

Gr.: n &c., «BDiFi*JO Hunt 26. » ^qXOc] A*F,*L: +3^€, 

A« &c., cf. Gr. A &c. €ej6.e] OlffLe, B. OTfOIt] om. D,*. 

neiuiKi] A*: ^^iteiutHi, a« &c. enrojocyq] AorAi'EgGH 

KLMNS: -cycoajq, BD1.2E1FJO. nTA.m^p.] ^ i° over e, A«: 
Gr. D om. eqXO) JuUULOc] om. B. ^® B has no division for 

ver. 10, and after TI^P^J&oXh continaes C^q^OC HCOOT. 
^pOOJULI &c. ^] X€, M. E] Gr. D &c. bjt^ dvo a^p. ^^O^f^.I] 
cf. Gr. «AL &c.: +:^e, Br*KNS. niK€] ACrFGHKLMNOS: 
Onrop, mice, BD^aEJ, cf. Gr.: Gr. D m c«. OT^I 2^] +2w€, S. 
*^ 3^ef cf. Gr. QX 157. It^q &c.] Gr. A O &c. aor. JOUULCOOT i^] 
£UULOq, Af Fi«. nj6pKl] om. N. ItjfcHXq] cf. Gr. «« A B 
DL &c. but position peculiar : + S^XUJ ijUULOC, B. ItOTOTK, A. 
i" 01] ni"OI, D2. itnCOIK] pref. OTfOg^, B Af F. " ItlfC- 

Tenrm, a. -f^] pref. o-^og,, Dg. c^pejuteT", a A/. 

" niXeX.] niKexeX. the pubUcan alflo, Dj. 2we] cf. Gr. «BL &c. 
eqo^l] A.qOg,I, Di.jKNS. ^It] om. N. OT2we] om. B. 
eq^jj om. 0. exc^e] for position cf. Gr. KBL &c. )6eit] cf.? 
Gr. A &c. €ls. 

240 ROXTax ^OYROXH. 

e^x^JO iJUuLoc. xe ^-f XJ^ ^^^ e&oX. xe 

A.noK oifpeqepnoj6.i. 
" "txuo jjLJtxoc ncoxen. xe a. 4>a.i cge itA.q enecHT 

eqejutA.iKoifT" gj^oth eneqni eg^oxe cj»k. 
<^« 2ce oTfoit nifiLCit een^.(rXcq cen^ec&ioq. ^k 
_ :^e ee^^.eefi.Ioq cen^tficq. 
^^^ ^^H^Tiiti 2.6 nA.q itg^^it^Xcoonri g^in^ itTreqtfT 

iteAiLaxjT. eT"^.ifitA.T 2k€ fbceniAJL^-eHXHc 

nA.Tfepeiin"iJULA.n itaooT. 
'®Ihc 2.6 A.qjutoTf epcooT eq^co) jjlju-oc. 2ce x^ 

^I^.Xa5onfI itxoiri g^^poi. o^fog, iinepTTA^no 

ijuuLcooir. nioTfon ^^.p juLnA.ipHi" eoooT T€ 

-fjutexoTTpo itxe cj)-!". 
<^^f ^^aXjxKit ^xtjo ixjtxoc itcoxen. 2C€ ^h eeit^.gen 

-f jutexoTpo itxe cl)'f epoq ^n juL4>pHi" ixnA-i- 

A.XoT ititeqi €)6oTfit epoc. 

Hr ^ ^® Oifog, A.qttjenq nxeoT^pX^i^ eq^coo iluuLoc. ze 

mpeq'fc&.a) it^^^.eoc. ot nei"nA^iq itx^ep- 
KXapoitojutm itoirconj^ iteiteg,. 
Ilex^q 2i€ ^^.q itxemc. xe ee&eoT kxoo XLjuloc 
epoi xe ni^v^eoc. iJuuLon g^Xi n^r^eoc 
€j6.kX ecl>i" JuuuL^^f^.xq. 
^^HienxoXu Kccoo-rn jOuuicoot. juLncpepncjoiK. 
iinep)6toxe£L. juLneptfToTfi. ixnepepAiteepe 
cqn nitoTfx. JULA.x^ie neKiaox | itexiL xeKAJLA.T. 




cl>i"] Gr. «* om. " Xe] cf. Gr. K &c. sjr^. ^] om. Ai'NS. 

e)6oirn] om. m. eneq &c.] iJLneq., Aj' : > eneqni eqeiu.., 

M: Gr. D sah^**'' om. *to his house.' eX^^. i^ A. ^K l^e\ 
cf. Gr. KBDK^L &c.: OlfOg, (^Hj M, cf. Gr. A &c. 8yr«>: om. 3^6, 
H«nti8. Ci*LS. "^^.^fI^I] ABCrDi.2FGHKNS Hunt i8, cf. Gr.: 

IteA-T, E JLO: ^T, M. 2.6 i«] om. Fj*. ItA.q] +ne, Di.gE 
GiJ HuntiS. g^A-HA-XcOOTl] g^A-ItKOTTXI It^X., Hunt i8i 


LUKE XVin. M-20. 241 

upon (lit. in) bis breast, saying : " God forgive me, because 
I (am) a sinner." ^*I say to you, tbat this (one) went 
down justified into bis bouse (ratber) tban tbat (one) : 
because every one wbo will exalt bimself will be humiliated ; 
but be wbo will humiliate bimself will be exalted.' ^*And 
they were bringing to him children^ tbat he might touch 
them : but the disciples having seen (it) were rebuking them. 
^•But Jesus called them, saying: 'Permit the children to 
come to me, and forbid them not, for of such is the 
kingdom of God. "Verily I say to you, tbat be wbo 
will not receive the kingdom of God to him as this child, 
shall not come into it.' 

"And a ruler asked him, saying: *Good Teacher, what 
shall (lit. will) I do tbat I may inherit eternal life?' 
^^And Jesus said to him: 'Wherefore sayest thou of me: 
**Tbe good?" there is not any one good except God alone. 
'^Thou knowest the commandments; commit not adultery, 
kill not, steal not, bear not false witness, honour thy 

om. rm', cf. Gr. D &c.; om. r^i, cf. Gr. D &c. tfl] tfog,, ^>"«•B0. 
neJULOOOTf] epOOOnr , ^> B Oj : Gr. B* om. avT&v. 7^e 2°] Gr. 
4^^ &c. Byr«> icai niiUL^e.] Gr. M &c. 8yr«« add airroO. nA.**.] 
cf. Gr. KBDL &c. nOOOTf] ACrDgAi'FHS: +ne, B &c. 
^•^.qJUL01f'f &c.] cf. Gr. K(BD)L &c.: eqJUtO-fi-, Jj*: 
er^q &c., M. cf. Gr. a &c. X^] ^ altered, A«. OTf Og;] om. K N 

Hunt 18. OTfog, iinepT^g^no ijuuLOOoTf] om. N. 4>i"] 

K^ &c.: nictKOIfl, »^ Hunt i8*, cf. Gr. A* 157. &c. 8yr«>. 
^^ AJULKH] Gr. D adds yap. JULlU-l] A C HLS : RoT, (A tr.) B &c. 

"cyertq rixeoTfA.px^"] cf.? Gr. g &c. aMv ^h &px^vi ^^^f* 
- n^ceoTf A.I n^^^.px^*^> Hunt 26. eqzoo &c.] Gr. d om. 
it^.^^.eoc (It, s again)] om. e*. nerf] ne erf, ««t»eFi«. 

^^JQCCO] eKZCJO, Ai'KS. g^Xl it] om. M. S^-f] om. 6, B. 
ijUUtA.TfA.Xq] * solus' ap. Ln. ^o j^cCOOTf tt] eKC, A,'. 

iJLnepepitaoiK] om. n. > iiuep^coxefi. juLnepepncjoiK, 
Hunt 26, cf. eyr<^« &c. ixneptfTonfi] om. N. juLnepep- 
iuteepe] itneKep., fut. iii, m. T-eKiuu.T] cf. Gr. « &c. 



242 RaxTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

"Heoq 2^6 nex^^q. xe m^\ THpof ^.i^^pe^ epcooT 

a^ z^Q^/^c^cvo^exfL 2^e RxeiHc nexA.q nA.q. xe eri 

Keoif^.i ne eTCKa^T iS-Jutoq. itx^^ iti^en 

exeitTAJc JULHixof e&oX. 

Oifog, copof itnig^KKi. oifog, eK6X(t>o n^jc 

itoTA.2,0 ;6eit ni4>Hoifi. oirog, ^julott julooji 

_ Rccoi. 

^* *^Heoq 2s.e exA.qctJoxejuL a. neqg^KX Jjlka.^ ne 
oifpAJUL^.o vA.p ne ejuLA.g(jo. 
**GxA.qnA.if 2i.e epoq nxenic nex^.q. xe ncoc 
cjuLOKg, nxe na exe nixpHJtiLA. ilxcooTf ei 
ej^oirn e'fjuLexoirpo nxe c^i". 
2* CiULoxen rA.p nxe of (TXjuLoifX i e;6oif n g^ixen 
eoifA.eni juLniiUL^necjopn eg^oxe nxe onrpA.- 
juL^.o I ej6oifn e'fiULexoifpo nxe 4>i". 
^^IlexcooT 2s.e nxena exccoxejuL. xe niJUL g^cjoq 

exeofon ajxoiUL ijuuLoq enog^eiUL. 
*^Heoq 2^e nex^.q. xe niA.xxoiUL nxen nipoojuu. 

ofon oj^o-*^ iSjULOJoif nxen ^^i". 
*® Ilexe nexpoc 2s.e. xe g^nnne ^.non ^.n^^ nex- 
enx^.n A.niULoaji nccoK. 
^ *• Heoq 2s.e nex^.q ncooir . xe ^iuiKn ^xuo jjlmjloc 
ntjoxen. xe juuuLon g^Xi eA.qx^ hi nctoq. 

Gjb begins 21 neXA.q] + nA.q, S^, cf. Gr. G i. syro^ &c. x^JULex^Xof] 
X over A. iS Ao, cf. Gr. S A L &c. ^^ Om. ravra, cf. Gr. 2^BDL &c. 

syr ^'^ n^.q] om. Fi*. eXI (i", A)] cf. Gr. S« A B D L : Gr. »* &c. Sru 

ne ex] om. ne, bDi*ej: nex, tAiTklo Hunt 26. ex- 
eKgA.x] B &c.: exA.Kcy^.x, a. nx^O a b r Dg g, k s. 
jULHixoif] om. J. copof] ctjop nnK €xenxA.K enig^HKi, 

j^cora. cf.? Gr. B &c. ataaof. nig^HKl] for article cf. Gr. D al pane. 
eKX4>0, A*. ni4)K01f l] for article cf. Gr. B D ; for plural cf. Gr. 
l^ A B D L &c. AJULOIf J om. K*. ^3 cOJXeiUL] Gr. adds 

ravra, Gr. i* T ndvra ravra. Ue] om. L. ** 2we] om. T* H. 

epoq &c.] (A repeat* 2s.e) cf. Gr. l<i B L &c. nK exe] om. B S. 
XPJ-«J^^> A. ei] ACrAx'FGHKLMS: eOpOTfl, BDi.gEJO 

LUKE XVIII. 21-29. 243 

father and thy mother.' ^^And he said: ^AU these I kept 
from my childhood.' '^^And Jesus having heard, said to 
him: *Yet (there) is another thing which thou lackest: 
sell all things which thou hast, and distribute them to 
the poor, and thou shalt get for thee a treasure in the 
heavens, and come, walk after me.' ^^But he having heard, 
was grieved, for he was very rich. ^*And Jesus having 
seen him, said: 'How difficult it is for them who have 
the riches to come into the kingdom of God I ^For it is 
easy that a camel come in through (the) eye of the needle, 
(rather) than that a rich man come into the kingdom of 
God.' ^®And they who heard said: 'For whom, indeed, 
is it possible to be saved?' ^But he said: 'The things 
impossible for [the] men are possible for God.* ^And 
Peter said: *Lo, we laid (down) that we had, we walked 
after thee.' ^^And he said to them: * Verily I say to you, 

Hunt 26. **rA.p] om. «M, cf. Gp. H* &c. Sxe i°] A OFF 

GHKLMO: eepe, » B Di.jE J: R, Hunt 26. (fXjULOIf X] A 
Hunt 26. I i°] ei, DaGg^'L Hunt 26. g^ITen] i^BW, l<i Dj.jE J ; 
K corrected, not from jo^f^ ; obs. fluctuation of Gr. t^BL &c. cZo-cX^iy ; 
Gr. AD &c. biMup. ixni.] ftlll., I^K: eitl, 0Gi.2*'HS: 
ilTeOlf, Fi^: Rot, B &c., of. Gr. i\rve 2°] om. Ai'Fi«LS. 
pAJULLo] +i}LneKpKi" like thee, ««>°. I 2°] for position cf. Gp. 
D &c. 2® eXCtJOXeiUL] obs. Gp. D &c. aKovovrti. « has €T- 

ccoxeiUL xeoTit enA.i nxenH ery^K JuLneqKco'f 

ne^CCJOOT XeitlitX. exeoiroit &c. and (2Ce for 2s.e?) hearing, 
then, these (things), they who wepe around him said: 'For whom &c.,' 
omitting g^tJOq. iiUULOq] om. N. ^7 j^^oq 2i.e] om. «. 

nezA.q] +n(J0OT, », cf. b c &c. iiTennipcjoJULi] ^abd^ 

Aj'Fi^GiHJS Hunt 26: IlTeni., CFDaEGg^KLMNO: om. Fj*; 
obs. Gr. 69. 8yr«« &c. trap. Mp. ahvp. JUUULCOOt] JULCOOT, A* : 
epCOOT , » B Di. 2*^ E J M Hunt 26. tSTTeW 2°] i^UTeWy B Dj^. 
2« 2i.e] om. l^ D2 Ai' F : + nA.q, «. A.nOIt] om. B. neTGit- 
TA.nJ neX., DljE JM Hunt 26; HK ex., «; fopra taia cf. QtT, 
N« B D L &c. : + Of Og,, B. *^ Reoq 2s.e] syi- ««» et «^ add ' Jesus.' 

ncooif] om. Hunt 26. 3ce] cf. Gr. s«A BL &c. eA.q] eq, N. hi] 

ob8. Gr. D &c. otKios, 

B % 

241 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

le ofcg^iJULi le 2,A.ncnKOT le g^^.itio't" le 2, 
gapi ee&e 'fjutexoirpo iiTe cfr't". 
^°2Ce qnA.(rrTOT SofjuLKg Rkco^ ^eit n^icHox 
cqe oifog, j6€it nielneg, eeitHOT onr(jort;6 iieiteg,. 
^ 8i0^^qjj^j 2s.e eToxq iiniiE ne3CA.q ntooT. xe 

ofx e^oX g^ixoTOT RitinpoctKXKc ee&e 

naKpi i}Lc&ptJOiULi. 
*^CenA.TKiq rA.p exoTOT iinieeitoc. onrog, ce- 

n^.ctJoJS.1 iiiULoq oirog, cen^^aoffl^ onrog^ ce- 

n^.£^ieA.q eneq^^o. 
®^Oto2, A.fttj^i^^P-^^^c'^^^^oin ijuuLoq ceitA.- 

;6oeJS.eq. oirog, qn^.xtJoitq j6en niAJLA.g,r 
_ iieg^ooT. 
^ ^*Oifog, netJooT i}LnoifK^.i" eg^Xi Rn^i. onrog, 

rt^^qg^KU epojoT ne ilxenIc^:£I. oirog, it^TreiULi ne ena en^-q^ctjo juuulcjoot. 

HA <^*« 3*3XcajcJonj 2s.e ex^.qj6tJ0itx eiepi^^ neofoit onr- 

^eXXe ne eq^^ejutci j6^Ten niiULtJoix eqoj^x 
^* Gx^^qctJOxeiUL 2.6 eoTJULug eqciniojoif it^qojini 
ne. 2ce ott ne cj>^.i. ^7 ^-^j-^^ju^^oq 2s.e 2ce uic 

Of Cg^I JULl] A K : om. OT, B &c. ; for order cf. Gr. i* B L. 
CnHOT] Gr. D X A al'' add 5 tidcX^a^. ^^ Xe] (A tr. ^ ^1) oba. 

b c e i 1 *nisi ut recipiat.' tflXOf] A Ai' F H L, A.n fell out: 
+ On, T: +^.n, B &c. iUtHOj] Gr. D &c. cirra-. OTOg,] om. M. 

ni (om. ni, S) erteg,] econ, » J Huut 26 -. tJonj6, n. eenaoTf &c.] 

om. Gg^ -^^ex^-qmi] ABCi«rcDi.2.3*^EFi«('aiiother copy') 

Gi H J L* M : eX^.qi having come, Cj* D3* Q^ K L« N : eXA.- 
qtff having taken, Aj^ Fi*. eXOXq] IIX., O : om. Ai' F, 

juLni] em, Dj. eye] abctAi^F: +n^.n, Di &c. ixhjul] 

LUKE XVm. 30-37. 245 

that there is not any one who left house, or wife, or 
brothers, or parents, or sons, because of the kingdom of 
God, ^®(but) that he will receive them manifold in this 
time, and in the age which cometh, eternal life.' ^^ And 
having brought (close) to him the twelve, he said to them : 
'Lo, we shall (lit. will) go up to Jerusalem, and all things 
will be fulfilled, which are written by the prophets con- 
cerning (the) Son of (the) man. ^^ For he will be delivered 
to the Qentiles, and he will be mocked^ and he will be 
reviled, and they will spit upon him (lit. his face): ^and 
if they should scourge him, they will kill him, and he 
will rise on the third day.' ®*And they understood not 
any of these (things); and the word was (imperf.) hidden 
from (lit. to) them, and they were not knowing the things 
which he was saying. 

^And it came to pass (that), he having approached 
Jericho, there was a blind man sitting by the road needing 
alms: ^^and having heard a multitude passing, he was 
asking: 'What is this?' ^^And they told him that Jesus 

I over P,, A^ eo^e] 60^, A* ; cf. Gp. D &c. irtpi 4>pCJ0, A*. 

32 r^.pj om. El* : Gp. D e 5n. OTOg, 2°] om. K. Cen^-OJOaq] 

cf. Gr. l^AB &c. 33 A.TttJ^ItepJULA.CX.] CeitA.ep Aco^end. ... 

they will scourge, B. -VOIIt] erasure above O, A. qit^ Of Og, 3** 

TTconq] cenA.TCJonq, m, cf. Gr. l &c. cycp^afToi. niAJLA-g^r 
neg^ooif] cf. Gr. X A &c. > nieg^ooT jOlmx^^v, b m, cf. 

the pest of Gr. ^ Of Og, i«^] Gp. D &c. a{^\ dc. itn^.l] GHA.!, 

A^^ nA.q2,Kn] a. over erasure, A« : neq &c., C : ^q&HU, J. 

niCA.Xl] ACFDiEGHJKLNS, cf. Gr. D &c.: U^.!., BDgAi'F 

MO, cf. the rest of Gr. en^.qX(JO] Glteq., B: eXCq., M. 

^ eXA.qj6cJ0nx] ACrDgAj'FGHKLMNS: €qn^.j6cJ0ItX, Hunt 26 i, ii. 

BDiEJO Hunt 26 i, ii. Ue] pref. 2s.e, NO. ife^Teit] g^I, K*. 

eqctj^x] A.q., K. ^e Q-^^j^j^j^gj-j ^j,^ a,' Fi«(' another copy'). 

ItA.qajini] AB<^ &c., probably written over erasupe of A.TTTA.AXOq, 

B«. ne i°] 2s.e, G K N, ppobaWy confused with X€. ^7 2^^] 

^ over erasupe, A*': Gr. H* ol dc: om. BL Hunt 26 i, iL 

246 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

JUUULOC. Xe IhC nojHpi il2w^.TI2i ItA.1 ItHI. 

Heoq 2ie iULA.XXoit Sg^oiro n^.q(joaj efi.oX. xe 

ncgHpi it2s.^.Ti2i n^.1 itHi. 

*°GT^.qo2,i 2s.e ep^xq ibceiKC A.qoTf^.2,c^2,ni 

eepoTenq &^poq. GxA.q;6oi5nx 2^6 epoq 

X ^.qaenq. *^xe ot nexeKoif^.cyq | iix^^iq 

Heoq 2ie nex^.q. xe n^.OT g^in^ 
jjlSlo\. ^^oifog, ne^ce Ihc itA.q. xe ^.mjt 
ixfi-oX. neKHA-g^i" nexA.qrtA2,iULeK. 
^^Ofog, cA.xoxq AqrtA.if ijL&oX oirog, A.qjULoaji 
nccjoq eq'fcjooT ixcti". 

Of og, niXA.oc xupq exA.TnA.T A.ifCiULOT €cl>'f . 

HE ^ Oto^, exA.qge e^oya itA.quLOttji ne j6en 

lepix^- ^oifog, ic ofptJOiULi erjuLoiff eneq- 
pA.n xe ^A.Kx^oc. oTog, cl>A.i ne ont^p^irre- 
XojnKc ne oirog, ne otpajulao ne. 
®Oto2, nA.qKtJO't" ne enA.T emc 2ce niix ne. 

nA.^cjopeoc] nA.^opeoc, ab«: nA.^A.peoc, b*: Gp. 

Ds^ &c. o i/afapi;it)f. CiniJ A® Fi« (* another copy')L, cf. Gr.: neO- 
nA.Cini, Da: eenA.., a*? (erasure of four letters after peoC)B &c. 
^® Onrog,] Gr. D &c. o d€. IKC] Gr. A E &c. om. ^® OTf Og,] 

Gr. D &c. ot ac. eXg^K] Gp. A &c. nap-. nA.Tep.] A-fep., S. 
neoq 2i.e] obs. Gp. >^ o «€, the rest aMs dc. JULA.XXon llg^OTo] 
ACrAi'FGHKLMN: ftg^OlfO JULA.XXon, BDi^gEJOSHunt 26 
i, ii, cf. Gr. exc. D c syr«" et»«»» om. iroXXy. *°IHc] nOC, Aj': 

Gp. a 63. om. &ApOq] Gr. D &c. syr<«» om. *^ For om. \tyw 

cf. Gr. »BDL &c. nexeKOTAttjq] A« &c. : nexAK., A*; ne 

exeK., D1.2EJMO Hunt 36 i; fop present cf. Gr. neXAq] AB 
Dj.gAi'EJO Hunt 26 i, ii: +nA.q, CFFGHKLMNS, cf. Gr. R 

LUKE XVm. 38— XIX. 3. 247 

of Nazareth (lit. the Nazfireos) passeth. ^And he cried 
out, saying: 'Jesus, Son of David, pity me.' ^^And they 
who were walking before were rebuking him, that he 
should hold his peace: but he was rather crying out the 
more : * Son of David, pity me.' *® And Jesus having stood, 
commanded to bring him to him : and he having approached 
him, he asked him: '*^What wishest thou that I should 
do to theel' And he said: ^ My Lord, that I may see.' 
**And Jesus said to him: 'See: thy faith saved thee.' 
*^And immediately he saw, and walked aft^r him, glorify- 
ing Qod: and all the people having seen, blessed Qod. 

XIX. And having entered, he was walking in Jericho. 
^And lo, a man, his name being called 'Zacchseus,' and 
this (one) was a chief publican, and he was rich. ^And 
he was seeking to see Jesus, who (he) is ; and he was not 

syr*^" et P "B aeth. HA-OC] IIOC, Dg , cf. ? Gr. ^^ neXe JHc] Gr. 

D &c. mronpi^fic fiir.: Gr. D Byr«" &c. om. li. TieXA.q] RG €nrA.q, 
B D,. 2 N : nexeq, C. *^ OTOg, 2°] om. Hunt 26 ii. ^.q- 

JULOttJl] HAq., B Di. 2 E J M Hunt 26 ii ( + 2i.e). ItCCJOq] + Ue, 
B Di. a E J M. eq-f a301f] q'f-., Gi* : neqi"tJ0O1f , B (ne being 
repeated). Onrog, 3<> &c.J UiXaoC 2^6, Hunt 26 ii. eXA.T- 
n^.T] eXAq., Yi^( another copy ') L S Hunt 26 ii. ATCJULOT &c.] 
AD,.2EJ0 Hunt 26 i: ItAT., CFAiTGHKLMNS Hunt 26 ii: 
HAIff iioifCiULOT iiAr\ ne they were giving blessing to God, 
B: Gr. D b6^v. Gc^'f"] ix^^'f , Hunt 26 ii. 

^ HAquLOttji] neqiULogi, G1.2?: eq., k«n. Tiel om. bn Hunt xs, 26. 

Hunt 18. '-'OlfOg, IC] eyroo et •«»» om. eTULOIff GUeq- 

pAIt Xe] CE,.2*^FHJL0S: eTJUL. €n. ne, AE2* Hunt 18: €T- 
JULOXi" epoq 2Ce called, say, Dj. 2 : eueqpA-It ne whose name 
is. Br(2Ce)GKMN Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D &c. ^^KX^O^] ABrDi.jO 
EFiCGi*J(Ke)MO: ^^^X^OC, ^^'^^•'^"'O Ai'HKL; ^^.KeoC, 
Fi*; ^A.KKeOC, D2*Gi«2: ^A-X^P^^C, N. OlfOg, ^^.l] 
cf. Gr. 69. &c.; obs. Gr. D ovroj, syr©" koL, syr*'* om. ^PX^-] CrEj® 
GH Hunt 26* : ^.p^H., A &c. OTOg, He] cf. Gr. ML 8yr«»» &c.: 

+ oTon, N. ^rtA.qKCJoi" ne] a*: +eqoifa5ctjj a® &c.i 

eqC'VCUCy . . . IkC, partly over erasure, partly in margin (the original 
writing was e\M>.t eiHC), A« : om. ne, 0. 


248 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

oifog, n^.qa}xeJULXOJUL ^.rt ne ee&e niJULKoj. 

xe ne otkoitsci ne j6eit TeqiUL^.m. 
*GT^.qtfoxi exg^K ^qjye n^.q eg^pni e^cen ot- 

cfKOJULopeA. g^in^. itTeqnA.T epoq. onrog, 

n^^qcini ne e^oX g^ixoxc. 
* Ofog, eT"^.qi exert niiULA. ^.qcojuLc epoq Kxeiuc 

nex^-q rt^.q. xe ^a,kx,^oc x^^^J^ ijuuLOK 

AJULOT enecKT. JJl^oox vA.p g^co't" epoi itTA.- 

acjoni i6en neiCKi. • OTog, A.qx^^€JUL iijULoq 

A.qi enecKX oirog, ^.qcyonq epoq eqp^cgi. 
^Onrog, itH THpoT eT^.TnA.T A-irepxP^-W-pcAJL 

eifxtjo jjLJtxoc. xe ^qjge n^.q ej^oTit enw 

Sofpeqepno&i itpcjoiULi eiixort juuuLoq. 
®3Xqo2,i epA.Tq tixe^A,Kx,^oc nex^-q iJLnOT. xe 
ir^ HOT g^Hune 'f-'t" RxcJ>^.a}i iirtA.|2,TRA.pxoJ^T^ 

Rmg^KKi. oifog, 4>H exA-Kfrrq ibcoitc iig^Xi 

-f n^^Ko^oT nA.q i(£ Rkcjo^. 
®nex^.q 2i.e nA.q. xe ix^^ooir no'vx^i cgconi ;6eit 

nA.mi. xe iteoq g^tjoq oT^Hpi nrre ^,&p^,AJU, 
_ ne. 
a«r lo^j^qj ^^p ftxeRttjHpi iJLc^pcJo«.l eKco-f oirog, 

enog^eiUL ix^^K ex^.qTA.Ko. 

2ce 2°] om. B*. xeqjuu.iK] i"., D1.2E Hunt 26. * ex- 

A.q(fO>:i eXg^u] ACFFGHN: -(fbxi 2i.€ &c., Ai'FjOKLMS: 
OTOg, &c., BD1.2EJO, cf, Gr. exen] g^IXen, Hunt 18. CTKO- 
JULOpe^.] B(pp)CGi«.2HJKLNOSHunti8: cf. Gr. «BL&c.; CTf- 
KOfJULOpe^., A; CIKOiULOpe^., rDi.jAi^EFGi*; CTHKOJULO- 
pe^, M Hunt 26 ; Ei has gloss 'f'ltOlf q I \tA ?j^»ii * sycomore, Coptic' 
g^in^. &c.] Gr. «* Tov idcur. Of Ogi] A Oi* G K L N S : om. H 
Hunt 18: xe, (A tr.) B &c., cf. Gr. nA.qcmi] AO Ai'FGKLMNS: 
q., H: ^.qn^.., F: qrtA.., Hunt26: n^^qit^., BDi.2EJOHunti8, 
for future cf. Gr. Tie] om. Hunt 26. g^IXOXc] g^ICOXC, Ai'Fi®. 

* ^.qcoJULC epoq nxeiHc] cf.? Gr. mbl iuapx^as : n^.q., bm .- 

om. Hunt 26. epoq] + lie, M. It^q] obs. Gr. D &c. avrw, the rest 
np6g ovToV: om. M. ^CJoXeXt.] cf. Gr. Db^ e q, imperative. VA.p] 
Qr. D it vg oTi. epOl] + ne, Di.aE Ji«. • Of Og, 2°] om. B M 

LUKE XIX. 4-IO. 249 

able because of the multitude, because he was little in his 
stature. * Having run on before, he went up on a sycomore 
tree, that he might see him: and he was passing by (lit. 
through) it. ^And having come upon the place, Jesus 
gazed at him, he said to him: ^Zacchseus, haste thee, come 
down; for to-day I must abide in thy house.' 'And he 
hasted himself, he came down, and received him to himself 
rejoicing. ^And all they who saw, murmured, saying: 
'He went into (the) house of a man (who is) a sinner to 
rest himself.' ^Zacchseus stood, he said to the Lord: 
'Lord, lo, I give (the) half of my possessions to the poor; 
and he from whom I took anything by violence, I shall 
(lit. will) restore (lit. double them) to him fourfold.' •And 
he said to him : ' To-day (the) salvation happened in this 
house, because he also is a son of Abraam. ^^For (the) 
Son of (the) man came to seek and to save that which 
was lost.' 

Hunt 26. epoq] om. S. eqpA.ttJl] ji)€nOTp^.ttJI with joy, M. 

^ A.1fepXp€J^Pe«.] ACFAi^FH ; A.1fXP^-*^P^^^' BKLS : 

ItA.1fXP^J^P^-*^>I>i.2EGJMN0 Hunti8,26,cf.Gr. 6^X05 &c.] 
Gr. D &c. 8yr««» om, Ofpeq &c.] ABCTDi.aEGiHJLMS Hunt 18: 
>O1fptJ0JUH &c., FG2KNO Hunt 26, cf. Gr. « it vg. eiXTOn] 

ACrDjG; eeJULTOIt, B &c. ^^qop^l] A*BFi*K Hunt 

i8*, 26: +2s.e, A« &c., cf. Gr. HOT g^KHnej ACFAi^FGHLNS : 
g^KIine HOT, Da: g^KHne n^.OT, DiEJO Hunt 18: om. HOT, 
BK Hunt 26: om. g^HRIie, M. g^HKl] for position cf. Gr. A &c. 
-flt^-KO^OIf] *reddam' ap. Ln : -f n^-XaJjS. ft, M<»n» ti. tr. of Ji^jU 
*my wealth/ and gloss ^\y\ ^3 'Coptic, my wealth (pi.).' 11^ erasure 

of dotted letter after S at end of the line, A«. * 2^6] om. 0. H^q] 

ACi*rFi*GHL: + ibceiHC, B0i«Di.2E l>«(iaK-i 'acopy') JKM 
0(neX(JOOT)S Hunt 18, 26: > ItXei HC n^.q, Ai'Fi«(* another 

copy'). noifx^.i] A*: ^.nio-yx^.1, A« &c. j6ennA.iHi] ac 

r Fi«(* another copy') G H L Hunt 26 (H^.), cf. Gp. A D : i3LnA.IKI, 
B Di Ai^ E Fi* J K M O S Hunt 18, cf. the rest of Gr.: JuLlIIHI^ Dj. 
OJHpi, Dg; obs. Gr. «*LR om. c'crriv. ^*^ ^.qi V^.p] 

A.qi 2ie, M. eKCJO-f ] eqKCJot" > Dj. 

250 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

n^.pA.jS.oXK. eeJS.exe n^.qj6eitTr ne eiXKii. 
oifog, n^.ifiULeifi xe 'fiuiexoifpo tiire ^'f 

n^-oftjortg, e^oX c^.xotc ne. 

[^ cKfj i2jjg2CA.q Of It. xe neofon oirpcjojuLi SerrenHc 

A.qctje n^.q eoxxj^P^ ecofHoif eeTi nonrJULex- 
_ o-»po oifog, ex^^ceo. 
2 <T«d " Gx^-qjuLOT-f 2s.e el jjlSlUjk itx^.q ^.q-f iju 

iteiULit^. ntjooif eqxcjo iJULftoc. 2ce ^.pne^gcox 

;6eit n^.1 cy^'t'J- 
"HeqRoXiXKC 2i.e it^.TfiULoci" JGuuLoq ne. onrog, 
^.Tofcjopn noirnpec&i^. c^.4>^2,ot iiJULoq 
erxcjo iiuuLoc. xe xenoirea 4>^i ^n eepeq- 
epofpo eg^pKi excjon. 
^^Ofog, A.caoi5ni exA.qx^.ceo e^.q(rr R-fjutex- 
o-»po ^.qxoc eepofiULo-rf enieJS.iA.iK. m^\ 
exA.qi" i}Lni2,A.x ncooT. g^m^. iixeqejun 2C€ 
Of ijuuLexiefi-cycjox exA.TA.ic. 
^•3Xqi 2i.e ibcenig^oinx eqxcjo juuuLoc. xe nA.OT 
A. neKejutnA. A.qep i nejutnA.. | 
x^ ^^Ofog, nexA-q nA.q xe KA.XtJoc ni^cjoK eenA.neq. 


Hunt^^, 11 eTcoDxeuL] exA.T., b : exA.q., l*. itxe] actAi^ 

FQS: eXe, BDiHJiCKL*MN Hunt 26, confirming the conjecture of 
Schwartze: exe n, DgEiJi^L^O.] + ntJOOT, DgN. 

j6enx] om. ne, Og. iULeri] +ne, D1.2EJKMNO. oirong,, 

A r G Hunt 26. ne 2°] om. B Ai' El* F K M N Hunt 26. CA.- 
XOXC (q, B« D2 Hunt 26)] cf.? Gr. D ficXXc* irapaxp7/«i. ^^ neXA.q 

OTn] (A® has nexe, then erasure of probable Xe ne, then XeOTOn) 
l^BDi.aEJKNO Hunt 26: om. Of n, AcOFAi^FGHLS, cf. Gr. 252* e 
8yr«»» aim : +i3LnA.IpKi' thus, M(om. Xe) : neXA.q 2s.e, M, cf. Gr. 
D L. ne] om. A« B ; n over erasure, M^ Of ptJOiULl] om. Of, Ei ; 
Ei^ and gloss Of ptJOJULI. Aqcge] eA.q., l<iBD,.2J0i Hunt 26. 
CTl] cf. Gr. D &c. 8yr«": +nA.q to him, Dg. JULeXOfpo] 

LUKE XIX. 11-17. 251 

^^And (as they are) hearing these (things), he added and 
(lit. to) said a parable, because that he was approaching 
Jei-usalem, and they were thinking that the kingdom of 
God will appear immediately. ^^He said then: * There 
was a nobleman, he went to a distant country to receive 
a kingdom, and to return. ^^ And having called ten servants 
of his, he gave ten pounds to them, saying: "Trade in 
these until I come." ^*But his citizens were hating him, 
and they sent an embassy after (lit. behind) him, saying: 
"We wish not this (man) to be king over us." "And it 
came to pass (that) having returned, (after) having received 
the kingdom, he bid them call the servants, these to whom 
he gave the silver, that he might know what trading they 
did. ^•And the first came, saving: ^* My lord, thy pound 
made ten pounds." ^"^ And he said to him : " Well, good 

+ It^.q, hJBDjJM Hunt 26; for caury cf. the rest of Gr. OfO, A*. 
" l^e] Gr. L &c. om.: A A &c. 8yr«« koL eljuL] ixlix, K«: I, K*. 
itTA.q] obs. Gr. D &c. avroO, the rest of Gr. iavrov : b c ff ^* i 1 om. 

"fix] ^y B. eqxtjo &c.] acfAiTghklns : oifog, ne2C^.q 

ncOOT, B Di. a E J (M om. Onrog,), cf. Gr. ^.piejS.ttJCJOX, A B 
Di«FHN. j6enn^.l] obs.Gr. l^A BDL &c. cV 4 for €<os. ^* Heq- 
noXlTKC] -noXaXKC, F; cf. Gr. exc. D &c. (om. alrrov). UG] 

om. Ai^KN. onrog,] om. Fi*. eifxco] eqxo), Ci*Gi*. Teit- 

OTecy] CrAi'Fi*GHKMNOS: TeitOlfCJOaj, ABD1.2EF1OJL 
Hunt 26(EiJi Texen): -050} 6, S. ** Of Og, &c.] A.CttJ- 

2^6, ». eA.q(rr it'fjuLexoifpo] eT"^.qtfi &c., bdiJOS: 
-iiTeq-, H: om. e^.q(rr ii'fjuLexoifpo, «Ei: +oif02,, 

B Da, cf. Gr. uncials &c. eepoif] eop, A* : om. 6, T. em] 

itrti, i^BO: itneq, m, cf. Gr. df a. e&i^.iK] +n^.q, MFD^.g 

El J Hunt 36. n^.l] Gr. D &c. om. HtJOOIf] n^.q, Ej*. Of] 

cf. Gr. MBDL &c. syr««. eX^.T^.Ic] ACFGi.a^'LS: RG GX., Gi* begin. 

^BDi.aAj'F; nex., EHJKMNO Hunt26: -^.iq, Di. a E J M. -^^-^^ • • 

^' 2ie] om. «Fi*S. nig^Oflx] nOfg^OTIX the first of them, M. 

TIA.OT] « &c.: nOC, BEKO. ^.. ..^.qep] A.. ..€p, K N; for 
position cf. Gr. A &c. GJULIt^.] A &c.: ixn^., »0r»Ai'FGi.2^H 
MN ; cf. Gr. « AB* DL &c. iiva. " OfOg,] om. H: Gr. D e 6 «£. 

HI&ODK] for position cf. Gr. t^ &c. 

252 ROXTOX ^S.OYRaxH. 

eefLexe A-Kcgcjoni eKeng^oT ifeeit 2,A.nKoifxi. 

^^Ofog, A.qi iixeRiJULA.2,5 eqxcjo ijuutoc. xe n^.^ 
A. ueKiOLnA. A.qep e itiJLn^. ^•nexA.q 2ve on 

jJLn^iXJ^^' ^e a^^^J &^^^ exert e jul&^.ki. 
2^ Of og, ^.qi ibceniKeoif^.1 eqxcjo ijuutoc. xe n^.OT 

2,Hnne ic neKixn^. qx^ itTox. ^.iKOTfXojXq 

;6eit oifcoif2i^.pioit. 
21 H^.iep2,oi- j6^TeK2,K ne xe ileoK oTpcojuu 

eqit^.a'^- KtJoXi ijL4>H exexitneKx^^ ej^pm 

oifog, Ktjocji) ijL4>K exeiULReKCA.Tq. 
*=^n€X^.q n^.q. xe efLoX ;6en pcoK 'fit^'fg^^.n 

epoK ni&cjoK exg^tJooT. 
Icxe Kctjooifit xe A.noK oirptJOiun eqnA.ajTr- eicoXi 

jjL^H elr€JtJLn\x,^^ ej6pHi of og, eitJoc;6 jul^^h 

23Gefi.eoT iineKrf" i3Ln^.2,^.T ei"^A.. oTfog, 

^.itoK ^.icg^iti n^.in^.epnp^cciit XLtxoq iteiut 

2*Of02, Rex^^q nna exog^i epA.xoT. xe A.Xionri 

iJLniijLn^. itToxq ix^^i oirog, iULKiq ijL^^H 
ver.-*oni. exe uil Rixit^ Sxoxq. 

^ 26/j^2ccjo JuuuLoc ncjoxert. xe ofon iti&en exeoTon 

nx^^q ere-f it^.q. 

ee&exe] om. xe, Dj*. eK(^.K, 0)en2,ox] itaox, ^^. 
^^.HKoifxi] Of., B. eof onxeK] OfOIt., k. f] om. Fj*. 

1* A.qi] for position cf. Gr. exc. D, which has crcpoj. U^OCj HOC, 
BE2O, cf. Gr.; for position cf. Or. AD &c. ^qepj for position cf. Gr. 
exc. D syrc". e] I, FK.^ ^^ Of H, A. Xe] om. Ci*. ^tOK] 

for position cf. Gr. D. €] I^F K, cf. Gr. T. ^^ TIIK€] cf. Gr. 

(M*)BDL &c. U^OC] HOC, 0, cf. Gr.: om. L, cf. Gr. 243. syr"*. 
> ICg^HUTie, L. qX^] ACrDi.gAi'EFGiHJMS: eq^H, L: 
A.qXH, Gz^K : X"> *'^' ' ^^' ^^' -A^JKOf XcJOXq] ppef. Of Og,, 
B. ^^n^-iepg^O-f] ACrAi'FG2«>HKLMNS: +rA.p, BDiE 

Gi JO : + rA.p ne, D£; of. Gp. exc. D itP*«' ori. He] om. D^M. Xe] 

LUKE XIX. 18-26. 253 

servant, because that thou wast faithful in little things, be 
thou having authority over ten cities." ^^And the second 
came, saying: "ify lord, thy pound made five pounds." 
^'^ And he said again to this (one) also : " Be thou too over 
five cities." ^^And the other came, saying: "ify lord, 
behold, thy pound, it is with me; I wrapped it in a 
napkin: ^^I was fearing thee, because thou (art) a hard 
man: thou takest up that which thou laidst not do^n, 
and thou reapest that which thou sowedst not." ^*He 
said to him : " From thy mouth I will judge thee, Wicked 
servant. If thou knowest that I (am) a hard man, taking 
up that which I laid not down, and reaping that which 
I sowed not; ^^ wherefore gavest thou not my silver to 
the bank, and if I should come, I should have required 
it with its increase?" ^And he said to them who stood 
(by): **Take away the pound jfrom this (man), and give 
it to him who hath the ten pounds. ^®I say to you, that 

cf. Gr. exc. D e yap. KtJoXl] GKCJoXl, DljAi^EFx^JLO. eTCJUL- 

neK i°] exeK, a*. kcjocj6] eKa5Cj6f lm. exejuL- 

TI€K a^J exeneK, a*. " neXA.q] cf. Gr. l<i B L &c. 8yr«» : 

OTOg, neX^-q, B, cf. it aliq: +2^6, Dg Ai'FKN, cf. Gr. A &c. 
2Cefi.oX, A. KCOJOTIt] K over former letter, A«: GK., K. 
A.ItOK] Gr. L om. eitJoXl] erasure of letter before €, A« : Gr. D F it 
pier syr^^ et«^ aip», also D &c. ^pifw. 4>H e|exe, A. exiXUI 1°, 
D2. ^* eefi.eOT] for om. Kai cf. Gr. 69. 124. &c. syr®": om. OTf, 

B*. -fxp^-Ue^^.] cf. Gr. K al mu. A.rtOK] om. B. ^.ICg^Itl] 
Gr. «* adds oSp. JSjULOq] +ne, M. IteiULXeqiULHCl] K 
altered, A®; for position cf. Gr. G f**' 8yr«»» et»^K ^* OfOg, &c.l 

Gr. D an, b€. GT] eXOf, Dg. niiXH^.] Gr. D om. i}L4>^y 

om. BM. 2fi^n»g &c. read Q-vog, nexcjoof n^.q. xeiioc 

Of on I lieiULItA. itXOXq and tbey said to him : *Lord, there are 
ten pounds with him :' for omission cf. Gr. D 69. al® b e g ' syr®" Lcif *^^ 
Gr. B* om. icuptc. Gi om. Of OH. *® "fxoS] cf. Gr. «BL &c.: 

Gr. AD &c. add yap: IieX^.q XG'fxtJO, L, obs. eyr*«»» aeth 'et ait 
illis : Dico autem.' HCJOXen] Gr. M* om. v^iv. Xe\ Gr. L om. 

Of oit iti^eit] 4>K v^.p, «. OTon itxA.q] b ; of onxA.q, 

A Ac, 

254 ROXTOX ?s.OYRaxH. 

4>K 2^e eTejuuuLon ilxA.q neTenTOTq ceitA.oXq 
_ itxoxq. 
aka 27jjXj^^ tx/j^AJXi itA.1 exeiULnoTOTODa eepiepofpo 

_ ji)CJoXoT ixTi^JuLeo e&oX. 

<T\a 28 0if02, exA.qxe it^.i nA.qjuLoax ne g^ixg^R eqit^. 

EH *«0if02, A.cacJoni exA.qi6a5itx efLKecl>A.VK ite-u. 

&He^.iti^ ji)^Teit nixtjooif eojA.TJULOTff epoq 

xe 4>^.nixcjoix. 
GtXqoiftJopn JOLS e&oX j6eit iteqiULA.eKXKC ^°eqxu5 

iuLiULoc. xe juL^^a^ ntjoxeit e n^-i-f uli exx" 

ixuexenixeo. xexeitit^^ijun iioifCHX eq- 

cong, 4>K exejuLue g^Xi npcoiULi a.Xki epoq 

eiteg,. fLoXq e&oX ^.nixq. 
"Ofog, ecgcjon ^pecg^it ot^.i cyeit eanoTf. xe 

ee&eoT xexen&tJoX juLuLoq. a^oc i3LuA.ipHi". 

xe HOT nexepxpi^ jOuutoq. 
^ 82 0r^^^gjg itcooT 2^e itxeitK ex^.ToifopnoTf ^.f- 

xiJULi K^JT^^ 4>pHi" ex^.qxoc hcjoot. ^^enr&ojX 

2i.e ijLnicKX e&oX uexe iteq^Tice'r itcjooT. 
2Ce ee&eoT xexeit&tJoX e&oX juLnicKX. ^* RetooT 

2i.e nextJooT. xe noc nexepxpJ^ juuuLoq. 

exe 2^] om. LS. eju.Ju.oit iix^.q] «bmn; ejuju.on- 
x^.q, A &o. nexenxoxq] 4>h exenxoxq, D2L5 ^h 
exenxoq, bf: Gr. 69. 346. ayr^^ doicci Hx^iv. cenA.oXq] 
eireoXq, «b. nxoxq] cf. Gr. s^ad &c. " ^^{j ^^ q^ 

N B L &c. : HK, N, cf . Gr. A D &c. exeJU-ROT.] Gr. D S' &c. et'Xovras. 
JuLTI^.IJU.^.] en^.!., D1.2EJO: om. t^B. OlfOg, &c.] om. 
OlfOg,, «0: >JU.nA.JU.eo Oirog, j6eXji)«5X0T, B; for 
avToCs cf.? Gr. SBL &c. efi.oX] om. Ai'. ** Re] om. B. 

&JT&H] eXg^H, B Di. 2 E J : + Re, B : om. T*. cf. Gr. D &c. 

Hnnt|6. eqnij qn^., q^^: om. r*. ^9 fLKecl>^.vK] ^ae, AcrKO; 

*^* jS.K2i, BDj.2*Ai'EFGi.2^HJLM Hunt 26; 4>^rK, A &c., except 

LUKE XIX. 27-34. 266 

to every one who hath, it shall be given; but from him 
-who hath not, that which he hath will be taken away 
from him. ^But my enemies, these who wished not me 
to be king over them, bring them here, and slaughter them 
before me." ' ^® And having said these (things), he was 
walking on before, going up to Jerusalem. 

^^ And it came to pass, (that) having approached Bethphage 
and Bethany, at the mountain which they call, ' Of the 
Olives,' he sent two of his disciples, ^° saying : * Go to this 
village which is in front of you ; ye will find a colt tied, 
upon which no man ever mounted: loose him, bring him. 
^^And if any one should ask you wherefore ye loose him, 
say thus: "The Lord hath need of him."' ^And they, 
who were sent, having gone, found according as he said 
to them. ^And (as they are) loosing the colt, his masters 
said to them: * Wherefore loose ye the colt?' ^And they 

<1>^.KK, BK; <^l^H, Aj' M. IteJULfiKe^.ni^.] om. Aj^ 
ecg^.TiULOT'f . . . niXCOIT] om. Fi*. for om. t6 KaXoCfuvov cf. Gr. 
K n 69. al pauc ; for article cf. Gr. al pauc. neC|Jtl^0. J of. Gp. 
AD &c. ^® UA-I-f iULl] ACrAi'Ei«FGi.2*'HKLMNS Hunt 26: C^endii 

ni-fiULi, BDi.2Ei*.2JO. ixeo] + e^oX, DgN. nrerennA.- -X,^ 

XliULl] AOrAi^FC-GHKLMS Hunt 26: prefix epexeitnA.aje 
€;6oifIt epoq, B( + ntJ0Xen)Di.2EJNOj obs. fluctuation of Gr. 
cV ; and KaL eqcOHp^] eqCCJOHg,, : Gr. D om. 4>k] om. M. 
eTe] om. B. epoq] epOC, Dg. eiteg,] Gr. D &c. bjt^ om. 
fioXq] ACrAi'FGHKLMNS Hunt 26 : Of Og, eA.peT"eit 
fi.oXq, BD1.2E JO(C); for OlfOg, cf. Gr. BDL 157, for participle 
cf. Gr.: Gr. DL al® om. airoV. ^oXq &c.] om. N. ^^ eefieOT 

TeTen^tJO(o, a)X] +efi.oX, F,* : Gr. D &c. om. JOuuLoq 1°] 

cf. Gr. H^. JULTI^ipK'f ] a c ff^ 1 8yrc»» om. For om. air^ cf. Gr. 

»BDL &c. nexep] ne exep, D2: exep, DjE jo. ^-2ie] 

Gr. D e Hyr<« &c. km cm. eT^^fOlfOpROIf] eTA.q., BFM. 

^^er&tJoX] er^uX, b. -h.e] oirog, &c., Dg, omitting 'h.e. 

e&oX i°] om. B. neqtftceif] Gr. L om. alrrov, G&oX 2°] A : 
om. B &c. ^* Xe] cf. Gr. « A B D L &c. Uexep] eX€p, 





OTog, ^.irertq ^a. ihc. oTog, exA-T&op&ep 
nitoTg^fi-CJOc exen nicax A.ifXA.Xe mc epoq. 
^° e-yjuLOttji 2s.e n^.T4>(Jopcg jtitoTg^fLOJC g,i ni- 


flrx8 37 0qj^^^^3^^ 2i.e 2,K2iK eRiiULA. ill euecKT" itxe 
nixtJooT tnre nixcjoiT. GtXqepg^KXc itxeni- 
juLHg xapq ilxe itiiUL^.eKXKC eTp^^gi enrcjuLoir 
X2i. e4>-f j6eit oirnigi" iIcjulh. | ee&e nizoiu. 
XHpoT ex^.Trt^.T eptJooT ^^eirxtjo ixiULoc. 
2Ce qciULA.ptJoo-»x ibcemoifpo cJ>k eennoT i6en 
4>p^it iULTioc. ofg^ipHnK j6eit x4>e oTog, 

_ oftjooif j6en HK extfoci. 

<7Xc 3»Oto2, g^A-itoTon iixe iticl>^.piceoc efi.oX i6eit 
niiULHoj nextJooT n^.q. xe nipeq^c&co ^pieni- 

XIiUL^.It itIteKiUL^.eKXHC. 

^^Oifog, ^.qepoiftjo uex^.q. xe ^xoj jOlixoc 
ittjoxeit. xe ^.peaj^it m^\ ^^.pcooT ceit^uxg 
_ e^oX itxen^-itjoni. 

crxr ^iQifog, g^cjoc ex^.qj6cJoitx exA.qn^.T e-fB.A.Ki. 
^.qpiiULi eg^pm excoc ^^eqxcjo ijuutoc. 
2Ce eit^-peejuLi ^vj\ ne j6eit n^-ieg^ooT en^xe- 

^ eX^f &opjS.ep] Gr. D &c., ard plur. indicative, with koI. 
nOTg^fi-tJOC] ni &c., Al^ niCHX] Gr. D &c. avrov, ^^ ef- 

JULOOJl] ACTDiO.gAi'FGULM Hunt 26; tr. of ADi ^jj^^j-j ^ U^^ 
*aud a3 they are going:' eqiULOOJI, BDi*EJKNOS, cf. Gr. 
n^.1fcJ>CJ0pa] ^'^'» Fi*. &I &c.] Gr. D 229. om. ^' CqitA.] 

Gr. D syrc" aeth plural. 2^H2wH] Gr. D &c. syrc" om. A.qep- 
g^KXc] pref. Of Og,, « ; for sing. cf. Gr. D L &c. niJULKO}] 

4>iULKg, « B E Ji* 0. XHpq] om. «. itxemiULA.e.] a c i l a 

8yT«»» om. eTCiULOIf] pref. OTO^, Hunt 26. C^'f] JJL^^^ L. 

j6eit Of mcyi" &c.] um. «, cf. Gr. D 1. ee^e . . . epcoof ] om. ». 
xapof] om. O: 8yr«« om. bvvdfi€u>v. epcoof] +€nftJog cfLoX 

crying out, B. ^® 11X6 . . . ItHOf] combination of Gr. H* &c. and 

D &c.: Gr. B syr «" et •''^ o fpx^M- /SaaiXfuj : Gr. H^XL &c. 6 ipx6tJL€Pot 
Paa-,: Gr. D &c. add tvXoyrnUvos 6 fiaatktvs after KVftU/v, TlIOTpOj 

LUKE XIX. 35-42. 257 

said: 'The Lord hath need of him.' ^'And they brought 
him to Jesus: and having cast forth their garments upon 
the colt, they placed Jesus on him. '*And (as they are) 
walking they were spreading their garments on the road. 
^And (as he is) about to approach now the place of 
coming down of the mountain of the Olives, all the multi* 
tude of the disciples began rejoicing, blessing Qod with 
a loud voice concerning all the mighty works which they 
saw; ^saying: ^Blessed is the King who cometh in (the) 
name of the Lord: peace in (the) heaven, and glory in the 
highest.' ^And some of the Pharisees from the multitude 
said to him: * Teacher, rebuke thy disciples.' ^^And he 
answered, he said: 'I say to you, that if these should 
hold their peace, these stones will cry out.' ^^And when 
he approached, having seen the city, he wept over it, 
^2 saying: 'If thou even wert knowing in this day the 
things of thy peace 1 but now they were hid from thine 

nOTpO, S* : om. H. OTg^ipKIth] for position cf. Gr. A D &c. 
5* Of Og,] om. « : Gr. D e tiwp ««. Ue^^CJOOf ItA.q] ecXCO- 
Oflt(oiii. S) n^C| (were) sayiug then to him, Fi« ('another copy') S: 

om. it^q, K. nipeq.] ^peq., » Dj. ^pmixum^n, a. 

AJLA-OKXHC] 8>T«^»» &c. 'illos:' +^\n^. nceX^P^O** *^a* 
they hold their peace, Fi«, cf.? 8yr«> 'ne clament.' *® Of Og^] om. 

BM: Gr. D anoicp. dc. ^qCpOfCO] om. ». UeX^q] +Ita)Of, 
B, cf. Gr. A D &c.: Gr. G syr*** add dfifiw, X€rfxUd...nUd^€ti\ 
om. Fj* homeot. Xe 2°] Gr. B* &c. om. It^-l] om. K. It^lCJOItl] 
ABOrDi.aAi'FGHKLNS Hunt 26: Itl., MEJMO, cf. Gr. 

*^ Of og^ &c.] g^coc 2ke, KB. ex^qn^f] e^q, Ai'FiOC'an. 

other copy'): ^q, K: pref. OfOg,, M. eXCOc] cf.? Gr. KAB 

DL &c. iw* air^w. *^eqxa) ijuuioc]^ of og, uex^q, 

Fi« ('another copy'): IieX^q, A,'. Ei»« IipOVOf = irpoXoyou?. 
g^COl] g^CO, A*; for position cf. Gr. A &c. Om. ica/yfi cf. Gr. KB 
DL &c. Om. «row, cf. Gr. NABDL. Xeg^ipKItH] cf. Gr. A(D) &c. 
Byr«: Xg^ipHItH, Gi', cf. Gr. «BL 259. -fnOf 2^6 &c.] Gr. 
A* om. A-fg^COU] efg^COn, Ai'. IteA^X] cf. Gr.: ite- 

Tenfi.^X, 0. 



*^xe ceit^i eg^pHi excjo nxe^^oot. OTog, 
cen^x^Kxe K^a epo nxeitex^^i. 
Of og, cen^Kco'f epo of og, cen^^e^^ooxi c^c^ 
iti&eit **of02, efepajj^T JOUuio enecKT netx 

_ iteojHpi rtjfcH'f. 

^'^f Ofog, ftnofx^ ofcoiti exeit ofcoiti ai^Hi". 

_ e^Mx^, x€ ixncejuLi encKOf nxe ncxetJLnajmi. 

crAiy «OTrog, ex^qge ej6ofn eniep4>€i A-qepg^axc 
itg^iofi efioX RitK exi" efi-oX ^'ecpcoo iiJULoc 
itcoof . xe ccj^HOf X X€ n^Ki eqeofuoni itof hi 

_ ixnpocef XH. Recoxen 2^6 ^pexen^iq £L&r& 

"^ ftconi. *^ofog, it^qi"cfi.a) jOUuLHiti ^en lu- 

xe HiA.px^€p6*'^c 2ke next. nic^j6 I next, nig^of A.-f 
nxe mX^oc n^f Kco-f ue nc^ x^Koq. ** of og, 
n^f xiJULi ^n ue jul^h exof n^^iq. niX^oc 
VA.p XKpq n^f ^gi iiccoq ef ccoxext. epoq. 

E0 «^ Of og, ^cojcjoni i6en of ^i nnieg^oof eq^cfi.a) 

st>Gti uiep<l>ei Of og, eqg^igennof qi. 
3iXf og^i ep^xof nxeni^pxJ€:pef c next. nic^.j6 
nejUL nmpec&fxepoc. -ofog, nexcoof nA.q. 

*^ Xe] om. »^ eXCo] om. Gr. D 8yr<«. Of Og, i^] oin. » * M. 

epo 1^] epcoof , Ai'. nex^^xi] n^., Gi* l* n« s : ni., h. 

Of Og, 2^] om. M. Of Og^ 2° . . M*^ Of Og, i°] om. »l epO a°] 

but Gr. »* L om. cen^g,.] ncen^g,., a,* k. SJ^xg^ujxi] 

-g^COX XiXXO, Ai'FjO. C^CA.] »^ABCrDiAi'EF,«HJLMS 
Hunt 26 : nC^CA., D2 Fj* G K X 0. ** Of OP, i^l om. Fi*. ef - 

epa)j6x] ef pa3j6x^ «^- * r>i.2EiG j. n©KT i*"] Qr. i> om. 

Hunt 18, eUCHOf ] eni., L S: XXUCHOf , M. ** of Og,] om. «^ l s. 

ge] +2ke, Dj. nnnj nxenH, a«: nnex.. Hunt i8. Om. 

cV aur^, if. Gr. M B C L &c. Om. km dyopdCovras, cf. Gr. M 6 L &c. 
**Cci5HOfX Xe] om. M. cf. Gr. A* 243. s. Ei~» HC^I^C 
jJLjll U^l the prophet Ish'ay^,' ^^^H 'the exodus.' XC] cf. Gr. ACD 
8yrc« &c. eqegCOni] cf. Gr. K« B L &c., but before 6 o2«off ; obg. 


LUKE XIX. 43— XX. 2. 269 

eyes. ^^ Because days will come upon thee, and thine 
enemies will enclose thee with a palisade^ and they will 
surround thee, and they will press thee on every side, 
^^and they shall hurl thee down, and thy sons in thee; 
and they shall not leave a stone upon a stone in thee ; 
because that thou knewest not (the) time of thy visitation.' 
^^And having entered the temple, he began to cast out 
them who sold, ^* saying to them: 'It is written, that my 
house shall be a house of prayer: but ye made it a cave 
of robbers.' ^^And he was teaching daily in the temple. 
Eut the chief priests and the scribes and the first of the 
people were seeking to destroy him: *®and they were not 
finding that which they will do; for all the people were 
hanging upon him, hearing him. 

XX. And it came to pass in one of the days, (that as 
he is) teaching in the temple, and preaching good tidings, 
the chief priests and the scribes and the elders stood ; 
'and they said to him: 'Say to us, with what authority 

Gr. «* om. KOiHarai: ereJJLOX^ Gpoq X€, « B, cf. Gr. 0* a8. 
al pauc e aeth : Gr. ACD &c. cVWv at end, syr^'" adds naauf rois IBiKtrw, 
2s.e] om. BL, altered from 2Ce, Ci^. ^peXGH.] epeXGH., N*. 
*^ijUULHni] ACrDiAi'FGHLS Hunt 26: +ne, BDgEJKMNO 

Hunt 18. uiep4>ei] nep4>ei, b*. mc^j6] Gr. a &c. om. oi. 

neSJL . . . X^OC] for position cf . Gr. D &c. syr «>. ItC^] A* B F Di O ; 
nC^Of , Al' Fi« : iice, conjunctive, A« &c. *® <1>K €X] UeX, 

BE JO Hunt 18. OTTIt^] om. H^, Aj'. ^iq] Gr. D &c. add a^. 

VA.p] 2ke, M.] nA.q., km. Rccoq] +ne, Dg. 

enrCCOXeJUl] e. to hear, Di E J Hunt a6. €poq] Fj* &c. : 
ncCOq, FiO(* another copy') ; for position cf. Gr. y •" it vg. Tr. of Jj has 
h ^jJ^ * suspended on him,' and gloss sju yj*^^ % ^ 'correct, and 
hearing him.' 

* OfOg, I®] om. B: Gr. D e ryfi'. ic. Of A.I It] om. K*. For HuntiS, 
om. cVciWp cf. Gr. «BDL &c. cfi.a)] ACrFi*GHKLN Hunt 18: 
+ ixniXA-OC, B Dj. 2 E Fi« J M S, cf. Gr. A-f Og^l] A-qOg,!, 
Fi*0. A-pX^Gp^^c] cf. Gr. «BCDL &c. mCAj6j Gr. A &c. 
om. qL ^OfOg, Ac] cf. syr«»» ct««*» *et dixerunt ad euro:* 

B % 


260 ROXTOX ^s.OYRa\H. 

xe ^^oc n^it. xe ^Kipi itn^.i j^eit ^oj itep- 
aiffli. i€ It I JUL uex^qi" ijLn^.i6pa)ia)i itAJC. 
^ 3\qepoir o) uex^q itcooT. xe -f it^geit OHnonr g^o) 
eofc^xi ofog, A^oq itHi. 

^IIicojuLc nrre i(jo^.itnHc. ite oTefi.oX jfceit t"<^ 
ne g^it oirefioX jfeeit itipoojuLi ne. 

^Hecjoof 2ke ^-rcotfrti nejUL itoirepHo-r eYxu) 
iJuuLoc. xe cojcon ^.itoj^itxoc. :£e oTe&oX 
i6eit x4>e ne qitaj^coc. xe €efi.eo-r iineTeit- 
it^g^-f epoq. 

® Ggoou 2ke ^.naj^nxoc. xe oTefi.oX i6eit nipoo^ftiu 
ue niX^-oc XKpq it^g^iooiti epoit. uoTg^KX VA.p 
OKX xe icjo^ititHC oirnpo<l>HXKC ne. ^onrog, 
^•cepofco. xe xenexni ^it xe o-re&oX 
ecoit ne. 

* 0-rog, nexe ikc nooof . xe of 2ke ^noK iii"nA.xoc 
ncoxen ^n. xe ^iipi nit^i j^^n ^oj itepajiaji. 

^ •nXqepg^HTc 2ie nc^xi next. niX^oc | nxA.i- 

Heofon ofpcojun e^qcfo nof i^g^^XoXi. o-rog, 
^qxHiq ng^^nofiH o-rog, ^qjge n^q enajexx.- 
JULO nofnicy-f Rckot. 

^ eirXU) ijUULOC, B, cf. Gr. A &c. (word and position). ^.XOC 
n^n] Gr. »*C om. le] Gr. D &c. ««. neX^.q] ACrAi'FG 
J3KLS Hunt 18; ne ex^q, EDljEHJiMNO. iiMi>.\ &c.] A: 
>mJC &c., B &c., cf. Gr.: -JULni-, Fj*. ^ epOf CJO] ACFAi' 

FGHK*LMS Hunt 18: +2^6, BDi.aEJRoNO, cf. Gr.: sypO" om.: 
Gr. &c. add 6 S. nOOOTr] cf. Gr. exc. >** npos ovtok g^O)] 
om. B 0. eOf .] nOf ., S. Of CA.2CI] cf. Gr. Nf B L Ac. syr^". 
OfOg,] om. BUMOi, cf. c e ff^- i 1 q vg syro". A.2COq] ABC T 
D2(e)AirEFGJLN0iS Hunt 18: ^.XOC, DiHRMOj. * ne] 

cf. Gr. ^w: om. DjEJO. Of i^] om. JLS Hunt 18. ne i°] om. B, 

LUKE* XX. 3-9. 261 

didst thou these things? or who gave this authority to 
thee?' ^He answered, he said to them: 'I will also ask 
you a word, and say it to me. ^The baptism of John, 
was it from (the) heaven or from [the] men?' *And they 
took counsel with one another, saying : ' If we should say, 
that it is from (the) heaven, he will say: "Wherefore be* 
lieved ye him not?" 'But if we should say, that it is 
from [the] men, all the people will stone us, for they are 
persuaded that John is a prophet/ ^And they answered: 
* We know not whence it is/ ® And Jesus said to them : 
'Neither will I say to you with what authority I did 
these things/ 

^And he began to speak to the people this parable: 
'There was a man who planted a vineyard, and gave it 
to husbandmen, and went to (the) foreign (land) for a 

OTT 2^] om. Ai'. * 2^6] om.? Fj*. ^f COCTltl] cf. Gr. A BL &c. 

eifXVJ jJLiULOc] ef^CCJOOf, D^ Xe i^] Gr. &c. Ryr«° om. 

^.itaj^.itxoc] ^.iraj^it., Aj'. qn^xoc] a*bcFi*gh, cf. Gr. 

KABO^DL &c.: +nA.rt, A»»Di.2EFi«JKLMN0S Hunt 18, cf. 

Gr. c* &c. eefi.eoT] cf. Gr. «bl &c. JuLnexeit] ixnen, c. 

* 2ie] Gr. D &c. syr*" km tap. ^.ItOJ^rt] ^.qoj^rt, G,. XG i^] 
cf. Gr. C* syr«°. XOf , A*. XCICO^nitHC] GZeitlCJO. about John, 
B, cf. sjrc". "^ OfOg,] syr*^" om. ^TrepOTCJo] CTiJX., Gg, 

cf.? 1: +nex(joo-r, DljAj^efj, cf. i. Teiteu-iJ itxen., j^; 

for 'ncacimus' cf. c f syr®* et^h. efioX] om. Di*. ® Gr. K* 

atroKpiBtis. Ri" It^] ACTDiFGHKLM: 'flt^, single negative, 
BD2EJO Hunt 18. •:^e] om. BGKN Hunt 26; obe. 8yr<^° *6t Hunt 26, 

coepit.' neJULniX^..Oc] ro(neJUL above erasure of one letter) &c., 
for position cf. Gr. Q Ac: +XHpq, B. Ite] Xene, B Di« jE.T 
Hunt a6: om. Di*. Of pCOJULl] cf.? Gr. « B C D L &c: Gr. A &c. 
8yr«» add rU. E^qCTo] ^q(Jo, Ci* K 0. cf.? Gr. indicative; for 
positioncf. Gr. >*ABL&c. Of Og, i«>] Gr. D e ovrw d<. jtOfltigi"] 
A«(era8urc of e before 0)CrGHKMNS, cf.? Gr. 11*, dative: GOf., 
L. cf.? Gr. al aliq praem tls: Rg^^ItniOji", plural, BDj.jAi'EFJLO 
Hunt 26(eg,^It): Gr. B* om. Uapow. itCHOf] A"»8 &c.: om. A*: 


262 RaxTOx ^s.0YRaxH. 

ofiH. ^m^ ticerf it^q efi.oX j6en nonrT^ 
Rxe nn^2,^.Xo>\i. itiofiH 2l€ exA-Tg^ionri epoq 

" OTog, ^.qo-r^g^xoxq on eoTcopn hcdott itKe- 
Slujk. necjooT 2^6 exA-Trg^ioiri enix^r* oTog, 
ex^^f gogq ^.-cfrroxq efi.oX eqajo-rix. 

^^OTog, ^.qof^g^xoxq on eoTfcopn ixnuuLA^v. 

''^riexe HOC 2^6 juLun^g^^XoXi. 2ce of ne-fn^^Ajq. 

-f n^o-fcopu ijLn^a)Hpi ijumeitpix. ^pHo-c itce- 

gmi i6^Teq2,H. 
^* Gx^^f it^-r 2ke epoq itxenioTiH rt^.Tco(riti ne 

itciUL noTepHo-r er^cco XJuuioc. 
2Ce <l>A.i ne uiKXapoitoxnoc. ^juLcomi jui^peit- 

i6oefi.eq. ^im. nTecaaoni n^it nxei"KXHpo- 

noxni^. ^^ofog, eT"^.-r2,ixq caAoX jQLni- 

1^2,^X0X1 ^.Ti6oefi.eq. 
Ot uexeqit^^iq ncjoo-r itxeuOT ixnii^^^XoXi. 

^•qitA.1 oTfog^ qitA.x^Ke niofiR oirog, qn^-f 

ijLnu^.2,^XoXi ii^6.tiKexy^o'€n\. 

^^OfOg,] Gr. D icocpo) «€. i6en] cf. Gr. AC &c. «yr«>? 
nCHOf] OTCHOT, L; cf.? Gr. KBDL &c.: HICKOT, Dj, cf. Gr. 
C Q I. 131. 209. al pauc rf g,^.m(om. D2)Oirm] ng^A-ItOflK, 
Ai' G N. IXOf X^g,] nOTT over erasure, 1> : III., Hunt 26 : Gr. 
»* ora. eX^-rg^IOfl] for position cf. Gr. A C &c A.'C'f ] pref. 
OfOg,, D2, cf.? e sjr^ *' " OTTOg, i°] om. Hunt 26. 

A.qo-r^.2,XOXq] ^qg^lXOXq, H Hunt 26 ; obs. Gr. »♦ c^cro ; 
Gr. D e mi €n€fi\lrtv enpov lkw\o¥. COTTCOpn] ^qOITCJOpH, D2 twice. 
nCJOO-r] for position cf. Gr. 0* al^»<" syrP. itKefi-CJOK] cf. syrP; 
for position cf. Gr. C &c. eill^ex] Ao(e over beginning of JUL) &c. : 

JUL., K N : en^ixc"> B. cyojgq] 'f goajq, E J. " o-fog,] 

om. B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D e. ^qOf ^.g,] ^.qg,!, Hunt 26. 
on] om. LS. Of cop n] + noOOf , Ai^FN. ixni &c.] for position 
cf. Gr. AC &c. neCJOOf 2^6] Gr. D &c. om. 6J€^\^ JULHA.!] 

LUKE XX. 10-16. 263 

long time. ^^And in (the) time he sent a servant to the 
husbandmen, that they might give to him of (the) fruit 
of the vineyard: but the husbandmen having beaten him, 
thrust him away empty. ^^And further (lit. he added to) 
again he sent to them another servant: and they having 
beaten this (lit the) other (one), and having reviled him, 
thrust him away empty. ^^And further (lit. he added 
to) again he sent the third; and they wounded this 
other (one), they cast him out. ^^And the Lord of the 
vineyard said: "What shaU (lit. will) I dol I shall (lit. 
will) send my beloved son: perhaps they may be ashamed 
before him." ^^But the husbandmen having seen him, 
were taking counsel with one another, saying: "This is 
the heir; come, let us kill him, that the inheritance may 
be for us." ^^And having cast him outside of the vine- 
yard, they killed him. What will the Lord of the vine- 
yard do to them? ^*He will come, and will destroy the 

AOrAi'FGHKLNS: GT^T., DljEJMO: eT^^^oX^m.^ 
B Hunt 26 (eU). n^l] cf. ? Gr. M B D L &c., but these without rrcpoy ; 
obe. q *et hunc quoque.' A-fg^lXCJ efi.oX] pref. Of Og,, D2: om. 
K*, added by K« with ^J^ 'correct copy :' + eqgOTIX, K«, cf. Or. 
D f q. ^^ IiexeuOT ^e] On D e syr^ o «# (om. 8yrc«) Kvpios rov 

afin. fifTfif. oT...^.iq] Or. B* om. itcettjmi] ncccrfajini, M: 

ceit^^ajmi, B Hunt 26; for om. Id6t^€s cf. Or. MBCDL &c. 
^* eT^TIt^f &C.J Dj has gloss i.l. U1 jvjj; * Greek, when they saw him.* 
2s.e] om. Hunt 26. epoq] Gr. H* M om. ItiCeitlOTIH] B has 
erasure of eleven letters after 11X6, and then rtlOflH ; Gr. D e om. 
tiiJXCOCfiil] C over erased (TTa®, cf. Gr. >*BODL &c. lie] om. 
BG2K*L0i Hunt 26. ItetJLItOirepHOT] cf. ? Gr. «BDL &c. 
^JULCJOmi] cf. Gr. KCDL &c. syr««. ^Ilt^ &c.] Gr. C &c. 8yr«« 
leal ^ijAy Kotm ^ kktip. i" kX.] TGqKX., D,.2E J M. " €X^T- 

^IXq] ^T., D2 : Gr. L Xafiovrts, Gr. XaPovrts ovtop c^/9aXov . . . Kai. 
nil] ni, A i«» twice, Fi* Ji». OT] A«(02, erased)BCrAi'FGHLM8 
Hunt 26 ; for om. o^v cf. syr«« : +X€, Di. 2 E J K N 0, cf. Gr. HG- 
Teqit^.] ne eX^q, B. ItOOO-r] om. B Hunt 26, cf. Gr. D &c. om. 
^* qit^I . . . ^XoXl] om. K* homeot. qiU.XAJC€ . . . OTOg, 2°] 


Gx^TcooxejUL 2^6 nexax)T. xe ititecajcDTU. 

x^ "iteoq T^e \ ex^^qcojuic epoxnr nex^q. xe 

o-r ne <1>a.i excj^Honrx. xe niconi ex^.nrgoa|q 

nxeitK exKuox. ^^.i ^qaooni erxcox itXAJcg^ 

^® Of on nifi.eit eeitA-g^ei e^cen lujooiu 6xeAJUuu.f 

qitA-Xcjoc. 4>K 2^6 exeqit^g^ei 6xa>q qiu^^q 

_ e&oX. 

eperc een nof xix eg^pHi excoq. o-rog, j^en 
-f Of itof €xeiiuuLA,f. Of og, ^f epg^o-f jfc^xg^H 
i3LniXA.oc. ^f ejULi v^p xe ex^^qxe x^.in^.p^- 
SloXh eefi-KXOf . 

OA w «<»Ofog, ex^.fi"2,eKOf A-fofoopn gAP^^ n^^n- 

peqxpo^ ef epjutexgofij. erxuj jjlmxoc epux)f . 
xe £^^.nejuLHi. g^m^. ncexA.g,oq iiofc^jci. 
g^cocxe exKiq R+^px^ next, i" ej^of cia. nxe 
^^Ofog, ^fgenq efxco jjlmxoc. xe uipeq+c&o) 
xenejuLi xe icc^^i i6en of cax)f xen of og, 
icf c&(jo- Of og, KtfT 2,0 ^.n A-XX^. sb^n of- 
jULceAJLHi irf cfi.a) Xinixjiooix nxe c^i". " cge 
n'fg^cjo'f JOLnof po g^.n ijuuLon. 

om. Fi* homeot. XA.Ke] +n, DjAi'Fi^L. niOflK] cf. Gr. 
D &c.: Gr. H* om.: + eXeAJUUL^.f , Di.jM, cf. Gr. i. &c. fW»aw. 

Of og^ 2^] om. M. qn^.'f ] n^.q-f, d,. JuLnii], b 

Hunt 26. 2l€] Gr. a D e 04 «#. " Of HC] Of Of n ne, 

B Hunt 26. <l>^.i] 4>H, Ls. nH ex] nex, Ei*o. ef xcox] 

-2CA.X, F: nOf XCOX, BDj.jM Hunt 26. ^'^ Of on] ABCFAj' 

FGHKLMNS Hunt 26: OfOg^ Ofon, DljEJO: Gr. 157. o^, 
Byr«" y6p. nA.I(JOni] A* (and tr.) B Aj' F : ni, A<^ &c.: ni, 0. 
eXeXIUUL^.f ] om. B Hunt 26. c^H 2^e] Of Og, c^H, Di.jEJO. 
exeqn^.] eX^^qn^., a A,': een^., L. Ei has in margin 
•^T^XiiLO pl^. " n^f KCO-f] cf. Gr. C D &c. nicAj6] 

for position cf. Gr. AB(0)L &c. ril^P^] Or- C ot ^api<ra«o«. 

een] en, a g. nof xix] of xix, Ci* ; Gr. c x«v«^, Or. k ii 

LUKE XX. 17-22. 266 

husbandmen, and will give the vineyard to others.' And 
having heard, they said: 'It shall not be.' ^''But he 
having gazed at them, said : ' What is this which is 
written, that the stone which the builders rejected, this 
was made for (e) a completion of (the) comer? ^® Every 
one who will fall upon that stone will be broken to 
pieces; but upon whom it will fall, it will scatter him 
as dust.' ^^And the scribes and the chief priests were 
seeking to lay (lit. bring) their hands upon him, even (lit. 
and) in that hour; and they feared the people: for they 
knew that he spake (lit. said) this parable concerning them. 
'"And having observed (him), they sent to him men of 
subtlety, using hypocrisy, saying of themselves that (they 
were) righteous, that they might catch him by word, so as 
to give him to the rule and the authority of the governor. 
'^ And they asked him, saying : ' Teacher, we know that 
thou speakest rightly and teachest, and acceptest not 
person, but truly teachest the road of Qod: ^^is it lawful 


al pauc rrip x'«pa. OfOg, i6en] A F* S : ifcert, B &c.: Gr. 

D Ac. om. iv. IXIXA-Oc] cf. Or. MA6CDL &c.: 1X^.1., K*. 

A.-r (er. Hunt 26) eJtJLl V^p] Gr. »♦ om. €XA.qxe] for position 

cf. Gr. «B(D)L &c. X^^IHA-p.] X over erasure, A^. *° OTTOg,] Hunt 56, 

Of Og, . . . 2^6, Dj. eXA-Xi" g^OKOf] Gr. D itP»" go aeth oiro- 

Xti^njaayrts. g,^.poq] ACrDaAi'Fi^GiHKLMNS : om. BDiEFj* 

Ga J Hunt 26, cf. Gr. nxeg^^^n, A« M. peqXP^q] A Fi* : 

peqepxpo^j b &c.: JUtenrpeqepxpo^j M: jpeq, om. 
Xpoq, Dj. erep] ^.f ep, m. xe] om. l s. oxhhi] a*, 

cf.? Gr. Dr : +116, A« &c.: +ne, Ai'F. XA^oq] Gr. L aln-tws. 
0•rC^w2C^] Gr. DL &c., plural. ^COCXe] 2,&C2k€, ADjLMNO 
Hunt 3*6; cf. Gr. KBCDL &c.: ^OOC, H. IteJUl] flXe, M. 

nig^KvejuLcjon] g^ir ., a : om. ui, Ci*. ^^ kca.2£i] eKCiJxiy Dj. 

si^etlOlf ( + JULGT, N) CCJOO-rxen] for position cf. Gr. Dae. Of O^ 
frfcfi-O) I*'] -eirf., DjJj: -^.K-f., GjJi: om. Hunt 26. K(JTj 
AXCfly D2G2 . JCf 2*»] eK., Al' S. JULniAil (om. A) CJOIX] Rltl &c., 
Al'. ^^Cge] ACrAi'FGHKLMNS: +n^.lt for us, BD1.2E 

JO Hunt 26(n^.It^n), cf. Gr. OD &o. tif^&'f'] ABOFGHK 



Ofog, uex^q ncjooT. xe 'fg^iKcoit iteAJL •f eiu- 
vp^.4>H eTg^icjoxc n^^itiJUL ite. neooonr 7^e 
nexvjoy. xe it^^uoTrpo ite. 
" Heoq 2^6 nex^q itcoo-r. xe •f itoT jul^ nA.noTpo 
Yh juLnof po I oTog, JUL^ m^^^ ixc^-f. 

^•Oirog^ jULnofgxexiizojuL eAJt«.^.g,i juuuLoq j^eit 
ofCA^i XinejULoo juLniXA-oc. oirog, ex^^ep- 
g<l>Hpi e^pHi exeit neqxmepoiru) ^tx^P^J^o"^- 


OB *^Gx^.Ti 2s.€ iixeg,^.noiroit nxe2,^.itc^2k2s.onrK€oc. 

HH exxo) jOUuLoc. xe ijumoit A.itA.cxA.cic. 

^.-rcyenq ^^engxuj ajujloc. 

2Ce c^peq-f a. xncjof ckc cj6^i n^it. xe eajoon 

^.p6a)^.it ncoit noT^.1 julott eofonxeq cg^ixni 

Ofog, 4>^i iSUuLonxeq cgupi jjutxi^r. g^m^. Rxe 
neqcon tff itxeqcg^iJULi oirog, nxeqxoTitoc 
oficpo^c ixneqcon. 
^•Heoiroit f of it neon ne. oirog, nig^ofix exA.q(ff 
•f cg^iJULi ^.qxno-r eqoi n^^x^Hpi. 

LNS: ei".,Di.2Ai'EFJM6Hunt26. iSLnOfpo] for position cf. Gr. 
D &c. 8yr«». *3 2^6] om. B. XHeXU^nOf pVOc] Gr. C* D &c. 

8jr^^ iroyrjpla. ne2CA.q] ACTAi^FGHKLNS : +na30T, BDi.gE 
J M Hunt 36, cf. Gr. For om. re fit ntipdCen cf. Gr. M B L &c. 

^* 2ce i°] om. Oa. cf. Gr. GOf c^^ecpi] nof ., F. necoof 2^e 

...Ue2C^.q] cf. Gr. «(add8 avro,) C L &c. ^.f XAJULOq] ef &c., 
Gi*. nCJOOf ] cf. c al. i" g^IKOOn] g^f KCJOn, A Af S : X^.1. 
this image, L. neCJOOf ^6 2"^] for om. aitoKptSivrti cf. Gr. MBL &c. 

ue^ccjoox] ne^^^q naoof , k®. n^ 2°] om. Oi*. ^'^ nooof ] 

cf.? Gr. ACD &c. avroU\ but prohably = wpiff avrovs of Gr. MBL &c.: 
om. G, cf. a. 'fnof] for position cf. Gr. KBL &c. UOfpO through- 

LUKE XX. 23-29. 267 

to give tax to (the) king, or not?' ^^But having observed 
their crafbinesSy he said: ^^Shew to me a stater.' And 
they shewed to him. And he said to them: 'The image 
and the superscription which are on it — whose are theyV 
And they said: '(The) king's are they.' ^^And he said 
to them: 'Now give (the) king's (things) to (the) king, 
and give Qod's (things) to Qod.' '^And they could not 
overpower him in a word before the people: and having 
wondered at his answerings, they held their peace. 

^And some (men), namely, Sadducees, who say that 
there is not resurrection, having come, asked him, ^ saying : 
' Teacher, Moses wrote to us, that if (the) brother of any 
one should die having wife, and this (man) have no son, 
[that] his brother should take his wife and raise up seed 
to his brother. ^^ There were then seven brothers: and 
the first having taken the wife died, being without son. 

out for Ktuactpot "pi, but Gr. D has ra rov it., and Or. C*DL 13. 72. 346. 

r^ K.; tr. of DijmJ Kay^ar. OTOg,] OTTO, A* : om. Fi*. JULc^'f] 

A"^ tr. &c. : om. A* B*. ** Of O^ i°] Or. D dc. eAJULA.g,lJ 

it., KO: e^JULOni, e^o(2j^ 'a cop7')Ji: Or. D &c. place nrcX. after 

avr, pvffL. ifcenOf CA.XI] Gr. « B L Tov pfmaros. JULUeSXBO] 

ABCrAi'FGHLMSHunt26: +efi.oX, D1.2EJKNO. Of Og, 2°] 

om. M. epaj4>Hpl] +2^6, Da. Gg^pHl] om. BDiEJO Hunt 26. 

*^ 2ke] om. B. ilXe2,^nC^.2k2L.] AO : OXeitl., Ai'Gi« (I addcd).2 : Hunt a6 

Rxeitl. of the &c., Fi<^Ji*KM«NO: tiTESj^n.y FHLS: ftxe, p^"^^ 

om. ni, B: efi.oX i6enmCA.2k., DlsEJi^sM* Hunt 26. HR ...KGOC 

eTXO) ijLJULOC (COOf , S)] cf . Gr. « B C D L &c. ^.f geitq] but 

Gr. B &c. imipimow, ** ^JUlCJOf CKc] ilUULCOfCKC, Dj. 

iJuULA-f ] om. Di* E Fi' J K» 0. JULJULOItTeq] iteijuuLort- 

Teq, M Hunt 26; for om. €mo6av(i cf. Gr. »*et«B L &c. g^IIt^ 

itxe] eepe, B: eepcq, Hunt 26. Teqcg^ijuii] a b c r Ai' 

GiHKLMNS: 'fcg^lXHI, Di.gEFi'^GjJO Hunt 26. OfOP,] om. 

bm Hunt 26. ueqcoit 2°] ni., DiFj'EJ. "ne &c.J Gr. d 

aeth iiaa» (aeth adds oZw) nap tifituf cirra adcX^i, Rjr ®^ 170-01^ cfrra adf X^oc. 

ne] a*bk: ne, a^ &c. eT^^qcTT] ^.qdT, b Hunt 26. 

•fcg^IJULl] AGS: n'fcg^IAJlI, Aj'M; C^IXHI, B &c. 

268 RaxTOx ^s.0YRa)lH. 

^^Ofog^ niJUL^.2,5 ^.qtfixc. ^^ nciUL nijui^g^r. n^.!- 

^^ it^pHj Of It i6en 'f^.n^cx^.cic ^cn^.6pc^iiuu 

itniiUL ijuuLCJoo-r. ^ uif r^.p tfrrc e-rc^ixni. 
^*Oiro^ ne2CA.q itcwo-r nxeiiic. xe itiajKpi itxe 

UA-ifciteg, a^ij^C^ ofog, g^-r(Jnro-r. 
3*Hh 2^6 ex^fepnejULua^. juLnieneg, ex€ 

next, 'f^n^.cx^.cic -f efi.oX jfeert nipeqjULooo-rx. 

Of 2^6 i}Ln^ir(n Of 2^6 juLn^^ftfrrof. ^«of2^e 

xe r^.p juuuLoit gxojui | itcejuLof xe. g^A-it^icoc 

ilA.rveXoc v^p rte. of og^ £>^na)Hpi iixe c^i" 

ne. ef oi ilgHpi nrre •f^n^crr^.cic. 
2'Oti 2^e nipeqjuLCJoofx n^^xcoofnof. juioofCHc 

g^coq ^.q^-JULHiiti g^i nifi^xoc JuLc^pH'f ex- 

eqxco ijuuLoc. 
2Ce HOC c^-f fi^&p^.AjuL next, c^-f itic^.^.K next. 

4>i" Si^^Kcjofi.. ^^c^-f c^^^itH eejULooofx ne. 

^.XX^ c^^nH €xonj6 ne. ceonj6 VA.p n^.q 

XKpOf . 

3® Of og, nijut^g^S] cf. Gr. « B D L &c. ^qtfTxc] +A.q- 

JULOf eqOI n^XOJHpi he died being without son, S, cf.? Gr. A &c. 
^^ For om. Aa/Scv avr^i' cf. Or. D &c. Gr. A &c. add «Mravr«ff. ^c] 
oni. GKN, cf. Gr. 126. &c.: +on, BD,,2EF,'"J0 Hunt 26; for om. 
on cf.? Gr. DK': 8yr°" ot»«»» *et similiter.' ijinof ^A.] for om. mi 
cf. Gr. « A B D L Ac; for XA- ^f? Gr. D a<^i7Kay. SJHpl] cf.? Gr. 
D &c. t€'kvok ^.fXHOf] n^.f &c.. Ai'. ^^2ke] cf. Gr. 

K® A L &c.: om. Ej* J3, cf. Gr. K* B D &c. For om. navnov cf. Gr. 
KBDL &c. ^.CXHOf 2,000 &c.] cf. Gr. A &c.: >^&C ^.CXHOf , 
B Hunt 26, obs. Gr. MB DL &c. koi 17 ywri mriBat^v: om. ^COC, Qi*. 
^^ n&pKI Of n i6en] cf. Gr. N«AD &c.: Gr. «♦ &c. Byr«> om. oJr. 
^^Cn^^ep] for future cf. Gr. KDL &c. Cg^JXHI i°] syr<^ om. yw^. 
nniXn] om. K. ^nif &c.] nif V^.p ^.f (fTxC, Hunt 26. 
^*For om. oiroKptBtU cf. Gr. KBDL &c. nOOOf ] Gr. D e irpor avrovr. 

iKc] Gr. D i om. ^ ewe^ eoon, K*?. 'f^.n^cx^cic] 

LUKE XX. 30-38. 269 

^And the second took her; ^'and the third; and thus 
unto the seventh ; they left not son, and they died. ^^ And 
at (the) end the woman also herself died. ^'^In the resur- 
rection then, of which of them is she to be the wife? for 
the seven took her for wife.' ^And Jesus said to them: 
'The sons of this age take (to wife) and ai*e taken: ^but 
they who were worthy of that age, and the resurrection 
[the] from the dead, neither take, nor are taken (to wife): 
^* for neither is it possible that they should die any more : 
for they are equal to angels; and are sons of Qod, being 
sons of the reeun-ection. ^^But that the dead will rise, 
Moses also gave sign in the (place concerning) the bush, 
as he saith : '* The Lord, Qod of Abraam, and Qod of Isaac^ 
and God of Jacob." ^ God is not (the God) of them who 
are dead, but of them who are alive; for all are alive to 

om. •f , G. -f efi.oX] om. 'f , M. itipeq] riH ee, b r d,. 2 
Ei(nee).2Fi'j,.8(nee)M*o Hunt 26. oy^e i°] +r^p, Di*. (ff Of 2^6] om. Dj. ^* ^^p] om. Di«HLS, cf. Gr. H al 

pauc. 2Ce] (pt. before, A) om. D^* Ely JO Hunt 26, cf. i. 209. &c. 8yr«>. 
g^^^ng^ICOC . . . Of Og, £1^^] om. Hunt 26. g^^^Itg^lCOC . . . 
ne 2°] om. B. g^ICOc] CiODLgEiJ,: g^f COC, A &c. Of Og,... 
ne 2°] om. Gj*: om. OfOg,, M. g^A-ltgUpi] GfOI ItttJ., 
Hunt 26: Gr. A 2. y»c' oi vioi. tie 2®] for position cf. Gr. K: Gr. 
M &c. 8yr«'» om. " OXI 2^6] GTI 2^6, Gj: +X€, D1.2EJO: 

g^OTe ^€, B: g^OXe, Hunt 26, obs. Gr. L d»c' om. dc. It^^- 
XOJOf nOf ] Cen^.., Eg G K N. &CJOq] om. N. cf. Gr. D &c. 

^Tf] ^1"> N. &ini] ^., s*: e., B^ enreqxa)]_B« &c.: 
ex^q &c., A B*. xenoc &c.] om. noc, b : itxenoc xe- 

^.ItOK ne ^-f li^p^.^JUL (said) the Lord : ' I am (the) God/ M : 
XC^ItOK 116 &c., Hunt 26, obs. e *dommua deus dicens ego sum deus.' 
Ei<"ff VeiteCIC and UAU 'the creation,' and ^,^ 'the exodus.' 
***+] ACTAj'-GHLMS Hunt 26. cf. Gr. D a: +^€, BDj.aEF/J 
K N 0. cf. the rest of Gr. Ue i°] om. Hunt 26. ^^^.ItH €X] 
cl>A.neX, CGiH: 4>K ex, L*. ne 2°] om. DjEFi'-JM Hunt 26. 

G2* om. ^.XX^... . ne. ceoni6] cen^. &c., l m. v^-p] om. m. 

It^q] om. r». XHpOf] over erasure, r«: +ne, KN. 

270 ROXTOX (\OYRa\H. 

ff^ *o H^ r^.p ^rt xe egeitq eg^Xi. 

_ OB. 

or ^^ *^nex^q 2l€ ncjooT. 2ce ucoc ce^cco ijuuLoc. xe 

nxc naHpi it2i^.Ti2^ ue. ** fteoq rA.p 2s.A.iri2k 
qxo) iiJULoc jfceit nxcojuL ititi^^XjULoc. 
2Ce ne^ce noc julu^j^. xe ^ejtxci c^x^.onrm^jUL 

**2^^.iri2^ Of It qjULOf-f epoq. xe u^oc. onrog, nox: 
_ ucqcgnpi ne. 

X **6^ccjoxetJL 2^e itxeniX^.oc XHpq nexA.q niteq- 
JULA-OKXHC. *®xe AJLA.2,eRX€it eptoxcit e&oX 

^^. nicAj6. 
Hh eeofcoa eJULogi iieit g^^rtcxoXa. ofog, 
enr juiei itni^^cn^cjuLoc jfceit iti^^ropA.. neu. 
itiojopn^ejJLc\ i6eit nicnrn^.ra)rH. 
neuL itiojopn ixjuu^itpcoxcfi. i6cit ni2s.innoit. | 
Ti ^ *^Hh eeofCJOJUL itnmi Rxe nix^p^ ofog, jfceit 

ofXcjoixi ecofHOf ceepupocefx^^^^- J^^^ 
ereflT ito-r2,^.u itg^ofo. 


OA exA.qcojULc 2s.e eg^pHi A.qit^.nr e^A.npAJUiA.o 

e-fg^iofi itrtoir2La3poit eitiv^^o4>irXAJCioit. 
2 3\qrt^-r eofx^p^ &tJoc itg^HKi ec^iofi ejtu^ir 


^' ^.f . . . 2^8] om. 2ie, K N : ayr ^« om. : + HA-q, B. neXOXJX] 

+ n^.q,D2,cf.Gr.». uipeq] <l>peq,D2. ^ it^.f gep] 

HnntiS, ep,M. V^p]cf.Gr.J<BL&c. 2Ce]om. B: +Ue, B&c. ^' I KJOC] 
+ ItICA.j6, Al^ cf. Gr. 13. &c. syr®": Gr. A Ac. +ti^j. ^CGII^CC 
nojHpi] enXC XengHpi of Christ that he is (the) son, B, cf.? Gr. 
13. &c.: om. 2Ce, S. Iiej for position cf. Gr. A &c.: ora. K N S, 
cf. Gr. D. *2 V^pJ cf. Or. J^BL &c.: 2^6, C: Gr. AD &c. koL 

Itni] ftXem, B; cf. Gr. DP &c.: om. Itl, Gg*, cf. Gr. KABL &c. 

x^oTiitAJUt] xeK., 0. Ei«8 "^^.XtiLoc pe. ** 'fx^- 

LUKE XX. 39— XXL a. 27i 

him/ ^And some of the scribes answered, they said: 
* Teacher, thou saidst well/ ^ For they were not able to 
dare any more to ask him anything. 

^^And he said to them: 'How say they, that Christ is 
(the) son of David) ^'For David himself saith in (the) 
book of the Psalms : " The Lord said to my Lord : ' Sit 
thou on my right hand, ^^ until I put thine enemies below 
thy feet/ " " David then caDeth him " My Lord" so (lit. 
and) how is he his son)' ^^And all the people hearing 
(it), he said to his disciples: '^* Beware of the scribes, who 
wish to walk in robes, and (are) loving the salutations in 
the market-places, and the first sittings in the synagogues, 
and the first places in the feasts. ^^Who eat the houses 
of the widows, and in pretence prolonged they pray: these 
shall receive more judgement/ 

XXI. And having gazed up, he saw rich men throwing 
their gifts into the treasuries. 'He saw a poor widow 

J^CK] + X^ IirteK, K N. C^^neCHX] cf. On D &c. syr*". 
** 07f It] q Byr«» &c. *Bi igitur/ c e ff^ 'si david/ 1 *emm :' Gr. D &c. om. 
qjULOTrf"] for position cf. Gr. R «yr»«»». epoq &c.] for order cf. Gr. 
A B L &c. ; for vocative cf. syr^o. Of Og^J om. B M, cf. Gr. D &c. 
8yr«". nooc] efi.oX etort whence. Aj'. "eqCCJOXCJUL] 

er., M. rteqJULA.e.] cf. Gr. »AL &c. *• Xe\ om. Af , cf. Gr. 

AJLA.g,e€T"eit, A. eJULOttjO for position cf. Gr. B D &c. GT- 

Jtxei itm] erxnei ni, b*. ^ejjLC\...xtLL.R] om. Ci* homeot. 
niikinnon] ni &c., e j. *^ of og,] om. bl. st>en] e&.o\ 

jfcen, L. Ceep] eep, Ji*. e perhaps = er then, cf. Gr. D &c. 

npocerx^ceej -Hcee, aAi^ npocerx^ ^2- 

*2Le]om.B. ^^.JUL^.o] AKNS; -pAJUL^.OI,crAi'GH 
LMO; -pAJULA.OO-r, B*; -p^JUULCJOOT, BcD,.2?EFi'J. 6^- 
g^IOTl] ^.f ., L. itnOf 2k(J0pon] itnOl^., A», for position cf. Gr. 
A &c. eniV^^.] ACFGaS: i6eitni., M: eni., B &c. '^t' 

XAJCioit] +ne, M. *A.qn^-r] AcrAi'GHL8(eq), cf. Gr. 

S &c.: +2ie, BDi.gEFi'JKMNO, cf. the rest of Gr. g^CJOc] cf. Gr. 
A &c. : >^UJC eOf XHp^, B D2, cf. Gr. D P &c. 8yr«". GC^IOf j] 
€A.C., Dj: ^Cg^JOfl, HKLMN. CJULA-Y] jJLMJUr€, DjEaGi* 

272 RaxTOX ?^OYRaxH. 

iiXenxon E. * OTOg, ncx^q. xe ^-Xhocjoc -fxa) 

juuuLoc ncoxeit. xe x^ix**P^ itg^HKi A-cg^io-ci 

eg^oxe n^i xapoT. *Gxa. ka-i rA.p g^io-ci 

fiiti^oopott eStoiX j6en nexepg^oTo epooo-r. 

0^1 iieoc sSloX j6eit nexecepj6^e ijuutoq 

_ ueccjoitj6 XKpq eit^qiix^c ^.cg^ixq. 

OE w *Oto2, epe g^^itoToit xvo jjlmjloc sbSlc mcp^ei. 

xe ^TceXcooXq ilj6pHi j6en g^^nconi 6it^.n6nr 

Ilex^q. 'xe n^i XKpoT xexenitA-T cpcoox 

ceitKOT iixe^^ne^oox hcen^x,^ o-rooni A.n 

itjfeKXOT exeti oTcom jjuv^ixfu. licenAAoXq 



^jj^ ''UXTaeitq 2i.e. xe nipeq-fcfia) nA.i n^-ojcjoni 
iteit^.T. oTO£^ OT ne niJULHini ^p6a}^.it n^i 

®Heoq 2^e nexA.q. xe ^n^T iHnepcoopetx. oToit 
OTAA.KCI) r^p it^i 6ii^p^n 6TZ(J0 ijuuLoc. ze 
A.noK ue. OTog, a. uckot i6oonx. iinep- 

•& 2^6 ^piexeitg^nccjoxetJL eg^A-itnoXejutoc 

MO : Gr. D &c. fiyro»» om. eWI. XeUXOn] BrEGgO ; XtRXOH, 
A ; Xefi.XOn, CD &c. 5] for position cf. Gr. » BL &c. ^ XA.l] 
^X^I, Dg; for position cf. 8yr«« etw»» etK * ex^] €Xe, AS; 

eX^I, Ai', omitting It^l. V^p] ACrA,'GHLMS: +XKpOT, 
BDi.2Ei.2*^Fi'JKN0, cf. Gr.: DgEg* ora. eX^Jt^I V^.p XKpOT 
hoineot. itm2i(J0pon] ftltOT. their gifts, BGKN: Ittt^I., Fi'; 
Itni possibly written for 6ni, which would agree with cir rd of Gr.; 
for om. ToC Biov cf. Gr. SBL &c. syro". IXeXCp] 1X6 exep, D,.2. 
epCOOT] cf.? Gr. aln-ols, exc. L al air«v. O^l] A* : + 2^6, A^ B* (XG) 

C(xe) K(xe) &c. nexec] nex., m. eit^q] en^.c, y. 

^a^i ^ 'and when he said this, he cried, *' Who hath hearing ears let him 

HuntiB, hear," and this line is not in the Coptic.' cf. Gr. E™*»~ &c. * epe], M. eefie] OT^ie, Di*? Ei*(gloss adds ee with ^'a copy*).^. 


LUKE XXI. 3-9. 273 

also throwing thither two mites. ^And he said: * Truly 
I say to you, that this poor widow threw (more) than all 
these: *for these threw the gifts from their superfluity: 
this (one), she, from her deficiency, threw all her living 
which she had (imperf.). ^And (as) some (are) saying 
concerning the temple, that it was garnished with (lit. 
down in) good stones and offerings, he said: "'Ye see all 
these (things): days come in (which) a stone will not 
be left upon a stone here, (which) will not be pulled 
down." ' 

'' And they asked him : * Teacher, when will these (things) 
happen? and what is the sign, if these (things) should be going 
to happen 1 ' ® And he said : ' Take heed, go not astray : 
for there are many (who) will come in (lit. to) my name, 
saying: ''I am (he). And (the) time approached." Walk 
not behind them. ^And when ye should hear wax's and 

^TCeXcCoXq] oba. Gr. D places before koI opoO, lljfepKl] ejfepHI, 
B : om. ». ^.n^.(6, A)eKJULA.] A Og^, cf. Gr. B L &c. ; ^.n^OGiUL^, 
cf. Gr. KAD &c. ReX^q] +^6, Ai'M : + nCJOOT, K. • Xe] 

om. Aj'. XKpO-r] om. KB Hunt 18*, cf. Gr. Xexenn^T] A, 
cf. Gr. DL &c. 8yr«": exexeit &c., (Atr.) B &c., cf. Gr. KAB &c.: 
epexeitltA-T, Dq. After hxe is erasure of four or five letters. A®. 
itcen^. i""] Cett^, single negative, S : HCS., Hunt 18*. ^11 
w6kXOT] om. Hunt 18. SXeii] cf.? Gr. H^h &c. M \i6op. 
AjLn^IJUt.^.] cf. Gr. KB(D)L &c.: syr^ &c. before \l6os: om. B, 
cf. Gr. A &c. ''2^6] ABCTAfGHL Hunt 18: -^eTrXO) 

SJtJtXOC saying, Di^aEFj'JKMNOS, cf. Gr. ^pe] cf. Gr. D &c. 
6yr~ om. o^v: epe, KS. OT UC] ^ttj 116, M. ^.pettj^lt... 
eCtJtJOni] om. B; obs. Gr. D rrie arj^ eXcvacwr: -It^-CgCOni, B°>» 
Ai'N: -OJCOni, L. •neX^.q] +It(J0OT, D,. OTJULHa] 

ABCTGHKLMNS Hunt 18: g^^flJULKa, plural, KDi^gEFi'JO. 
V^p]om.B. eiU.pA.n] ACFAi'GKLNS: i6eit&c.,KBDi.2EH 
JM Hunt 18, cf. Gr. KMn al aliq. Xe] cf. Gr. A D &c. UCKOT] 
A: niCKOT, B &c., cf.? Gr. iinep.] pref. OTOg^, Hunt 18; 
for om. fiZv cf. Gr. KBDL &c. syr«^ C^4>^g,0T] Rc^ &c., J. 

•^^ox^it] cajcjon, b. ^peTenoj^n] ^pe, gk*: om. 


274 ROXTax ?^OYRaxH. 

xiA. nejuL g^^itgeopxep juLnepnoTajn. | a.XX^ c^- 
xoxq ^n ne nixooK. 
^®Toxe it^qxcjo iiuuLoc noooT ue. xe eqexcwnq 
itxeoTeenoc exen oTeeitoc oTog, otjulgt- 
oTpo ezeit oTJUiexoTpo. " ftA-itnig-f- ^e 
iiUULonjuLen erecgooni o-rog^ CTecgcjoni ibce- 
g^^itg^fiLOon nejuL g^^ixxitoT ka.x^ jula.- 2,^.n- 
g^o-f 2s.e ne«. g^A-ititia-f JuLxiLKmi ereojcjani 
sSloX jfeen x<l>e. 


"I)A^eit n^i 2^e XKpoT ereen noTxix eg^pw 
exen OKnoT oTog, cen^cfoxi ncA. oKitoT. 
er-f ijuuLCJoxen eg^A-ncTnA-vcorH itejuL &^.tt- 
ctjxeKCJooT. ermi JuuuLUJxen nitioTpojoT nea. 
nig^KvetJLUjn eefie n^p^n. "eqecgcjom ^e 
ncoxen ertxxerjtxeope. 
^ ^* 3CA-C oTit j6eit nexeng^KX eajxejuLepojopn itep- 
juLeXexA.It xe o*r nexexennA.epA-noXoricee 


" OEXitoK VA-p tn^-f ncjoxeit RoTpo nejut o*rco<|>i^. 

OH exencen^g-f ejfeoTit eg^p^c A-it oT^e 

nceit^aonrcog^eAJL oTfiiKc ibceoTon nifien 

exi" oySte oKnoT. 
^•Cen^i" eHitoT :^e efioX g^ixeit g^A-itio-f nejtx 

2^A.ncnKOT neut g^A-ncTweitKc nexiL 2, 

OTog^ ceitA^cjoxe^L efiioX i6en oKnoT "oTog, 

epexeiteacjom erjULocrf iiJULtJoxeit rbceoTon 

nifiett eefiie n^p^tt. 

noTgu] A OH: +&(JO'f v^p ne itxenA.1 gcom 

itcyOpn for it is necesBary that these (things) happen first, B &c. (exc. 
om. ilttJOpII), cf. Gr., and for order cf. Gr. KBL &c.; ohrt. 8yr«" et«* 
|tf'XX« for «f4; ff*- i 1 om. ydp. ^® XOXe . . . ItOJOT] om. ». cf. 

Gr. D &c. 8>to^ ne] om. BGaKO. eqexojnq] qnA-xu)itq, b. 

> OTeenoC eqeXCJOnq, M, "2^e] prohaWy representing re of 

LUKE XXL 10-17. 275 

tumults, be not frightened; but not immediately is the 
end.' ^^ Then he was saying to them : ' Nation shall rise 
upon nation, and kingdom upon kingdom: ^^and great 
earthquakes shall be, and there shall be famines and deaths 
in different places ; and fears and great signs shall be from 
(the) heaven. ^^But before all these (things) they shall lay 
(lit. bring) their hands upon you, and they will persecute 
yon, deUvering you to synagogues and prisons, bringing 
you to the kings and the governors because of my name. 
^'And it (lit. he) shall be to you for a witness. ^^Set it 
ihen in your hearts, not to meditate beforehand what ye 
will answer : ^^ for I will give to you a mouth and a wisdom, 
which all, who are against you, will not be able to oppose, 
nor will they be able to contradict it. ^'But ye will be 
delivered (up) by parents, and brothers, and kinsfolk, and 
friends ; and they will kill (some) of you. ^'^ And ye shall 
be hated by all (lit. be, all hating you) because of my 

Gr.: om.K,cf.?Gr.A&c.: >eTeajCJOm ItXeg^A.Iinia'f JUUULOIt- 

Alien itejuLg^A-itg^fiCJon, » : om. eTfecgojni, b 0. g^&ojn] 

for position cf. Gr. K A D L &c. K^HT^ AAAj belonging to famine &c., 
cf. Gr. SBL &c. 3ie 2®] A began It. ereojCJOni 3®] om. Hunt 18. 
efi.oX j6eitX<t€] Gr. D &c. 8yr«»» place before km mifitTa: aeth om. 
^^eg^pKl] om. M. eaitOT i°] Gr. K* avrovs. BT^] €^6^", Hunt 18, 
N. g^^ncnritA-rCJOrK] cf. Gr. AL &c.: ni., K, cf. Gr. KBD &c. rlh^iuM 

ermi] eremi, bd2Ai'FN: ereeneKitoT, Hunt i8. nm- •«^ 
oTpcjooT] enm &c., Di Ej: em &c., TEg. ^xvejtxuon, a. 

"eqeojooni] ere., Oj. ^e] cf. Gr. S^AL &c.: om. Hunt 18. 

^*onrn] Gr. K* om. itexenaKx] nexen., bDiEiGi*o, but 

tr. of Dj S^Ji, plural. OT Hexexeil] AFDaEiMO; Ue eX., 
B Sec: om. 11^, LM: om. OT Re, Ji*. ^^-f flA-'f ItCJOXen] 

Gr. D v^ daMTo). po] pCJO, A L O. 'f ejfeonflt . . . 0Ta3(0, A)- 
^eiUt] cf. Gr. KBL &c. OT2^e] cf. Gr. X &c.: om. OIT^e 
nceit^cgOTO^eJUL . . . A-It, Gg*, obs. Gr. D &c. : om. h, Cj* DiEi« 
Gi* H J L M Hunt 18 : om. hce, Ei*. j. Ot£lKc] C altered, A«. 
OT^ie] Ot£lK, a. "2i.e] cf. Or. 13. &c.: om. TM. g^A-lt- 

lO-f ] om. 2,^n, C Gi S* : fl^^It, D,. " eO&.e Sec] for 



Onrog, oTqcjoi ilxeTenA.4>e nneqxAJCo. ^^ itj6pHi 
xifi. 2l€ j6eit I xexeng^TUOJULoitK epeTr€n2C<|>o iine- 

f^v& 2og,Q^^j^ ^.peT"ena^itnA.T eiXHJUL epe g^A-iuuLA-xoi 

Kcoi" epoc. Toxe ^pieiULi xe ^.qjiujnx iuce- 
_ necojojq. 
onr 2iT^oxe iiK erxH ^en •fio-rii.eA. ula-potcIkjot 

g^ixeit nixojoT. onrog, iih exi6en xecjuuii" 

jULA.ponrcI>a5X efioX. 
Onrog, nK exiieit ni^^P^ juLuenepoTge 

ejionrn epoc. "2ce n^i ne nieg^ooT nxe 

ntfTjuLojia. eepoTf^ccjoK efi.oX nxeg^ooBi ni&en 
_ exciiHo-rx. 

(Tv8 23 Onroi ^e RnH exiifi.oKi ne«. hk exi"tfT j6en 
— meg^ooT exejuLJUL^T. GcecgtJoni vA-p ilxe- 
^ o-rniai" n^n^vKK g^ixen RK^g^i nejUL ot- 

_ xojitx ijLn^.iX^.oc. 
av7 24 0-rog, enreg^ei jien pcjoq iixcKqi. oTog, enre- 

ep€XJt«.^?^^T"€^Ji^ ijuuLOJO-r enieenoc xuponr. 
OTog, ecea^ni JbcelXSijC e-rg^ojJULi exujc ibce- 

g^^iteenoc. a^'^o-rxojK efioX itxeg^A-itcHOT. 

o-rog, enrectjcjom itxeg^^-ncKOT ilxe g^^neenoc. 
^ 26 0Y02, eTeaojni nxeg,^.njuLHmi j6en 4>pH nejut 

position cf. Gr. SABDL &c. 8yr««. ^® OTqOJl] om. OT, K*. 

Syro« omits the verse. ^® nji)pKl] Itg^pKI, D1.2K M. ^e] om. 

B Hunt 18. Xexeit,] nexeit., D1.2E JiM Hunt 18, but tr. of Dj 
^^., singular. CpexeitXC^o] AC Dj^sAi'.gEgC^He Ji«KLM 
N S (X) Hunt 18 : epexeitexct>0, B r Di El F G (Ji wrote ep€- 
Xene, and then altered), cf. Qit, AB &c. KrritTfaet. ^® g,OX^rt] 

N A* B : +2s.e, A^ &c., cf. Gr. CpCg^^n] Cg^^Jt, L. XOXC 
^pi] Xexen^pi, Dg. ^qj6tJ0Itx] ^.Cj(6 &c., feminine, D,E, 
as if referring to Jerusalem for gender : q^GflX, K. *^ €X^h] 

ACrAi'GHKLMNS: om. XM* t^BDi.gEFJO. "f 10T2i.eA. . . . 
eXj6eit] om. L homeot. c^XJOX i^] \ come, S. g^IXenni] 

exeitni, BD1.2EJ; cf. Gr. h 49^^ cV. rd: ^ixeiiwi, k*. 

OTOg,i°...eAoX] om.H*,cf.Gr.A6^c.; gloss of Di ^.^1 J ^*not 

LUKE XXL 18-25. 277 

name. " And a hair of your head shall not perish. *^ And 
in your patience ye (are) possessing your souls. ^When 3'e 
should see Jerusalem (with) soldiers surrounding her, then 
know that her desolation approached. ^Then they who 
are in Judea let them flee upon the mountains; and they 
who are in her midst let them flee out ; and they who 
are in the countries make them not enter her. ^^ Because 
these are the days of (the) vengeance, for all things which 
are written to be fulfilled. ^^But woe to them who are 
with child, and them who give suck in those days! for 
gi'eat distress shall be upon (the) earth, and anger for this 
people. '-^^And they shall fall by (lit. in) the edge (lit. 
mouth) of (the) sword, and they shall be led captive to 
all the Gentiles: and Jerusalem shall be trodden upon by 
Gentiles (lit Gentiles treading upon her), until times be 
fulfilled; and there shall be times of Gentiles. ^And 
there shall be signs in (the) sun, and the moon, and the 

in the Arabic' JUL^pOT 2°] but Gr. D fuj &c. OTfOg, 2^] om. M. 
^^ ne] Gr. S om. fiViv. nCTl] eraHure between II and (S^Qi : HI., A : 

tfT, Gg. ixnojia, A. efi-oX] om. c. ^^2^e] aofAi'F 

GHKLNO, cf. Gr. NAG &c.: om. SBDj.jEJM, cf. Gr. BDL &c. 
eTeJUL&iOKly A«. eceojCJOni] Gr. H* adds tv tK€ivais rais riiupais. 
il^VKK, A. ^K^^I] ACrDi.2EFGiJKLMNS: HI &c., KBAj' 
G2O. ijLU^.lX^.Oc] for om. cV cf. Gr. SABGDL &c.: JULni., M*, 
cf. Gr. L om. rourt^. ** i6eit] cf. Gr. D &c. pCJOq] pCOC, SB^ 

(o, ♦) &c. epexA*^^^T"eTiit] »c &c.; epx-» ABD2 Ai'H j 
Nos. iijULCJoonr] juuuLcoxeit yon. EJ. enieeitoc] itni., 

2^Ai'LMN: itX6rtI &c. all nations shall carry them away captive, B. 
XKpOT] for position cf. Gr. KBL Ac. eXg^CJOJULl] »AJi« &c.: 

ere., D2Ji*m. g^^iteeitoc i°] ni., n. oTog, 4^ ere- 

OJCJOni (CTCgOOni, C) ItXC^^ItCHOT] SA &c.: cm. L; obs. B 
begins the verse at OTfOg, 4«>. g^^HCKOT] + CKOT, F. Rxe- 
^^ItCOIlOCj om. V**, Obs. Gr. B likfipiaBtofrw xai ttrovrai Koipm tBv^vi 
Gr. L syr P "» <»<* agree with Copt. K A &c. : Gr. D om. luupoi €6p&p, 

** o-rog, i°] ix^ Xomoit juLeiteitcA.itA.i, t*. eregcjoni] 

for plural cf. Gr. K B D. 


nnog^ ^eix iticioT. Orog, ot^oxg^ex nxe 

2^A.iteenoc cqecgooni g^ixeit niK^^i s^en onr- 

^.nopi^ irre xcjulh Hl^iojjl nejuL ^JULoitiULen. 

*• Si^npcjojuLi epe Tot'^txj^ ^ e&.dX ilifcHXOT efiioX 

g^A- Tg^o-f . nejuL ncojuLc efiioX jfe^^^^oT nnn 

_ eoHHOT ezeit i"oiKOTJULenR. | 

T\v ^^ HizoAA. vA-p icre hi^hoti ceit^KiiUL. " oto^ 

eren^T encgapi ijL^^poojULi eqnKOT i6en ot- 
(Hini tteAJL onrxojuL neiUL OTnia-f Rcjoot. 

2®6pe nA.1 2^e nA.epg,HXc tiajcjoni. xo-cax enoicoi 
onrog, xajo-rn iin€xeit^<t>KOTi. xe qji)€nT 

"OTOg, ^.qz6 otr^paAoXh nojOT. xe ^.n^'v 
€^"£103 iiKenxe neut itiojajHit XKpoT, 

aoGacon ^M^H ern^-foTO) efiioX. epeTenn^.^ 

"H^xpH-f necoxeit g^ooxen. A.pexengA.nn^f 

-fjULexo-rpo iixe ^^i" • 
'* IlXjuLHit -f xcjo XiuuLoc ncjoxen. xe Rite xA-irene^ 

cmi a^xe n^i XHpoT gojm. 
33T4>e nejuL nKA-g^i ceit^cmi. n^.c^^i :^e ilnoT- 


oxx^ex, A*, nxea^neenoc] exeng^^-n., m. m- 

K^giO ADi.,Ai'EJMO, cf.? Gr.: HK^^I, KBCFFGHKLNS. 
jfceiT 2®] Gr. K «u rr: It6JUL, B, cf. Gr. D km mropia. 11X6- 
XCJULK] iixeit., DjHMOS*; cf. Gr. KABCL &c. ifx^ut. 
ijLcl>IOJUL] itXec|>., M. ct>JULOITA«.6It] 8yr«» et«* om. icai adkov. 
" g,A.It] prcf. itXe, t*. XOT^lrTXHj ItOT., M. l] HA.!, B. 
Xg^O-fj cf.? Gr.: ^fg^O-f, B. j6a^C0OT] i6^Xg^, H. 
ItK ee] om. A*. V^p] om. K Jj*. ItXem^^-] Gr. D oi « &c. 
irunt 18, Cen A.KIJUL] om. Al^ " oTOg,] A C r F G H L* S : om. K L« : 

+ XOXe, t*BDi.2Ai'EJKLoMNO Hunt 18. OTtfTini] cf. Gr.: 
HIm KN; for plural cf. Gr. C &c. HejJLOtXOJJL &c.] Ji^ erased 
two letters after nCJUL : Gr. D e <eat dw. iroXX. jccu do£. '* IU.1] 


LUKE XXI. a6«33. 279 

stars; and tribulation of nations shall be upon the earth, 
in perplexity for (the) voice' of the sea and (the) storm; 
^*men (with) their heart (lit. soul) fedling (lit coming 
from) them from (the) fear, and (the) expectation of the 
things which come upon the world: for the powers of the 
heavens will be shaken. ^And they shall see (the) Son 
of (the) man coming in a cloud with power and great 
glory. ^But (as) these (things) are about to begin to 
happen, look up, and raise your heads; because your re- 
demption approacheth/ ^ And he spake (lit. said) a parable 
to them: 'See the fig-tree and all the trees: ^if now they 
(are) about to unloose (their leaves), seeing by them, ye 
know that the summer approached. ^^Thus ye also, if 
ye should see these (things) about to happen, know that 
the kingdom of God approached. ** Verily I say to you, 
that this generation shall not pass away, until all these 
things be accomplished. ^ (The) heaven and (the) earth will 

+ T"KpOT, Ci*KO; Ci«Fi*? erased XKpOT, and Ci<' wrote 2^€ 
It^I, obs. Gr. D^ 13. have ipxofiitwv. ^6] om. Ci* K N 0. IT^] 
om. Ci* H ; obs. syr>»' om. dpx. W tovt. ylyttrd. XCOOTn] XCJOOT- 

noT, N B M. *® ncoonr] + eqxcjo ijuutoc, Dj . *® &H2s.k] 

Gr. D om. ern^-foTO)] KABCrAi'FGHLMS Hunt 18: 

A-nrit^., D1.2: ^•ycg^it., EJKNO. epexenitA-T] aFi*l 
MO: epexeite., BcrDi.2EFiOGHJKN. efiioX g^ixoxof ] 

cf.? Gr. S«*L 69. 157. &c. dtr avr«i»: the rest of Gr. a<t> iavr&v^ except 
D flyr«" aeth om. eJULl] + efiiOX g^IXeneKKOT by yourselves, 

Di*EJO. ^qjiconx] ^qi6enx, M: qj6enx, kbDj.jEJ 

L ; for om. ijf»7 cf. Gr. K X H &c. syr<«». " ^pexeng^nit^T] 
AOTAi'FGiHLMS: g^OX^lt ^pexeit., NBDi.jEGjJKNO 
Hunt 18. eit^l] om. 0: +XKpO'r, N, cf. Gr. D rnvra wopra. 
enrn^-aCJOm] e^-Ca^ni, F. cf. Gr.: ^.TCgCJOtll, Ai': Gr. D a 
om. yu^fMMva, ^Cj600Itx] CifceitX, D;.Je7*.2JO Hunt 18; 
E|0 added 6 and left (JO. "* XHpOir] cf. Gr. D &c. 8yr«>. 

''UKA-g^l] ABDi.,EFJKMNOS: HI &c., OFGHL Hunt 18, 
cf.? Gr. CeitA.Cim] for plural cf. Gr. » A B D L: ItA-ClItl, B M 
Hunt 18, cf.? Gr. CKn &c., singular. 3i€] om. TJi*. 


*^ '*U^&OKxeit 2^6 epcoxeit juLKUoxe iixoTg^pog 

eij6i nejUL g^^npcoo-ra iifLitJOTiKon. 
Onrog, noTg^o-f jfeeit oTg^o-f exeqi exen oKnonr 

ibcenieg^ooT exexmuL^T ^ix^^pK^" itoT<|>^g. 

eqei v^p exen oToit nificit exg^ewLci g^ixen 

ng^o i3LnK^.2,i XKpq. 
sfiPcjoic onrit itcKOT nifi.eit epexeitxcjofiig, &in^ 

itxexenaxexiLXOJUL nepefioX en^.i XKpo-r 
xi2^ een^.gcjoi\i. oTJog, ilxexenog^i ep^-xen oHitoT 

ixnejULeo JuLncgHpi iJL^^poojULi. 
^''H^qipi ^e nnieg^ooT eqi"cfi.a3 j6en ni6p<t»ei. 

niexcjopg, ^e itA-qnKOT efioX eqxiLoxen 

iiUULoq 2,i2ceit uixcjoot 4>h exoTJULO-cf epoq 

^^Onrog, uiX^oc xapq n^qgojpn JuuuLoq g,A.poq 
j6€n niepcl>ei eccoxejuL epoq. 


0^ ^^ HA.qi6enx T^e ne ilx6nci)^i Rxe ni^xojeiuuip. 
_ <1>H exoTJULOT-f epoq 3^e nm^cx^- 
^'^^ *OToa n^nrKorf ne ibceniA-pxieperc nexx 
mcijt> ^se ^nrnA.X2Jcoq it^g itpK-f. itA-Tep- 
_ &o1" ^^P ^^ ^^xg^K iiniXA-oc. 
""l^ ^3X nc^x^nA.c 2i.e ge ej6onrit eng^ax tiio-Y2^^.c 

^* 2i.e] cf. Gr. A B C L &c.; Gr. K D &c. om. Itexeitg^HX] 
cf.? Gr. NCDL &c. g^^n.-.g^^n] ACTGHL: 2^A-It...OT, 

tfTiuLK, EFi«GJKMO. ^npojoirg, a. exeqi] ACi*rG 

itXeqi, SB &c. ; for position cf. Gr. A &c. ^ iX^^pK-f ] » B &c. 
oil). JUL9 A. llie poftition of V^p decides the text ; A has ^ after 
€XeJULJU.A.T, : after <^^CQ. XKpq] for position cf. Gr. A &c. 
'^ OTIt] cf. Gr. A C L &c.: 2^6, 0, cf. Gr. K B D a e. gZ6iUL- 
XOJUl] om. g, t* A B r Ai' F G H K* N ; cf. Gr. t^BL &c. Itep- 

efi.oX] eepefiioX, b : eepc^AoX, Ai'F. eitA-i] k a« (en over 

LUKE XXL 34— XXn. 3. 281 

pass away: but my words shall not pass away. ^But 
give heed to yourselves, lest haply your hearts be heavy 
in surfeitings, and drunkenness (plur.), and cares of life, 
and suddenly that day come upon you ^as a snare: for 
it shall come upon all who are (lit. sit) upon (the) face 
of all (the) earth. ^^ Watch then always, praying that 
ye may be able to escape all these things which will 
happen, and stand before (the) Son of (the) man.' "^And 
be was spending (lit doing) the days, teaching in the 
temple ; and the nights he was coming forth, resting himself 
upon the mountain which is called, * of the Olives.' ^* And 
all the people were (coming) early to him in the temple 
to hear him. 

XXIL Now (the) feast of the unleavened was approaching, 
which is called, ' the Passover.' ' And the chief priests and 
the scribes were seeking in what manner they are to 
destroy him; for they were fearing the people. *And 
Satan entered (the) heart of Judas who is called, '(the) 

crasure)BCiorDiEGH JLMNOS: Rtt^I, DsAi'FK. THpOTJ for 
position cf. Gr. K«BDL &c. IlXeTenog^l] Xexen,, AH, obs. 
Or. D &c. arfiataet. " 2^6 i°] +Ue, ». Illtieg^OOT] ACT 

DljEFi^GHJOS, cf. Gr.: Xim., KBAi'FiORMN, cf. Tert 'per 
diem.* eq^fcfiia)] for position cf. Gr. BK Ac. 8yr«»: om. K, cf. 
Gr. G. nie^CCOpg^J cf. Gr.: HI &c., Ai'Fi«K«MN: OTOg, Itl., 

H: nejULHi., D2. it^qnHOf] eq., ». e&oX] om. Ai'. 
eqjULOxen] eqXJLxon, a^'Fi^L: eeAJixon, h. g^ixeit] 

6Xen, RB M ; for position cf. Gr. exc. D 157. 4>R eXOT] eoj^T, t*. 
^* j6eit Ac] for order cf. Gr. exc. D e. 

^ n^qj6eitx] -j6tJom", th : onrog^ eT^.qj6oonx (om. 

2^6 ne), », obs. Gr. D L &c. ^yytcrc. 2s.e] Gr. K om. Ug^ItXe, 
Xe over erasure, A«. Hl^Xg] B Ac. : HI., A Ai'. * OtO^] 

om. K ; for order cf. Gr. exc. D. it^€j X over erasure, A«. A.T- 

HA-x^Koq] erit^., L. r^.p] Gr. d &c. «€. ne] om. k. 
3 A. . . . ttje] AF : ^ . . . ^qcge, b &c.: ucA-x^nA.c 2^6 ^qae, 

N : + n^q, Di. 2 E Ga J K ; obs. Gr. U al mu 6 aarm^s. ^e] 2^ over 
erasure, A«; om. K. CHg^HX] cf. aeth: om. DiEn* J, cf. Gr. 


4>K exoTAJLOT-f epoq xe nicKA-piajXHC. eoT- 
_ efiioX ne i6eit niiE. 

neuL mc^XHVoc ee&e ^^pn-f exHiq ctoxot. 
*onrog, ^Tp^oji oTog, A-TcejuinKxc ncAJL^-q 
ei" n^q itonrg^^x. 
• OTog, ^qep€j;oju.oXorm OTOg, n^qKOJ-f ne itcA. 
oTeTKepiA- g^mA. iixeqxHiq exoxoT ^.xtfhe 


^3Xqi 2^e ibcemeg^ooT ilxe ni^xcgejULKp <1>h 

execae ea^.x nm^-cx^ itj6Hxq. 
®OTog, ^qoTfcopn iinexpoc nciUL icjo^-niiHc. xe 
UL^oje ncjoxen ce&rre nin^cx^ i^^i^ &iitA. 
iixenonrojULq ^ neojoT 2^6 nexcooT nA.q. xe 
xie XO'^^a I ecefi.xcjoxq ecjon. 

10 Heoq 2i.€ nex^.q nojoT. xe g^anne epexertn^ge 
ncoxeit ejioTn ei"£L^KL qn^i efi.oX eg^peit ok- 
noT ilxeoTpajjuu eqq^i noTgoojo-r juuulujot. 
jULogi itccjoq eniai exeqit^ge e^oxn epoq. 

itioifii..] eioT2i.., o. epoq] om. Ej*. uicK^picoxKc] ka 

B Ai'FG2M, cf.? Gr.: IXHCK., C &c.: Or. D &c. om. lyy. e(om. S)0'r- 

efioX ne] A c F Gi* H K L N* : om. ne, M : eoT A.I efiioX ne, 
r AjT Gi«. 2 : eoT^i ne e&oX, b Di. 2 e j N"« o. j6€itnii5] 

A C r(om. ni) Ai' F G H L N™« S, cf. Gr. it pi«' vg : i6€nXKni 
JuLnilS in (the) number of the twelve, BD1.2EJKMNO, for 'number* 
cf. the rest of Gr. K has niCK^piCJOXKC g^m^ nXeqXHiq 
(the) Iscariot, that he might deliver him (up). N has gloss eOT^I ne 

e&oX j6enniiS li^ *a copy has, &c.' * n^q] om. B. A-p- 

X^^pe^c] + neJULniCAj6, Fi° M, cf. Gr. C P &c. syr«». KIC^- 
XHVOC] -VO-rC, A(Fi«), cf. Gr. C &c.: om. HI, A^', cf. Gr. KABL: 
Gr. D om.: Gr. GP &c. add rod Itpov; Ar. ed. Lag. jjl^I 'the troop/ 
but gloss SJ^\jJ\ J iyJI ^j^ 'Greek, the guard ; Coptic, the Sadduceea;' 
obs. BO C^^^KVOf C, AiTjO C^2^XKVOnrC. 4>pH'f ] nipK'f , 
M: iJL4>pH'f, BDjAj'J. eXOXOIf] KCJOOT eXOXOX Di*, 
nCJOOT crossed with red, Di^. * OTfOg,] om. L. n^^ nOIT- 

2,A.X] ACrDjGHKLM: nA.q ijUUl^.n ng^A-X, Fi*: 'jJJ^ 

LUKE XXII, 4-1 o. 283 

Iscariot/ being of the twelve. *And be went, be spake to 
the chief priests and the captains concerning (the) manner 
to deliver him to them. ^And they rejoiced^ and they 
settled with him to give to him silver. 'And he con- 
sented, and he was seeking for opportunity that he might 
deliver him to them without multitude. "^And the day of 
the unleavened came, in which the passover must be slain. 
®And he sent Peter and John, (saying): 'Qo, prepare the 
passover for us, that we may eat it' 'And they said to 
him : * Where wishest thou to prepare it ? ' ^® And he said 
to them : ^ Lo, (as ye are) about to go into the city, a man 
will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; walk after 

itg^^X thirty of silver, Aj' Fi«, cf . aeth : > itOnrg,A.X It^q, B Di 
E J ; for llOT &c. cf. Gr. » B D L &c. * OTOg, ^^^P^SO 

A (epj) &c. : - eqep., a Gj : Gr. N* &c. om. Re] om. M. 

onrecKepi^] om. ot, Aj^f. &m^] cf. Gr. p 36*^. iixeq] 

iice,0i. eXOXOT] ABOrAi'GHKLMNS: C^XOXOT, three 
letters erased, i® dotted, iJTCSfie added »8Fi«: ItCJOOT, D1.2E JO; 
for position cf. Gr.PX &c. syr^u : Qr. D &o. om. ^ ^qi ^e] OTOg, 
^.qi, K. meg^OOT] m., O, ohs. Gr. C a om. 4 : Ulg^OTIX 
iteg^OOT, ». ni^XOieJULHp] Gr. D &c. syro»» tov naaxa. ^H 

exe] A<^ : <l>^i., A* (4>^) B(ex) c r g h m : &oxe, k. cge 
eg^xni] - e (S, m) gojx iSLni, d,. 2 e j m O2 : - itxoT- 
g^xni, B: g^oxe eTrn^gcox iim, ». nj^nxq] cf. Gr. 

« A &c. «V j. « OTOg^] om. B. XS] AOF Ai'FG H L : eA.qXOC 
2C6 having said, BKMNOS: €^.qz6c HOOOT X6 having said to them, 
Di E J : eqXOO iiUULOC noOOT Xe saying to them, Dj. n^.n 

to us] om. B. oToojuiq, A. » tlecjooT . . • H^q] nexe- 

neqjuL^eHXKC nA.q, ». X^'^^ffl] ^» ^^' ^'- ^^*"- 
^.KOTOjgj, » B &c. ecefiixtjoxq ecjoitj - ilecoit, Da^ l m : 
iixenceAxtJoxq ecwn, B:^ ^^^ 

iieCJOn ^m^. i\X6KOnrOJUl.q where to prepare the passover 
for thee, that thou may est eat it, M; obs. Gr. B syrP cTOifiiur«/Acv aoi 
fl>aytuf TO irairxa ; for cro* cf. Gr. D &c. *^ HCJOOT] Gr. D e om. 

epexenn^ge] epexenege, ». eg^peit] A«(e 1° over 

erasure, ^ added) &c. ; g^pen, Ai' F : g^IXen, ». pCJOJUL, A*. 
ilo*r.] Or. K* om. vdaros ; for order cf. Gr. D. HIKl] ^XfU. (the) 
place, Ai' F, cf. ? Gr. D &c. syr^" off. 


"OTog, ^.xoc juLnmefiLKi iixe nmi. xe nexe 

juLn^n^-cx^ ixjuioq itejUL nA.JULA.eHTHC. 
^^Onrog, cj)H ex€XiuuLA.v qn^x^JutcoTeit eonr itig-f 
iUUUL^ eqc^nojtjox eqc{)opaj. cefixtjoxq jjuul^x. 

^qxoc itcoonr onrog, ^Tcefixe um^cx^- 
_ "Onrog, ^cgojni ibce'fonntoT A-qpcoxefi. nejtx, 
^^' niiS ilA.nocxoXoc nejULA.q "o-rog, ne^c^q 

2Ce j6en oTenxenrAJLiA. ^lepenievjuLiit eotujjtx 
_ ixnA-u^cx^ nejuLcoxen ijLiu.'f (TiJuLKA-g,. 
cr|« i6/j^2ca) juuuLoc ncoxen. xe itn^ofOiULq g^-xeq- 
xvoK e&oX j6en -fjuiexo-rpo itxe 4>1". 
" Onrog, ex^qflT itoT^4>ox ^.q^eng^jULOx nexA-q. 

xe jULoomi e^^i. cl>oajq eg^peit eHitov. 
^S'^xo) VA-p JUUULOC ncoxen. xe iltt^cu) icxen 
-fnoT efiioX j6eit rotxa^ itxe xaj&oj 
_ it^XoXi gA.xeci itxei"JULexoTpo itxe <(>-f . | 
xic^ a^r 19 OTog, ex^qtrr iio-rcoiK ^qgeng^jULOx A-q<|>^gq 

onrog, ^qxHiq itojoT eqxcjo JuuuLoc. xe <t>A.i 
ne n^cojjuL^ exonrn^XKiq czen eanoT. <t>A.i 
^pixq e^^JULeTI. 

" nKfiiKI, AB*Ai'N. nxeHIKl] om. »BM : Gr. N adds Xtyorrcf. 
niAIL^] A* and tr. : niAA.^.i\6JULXOn niAA.^ the room the place, 
A°»kODiEFGHJKLOS, cf.tberestofGr.: lU. . . . HI AJt.^ K B F D^ 
M, cf. Gr. K C 124. arm : for UliUL^ 2"" M B Di E J have 4^JULA. (the) 
place : Dg has ^i^\. S'f] cm. 6, Cj* F. JJL (JUL alt. fr. R, A) RA.- 
Il^.CX^] i^Ao &c.: iULni., Gg: ora. JUL, Aj'. " OVOg,] 

Gr. D cKfiKor. nigji"] Gr. D e^^ gah«chw om. fitya. C^HOJCJOIJ 
C^enaCJOI, r. JUUUL^-r] om. Aj': Gr. SLX &c. ««€i. 
"eX^.qXOC] cf.? Gr. a &c. eSpiywy, or Gr. X &c. tln€u. ItOOOir] 
Gr. Dsr ♦ avTof. ^* ^.CCgCJOni] A* : pref. eX, A® B C T Ai' F G H 

LS: 2,0X6 eX^C, D1.2EJKMNO; for ore cf. Gr. Gr. L g»<» 

om. fj &fm. nixK n^.^ocxoXoc] cf. Gr. ik^^A c &c. nejULA-q] 
om. Ji*. ^^ nex^q &c.] n^qzu) juuuloc ne ilneq- 

LUKE XXn. 11-19. 285 

him to the house which he will enter. ^^And say to the 
owner [of house] of the house : " The Teacher said to thee : 
* Which is the place in which I shall (lit. will) eat my 
passover with my disciples?'" "And that (man) will 
shew to you a great room (lit. place) aloft, spread ; prepare 
it there.' *^And having gone, they found according as he 
said to them, and they prepared the passover. ^^And the 
hour came, he sat down to meat, and the twelve apostles 
with him. ^^And he said to them: *With (lit. in) desire 
I desired to eat my passover with you before I suffer. 
^*I say to you, that I shall not eat it, until it be fulfilled 
in the kingdom of God.' ^"^And having taken a cup, he 
gave thanks, he said: *Take this, divide it among you: 
^®for I say to you, that I shall not drink henceforth of 
(the) fruit of this vine, until the kingdom of God come.' 
^^And having taken bread, he gave thanks, he brake it, 
and gave it to them, saying: 'This is my body which 
will be given for you: this do for (e) my remembrance.' 

JUL^OKXHC, t*. nOJOT] cf.? Gr. L itPi" vg alroU, ifcenOT 

om. OT, B*. eonrojAJLj nonrajjuL, 0. iin^n^.cx^^ 

iin^I., » : ijLni., M, cf. sah'^^. ^^ -fxvo] A C r A^' f g h 

L S : +r^p, B Dj. 2 E J K MN 0, cf. Or. XC] om. Gr. C* ^^ D X. 
For om. olMn cf. Gr. t*ABC*L &c. For aM cf. Gr. SBC*L &c. syro". 

"er^qtfT] om. ex, Af. o•r^.4>oT"] cf. Gr. sbol &c. 

U€2C^.q] pref. OITOg,, Dg. JULOJini] AJLOIrtl, Dgi iULCWHI, T, 
AHOni, K: ^JULOm, HM: ^.iULCJOmi, Oi. e^^i] ijL<t>^I, 
L M; for toCto cf. Gr. K<^ A B C D &c. <l>Ogjq] 4>^aq, M, cf. Gr. 
Dr &c. syro": pref. OITOg^, B. eHHOT] Gr. N* aXXiyXocr. 

"xe] cf. Gr. »A &c. i\n^.ccjo] iineccjo, Fi*G2. irio-c] 

•f-OTItOT, FM ; cf. Gr. KBDL &c. 8yr««. ttJ^'^^^O ^^^ position 
cf. Gr. D syrc" &c. ^' K"'"« om. vernes i6, 17, 18, then has Of Og, 

€T"^.qpa3T"efi. ItejULniAiL^eiXHC ^qtff &c. And having 
sat down to meat with the disciplcH, he took &c. For om. 17, 18, cf. 
Or. 32 •^^ b e syr^". ^qajeUg^JULOX] om. K. XC] Gr. A Xa^cre. 
eXOnrit^.XHiq] A* (tr. of a JXo 'in given in exchange') &c.: 
-<l>^cg^> ^"^ ^i' I've another copy') C^CTHiq ii^) LS : om. 8yr~, 

286 ROXTOX ?^OYRaxH. 

o^C 20Oto2^ ni^4>ox iw-ipK-f on juteitenc^. ni^^initoit 
€^xtJO JJuuLoc. x€ !i^i^<t>ox i~2Li^eHKH JuL&ept 
_ xe liyeti n^.cnoq bSloX exen oKitoT. 
''^'f "nXKit ic X2CIX ijLcI>H een^XHix c^n itetJLKi 
g^ixeit i"T p^-ue^^. **x€ nojHpi juteit ijL<t>pu)- 
jjLi qit^cg^ ^^^ KiJT^ 4>pH'f exoKa. 
_ nXKit oToi ixmpooiULi exemuuuLT <(>k exoT- 
^^^ n^XKiq efiioX g^ixoxq. *^oTog, neoooT A-t- 
epg^HXc itajmi ncjuL no-cepKOT. xe mxK &^p^^ 
_ efiioX itjfeKXOT een^cp <(>a-i. 
OZ ^^^ ^*3XcajcJoux 2^6 on nxeoT4>iXoniKiA. njfeHXOT. xe 

niJUL juuuLcoov ne ninig-f. 
^Heoq ^e ne^^.q nojoT. xe niovpcjooT itxe m- 
eenoc ceoi nw epoooT. oTog, na exepgigi 
excjoov cetJLOTff epa)OT xe nipeqepncen^-neq. 
^^Heojxen :t.e juLnA-ipK-f ^n. a.XXa. ninig-f ex- 
j6en OKnoT ut^peqep iJLcl>pK'f ixnij6eXa)ipi. 
_ oTog, nig^KVOTJULenoc juL^tpK-f JuLnis^i^Jccjon. 
""^ "HiAJL v^p ne nmigi". 4>h eepooxefii. a^>^ ♦h 
exep^i^Kcon. julh ^h eepooxefii A.n ne. ^.noic 
^^XH i6en xexenAJLH-f iSL^^pK-f ijL<l>K 
xi^ exep|^I^.Ka)n. 

2«flecjoxen 2^e na ex^Tog^i netxai j6en n^m- 

enAJULGTl] KABCi«rDiEiGi*JKLMNO: 6n^6p<t>JUL6VI, 
Ci* DaCXJLn) Ai'EaFGi^.aH S : Gr. B» om. tit. *® nAJpHfl A C 

rFGHKMNS: ixn., t^BD,. a Aj'E J LO. on] om. KB. >n^I- 
pK-f on ni^.c|KDX, Ai' F, cf. Gr. A &c. JOUULOC] JOUULOq, 

K*. n^i 2°] cj)^i, NO. ^.ctKJox, A*L. n^(om.N)cnoq] 

+ cl>K eXOnrn^cl>onq which wiU he shed, AȤ(<l>KX) A* and tr,&c 

e&oX] om. » B. exen] g^ixen, d,. *^ ic] om. b, cf. Gr. 

13. 69. al * ac plures. neJULKl] but Gr. D &c. om. : -i-^mifLm^JC 
in the dish, B. "fxp^ne^^] ^ altered from X, and letter erased 
before X, A«. ^* Xe] cf. Qr. t^B D^'L &c. JULen] for position 

cf. Gr. h^»BL &c.: om. BJi*L, cf. Gr. S* nee exprim 8yr«» et«* etK 
Ei(om. 6) JO: sah «»>»'' syr**' add tii^^ ovry, syr«« aeth de eo; for 

LUKE XXn. 20-28. 287 

^^And the cup likewise (lit. thus again) after the supper, 
saying: 'This cup is the new testament in my blood for 
you. '^But lo, (the) hand of him who will deliver me 
(up) is with me upon the table. ^Because (the) Son of 
(the) man indeed will go according as it is appointed: 
but woe to that man by whom he will be delivered (up) 1 ' 
'^And they began to ask of (lit. with) one another, which 
then of them will do this. ^And there was again a con- 
tention among them, which of them is the great (one). 
^^And he said to them: *The kings of the Gentiles are 
lords to them; and they who are in authority over them 
are called, ^'the benefactors." ^^But ye (are) not thus: 
but the great (one) who is among you — let him be as the 
young man; and the chief as the minister (lit. deacon). 
^For which is the great (one), he that sitteth down to 
meat or he that serveth (lit. is deacon)? Is not he who 
sitteth down to meat? I am in your midst as he who 
serveth (lit. is deacon). ^But ye (are) they who stayed 

position cf. Gr. A &c. syr^^. TIIpOOAiLl] Gr. D e Byr«» om. 
2*0-rOg,] Gr. D &c. «€. e&oX] O-re&oX, Ai'Fi«: om. K: 
Gr. D &c. 8yr«« om. /{ atfr&p. 6011^.] <t>K COHA., Dg. " 2s.e] 

om. M. onj OfH, M : Qr. H &c. om. jcoi, therefore Oflt may be 
for 2i.€. ftjOHTTO-r] Gr. «♦ cir cavrow. niJJL . . . He] cf.? Gr. D 
eyr« &c. ^ KR CTepttJiai] «ABOrAi'FGHL: KK eXOI 

nCp., Di,2E JKMNOS : Gr. ^^* ot apxovrts r»p t^owrwCowrur avT»v k<u 
cvfpycrm. ^^ 2s.€] om. B. iXTXA.!] om. ix, h^. eTjfcen] 

om, er, «. AJLA-peqeqep, a. j6eXgipi] a.Xot cWid, 

D1.2O : Gr. D &c. (sah-ohw nKOTI) /icwpoTcpoy. g^TVOOJULGnoc, A. 
^' VA.p] +2s.€y D2. eepOOXeA] (B) K N : exp., a &c. twice: 
-pOXefi., twice, B DiEi G : + ne, M. a}A.n . . . pOOTefi.] om. Da*. 

ep2ii^.Ka)n i<>] -Kon, aGi*; ep2i.iA.Ka)nm,BAi'FHLN; ep- 

A: 2^e 1"XW» B &C-; for position cf. Gr. A &c. "fX^ j6enj ."^f"" *^ 

A.ij6en, theo ^•^ 4>K €t 2°] ner, k. ep^wi^-Koon 2^] a : * " 
-Koonm, « F : -Komn, b &c. " 2i.e] acfghls: +ne, 

BDj.2AiEF(it)JKMN0: +j6^* »«»"» geo". €T"A.T.] enA.T., 



p^-CAXoc. 29^j|Q|^ ^^ -fnA-ceAxni neAncjoxeit 

itoTJULexoTpo. ^^g^iriA. nxexenoTooxt. oTog, 
_ itxeTenco) g^i T^-Tp^-ue^A. j6en x^julgt- 

*^*'^ o-rpo. Of o^ epexeitg^eAiLci g^ixeit a^n- 

eponoc epeTenerf^A,ii efiK ix^t\K irre 


OH ^^ ^^CiJULoon ciiULCJott g^HUue ic nc^.xA.nA.c eqeepe- 

Tin jOUuLCJoxeit ecgeXcgeX ennoT juLct^phf 

^ jULOf KK ilzei\eKit^.g,i". o-ro^ ileoK g^ooK kotk 

iiof cHo-r jJLUTAJXpe neKcnao-r. 
^ ^^Heoq 2^6 nez^.q n^.q. xe rot •fcefi.xaoT ege 

enaxeKo tteiULA.K nejut cj>ju.o-r. 
^*fieoq 2s.e nez^.q n^-q. xe -fzo) jQuuLoc n^K 

nexpe. xe ilne oT^-XeKxcop JULOf-f i}L<t>ooT 
_ ^UTCKXo'kT e&oX iiv itcou eepcKCiULi. 
GOT 36 0^0^ nexA.q ncjoo-r. ze g^oxe 

eano-r ^.^e neJUL uap^. neiUL ecoofi. 

JULH A.xexenepj6^e iig^Xi. ilecoo-r 2^6 nexooox 

xe ixct)H. 

N: eX.,S. neAiLHi] om, 0. 2»^^oK]+2ie,D2. g^OOjom.^. 

ceAitnH, AK*. K^-XA. cj> (juL4>, «l geo***) . . . nejuw] (nw, 

FAiE J) om. N. n^-ICJOX] Gr. D &c. om. fiov. ^° ItXexeit- 

OTOOAiL] Xeit over erasure, and OT in margin, A®. OTO^ i°] 
om. BDjEJ, CO)] ACrGHK*LNS: +neAiLHI, BDi.aAjEFJK^ 
MO, cf. Gr. 13. 69. 346, syro^i sah'^o^d. g^l] ACFFGHLS : g^IZeit, 

^^bDljAiEJKmno. epexertg^eAxci] «ahln*, cf.? Gr. b* 
(DB')T A : epexerteg^ejuLci, b &c., cf. Gr. ua b^l &c. ^ixen] 
exeit, B: g^i, i«^DiAiEi>*jo. eponoc] iS iteponoc, i^, 

cf. Gr. U^D &c. syicu. epexeneTg^A.nj BCrDgAiEiFGJK: 
epexen-f &c., ADiEgHLMNOS, cf. Gr. Kpivomsi pref. O^COg^, 

D1.2A1EJO: iixexen-fg^^.n, s. "fiE] -fjuLexIS, f. 

nci)fXH, A r. 3^ CIJULCJOn i°] «* &c., cf. Gr. B L &c.: prefix 

LUKE XXIL 29-35. 289 

with me in my temptations. ^I also will establish with 
you according as my Father established with me a kingdom, 
*° that ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom ; 
and sitting upon thrones ye shall judge the twelve tribes 
of Israel. 

'^^ Simon, Simon, behold, Satan shall ask for you to sift 
you as the wheat: ^but I prayed for thee, that thy faith 
might not fail: and thou also return at once^ strengthen 
thy brothers.* ^"^And he said to him: *Lord, I am pre- 
pared to go to (the) prison with thee and (the) death.' 
**And he said to him: *I say to thee, Peter, that a cock 
shall not crow to-day, until thou deniest me three times, that 
thou knowest.* ^ And he said to them : * When I sent you 
without pui*8e^ and scrip, and shoe, were ye in want of 

IT A. 116X61 HC then said Jesus, A"*sS ; obs. gat mm 'ait antem Jesus 
Simoni,' bjt^^ 'dixit autem dominus Jesus/ syr*^^ 'et dixit Jesus Simoni :' 
Gr. K A D &c. praem crirr dc 6 Kvpios ; tr. of A^9 and gloss of F2 have 
Myl^ Jli J 'then said the Lord,' and ^JmII ^ eU^ fj>^ 'that is not in the 
Coptic ;• gloss of Di i^J\ J\5 ^^^j ' Greek, the Lord said.' CliULOOIt 2«^] 
Gr. » om. IC] om. C. eqe6p6Tm] A: ^q6p., B &c. ix- 
AHOOTert] om. Fi<»L; obs. eHMO'C you, expressed by all MSS. 

^^^.rtoK 2i6 &c.] A.XXA. A.iT(Jofi.2, egTeJULepeq- 

AHOfnK, ». O'COg,] om. >^ : Gr. D e sah«* ^if bL KOTTK] 
obs. Gr. D e rnivrfH^ov km. ®® ^^^ om. r*M. TIOT] TI^-OC, 

L. ei\aX6KO] 6UXA.KO to (the) destruction, rAi*(Te)GLN. 
> n6AIL(t>JUL0T n6AIL^JC, L. '* Iteoq 2^6] Gr. X 8yr« &c. 

add If. I\6Xp6] syr^o om.: +eep6KeX«.I, B, by mistake. 
AHO-C-f] syr^" adds 'bis.' ajA.T"6KXoXTr] -XCJoXt, A; cf. Gr. 
K B D L &c. f«>f or cor orov. 6ep6K6At.l] cf. Gr. h^ B L &c. 

^©•cog, &c.] JUL6n6nca)c 2^6 oit nezenic nooo-r and 

afterwards again said Jesus to them, K. 2^0X6] KACrFHLMS: 
2,OXA.It, BDi.2A,EGJKN0. 0-C6pn] -OpH, DgNcQi*, 
-COpn, Og. A.tfTt6] ^.T(rn6, D1.2EJMO. nHpA.] A*Fi*L: 

©•cnHp^., A« &c.: oTfTs^enap^., o. i^ om. n6iULn. n6iULe. 

eCOOfl] eCJOTI, A: O'Ce., LNS: Gp. r al aliq aeth om. UTe- 

Tr6nep] ^p6xenep, «. ;6^e] XPJ^» m. Seooo-r ^6] 

om. i^. n6Xa30-c] ^ABCFFGHLMS: +nA.q, D1.2A1EJKNO. 





itT^.q ito'c^.co'rx juuul^t. JUL^.peqoXc. nAjpai" 

on ofiiKp^.. o-cog, cJ>K exeAJUtiLon itxA.q. 

'^iH AXA.peqi" ueq|£,fi.oc e&oX iUL^-peqajen OTrcHqi. 

ffo( ii^xuj v^-p ijuuLOc naoTert. xe cJ>k excj^HOTT 

g^oo-f itxeqzcjoK e&oX ilj6pHi ili6HTr. 
Xe ^.-couq rtejuL ni^.nox«.oc. Ke VA.p nex- 

ci6Ko-rx ee&KX o-ronxe neqxcjoK. 
eofi asflecjoo'c 2^6 uescooo'c. xe hot ic cnqi cnoTf 

ixn^ijx^.. iteoq 2s.e iiez^.q naooT. xe cepcooji. 
ao$ ssQ-cog, ex^-qi e&oX ^.q^e itA.q K^.T^. -fKA-g^c 

eiiiTCJOo-r iiTe nizooix. A.-rxt.oai 2^.6 itcoKj 


*®Gx^.qi 2i.e emxt.^. nez^.q ncjooT. xe Too&g, xe 
itnexeni enip^-CJULoc. ^^OTog, iieoq onrao'f 
^ e&oX XiJULCJOOT n^.T <t>ofa)gj ii^i oTroom 

_ Ofog, ex^-qg^ixq exert neqKeXi A-qxao^L^ 
taw^ 42gq2j^j^ juuuLOC. +xe n^-icjox icxe yQotujQ 
Ax^pe ni^.cj>oT cmi e&oX g^^^poi. nXan ner- 
eg^riKi ^.n ^.XXa. cJxjok jx^-peqcgcjoni. 

^* neXA.q i^e] cf. Gr. i<^«BL &c.: om. 2i.e, «B, cf. 8yT<« et«*. 
nCJOOf ] Iteit(J0O-r, Gg ; cf. Gr. exc. D &c. om. O-COIt itT"A.q] 

BDiFM; 0-ronx^.q, »a&c. >i3uuu.T, B: 

om. JuLiUL^-'C, S. JULAXOn nXA.q] BCE2«Gi«.2M; ijUULOH- 

x^q, «A &c. itXA.q 2°] +i}uuu.-c, L: +ito-rcKqi, AiEi*^., 

Fi«JK(ijUULA.*C it) MNO, cf. 6yr«»i et^h et^r. irieq] A C GH 

LS: 'f iSLneq, i^b &c.: Gr. D &c. ir«Xi;<roi. neq|neq, a. 

AXA.peqaen]«ACrFGHLMS: pref.O-rOg,, BD,.2AiEJKN0. 
^' V^.p] om. H. ntJOXert] Gr. D b om. Xe i°] Gr. F &c. syr^" 
add fri. cJ>h] ACFFGIIKLM: cj>^.l, BDi.gAi'EJO. 2,0)1"] 
+ Re, D2 F J K N. Ke V^.p] Gr. D &c. syr^" om. yap. UeX- 
Cj6H0fx] Ue ex., Dj: cI)H ex., D2; cf. Gr. «BDL &c. syr«\ 

ee^Hx] +2ie, Fi«. oTfonx(2k, AcrGLS)e neqxaoK] 
o-ronxeqxcjoK, bm: +e&oX, n. ^^nexaoonr] +nA.q, 

LUKE XXII. 36-42. 291 

anything?' And they said: *No (lit. of that).' ^^And he 
said to them: 'But now he who bath a purse, let him take 
it up, thus again a scrip: and be who hath not, let him 
sell his garment, let him buy a sword. ^'^ For I say to you, 
that that which is written must be fulfilled in me: '^He 
was numbered with the transgressors : " for that which 
is written concerning me hath its end.' ^^And they said: 
*Lord, lo, two swords (are) here.* And he said to them: 
*They suflBice.' ^^And having come forth, he went, accord- 
ing to the custom, to the mountain of the Olives ; and the 
disciples also walked after him. ^^And having come to 
the place, he said to them: 'Pray that ye shall come not 
to temptation.' ^^And he separated fi*om them about a 
stone's cast (lit. the space to cast a stone foi*tb) ; and 
having thrown himself upon his knees, he prayed, *^ saying : 
* My Father, if thou wishest, let the cup pass from me : 

>«D,.2AiEJKN0. CltO-r-f] ff, 0; ^-f, Di^iEJELN; lEi", 
D2; for position cf. itPl«' vg°«». lleoq ^e] om. l«^. ®® O'COg,] 

cm. ». eTA.qi] +2^6, B. ui] u, «. Sxe(A°»K)] S, «. 

ilx|m, A*. ^.'CAXOOJI 2s.e] pref. O'COg,, Dg: om. 2^6, L. 
niKe] Iteq, Ci* Ai* ? L? ; for a{fTov cf. Gr. M* Q &c. 8yr« Gr. B* &c. 
om. «fat. *^ 2^e] om. Cj*. IllXt.^-] Gr. D om. tov. TICX. 

nooo-c] pref. oTog,, B : ofog, nezA.q itneqAx^.e., «, con- 

tinoing from ZOOIX. Xe] om. », cf. Gr. llnexeni] A* C F G H, 
cf. Gr. D y»°' it vg ciVfX^c : +ei6oTn, A»nKBDi.2AiEFJKLMN 

o s. *^ o-rog^ ileoq] + i^e, Dj. 2 Aj Ei. 2* J o : cm. iteoq, 

l^U: Gp. D Bah ^hw am-os «€. O-rOO-f] ACT* G^* : ^-qOTCOi", 

B&c: eTA.q., «. efi.oX] c^.fi.oX, BD2. e&.oX juLjulooo-c] 

over erasure, A«. nA.-c] K^., ABCAiFHKLMNOS. it£,10-C(JOniJ 
AB &c.: eg^l., «: Ilg,! 0^10)111, A«: itg^IOTI itOfOOm, M: 
om. O-C, CLS. OTO^ 2°] om. «. exA-qg^iTq] A.q., «. 

^.qTOO&g,] cf. Gr. » &c.: eq., D2. *^ Gr. D a c e ff** place 

€1 fiov\€i...air f/iov after firj &c. I\>OTr] ACTHLS: TI^I, 
J«B (4>) &c., cf. Gr. Cim e&oX g^^pOl] A (repeats e&oX) 
CFFGHLS: CeilX pass me, KBDi.aAiEJKMNO; cf. 8ah«»»'» 
syrcu et«»»» 'transeat me.* nex] 4>H eX, D,* Oi*?. 

U H 


^'^^ ^A, itiJULA.eHT"Hc. A.qzeAxo-r e-ritKOTT e&oX 

*^OfO£, nex^.q nojo'c. xe eefieoT xerenitKOT. 

xen eartof ^pinpocecx^cee g^m^. iiTeTen- 

ajText.1 ej^oTit emp^cAxoc. 
*^Gti eqcA.xi g^anne ic o'CJULHg. iteAH <1>k exoT- 

Axo-ci" epoq xe io-c^a.c. o-ca.i efi.oX ii>eit | 
xie nirS n^-qjULooji j^^^cjoot ne. oTog^ A.qi6(JonT 

eiHC A.q'f cl>x epaoq. 


**• *^ (« om. ^' *^' **• '*^) om. A* B* Ci*. 2 T D,. j. 3. 4 A, E Fj* J>* G H 
J1.3KLMN; cf. Gp. h^*AB&c.: read A^sB^Ci^AjFi"* gHi^^.seOS, 
cf. Gr. i^* et D L &c. syr <«. A"K OTOg, ^.qOTOOng^ CpOq 

ilxeof ^.rveXoc e&oX ji)enx4>€ eepeq^xoiUL nA.q 
©•cog, ^.cojtJom eq^KgacjooT eqepupocenr^ecee 
ji)ert neqKeXi o-cog, ^.c^cwni eperteqqooi" iiL<l>pH'f 
ixnio-r^-n itxeiicnoq eqaof o exenniK^.^1 and an 

aiigel appeared to him from (the) heaven to Htrengthen him: and it 
Ciime to pass, that he was (lit. heing) very earnest (in) praying on (lit. 
in) his knees. And it came to pass that his sweat (plnr.) was (lit. 
being) as the colour (tr. ^jJI ^j^ Ji») of (the) blood flowing out 
upon the earth. B* left space of four lines, in which the corrector 
wrote ver. 43 the same as A"»K exc. g^IItA. Sxeq'f", then ?er. 44 

o-cog^ it^qepnpoceTx^cee ne i6enoTAiL€XA.e- 
AXOTHK oTog^ A.x^.qqcjo'f epiic&pHi" iloTcnoq 

eCHHO-C eneCHX g^IZenUIK^g^I and he was praying un- 
ceasingly, and his sweat was as blood, coming down upon the earth. 
Cj*^ crowded the verses into insufficient space ; A.qOTOn^q ; G for 

eepeq; 44 o-co£, ^.qxoo&g, j6erto-rAiLo-cn e&oX 
o^o^j neqqoj'f A.qepjuLcJ>pH'f ii.nao'co bSloX 

Cnoq eqnaO-C eneCHX g^IXenniK^-g^l and he prayed with 
perseverance, and his sweat was as the flowing out of the blood, coming 
down upon the earth; ^J»Ji\ ^ Ja.*^ J ? Vja 'this ? is not found in the 
Coptic' C2 Arabic with gloss ^,ja^\ ^J Si\j 'addition in the Arabic' 
Di*' Arabic as ^^j 'Greek.' Ej Arabic, and ^J y^ u^ ^ t^ji; J-^^ ^ 
^2«fl)\ 'this section is Greek, and it is not in the Coptic' £2 the same. 

LUKE XXn. 45-47. 293 

but not my will, but let thine be done/ *'And having 
risen from tlie prayer, he came to the disciples, he found 
them sleeping for (lit. from the) grief. *®And he said to 
them: 'Wherefore sleep ye? rise, pray that ye may not 
come into temptation.' ^''^(As he is) yet speaking, behold 
a multitude, and he who is called, 'Judas/ one of the 
twelve, was walking before them, and he approached Jesus, 

except elL for ct)^, and points are added, but the reference to Greek 
and Coptic is cut. ¥1^8 (OTOOng^q and UpOCeCXHCee). 2 

iii^^.sO, oTog, ^-qoTong^q epoq itxeoT^-vreXoc efi.oX 
j6enT4>e eepeq-fzojuL rtA.q. oTog, ^.cojaoni eqtff- 
ajttjoo (om. H3) OT eepnpoce'cxecee i^eniteqKeXi n^.- 
peneqqao-f JuLctpH'f iini^.o-rA.n iiTeuicnoq eqcgof o 

6Xen (om. H3) TlIK^g^I. V^^E Coptic and Arabic by different hands, 
Coptic same as 11 &c., with gloss ^^^\ (i <^]j * addition in the Arabic' 
Gi"« Arabic without note. A2 O S the same text as A°>« ; Tlicnoq. J^ 
Arabic, with ^ *a copy.' For t4>6 cf.? Or. HL &c. ovpavov : syr®" om.; 
for O-COg, &c. cf. Or. « &c. Ka\ cVVcro; for eqaO-CO, eqitKQ-C, 
ecnHOT cf. Or. h^ KOTo^vovTOf; for g^IXeit cf.? Gr. Q U al pauc 

firt genitive. '^, B*» Ci<^ Dj® (transferred to the insertion, and marked 

^mj 'Greek'), 2 (seems to belong to ^XXiL c{)COK, ver. 42, and is marked 
^•., obs. Gr. A) Fi®, 2 ^i*^ H : lost Ai M*'(at ver. 45 corrects section from 
y to d). *^ ji)en i°] om. C. 2j^] Gr. D &c. cV/. ItlJUL^.- 

OHXHC] ACrFGiHKLMNS, cf. Gr. «ABDL &c.: neq., BD,.2 
A1EG2JO, cf. Gr. I. 209. &c. syr«". ^-qZeAXO*c] for order cf. Gr. 
A &c.: A.X7L€JtXOy, J. J^eit 2°] g^ITCn, BM. Hi] om. B. 
itg^HX] om. Gg. " ee&eOT] Gr. D om. ttj'^^^^] o™- ^i*- 

*^ eTi] cf. Gr. l^ABL &c.: pref. OTOg^, HO, cf. a f aeth : Gr. D &c. 

^Ti de. IC] om. M. OTJULHOj 

Gr. D &c. syrc»» add nokvs. OT^l] 

+ ne, Dg: OT, Go. A.q'f4>j] ACrDi^.2FGHKLM: -itO-Ccl>I, 
K; cf. Gr. D &c. syr^^: eq., 0: €rf^l to kiss. BDi*AiEJ, cf. the 
rest of Gr. GpOOq] A^ &c.; epOOOT, A* : epoq, r*HK ; F2 has 
red gloss j^:^\ ^M3l lu My^ dil is'ji\ Ji ^^\ J^ i.5U11 Ij^ U^ 
• • • u-J *^^^ *^*® ^^"^ ^® ^^^ given them : "Verily, he whom I kiss is he ; " 
this red writing is not,' (?) the rest cut ; cf. Gr. D &c. 


<^«- *«Ihc 2i.e nex^.q nA.q. xe io-r2i^.c A-KnA-i" JDLngHpi 
_ i}L4>pci)JULi j6en o-c<t>i. 

<nrf *» Gx^-'cn^.-c 2i.e nxenn exKoo-f epoq e^R €TA.q- 
cgcjoni nezcjoo'c. xe rot nxeng^ioTi itTCHqi. 

ncrm^JUL e&oX. 
*^ "3Xqepof(jo 2^e ibceiKc uez^.q. 2ce kkk a^-ixn^i. 
_ o-rog, ex^qtfog^ eiieqjUL^gz A.qnrA.X6oq. 
a«0 »2neze nic 2^6 ilriK ex^-Ti itccoq m^-px^^P^^c 

nejuL nicA.xHroc itxe niepcl>ei nejuL nmpec- 

2Ce exA-pexeni e&oX ii^pHi" epeTenitKOT nc^. 

o-ccom neiUL g^^-itafio-f, " ei^H iieit niepc^i 

next-ooTen ijuuLuni iSLnexencoTTeit neTen- 

XIX eg^pHi exijji. ^.XX^. e^.i Te irerretioxnot 

nexjL nepgigi ilxe nx^'^J- 
^ " eTA-T^JULoni 2^6 iJuuLoq A.feitq oto^ ^.Ttfrrq 
^ eji)0-rn euRi ixui^-px^^P^^c. IleTpoc n^q- 
« Axogi ilcaoq ^\<^oxe\. 

** G'TA-'ctfepe o-cxp^*"- ^^e jfceit ejULH-f n-f^.-rXn 

o-cog^ ex^.-c£,eJULci. n^.pe uerpoc g^cjoq g^ejuici 

j6en To-rxt.Hi". 

*« IkC 2^6 &c.] cf. Gr. «BL &c.: nezeiKC nA.q, «. cf. 8ah»o»>'': 
om. 2i.e, El*. n^.q] Gr. D t« lovda. X€\0y2s.^c] Gr. «* om. 
2oi;«a, and no Gr. has m. A.Krt^.'f ] SACrDj.jAiEFGiHJKLM 
N S, cf. sah»^'» eKH^.'f : ^xf, Gg, cf.? Gr. irapa^^t : neKKA-'f , : 
mjf about to deliver up, B* : H^Jcf, B®. 4>P^pA«.I. A. *® €cI>h] 
ijLcl>H, M. eXA-qaOOni] cf. Gr. D &c. For om. a^^ cf. Gr. h^ BL &c. 

nxeng^io-ri] Ten., M: enren., n. *°^.o-r^.i] o-ca.i, 

Di. 2 ^1 E J M ; for not expressing ns cf . c d &c. 8yr««. 4^£.a)K 
for position cf. Gr. AD &c. OTOg, 2°] cf. Gr.: om. Fi*M. *^ 7^e 

om. M, cf. Gr. A sah"". IHC] ROT, S. ^&] (faltere d, A«. 

neqjuL^.gz] neq &c., Ji* ; for airov cf. Gr. a &c. ** nic] 

Gr. D &c. 8yr«" om. ^€] om. B. €TA.Tl] erasure of two letters 

LUKE XXIL 48-55. 295 

he kissed bis mouth. ^^And Jesus said to bim: 'Judas, 
art thou to deliver (up the) Son of (the) man with a 
kiss?' *^And they who were around him, having seen 
that which happened, said: 'Lord, (wilt thou) that we 
strike with (the) sword?' *^And one of them struck at 
(the) servant of the chief priest, and took off bis right 
ear. ^^And Jesus answered, he said: 'It is sufficient thus 
far (lit. until here).' And having touched his ear, be cured 
him. ^^And Jesus said to them who came at him, the 
chief priests, and the captains of the temple, and the 
elders : ' Came ye out, as coming at a robber with staves ? 
'^^ Being in the temple with you daily, ye stretched not 
(out) your bands upon me : but this is your hour, and 
(the) authority of (the) darkness.' **And having laid hold 
on bim, they brought him, and took him into (the) bouse 
of the chief priest. Peter was walking after bim afar off. 
"And (they) having lighted a fire in (the) midst of the 
court, and having sat, Peter also was sitting in their midst. 

after 'C, and I altered from one of them, A«. itCOOq] cf. ? Gr. A B 

D L &c. «v aWv. ni^pxO e&oX ji)enrtiA.px- fr«m &«•* ^i'- rend.... 

C^.THVOc] AB*; C^.XHVOTC, B^ &c. Ze(om. A)eT^.p.] epc^ei 

2ceA.p., s. riKo-r] +e&oX, Dg. nejxg^^.na&o-fj 

A(neAX added "»«,COneXt.*?)CFC^GHL: pref. neiULg^^-ncKqi 
withswords.BF'Di.aAiE JKMNOS,cf. Or.: -ajfi-Ooi" , M. " ItG- 

JULCJOXen] for position cf. Or. D &c. JULueTTertCOf Ten] C added, 

AC, -ccjooTxen it, l -. pref. oTog,, M, cf. Gr. u &c. nexeitxiz] 

Gr. L I. 131. om. rdt. OA-I Xe] A (2^.6) C T^ Ai E G H J K L ; for 
position cf. Gr. K° B D L &c.: om. TG, B Di. 2 F M N S, of.? Gr. II 
om. eWiV: Gr. l«^* 49*^ om. vfwiv. TiepOJIOJl] cf.? Gr. D g*^ ??• 
om. ff. niep., D2KN: syr«« 8ah"»« add v/i«v. 11X0X^^1, A*. 
nX^^O ^^y l^i^2- '^*^.'Cenq] for 'him' cf. pyrco &c. 

OTOg,] om. BDjAiEJO. ^-'CtfTrq] Gr. TD &c. syr«" om.; for 
airT6p cf. Gr. X &c. eUKl] om. M. UeXpOC] A*: +2^6, A^ &c. 

itcaoq] cf. Gr. D &c. syrc" : + ue, M. " eTiJ^cT.] ex^.qtf^ 
0. acjoq] cf. Gr. D &c. ^j^Jtxci] H^-qg,., B. j6enxo-c- 

AlKX] Gr. D fUT mnmv. 


^•Gx^.cn^.'c 2^6 epoq nxeoT^-XoT iJL&aoKi eq- 

XK ^ejULci ^uren ui|oT(jomi oTog^ gta-ccoaxc 

nex^-c. ze n^.pe cj>^i g^ooq x^ nejtiL^.q. 

*^ilooq 2^6 A.qx(JoX e&oX eqzo) jOuuloc. xe 

_ i"C(J0OTn ixJULoq ^.n i"c£,ijun. 

as^ ftso-cog, Axeitenc^. KeKo-rzx ex^.qnA.-c epoq nxe- 
KeoTA.1 nex^.q. ze fteoK o'ce&oX jOuulcjoo'v 
£,(J0K. riexpoc 2^6 uexA.q. xe ^puojtxi ^.^0K 
^.n ue. 
^'OTog, exA. cj>o'r(joa ito'co'rno'r cgcjom n^.pe 
KeoT^-i xA^po itxoxq ne eqxcjo ijutiLoc. ze 
;6en o-tJtxeBiXHi rt^pe cj>^.i g^cjoq x^ next^q. 
K€ v^-p 0-rr^.XiXeoc i\e. 
•®nex^.q 2^6 Rxenexpoc. xe <^pijjjtxx -fejtxi A.n 
eiiexeKZCJO jOuuLoq. ofog, cA.xoxq exi eq- 

_ CA.XI A. o-c^.XeKxa)p Axo-c-f. 

«r^7 •iQ'rog, exA.qcl>on2,q ibceuOT ^.qcojutc euexpoc. 
oTog, A. uexpoc epcI>iULeYi ijLUc^^I jOLuot 
JULct>pHi" exA.qxoc nA.q. ze juLn^-xe o-cA.XeK- 
xoop JULo-ri" ixc^oo-c x^^^^Xx e&oX ilv 
itcoii. ®^o-ro^ exA.qx e&oX A.qpxjtt.i jfeen 

_ o'citajA.ttji. 

<rh9 esQ-cog, nipooAxi enA.-c^.x«.om JuuuLoq nA.-rca)fi.i 
jOUuLoq ne. eTg^iofi epoq «^ oto^ exA-Tg^ofi-cq 
n^.TOjini ijuu-oq exxao iijULOc. 
2Ce A.pmpocl)Hxe^m n^.n. xe nijui nexA-qg^ionri 

^^^e] om. B. epoq] euexpoc, f. eqg^ejxci] eqe- 

g^eJXCI, A: eCg^eJXCI, B. OfOg,] om. M. COAXCJ Acr 
GHLS: +epOq, BD,.2AiEFJKMN0. neJUL^.q] ACrTG 
HL: +ne, B&c. *^^.qZCl)X e&oX] ABCD2( + ne)FGHK 

L M N S : n^.qX(J0X efi.oX ne, Di Aj E J O ; for om. airdv cf. Gr. 
^BD^B'L &c. syrc". -fcOOOfn] Ri"., B K. A.n] om. A^*. 
'f'Cg^IJULl] ^ over I, A®; for position cf. Gr. HBh &c.: Gr. D om. 

"ex^-qn^-c] ^.qnA.T, b. epoq] om. s. xe i^] om. s. 

4>pa)JU.l] CJO cJ>pa)AXI, B: it pi" flyr«« ei»^ om. "For om. 

LUKE XXn. 56-54. 297 

^^And a young maid servant having seen him sitting by 
the light, and having gazed, said: ^This (man) also was 
(imperf.) with him.' *^But he denied, saying: *I know him 
not, Woman.' **And after another little (time), another 
having seen him, said : ' Thou (art) of them also.' But Peter 
said : ' Man, I am not.' ^^ And (the) space of an hour having 
been, another was affirming of him, saying: 'In tiiith this 
(man) also was (imperf.) with him : for (he) is a Galileean/ 
•^ But Peter said : * Man, I know not that which thou say est.' 
And immediately^ (as he is) yet speaking, a cock crew. 
*^And the Lord, having turned himself, gazed at Peter. 
And Peter remembered (the) word of the Lord, as he said 
to him : * Before a cock crow to-day, thou wilt deny me 
three times.' •^And having come forth, he wept bitterly. 
•^And the men, who were laying hold on him, were 
mocking him, beating him. ^*And having covered him, 
they were asking him, saying : * Prophesy to us, who beat 

«r«' cf. Gr. A &c. 8yr<"». K^-pe] Gp. K* om. ffp. neJUU^q] + UG, 
BD2FM. Ke... lie] om. B; obR. Gr. A om. ydkikaios. ®^ Tie- 

2C^.q &c.] uexpoc 7s.e uez^.q, f. -fejuii] e-fext-i, b : 
iti"eM.i, D2M. neTeKxao] abi^efghjkls; ne ex &c.. 

C Di ; cJ>H GT &c., Dg Aj M N ; cf. Gp. 6 Uytis : Gr. S D al pauc 
Ti' Xcycif. ^O'C . . . JULOTi" ] om. : om. A., L* ; for Of ^.XeK- 

Toop cf. Gr. «ABDL &c. " OTO^ &c.]_eTA.qcl>on2,q 

7^e, D2. cf. Gr. D sah •«»>'': om. q 2°, AjO. UOC] AB^CPDi^.jF 
GHKLM: IKC, B*Di*AiEJO, cf. Gr. D &c. HeTpOC] Gr. D 
157. gat om. ii4>pHi"] KA.XA. 4>pHi", L S. Xe\ Gr. D itP^^' 
arm om. JULc&OOT] cf. Gp. UBh &c. *^ efioXj cf. Gp. l^ B 

DL &c. 8yro»»: +itZei\eXpOC, Fi<^LM, cf. Gr. A &c. jfeenOT] 
+ piJtt.1, D2. noj^OJl] a^-ai, LM. ^^ O-rOg, &c.] Gp. D c 

8Ah •«»»'' ol «€. en^.'C^JULOni] om. e, Dj E J. obs. Gp. T om. ol: 
ItK emjr.y Dg : ^.T^JULOni, B. jOuULOq i^] cf. Gr. l^ B D L &c. : 
illKC, D2M, cf. Gp. a &c. Byr«. n^.-CC(Jofi.l] -cfi-O), Fj*. 
enrg^IOfl . . . ^«*^ jQuULOq] om. B, cf. b; obs. Gr. D &c. om. icfwwcy. 
" eTA.-r2^ofi.Cq] cf. Gr. (H) B K &c. 8yr<«. e^ ZO) JULAHOC] 

cf. Gr. («) B L &c. ItA.It] cf. Gr. X &c. iiexA.q] lie €TrA.q, 


epoq eczeofA.. 

flr^« eeo-cog, exA. nie£,oo-c gooni A.-cecoo-c'f ilxerti- 

TK^. npec&Txepoc itxe | uiX^oc next. niA-px^- 

_ epefc neiUL nic^.ji). oTog^ ^•cenq €s6>oyn 

*")*■ eno'cjuL^.it'fg^A.u. «^€nfza) ijuuLoc. xe \cxe 

Hook ne nxc a^oc n^-n. 

nez^.q it(joo-r. ze ^.icg^itxoc naoTert TeTenn^.- 

*'^^ xexenit4&.epof o) ^.n. ^® xczen -f ne'e eqegooui 

itxencgHpi i}LcI>p(joJxi eq^^ext-ci cA-OTin^JUL 

iti"Z0JUL ilxe cj>'f . 
a*,!; 70 nexuoof 2^6 xapoT. xe iteoK o-rn ne ncyapi iJL<t>i". 

iieoq 2^6 nex^.q nuooT. xe necjoxen exzo) 
^^^ iJLiULoc. xe ^.noK ne. "^^itecjoo-c 2,e nexcoof. 

2ce enepxp^^ ^e noTAxeepe. ^.non vA.p A.n- 

ccjoxeJUL e&oX j^en paoq. 
^ ^O'cog, ^.qxoonq nxenoTXt-aa XHpq ^.nrenq g^A. 

niX^-xoc. 2 ^-cepg^HXc 2s.e ilepK^.XHvopm 

epoq erxuj xjljuloc. xe cJ>a.i ^.nxeimq eT^ujtx^ 

jOLneneenoc e&oX. 
Ofo^ eqx^-g^no egxexiLi" &coi" iSLnoTpo. 

eqzcjo JuuuLoc epoq. xe ^.noK ne nxfi nof po. 



B D,.2FMS. «* ^^.nKejuLKa] &^riKex^o'^J^J' D1.2E jk. 
n^.'cxa)] €-rz(Jo, h. ijuuLtwoT] juuuloc, Di<». epoq] 

AOrTGHLMS: +ne, B D1.2 AjE J K N 0: Gr. Ds' «r cavrovy. 

«®ex^.] ^., B. eg^oof] +2ie, n. A-t.] ^.-repoT., n. 
> ni^pxnepe'cc nexitninpecfi. &c.. Dg. iixeniX^.oc] 

rbegini syrcu et««^^h oni. O'COg, 2°] om. M. eno'c] em, M. ®^ ICiCeJ 

o-ro2,2«» Q^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^j ^.xoc in^n] Gr. D 61. om. nex^.q] ac 

rrOHL: +2s.e, BDJ.2A1EJKMNOS. cf. Gr., but D o«€€i»r«r. 

A.ig^.n] om. a^-n, r* o. naoxen] Or. «♦ om. xexen.] 
2cexexen., O: cm. n^, m. ^^egcwn 7^e on] cf. Gr. 
A &c.: om. on, N. xexenn^.] om. n^., km. ^.n] cf. Gr. 

«BL &c.: n^n, N. ^^-f no-r] ^ACFFGHLS, cf. Gr. r Ac: 

LUKE XXIL 65— XXn;. a. 299 

thee/ ®^And many other things they were saying against 
him, blaspheming. 

^^ And the day having come, the elders of the people and 
the chief priests and the scribes assembled, and brought 
him into their council, ^"^ saying: 'If thou art Christ, say 
to us.* He said to them : * If I should say to you, ye will 
not believe: ®'*and if I also should ask you, ye will not 
answer. *^'' Henceforth (the) Son of (the) man shall be 
sitting at the right hand of the power of God.' ''^And 
they all said: *Art thou then (the) Son of God?' And 
he said to them : * Ye say that I am.' '^^ And they said : 
'(Are) we having further need of witness? For we our- 
selves heard (it) from his mouth.' 

XX in. And their whole multitude rose, they brought 
him to Pilate. ^And they began to accuse him, saying: 
*This (man) we found, w^ho perverteth our nation, and (is) 
forbidding to give tax to (the) king, saying of himself: 

+ 2ie, B Di. 2* Ai E J K M N 0, cf. Gr. « A B D L &c. eqeojCJOHI 
ItXenaHpl] epeXenit^.-C enaj ye shall see (the) Son, B, cf.? Gp. 
157. '^^ 2^e i°] Gr. A &c. oZv : om. KM. Z€ i^] om. F*. Otn] OH, 
A*: om. KDg, cf. Gr. D &c. syrc". iSL (om. A) cj>'f-] FK probably 
meant to write ct^pOOJULI. lleoq 2^6] om. ». " i^e] +on, «. 

€(it,N)nepxpi^] AcrFGHKLMS: A.nep., B(itx)^i^- 
iiTrenep.^ i>i.2(Sx)eJ: ^-nn^.ep., «: +A.n, D1.2EGHJK 
MNOS. ito-c(+ijL. A)Axeep€] D1.2EJ; ijutxeepe, « c r* f 
H LM N s : itof jtiexAxeepe, Ai g k Oi ; ft no-cjuieT JULeepe 

of their witness, O2; 0T| JUL€Xpe, B; for position cf.? Gr. 
KAD &c. A.ItOn] +TKpen all, «. VA.p] om. «. 

* ^CfTOOnq] for sing. cf. Gr. exc. D &c. syp«°, but D om. Snap., , 
alrSiv. UO-CAXHa] HI., K. A-'Ceitq] cf. Gr. «ABDL &c. 
* 2s.e] om. L. itKA.XKVOpm, A*. Ze i°] om. Ej*. A-itzext.] 

en., F,*. er^ihw^ Acrcs: eq., bDi.2Ai«efhjklno: 
^.qcl>ong,, M. ueneenoc] cf. Gr. « b d l &c. o-rog^] om. 
E2*m. eqx^-g^no] ^.q., cDi*M: eqeTA.£,no, Ei.2"«J: 

eX^-g^nO, N: om. Ej*. "fg^CJoi"] for order cf. %9h^^^ aeth. 
eqZO)] of. Gr. A &c. om. nai. 


^/ ^ITiX^-xoc 2i€ ^.qgenq eqxo) jOUuloc. xe rieoK 

ne no'cpo tnre itnoT^^.!. 
_ Heoq 2^6 ^.qepoToo n^.q. xe iteoK neTZoo 
7 iiJULoc. * niXA.xoc 2^6 uexA.q itni^-px^epenrc 

nexjL niAiLKa. :ice n't zext. £,Xi iteTi^. ^.n jfcen 

XKfi. ^ ^HecjooT 2s.e n^.-rxejuLZOJUL e^|xa) juuuloc. xe 

qcyoopTep iii\iXA.oc. eqi"c&co jfcen -fioT- 

2^6^. THpc e^.qep£,KXc iczen ir^-XiXeA. oj^ 

*niXA.xoc 2ie ex^.qc(joTejuL n^.qami. 2:6 ^n 
oTV^.XiXeoc lie n^-iptJOAXi. 

^Oto£, eT"^.qejuLi xe o-ce&oX i6en nepaiffli 
itHpa52^HC ue A.qofopnq g^^. Kpa52s.Hc. eqx^ 
g^ooq ;6en iXkjul ;6€n nieg^ooT erexfLJtxiJx. 

®Hpa52s.Kc 2^6 exA.qrt^.'c emc A.qp^.a^ eJULA.aja). 
n^-qofuog VA.p ue ert^.'c epoq icxen o'YAiLKa) 
itXPoitoc. €0&.exe it^-qcuoxejuL ee&axq o'cog, 
n^-qepg^eXuic enu^ eo-cAxamx ilxoxq eqipi 

•H^-qaini 2^6 ixAxoq j6en g^^-njULua itcA^i. 
y iteoq 2i.e juLneqepoTO) it&Xi ^^n^.'cog^i 
ep^.xoT itxeni^-px^Gp^^c neiUL rnc^j6 
e'cepKA.XHVopm epoq eJUL^-cgcx)- 

^^.qaenq] 8yr«'» 'dixit ei,' ^.qepofo) n^q] acffghk 

LMNS, cf. Gr. D i. 209. a: om. n^.q, Jj*. cf. nnh*^^^: +eqZ(JO 

jQuuLoc, D1.2A1EJO, cf.Gr. D 8ab«chw. ^.qepo-co) nexA.q, B, 

cf.? the rest of Gr. except for omission of nA.q after Of O), which itP*" 

oni. ueT"] ne ex, b. * 2^e] om. n. niJULHa] aotdlj 

GHKLMNS: HI., BAiEFJO. it-fzeJUt] om. 11, Dj AjEJ 0. 

aXi] eg^Xi, B. ;6ert] ;6^ against, D2. >;6eni\A.ipa}AiLX 
A.n, B. ^xojul] +ue, Da- iiJtxoc] +ue, Do. X^.oc] 

Gr. «L 131. Sx^oy: +XKpq, Dg. eqi"C&(Jo] Gr. h^ &c. om. 

^^daKtop. -f io-r2^e^.] om. -f, D2. eA.qep] acffghlns, cf. 

Gr. AD &c.: pref. O'COg^, BDi.a^iE J K(M)0. cf. Gr. KBL &c.: 
A.qep, M. -tVA-X.] om. -f, B. ® IHXa.XOC 2^6] Gr. D 

LUKE XXin. 3-IO. 301 

** I am Chi-ist (the) king.*' ' ^ And Pilate asked him, saying : 
*Art thou (the) king of the Jews I' And he answered 
him: *Thou sayest/ *And Pilate said to the chief priests 
and the multitudes: 'I find not any fault in this man/ 
*But they were more urgent (lit. finding power), saying: 
* He troubleth the people, teaching in all Judea, having 
begun from Galilee unto this place.' ^ But Pilate, having 
heard, was asking whether this man is a Galilaean. "^And 
having known that he was (lit. is) under (lit. from) (the) 
authority of Herod, he sent him to Herod, he also being 
in Jerusalem in those days. ^Now Herod, having seen 
Jesus, rejoiced greatly: for he was wishing to see him for 
(lit. from) much time, because that he was hearing con- 
cerning him ; and he was hoping to see a sign done by 
him (lit. from him doing it). ^And he was asking him 
with many words; but he answered not anything. ^^The 
chief priests and the scribes were standing accusing him 

aic. Sc. n^qctjim] ACFFGHKLMNS: A.qajmi, EDljAjEJO. 
2Ce] om. 0,*. ^.n] om. F. For om. yoXiXo/ov cf. Gr. h^BLT. 
TT^IpCOAXlJ cf.? c 'est ipse homo;' for position obs. Gr. D &c.; no 
Gr. has 'this,' but 6, exc. B* al pauc om. 6: syrca q^ 7 OTOg,] 

Gr. D imyw. bt. G&oX] + He, B Dg. nepttJIOJl] HI., Dj. 
O-C(J0pnq, A. g^A.] obs. Gr. D dat. eq^w] n^-qpCK. imperf., 

Di.jAiEJO: itm, S; cf.? Gr. D &c. syr««: j6enit^.I, CFFGHK 
L M N S, cf.? rest of Gr. ® 2^6] Gr. «♦ sah"- om. ^.qp^gi] 

eq., C. >en^.T epoq ne, DiAiEJMO: poq over erasure ?, 
AC. OTJULHCy iiXPO^OC] cf.? Gr. A &c. ; for position cf. Gr. D &c. 
2Ce] om. S*. ITA.qC(JOT"eJUL] cf.? Gr. l«^BDL &c. om. vokU. 

n^qep^eXnic] AcrD2*FGHK*LMNS: +ne, »bd,.2°AiEJ 

K« 0. ilTOTrq] cf. ? Gr. L al aliq nap\ • 2i.e] om. B, cf. Gr. 

K* G. JO^^nJ n added, A^. &^r^] erasure of one or two letters 
after It, A^. ftooq 2^6] syr^^ et««*> add 'Jesus.' epOTOo] A*, 
cf. e q: +n^-q, A"™k &c.. for position cf. Gr. D sah**. Itg^Xl] om. 
it, r. ^^ n^-rog^l] a* K, cf. Gr. H «ah«^»»'': +^e, A« &c., cf. 

the rest of Gr. epA.T-OT] A : +Ue, B &c. GTep] ^-Tep, Dg. 

epoq &c.] epaoq o'rneAJL^.cycjo, b. 

302 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH- 

00 ^^ "Gx^.qttjottjq 2^6 ftxeHpto^LHC itcitt. rteqjULA.xoi 

0T02, eT^-qctofi.! ijuutoq. ^.qxoX^q iioT- 
^e&LCtx} ec4>epia30T ^.qoTopnq €niXA.Toc. 
"aXTepa4>Hp 2^6 eitoTepHOT itxemXA.Toc neiUL 
hp(J02!lHc j6en nieg^ooT exejtt.JULA.-c. 
H^^Tttjou r^-p itttjopu ue j6en oTJULeTXA.xi 

^ "niX^-xoc a^e ex^-qjuio-ci" eni^.pxiepe'^'c itejui 

niA^px^J^ neju. niX^-oc. ^*nexA.q ntooT. xe 

XKV ^.xeTertmi itw juLn^-iptoljun ^ujc ec\<^(joti^ 

juLniX^-oc efi.oX oTog, ^aune ^.rtoK ex^-icgenq 

eg^p^-q juLnexertjuLeo. juLnixejtt. ^\\ heirii^ 

^ j6en UA.ip(jojun ititK exexeitepKA.xKvopm 

7 epoq itj6HXO-c. ^^^.XX^. ot^lC TiKeHpoo2^HC. 

A-qo-copHq r^-p g^^-pon. 

Oto^, &Hnue juLJULoit g^Xi it^oofi. itjinxq eA.q- eqjuLna^ JuL4>JtiLo-ir. " itxA.i"cfi.a) o-cit 

ver.^'^om. nA.q ItXA-X^^ efi.oX. 

^^Hp(J02s.Hc]A(Hpa3pXHC)CrAiFGHLMS, cf.Gr. ABD«^&c. 
Byr«» : nKCHp. Herod also, ^^BDl.2EJKN0, cf. Gr. ^^L &c. IteJU. 

(rep. A) . . . juuuLoq] om. K^. exA.qca)^i] eXA.T., B. A.q- 

XoXg^qJKACrFGHKLNS: A.T., M: eA.q., DijAiEi^jJO: eA.T., 
B Ei« : pref. O-fOg^, M ; for avrdy cf. Gr, A D &c. g^cAcCO] g, over 
erasure, and efi. added above erasure. A©. ec4>epItJ0OT] e 2° altered, 
A« E^o. 2 &c. : eq., Di Ex*. ^.qOTOpnq] OOp, A Dg, for Ifjrtfx^fw cf.? 
Gr. K*L &c.: l^t &c., EjO; pref. OTOg^, F, eniX^-XOc] A 
DaCom. q) KLM: JUL., B C T Dj AiE FG H JN S : ^A., l^. 
^^eitOTepHOT] itltOT., FAiNO: IteJULItOT., LM, cf.? Or. 
fier aWfiXav: Gr. T &c. syr<5» om. IIlX^XOC &c.] for order cf. Gr. 
A(D) &c.: HpOOXHC IteJULniX^-XOC, B, cf. Gr. l^BL &c. sjt^\ 
nieg^OOT] ni., KN. ne] om. B. JULeXXA^Xl] erasure of three 
letters after X, A«. enOTfepHOT 2°] A F G H K L N S, cf.? Gr. 
nphsiavTovs: neJULHOTepHOT, KB D^.g AiEFJ MO: Gr. D om. 

vpovTt^Pxov . , . avTovi. " exA.qjULOT'f] exA.qc(joxejUL 

en^-l ^.qjULOT-f having heard these, called, B. neJULUlX^-Oc] 

LUKE XXTTT. 11-16. 303 

greatly. ^^And Herod with his soldiers having reviled 
him, and having mocked him, arrayed him in gorgeous 
raiment, he sent him to Pilate. ^^And Pilate and Herod 
became friends to one another in that day: for before they 
vrere (imperf.) in enmity to one another. 

^^And Pilate, having called the chief priests and the 
rulers and the people, '*said to them: *Ye brought to me 
this man, as perverting the people: and lo, I, having ex- 
amined him before you, found not any fault in this man 
as to the things in which ye accuse him. ^^But neither 
Herod also : for he sent him to us ; and lo, there is not 
any work in him, which he did, being worthy of (the) 
death. ^^ (Let) me chastise (lit. teach) him then, and release 

-ni., F: om. Ai*, cf. q. " U^.l] HI, N. OTO^ ^HUne 

A.rtOK] Gr. D *cay» «*, ex^-lttjeitq] ^.I., D^; for position cf. 
Gr. D 8yT«« et««b. eg^p^q] €j6p^q» CDiEi; Di« adds g,, and 
leaves j6: n^2,p^.q, A<=Fi«LS: om. M. ijLeo] +e&0>v, B. 

iiexi^.] cf. itp» vg *cau8ani.' tWH eTexeitep] enH., F: 

ifceitHH., BDjM: Gr. D &c. om. S>v. ^^ 0'92^e] om. M N. 

A.qoTopnq v^.p &c.] -ojpnq, a, cf. Gr. KBL &c.: om, 

r^p, BN. OTOg,] om. Fj*. g^HUne] Gr. D e«»' 8yr«« om. 
itg^tofi.] om. C r* 0. Coptic translates differently. eqijLUttJ^.] 
Ao &c.: om. eq, A*Di.2S. ^® OTIt] om. Fi*, cf. sah«»». 

"Om. A*B*Ci*rDi,2.3.4AiEFi*GJKLM. cf. Gr. ABKLTH a fu 
«ah*^»»'': read A^KBcCi^AjFi^HeNOS, cf. Gr. J^DXTAAunc® al 
omn^d b c e f fP** g^' ^- 1 q vg syr «" ei^^ etP aeth. A"* (in the break 
and space between the columns, and without translation) A20$, OTO^ 

Seoq ^.n^.KKH it^.q ne ex^oT^.i itooo-c eKdX kuta, 

cy^I and [he] it •is necessary for him to release one to them (cf. Gr. 48^^) 
every feast : B®, probably the original scribe, wrote in space of three lines, 
without translation, OtO^ HeOTOIt itTtOOT ijUUL^.T itOT- 

6&0X JO^^ncy^I and they had a custom that they should release 
a captive to them in (the) feast : Cj^' crowded into the page, making three 
lines too many, with translation (as E), neOTOnXOTK^-g^C 2^6 

£JLXfL^'€ eepeqx^ itoT^.i Shh eTcort^, nojo-c e^oX 

KUTi>. noj^I and they had (a) custom to release one of the prisoners 

304 ROXTax ?S.OYRaxH. 

~* "CSX nixjLHcg a^e xapq tocg efi.oX. xe a.Xi <f>^i. 

engxeKo eefi.€ oTcgeopxep neitt. oTj^wreA 
e^-qcgtoni j6eit -f noXic. 
Tia 2ojj^^jj^ js^e oit ^. niX^.xoc JULo-rf epcoonr eq- 

_ e^oX eTXco iiAJtoc. xe ^aq A.cgq« 

Ti^^ 22jJ0Qq 2!,e nex^.q itcooT i}L4>A*.^&v neon, xe 

OT r^.p juLnexg^oooT nex^ 4>^i ^iq- iiuixejuL 

g^Xi iteTi^. itxe 4>Jtt.o-c itj6Hxq. iixA.'fc&a} 

oTn n^.q tim^xA-^ efi.oX. 
^ 23g^jj^Q^ 2we ^.TOT^.2,xoxo-c j6€it a^ititigi" 

itcjuLK enrepexm iJuuLoq eepo-cA.ttjq- o^cog, 
_^ n^.TxexiLXoxiL ue iixe no-ccjuiH. 
T*d 24 0to2^ ^. niX^.xoc i"&^.u eepeqaooui itxenonr- 

g^ixq enaTCKo eefi.e oTj^coxefi. next, ojeop- 

to them at (the) feast : C2 Arabic with gloss i^/Ji ^J J^h 'addition in the 
Arabic:' Di**. a Arabic as ^•. 'Greek:' D4 left space: Ei, 2 Arabic 
jusli ^ L^i i»^ jlLl i^U j^ vJ^j ' Ai^d they had a custom, he released 
to them a prisoner at the feast/ as ^a. 'Greek:' F^^ wrote between the 
Terses as A"^s, except IICIJ^I : G^^ evidently the writer of the Ammonian 
sections, Arabic ju^ J3 ^ «x>.L ^ j;lk^ ^1 s^*^ J ^ ' and he had necessity 
to release to them one at every feast:' H eOTOItT^q ItOfKA^C 
eX^O-C^.1 ItOJO-C e&oX KiJT^. ny^l (he) having a custom 
to release &c. : Ji Arabic in the (cut) margin ^ «x> ) Juc \r ik y^ U^ r 
*)^^ (^ c3^ ^^ ' and he in every feast was bound to release one to them : ' 

NO as H, except eOTOIt itX^.q. B Ci Di« H have ^ at 17: for 
'necessity' cf. Gr. KD &c.; 'custom' syr<"*; 'prisoner, captive' al^* c q 
syrP &c.; obs. Gr. D 8}t«" place the verse after 19. ^®A.... 

OJCg] for preterite cf. Gr. AD &c. 2^6] Gr. T* 13. 69. 8ah>»»»«^ om. 
Xe] ABCFFGHLS: enrXtO JUUULOC Xe, DjMN, cf. Gr. sah «»»'': 
eqXO) &c., DjAiEJKO. fi.^.p^.^^^.c] +2^6, B. ^* 4>A.l] 

4>H, K N, ex^.-ir2^ixq] but Gr. ^* om. eugxeKo] A c r 

AiEjFGHJLOS: €ni., BDj.aEaKMN; for ciV cf. Gr. A D &c, for 

LUKE XXTTT. 18-25. 306 

him.' ^^But all the multitude cried out: 'Take away this 
(man), release Barabbas to us.' ^^ This (man was one) 
who was cast into (the) prison because of a tumult and 
a murder having happened in the city. ^And again 
Pilate called them, wishing to release Jesus: ^^but they 
cried out, saying: 'Crucify him, crucify him.' ^And he 
said to them (the) third time: 'Why, what evil did this 
(man) ? I found not any cause of (the) death in him ; (let) 
me chastise (lit. teach) him then, and release him.' ^^But 
they persisted with loud voices, asking him that he might 
be crucified. And their voices were more urgent. ^^And 
Pilate gave judgement that their request should be done. 
'^And he released him who was cast into (the) prison 

article »BL &c. tJ, i. 131. t^. *® 2we] cf. Gr. l^ABDL &c. (syr^^ 

•eUi KOI vaXip): om. G, cf. Gr. 252. tol sah^"* arm. CpCJOOTJ cf.? Gr. 
D 13. avTovs, also 69. wpog aiftovs itP^^' Yg ; for prououn cf. Gr. KBL &c. 
E1.2 S^oBs c,y^ J3 j;1L^ u^'^J^ J^ J l/J; 'Greek, and he said, " Wish ye 
that I release to you Jesus?"' T^ gives no such Greek. AB* &c, conti- 
nued without beginning new verse, B^' new verse. ^^ 2^6J om. B^. 
^•¥a3Cg]ABCrD2AiFGHKLN08,cf.Gr.Dc: It^TtOttJ, DiEJM, 
cf. the rest of Gr. €TXUJ ijUULOc] om. J, cf. Gr. D. A.cgq 2°] 

om. N. " nex^.q] om. ne, a*, ittoo-c] +2C€> Fi«. nexA.] 

lie ex A., B. iiniXeJU.] Gr. D &c. 8yr«" present. &Xl] om. 
1^1* * i^&^I> I^i^al 1^1° erased dotted letter after h> and put g^ over 
erasure, and XlUe in margin; Gr. i. &c. syr*^** add ydp. IteXI^J 
cf. Gr. D &c. >nAq OTH, M. ^^AnrOT^^P,] GTAT- 

of^.2>> BD1.2EJ. a^-itnittj-f itcjuiH] o-cniax cjulh, l. 
eepo-c] eepeq^.cgq, m. xojjl] om. Fi*. itxe] om. a. 
noTcxjLH] + nejuLi"cjuLH itxeni^-pxHepeTc, Ft^ cf. Gr. 

A D &c. 8yr«»»; Ci gloss (cut) ii^Jol \^j cy^^i j (J.j^^ fj ^}j 'addition 
in the Arabic, and the voices of the chief priests;' i>\,2 gloss L**. ei^U^^ • 
li^\ *and &c.,' without note. ^* O-fOg, Ac] cf. Gr. ^^BL &c. 8yr«". 

^^.n] +epoq, a«Fi^ eepeq] eepe, a™?. ^Om. ainoU, 

cf. Gr. J^ABDL &c. enttJT€Ko] cf.? Gr. J^BD &c. ^U ii>v\aKr)v : 
eni &c., B Di. 2 K M. cf.? Gr. ACL &c. ciV r^v 4>. OTj6^T€^] 
for position cf. it vg syr**" aeth : Gr. D only evrica fftwov, HeXf-J ADi : 

nejuLOT, B &c. 


306 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

T"€p 4>K ex^Tepexm ijuutoq. nic 2^e A.qxHiq 

TK2SL n. 

itoT^i xe ciAJLOJit oTKTpineoc. eqnHonr e&oX 
j6en xKoi. .^Tx^-Xe nicT^-Tpoc epoq eepeq- 
_ Ttoo-cn ixAJLoq c^.4>^&o-c juuuLoq. 
TT ^i' ^Tji^qjij^^Qgjj 2ie itctoq iixeonrnigi" jOuulho} itTe 

niX^.oc. nexK g^^ng^Tojuii nn en^nrTcoiT onrog, 
n^.Tne2,ni epoq. 
" Gx^.q4>ong,q 2^6 epojoT ftxeiHc nexA.q. xe 
nittjepi hire iKmul ixneppijuii cxcoi. flXhit 
pixjLi exen eano-c nejui exen nexengHpi. 

*"Xe g^Hune ceitHo-c Hxe^^.tie^ooT uh ero-cn^- 
xoc itj6KXo-c. xe tooT iti^.To-c itniA.T"tfpHit 
nejuL nmexi exejuLno-cjuLici next. niexiLno-f 

^<^Toxe cen^-epg^KXc nxoc ftnixajo-c. xe g^ei 
exojrt. nejuL niK^.X^JUL4>o. xe 2,ofi.cen. *'xe 
icxe ceipi itn^.1 j6en nicge exXafc. le ot 

neen^-a^^^ ^en neTaonrojo-c. 
^ '^H^^ji^j 2^e nKepeqepnexg^tooT E ncAiL^q 

nonroTtoa] noTtog, a o. ^^ o-cog,] Or, d ^€. p^coc] c 

altered to €, A^, e (om. A*) TIHl] ^.-Clltl, C. A.-C^JULOniJ A.-C^- 
JUL^.g^I, B r? Ai 0. itOT^.l] if = riwi, for position cf. Gr. C D : Gr. L 
syr «« et ■«»» om. ni'a. 0-irKT(I, S)pin€OC] ACT* Ej*, cf, Gr. F A 

aimu. -pmneoc, b &c.; -pKiteoc, DiEi^.j*- ni» H: +ne, Dj 

N : eOTKTpmneoC ne bein^ a Cyrenian, M. X^-Xe] T^Xh, A ; 
X^-Xo, G. CX^-TpOc] A : cffc, B &c. TOOOTH] cf.? Gr. >*• mpciv: 
J**oir.. ijLXJl.Oq2°]ACrFGLS,cf.Gr. 1.131.^ov: ftlKC, 
B D,. 2 Ai E H J K M N 0. ^' n^.qJUlOttJl] H^-T., L. ItCCOq] 

+ ne, BD2: Gr. D TO liKfiBoi avr«. OTHiai"] ^^.It., ^^ : Gr. 

D &c. 8yr<^« om. troXiJ. itx€mX^.oc] om. ^^. nejuL^A.n- 

£^IOiULl] cf. Gr. yvvaucSiv: It6JUL£^^nK6 &c. and women also, L. 

LUKE XXni. 26-32. 307 

because of a murder and tumult^ whom they asked (for); 
but Jesus he deliyered (up) according to their wish. 

^•And as they (are) bringing him forth, they laid hold 
on one (named) * Simon/ a Cyrenian, coming from (the) 
field ; they placed the cross upon him, to carry (lit. raise) 
it behind him. ^And a great multitude of the people 
was walking after him, and women who were lamenting 
and were wailing for him. ^^But Jesus^ having turned 
himself to them^ said : * Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not 
over me, but weep over yourselves, and over your sons. 
*^ Because lo, days come, in which they will say: "Blessed 
are the barren, and the wombs which bare not, and the 
breasts which fed not." ^^Then they will begin to say to 
the mountains : " Fall upon us ; " and the hills : " Cover us." 
^^ Because if they do these (things) in the green (lit. moist) 
tree, what will be done in the withered?' ^^And they 
were bringing two malefactors also with him to kill them. 

en^nrXOJIx] eX^T &c., ^^ M O2 ; for om, km cf. Or. (K) ABC* 
DL &c. syrc". n^.Tneg^ni] eT., ^^. epoqj Gr. D syrc« place 
after cVoittovto. ^* eptJOOT] om. B : Gr. C &c. 8yr«« place Ti before 

np6saMif. UeX^.q] om. Jj* : + HOOOT, l^ M, cf. ? Gr. vp6t aCrds. 
TfvKJUt] over erasure, A®. fteJUL &c.] om. N. exeit 2°] om. 
lk(K began omitting) ; obs. Gr. D &c. om. e<^' et cir/. *^ g^Hline" 

Gr. D &c. 8yr«" om. CenHCir] for position cf. Gr. ABL &c. ItK 
om. A*. eTOTH^.] 8yrc« 2nd person. OJOT &c.] a30TitnKA.T- 
(Tpen, A*: -^.tfpHn, KBD,.2AxEFi*JN0: Gr. J* om. al HI- 
neXl] Gr. A D L om. ai. .€X€ i«] pref. ItH, M, €JUlItoi"] 
ACr*GHL. eTe 2°] pref. HH, B. Cg^.rtcg] cf. Gr. ^^ B C* 
(D) L &c. ^epfylrav, ^" Om. O*. eXOJn] pref. Gg^pHI, Dg O*"*. 

^ofi.cen] g^o^cxen, S(n)r«D2Ee™K jkmn. " Om. e*. 

Xe\ om. I*. ICXe] Gr. L &e. syr«« om. «\ H^-l] Gr. C 
Tovro. ni] cf.? Gr. ^^AD &c. ry vyp^ fuX^. €T"Xhk] X>vHK, 
A. neeit^.] eeit^., B, for future cf. Gr. D &c. ^6^11- 

ne(+e, Di.2)t] iinex, X: -nioje ex, O"^*. ^^itKe.] 

jyycu et«ch om. Kat: >neXJl.^.q ItKe., D2. 5] for position cf. 
Gr. J^B. 

X 2 



308 R'JiXTax ?S.OYRaxH. 

^ €i6oefi.o-c. ^^Oyo^j ex^Ti exert niAit^ er- 
«. OTJULo-iT'f epoq xe niKp^.nioit. .^nr^ajq jOutx^y 
"i nejUL niK^Konrpvoc onr^-i iULCit c^.oTm^JU. 

CSXnrc^ooa a^e nrteqg^fi-coc e2,p^.*c ^Tg^icon epojox 
^^ OTog, it^-qog,! ep^.Tq ne i\xeniXA.oc eqnA.-c. 

^"f H^.nreXKg^.1 ^.e ue itxeniKe^.px^^ e^xo) 
TKe iJUULoc. xe ^.qlrtog^ejtt. h^i^nKcxj^oyni JutM- 
peqit^-g^AJLeq &(Joq. icxe cl>^.i ne uxc nanpi 
juLc^-f niccoxn. 

'j^ ^"H^Tcoj^i 2ie iiJULoq itxemKejuLA.xoi. e^itHo-c 
^A.poq ^j^im Hoy^ejULX n^.q. "erxco JOL- 
juLoc. xe icxe iteoK ne uo-irpo trre ^nonr2^^.I 

^ '^HeoToit>H 2s.e ue ^ixtoq. xe <^a.i ne 

j6oe^OT] OT over erasure, A«. ^* eT"A.'Cl]ACrFGHLS,ob8. 
Mciou Km A^owfr: pref. g^OXC, BDj.gAiEJKNO: g^OXe ^e eX 
Ac, KM. eXOT.] eT., N. neJUL. ..X^.(rH]om.H3*. KCKO-Cp- 
VOC, A. JULen],r. C^-OTin] Ci^Oyi over erasure, Ao: 
CA.Xeq.,B. OT^.1 2°] KeOT^I, Dj. 2we]om.»Ji*. C^2^]c^- 
Xeq,B. ^*Om.KA*B*Ci*r*AiFi*r-*Gi,2*Hi.3*LM,cf.Gr.K»BD* 
38. 435. a bdsah ■«»»''. A"«B<'Cicr"8Di.2.3.4A2EFi"'».2^°«G2°**8H3'"« 
eJ KN OS read, with variants. I HC 2^e neX^.q Xen^-ItOX (om. Gr. 

A) XJ^ rtojoT efi.oX xeJuLnoTejuii enn exoT ipi juuuLoq 

(of. Or. ^^*et«ACDK'*LQX^AA^ uiic® al longe pier c ef ff*" 1 vg syr*" 
etutr gt hr arm aeth ; for cittcf cf. Gr. A K M 11 al ^^ fere syr ««), A°»« without 
tr. : BS probably original scribe, crowds three lines into space for two ; varr. 

nexeiPic; xe cectooTfi ^.n itnu; juLjuiajonr: Ci« in space 

left vacant, tr. by original scribe, but no note; C^O^ nexe ; Ce- 
CtOO-Cn A.n XeOT ne eXOTipi iSLJUlCOOT, corrected to 
itff.AA.oq: r"*K iu later style, putting Am. sec. can. and ^ 'correct/ 
without tr.; D,.2.3.4Ei.2n3"^KJi.3iHC2ie n^.qXa5ijUULOC(cf.Gr.exc. 
AKMnal'^feresyr^"); om.XeaO; ceeXJLI V^-p ^.n (om..^n,E2*); 
ene(om.D4EiH3"'«rJi.3)eX( + X,H3»nK)0-irpA. juLJUioq: a,. Am. 
sec. can. are placed transversely, as at previous omission, and gloss 
^jxjill [^joMi ^i J^ji J-aflJI IJA 'this section is found in some of the Coptic 
(copies) : ' A2 Fx'^^, usual corrector adds without tr., om. Xe : t^'H 

LUKE XXm. 33-38. 309 

^^And having come upon the place which is called, 'the 
skull/ they crucified him there, and the malefactors, one 
indeed on the right hand, and one on the left hand. 
(^^>And they divided his garments among them, they cast 
lot for them. ^And the people were (sing.) standing, 
seeing (it). And the rulers also were deriding, saying: 
*He saved others; let him save himself also; if this is 
Christ (the) Son of God, the chosen.' ^^And the soldiers 
also were mocking him; coming to him, they brought 
vinegar to him, ^^ saying: *If thou art (the) king of the 
Jews, save thyself.' ^And there was also a superscription 

with tr. by different hand, with gloss ^>b)1 j Si\j 'addition in the Arabic : ' 
Gi°v, writer of Am. sec. can., \^Jm ^J^ ^ ) (^^/^^ *^*^ ^ fj^ J^ (^ 
Lik1a3 ISU 'then said Jesus, " my Father, forgive them, they know not 
what they do : " ' G2™« * recentior Copt, in roargine adnotavit : ' H]™« Arabic : 
e, om. ertH : K N, OTOg, UBXe ; ncectOO-CIt ^.n ; 4>H (for 

HH): S, jJUtXtJJO^. ^.T^^tWttj] ^^- ^^'^ ^^ ^^' (^» ^2*)' 
cf. Or. exc. D c: eXA.*C., N. A-T^Iton] e^-T., DlsEFH JL, 
cf. Gr. D c : It^T., H ; tJOU without article may be plural, cf. Qr, AX 

&c. epoooT] +ue, ^^. -^^ o-co (ait., a«) g, . . . eqnA.-c] 

om. J*, n^^qo^l] cf. Gr.: ^.q., EiJ. He i°] om. Di AiE JO. 

eqrt^.T] cf.? Or. d op^v. ^.qn^.T, o. niKe^-px^^] ^o' ««*' 

cf. Gr. ABCL &c.; Gr. D &c. syr«" add aMv; Gr. D om. ol Spxovrts. 
For om. a{,v airotg cf. Gr. J* B D L &c. eTXO) &c.] Gr. D c aeth 
Kal tktyaw airy. n^.2^Jtt.eq] q over XIL, A«. &CJOq] A C r D, 
Fi<^GHJ,cKLMNS: om. ^^BDlAlEFl♦Jl*0; only Gr. L appears to 
have avT., the rest iavr6v ; Or. D c ta-aaas . . . atavrop a»aov, $^I J cf. 
Gr. exc. B vios D €i vios ti &c. lie 3°] om. N. nciJHpi] cf. Gr. 13. &c. 
^•n^.TCa3^l] cf. Gr. ACD &c.: l^t.y B, cf. Or. KBL sah •«»»''. 
2^6] +on, ^^. JUUULOq] +n€, ^^D2. rtlKe] om. K€, L, cf. Or. 
l^ om. Koi, ^.Tlltl] A, cf.? Gr. D &c.: GT., B &c., cf. Gr. ^^ A B 
C* L a : GT-f nA.q StOTg^eJULX giving to him vinegar, K (om. 

enrriHOT &^.poq). " Om. ik. erxto] ABcrFOHLMS. 

cf. Gr. D &c.: pref. OTOg,, Dj.a^iEJKNO, cf. the rest of Gr, 

icz, A*. ^® rteoTon ... 2^6 

cf. Or.: 0^011 + 2,^.11, A«, refer- 

ring to the languages : onro^ n^.p6 KG, l^, of.? b q *et erat :* sah^^^ 

310 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

niK^-KOTpvoc €T^.T^ttjo-c ncjut^q xeonr^ epoq 
ne eqxo) juuuloc. xe julh iteoK ^n ne n^C^- 

ITA ^'^j *o aXqepoTO) 2^6 iixeniKeoT^.i A.qepenixiiUL^n it^q 

nex^-q. xe ot2!l€ cj^-f- iteoK Kepg^o-f 
j6A.xeqg^n. xe ^.nxH iien n^.ig^A.n itonraax. 

**0to2^ ^.noit juieit j6en oTJULeeiULHi. eTA-ntfi 
K^.x^. nejuina^. itnK exA.rtA.ixonr. 4>^x 2i.e 
juLneqep g^Xi JuLneTg^tooT. 

"Oto^ n^.qxa3 juLajloc, xe ikc ^.pm^JUL6TI 
g^ox^it ^.Kg^.ni j6eit ^eKJtxeroypo. 

*^Oto^ nex^.q. xe ^julhu ^xtjo jjutxoc it^K. xe 
ijLct>oo-c eKegojni nejuiHi j6en nm^p^.2^icoc. 

oiD. «*. enirp.] Gr. C D &c. ^ cViyp. Ue i°] om. K D90 H K ; 
Da* probably erased HG and wrote CCj6hO*¥T *it is written,' cf. Gr. 
ACFDX &c. 8yr«" (scripta et posita) yty pafi, and imyryp, ^IXCJOq] 

+ ne, I* : + ijuuLexg^e&peoc jOuuLexptojuieoc juLJUiex- 

OTemilt Hebrew, Latin, Greek, A^sFi^LS; for 'Hebrew' first cf. c: 

ijuuLexoTemm oTog^ ijuuLeTptojuieoc onro^ ixr 

JtXeT^eSk.peoC Greek and Latin and Hebrew. B™«, cf. Gr. l^* 

AC^D &c.: jt^.qcj6HOTX ijuuLexoTeiitm juuutex- 

ptOJUieOC JDUULeTg^e&peOC it was written Greek, Latin, 
Hebrew, Ci«; D^ has gloss l^\^\ j i-j^j^i j *c^^jJ^ j^ji; 'Greek, the 
Greek (ydn&ntyah) and the Latin (r{lmiyah) and the Hebrew ('abr&nlyah) : ' 
for om. cf. Gr. S«*B C* L a H&h^^^ syr®". ^^.I Tie &c.] cf. Gr. A Ac. 

syr*^". io-ir(om. A)2!L^.i] +i}uuLexoTemm ijuuieTptJO- 
juieoc ijuutexg^efipeoc, m. ^^Ti^e] +ne, F: cm. n. 

K^.Koproc, A. ex^.T^.cyo-c IieJUL^.q] om. Ik, cf. Gr. D. 

n€JUl^.q] ABOrDgAiFiCGHKLNOS, cf. syr<«et««J»et»»': om. DjE 
Fi*JM,cf.Gr. Xe.]AOHe*LN: n^.q Xe., l^BrDi.jAiEFGO^J 
KM OS, cf. Gr. eqXO) jOLJULOC] cf. Gr. ^^0* &c. syr^". JULh] 
A* &c., cf. Gr. I* B 0* L &c. syr^" : ICXC if, l^ A« F,« L S. cf. Gr. 
AC^ &c.: Gr. D e om. to end of verse, ^It] om. KFj^L. It^g^- 
JULGK . • . ^COn] cf. ? syr «« et ■«»». *® SslG] om. I* B. ^.qepeni- 

XIXILA.n] ALMS, cf.? Gr. A C ^ D E* (-riMiytrci^) &c. : eqep., B &c., 
cf. Gr. H B G* L X: eqeep., D2; obs. Gr. has c4>i7 with participle, or 

LUKE XXm. 39-43. 311 

over him: 'This is (the) king of the Jews/ ^•And one of 
the malefactors, who were crucified with him, blasphemed 
him, saying: 'Art not thou Christ? Save thyself, and 
save us also.' ^^But the other answered, he rebuked him, 
he said: 'Fearest thou not even God, because we were 
in this one judgement? *^And we indeed justly; having 
received according to (what was, lit. the) worthy of the 
things which we did: but this (man) did not anything 
evil.' *^And he was saying: 'Jesus, remember me when 
thou shouldest come in thy kingdom.' ^^And he said: 
'Verily I say to thee, that to-day thou shalt be with me 

XcywF with finite. IieX^.q] om. l>^. XS] om. T*, cf.? Gr. OTTke] 
cf. Or. A^ B Latt. IteOK] om. J,*. Kepg^O'f"] eKep^cf", F: 
A.K., Da. j6^Teqg,H] j6^T2,H, Ci*. Xe^-ItXH • • • 
iionrtOX] om. e*. ^.ItXW] n^-n^H, M; cf.? aeth 'fuerimus;' 
for I8t pluralcf. Gr. 0*Dfiyrc«etK ^en] l^ABCrAiFGHKLN 
OS: j6^. under, D1.2.3EJM. *^ OTO^, ^-ItOIt &c.] ABOT 

D1.2EFG1HJLMNS, cf.Gr.: onrog, j6erto-citt.eejuLHi ^non, 

W: om. OTOg^, AjGaKO, cf. Gr, aah^^"^. JUien] om. ^^H: 
r^-p, D,.2AiEJ0. cf, Gr. exc. E al pauc. eX^^IttfT] e^^tCSl, 
3rd person by error, Dj : + V^p, B M, ^^I . . . &CJOOT] om. H 
and tr. of H; for novtjpou cf. Gr. D. ijLnex] JULnmeTTj T*. 
*^ n^qXto] Gr. D &c.jin€v. XeiKc] S A* B C r Al Fi* G Ji*? KNO, 
cf. Gr. K*BC*L: ftlHC Xe, A«(JUL) DiEFj^^H Jj^LM; ItXCIHC, 
D2; cf. Gr. l^«AC^ &c. 8yr««: Gr. D avT<o. ^.pi] pref. 2Ce, D1.2E 
Fi^HJi^^LM: XenOC ^.pi, A"»«, cf. Gr. Q &c. syr^". JULGTl] cf. 
Gr. 1<^BC*DL &c.: +nOC, Dj. 2 E Fj'^ Ji« L M, cf. Gr. AC^ &c. 
2,OX^.n ^.Kcg^Itl] l*A(e2^)CrDi.2AiEFGiH Ji«KLMNOS: om. 
^OX^.n, BGjJi*: Gr. DQ c«^ om. orav ?X%. jfeenXCK &c*] 
cf. Gr. ^^AC &c. "OfOg, UeX^.q] A*OrGi*H: om. 

OTOg^, KM: +n^.q,l*BDi.2AiEFGi«.2JKNO, cf.Gr. ^^BL&c.: 
UeXeiHC n^.q, A°»«LMS, cf. Gr. AC &c. Ji gloss adds to J * to him ' 
c^ 'Jesus.' ^JULHIt] om. K*. obs. Gr. D Oaptru. i" XO). . . H^-K" 
cf. Gr. }^AC^ &c. syrcu : K« wrote i"X(JO over former letters. 2C€ 2° 
cf. Gr. L &c. ijL^^OOf] om. ijL, K. neXJLHl] for position cf. 
Gr. C* aah*^^^ aeth. IU.p^.2!LlCOC] nipA.ClXOC, Fx* corrected, 
but left. 

312 RaxTox ^^0YRaxH. 

OTX*-^i ffloom 2,ixeit nKA.2,1 THpq gA. <f>nA.f 

^ ** Gqit^juLOTitK 2i€ ibcenipH. a. niKA.xA.nex^cjuu. 
_ itxe uiep4>ei 4>^i6 iieit TeqjuLHi". 
^i^^wTAT^ ieQ-cog, ex^qjuionr-f nxeuic j6eit | onrmgt 

iicjULK nex^.q. 

^^.1 exA-qxoq ^.qi" juLnmHZ. 

^ ♦'' 6Ta.qn^.-c 2^6 itxenieKA.Tom"^PXoc €<f>K er- 

_ ^qaconi n^.q^(J0OT ix^'f eqxco jOuuloc. 

^^ Xe oitxtoc ne n^-ipoojuLi o-reixHi ne. ^'o-cog, 

niJULHsg T"Hpo*c exA.-iri ezen x^eeoopi^ ex- 

^•rnA.*c enn eT^-Tcgtwrn. ^.• enrKOjXg, 

j^en TOTJUtecxeng^HT". 

♦•H^-Tog^i 2ie epA.T"o-c ^i^^onrei ne n^eneqpeix- 

nccooTn THpo-c. neitt. ^^.tiKe^ioxxi nn ex- 

^.TJULogi ncooq icxen -f r^XiXe^. e^mst em^u 

TTB ^^^ *^0to2, g^Hnne ic o-rpcoiULi eneqp^.n ne iu}ch(|> 

eoT&oTfXenrxHc ne. eoTptojuii nA.rA.eoc ne 
oTog, neiULHi. " cl>A.i nA.q-f AiLA-i" A.n ne j6en 
noTcotflti neitt. xofnpA.2;ic. 

** OTOg, ne] cf. Gr. ^^BC♦DL &c. aH2i.H] cf. Gr. BC*L &c.: 
om. M, cf. Gr. J^AC^D &c. 8yr«". Om. wrti, cf. Gr. 157. y*» sah •<*''. 
r-] 5\, Fi* corrected, but left ; Aj Ji have i>- over erasure, 0*^0g^] 
om. F, cf. Gr. K*. A.] om. >*, then A^qgCOni. nKA.g,l] ni., S. 

THpq] om. N. e] e-f, bDi.jAiEJmno. **eqnA.- 

IXOTnK] for tense cf. sah««hw epe . . . nA.; for verb cf. Gr. 
>*BC*L &c. a^e] cf. Gr. D (with the other reading) : om. ^^F^♦KM. 
cf. the rest of Gr. (with this reading). nipa] nipui" , A* : cJ>pH, 
HFK3IN; obs. no Gr. om. article. A... .^03^6] ^^ABC^FGHLS: 
om. A., LM: A. . . . A.q4>a)j6, Di.aAiEJKNO. ** OTOg^] 

+ &OTe, B. nxeiHc] a &c., for position cf. Gr. C D 8yr«« &c.: 

LUKE XXTTT. 44-51. 313 

in the Paradise/ ^And it was now (the) sixth hour, and 
darkness happened upon all (the) earth until (the) ninth hour. 

**And the sun being about to fail, the veil of the 
temple was rent in its midst. ^^And Jesus, having called 
with a great voice, said: 'My Father, I give my spirit 
into thy hands:' and having said this, he gave (up) the 

^^And the centurion, having seen that which hap- 
pened, was glorifying Qod, saying: 'Eeally was this man 
righteous.' ^*And all the multitudes who came upon 
this sight, having seen the things which happened, re- 
turned sticking their breast. ^^And all his acquaintance 
were standing afar off, and women also, who walked after 
him from Qalilee, seeing these (things). 

^And behold, a man, his name being Joseph, being a 
councillor, being a good man and righteous. ^^This (man) 
was not agreeing in their counsel and their deed. He was 

after CiULK, BM: om. », cf. Gr. e««' Mci«». JXCJU Ih] f or position 
cf.? Gr. Dr. -f-f] cf. Gr. J^ABCD &c. n^-nrtX.] HI., Cj*. 

€j6pHi] itj6pHi, B*. iteKxix] nert., Gj. oTog, 4>^i] a c r 

FGHKLN, cf. Gr. K &c.: 4>^I 2i€, BAjMO, cf, Gr. J*BC*Dr &c.: 

oTog^ . . . 2^6, Dj.jEJ. ixninHH] eni., b*?. *^2ie] Gr. 

D icoi o. K^.XOnX^.pXOC, A. For "X^C cf. Gr, ^cAOD &c. 
^h] for singular cf. Gr. exc. R 48 «^. nA.q^] cf. Gr. KBDL &c.: 
^^i"* G2» cf. Gr. AC &c. 4>'f] +ne, B. 2Ce] cf. Gr. ^^. 

onxtoc] oitxojoc, A: +ne, D2ri<^: h^^htojc, hj. ne] 

ACTGHS: om. AiFi*KNO. >n^.Ipa3JULI HG, BD,.aEJLM, 
**eX^.Tl] cf.? Gr. I. 28. 131. 209. napaytpofifpoi. eT^-Tn^T] 
cf. Gr. HBCDrL &c. eT"A.Taa3Ul] eit^.T., Dj*, cf. a b &c. 
X^-Ceo] TA.Ce(J0OT, l. eTtKcoXg^] A-T., j. *• ^.e] om. 

H, cf. Gr A sahwhw >ne 2,l4>OTei, BD1.2A1EM: om. He, JO. 

iieqpeixit.] -pexjLcajoTit, Fi*; cf. Gr. kcd &c. avroO: m- 

peiULlt., S. ^^.nKeg^IOJULl] Gr. B sahwhw ai y. exA.**- 
JULOttJl] etliJT., B«, cf.? Gr. HBCL. pros. part. CXni^lf £tli^Vi 

en^i, A. *^ annn, a*, pcoiu., a. oTog, 2°] Gr. b »ahwbw 

om. eXUi, A. *^c^A.l]+2i.e, D,. TOTIipA.2,Ic] l\0-C., M. 

314 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH. 

He oTe&oX j6en ^piiUL^ee^.c ne. o*r&^Ki stTe 

i"xji.eTOfpo tnre ct^-f. 
_ "4>^.i ex^.qi g^A. hiXa-xoc ^qepexm ixmccoAXA 
^^J irre Thc. ^^oTog, ex^qenq enecHTT A.q- 

Ko-fXtoXq j6eit OTcgenxo). o^irog, ^qx^^ 

_ Oto^ ^.qcKepKep stonrmai" nojiti ^ipeit <f>po 
^^' ijLnii}L2,A.T. **o-co^ ne onre^ooT ne xkn^- 

OTog, ne^. ttjaopn cgtoni ijLncA.&fiL^.xon. "ex- 
A.TJULOttji 2!Le ncojq nxeni^ioitt.i nn cta-ti 
nejui^.q e^oX j6en •fr^.XiXe^.. ^.f n^T eni- 
exji.2^^.-c neitt. nipK-f ex^nrx^ neqccojut^. 

_ juLxjLoq. 

tac 66 Gx^-TX^-ceo 2^6 ^.7fcefi.xe 2,^.nceoi nexK &A.n- 
coxen. oTog, nic^.£Lfi.^.xon xnen A.*cepK(nr- 
X^?^^ KA.XA. -fenToXH. 

_ nB. 

^^J jben cl>oT^i tire nic^"on nyop^^ eiut^go) 
^.-ci en\JUL^i^'€. e^.7fmi nniceoi exA.*cceJS.- 

efi.oX i°] + ne, B. ^piJUL^.ee^.c] ^ i<> added, l over erasure, 
A<=. 0-ir^A.Kl] fi. added, A° : pref. e, Da- nnOT2s.^.l] lOTTiA., 

M. cI>h] 4>^i, bL; cf. Gr. sbcdl &c. en^.qxoTcyx] n^q., 

B* Ai , ? om. relative. e^oX 2°] + ^etiOXJtJL€BJULHl in truth, B. 

j6^.xen] i)iJT^R it, Di?.2. iuiexoTf, a. *2^j>^j] ^^ 

Gr.: 4>H, 00: +2s.e, Dg, obs. Gr. al aliq km: Gr. D«' om. oCros. 
eT^.qi] ^.qi, D,. " ^.qenq] for aMv cf. Gr. U 157. al aliq q. 

j6en] cf. Gr. D 440. oTaenxao] ^^.n., b. eA.q- 

CyO(a3, AD2)Kq] cf.? Gr. D XcXaro/Ajy/Afi^o). JULn^-XOT . . . g^Xi] 
cf.? itP»" vg. 3C^] &^ ^^- Onrog, 3°] om. Ai 0. .^qCKCp- 

Kep. n(om. ^^)] cf. Gr. u 13. 69. 124. ai^*. 2,i(om. s)pen] Acr 

LUKE XXTTT. 5a— XXIV. i. 315 

of Arimatheas, a city of the Jews, (one) who was looking for 
the kingdom of God. ^'This (man), having come to Pilate, 
asked (for) the body of Jesus. ^^And having brought him 
down, he wrapped him in a linen cloth, and laid him in 
a sepulchre, which he hewed (in rock), in (which) they laid 
not yet any one : and he rolled a great stone against (the) 
door of the sepulchre. '^ And it was a day of Prepaitition. 

And (the) beginning (lit. early) of (the) sabbath had hap- 
pened. '^And the women who came with him from Galilee, 
having walked after him, saw the sepulchre, and the manner 
in which his body was laid. **And having returned, they 
prepared spices and ointments: and (during) the sabbath 
indeed they rested according to the commandment. 

XXIV. On (the) first (lit. one) of the sabbaths, very 
early, they came to the sepulchre, having brought the 

FGHKLNS: Gg^peit, B D^. 2 Aj E J M : efi.oX g^I from, ^^. 
*♦ OTOg^] Gr. D c df. O^reg^OOT] Or. A &c. ^. JULIl^.p^.- 

ck€th] cf. Gr. ^^ B c* L &c. >i3Ln. ne, r. oTog, 2°] oTog, 

...2^8, BD2; cf. Or. KBC*L &c. 8yr«^ ^] om. Dj. TlC^-fi..] 
ni., B. "eX^-TJULOCgi] cf. Gr. exc. D c fP** finite with koi 

afterwards: €TJULOttJI, B. 2^6] om. E J. Hi] cf. Gr. BL &c. 
nu] om. B. neJUL^.q] for position cf. Gr. A &c. €&.o\ i>et(] 

icxen, B. exjL^iJT] a. nipai"] abcffghklmns: 

i5-4>pH'f", Di. 2 Ai E J 0. JuLneq, a. *• a^e] Gr, C ^ al pane 

8yrc« &c, Ka\ {mwrrpr, Gr. C* om. ^.TCe&Xe] -fi.X, A* : -CO^-f" 
it, D,. 2 Al E J 0. 2,^n i°] Gr. L ra, A.T€p] n^-Tep, B (T added). 

^^OT^.l] A*F2/3*: +2^6, A« &c., cf. Gr. Sxeni] ^^AB » «-" 
Di.2.3AiE,.2.3J3 0SX: Uni, C,.2rD4ri.2£^Gi.2HeJiKLMNR/3.V6,.j.t,4 

^A&A.Ton, A*, rxcgojpn, a. >ijx\ itcgopn eJULA.ttja3, ^^B Fl.froJ'.iJ 

I>i.2.3Ei.2.3Ji.3X (all except Jj have topn). eniJULg^^-nr] +€^.f I KLi?NC)f., 
GHXt.^^^'C having come to (the) Bepulchre, K ; for position cf. Gr. A 

&c. e^.Tmi] ACi.2rD2.8.4ri.2r-Gi.2HeKLMNRSx/3: enrim, 

^^BDlAlE,.2.3J,.30. ititiceoi] -CeTItO-cqi, ^^: om. m, Fi*: 
nnOT. their spices, Gj* 2.8^ ^! ^ wrote ttltl the last of red line, 
then erased one dotted letter and two others. cefi-XOOXOT] 

316 RaxTOX ?S.OYRaxH- 

JuLnoTxejuL hccjojul^ tnre hot ihc- 
*aXcatwui 2^6 eTep^.nopicee €efi.e cl>^i. ^Kune 
ic pcjoiULi 5 ^jxo^i ep^-XOT c^.na)U)i JJuuLVJoy 
j6en 2^A.n^efi.ca5 e^^iceTefi.pHX efi.oX. 

juLuoTg^o euK^g,!, nexajonr nojo-c. X€ eeJS.eoT 

T-eTenKco-f stc^ uexoitjfc nejui itipeqixaooTX. 

^itqXH ixn^iJULA. ^rt. ^.XXa. ^.qxoonq. 

axpi4>«.eTi i3L4>pHi" exA.qcA^i nexxtoTen exi 

€qj6en 'fr^.XiXeA. ^eqxto juuuloc. xe g^to^f 

iixoT-f juLngapi ijL4>pu)JULi ej6pKi citciuciz 

itg^A-nptojuii itpeqepnofi.1. 

Oto^ itce^.ttj^ oTog, stxeqTTOJitq j^en ni- 

_ JUL^g^v steg^ooT. **o7fo^ ^Tep4>JULe*ci iliteq- 

^^^ c^.xi, * oTog, ex^Tx^^ceo efiioX ^^ niXJL^^T 

XKK ^.Tx^juie niiH en^\ XH|po-c neouL nicco^n 


^ '^ He juLA-piA. 2^6 xe •fjULA.r2wA.Xi it k nexiL icoA-itnA. 

+ IteiA^A-ItKe^IOlAI IteAJLCJOOT and other women with them. 
Fi«. 2 ^ ^ I^ S /3, cf. 8yr o°»«» arm. D^ has gloss i^ ^^mj^ j ^^^^ 
• J».1 'Greek, and with them other women.* ^ ^€j om. M. 

CA.^oX] €&oX g^XpCOq from the door, », cf. Gr, X syrK 
^2s.e] cf. Gr. l*BC*DL&c.: om. M: Gr. AC* &c. 8yr«> ical tlatXe. 
Xe(om. A*) JUL] A« &c.; ZIJULI, O. HCtOULA.] A* : HI., A« &c 
nOCj om. H, tr. of Ji om. c^i added in margin, cf. Gr. 42. f sah****^ 
syr 0** et •«*» : HeitOC our Lord, N : Gr. D &c. om. tow k, Tu, 
OTO^ ^Ca^ni 2ie, D,.2.3.4Ei.2.3Ji.3X: OTOg, A-CCgCOHI, 
BAiC cf. rest of Gr.: A^CajtORI, K. e(A., AX)TepA.nOp(X, Rj- 
ICee]l^AB&c.: -pin, Fi*. eefi.e 4>(n,X)A.l]Gr.D&c.»r€/ila^Toi): 
sah'c**'' om. For om. mi cf. Gr. D &c. syr^^. pOOJULl] pref. OT, Fg. 
S] for position cf. Gr. ^^ABCL &c. CA.nttja3l] CA.XO-irCA.naa)I, 
L. 2,A.n] cf. Gr. A L &c. : om. O*, but GT. with the rest. ^eSlCO, 

A. cexe^pioc] om. cex, ikBi, * exA.fcyc«iii 2^6] 

LUKE XXIV. a- 10. 317 

spices, which they prepared. ^And they found the stone 
having been rolled outside of the sepulchre. ^ And ' having 
entered, they found not (the) body of (the) Lord Jesus. 
^And it came to pass (as they are) being perplexed con- 
cerning this, behold, two men stood above them in dazzling 
raiment. 'And having been in fear, and bowing their face 
to (the) earth, they said to them: 'Wherefore seek ye for 
the living with the dead? 'He is not here, but he rose. 
Remember, as he spake to you, yet being in Galilee, 
"^ saying : " (The) Son of (the) man must be given into (the) 
hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and rise on the 
third day."' *And they remembered his words, ®and 
having returned from the sepulchre, they told all these 
(things) to the eleven, and all the rest. ^^And it was 
Mary the Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary of James, 

Onf02,...2^e, B: om. 2^8, Fj*. ecpiKl] € altered and I i<> over 
erasure, A«, -pOKG^, Gs ; olw. F® erased 'f' and two letters after K\ ; 
c?f. Gr. exc. D : ^.^fpiKI, >^A*?BD2.3.4AiKNOX, none omit OTTOg,. 
iinOTrg^o] for singular cf. Gr. AC* &c.; for atrr&y cf. Gr. C* &c.: 

+ enecKX down, k n. UKA-g^i] ni., D4R. nexonj6] 4>h ex., 

KBKM: -CJ0nj6, D2*.4G2.3. * n(iJL, A*Ci.2Gi.2.3)qXH(^, X) 
. . . ^.qXCJOItq] Gr. D &c. om.: ^X.^> >^ (inverts) B Ai F^. j O M Oj 0, 
A-XXa.] om. l^, cf. Gr. 0* g** 8yr«>>. JULefl] Gr. D adds dt. 
JjL^pHrf] om. 0: Gr. D &c. 8yr<« o«ra. IieJULCJOXen] HC- 
JULCJOOnr with them, S : Gr. L X V'"- ^'fy A. €qj6€It] CqXH 
ji)€n, AoB«r*?D2.3.4F2J>oKMX. "^ eqXtO &c.] Gr. D c om.: syr*" 
adds * vobis.' £,0)^" ] + He, BD2.a.4C^ X ; for position cf.? Gr. ««AC* D 
Ac. syr ««. OTTOg,] om. X. * It€qCA.Xl] a b c ff *' 1 gat syr«» * ver- 

borum horum.' ® 2,A.THJULg^A.f ] om. g^A., A* : Gr. D &c. om. 

^.-CX^JULe] X^JUL^. (for O) €, EgS. Hlii] niAJLA-OIXHC, >^. 
e(ee^e,N)nA.IXKpO'c]ora.e,F2*; for order cf.Gr.ABL&c: 243. 
262. fjyrcu gah"<**^ aeth om. nayra. IT6AIL &c.J om. N, omitting also ver. 

10. ni] um.F2^: + K€y D2.4X. ^** itejuL^^pi^. 2^6 xe] Ei^.j^^.s^ ; 
neiuuuL^pi^. 2^e xe, Oi°.2Di Ei*.2* G1.2 JsR ; cf. Gr. k u n &c.: 
nejut^^pi^. 2we ne, Da*. 4; nejuuuL . . . 2^e ne, d/.sX: ne- 

JtJL^pi^. 2^e, r-HjL; neJULM.A.pi^.2w€,Ci*r*?Ai.2F,.2H3.T,KN 
OSiS; cf.? GT.HBh&c.^aapd4: neiUUUL^.pi^, ABM. i"JUl^r:^.] 

318 ROXTOX 2\.0YRaxH. 

neAJLtooTT HR eitA-Trsccjo Hm^i nniA.nocT"oXoc. 
" O-cog, A.-co-ctoitg, h^ert^^icA^i ixno-r JuLeo efi.oX 

ijL4>pRi" nonre&aj^- o-cog, itA-nrxen^oxo-r 
A.rt ne. 
"IleTpoc 2^e ^.qxcjoitq ^.qtfoxi €niijL2,A.7r. onro^ 
exA.qcoAJLc e^o-cit enig^ficjoc juuula.'t- 
A.xo'c o-cog, ^qjge nA.q eneqKi. eqepcy^^Hpi 
ijLcl>R exA.qacjoni. 

nr "O^rog, g^nnne \c 5 e&oX ft^Kxonr nA.7rjuLoaji 
ne j6eit nieg^oonr exejuuu.^.nr. ern^. eonr-f-juLi 
eco-¥Ko-c itiXKAJL n^-nr 2! itcxA.2wion enecp^^n 
eiuuuLA.o'cc. "o-cog, hetooTr ns^yc^xi nejtx 
no'cepKO'c eefie n^^i XHponr ex^.'^a^^J- 

'^O'cog, A.ccija)ni efCA.xi o^rog, e^rKCJoi". iteoq 
g^cjoq \HC ^.q^coitx epcjoonr ^.qAJLoaji rteAJLtooTr. 

*® H^-f AJULoni 2.6 itno'c&A.X eajTejULcoTrtoitq. 
'^nexA.q 2^e ittoo'c. xe n^ic^^i ot ne exe- 
xensccjo iiAxcoonr nejUL nexenepaoTr epexen- 

AJLOaX. O-COg, A.'COg,! €pA.TO-C eCOKejUL. 

for position cf. Gr. D &c. -rtHA.] A. alt. fr. K, A«. nxe] for cm. ^ cf. 
Gr. L Sec; gloss of Jj J -;. *a copy has, mother.' RCtOXTl] ITI., O: 
nceni, B Di.2,3.4*'^iEi.2.3 J1.3O X. eitA.'C.] nr altered from I, Fi«, cf.? 
Gr. N*ABD &c.: e^SiiiJ^., Di.2.3.4 ^iEi.2.3Ji.30X; cf. Gr. l^K&c. 
It^l] + ne, D2.3.4X. ni^nOCT.J eraHure of two letters after A-, A«. 

" nxenA.i...eAoX] ACir(D4<^)(FjXoC-Gi.2.3HieKLMXRS0): 
> juLnonrijLeo efioX nxenA.\cA.xi, BC2D,. 2. 3 ^1^1.2.3^3 

J1.3O: nA.CA.XI, A* B* ; for nA.1 cf. Gr. «BDL &c.: nA.lCA.XI, 
Fi^^: ni., Fi*: CA.XI THpO-^, Di.s^g^X: om. e&oX, D4<^ R: 

N ha« o-cog^ nA.penAicA.xi 01 juLc^pR-f" no-¥eficg^ **-- 

nO'CJULOO and these words were as idle talk before them, cf.? aeth. 

nA.'CTeng^oxo'c] -g^o-cxo-c, a^: nA-nrxeng^o-cxcg^o)- 
o-¥X, HojuuuLCJOo-c, B &c.: - jjLiU-oq, i>-*L: enA.-cTen- 

g^O-CX JL3L &c., e. ^^ Gr. D a b e 1 fu «yr»»' ♦ « om. A.q- 

LUKE XXIV. 11-17. 319 


and (the) rest who were with them, who were saying 
these (things) to the apostles. ^^ And these words appeared 
before them as idle talk, and they were believing them not. 
^'But Peter rose, he ran to the sepulchre; and having 
gazed in, he saw the garments alone, and went to his 
house, wondering at that which happened. 

^^And behold, two of them were walking on that day, 
going to a village distant from Jerusalem about sixty stadia, 
its name being Emmaiis. ^^And they were speaking to 
one another concerning all these (things) which happened. 
^^And it came to pass, (that as they are) speaking and 
questioning (lit. seeking), Jesus also himself approached 
them, he walked with them. ^•But their eyes were held 
(imperf. so as) not to know him. ^"^And he said to them: 
• What are these words, which ye say with one another, 
(as ye are) walking?' And they stood, being saddened. 

TTCJonq] e^-^.q., Di.2.3.4^iEi.2.3H8Ji.30X. £\i\x3L^ist\ ixni., 
r. ^.qitA.'c] eq., R: it^.q., i>. mg^fi-toc] cf. Gr. >^b &c. 

8yr«" : + enr^Xl^ ejfcpKI, M, cf. the rest of Gr. exc. L c f ff*" vg arm 
aetli place Ku^uva after /xoki. iOuUL^'C^XO'r] Gr. ^<* A &c. om. 
O-COg, a°] om. N M. eqepOJ.] ^.q., X. ^^ lc]_om. B Ca Fj /3* : 
aeth om. lioD; Gr. D e r\vav ht\ g^KTlUe ItA.pefi, B. It^."*- 
iULOCgi] ert^-nr., S ; for poeition cf. Gr. A L &c. Ue] om. B Ai 0. 
eXeiUUUL^.Tr] om. B; obs. Gr. >^ cv n; a vny. ecrt^.] OTtyXUt 
seeing, N. €COf KOf] €q., B &c. niT^KXti] €., D2.3.4 X. '%\ 
cf. Gr. A B D L &c. syr'^". CX^.2iIOrt] CT*^.T*Ion, AC2rGi.2.3. 

necp^^n] ato: neq., b &c.: +ne, b &c. ejuuu.A.o'cc] 

^JU.., l>- L, cf. a 1* ' ammaus.' ** OTTOg,] OTTOg, . . . 2^6, 

B: Gr. D c e w/xiXoui^ ««. }\L.\ THpO-c] HR, M. ttJCOni] 

+XHpo'c, M. ^^o-cog^ A.ccgcjoni] ^.ccgtoni 2^€, Fi.j. 
iteoq g^coq] cf. Gr. nab^cl &c. ^.q^tortx] eq., Jj: 
e^.q., M. ^.qAJLocgi] n^.q., L. nejULcoo'c] ncjoonr, f^*. 
'^HA.'c^.AiLoni] n^.q^.u.oni, A«BD2.3.4F,.2nLX/3. co-certq, 

a. " 2w€] om. B, cf.Gr. G : Gr. D &c. o «f. ncOO-c] Gr.D om. H^.^ 
n^I,Oi*(nfidded): Itl over erasure, M«. ItG 6X8 (added in red, A^^O 

nexe,CiG3KX/3<^. exexertx(Jo]epeTen&c.. bn. epHoV 

erasure after p, and H altered, A«. epexerUULOOj l] a &c. 8yr<^« om. 

820 ROxTax ^^.0YRaxH. 

^* aXqepo-ctja 2^e ibceo-cA.1 ne KXeonA.c 
nexA.q itA.q. xe neoK iSuu^'CA.xK excgon 

O-cog, JuLneKejuLi ena exA-nracjoni nj6KTc st>en 
TKo _ itA-ieg^oonr. "o-clog, ne:£A.q ntoonr. 2ce onr ne. 

Hecoo-c 2we nextoonr nA.q. xe nn eTA.nfaja3ni 
nmc nipeAJLit^;^A.pee 4>h eT^-qgconi jtonrpcjoiuu 
JULnpo4>HXHC. eonron o^xojjl ijuuLoq >6en 
ng^cjofi.. nejuL nc^^i ijLneiULeo JOL^-t neju. 
mXi^oc TKpq. 
*®&a}c 2ie A.nfTKiq nxertiA-px^epe^c nejjL ni^-p- 
X^*^ enf2,A.n iixe ^^xxo-t. o-cog, ^nr^ajq. 
*^A.non 2^e ^.itepg^eXnic xe 4>^i neen^cco-f 

UXXXa. itejUL itA.1 XKponr TeqiULA-g^v ite^oo-¥ 
ne 4>^i icxeit ex^. m^\ cgcjoni. ^^a.XXa. nejm 
g^A-rtKeg^iojULi efi.oX itj6Kxeit ^.Trepenepojc^Hpi 
e^-foj^ rttoonr enijjL^i^t ilajcopn. 

"^O^rog^ exejULno-cxext. neqctojuiA. a.-ci e^^cto 
ixxnoc. xe A.nnA.-¥ eo-co-ccjoitg, nxe &A.n- 
A.vveXoc. itH exxto iluuLoc epoq. xe qonj6. 

** O'cog^ A.-cae rttoonr nxeg^^^no-coit efi.oX itiaxen 
emxk^^'€ A.-CXIAJLI juL^^pni" ex^. niice^ioiuu 
xoc. heoq 2ie juLnonritA.'c epoq. 

OTTOg,] om. EgJi. -A-nrog^l] e^r., Ei.aJi.3; for verb cf. Gr. 
NA*B(L) &c. '^0-CA.l] cf. Gr. K(A)BD»'L &c.: +efi.oX 

itj6KX0-C, Di. 2. a. 4 ^1 El. 2. 3 Ji. 3 K N O X i3«. cf. Gr. I P &c. 6yr<«. 

eneq] neq, a. KXeonA.c] KXe(jonA.c, c^ Hi. 3 m (RA.) 0. 
cf. Gr. K &c. exaon] +A.rt, rui.3: exoi SojeiuuuLo, kn. 

cf. 8ah»o*>w Latt. 'peregrinus in/ d 'advena iu ;' gloss of D| . u-^^j^c ^.^ 
■ nLjyt OJ^; * Greek, stranger and thou stayed in J.' eX^f cytotll] 

exttjon, Hi.s((Jo)e*: en^.'ConuttingertK, S: exA.caj(joni,N. 

'• 0-¥Og^] om. BF,* : Gr. D o dt. tlBUOO't] eCOOTr over erasure. 

A«. nn] ne, G2.8. pejutn^.;^.] cf. Gr. nbl &c. w»f<vijiw. 

ng^O)^] O-C^(J0&, £3* : 2*^^> Gi*; for position cf. Gr. ABL &o. 

LUKE XXIV. 18-24. 821 

^^And one, his name being Eieopas, answered, he said to 
him: 'Thou alone art in Jerusalem, and thou knewest not 
the things which happened in it in these dajsl' ^^And he 
said to them: 'What are (they)?' And they said to him: 
' The things which happened to Jesus the Nazarene, who was 
a man — (a) prophet, being powerful in (the) work and 
(the) word before God and all the people; ^^and how the 
chief priests and the rulers gave him to judgement of 
(the) death, and they crucified him. ^^But we hoped that 
this (man) will redeem Israel. But beside all these 
(things), this is his third day since these (things) happened. 
^^But beside, some women also of us made us wonder. 
Having gone to the sepulchre early; ^^and having not 
found his body, they came, saying: "We saw a vision of 
angels, who say of him that he is alive. ^^And some of 
us went to the sepulchre, they found as the women also 

JuLep] O added, A^. *® g^tOC 2.8] =Tf, Al>LN. obs. Gr. D »r, 

and rest of Gr. oirwf tc ; g^CJOC XG, rOi.a^K: &onCJOC 2^6, C1.2 
Ai riO(' another 'X2 (OH) H,.3MSX/3 (OR); ^OJJLUOC 2.6, BD,.2.a.4^ 
El 2. 3 Fi* Ji. 8 0. ^.TTXHiq] e/JT &c., Dg. 8 X ; cf. Gr. >^ B L &c. 

Sxem] hn\ to the, Fi«.2^s/3. ni^.px^J^] c^- sy**^ aeth 

8ah««^»: Iteit. our rulers, ^i* 0, cf. Gr. exc. LU vfi&p: -^p^K, 
Fi^^W.a^^S/S. "2.e] cm. O*. ^.nepg^eXnic] ACi.aI>i? 

Ei.2.3Fi.2£^Gi.2.sHi.seJi.3LMOS/3; cf.? Gr. AB^DL &c. iJXirifo/icy, 
*it flperavimus,' 'sperabamus,' syr**™": Xettep., BrD2.8.4AiKNX, 

cf. Gr. K &c. 4>AJ i^] +ne, BDi.2.3.4e. neeit^.] ne een^, 

r*E,.2.8 Ji.sM : 4>H eeitA., BD1.2.S.4. A.XXa.] for om. km cf. Gr. 
A &c. XeqJULA.2,] AC,.aS: Uecj &c., B &c. 4>^.I 2°] for om. 
arifupw cf. Gr. i^BL &c. 8yr««: ^^OOnt, B, cf.? Gr. D &c. om. ravnip, 
also for inifupoy cf. Gr. A &c. " e&oX SjfeKXen] - rtj6HXO-C 
of them, S, cf. sah": Gr^ D om. CA-Trae] A-Tr., ¥1* f>*. eUI- 
ii^ SttJ&pn] A Ci. a« r Fi. 2 J^ Gi. 2. 8 Hi e K L M N S /3 : 

>itttjcjopn eni &c., BD1.2.3.4A1E1.2.3JJ.SOX. ^^OTrog,] om. 3f. 
eo-fo-cojitg^jK: eo-ccjon2^(-ort2^,rGHL),A&c.: +e&oX,K; 

for om. Koi cf. Gr. D &c. sjr^. ** efi.oX ni^KXeit] cf.? Gr. 

D &c. €«. A-TTSCIJULl] ACi.2rF,.2t>G,.2.8He*LS/3; obs. Gr. A 
ant\e6trr€s and om. koI: pref. OTTOg^, BDi;2,3.4AiEi.2.8Ji.sKM^"^X. 

322 ROxTOx ^^.0YRaxH. 

^^O'cog, neoq nexA.q ittoonr. xe to m^itoHToc 
oTTog, exocK j6eit no-cg^Rx en^^i" e^u)& 
mfi.€it ex^.TTCA^i iSUuLCJOonr Rxeninpoc^HXHC. 
2« juLH n^.cxH ^n eepe nxc tff nn^.iilLK^'r^ 
onrog, itxeqge ei^otn eneqtoonr. 
*^ Onrog, ex^.qep2,RXC efi.oX j6eit julcwcchc neut 
tX itmpo(l>KXHC xaponr n^qepxiuinenrm n(jo|o7r. 
X€ ot ne HR exifeen itivp^.4>R XRpoTr eefinxq. 

neoq 2.8 ^.qep ijL4>pRi" eqitA-onrei eqAxoaji. 
2* O^rog, n^nr^juLom juUuLoq itxoitc evxao Xxjuloc. 

xe og^i iteJULA.It- 2ce ponrg^i o-cog, g,R2^H ^qpiKi 

nxenieg^oanr. onrog^ ^qi ejioirit 2ce itxeqog^i 

^^O-cog^ A.cttju)ni exA.qpa}xefi. iteJULCJOonr eTA.q(fr 

iSLniojiK A.qcJULo-c epoq onrog, ex^q< 

n^.q-f ntoonr ne. 
^^Hetoonr 2^e a. itoTfi.A.X o-ccjon onrog, ^.TrcoTconq. 

cyvog, ileoq ^.qepA.eo'ccoitg, efi.oX g^^paooT. 

^^onrog, nextoonr itito-cepROTr. 2ce ajlh it^pe 

neitg^RT poKg, A.n ne iti6pHi iliiKxeit. g^coc 

eqcA^i itejULA.It i^en hijulojix. eqo*ru)itg^ 

itnirpA.4>H HAit. 

ijL4>pR'f] A0,.2rc-Gi.2.sHeKLMNS, cf. Gr. D: ICA.XA. 
(l>pRi", BD,.2.8.4AiEi.2.3Fi.2.Ji.30A cf. the rest of Gr. KC] om. 
BFi*L, cf. Gr. BD &c. syr^". g^IOJULl} Gr. D &c. 8yr«» place al yvw. 
after crirov. JuLnO'CnA.T] Gr. D e ist plural. ** OTTOg, 

iteoq] iteoq 2^e, b Fi. ^ A cf. Gr. d c e : o^rog^ . . . :^e, m s. 

eitA.g^'f} Gr. D om. ^ej^^^-j^j^J gj^^c ^^.^ Dj.a.4X.] 

om. K* : + ne, D2.a.4N X. iXK^t^] JULKA.g„ Di.2.3A,Ei.8.3Hi,3 
Ji. 8 X. 2^ IteJULItl] for om. ^M cf. Gr. D &c. XRpOTT i°] 

om. K*. ItA.qepJULR (C, A and other MSS.).] cf. Gr. A &c. : Gr. K* koi 
dup^vtvtip. ItCJOO-c] JUUULCOO-C, B : XRpOT, M. XRpOTT 2*^] 
om. 0. 2® A.'Cj600Itx] cf. Gr. : eXA-TT ., T Dj. 2. 3l 4 ^i Ei. a. 3 Ji. 3 

KNO. enA-nrnA..] e^rrtA.., K. iteoq 2^e] OTrog, Seoq, t^^i: 
o-cog, . . . 2we, B. A.qep] cf. Gr. k a b d l &c. eqitA.o-cei] a b 

LUKE XXIV. 25-32. 323 

said: but him they saw not."' ^^And he said to them: 
*0 [the] senseless, and slow in [their] heart to believe all 
things which the prophets spake. **Wa8 it not (imperf.) 
laid (down) that Christ should suffer these (pains), and 
enter his glory?' ^And having begun from Moses and 
all the prophets, he was interpreting to them what were 
the things which were in aU the scriptures concerning him. 
^And they approached to the village, to which they were 
to go: and he made as going further (in) walking. ^And 
they were lajdng hold on him violently, saying: *Stay 
with us : because (it is) evening, and now the day declined.' 
And he came in that he might stay with them. ^^And 
it came to pass, (that) having sat down to meat with 
them, having taken ihe bread, he blessed it, and having 
broken it, he was giving to them. *^And they — their eyes 
opened, and they knew him ; and he disappeared from 
them. ^And they said to one another: 'Was not our 
heart burning in us, as he is speaking to us in the road, 

jj.sMO: eqo-cei, i>eL. ** it^.-c^JULom] -i^jtju.^u 

KBAiEi.2.3J,.30; for tense cf. Gr. MP al aliq: iJ^^JULOiil, D^fi*, 
cf. ? the rest of Gr. ijUULOq] + U£, H B. ItXOnc] om. Hi*, 
and tr. i\5C^ *80 they tifo held him.' pO'Cg^j] A: +118, B &c. 
OTTOg^ 2°] Gr. D &c. om. cWir KaL g,K2iKj cf. Gr. K B L &c. 
^® IteAJLCOOnr] Gr. D e 8yr«« om. eXA.q(JT] pref. Of Og,, D2.3.4X. 
niCJOIK] Gr. D 131. om. tw. n^.qi"] en^.q, D2.sX ; cf. Gr. : ^.q^" 
and om. Ue, O. *^^ OTTCOnOTrl, A. OTTOg, i«»] om. D4. 

OTTOg, ^.TTC] Gr. t^* om. CtO^ riooq] om. OTTOP,, B : om. 

neoq, KE1.2.3J1.8M : neoq :^e, c^l. ^^ oTrogJ Gr. Dee 

oi dr. n^-pe] e added, A«. pOKg^] ptOKg^, I>2. 3. 4 E2 ^^ Hj. 3 O 
LMX^; cf. Gr. exc. D jccjcoXv/ificiny, Bah «'*»'' syr^^ *gravatum.' tti^pKI 
itj6KXert] cf. Gr. K a L &c. g^COc] g^tOq, K : a b c e 1 8yr«« 
om. i»9 i\a\fi Tifiw. j6ert] ABCi.2rj>Gi.2.3Hi.seKLMNS: g,!, 
I>i.2.3.i*'^iEi.2.3F,.2Ji.30X/3. eqonr&It&] ABCaf DiAiEi.2F,.2J> 
Gi.2.3^Ji.3LMO/3; ^.qOTrong,, Ci«D2.s.4E3X: eqO-CO) It opening, 
Ci*?Hi.3: eqfi.a)X explaining, K(e^.q)Nj for om. &s cf. f vg 8yr«" 

Y 2 

324 RaxTOx ^^.0YRaxH. 


Onrog, ^.Trcjoo-cnonr j6eit i"o-cnoT 67€iuuuu.x 
^.•cx^.ceo cITCkXil. otto^ ^.-cxijuli iJLniuI ct- 
eo-cHT ncjuL na eonejULtooTr **€^xao ijuuLoc. 

2Ce onxcjoc ^.qxoonq itxenw o-co^ ^qonron^q 
cciJULcon. ^OTTog, iteoooTr n^.nrcA^i iinH er- 

epcoonr j6eit ni^cocy hrre niooiK. 

^ ^•H^.i :^e ercA^i iJuuttooT n^oq Ikc ^qog^i 
ep^.xq j6eit xo-cjULai". o-cog, nex^q ncooT. 
xe -f g^ipana nojxen, 
^^ Gx^.Tryoopxep :^e o-cog, ex^.'caaoni j^en 

epoq. I 
^"X^. ^^O-cog, ncx^q ntooTr. xe eefi-eoTr xexeitajxep- 
etop. OTTog, ee^eo-c cenaonr hKe^^iuuLemi 
exen itexeng^ax. 

xojuLxejuL epoi o-cog, ^.n^-nr. xe jjLMXon nrSI 
eo-¥oitxeq c^.px g,i k^.c k^x^ ^^pai" exe- 
xeim^.-c epoi eo-coit ixJULoi. ♦^onrog, <taj 


et««^ aeth; om. ica/ cf. Gr. KBDL 33. syrK nitl] eitl, Flj/S. 
ItA.It] AB0,.2AiE,.2.3F,.2C"HeJi.3L08^: +efi.C)A, rDi.j.a.4 
Gi. 2. 8 K N X : om. eqCTTtOng, to end, M. *^ ^TXaOOTnOTr] 

AC,.2rFi.2£^Gi.2.3HeLMS/3: eX^TT., >*BDi.2. 3.4^1^1. 2.3 Ji.sKN 
OX, cf. Gr. avaoToPTts. XA.Ceo] XA-COtOOnT, Di,a.a.4Ei.2Ji,3X- 

e^eo-cax] b &c. :, aCi*. ^* enrxto] ^nrxco, J3. xej 

om. Ci*. OltXOJC] for position cf. Gr. i^BDL &c. 8yr<^«. 0*rOg,J 

om. >^. onronq, A*r*. ciJULcoit] caAUCJOit, r*, cf. Gr. LA. 
^cA.2ci] +ne, D2.3.4X. i}Lc{>pai"] om. jjl, FaXp. exA.q] 

JJL^R eXA.q, Eg. O-CtOItg,] ACi.2rDjA, GjKLnOS: 
0-¥OItg,q, KB(g,€q)D2.8.4E,.2.8F,.2l^Gi.3HeJi.3Mx5. UKJOIK] 
t^A &c., cf.? Gr.: HCJOIK, AiFjKOS^. ^^2^€] om, Ej. CTf- 

C^X lJ ^f., C2F2lS^; for verb cf. Gr. (exc. 13. 69. 300. 346. XcycSirwr). 
lacj om. KAi(M), cf. Gr. t^BDL &c. syr^": HOT, DiEi.2.jJi.,, 

LUKE XXIV. 33-40. 326 

manifesting the scriptures to us?* ^And they rose in that 
hour, they returned to Jerusalem; and they found the 
eleven assembled, and them who were with them, ^ saying : 

* Really the Lord rose, and manifested himself to Simon.' 
^^And they were speaking of the things which were (done) 
in the road, and how he appeared to them in the breaking 
of the bread. 

^^And (as they are) speaking of these (things), Jesus 
himself stood in their midst, and said to them: 'The peace 
to you.' ^"But they having been troubled, and having 
been in fear, were thinking that they saw (lit see) a 
spirit. ^ And he said to them : * Wherefore are ye troubled, 
and wherefore come thoughts upon your hearts? ®^See 
my hands and my feet, that (it) is I: handle me, and see; 
because there is not spirit having flesh and bone, according 
as ye see me having.' ^^And having said this, he shewed 

cf. Gr. H 157. c: TieflOT IHC, B, cf.? syr**' *venit dominua Jesus.' 

ep^.xq] M : + ibcemc, cf . Gr. p. xo-c jutai"] i"AJt ai", Fj*, cf . 

Gr. 255. €if r6 tuaop. O^TOg,] om. M. Gr. D a b e ff*' 1 om. «ai Xcyft 
crfrotf &c. 1"&ipana] Aj Tg,., B &c.; om. T, Fa* X*. cf.? Gr. 
ntOTeit] +A.rtOK ne JuLnepepg^cf" I am, fear not, A"«Fi°>b 2 
Hi«°»LOSAcf.Gr.GP88.i27.&c.; Di Eg gloss yUjUjAW^^^/ Greek, 
I am &c.;* Ei gloss )yl»J ^ y^ ^^ ^^ ^y ^ u-J j ^^/J^ *^^ ^ 

* peculiar to copies of the Arabic, and not in Coptic or Greek, I am, £c.* 
" 2^e] om. l>, cf. 8ahte»»^. OTTOg,] om. B. eX^.'CgtOni] A-TT., 

Be. n^.nrAJLe-ci] en^.-c., K: +ne, bDi.2.3.4^iEi.2.sJi.8KM 

NOX: +2s.e. Hi. 3. UnX] Gr. D <^ra<r/*a. HG exont] AC^aT 
G,. 2. 8 H e L 8 : neXOT, B &c. *• OTTOg^] Gr. D c e o «#. 

ItOOOTr] syrca ^woh etbr aeth add 'Jesus.' eB&.€Ot . . . eofi-COT] 
ri...Ti, cf.? Gr. BA*. g'^'^P^^P] fflOOpxep, KG1.2.3KN. 
g^AJUienri, A. exert] ^en, Gr.«*r ; tr.of Ei has J *in,'and 
gloss JLft 'upon ;• tr. of Eg jLc . IteTeng^aT"] cf. Gr. ^^ A«>' L &c. 
syr ">. ** It^ 2®] Gr. L &c. om. For om. aMs cf. Gr. 300. &c. 8yr«». 

epOl] Gr. D &c. syrc^ om. OTTOg, ^.tt^-nt] om. H. nUA.] pref.Onr, 
X. eonrOItTeq] eTe &c., A^ O. C^-P^] for sing. cf. Gr. K« A BL 
&c., but without article the number is uncertain. > K^C g,! C^p^, 
N ; for this order cf. Gr. D Dial, Ir«»t. exexen^.'C, A. *^ Gi . D 

326 ROXTOX 2S.0YRaxH. 

exA.qxoq ^.qxAJULCJOoTT eneqxix nejtx neq- 

o-cog, enrepg4>Kpi ne^c^q noooTr. xe o-con- 

*^ Hgojo-c 2^e ^.nri" nA.q nonrjuLepoc nnre oTre&T 
eqxeqxcjoq. nejUL onrjULo-cXg, nc&ico. ^^o-cog, 

_ €x^.qtfT JuLnonrijLeo ^.qo-ctojUL. 

^^ ** nex^.q 2^e ncjoonr. xe m^i ne n^.c^^i exA.i2coT07f 
ntoxeit exi eixH nejULOJxert. 2ce g^co-f itTo-c- 

4>itoAJLoc ijuuLCJonrcHc nejtx nmpo^HXKc neui 
ni^A.XjuLoc eefi.HX. 
** Toxe ^.qo-ctoit Xino-cg^RX eepo-cK^.i" eitivp^.4>H. 
oTTog, nexA.q ncjoonr. **xe a.ccj6ho-cx i}Liu.i- 
pni" eepe nxc c^euHxi^^ o-fog, itxeqTconq 
e&oX ^en itk eejuLcoo-fX i6€it niJULA-g,? 
neg^oonr. *' o-cog, nxonrg^iojia nontAJLex^nojA. 

a b e ff*- 1 «yr«" om. eneq.] itfieq., /3. *^ efi.oX] epoi, 

G2, obs. 6r. A avra for avrov; for order cf. Gr. ^^BDL &c. O'VOgi] 
om. >^. HCJOOT] Gr. D &c. om. OTrOItXexeitSx^O A &c., 
80 also EgFia^^GaHLaeLMN with Clt for S: OTTOn !t(om. Dj,5.4)- 

xexeit nitx^i> ^i, so aiHo D2.8.4OX with en for it a«»: onron- 
xeTenx^^ >* Ji. iuLn^-iJULA.] JuLni., N; obs. Gr. ik* «df 

for fV^dc. *2 fteCOOnr ^e] Gr. D e syr^ aeth jcoi. ItejULO'C- 

JULO-cXg, ne&IO)] A^i. 2 r Aj Fi««. 2 «> CJi (marked) Hi™«. 3 L O S X /3 : 

(I) nejULo-cefi-ia) iiiULo-cXg,, kn: (2) onrog, o7refi.ia) 

Jtt.At.O'CAg^, Di.2.3.4Ei,2.3 J1.3 ; these two variants are nearest rai asro 
fitXiaaiov lajptov of Gr. E &c. syr®**, but the difference from text is slight, 
yet cf. c f ff^- vg 'favum meliis:* IteiULO'CeJ&IU) nnHIItl, Ai, the 
same as (2): neJULOTTItKni, O, -neitl, M, omitting *honey/ cf. 
a b 1 : IteAXO-CnX^^ itXeO-Cefi.ia3 and a piece of honey (comb), 
K: om. BFi*G2.3Hi*, cf. Gr. «ABDLn e: Gi marked the words with 
eight black crosses, and added J^^^l as^ ^ ji^ U Ua 'this is not in the 
oldest copy:' T has |f at ttCiUL and -H after e&.IU3, and gloss 
ijk/^ J*. iW^ ^ u-J ^J>^\»' ^Jt^. 'between the two marks is not in the 

LUKE XXIV. 41-47. 327 

to them his hands and his feet. *^ And (as they are) yet un- 
believing for (lit. from [the]) joy, and wondering, he said to 
them: *Have ye something to eat here?' *^And they gave 
to him part of a boiled fish, and a honey-comb. ^^And 
having taken (it) before them, he ate. ^^And he said to 
them: * These were my words which I said to you, being 
yet with you; that all things which are written in (the) 
law of Moses, and the prophets, and the psalms, concerning 
me, must be fulfilled.' ^^Then he opened their heart to 
make them understand the scriptures ; and he said to them : 
' *^ It was written thus for Christ to suffer, and rise from 
the dead on the third day; ^''and repentance be preached 

Coptic, but Syriac.' *^ (Tf] tfTTOTT taken them, M. ^.q- 

OnrtJOAJL] + OTTOg, ^.qCTf JuLncCni ^.qi" IttOOnr and he took 
the remainder, be gave to them, A™« D4 A2 Fi°«, ^(OtO^j A.q^) C^ 
Hi^v.aLOSX/SCOTTOg, Ac), cf. Gr. KFI* 13. 42. 88. 130. 161*. 207"*. 
278°*. 300. 346. 440. w*'' c vg syr^ etP* »*> et**' arm aeth arr pers^, 
but only a1 pane c vg and ayr<« etP- *>*> et'*' have Xafi^v (^q(yl): 
C| gloss ^Uaal J ^Ul a»i • iP./kII (i J^h 'addition in the Arabic, and he 
took the remainder and gave to them:' D| gloss gives Arabic as ^^ 
' Greek :' Jj gloss gives Arabic. ^^ jLB] om. F : -Gr. D &c. km ciircy : 

iTA. it^.qxu3 JOuuLoc ntoonr ne, t^. ntoonr] of.? Gr. 

AD &c. rt^-CA^I (om. ACaFH)] >^ABOi.2rAiOFi.2*C-HLOS, 
cf.Gr. ABDL &c.: It!., Di.2.3.4Ai*Ei.2.3F2«Gi.20Ji.sKMNXft cf. Gr. 
» &c. ef, A. ei] om. KDi*Ei.2.3Ji.8MS, cf.? Gr. D cv m. P/JO'f] 
+ ne, B Ai 0. AJLOrCCHc] t altered^ A^. 116 JULItmpO^.jfcf . Gr. 
B : Gr. L »il ^ rois vp. Itl^A-XjULOC] om. HI, Hj, but tr.^^j^l *the L aiMb 
psalms;' cf. Gr. exc. F i. 22. al pauc om. km ^dKftois. eefi-HTf] "• *^^**"' 
ee&HXq concerning him, Gj*. ** ontton] OntCJOng,, X. *^* '"* 

ixno-cg^Hx] enonr., Ci.2rGi.2.s. enivp^.4>K] nm., L'. 

*• A.CCj6K0nnr iinA-ipK-f"] om. ijL, F^/S ; cf. Gr. >^bc*dl &c. 

ovras yeypanrai : Gr. A &c, add luu ovrox ^i ; Jx gloss adds ^0 \jSjh « 

jujj 'and thus it behoved:' om. ijLUA.ipH'f", Ji*. eopen^CC] l)»_end. ... 

for position cf.? Gr. D it vg. nTeqXOJnq &c.] G3 confused to iS-KA-g, 

end. eje&oX, A. jfeeimi] iULm> B A^ Ei. 2. s Ji. a ^ ^^^ Oi : 
> nie^OOt JJLXM^^Vf B D4^ *^ OTrOg,] g, over n, Ao. 

328 ROXTOX 2S.0YRaxH. . 

j6eit neqp^^n enx^ no&i efi.oX jfceit nicenoc 


e^.xexenep2>HXc icxeit iTCkjul "iiecjoxen 
exepjuteepe ^6^ it^.i. ^^onrog, ^itoK -f-iiA.- 
xXfi. o-c|(jopn iinicjottj tire n^ivoir exen ^Hnonr. 

Hecoxeit :^e ^ejtxci j6eii i"JS.^Jci g^TeT-eitcTT 
nonrxojuL efi.oX j6€it nfffci. *®(>to^ A.qeno-r 
efi.oX oj^ fi-Ke^itiA.. o-co^ ex^qqiJ itneqxuc 
enojtoi A-qcjuLonr epcjoonr. 
^^Chrog, ^.c^cjoni i6en nxmxeqcjULOTr epcoo-f 
^qo-ccjo-f" XtJULcoo-c. otto^ n^TrcoXi 
iiUuLoq ne encgcoi er^e. 
^^O^rog, netoonr exA-Tro-ccjogx ijuuLoq ^nrKoxo-c 

elTCSjuL itejUL onrmai" 
^^O^rog, nA.-cxH ncHOTT mfieit j6eit niep4>€i 
ercAJLonr e^'f. 

€nfA.VVeXlOlt ^CDKC I K^TA.Xo*rK^IteitIpH 

nKxajKcoAJULHitcTo I xP 5u) Ke^ nS | 

onrrtA-j i}L4>H enroxg 
o-cKA.i" jjL^H exA-qctoxejUL 

j6eitneqp^it] JuLneq., >^. en^^] nix^» i>4' ; for ciV cf. 

Gr. KB 8yr«w»». jfeeit] ob8. *in' Ir*o*,*U8qiie in' c e Gyp: Gr. exc. D 

tU: Gr. D »( an. xHpoTr] om. Ji*s. e^xexeitepg^Hxc] 
(exA.xen, n), cf.? Gr. kbc*l &c. *® n^ooxen] +2^e, e,, 

cf. Gr. AC* &c.: Gr. D km vfuis d«: neaJCC they, Hi*. GXep- 

AJLeepe] epAxeepe, f^*; cf. Gr. bd aeth: exexenep- 

JULeepe, D2.3X, of. Gr. K AC*L &c. n^-l] over erasure, A« : IXA.!, S. 
*^0-COg, A.ItOK] for om. Idov cf. Gr. KDL &c.: om. ^nOK, V^. 
i"(om.X)nA.O-Ca}pn]forfutiirecf.Gr.Lal^®.eX»Bg*-toling. HA-ItOX] 
Gr. D om. rov naTp6s: a om. fuw. 'f'fi.^Kl] cf. Gr. KBC*DL Sec: 
XA.lfi.., K, cf.Thdret: + IT^H JUL, Di'FiC.aC^HiO.aOL'MOiS, cf. Gr. 
AC* &c.; Ei tr. 'Jerusalem/ and gloss ^^ 'Greek.' (Tl ItOTrXOitt. 

LUKE XXIV. 48-53. 329 

in his name for (the) forgiveness of sins in all the nations. 
Having begun from Jerusalem, ^^ye bear witness of these 
(things). ^^And I will send the promise of my Father 
upon you: but sit ye in the city, until ye receive power 
from (the) height/ ^^And he brought them out unto 
Bethany: and having lifted his hands up, he blessed them. 
^^And it came to pass in his blessing them, he separated 
away from them^ and was (imperf.) taken up to (the) 
heaven. ^^And they having worshipped him, returned to 
Jerusalem with great joy: ^^and they were (imperf.) always 
in the temple blessing God.. 

Gospel of life according to Luke in peace of the Lord. Amen. 

Stichoi 2800, Chapters 84. 

Mercy for him who reads. 
Understanding for him who heard. 
Forgiveness for him^ who wrote. 

efi.oX] A*, cf. Eu8. xd^ijTc: + g^ieKnoTT hoTXOJjL efi.oX 

give on you power firom, B : 'f" HO'CXOiUL g^lOHItCC give power 
on you, C &c. ; the two last readings agree with ivbwnfaOt of all Gr., 
but for position of bwofiw cf. 6r. AO^ D &c. ; g^IOKnonr before c£.oX, 
A"B. «o O-COg, i« &c.] >^ABCi.2rDj.3.4'FiC-Gi.2.3HeKL'MN 

SX/3, cf. Or. L 8yr«c»> et»»' aeth : OTTOg, . . . TkG, Di : ^qenont 2^8, 
^1^1.2.3 J1.8O1.2, cf. the rest of Gr.: om. O'fOg,, Fj. ejS.oX] om. N, 
cf.? Gr. KBC*L &c. om. cf», but e&oX probably represents i^ of the 
Terb; thus all Copt agree with Gr. >^ B C* L &c. OTTO^ a°] om. 
Fj/S: Gr. D cirap. ««. " OTTOg, i°...epa3oVl om. Fi*KX: om. 

onrog,, N: om. ^cojconi. El*. lucmxeqj ACi.2rFi«.2^* 

Gi.a^Hi.3MS0: UXmOpeq, >^ B Di.(2.8).4'AiEL2.8^Ji.8l/N0i.aX. 

n^.-¥a}Xi] ijt &c., Ci* D2. sX. nej om. k b Fi* GjX. excf^e] 

hx4>e, M. Gr.i<* D a b e ff *• Aug om. ml dyf ^^pm &c. ** OTTOg,] 
cf. Gr.: om. BFi.2/3: 0'C02^...2^e, D1.2. 8^1.2. s^i. 3^ : fteCJOOnt 2^6, 
F,. 2 /3. eX^.TrO'CaJttJT"] ^ over erasure of ^., A« : Gr. D a b e 
fr" 1 Aug om. vrpocricvv^cravrrf avT6v, ItCiULj iO^^> ^2. 8 ^1. 8 X ^. 
"n^-lfXH] i-lfXH, D4'Fi,8*Oi(G/.8n*.')f)S/3: +Iie, BD,.i3 

330 ROXTax 2\.0YRaxH. 

^iEi.2.8eJi.3KMNOX. ncROTT &c.] >j6eitmep<|>ei itCHonr 
ni£.en, B: or. a* om. ip ry Up^. enrcjULo-c] execjjLort, 

TGiM end Qj ^X ; cf. Gr. >^ B 0* L syr»>' ciXoyoiWfr. <l>'t"] +AJULHn, B Fj A 
cf. Gr. A BO* &o.; glosi of D^ ^^l ^y^ 'Greek, Amen;' of Jj ^^1 -^, 

Subscriptions. e7f^.vveXjon ^cjoHc K^x^ XoTTK^it en 
ipnnK TO) KO) ^JULKit cxox^ 5a3 Ke^ nS, A: e. 

^(JOIC K. X. e. L X. K. ^. cxoi^oc JEtO K^.<&^XlOIt 

nS, B: e. 5. K. X. eipHitK xo) K. ^^ cxiX ^5u) ^^ 
nF ^^ K0-C2CI *'°^' xjutff, Ci : erti^wekfi ^. k. X, e. 
I. X. K. ^.. cx-cx^ ^ Ke>^ nS^/^/^"*' iTF^j^*^'*^' 

XJUlS^^'""*"', €a£^ (CXJX and om. nF XAIlS and Arabic): 
no subscription, F Dj. 3 F^ G2 Hg (absent) O2 (absent) S X, cf. Gr. A* F M 

xr I. ai: e. ^. K. X. cxixoc J^^ Ke<l>AXeoit qff en 

ipnnK X. K. A.., Di: no Coptic subscription, Di'FjL': C. 5. K. 
Xo-cKA.n CXiX ^HcJO K€4> tS XtO K. A.., Ai: e. ^. K. X. 

e. I. X. K. ^. cxjX JEo) Ke4>^ rS, Aj: e. 5. k. X. 
cxix^ ySco Ke^^-Xeon q^ oTremm ni^'f nS Ke4>A.X 

hKOTTXI XJUtS en ipKnn XO) JC ^.. 'chapters 94, great Greek 
chapters 84, small chapters 442,' Ei : e. ^. K. X. CXT^OC ^O) 

Ke4>^Xea}n qf onreinm itniai" 'fnS! Ke4>^Xeon 
nKonrxi xjulS en KpHna x. k. ^^: e. 7^. k. X. e. 

I. X. K. A.. CXIXOC JSo) Ke4>^Xeon nSI, Gi (over erasure) : 

e. 7^. K. X. cxjX ,5a) Ke^ nSI e. l x. k., Hi : e. 5. k. 
X. e. I. X. K. ^.. cxttX ^Sto Ke^^^Xeon riSI, O: e. 5. 
K. X. e. I. X. K. A.. cx^X ,5(i) Ke^i?^ qS onreinm 
nniai" tS ko-cxi xjulS, Ji. 3 (cxj^o Ke^^^Xe, Ke<t>^.X 
nKonrxi xjutff en ipHna xco k. a..): e. 5. k. X. e. i. 
X. Kn. A.. A., qe ( = ^JULKn 3^ A. + JUL+K + n = 99) 
cxixo^ Sao Ke^ nS, K: enf^.vveXjon k^.x^ Xott- 
Kt.}X e. I. XtO Kco ^JULKn, M : e. ^. K. X e. I. xa5 ku5 

LUKE. 331 

cxttX ^fio) Ke4>^Xeoit rS, N: e. 5. k. X. ct^xoc 

^5a5 K€4>^.^ nS too KUS ^., Oi; for fvoyycXior icotA Xoi/icov 
cf. Gr. >^A*OKLSUAAn 33. al : for <rr»x«^ cf. Gr. HKSA al pi: 
for fi^' cf. Gr. H KS al pi : for rfifi^ cf. Gr. A al pi. 


page namb«r, text, a(oteaX tr(MuI«tioii), mg, line number. 

2 u 8 ' beginDing . . . Luke ' | 5 mg dele again i®, for again 2°, 06 AHA • • • 
9 n 9 K before Fi* ; n 13 before pref., (V^ om. addition) ; mg for again, 
T16X^C|... I II n 17 before B, ^^ | 15 tr 4 for ovw, in (lit. npon); tr 6 
humiliation, 13 bumiliated | a; tr 14 for they Sec, it had been ehewn; tr li , 
in a revelation | 31 tr 4 dele not 2^ 39 mg ...nTHpO'V | 41 tr 12 pass, 
43 mg for again, 4^^6A.«. | 47 n 2 before J add O (marked) | 48 n 2 
before J add O (&^^) marked | 51 n 4 before + , (C^O om. addition) | 
54 text 12 dele .1^ | 55 tr 11 us, thou I 57 tr 5 dele hyphens ; 14 permit- 
teth I 58 mg for again, • • .^COj 116 | 62 mg dele again | 65 mg for again, 
...nC I 69 tr I dele hyphens; mg GOpG... I 75 tr 12 Alpheos | 77 mg 
...XG 2^ I 78 mg dele again | 81 tr 7 them ; ] 87 tr 13 for far, distant | 
89 tr 9 for neither, not even | 95 tr 4 for lesser than he, least (lit. little 
than he) ; 10 dele myself for | 97 tr 9 sitteth | loi tr 6 giveth, maketh | 
103 mg ..•€rr£ I 107 tr 5, 6 so that | 109 n 4 after L &c. add O 
(marked); n 15 after L &c. VGpVGItOC,^: | iii mg for again, G^fA-p 
... I 118 n I ^p^l-] C D2E1: -K-, A &c. I 119 tr 5 dele brackets 
121 tr 12 manifested | 131 tr 13 (they) having gone (away) ; n 12, 16 H^"^ 
134 n 8 >^«>°> I 138 n 10 after F2™«, t^ ; before J, O ; n 13 before J, O 
(marked) | 139 tr 9 (Let) | 142 mg •••AlUULOrt | 143 mg for again, 
O'CO^ 2^... I 145 tr 9 (rather) ; tr 16 fallen | 149 mg for agam, iULGTCI 
... I 151 n 7 l^^oomchi I ig^ n 10 ijLn^.ipH'f" XG | 155 n 12 before J2, 
O (markeid) | 157 n 6 Ij^r^oora**^ | 167 tr 15 dele hyphen 169 n 2 
GXGIT.. . icf] e°>s I 175 tr 16 dele I 2° | 181 n 4 «*«>«» «>»' 187 tr 2, 
3 dele hyphens; n i dele hyphen | 188 n 7 i^*itt«.com 196 n 8 >^^«>» 
199 tr I wisheth | 204 mg nGC|... | 211 tr 15 hath 217 n 17 t^^^ 
221 tr 15 dele en; n 5 before A, K^«>"; before Dj, K* | 225 tr 3 (lit. 
thrown to) in his | 226 n 9, 11 ^^^^*" | 235tr 13, 14 for make, let | 243 tr 15 
that which | 249 tr 5, 10 Zakcheos | 257 tr 11 highest (as before); 16 
knewest (imperf.) | 271 tr 12 dele hyphen | 275 mg dele again | 286 n 5 
after bracket. A* and tr | 319 tr 3 for believing, trusting 

CYH eeoc 
eYaxwe^^ioH roxtox iinoxHHHC 


nicA^i. 2 ^^i eitA.qxH icxeitg^a s^Ten ♦'f - 
nrXe ^g^oofi. m£.6it A.T|ga3ni efi.oX g^iTOTq. onrog, 
A.T"flrionrq ixne g^Xi gooni j6eit ^h exA.q- 
acjom. *ne naoitjfe iieT"eitj6HT"q. 
Of og, ncjortjfe ite ^^oToomi nnipooiULi ne. * onrog, 
ntoTcomi A.qepoT(jomi i>en mxA^^- onrog, 
iJLne nix^J^^ T"A.g,oq. 
^ •HXqacom tbceoTpaoiULi eA.TOTopuq efi.oX g^ixeit 
4>i" GneqpA.n ne ia3A.nnHC. ^ «^a.i A.qi e^ iutex- 


e^ A.rreXion ka.t"A. i(joA.nnHn, A(itKC)B(nonr )Di.a(nHC) 

Af.j? El (KA.''").2Fi (Xoit) K (termination lost) M' (KKC) N ( + i" A.pX) 
0( + i"^.pX); for €{f.K.l. of. Gr. AOEFGHKLMSUX AA alpl: 
e. K. laSZ A.ria5, r^: no inscription. Dj Fj £> (lost) Gi Gort) H^ j 
P(lo8t) QT(lo8t) : eTA.VreXlOIt WSZ niJtt-enpiX 'the bdoved' 

nieeoXovoc niA.TrreXicT"Kc, D4>- : A.rioT e^ ^.vveXi^ 

KA.XA. I(JOA.nnKIt, Gg: KA-TA. ia)A.nnHn, e, cf. Gr. KB: 

nief A.vreXion itTelcDliK nieeoXoroc 'the Gospel of 
John' &c., jj: eTA.rreXioT k. ta3A.nnKc nojHpi il^e '(the) 

son of Zebedee,* Jg: eTA.rreXlon eeOfA-fi. 'holy' KA.XA. 
IU)A.ItItHC TOT ^.rJO -f A-pX. A.., I/; for 'initium' cf. g^' q 

gat: eTA.rreXi^ ka.''" uBI!, S: e^A-rveXioit xonr 

A.riOT ta3A.ItItOT K€^ X,, v. O1.2 alono have the same statement 
of beginning to write the Gospel according to John.' 



L In (the) beginning was the Word, and the Word was 
(imperf.) with God, and God (indef. art) was the Word: 
2 this (one) [who ?] was (imperf.) from beginning with God : 
^ all things became through him ; and without him did not 
anything become of (lit. in) that which became : ^ (the) life 
was that [which] is in him. And (the) life was (the) light 
of [the] men: ^and the light gave light in the darkness, 
and the darkness did not apprehend it (lit. him). * There 
was (lit. became) a man sent from (lit. through) God, his 
name being John: "^this (one) came for a witness, that he 


^niCA.XI I**] ADi 2**: nCA.XI, B &c. niCA.XJ a*»] A &c.:ABCrrDi., 
n., BCiDa*?Ai*?. OTItOnrx] eOTItOTT, B: Qr. L 6 ^<fe. kM'Nopq 
^^It^qXH] n^.q., Fi*. ^g^OOfi] pref. OTOg,, Fi*a^Himtx8, 

juLneg^Xj] cf. Gr. ^*♦ d &c. j^eit] om. Di* : prefix efi.oX, 

J|VHunti8. jfceit to end] om. Gg. CX^q.] eit^.q., F'* 
N« S. OJCJOnt 3*^] om. A*. For connection of words cf. Gr. C^ &c., 
but obs. the division of verses in A, occurring in verse 4. ^ 116 J 

cf. Gr. ABCL &c. UGX] ACEHJS* Hunt 18: 116 6T", Di &c.: 

116 6T", B. Of og, ncjoiiife] Of og, Ii6iia5nj6, o. n6 2"! 

n6, B« 0. nnipCJOiULl] om. m, M>- : Gr. B* om. tw Mp. Xie] 
om. B. _ * Of Og, i<>] om. Fi*Ga. HIX^KI i<>] HX^KI, M'. 
Of Og, JULII6ni^A.Kl] om. B homeot.; ^ over erased letter, A«. 
T^.&Oq] ABODi*EiFHJPQM' Hunt i8: STA-g^Oq could 
apprehend, P Di« 2 ^i ^s <^2 K N O S. P has gloss OJ ^i^jdi {j\^ ,^^ 
'it (i. e. g kh) is caUed the sign of potentiality.' ** A.qaja)IIl] q 

over erasure, A«. 6(om. H)A.f Of Opiiq] -OOpiiq, AFi«: 60f- 

opnq, B. <t>i"] Gr. D* Kvpmv, ne] om. B*. 

334 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC- 

juieepe g^mA. ilxeqepjtt-eepe j6a. nionrooim. 

2,m^ trre onroit iti&eit itA-g^-f efioX g^ixoxq. 

® He ileoq ne nionr oomi. ^.XXa. g^mA. itxeqep- 

^ jULcepe j6^ njonr (jomj. • HA.qgoii ibcenioTwmi 

itXA.(^juLHi ^H exeponroomi epoojuij ntj&6it ee- 

naoT enjKocjuLoc. *^HA.qx^ ^^^ hikocjuloc 

ne. oTog, niKocjuLoc A-qajooni efi.oX g^ixoxq. 

onrog, JuLne hikocjuloc conrconq. 
] "3Xqi g^A. nn exeitonrq. onrog, itexeitonrq ixnonr- 

cgonq epooonr, ^^na 2^6 exA.Tgonq epooonr 

^.q^epojigi itaoonr eepojapt ititoT'f. hh ee- 

itA-g^-f eneqpA.It. 
"Hh 2Le efioX i6en cnoq A.n ne. oti^e e&.6X 

i6en 4>onr cjottj hc^pz ^^ ^^- enrage efioX ifcen 

<t>oTa>ttj npcjoiULi A.n ne. ^.XX^ err^txtL^cot 

efi.oX i6en cl>-f . 
• i^Onrog, ntcA^i A.qepoTCA.p2;. onrog, ^.qgooni 

ili6pHJ ili6Kxen. onrog, ^nn^^nr eneqcoonr 

UL^^pK-f ixncjoo'c noTojapi JuuuL^TA.xq itxoxq 

ixneqicoT". eqjuieg, ng^juioT" next. jmeoxsLHi. \ 
tXi> ^^"Ico^nnHc qepjuieepe eefi.KT"q. onrog, ^tJ^ efioX 

eqxcjo JujuLoc. xe 4>^i 4>h exA.izoq eefiKxq. 

ze 4^H eennoT juienenccoi A.qepci)opn epoi. 

xe ne onrgopn epoi pa> ne. 
f ^«2Ce A.non XHpen 4LnflT efi.oX i6en neqAnog,. 

nejtx or^Jtxoir nxaefi.ico noTg^juLOT. 

® neneoq ^.n] neoq a^e A.n, l^. • nA.qajon] 

+ ne, BD,. 2K: +2Le ne, Q: +rA.p, a«Ci«Fi«M'. ooini 

1®, A«». (JOmi 2°] first 1 altered from JUL, another letter erased. A«. 
epCJOJULl] e over erasure, A°. eonHOT] refers to pCOiULt, cf. 
it vg 8yro°»n aeth. ^® ne] om. SV Hunt i8 : A.n, Oi*. OTOg,... 

COTCOnq] OOnq over erasure, A«: om. Gg. " na exe] AT 

DLzErGgJM'NPQVS Hunt i8: nexe, BCAiHKO. OTOg,] 
om. Fi*. nexe] A« (erasure after e 2®) B A^ H K P Q : ttH exe, 
PDi,2EFG2(ne)JM^NSV Hunt i8; obs. B has n before nexe 

JOHN I. 8-16. 335 

might bear witness of the light, that all might believe 
through him. ®He was not the light, but (came) that he 
might bear witness of the light. ^ There was becoming 
the true light — that which giveth light to every man who 
Cometh to the world. ^^He was being in the world, and 
the world became through him, and the world did not 
know him. ^^He came to them who were his own, and 
they who were his own received him not to them: "but 
they who received him to them — he gave authority to 
them to become (lit. do) sons of God (without the usual 
weak article) — them who believe his name. *^And they 
were not of blood, nor were they of (the) wish of flesh, 
nor were they of (the) wish of man^ but they were bom 
of Qod (weak definite article). ^^And the word became 
(lit. did) flesh (indef. art.), and abode (lit. became) among 
us, and we saw his glory, as (the) glory of an only Son 
of his Father, fuU of grace and truth. ^'John beareth 
witness concerning him, and crieth out, saying: 'This (is) 
he, concerning whom I said, that he who cometh after me 
had precedence of me, because he was prior to me indeed.' 
^^ Because we all received from his fulness, and grace in 

twice. ** ItH 2Le*..epOOOT] om. Fi* homeot.: Gr. D e om. dc. L begins 

" ItH 2^6 efioX] A Fi«, obs. Gr. D* a om. o?: ItH 6X6 (2l, Gj) epOJOT 
efi.oX, B &c. ne i** 2°] ne, Ci*. Cnoq] without article may be '" 
plural, but b q sing. Gr. B* om. ovb* tie $t\. dv6p6s. efioX 2° 3*^^ 
om. L. " OTOg, 1° 2° 3*»] om. F^*. nCJOOT] UI., Dj*. neJUl] M begim 

Or. B* om. KaL ^* ia3A.nitKc] +2^6, Di.j. q€pJUL€epeJ ^^''^- • 

ABCDi(tr.j^'be witnessed ')AiEFi«HJKLNOPS, d.yMfnvpti', ^.q., 
PDjGaQV: ep-, Fi*M. qCJOttj] eqCJOttJ* F: A.q., I^ Di* Ga« V, 
of.? K€Kpcrf€v. eqZCJO &c.] Gr. N*D b om. XG i°] om. P*. cf.? Gr. 

4>^i] A : + ne, B &c. €XA.ixoq] -zoc, M. ee^KT-q 2°] 

ABM : om. C &c., cf.? t» : Gr. \k* oui. hv tlirw, adds or after tpx^fupot : 
Gr. ^*•B* C* o €iir«K. ^.qepajOpIl] e^^q., Di^Cerasure of two letters 
before e).2. n€OT] rteof Olt, M. "Xe] cf. Gr. ^*BO♦DL &c.: 

OTOg,, L, cf. Gr. AO^ &c. 8yr«". T"Kp€lt] THpOT, 3rd person, B. 
OTgptt-OX 3*»] om. OT, B 0. 


"2Ce nmojuLoc ^.TXHiq efioX g^ixen juLoonrcHC. 
ITig^JULOT" 2^6 next- i"jtt.eejULKi ^nrcyooni efioX 


^ ^®4>i" ixne g^Xi n^-nr epoq eneg,. niiULoitoreitHc 
nito-rf cl>H exxK ^eit Keitq ixueqioox iteoq 

^ ^•Onrog, oA.! xe •fxt-eTJULeepe irre lao^nnHc. 
&oT"e exA.Tonr cjopn gApo^ ilxennonr 2kA.i e&oX 
;6€it iXhSx ng^A-noTHfi. nejui g^A-nXe^ixac. 
^iitA. nxonrgeitq ze iieoK itijui. ^^^ onrog, 
A.qoTcoitg,. XJLneqxcoX efioX. onr og, A-qonroong,. 
xe ^.itoK ne nxc. "onrog, A.Tgenq. xe 
neoK U6 hXia.c. ncx^q. xe JuuuLoit. iteoK ne 
uinpo4>HT"HC. ^.qepoTO). xe JuuuLon. 
^^IlexaooT nA.q onrit. xe neoK niJUL. g^m^ nxen- 
xejULUcymi ititK exA.nrxA.onron. on nexeicxa) 
ijuuLoq eefiLKTK. 

^ ^^nex^.q. xe A.noK ne -fcjuiH eTcog ejS.oX g^i 
noj^qe. xe coTTen nutt-ojix nxe nw. ijL^^pHi" 
eT"A.qxoc nxeHCA.i^c nmpoc^KXKC. 

^ 2^ Onrog, ne^.T0Ta5pn ne efi.oX i6en nict>A.ptceoc. 
2*oTog, A.Taenq enrxoo ijuuLoc n^.q. xe ee- 
xX^ fieoT I jrf (jojuLc. icxe neoK ^.n ne n^cc oT2k€ 
kXia.c 0T2Le nmpo4>HXHc. 

*^ ^e^XqepoTco nooonr nxeia3A.nnHC eqxoo jjuuloc. 

"mg^JULOXl ng^JULOX, MOi. For T^C cf. 'gratia autem' 

ap. Ln. *^ ^^i" J + ^fc^e, a njJULonorenac] cf. Gr. i^»ac * &c. 

nnoxf] cf. Gr. ^*BO*L &c.; if nnonri" be acyectival, not apposi- 
tional (cf. iv. i8), then * the divine only begotten.* A tr. Jua^i ^^.SR 
'the only Son' without God. neXA.q] ne eXA.q, Bl^Dj^a 
F L M V S. " OTOg,] om. Fi*. JULeXJULeepe] om. JULeX, 

K. A.Tfonropn,AG2KMNP*. g,A.poq]cf.Gr.(A)BC*&c. efi.oXl 

over a point, A®. OTHfi] H&. over erasure, A«. ^^ OTOg, i*^J 

om. Fi*. 4LqoTfa3(o,A)n2, i°] +efioX, s. iineqxooX... 

A-qOftOng^J om. S : pref. Of Og^, L P, cf. Gr. OTOg, 2^] om. 

JOHN I. 17-26. 337 

exchange for grace. ^"^ Because the law was given through 
Moses, but the grace and the truth became through Jesus 

'®God no one ever saw: the only-begotten God (without 
article), who is in the bosom of his Father, he spake. 
^^And this is the witness of John, when the Jews sent to 
him from Jerusalem priests and Levites, that they might 
ask him : ' Who (art) thou 1 ' ^^ And he confessed, he 
denied not, and he confessed : ' I am not Christ.' -^ And 
they asked him : ' Art thou fHias ? ' he said : * Nay.' ' Art 
thou the prophet?' he answered: *Nay.* *-They said then 
to him : * Who (art) thou ? that we may give answer (lit. 
find (the) question) to them who sent us: what sayest 
thou concerning thyself?' *^He said: *I am the voice 
which crieth out in (the) desert: "Make straight the road 
of the Lord, as said Esaias the prophet." ' ^^ And they had 
been sent from the Pharisees: ^^and they asked him, 
saying to him: 'Wherefore baptisest thou, if thou art not 
Christ, nor Elias, nor the prophet?' ^•John answered 

om. KOI, cf. Or. 
om. L M P, cf. 

BFM, cf. Gr. C^L Ac. A.qonr 00 (O, A) Itg, a°] ^qOTOIt^q, V: 
Or. K e 1 8yr«™ om. koI w/noXoyiyo-ci' a**. XC^ItJ over erasure, A^. 
^.n] for order cf. Gr. « A B 0* L &c. 6yr«" : om. K*, K« adds with 
marks. ^^ Of Og,] cm. Fi*. -fflltq, A*. Gr. ^** C have iroXip for 

ouroV. iteOK 1° &c.] om. rl oiv, cf. b. UGX^q' 
K a b. nmpOcl>.] Gr. »♦ 69. om. 6. ^* Of It' 

(c) Byr^. XCiULUUjmi lit. find (the) question] ZCnujmi lit. 
say &c., BDi*Ei«Fi*. neXCK] TIC eXCK, BD1.2FMQ8. XO, A. 
^^COfTeitni] COTXCJOItm, Br^DaEaJLMNT: CefiLTG pre- ^begiiu. 
pare, P V. ^4 of Og,] om. Fj*. Ite(H, e)A.f Of CJOpH Re] cf. ? Gr. Xt-Cj^pH-f 
K*A*BC*L djrcaraX^fW ': UK eXA.f Of OpROf , M, cf. Gr. N«»>A- '" 
C* X r &c. oi air«aTaA/«€WH. RC] om. O K M N T: 2,A.pOq RG, 
Ai*(not Ag)^. ^^OfOg, A.fajeitq] Gr. ^* om.: om. OfOg^, 

BF|*GaMPQ. nA.q] om. B Gjj. Xe] A B C P* H K* L M QT: 
+ ie, Di.2AiEFGaJK*^N0PSV. RIRpOcJ).] om. RI, r«JS, cf. Gr. 
C A. *® eqXCO &o.] Gr. I. 209. 8yr«" Cyp om. 


338 KOXTax lUiaxHHHC. 

qo&i epA.xq i6eit TexenjuLH'f n2ce<j>K ere- 
xeitctJooTit juutt-oq 2"4)k eenHonr juten- 

eitccjoi. 4)H exeit-f Xt-na^ ^^ &JJ^^ ilxA.'foTfU) 

ftoTJULonrcep itxe neqecoonri. 
"y ^'*Ha.i ^Tfacjoni jfeeit ^He^itiA. ^liULHp jQLnnop- 

2LA.itHc niiULA. eitA.p€ icoA.nnHC -f coajlc jQuuLoq. 

^^Gneqp^c-f i^e A.qitA.T eiHC eqitHo-c ^^.poq. 

oTog, nexA.q. xe ic ni^mfi iixe <t'f <1>h ee- 

nA.u)Xi ijL4>ito&i ixniKocjuioc. 
'^ 30 ^^j j^g ^j^ji exA.ixoc ^.itoK ee^Kxq. xe qitaoTf 

jULeiteitccjoi jbceofpooxt-i e^qcpojopn epoi. xe 

onraopn epoi poo ne. 
^' Onrog, A.itoK n^ictJooTit ijuuLoq ^.n ne. a^XXa. 

2,1 it^. itxeqoTa>ng, e&oX ixiiicX. 6efie4>^i 

^n e'ftJOJtt-c ifeeii otjulcjoot. 
ij 32 0fog, ^.qepjuieepe ibccicjo^itnHc eqxoo JuuuLoc. 

ze A.m^T enmiuZ eqitHonr e^^pHi exu3q sir 

c^pH-f SoftrpojuLiii efioX ;6eit x<t€. ^-qo^i 

^^ Of og, A.itoK itA-iccjooTit ijuuLoq i^n ne. ^.XX^. (Jh 

exA.qxA.0T0i e'foojULc i)en OTJtt-ooonr ileoq 

nexA.qxoc itai. 

A.ItOK] + JUieit^ Di. 2 F Q T, cf. Gr. 13. &c. JDUULOOXen] A 
&0., cf. Gr. A &c. : jJutXUdC, BM*?, cf.? the rest of Or. omittiiig Ifuu, 
Of] Or. K* rf qog^l] A* C F,», for om. «€ cf. Gr. ^* B C*L &c.: 
+ 2^e, A« B &c., cf. Gr. A C 2 Ac. syr^". COTCJOIt iiUULOq (and verse 
31), A. ^'^ ^h] Gr. N* B om. 6. Cm. airo't cWiy, cf. Gr. K B C* L &c. 
ftcCJOl] + iteoq neXA^qepOJOpH epoi he was before me, Fi« 2. 
cf.? Gr. AC* Ac. exert] exe, Fi*.(2haK n). Om. €yt&, cf. Gr. 
NCL&c. q. g^irtA. itXA.'f] A(B)CDi«2GaHKMPTV: om. 
^IltA., B: e-f, D,* A,EFi.2JLQ0S. neqeCJOOTi] cf. Gr.: 
Iteq., Ci*. -® ItA.l] +2^6, AC Fi*^ L. A.f gCOni] for position 

cf. Gr. « a b e ; obs. Gr. A 262. tytpovro. fi.HeA.ItIA.J cf. Gr. H*A 
B C* L &c. IinOp2iA.ItHC] mop., L: Gr. ^* syr^'^ add worofim: 
Gr. C 346. add to upSnov, Tr. of T ,j.>,3n -c ^ Lie cu-j Bayt *aiiiya fi 

JOHN L 27-33. 339 

them, saying: 'I baptise you in water: there standeth in 
your midst he whom ye know not: "he who cometh after 
me: he of whom I am not worthy that I may unloose a 
latchet of his shoe.' ^ These (things) happened in BSthania 
beyond the Jordan, the place in which John was baptising. 
2^ And on the (lit. his) morrow he saw Jesus coming to 
him, and he said: 'Lo, the Lamb of Qod who will take 
away (the) sin of the world. ^^This is he concerning 
whom I said, that there cometh after me a man who hath 
precedence of me, because he is prior to me indeed. *^ And 
I was knowing him not; but that he might appear to 
Israel, therefore I came to baptise in water.' ^^And John 
bare witness, saying: 'I saw the Spirit coming down upon 
him as a dove from (the) heaven; he stayed upon him. 
^^And I was knowing him not; but he who sent me to 
baptise in water, he said to me: ''He upon whom thou 


•ahp (acro88) al Ardan. " eneqp^cf" ] Ueq., T. A.qitA.Tf] 

for om. 6 iwowiyt cf. Gr. ^*ABC*L &c. syr««. GqitHOf] € altered 
from A. and Og^ie crowed, then nKOf , V. OTOg,] A B Gg H 
KLMNO2PQTV, cf. Gr.: om. !> D1.2 AjEF J Oj S. ic] pref. 
2,Hnne, M. 6enA.U)Xl] eXOoXl, Fi*GaMNS*, cf. Qr.; but 
future i may represent Gr. pres. JUL^^ItofiLlJ om. Jj*. JUL (11, A*) HI- 
KOCJULOC] Da F M T : itT"€Ul, A« B &c. ^ ^-ItOKj om. B*. 

xe i°] cf. Gr. X 8yro»». e(om. H)^.qepajopn] e^qaopn, b*. 

epOI i«»] om. K. XeOT.jA*: XeiteOT., A^ &c. ; cf. Gr. ?i.: om. 
XeiteOfOJOpn epOI, Dg* homeot. pO)] om. El*. ^* A.ItOK] v b^m. 

om. N. Ue] om. N. OTOItg^, A. efioX] om. M. ^\\] A*B 
C F,* Gj H K N V. for om. ryio cf. Gr. 28. al pauc Chr : pref. A.ItOK, 
A«°«rDi.2AiEFi«JLM0(P)QST: -6X^.11, P; for order cf. Gr. C* 
157. al pauc b. Of JULCJOOnr ] cf. Gr. N B C L &c. *^ OTOg,] 

om. Fi*. eqXCJO Ac] Gr ^** e om. eqrtKOT ejipHl] Gr. ^* &c. 
place after nfpurrtpoM. (TpJULIIl, A*. A.qog^l] A* F^* : pref. 
OTOg,, A«»B &c., cf. Gr. ^qog^l] Gr. K &c. pVop: A.qonr Og, he 
rested, a ^IXtJOq] e^COJq, Ci*FN: G^pHI CXCJOq, Q. 
^^ O-rOg, i°] om. Fi* : ^ftOK 2^8, F,«. n^lCCJOOTft] -COftJOn, 
A: ^.I, N*. OTJULCJOOT] Gr. ^* &c. ry vdan. II€rTA.qXOc] 
ne CTT^-q., BrDiFLMP^SV; 4)H eT"A.q., DgT. 

Z 2 

340 RoxTax iraaxHHHC. 

Xe 4>H eTeKitA.T eumnll eqitHonr ejfcpHi ofog, 

xXh ^*Oto2^ ^itoK A.mA.T O7ro£, A.iepAiL6epe. | xe (J^j 
ne nujHpi irre cj^-f . 



^Gneqp^c-f T^e oit it^pe ia)A.itnHc og,i epA.Tq 

nexjL 5 efioX j6eit iteqjtt-A.eHT"Hc. '*oto^ 

eTA.qxonrgT" eiHc eqjULooji nexA.q. xe ic 

nig^mfi itxe ^^i" • 
^' Onrog, ^nr ccjoxext. epoq eqcA^i rbceuiJUL^eHTKC 

5 itx^q. oTog, A-YJULooji itcA. Ihc. 
^* Gx^qcl>ort2,q 2we itxeiKc. onrog, enrA^qn^T 

epcoof enriULoajt itcooq uex^q itooonr. xe ^.pe- 

xertKCJO-f ficA. onr. 
HecjooT 2Le ixe^cooo-r rtA.q. 2ce pA.fifi.i 4>k exe- 

a^foTA-g^juieq xe c{)peq'fcfi.a). <AKci)on econ. 

^* ileoq 2s.e nexA.q ittoonr. xe ^JULCJOini onrog, 

^itA.T. A.Tfi o-rit o-rog, ^-ritA-T xe ^qcgon econ. 

onrog, A.-rojcjoni jfe^xoxq ixnieg^ooT exejui- 

iULA.x ne 4>itA.T 2Le n^xnl ne. 
^'^ 3Xn2s.peA.c 7^e neon nciJULoon nexpoc ne ota.i ne 

e&oX j6en ni5 exA-Tcaoxejit- nxe iaoA.nnHc 

onrog, A.TJULoaji nccoq. 
** 4>^i 2.e ^.qxiJULi ngopn iineqcon ciJtt-con. onrog, 

exeKnA-nr] a* Eg* J: ersKn^n^'t, a« &c.; obs. Gr. a^ 
%f. oTfog^ 2°] om. FQ. og^] onrog^i, T. ^ixcoq] 

eXCJOq, T, cf.? Gr. in* aMp. O-mnZTI om. OT, T: Gr. LT»»^" 
.53. T^i Gr. C* adds Km nvpi. 3* Of Og, i°] om. BFi*TV. 

CfOg^ 2°] om. Fi*. nojHpl] A : ntOJHpI, B &c. ; obs. Or. N &c. 

Hunt 18,' syi c« 6 tW^KTot Tov Bfov, ^* eneq] neq, t. on] om. c, cf. Gr. 
r &c. syrcn. g] KeS also two, B. neqjuL^.e.] om. neq, b*. 
^^o-fog,] om. ri*s. ex^.qxo-rcijx] A.q., T: exA.qn^.'c 

haviDg seen, V: Gr. C* &c. add 6 aiputu &c. ®^ OTOg, i°] om. 

Fi*T, cf. Gr. N* I. ^.TCtOXeJUl] ^.q., Eg J; eXA-T., T. 

nxeni] ni, Dg: om. ni, d*. nx^q] >nxA.q 5, k; cf. 

JOHN I. 34-41- 341 

seest the Spirit coming down and staying upon him, this 
is he who will baptise in (the, lit. a) Holy Spirit." "And 
I saw, and bare witness, that this is (the) Son of God.' 

^"'And on the (lit. his) morrow again John was standing, 
and two of his disciples; ^^and having looked at Jesus 
walking, he said : ' Lo, the Lamb of God ! ' ^^ And the two 
disciples of his heard him speaking, and they walked after 
Jesus. ^And Jesus having turned himself, and having 
seen them walking after him, said to them : ' For what 
sought ye?' And they said to him: 'Rabbi,' which they 
interpret, Teacher, * where art thou abiding?' ^®And he 
said to them: 'Come and see:' they came then and saw 
where he is abiding; and they abode with him that day; 
and it was (the) tenth hour. ^^And Andrew, the brother 
of Simon Peter, was one of the two who heard from John, 
and walked after him. ^^And this (man) found first his 

unusual position of avrov, Gr. A C* L Ac. Of O^ 3°] cm. B Fj* T. 
3*eTA.q4)On2,q(om. F) 2i.e] cf. Gr. K»ABCL &c.: OTO^ 
eT^q4>> r, cf. (e) q 8yr«" ei^^ ei^^ aeth *et conversus.' OTOgJ 

om. F. ex^] ^.q., tfp. eTJULocgi] eq., Gj. 

itCCJOq] cf. Gr. C* ▼id Ac. fiyro"". UeX^.q] pref. OTO^, F. 
ereojA-fOT^g^JULeq] eoj^X, Fj* Hunt i8; cf.? Gr. i. ii8. 

209. b c e q. 4>peql npeq, B: nipeq, l. ^.Kao(a),A)n] 

^ICtJon, Oi. OCJOrt] 000 over erasure extending backwards, perhaps 
«)f it, Fi«. ^•neoq 2^6] om. v. OfOg, i<»] om. N. 

^ ] of. Gr. ^* A c* &c. onrit] oit, T; cf. ^* a b l &c. 
onrog, 2°] om. F,*. A.qajou] qaon, hl. onr og, 3°] bFi* v. 

Ite] n^, A. 4>nA.T] for om. m cf. Gr. G aeth. 2i.e] cf. Gr. 
minusc vix mu &c. : om. Fi*, cf. Gr. K A B C L Ac. \] I^f , F M T. 
*^ :^e] (Z. over erasure, A**) cf. Gr. A A 28. 346. al** Ac. : om. M, cf. 
the rest of Gr.: Ue, A*?. n€OT^.I Ue] IteOTA.! 2^.6, D2*?H. 
€&oX] om. C. niS] n5, r*F: om. HI, Dls: ni. A*?. ItTe] 
A* Dj: nxeit, A« &c.: 6?, Fi*. OTO&] om. FT. AJUtOjgi, 
A*Ci*. itCCOq] cf. the rest of Gr. : JtC^IHC, M* V, cf. Gr. GA &c. 

*• <t>^.i] A.it2i.peA.c, L. ilfflopii] cf.? Gr. ^*«AB &c. >nci- 
jtxuon neqcoit, DjjT. onrogj om. Fi*pqt. 


nex^q it^q. xe ^tixiJtxi xJuMxeci^c. <^k ere 

neqonrcjog^ejuL ne nxc- 
'J *^<I>A.i A.q€itq 2,A. IHC. eT"^.qxoTXX 2^€ epoq 

itxclHc n6XA.q nA.q. xe ileoK ne ciAnaon nojHpi 

itia)^.itrtHc. fteoK erejutonr-f epoK xe ich<^^.. ^h 

€ajA.nroT^.2,JULeq xe uexpoc. 
^'^GneqpA.c'f a^e ^.qoTcmj ei ei"rA.XiXeA.. oto^ 

A.qxiJULi ii4>xXmnoc oto^ nexA.q it^q. xe 
•rXe *^ Jtt-ooji itccoi. **4>iXiniioc | :b.e ite o-vpeAxfiHe- 

cA.i2w^. ue. efioX j6eit e&^jci ii^.n2kpe^c nejtx 

^'^ <l>iXmuoc 2Le A.qxijtt.i iiitA.e^.n^.HX of og, nex^.q 

it^q. xe 4>H eTA. JULcofCHC cj6^i eefi.Kxq g,i 

nmojuLoc next. ninpocl>HXHc. ^nxexiiq ere Ihc 

ne ngnpi nia5CH4> niefioX i6en n^.^^.pee. 
^•Ofog, nexe nA.eA.n^HX nA.q. xe A.!t onron 

axojuL nxe onr^vA.eon gooni efioX jfcen 

n^.^A.pee. nexe c^iXmnoc nA.q. xe ^.juLOf 

*^aXqn^.T 2Le itxeiHc en^.eA.nA.HX eqnaonr g^A-poq 
o-rog, nexA.q eefiuxq. xe ic g^anne x^.4>Jt«.Hi 
ic OTicpA.KXn"HC ixiULon 2koXoc Rjinxq. 

*«IIexe n^.e^n^.HX n^.q. xe A.KccooTn iiuuLoi 

Jtt.eCIA.c] cf. Gr. L* Ac. ^h] om. Hunt i8*. OTOO^eJUl] 
I)2*AiE2Fi«JN0PQSVj onrO2,€AiL^AB0rDi.2«Eiri*HKLM 
Hunt 18; OTA.g^eJtt-, G2T. nxc] cf.? Gr. ^< A B L &c. 
^'^^^^l A.qenq] cf. Gr. G i. 209. arm Epiph*^ o^w ifyoytr a Wr ; 
for om. copula cf. Gr. ^* B L : 4>^I 2^e &c.. L : Of Og, ^A.1 &c.. 
r D2T, cf. Gr. A &c. Kyromn. 2.e] cf. Gr. 8 X Ac. : om. Oi. cf. Gr. 
NABL &c. ICJO^-nnHc] cf. Gr. ^*B*L: IA.nnHC, A (tr. Uj» 
yQnft) : ICJOn^, M, cf. Gr. A B^ &c. KHcl>A.] A*? -&c. : K€^^y C K 

X; KK4>H, Q, 4>K confused with the pronoun, KH^K egA.T, A^. 

<{>H ea^'^f] A &c. : 4)K exea^'y, k Oj : cl>K exeneq, q 
(T injured). oT^.g^JULeq] otvd^ejtx ne, Q. nexpoc] 
Hunt 18. nexp^., Ai«: nxc, v*. *^eneq] neq, jv(T iiyured). 


JOHN I. 42-48. 343 

brother Simon, and said to him: *We found Mesias:' 
whose interpretation is * Christ/ **This (man) bi-ought 
him to Jesus: and Jesus having looked at him, said to 
him: 'Thou art Simon (the) son of John: thou shalt be 
called "KSpha,"' which they interpret 'Peter/ **And on 
the (lit. his) morrow he wished to come to Galilee; and 
he found Philip, and said to him : ' Walk after me : ' ^* and 
Philip was a man of BSthsaida, from (the) city of Andrew 
and Peter. ^^And Philip found Nathanael, and said to 
him : * Him, concerning whom Moses wrote in the law and 
the prophets, we found; it (lit. who) is Jesus (the) son of 
Joseph, the (man) from Nazareth.' ^^And Nathanael said 
to him: 'Is it possible that [a] good may be from 
Nazareth?' Philip said to him: 'Come and see/ ^"^And 
Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and said concerning 
him: 'Behold, truly [lo], an Isi*aelite; there is not guile 
in him/ ^^ Nathanael said to him: 'Where knewest thou 

2i.e] +OIt again, FMPT. A.qOfaKlj] Z. over erasure, A«B0rD2 
FGgHLPQSV Hunt 18, cf. Gr. NABL &c.: GCJ., A*AiKMNOiT: 
e^.q., DjEJ; for om. 6 Ti of. Gr. NABL Ac. OTOg, i°] om. BF 
LTV. Of Og, a°] om. Fi*MPQV Hunt 18: om. Of 02,../**^<t>I- 

Xmnoc, J. iiexA.q] nexe, t. nA.q] a c Gj h l, cf. Gr. 

E &c.: +n>:emc, BrD,.2^iEFJKM0iPQSV, cf. Gr. NABL Sec: 

+ ibcenac ihc, N: ihc it^q, t, itccoi] itctjoq, f^*. 

**2s.e] Gr. K* om. fiHeCA.I2w^.] AFPT, cf. Gr.; fi.H2L., B Ac, 
cf. a b (q bet). efi.oX] om. Oi*. ** 4>'*'XmU0C (and verse 48), A. 
itnA.eA.ItA.HX] om. it, B Di . onr Og,] om. F, * a ihc] Gr. L om. 

ne] om. hJi*0iS. ngnpi] cf.? Gr. hb 33. icjochcI^J + ue, h. 

UiefiLpX] Iieefi-OX, r«(e altered from I). KA-^A-peo] so also 
ver. 46, cf. Gr. E &c. ^^ OTOg,] cf. Gr. A B L &c. : om. L Q 

Hunt 18, cf. Gr. ^* &c. nA.q] om. M. ttJCJOni] I come, L. 
*^A.qitA.T 2s.e &c.] liic l^e A.qitA.T, T: om. 2i.e, Q, cf. Gr. 
K« A B L &c. &A.pOq] e2,pA.q to meet him, Fi. OYOg,] om. 
Fi* Q. ee&HXq] Gr. ^* mpi rov poB. IC 1*^] om. L. ijUULOn] 
A &c.: eiUUULOlt, GgS. *^ UeXe] pref. Of Og,, FMTo. 



econ. <^qepoTfa) itxemc onrog, iiexA.q itA.q. xe 
iin^^xe 4)iXmnoc JutoTft" epoK sk^r j6^- 
Toxc it't^o) nKennre A.mA.T epojc. 
'JXqepoTfco itA.q iixe!t^.eA.nA.KX nexA.q n^q. xe iteoK ne ngHpri}L4>'f. iteoK ne nonrpo 
*® 3XqepoTf(jo nxeiHc nex^q nA.q. xe a.ixoc itA-ic. xe 
^.mA.T epoK j6^pA.xc ni"fia3 ilKeitxe XJ^^^'f* 

*' Onrog, nexA.q. xe ^JUtHit ^julhit -fxco juuuLoc 
ntjoxeit. xe €pexeitenA.T ex^e econr ait. onrog, 
rtiA-rreXoc itxe <l>i" enrnA. enojcoi o-cog, 
errtHloT enecHX iic^^ ngnpi i}L<t>pa3AJLi. 


Onrog, itj6pKi i6en nieg^oonr jjlmx^^y onrg^on 

^.qgaoni j6en XK^-itA. itxe •fr^.XiXe^ onrog, 

n^.pe itiHc juutt.^'r ne. * ^.TOA-g^ejuL 

nKeiKc 2.e next. iteqjuL^.eHXHc enig^on. 

•* Ofog^ ex^qjuLonrrtK nxeniHpn nexe ejuiA.*v itiHc 

^qepOnrCJO] +2^e, r. OTOg,] ACrFi^^HKLKPV Hunt i8: 
. B D,. 2 ^1 E F,* Gg J M Oi Q S T. SKX^H . . . €pOK] om. D,*. 
i6^TOXc] A ; Ai began i)^JT ; i6A.p^.XC, B &c. ** A.qep- 
OnrCJO] +2we, DljEJS; obs. e (aeth) *et.* It^.q i°] cf. Or. 
BL Ac: om. Di.gAiEFi* JKMOiPQST, cf. Gr. N c. neX^.q] 
pref. Of Og,, r Da T. n^.q 2*^] om. B F L Q T V Hunt i8. The»e 
readings may be arranged a8 follows : 

. . . rt^.q . . . nex^q itA.q, acFi<^G2HN: 

. . . It^.q . . . Of Og, neX^.q, r. cf. Or. X 124. a f if^ 1 vg arm : 

. . . rt A.q . . . IieX^.q, BLV Hunt 18: 

... 2we ...Of Og, neXA.q It^q, Dj nearest to Gr. AAn &c. al 

pier syr"*"" et**': 
... 2.e ...neX^.q It^.q, DiEJS nearest to Gr. FA 245. 254. 

49*^ al pauc q : 
neXA.q It^q, AjFi^KMOiP nearest to Gr. K c: 

nex^q, Q: 

Of og, nex^.q, t. 


. * • 

JOHN I. 49— n. 3. 345 

me?* Jesus answered and said to him: 'Before that 
Philip called thee, thou being under the fig-tree, I saw 
thee.' *^ Nathanael answered him, he said to him : ' Rabbi, 
thou art (the) Son of Qod, thou art (the) King of Israel.' 
^ Jesus answered, he said to him: ^Because I said to thee, 
that I saw thee under the fig-ti'ee, believest thou? greater 
(things) than these thou shalt see.' ^^ And he said : ' Verily, 
verily, I say to you, that ye shall see (the) heaven opened^ 
and the angels of Qod going up and coming down towardH 
(the) Son of (the) man.' 

U. And on the third day there was a marriage in (the) 
Cana of Galilee; and (the) mother of Jesus was there: 
'and Jesus also and his disciples were invited to the 
marriage. ^And the wine having failed, (the) mother of 

neOK Ac] for order cf. Gr. K Ac. nOYpo] cf.? Gr. ABL i. 33. 
^'® neXA.q] ABOFGaHKLMNPQV: pref. O^ro^, TDLgAiEJOi 
ST Hunt 18, cf.? Gr. X€ 2^] cf.? Gr. K A B L &c. i6^] pref. 
KX^ t*>o« art under, Q. X^^&l"] ^Kft^.g^'f, L S V. 
'"* OTOg, i^] om. Fi*. neXA.q] + ItA.q, D1.2K S, cf. Gr. <&JULKIt 

2^] om. L. ncjoxen] itd.K, Hi*, cf. Gr. X 157. epexeiteitA-T] 
rDi.2AiErjLM0iQSTv Hunt 18; epeTenA.n^x P*: epe- 
Teitn^.'r, A(epeT-eT"ert)CG2HKN; ^pexeitit^nr, b*; 
^.peTeiteit^.T, b«. ex^^e] T^^e, Dj t. econr en, a (om. e 

1°) KT. OTOg, 2*»] om. Fi*. OTOg, 3°] om. B Fj* Q. ItCA.] 
€:!Cer( upon, Di E J M Q S. ilL^^p.] erasure of two letters after 
JUL and C^ over erasure, A. 

^Onrog,] om. Fj*. itj6pHl] +2^6, F: Of Og, . . . 2^8, Fi«: Huutis, 
iig^pHI, Ai N O P Hunt 18. iXJUL^g^v] for position cf.? Gr. '^^ 
MAL &c.; A^' wrote over erasure, Fi*' seems to have erased JUUUtA^ 
after eg,00*r, but wrote it again like the rest; obs. Gr. B U &c. 1^ 

rpiTfi ij/i/^. Of og, 2°] om. Fi* s. niHc] iJLiienOT inc, b. 

ne] om. Di. ^^.•reA.^eJUL...2i.e] ADi*(A.q).2AiEFi«GaJL 

OPST Hunt 18, cf. Gr.: OTOg, ^.f....2i.e, H: om. 2^6, B*Oi^r 
Fi* K M N Q V. UKe] om. T : ixnKe, M. ^ Of Og, CTTA-q- 

iULOf nK(o.e., A<') &c.J cf. Gr. ^*•ABL &c. 

346 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC- 

nA.q. xe juUuLonxoT apn juuuu.'v. *onro^ 
nexe ihc n^c. xe Ajfyo nejULHi g^ooi •f cg^ijuii. 
ixHA-Tecj itzexA-OTitoT. '^ nexe 2^6 
itrn2ii^.Ka3rt. xe 4>k exeqitA^oc naoxen A.piTq- 

• XH 2^e JuuuL^T ne ibceF itaT2ipI^. itu3m 
KA.T"A. nTonr Blo nmio'vsi^.i. enrcoXi JOuuieT-pi- 
THC 5 le v eeoTfi. 

■^ Hexe IHC ncjoo-r. xe Jutog, ilm^T2kpiA. jOuulcoo'v. 

xe oTfCJoxg, -fnoT onrog, A.itionri i3LniA.pXHTpi- 
KXmoc. itecjoonr 2i.e ^.'vmi. 
^ftooc 2s.e eTA-qxejUL-fni ixniJtt-cooT nxeniA.pxH- 
xpiKXmoc eA.qep npiL onrog, n^^qexiLi ^.it xe 
onre&oX ecjon ne. iti2ii^KCJon 2^6 iu.TeAJLi. hk 

3X ni^.pxK"rpiKXmoc it^e julott^ eum^xaeXer 
^^nex^q it^.q. xe pvojULi itifLeit ec^^.ty(v^ 
ixniKpii een^.iteq ncyopn. onrog, eojoon 
aj^.iteij6i fflA.Tmi i3LneTcfi.oK epoq. neojc 2k€ 
A-KA-peg, eixiKpn eenA.neq a^'f ^o*'^- I 
XJULA. " 4>A.i ne nig^o-rix ixiULKini nxeiHc 

i6eit ^K^n^ itxe -fvA-XiXeA.. onr og, ^.qonr oong, 
ixneqcoonr efi.oX onrog, ^.•nt^.g^i" itxeneqAn^- 


JUUULOnTOT &c.] of.? Gr. »«ABL &c. oifK ^x^aw; obs. ayr** 
et**"- aeth *non est illiB.' * Of Og,] ACrDi.jAiEFi^GjHJKLNO 

Pfc;V Hunt i8, cf. Or. N<»ABL &c.: om. NBiVMQT, of, Gr. K* 
et«»> &c. n^^c] om. Ai*. g^CJOl i"C^IJtt-l] £,00 i"C2,IJtU, K: 
^O) for emphasis of ist persou 'me indeed:' g^CJOCO'f C^^IJUU, Q: 

2,001 (jo-fciJULi, B« : om. cg^iJULi, T*. * nexe &c.] nex4.c 

she said, Q. eXeqWA.] q altered from C, A«. ^ ti^.tX}{ &c.] 

Gr. Ik* &c. om. Kiifitpm. Xic] om. KF. llconi] for position cf. Gr. 
A &c. nm] ACGjHJKLNOQSV: nTeitl, NBrD,.2A,EFM 
P T Hunt i8. JUieXplTKc] cf. Gr. L &c. ^ nexei Hc] 

+ l^£j M, obs. Gr. >i &l: pniem km. Xe] om. Ci*, cf.? Gr. Itl] om. J. 

OTog,] itecjooT 2ie, f. ncycjoi] en., v. * nexA.q] 

JOHN n. 4-1 1. 347 

JesuB said to him : ' They have not wine.' ^ And Jesus said to 
her : ' What (hast) thou with me, thou Woman ? mine hour 
Cometh not yet.' ^ And his mother said to the servants (lit. 
deacons, also ver. 9): 'That which he will say to you, do.' 
^ Now were (imperf.) set there six stone waterpots, according 
to (the) cleansing of the Jews, holding two or three firkins 
apiece. ^ Jesus said to them : ' Fill the waterpots with 
water:' and they filled them up to the brim. ^He said 
to them: 'Draw out now, and bring to the ruler-of-the- 
feast:' and they brought. ^And when the ruler-of-the- 
feast tasted the water made wine, and was not knowing 
whence it is; but the servants were knowing, they who 
filled the water. Then (2^6) the ruler-of-the-feast called 
the bridegroom, ^^he said to him: 'AH men set the good 
wine first, and if they should drink freely, they bring that 
which is worse: but thou kept the good wine until now.' 
'^This is the fii-st sign which Jesus did in (the) Cana of 
Galilee, and manifested his glory ; and his disciples believed. 

rf. Gr. : nexeiKC ncOOT, B ; for om. kcu cf. Gr. 33. 40. a b Byr^^. 
OTOg,] om. Fi*. ^PXW] ^?X}f *^^®» CDiEj. neOJOT 
2k€]cf.Gr.l*BL&c. ^ g^OOC 2s.(X,l*)€] BF^FPQST Hunt 18; 

^OC 2s.€, ACAiHKO; g^OC X€, EGgJLMV: g,OX€, Dj.g. 
niAJtCOOT I*'] om. m, J Q. OTOg,] OTO, A* : om. BFLT. A.It] 

+ ne, B F L Q T. ne] ne, h. 2^6 2°] om. l. exKi] + ne, 
BDjMLQ. itK enrj nex, b*. niAJtojo-c 2°] m., »ft. 

Tkea^JACAiEgGaliKOPSV Hunt 18, om. BFDljEiFJLMN 

(rr, cf. Gr. : oxn, ». ^^ nA.q] Gr. »♦ om. ea^^^X^] ffl^2'' 

l*FL. OTOg,] om. BFQT: ettJCOH 2s.€, L. ajA-fmi JJl] 
ACrDjGjHKNPTV Hunt 18: ttj^''^^"* l^BDiAiEFJLMOQS ; 
for om. r6T€ cf. Gr. ^^♦BL &c. neTC&OK] A^ilV altered from JJL) 
CGgHKLN : ^H €X &c.. »B(e)rDi.2AiEFJMOPQSTV H^nt 18. 
2^6] cf. Gr. M &c. : om. Fj*, cf. Gr. A B L &c. eHIKpn] JUL &c., 
H P. " nig^OTIx] nOTg^OTJX their first, Dg; obs. Gr. ><• 

npvrtiv after yoXcXcav, Epiph b f q tovto wpoirov, OTOg^ i®J om. Fj* T 
Hunt 18. neq] Gr. H* om. alrov. OTOg, 2°] om. Ai F L M Op 
A.TIU.g^'f ] A* Ci*H Q : +epOq, A"« &c. ; obs. Gr. »* placeb after 





neAA. xeqiULA."c next. neqcnKonr next. iteqAiiA.- 
eaxKc. oTog, ^qog^i ijuuL^.T no-cjuLKoj ne- 

^ g^ooT A.n. ^'oTog, nA.qj6€nx ne n^6ncc)^.i 
g.- itTe nnoT2iA.i. ^'o-irog, ^.qi ilxentc eg^pHi 

« eiJ^HiZ. 

^^Oxog, ^.qxixin jien niep4>ei hnn errf e^e 
e&oX nejuL ecaoox nejuL (TpojULni next, niq^.!- 
KepAX^. e^g^exxci. 
^^Ofog, A.qeA.xxio noT4)pA.reXXion e&oX j6en 
g,A.nno2,. A.qg,!xo-c xapox e&oX j^en niepcj^ei 
nieccooT nexx nieg^aoonr. oxog, niKepxt^ itxe 
niqA.iKepxxA. A.q4>onoT e&oX. oxog, no-rrp^.- 
ne^A. A.q4>onxo-c. ^^onrog, nexA.q linK eT"f 
(Tpoxxni eJioX. see ^.Xioti nn^-i e&oX rr^i. 
ixnepep nai ixn^-iaox noxH! nojojx. 

^ " 3[X-c€pcl>xxeTi nx€neqxxA.eKXKc xe ccj6Ho-rr. 
xe nxo& ixneKHi qn^-oxoxxx. 

^ '^dXTepoTO) nxeniioT2k^.x nexaoonr n^-q. xe ox 
xJLtxHini exeKn^-XAJixon epoq xe Kipi itn^.!. 


Hunt ,8, avTov. ^^ XXenenCA.] pref. OTOg,, MT. cf. Gr. H &c. 4>^0 

n^.!, L, cf. Gr. M &c. : +2ke, Fi«L. ej^OXn] ACH: €j6pHI, 
B &c.: om. Fi*. KA.4>A.p.] KA.nep., P, of. Gr. AL &c. Iieoq] 

nzeiHc iieoq, m m. nexxneqcnao-r] cf. Gr. » a &o. : Or. 

B L &c. om. airrov : om. Dj*, of. q. neXXn€qXXA.e.] Gr. L om. 
airrov: Or. M &c. om. OTOg^] om. Fj*. A-qOg^j] ^.qCCJCOnX, 
B V; for singular of. Gr. A &c. nOTXXHOj] om. Q : om. to ^"^ lOT- 
2^^.!, B*. A.n] om. N, cf. Gr. X. " OnrOg, &c. i°] cf. the rest of Gr. : 

nA.qji)enT T^e, »fqt*, cf. Gr. >*: o-rog,...2ke, Dj.j. ne] 

om. »FT*. nxenoj^l] AB^^CGgHKMNV, cf. Qr,^^ (Tisch. 
gives no variant): ibcenmA.CX^» » F Di.2.8 ^1 E F J L P Q ST 
Hunt 18, cf. Gr. Tisch.: nXenin^-CX^ ibcenoj^J confused 
reading, Oi.(2 absent). ItXeni] llni, K N V. OTOg, 2°] om. F,*. 
A.qi] +On again, T. nzeiHC] for position cf. Gr. L &c. 

JOHN n. 12-18. 349 

^' After this he came into Kaphamaiim, he and his 
mother, and his brothers, and his disciples: and he stayed 
there not many days: ^^and (the) feast of the Jews was 
approaching, and Jesus came up to Jerusalem. ^^And he 
found in the temple them who sold oxen and sheep and 
doves, and the changers sitting. ^^And he made a scourge 
of cords, he cast them all out of the temple, the sheep 
and the oxen, and he poured out the change of the 
changers, and overturned their tables: ^^and he said to 
them who sold doves: 'Take away these from here (lit. 
this): make not (the) house of my Father a house of 
merchandise.* ^"^ His disciples remembered that it is written : 
' (The) zeal of thy house will eat me/ ^® The Jews answered, 
they said to him : * What sign wilt thou shew to us, 

^&PW0 ^-^PWI down. F. ITCHii] om. B« apparently erased. 
^*OTOg,] ora. »B*Fi*MP. eg,e...€Ca)OT] Gr. »♦ mi ra ir/>ci- 
fiara ku fioas. mq^.!] g,A.It., M. ^* OTOg, i°] cf. the rest of 

Gr.: om. F,* M T, cf. Gr. I**. A.qeAJt«.lo] cf.? Gr. >*♦ tnoitjaiw. 
cl>pA.reXXlOn] 4>pA.reX!0n, »r*M(K), cf. Gr. U al pane; 
4>p^rreXlOn, F. cf. Gr. al allq: Gr. GLX &c. praem w. 
XKpOX] om. N. epcl>ei] erasure of eight? letters after, Fj®. 
niecCOOX] n^m., Di* (two letters erasedX2*?AiEJ0S, obs. e q: 
Gr. hi ra npo^ra kcu fioas, It6Ait.J of. Gr. hi* a e 1 q without rf. 
nieg^COO-r] n^.ni., D,*(two letters erased).2* AjEJOS. OTO^ 2\ 
om. DiEFi*J: neJtX, M. HIKepAX^.] cf. Gr. BL &c. nX€ 
Te over erasure of one letter and over another, A«. ^* O'^O&J «™« 

F,*T. (JoAJtm, A*. >€&oXxA.i Rn^i, k. juLnep] 

cf. Gr. hiBL &c. : pref. OTOg,, F, cf. Gr. A &c. fflCWX] pref. 6, L. 
'■'A.Tep] cf. Gr. l^BL &c.: pref. OTOg,, F. cf. e f ff*" 1 q &o. 
Ei"8 ii^iJ\JtXO ^H. Xe 2°] cf.? Gr. X t"*': om. Jj*, cf.? the rest 
of Gr. qn^LOTOJULX] A* (CHA., A^) B C Gg H K N P Q S : ^.q., 
rDi.2AiLM0iV, cf. Gr. 69. al vix mu it vg: neT"A.qo-r6jULX, 
ePjT Hunt 18. ^® Om. o^v, cf. Gr. 3. &c. neXCOOX] 6^X03 Hunt ,8. 

XHJULOC saying, B. nA.qJ om. B. eT"€KnA.] pref. R, Q. 
XAJULOIt] Gr. L om. ^^. Klpl] GK., FAj: ^.fCXpI, MN Hunt 18. 
n^.l] Di has gloss JU^l ^^j * Greek, the deeds.' 


350 RUXTUX lUiaxHHHC. 

^ " UXqepoTO) itxenic uexA.q nojonr. xe jS.eX na.i6p<|>€i 
e&oX. OTog, -f nA.XA.g,oq epA.xq jfeeit v ite- 

-^Ilexe niioT2iA.i. xe A.T€p jDlF npojuLni erKOJx 
XJUL& iinA.iep4>ei. | oxog, neoK x^^^^^^&o^ ep^^xq 

jiert r neg^oonr. 
" Heoq 2^6 n^.qxu} juLxnoc ue ee&e niepc|>ei ilxe 

neqcooiULA.. ^^g^oTre oxn exA.qxa3itq e&oX 

j^en HK eeAJtoooTX. 
3[XTepcl>xiLeTi nxeneqiULA.eHXKc see <^a.i ena^qxa) 

ijiAJtoq. OTog, A.nrnA.g^'f e-f rpA.<^H ite^JL tiic^jci 

eT"A.qxoq nxemc. 
^^GqxH 2s.e j6en ixhjul j^en n^^x itxe^ 

o-rjuLHa ^•^^n^.g^'f eueqpA.It. enrnA.-c eitiiULHini 

en^Lqipi juLxncoo-r. 
2*Heoq 2ie Ihc nA.qxeng,ofx iJuuLoq epoooT ^.n 

ue. ee&exe n^-qccooTn iioTon nijien. ** onrog, 

nA.qepxpJ^ ^.it ue g^iUA. nrre ota.i ep^xeepe 

it^Lq j6^ oTpcJOAJti. neoq v^-p itA-qcojonrn xe 

OT UeTj^eit ItlpCJOAJLI. 


r Heofou oTpooAJH T^e e&oX s^en ni^^^piceoc 
eueqpA.u ue uikot^hjuloc OTA.px^w itxe 

2 4>A.! A.qi g^A. IHC itexaopg, oxog, uexA.q itA.q- xe 

^^ UeXA.q nCOOf ] X^Lq &c. over enwure, Fi«. jS.eX] -f UA.- 
JieX I will destroy, M. UA.l] ct>A.I, F*. OTOg,] om. »F: 
+ ^UOKy B r« Dg Q T. j^eu] cf. Gr. » A L &c. eg,OOf ] om. 
g^OOT to end of ver. 20, L* homeot. *® Om. oiv, cf. syr**** arm. 

!Of2iA.l] ACAiFi*G2U>I0iQ, cf^Gr.: +nA.q, BrD,.2EF,cJKL<^ 
KPSTV Hunt 18. XJL£^] g^JUlF, BF. JOLUA-l] A^ &c.: eUI, 
A*?: eUA.1, Cj. OTOg,] om. FM. UOOK] om. N. " Ue] 

om. Ai K Oi. UeqcOOJULA.] Gr. I* &c. om. avrov. *^ g,OX€ 

Of n] ^.XXa. g^oTre, i^. toou, r*. uh ee] nee, c. 

JOHN 11. 19— III. 2. 351 

because thou doest these (things)?' ^^ Jesus answered^ he 
said to them: 'Pull down this temple, and I will make it 
stand in three days.' *®The Jews said: *They spent (lit. 
did) forty-six years building this temple, and wilt thou 
make it stand in three days?' ^^ But he was speaking 
concerning the temple of his body. ^When, then, he rose 
from the dead, his disciples remembered that he was 
saying this, and they believed the scripture and the word 
which Jesus said. ^Now he being in Jerusalem in (the) 
feast of the passover, many believed his name, seeing the 
signs which he was doing. ^But Jesus was not trusting 
himself to them, because that he was knowing all (men); 
^and had not (imperf.) need that any one should bear 
witness to him about [a] man; for he was knowing 
what is in [the] men. 

III. Now there was a man of the Pharisees, his name 
being Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. ^This (man) came 
to Jesus by night, and said to him: 'Babbi^ we know 

4>^i] +ne 4)H is that, Q: +ne, M. enA.q] nA.q, Fi*. 

JULAJtOq] for om. avroU cf. Gr. l*ABL &c. Q? 0&] om.^ Oi- 

xoq] + ncooT, >*(+ ne) f, cf. Gr. 69. &c. Ihc] nenoc mc, ». 

*^ 2^6] oin. »Fi*T. ii>eitnajA.! &c.] cf. b e 1 q, these add 'die^ or 
'diem.' €neqpA.It] Cpoq, ». eTItA.-c] A."C., T: X€A.-C., Oj. 

en^Lqipi] cf. Gr.: enreqjpi, fl^ "2^6] r^.p, DiAiEJ 

OiS: V^-p 2^6, D2: om. K N. !KC] om. M, cf. Gr. T** i"«' ♦ e. 

itA-qxeitg^ox, A*, ue] rte, b. eeJSie] om. b. xe] om. l. 
nA.qca)OTit] neoq enA.q &c., b, cf. c e f 1 'ipse.' ito-con] 

om. N. ** Om. 5ri, cf. Gr. AT«> syr^^ j6^...nA.q] om. B* 

homeot. Rex] He GX, l^ 8(60) r« D,. jE F JP ST V: CX, Q: 

+gon, I*, ni] a*Fi*: ni, a^ &c„ cf. Gr. 

^2i€] A*MOQ: +ne, A« &c. €U€qpA.n] Req., B: Gr. Hunt ^e. 
M &c. oyo^Tt, n!K02iHXILOC] -2kIAJt.OC, ABF. OTA.pX^^] o^ 
pref. €, GgN: +ne, BFP. lOf 2iA.l] +ne, M. ^ 4>^0 pref. 

O-rOg,, N. g,A.IHcJ cf. Gr. E &c. ne(om. A)Xa5pg,] erasure 
of five letters, perhaps repetition of It &c., A^ Of Og^J om. )^ F Q. 

n^.q] om. Q. 


1 -21 

352 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

np€qi"c&a5. jQuuLon cqxojjl v^p itg^Xi eep 

n^.iJULHxni eTCKipi iSjuLoooT ^.peojxejUL ^^'f 

cycjoni iteiUL^q. 
^3Xqepo-ca) 2^6 ilxeiHC uexA.q itA.q. xe ^juuiit 

AJtHKn -f xo) jOuuloc ha-k. xe ^rwoj^exMJtxec 

oTpcDxni ilfcecon. ijuuiott oj^ojul juLAJLoq en^.T 

ei" JULexoTpo itxe cl>'f . 
*nexe niK02kHxiLoc nA.q. xe uooc oxon cgxoM. 
XAxr nxoT|xiLec o-rpoojULi itKecou Axeitenc^. epcq- 

epiieXXo. ajlk otoit oj^^-**- eepeqoje nA.q 

€j6oTn cenexi nrre xeqiULA.T iJLct>Ait.^.^con 

E oTog^ ^xof JULA.cq. 
^UXqepoTO) itxeiHc onrog, nexA.q. xe ^JULHn 

AJULKH -f 2ca) jOuuloc itA.K. xc A."cgxejtiuuLec 

Of A.I eJSioX jfeen of julcoot ncAit. otuiw;. 

juuuLon ttjxoxiL jOuuLoq ei ej^oxit e^JULex- 

ofpo iiTre 4>-f. 
•niAJtici e&oX jieit XCA.P2; o-ccA.p2; ue. niiULici 

e&oX j^eit uinnT of nnll ue. ^ iJLnepepajct^Hpi 

xe A.IXOC m^K. xe g^oo^f nxoTAxec OKitonr 

* IlmitZ; qniqj ecl>iULA. exeg,nA.q. onrog, Kccoxeut. 

exeqcAJLK ^.XXa. kcjuli ^.it. xe A.qitHO-c e&oX 

Xe 2^] om. J. ijUULOIt O^XOXfL V^p] KABCDls^i 
EFi^GgHJKLMNOPST Hunt 26: pref. OTOg,, F: om. fA.p, 
ri*QV: Gr. I* e cm ouJci^. llg^Xl] A0Fi*G2H: €^Xl, Ai*K: 
itXeg^Xl that any one, J^BrDi.aAi^EFiCJLMNOPQSTV Hunt 26. 
eep] ACFG2KT: ep, ^^B^D,.2AlEHJLMN0PQSV Hunt 26; for 
order cf. Gr. l^ABL &c. €XeK] eTT^LK, C. ^A-qepOT, A*. 

2.e]ACDi.2EFHJNSV: om. KBFAiGgKLMOPQT Hunt 26, cf.Gr. 
neXA.q] pref. OXOg,, M. cf. Gr. exc. I** om. Koi «6r. ain-. ItA.q] 
om. M. ilKeCOn] cf.? a b c e f q vg 'denuo.' JUUtiLOq] JUL- 

AJtoooT, ^^Hl*. enA.T] ei ej^of rt to come in, s«. * nexe] 

pref. IX A., I*. ItA.q] om. HM. ilXOTJUL€C] eepOTiUUCI 

JOHN in. 3-8. 363 

that thou earnest fi*om God, as a teaeher: for it is not 
possible for any one to do these signs which thou doest, 
unless God be with him.' ^And Jesus answered, he said 
to him: * Verily, verily, I say to thee, that unless a man 
be born another time, it is not possible for him to see the 
kingdom of God.' * Nicodemus said to him : ' How is it 
possible that a man should be bom another time after 
his being old? Is it possible for him to go into (the) 
womb of his mother (the) second time and be bom?' 
* Jesus answered and said : * Verily, verily, I say to thee, 
that unless any one be bom of [a] water and the (lit. a) 
Spirit, it is not possible for him to come into the kingdom 
of God. ^ That which is bom (lit. the birth) of (the) flesh is 
flesh : that which is bom (lit. the birth) of the Spirit is spirit. 
'' Wonder not because I said to thee^ that ye must be bom 
another time. ^The wind (lit. spirit) bloweth whither it 
(lit. he, masc again) willeth, and thou hearest its voice, but 

it, ». AJtenenl] erasure after It 2^ A. eepeqoje] ABG2HLM : 

Sxeqaje, D1.2A1EFJKOPQS Hunt 26: jOuuLoq nxeqcgefor 
him&c.,r: iiUULoq eep€qcg€,CNTV. n^-q 2°] om. r. nxe] 

ft, Oi*. XJL^JJU^] e4>«.^&, T: jAMU.^, F. OTO^] om. Q. 
'^OTOg,] om. FFi^PQT Hunt 26. neXA.q] ABCGjHLMNPQ. 
cf. Gr. l^«L f syr^*'-: +nA.q, FDi.jAiEFJKOSTV Hunt 26; for 
Kol f2n€v a^^ cf. Gr. (l^«»)K(L)Mn &c. ^JtHHIt 2°] Gr. A al pauc 
om. JJLi^C, A. OTA.1] A* ? (tr. ^^ J €i» m) Ei« &c., cf. Gr.: 
OnrpCDAJLI, »A«L ; ^.Xe£. over erasure, Ei^ ; Ei tr. has jJ^ J ^ ^^1 , 
and glosA j».Ul jJ^ J U1 'unless the one is bom.' CJBlOAJ om. F^^. 

j6€it] g^ixen, ». e\ ej6o"cn e] etiA.-w e to see, v, cf. 

Gr. »*M. ^-f] cf. Gr. l*«ABL &c. ® HI 2°] ABCFi*V: pref. 

oTo^, i*r&c. umnir]om. u!,F. ne2*>]om.N. ^iiuep] 

Gr. 69. 440*. 8yr«« xal fitf. HA-K] HCJOTen, T. Sj^'f] + ^^* 
BC,«rFMQSV Hunt 26. * nlt51] +AJt.eit, B«: +rA.p, M. 

qniqi] eq., rsv: ^.q., dfQ: niqi, t. KccoxeAJt] eK., t. 

A.qnKOT] qnHOT, Fi«L Hunt 26: €T"A.qi, ». 
VOL. II. A a 


ocon. oTog, eqn^. eecoit. 4>^i ne iJL<tpK'f" iloTon 
ni&cn exoTAJtici jQuuLoq e&oX jfeen ninnH 

•HXqeponro) nxcniK02kHJULoc oxog, nex^^q n^q. 
xe ncoc oTort c^xojtx nxe n^j ojconi. 

^^3Xqepo-»a) ibcemc ofo^ n6X^.q itA.q. xe neoK 
ne ncA.j6 JuLnicX onrog, m.\ fcesxi epujox ^jl 

'^UXAJtan ^juLHit 'fxo) ijuuLoc itA.K. xe ^h exen- 

caooTH jOuuLoq xeitc^^i juuu.oq. oTog, <tH 

exenn^.T epoq xeitepAxeepe iuutiLoq. oxog, 

TeruuiexjuLeepe TeTeittfT jOuuloc ^.it. | 

XAJL2k ^^icxe i^ixe m^nK^.^1 ncoxen iinexeitn^^'f. 

ncjoc ^.la^nxe n^x<^€ nooxeit TexennA-g^-f. 

^^Oxog, JOLne g^Xi ge nA.q euojcoi ex<^e cJBlhX 
e^H exA.qi enecHX e&oX j6en xcl>e. exe 
najHpi Oi^puosxi ne. 4>h excgon j^en xcj^e. 

'* Oxog, ijL4>pHi" ex A. xhcotckc (fee nig^oq it^pHi 
g^i ncg^qe. n^-ipHi" g^cw'f ne nxoT^Tec najKpi 
ijL4>pa5JULi. ^^ &mA. oTon nx£.ett eenA^'f" epoq 
nxeqtfT ijLniu)nj6 nene^. 

^^nA-ipKi" vA-p ^ ^"f JULeitpe niKocjuLoc g^oocxe 
neq^Hpi ijL-tut.A.TA.xq itxeqxHiq. g^m^. oTon 
ni&en eenA-g^-f epoq. nxeqaxe-utXAJco a.XXa. 
nxeqtfT iloTconji neneg^. 

OTOg, 2°] cf. Gr. »BL &c. 8yr«". eqHA.] l^^ALV: qUA., 

FP Hunt 26: ^.qnA., i*2or*&c.: ^.qn^.!, B«. eecon] econ, 
r*. noTon ni&en] om. s. eAoX 2^] e, Ei* : Gr. » &c 

6yr<~ fV ToC vaarof &c. ® Of a>] +2.e, Q. OTOg,] om. BFFL 

MPQV. nA.q] om. L. ^^ OTOg, i*>] om. BFFi^PQT Hunt 26. 

OTOg, 2°] om. FFji*. KeAJtl] Ke|eAJt.!, Dj. ^^ ^JULKH 3°] 

Gr. L* om. OfOg, i°] om. F^*. exeHHA-T] eXA.nn., FM. 

jQuuLoq 3^ . . . xneepe] om. Fi*. AxexxiLeepe] Ci® &c.; 
xiLee., ACi*; AJteoAJtex., b. xexen(ff] xex ow 

erasure, A^. ^^ n^HK^^l] ^.n^.n., E^ (Di^ erased dotted letter 

before H) J (H altered from X ?). Om. koI, cf. Gr. 13. &c. nooc] 

C added, A«. A.IttJ^*^^^] ^^ &c., Cj*. XenA.X<^e] en over 
erasure, A«. XexennA-g^-f] AGgKNQ, cf. Gr. T«>A Ac: 

JOHN m. 9-16. 365 

thou knowest not from where it is coming, and to where 
it (is) going: this is as every one who is bom of the 
Spiiit.' ^ Nicodemus answered and said to him : * How is it 
possible that these (things) should be?' ^^ Jesus answered 
and said to him : * Thou art (the) scribe of Israel, and thou 
knowest not these (things)? ^'Verily, verily, I say to 
thee, that we speak that which we know, and we bear 
witness to that which we see, and our witness ye receive 
not. ^^If I said things of (the) earth to you, (and) ye 
believed not, how, if I should say things of (the) heaven 
to you, believe ye? ^^And no one went up to (the) 
heaven except him who came down from (the) heaven, 
who is (the) Son of (the) man, he who is (gJOTI) in (the) 
heaven. ^^And as Moses lifted up the serpent in (the) 
desert, thus must (the) Son of (the) man be lifted up: 
^*that every one who believeth him (so throughout) may 
receive the eternal life. *^For thus God loved the world, 
so that he gave his only Son, that every one who believeth 


xeTeitit^.., c &c., cf. Gr. >^ A B L &c.: iHuexen., b. 

'^ OTOg,] om. >^ Fi* T. exenciJHpI iA.^pCOAit.1 ne] om. Ji* : 
0XD.1I€,N. cl>K...T^] »ACD,.2.3.4^i*'(^'«orrect').2EFi«S>-Hj.3 
OKLNOSV®; T reads, but has mwkrt, and gloss J jjih« ^^^iUll ^^^ 
fJaJS\ 'between tbe signs an addition in the Coptic ;' cf. Gr. AF &c. 8}t<'° : 
Jm. BAi*Fi*G2Ji*MPQT Paris 61* Hunt 26. cf. Gr. J^BLT^ 33. &c. 
"Of Op,] om. L Hunt 26. (JeC i°] (Jic, A*: (THC, T twice. Huutae, 
^&PHJj eg^pHI, F. ^CJO-f] for position cf. Gr. A 26^^ a. 

^*2,inA.] +nxe, f. een^.g^-f] om. ee, f. epoq] cf.? Gr. 

»r &c. tUaMy: + nxeqgxeAJt.XA.KO. ^.XX^., Hunt 26; for 
om. fiff anokrjTai aiKkd cf. Gr. K B L &c. : gloss of Dj Ei J) oUii ^ ^j. 
'Greek, shall not perisb but;' £} ^ and ,^^0 'shall be' after Jj>. 

itxeq(ri] nxof., q. ijLnia5nj6] J^ABOFGsHKLNOaV 

Hunt26: nOT.,rDi.2AjEJM0iPQST. ^•VA.p] om.P. A.]om.r. 

neqcgJ^PO c^- Gr. W'^al &c. eenA.g.'f ] om. ee, D2*. epoq] 

of.? Gr. €is exc. LT»» fV. nxeqoJTeAJt.] IIXOT., Q: syi«" om. 

/^ lOTiJAifTai cjxxd. nxeqflT] pref. ^m^, nQ: nee., q. 
no-ca3n;6] om. n, L; jOLni., fAiJo. 

A a 2 



356 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

"HexA. 4)^" vA-p A-it oTCJopn iineqajKpi eniKoc- 

xjLoc g,mA. nxeqi"2,A.n eniKocjuLoc. -A.XX4. 

2,1 n^. tire niKocAxoc no^ejtx e&oX g^iToxq. 

^®^K een^.g^'f epoq cen^.'fg^A.n epoq a.ii. 
<I>H 2ke erreitqn^.g^'f epoq ^.it. 2,H2i.K A.-coTa} 

er-f g,A.n epoq. xe JOLneqn^.g^'f e^ juLni- 

AJtoitoreitKc nojHpx nxe ^^i"* 
^•<l>A.i ue ui^A.u. xe uioxcomi ^.qi eniKocAJLoc. 

oTog, nipcoAxi ^.TAJtenpe nix^J^^ iut^XXon 

eg^oTre nioToomi. itoTg^JSiKOTi rA.p iw.T2,ax)Tf 

^® Oxon vA.p ni&en exipi iininexIg^cooT qjULocf 

ixmof (jomi. oxog, iin^-qi g^A. nioToomi. ^in^. 

tiTo-xc^TejjLco^i niteq^^JSiKOT!. xe ceg^ojox. 
-*4>H 2ie exipi it'fAJt.eejuLH!. ffl^qi &^ nioTOjmi. 

g^in^. nxoTOTcong, eJSioX nxeneqg^&Ho^ci. xe 

eTrA.qA.nroT j6en 4)^" . 

?. _ 

^^^UenertcA. n^i 2^e ^.qi nxemc next. neqjULA.eH- 
T"HC enKA.g,i nxe i^ioTT^eA.. onrog, itA.qxH 
JOUULA.T neAJtcooT ne eq'fcojuLc. **nA.p€ nice- 
ia5A.itnHc 2ie 'fuoixc ne j6en encon ^A.xen 


2Ce neoTon ot xnna iJUULoooT iJuuLA.T. onrog, 
nA.TnHOT oTog, nA-TflTcjoAJtc ne. **nejULnA.x- 
ofg^ioTi 2ie nia)A.nnHc enojTeKo ne. 

^^ nexA.] ne(H, t) ex a., j^DaFP. neqgKpi] cf. Or. a &c. 
em] om. e, q. ^® i^A.g^'f i°] om. i", a*. cenA.i"g,A.n 

epoq A.nJ n &c. over erasure, A^': om. A..n, 0; for future ap. Ln. 
*non judicabitur.' 2^e] om. FK N, cf. Gr. I* B ff*" 1. exeuq- 

n^Lg^-f ] exeq., ut -. e^en<qt\i^.y l. e4)pA.n] ijL4>pA.n, t. 

^'*ct)4Ll] AT*: +2s.e, B ifec, cf. Gr. nipCJOAJtl] om. XJLI, A*; for 
poKitioii cf. Gr. S: om. K. AJt.A.XXon] om. Q. nA-Tg^COOT] 
n added, A^ : nOOOT, 0. -^ V^Lp] om. N*. exipi] e+lpl, 

JOHN ni. 17-24. 357 

him might not perish, but receive eternal life. ^^For God 
Bent not his Son to the world, that he might judge the 
world, but that the world might be saved through him. 
^**He who believeth him will not be judged: but he who 
belie veth not him hath been judged, because he believed 
not (the) name of the only begotten Son of God. ^^This 
is the judgement, that the light came to the world, and 
[the] men loved the darkness rather than the light; for 
their works were (imperf.) evlL **For every one who 
doeth the evil hateth the light, and cometh not to the 
light, that his works may not be convicted, that they are 
evil. ^^But he who doeth the truth cometh to the light, 
that his works may appear, that he did them in God.' 

^^And after these (things) Jesus came and his disciples 
to (the) land of Judea; and he was (imperf.) there with 
them baptising. ^^And John also was baptising in Endn 
by Salim, because there was much water there: and they 
were coming, and were being baptised. ^^For John was 

A*. OTOg, iJLn^.qX g^A^niOTOOmi] Gr. »♦ al aliq c um.: 
JULneqi &c. came not, F. nTOTttJTeAJLCO^l] nC€., H: 
ilXeq., K. Xe &c.] om. Xe, M* ; cf. Gr. L A &c. " 2k€] 

om. BQ : Gr. l^* om. 6 di...€py, o^oO. ^A.] OJA., Dj*. OTHg,, A. 
eXA.q] e over erasure, A«. S^et(] ^UTSn, 8*. ** ItXI, A. 

enKA.2,1] om. e, T. nxe] n, rji* qt. 10x2^.6^.] 10x2^^., 

^*' X}^] X^» ^2- JOUULA-T] om. P*. Ue i*>] om. rK*M. 
VOJJLC 4--] over eraanre, Ji«. ^* ItA-pe . . . He] om. A* : om. RKC, 

Oi*:om.2ie,FS: om.nejA-^gcf pref.q)BrAiKMNOiTV: ItA.p€- 
nfC6IU)^.nnHC 2^e X.^ i6^TenCA.XKAJt. and John also wan 
at Sal^m, Q. HltCDH, A. C^.XiJUL] A, cf.? Gr. MBL &c. aa\ti,i: 
C^.XhXIL, B &c., cf. Gr. UA &c. Ite] om. KM. OTOn] om. L. 
JjLJJUrt] »A*CrG2HK*NPTV: +n€, A«BD,.2AiEFJK«LM 

OiQS. ithot] +ne, T: +ejuLA."c ne, i^. ofog, 2°] om. 

»BD,.aAiEFJLOiQST. n^-Ttfl] eitA.T., Q : eif tfT, >^. Re] 
om. FMT. 2*^2* om. 2i.e] VA-p, FP, cf. Gr. naT€KOj 

l^ABCrEiHJLQT, cf.? Gr. E*M &c. om.i^i^: HI., Di.jAxEjFGaK 
MNOiPSV, cf. the rest of Gr. Re] om. EjJKLV. 


A ^ " OSXcojcjoni oTit ilzeoT^KXKcic efi-oX ;i>€it nxiuu.- 

euTHc tire iud^.tWHc neju. nno'ir^L^.i ee&e 
ottotJSlo. **oto2, A.TI g^A. iu)^.ititKc nexax)'c 
itA.q. xe paAjBlI 4>k exxK iteAJL^-K g^ijuutp 
i}Lnxxop2k^.itKc. 4>K iteoK exeKepAxeepe j6^- 
poq. g^anue ic 4>^i q-fojAXc onrog, cenKOTf 

^^.poq TKpOT. 

^^ OtXqepoTO) nx6ia)^.nitKc onrog, nc^^q. 2ce Umlou 
a^ojuL nxe OTpcojuLi (ff g^Xx e&oX g^ixoxq 
i}uu^TA.Tq. ^xaTeitLTHXc itA.q eJSioX i6€n 

'^ -^ Hecoxeit TexeitepAxeepe khx xe ^jxoc itojxen. 

xe ^.itoK ne nxc- ^.XX^. xe ex4.TrrA.oTfoi 

i6^^CA}q iiL^H. 

^ *^4>H eire ^a^eke^ nxoxq iteoq ne lun^xge- 

TAJLC^ Xex. na4>Hp 2^6 juLnxn4.xaeX€T" | nerog^i 

epA.xq ne oTog, eqccoxe-M. epoq j6en ott- 

pA.cgi qpA-ffli eeJSie xcxjlh nxe nxnA-xaeXer. 

4>A.i oxn ne n^.p^.cgx ^.noK ^.qxcoK €&o>. 

^^g^co-f oTit itxe 4>H A.XA.I. <£.noK 2s.e nx^.- 


^* 4>H eenHOT e&oX encgcox qc^.na]U)i itoTon iti&en. 

nieiSioX j6eit nKi.^\ oTe&oX j6€n nK^.^,! ne. 

oTog, g^.qcA.xx e&oX j6en nK^^i. 

<I>H eenHOT e&oX j6en x4>e qc^-ngoji nonron 

'-^^ Ofn] cf. Gr. S« &c.: 2s.e, B T Di Oi T, cf. Gr. »* 47. b sjr^ : 
2s.e Ofn, FN. ^(C,T)HX(2s., BD2MV)KCIC] ^eXKClC, AAi 
K*S : ^XXXCIC, P. j6en] om. Gj. niIOT2kA.x] cf. Gr. »♦ &c 
8yr«" iov^iW. eeJie] itXe, Oj. ^•OTOg, i^] om. BF. 

pA.&&l] -^JSlH, », cf. Byrp™»r. nXIOp2i^nHC] nXOp., L; 

-io2kA.nHc, A. exeKepAJteepe] exepxiLeepe, Di Ai* Ei 
G2JK*s. j6^poq] j6enpoq, Q : +ee&Hxq, f. ic<^a.x] 

om. S. qi"] ^.q-f , G2*: eCff, SV: -f , Q. OTOg, 2°] ot|, a. 
^^OTCJO] +2ie, Ai'. OTO^] om. FLMPQ. OTpcOXHX] did. 
OT, T*. e&oX g^ixoxq iJLiULA.TA.Xq] cf. Gr. L &c. «J#* 

JOHN m. 25-31. 369 

not yet cast into (the) prison. ^^A questioning then 
happened among (lit. from) the disciples of John with 
the Jews concerning cleansing. ^And they came to John, 
they said to him: 'Babbi, he who was with thee beyond 
the Jordan, he of whom thou bearest witness, behold this 
(man) baptiseth, and all come to him.' ^John answered 
and said: 'It is not possible that a man should receive 
anything of himself, unless it was given him from (the) 
heaven. ^Ye bear witness to me, that I said to you, 
that I am not Christ, but that I was sent before that 
(one). ^ He who hath the bride he is the bridegroom : but 
(the) friend of the bridegroom is he who standeth^ and, 
hearing him with joy, rejoiceth because of (the) voice of 
the bridegroom. This then is my own joy, it was fulfilled. 
^That (one) then must grow (greater), but I must be 
humiliated. '' He who cometh from above is above all : the 
(one) of (the) earth is of (the) earth, and speaketh of (the) 
earth. He who cometh from (the) heaven is above all. 

covroC. e&oX j6en] l^ABrD,.aAiEFHJKLMOiPQSTV: 
eJSioX g^lTeit same prep, as before, C G2 N. *® neOJXeit] 

+ 2^€, H S. HHl] cf. Gr. A B D L &c. : Gr. » &c. om. /*o*. ^.IXOC] Gr. 
B syr'^' add T^^*<* syr*?" praem cy«. ^.ItOK ^It He] for order cf.? 
cam&c. Xe3^]l*A&c.: om.BrAiFKLNOiPQTV. ^^HttJ^^Hp 

2^€ juLn!nA.xaj€Xex] om. bk*: nojKpi (the) son, A*: itxeni, 

D,.2AiEJMOiP8V. nerog^l] AOFH: ^H €T"., B &c.: 
IteX., Gj. OTOg,] om. Q. 0-COg,...qpA.ajl] om. F,* : 

^qccox., DgG,*: exccox., LM: eqecojT., Q: qccox., 

BN. qp^fflO eqpA.cgi, Dj.aAiHi^FOiTV: +2^6, TFi^MP. 

itxe] JUL, FKNQT. ^^acjocf, A. oTfit] +ne, r. 

**e&oX i^] om. Fi*L. engO)!] AFMST: JULH &c., &c.: 

j6enx4>e, >^: om. b. qc^-ncgcoi i*>] ^.q., t. nieJioX] 

<^H exee^oX S^en he who is from, Di. a E J 8 : Gr. »♦ D &c. 
o dc »v: syr«" et»«*» km &c.: Gr. 8* a e ciri: Gr. D 13. 69. atr6, 
Ki^^l i*>] + Ue, T. OXeL ... KA.g,I 2°] om. N. OTOg,] om. F. 
♦k 2°] +2^6, LQ. qC^^nojO)! &c. 2°] eqc^.., Da J M« QT; cf. 
Gr. «<»ABL &c.. 


iti£.6it. 32 4>H €XA.qitA.T epoq oxog, eTA.qcoe- 
AJteq 4>^.i exeqepAJteope ijUtioq. oirog, xeq- 
AJteTAJteepe jOUuloit ^Xi (ff jOUtioc. 

33<I>K eeitA.flT nxeqAJtexJUieepe. <t>4.i ^q6pc<^p^- 
vi^m 2ce (^i" oTOAJtw ne. 

**<I>H r^-p ex A. 4>i" oTopnq. mc^jci iirre ^^f 
exeqcA.x! jOuulooo-c. n^pe (j^-f rA.p A.n -f 

^ 3«<|>ia5X Jjuei juLnaKpi. oxog, &a3jS. ni&en A.q- 
xii xwxoT ej6pHi eneqxix. ^«4>h eeitA^-f eni- 
' awp^ oTonxeq a)n;6 iteiteg, iJuut^T. 

<J>K 2^6 exoi itA.xea)X ng^ax eniajHpi. niteqit^x 
ena}nj6- ^XX^ n^cojnx ijL4>'f eqeojconi ^ixoKf. 


&ox€ Of n exA.qeAJH ibcemc xe ^•ccooxeAJt. 
itxeni^^.pic6oc xe ^ mc e^jutxe otajlhoj 
iiUULA.eHXKc itA.q oTog, q^cojULc eg,oxe 

^Rexoi mc neoq ^.it eitA.qi"a}AJt.c ^.XX^. neq- 
^ AJt^^enxHC ite. ^^.qx^ it'f!OT2s.e^ itcooq. 
x:j oTog, ^^aj€ nA.q on e'fr^.XiXeA^ ^neg^co'f 
' 2^6 epoq ne ecini e&oX ^ixen xc^Jit^pi^^ 

32 OTOg, i°] cf. Gr. A &c. eXA.qC.] om. €X, N. ^A.l] cf. 

Gr. ABL&c. exeqcp.] 8AHKNV: exA.q., CGj: nex- 
eq., BDiAiEJLOi: ne ex^.q., tmpqt: neexeq., DjF: 
ne exep., s. juLxnoq] om. s. OTOg, 2°] om. f. g,Xi] 
itg^Xi, F. jQuuLoc] +A.n, D1.2EJS. '^^^j ^^Le, bq. 

^^.l] om. J. Xe^i" ] ACr«HKLNV: ijUULOq XB^'f him 
(or it), that God, NFi«PS : Rxe^'f , Gj, making 4>'f subject, bnt ft 
probably came from in preceding : JtlUULOq nxe^*f~ God sealed him 
(or it), BDi.2AiEi.2*Fi*JM0i(Q)T: Q has jOuULOq nJAitOq &c. 

ofexuHi ne] oxAxeejuLHi ne in truth, t«. 34^^pj 
om. L. oToopnq, A: oTopn, Da. mc^^i] eni., Of*. 
itxe^-f] om. £2*. exeq] ex^q, D2H . ^f 3^] cf. Or. 

AC^D &c. AXninn^J A« &c.: JULnn^^ a*: Gr. B* om. 

JOHN m. 32— IV. 4. 361 

^^That which he saw and which he heard, to this he 
beareth witness, and his witness no one receiveth. ^^He 
who will receive his witness, [this] sealed, that God is 
true. ^^For he whom God sent, (is he) who speaketh the 
words of God: for God was not giving the Spirit in 
measure. ^The Father loveth (the) Son, and gave all 
things into his hands. ^He who believeth the Son hath 
eternal life. But he who is disobedient to the Son shall 
not see (the) life, but (the) anger of God shall abide 
upon him.' 

IV. When then Jesus knew that the Pharisees heard 
that Jesus made him many disciples and baptiseth (more) 
than John, 'although Jesus himself was not baptising, 
but it was his disciples, ^he left Judea, and went again 
to Galilee: ^and it was necessary for him to pass through 


OTOJl] OTAJtOTOJ I, FjS JJLOX over erasure of pA. ?. ®* 4>ia)X] Hunt ,8, 
+ rA.p, D1.2EJLPS Hunt 18. AJt.ei}q«.ei, rDi.aEJOiPQSV ^' ^^'^ 
Hunt 18. OTOg,] om. Fi*T. A.qTK!XO-c] 4.T., Oi- Heq- 
XIX] 'manus' ap. Ln. *«enittJHpx] JUL, F: -RCUHpI, AiMOj. 

oToitxeq] -TA.q, T: OTon nxeq, Q. wn^] OTCoitji), 

C GjH. 2k€] om. F, cf. Gr. >^* &c. HlOIHpI 2°] ROJ., Aj Oi. 
na5Itj6] cf.? Gr. »ABODT«> &c.: U!., Gj, cf.? Gr. EFHLM &c. 

xojiT, A*. ii4>'f ] itxe. , s. eqecgcoui] cf. Gr. m rn &c. lupii : 

I come, Q. g^I^COq] €^pM eXU3q, Q ; Gr. M b ante /um pon. 

^ IKC i°] cf, Gr. l^ D &c. eyr*^ : TIOC^ Hunt 26, cf. rest of Gr. Hunt 26, 
cl>A.piceoc] +n€, K. A.] om. Aj. OAJULie] BAMLIO It, F: 
e^JULie e, T. n^.q] J^ACrDgFi^GgLMT: om. BDiAiEFi*H 
JKNOiPQSV Hunt 18, 26. q1"] eq^-, M S^ Hunt 26 : A.qi", 
C J>i. 2 Fi* S*. eg^OXe] Gr. A B* L &c. om. if. * K€T"OlJ cf. 

Gr. C. IHC] om. Fi*H. Iteoq] om. T Hunt 18. >neoq ^.It 
IKC, L, cf.? Gr. AD &c. aMt If : Gr. 251. c vg 8yr«" om. is ovrdr: 
mC ne neoq ^.It eitA.qi"a5JULC Je«u8, it was not he who was 
baptising, B. He] om. DgGj. cf.? Gr. » lli"IOT2^€A.] cf., 

Q : Gr. D &c. add yrfv. OXOpJ] om. >^ B T Ai F L Q Hunt 26. 
on] cf. Gr. l^B^CDL &c. 8yr«": om. MT, cf. Gr. AB* &c. * 2^e] Hu^Jj^. 

om. BFHLNT Hunt 26: VA.p, Hunt 18. eciltl] ItXeq., Q(q 

added). eJSioX] + ne, Fi«. 


362 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

ibceo'CJULO'rjuLi jOlajlcoot Sxe i^kcoA. 
Ihc o-rit ex^qj6ici efioX s^en niJULcoiT iluuLogi 

Sa-zuF ne. 
'3Xci o-rii nzeo-rcg^iJULi e&oX j6€n xcAJUL^pii. 

trr^ojo. ® iteqjuu.eKXKc 2^6 nc^'roie ntJooT 
e-ffiL^-Ki g^m^ nxo-rcg^^^ ng^A.iufcpKO'ci na>ox 
•nexe -fcg^iJULi n^q ncAJULA.pixKc. xe nux: 
iteoK o-rio-r2s.^i jcepexm nxox ecco ^.noic 
o-rcg^iJULi iicAJUL^.pixKc. ot r^p i}LnA.p6 ni- 

^® HXqepo-rco itzemc o-rog, nex^q itA.c. ze en^.pe- 
euLi ei'TiCopeA. nxe <fr'f . o^rog, ze nuu. 
nexzco XiUuloc ne. ze juloi hhi nx^.ca>. iteo 
itA.peepexm jOuuLoq o-rog, ftxeq-f* ne no^r- 
jxuoot eqonj6- 

* otn] + iizeiKc, q, cf. Gr. c^ &c. eTJULo-r-f epoc ze] 

om. Q*. C-rX^p] cf. Gr. KABODL &c.: CIX^P> F, cf. Gr. 
69. al c. ex A.] KACG2H Hunt 26: ^H eX^ B &c.; obs. 
fluctuation of Gr. o K AB, o5 C DL. TKiq] XKIC, V. ® nA.CXH] 
en^C, Q ; A9 erased marginal capital H9 which M alone has also : A^ put 
small n in margin, and A* capital I of IKC^so also the rest, except L, which 
has no capital in ver. 6. JUUUL^If] om. Gg: + Tie, D1.2 Aj EiF JMOiV*^ 

Hunt 26. jxoyjtxi i°] gco-f well, Q. Sxe] it, r*. otk] 

om. K Dg, cf. Gr. 69. : 2^e Olfn, Fi«L. HAJpui" ] pref. JOL, A"s &c.: 
om. Q, cf. Gr. i. &c. g^IZen] cf. Gr. An dat.: ezen, KMQ, cf.? 
Gr. L ^irr^cc. JULO-rJULI 2°] gOJ-f , S: + JOUULOOOT, Fi«LMP: 

ojcoi" ijuuLcoo'c, Q. ne] ene, Q. <l>nA.T] abAiFi*nOiQ : 

+ 2^e, »CrD,.aEFi«G2HJLMPSTV Hunt 18, 26, cf. b (c et): 
+ Iie, K. '' Otil] obs. a b e fP** 1 q syp<« et«* et>>' *et venit;' 

f 'venit autem ;' sah^J*'' ^OlfCg^IJUH 2^e : om. KAjFi*©!?, cf. Gr.: 
A.CI efi.oX, Fi*. Oyc^lixi] Gr. K b m 7^7: +nA.q, L. 

JOHN IV. 5-TO. 363 

(the) Samaria. ^He came then to a city of (the) Samaria 
called 'Sychar/ beisg near to the field which Jacob gave 
to Joseph his son. * And a fountain of water of Jacob was 
(imperf.) there. Jesus then having been wearied from the 
road of walking, sat thus at (lit. upon) the fountain; it 
was the sixth hour. "^A woman then came from (the) 
Samaria to fill water: Jesus said to her: 'Qive to me 
that I may drink.' ^And his disciples had gone to the 
city that they might buy victuals for them. ® The Samaritan 
woman said to him: 'How dost thou, a Jew, ask from me 
to drink, I (being) a Samaritan woman?' for the Jews 
mingle not with the Samaritans. ^^ Jesus answered and 
said to her: 'If thou knewest (imperf.) the gift of God, 
and who saith to thee: ''Give to me that I may drink," 

efi.oX] om. FL. j6eitXCAJUL ^,pi^ ] jtC^JUL^piXHC, L. 
JUU.2,] M &c.: iULeg,, GaKQ. IHC] HOC, Gj. IIX^] pref. 
g^IHA., F. « ^e] om. T : T^p, N P, cf. Or. nOJOIf i°] + UG, 

D1.2A1EFJLO1PST. gcon it] jycjoui ft, N: oien, Hunt 18. 
it2,A.n] eg^^it, F. €i6pH0-ri, a. HOJOT a^ om. Fi*, cf. 
Or.: >na50'r ilg^A.njipKO'ri, q. •nexe &c.] for om. 

copula cf. Or. »* &c. 8yp«°: > itC^JULA-piX HC ItA.q, M: GX- 

^.qxoc 2^6 itcg^ijtii xeuLoi tm^cuj. Heoc 2^6 ne- 
XA.C nA.q zcfieoK OTpcojULi nioT2i^i XP'^^^ ^^^ 

€£.oX ^IXOX ^nOK &c. and he having said to (the) woman, 'Give 
that I may drink/ then (^6) she aaid to him, *Dost thou, a Jew, wish 
to drink hy me, I &c.?' Q. HCJOCj hut Gr. D &c. place after <rv Iwd. 
«v, ohs. Q om. ftTOX] GTOX, Aj K Oi. ^HOK] A Fi« (A-U 
over erasure): C^ltOK I heing, who am, BFi^(6added) &c., cf.? Gr. 
C^ &c., placing oCinit before yvp. aofA. ijLII^pe &c.] cf. Gr. t^ A B 
CL &c.: Gr. »*D a h e om. niIO-r2iA.l] om. HI, BrDi«?.2AiE 
Fi*JPS. neJULHll om. Itl, BrDi*AiEFi*PS. AJULA.piT"KC, 
A*. ^® O-rOg, i^J om. CFQ Hunt 26. HA-C] om. Fi*. GHA-pe], BCFFx* Hunt 26. €JtiU] AM 8: +ne, B &c.: +2s.e, B. 

♦i" J + ne, r. ze 2^] om. f. ner^co] ex., Ai* Hunt 18 : 
ne ex., d,.2Ai«efjps. ne i**] om. G2. iieo] +2ie, d^^jE 
FjCJLS. nA-peepexm] n^epexm, q. JuUutoq] ACG2H 

364 ROXTOX iinaxHHHc. 

"Ilexe ^"02,1*1.1 nA.q. ze hot ox2^£ ijuuLoit A.n- 

xXkjula. iixoxK. o-rog, 'faco'f gnic. ecjen- 

TJULK ToxK o-rii efi.oX econ ibceniiULCooT | eToni6. 

^-Uh ileoK oTitiai" ileoK eneiticox i^K(jo& <&h 
exi.qi" iiA.n nxA.iaco'f". o-rog, iteoq g^cwq 
A.qc(jo e&oX ili6Hxq itejUL neqcyapi new. 

^^UXqepo-rco ibcemc ncx^q it^c. ze otoh ni&cn 

THiq itA.q iineqi&i cy^ene^. 
^^*^3!XXXa. niJULOJO'c ei^n^xaiq nA.q eqccyuoni ili6pHi 
itj^axq tioyixoyjxi Xiuulcoot eqflfc^i erconji 

xexiLi CAxn^i cjul^^ JtxuooT. 
^^Ileze mc itA.c. ze juu^oje ite JULOTf eneg^AJ 
oifog, ^JULK eiULit^i. "^cepo-rco nzef'cg^ijuu 
o-rog, nez^c. ze XiJULoit-f g^A.! iiuuL^.T. 
Ileze mc nA.c. ze k^Xcoc ^pezoc. ze iSjULoni" 
2ji^i ijuut^T. ^®e rA.p ti^^i oTog, 


KLMNTVHuntiS, 26: +ne, BFDi.aAiEFJOiPQS. OTOg, j*'] 
om. FFMP Hunt i8, 26. eqa)Itj6, AGj: n&nj6» Elt^J^S. 
Hunt ,8, ^1 'f Cg^IULl] Gr. N* ciccin;: Or. B om. UOT] A &c.: n^.OC, 
B Fi« Q. O-ri^e] om. Jj* Q. A.ItxXKJUL^] ACrEi^aGjH Jj* 
KLNPSTV Hunti8«, 26: ^.no., (B) D,.2Ai*(om. JUU.)FM OjQ. 
gHK] +q, Fi«. eqeitTOXK] A.qitTOTK, B AiQ: Gj* om. 
eitTOXK../^2^eXA.q. O-rit] cf. Gr. ABCL &c.: om. AiM(om. 
efi.oX)NQ, cf. Gr. UD &c. eyrcu. eT0nj6] eTCOItjfe, Di<^.2: 
ItCOItlfe, Di*EJSj obs. Gr. t6 vS. r6 f«ir, but Gr. D v^op fw. 
^2 iteoK 2°] om. Q. neitlCOX] Gr. A* om. ^fwv. IA-KCoBl] 
over erasure, Hi^; obs. Gr. M a/3/Kia/i, C 69. dcdvicfy. T^IJ cf. Gr. 
69. &c. 8yr<^«: 'f, K*(XA.I, K"8, but 'f left, ^ith a cross), cf. Gr. 
unc. &c. O-rOg,] om. Fj*, cf.? Gr. »♦. Seoq &(JOq] obs. Gr. »» 
avTof icai: om. Q. ^.qcO)] nA.q., MP. ilJ^HXq] AC Hunt 26: 
iij^KXC, B &c.: +iieoq, F. cg^Itcg] was erased, and written 

JOHN IV. 11-18. 365 

thou wouldest ask him, and he would give to thee living 
water.' ^^The woman said to him: *Lord, thou hast not 
even a thing to draw with, and the well is deep : whence 
then (art) thou having the living water? ^^Art thou 
greater than our father Jacob, who gave to us this well, 
and he himself drank of it, and his sons, and his cattle V 
^^ Jesus answered, he said to her: 'Every one who will 
drink of the water^ that which I will give to him, shall 
never thirst. ^^^^But the water, which I will give to him, 
shall be in him a fountain of water springing up to 
eternal life.' ^*The woman said to him: *My Lord, give 
to me this water, that I may not thirst any more, nor 
come here to fill water.* ^^ Jesus said to her: *Go, call 
thy husband, and come here.' ^''The woman answered and 
said: 'I have not husband.' Jesus said to her: 'Well 
saidst thou, that I have not husband: ^^for thou tookest 


again in the next line, A«. '^ neZA.q] OlfOg, neX^q, FD 

Fi^LQ, cf. Gr. It^Cj at the end of the previous line is erasure of 69 A^. 

ni&eit] (A tr.) B &c. add eeitA.c(jo e&oX i6eitiu.iJULa5o-r 

( + <tA.I, L: 4)H, Hunt 26) eqei&I on ^"^<1>H 2s.e who will drink 
of this water shall thirst again, but ho. A*' altered III of the text into 

UA-i. itA.q] om. Ci*. " Fi* M om. 2^6. ititeqifi.1 . . . 

THiq ItA.q] cf. Gr. WABC^DL &c.: om. V*, cf. Gr. C* &c. om.: 
AJLa50T + cl)H, Dg: +ii(J0nj6, Fi«: G^HA., for om. ry^ cf. Gr. 
ABCL &c.: ^.nOK G^fltA., M, cf. Gr. »D &c. nA.q 2°] Gr. K om. 

eqecgtoni] eqn^.., Q. ili6pHi] om. Q. ii(e, sjo-rixo-rjuLi 

iijtlLCJOOT] ilxeoifULO'rULI, QV, construction confused: om. B. 
€qtfT4>eil eqetff., M: ecfi.eAl gushing forth, Q: om. Oi. 
e^tJOnjiJ itOlf., P: ii., 0^. "HA-OT] hoc Lord, HQ. 

HKi] +2^(J0, Q. ot2^e\ o-rog,, p. nTA-gxejuLi] om. 

ItTA ., Q. eJULn^-l] 6n^.IiUL^ to this place, Q. " UCXe- 

IHC] cf. Gr. K*et«AC^DL &c. syr«»»: neXA.q, C^LP, cf. Gr. EC* 

33. a : o-rog, nezeiKc, r. o-rog^] om. b Fi*. " o-rog^ 

om. BF? AiFMOiQ Hunt 26: Gr. »* nil nisi atrcicp. ^ yvi^. neXA.C 
cf. Gr. h^cADL &c.: +nA.q, FM, cf. Gr. BC &c. eyr®". ^.peXOC^ 

-X(jo iJLULoc, L._ iSjutoni" 2°] cf. Gr. ABCL &c. Ix«. " e 

VA.p &c.] A.petfie vA.p it&A.i, q : -2,^.1+ ne &c., m. 


4>H eoneixe -f no-r ne^^i ^.it ne. <p^\ otajlki 
ne exA.pexoq. 

o-rnpo<J>KXKC. *® Henio'f" ^Tro-roDojx ^ixen 

Hecoxen 2^6 Texenxco ijumoc. xe A.p€ uiaju.- 

ito-rcoajT j6en iSCiui; nijui^ execge iloTraagT 


2^ Ilexe iKc nA.c. xe -f cg^iixi xeng^oTT xe cnHonr 

XAJLo itxeo'co'cnoT. g^oxe o-r2ie g^ixen nA.i|xcttOT 

o'Cii.e i6eit it^kjul eTitA.o-r(jogx Jul^ivj^. 
"Hetjoxen xexeitoirajcgT iiL<{>H exeT'enccoo'cn 
ijuuLoq A.n. 3Xiton 2i.e xeno-roxgT jOl^h 
exenctjoo-cn XJUutoq. xe rio'cza.i e&oX i6en 

-^^ 3XXXa. cHHo-r itxeo-ro-rnoT exei"no-r xe. g^oxe 
itipeqoTrojcgx itXA.4>A«.Hi €nfitA.OTrcoax JuL<l>icttX 
j6€n o-rurS! neju. o-rjULeeixKi. ice VA.p <fricttx 
^qKCJoi" itcA.'con iin^-ipK't" nn eeofcoajx 

2*0ifnriZ! ne ^^. o-rog^ na eenA-onroogx ixjULoq 
ceAxnci)^ ilxo'foifajcgx ijuuioq jfeen oTnitX 
neiUL o-rjuteejuLHi. 

-^Ileace -fcg^iixi n^-q. xe xeiiejuLi xe juLeci^c 

o-rog^] om. BFFi*. 4>H eo] nee, q. ne^^.i] iineg^AJ, 

MQ(2^A.n for ^i^\). 4>A.l] +0*^, ». JULKl] AJLeOiUUU 
trutb, F; obs. fluctuation of Gr. K E t«* oKfjB&s, and A B C D L &c. 
d\rf0€s: om. Oi. ne eX^pe], r*EJKTHunt26: 

ne, Fi«. ^® n^w &c.] nw, thq: Gr. »♦ 

om.: 'f n^lf epOK nOC 2Ce I see thee, Lord, that, Q. Or. D Ac. 
om. <rv; the Coptic does not expresH the copula. '| H^TJ -(-6pOfC| H. 

*"2^izen] ezen, flq. itecoxen ^e] om. :^€, i*B02*kn 

QV: O-fOg, lie., Q, of. Or. .&.pe] ep€, FQ. niiUU. Ac] 

obs. Gr. h^ om. 6 r6rroi. exccttje] excjye, » r«(r* om. ex) Di 

E J Q S V ; for position of. Gr. C^ &c. " y^ ^n,. Gj*. XeH- 

JOHN IV. 19-25. 367 

five husbands; and he who is with thee now is not thy 
husband; this is true which thou saidst.' ^^The woman 
said to him: 'My Lord, I see that thou (art) a prophet. 
^" Our fathers worshipped upon this mountain ; but ye say, 
that the place of worship in Jerusalem is the place in 
which it is lawful to worship.' ^ Jesus said to her: 
' Woman, trust me, that an hour cometh, when neither 
upon this mountain nor in Jerusalem will they (be) wor- 
shipping the Father. *^Yo worehip that which ye know 
not: and we worship that which we know, because the 
salvation (is) of the Jews. '^But an hour cometh, which 
now is, when the true worshippers will (be) worshipping 
the Father in spirit and truth: for the Father sought for 
such (to be) them who worship him. ^^Qod is spirit: and 
they who will worship him, ought to worship him in 
spirit and truth.' ^The woman said to him: *We know 

g^OlfT] n^g^'f epOI, Q; for position cf. Gr. AC^D &c. syr®". 

itxe &c.] ibceo-ro-rnoT eTei"noT xe itceo'ctJoajT" 

hour which is now, and they worship the Father neither &c. in this 
mountain nor in Jerusalem, Q ; for 3rd person of hoth readings cf. Gr. 

69. 124. arm: A™»L* oifitoif+exei"oifnoTr :^e. &oxe] 
+o-roii m&en, p*. "Secoxen] cf. Gr.: +2s.e, fmp*. 

2^e] om. N F P, cf. Gr. COtti 2^ A*. JOuULOq 2°] om. Fj*. 
eStOk] A^BCGaHKNT: pref. 0*^, A«rDi.aAiEFJLMOiPQSV 
Hunt 26. Itn(om.A)0-r:^A.l] AH: +n€, B &c., cf. Gr. *'^fbce- 

o-rno-r, ab. eTei"noT xe] om. b. o-rniul nejtx] om. k*. 
^-qKco-f] eqKco't", mt: qKOJ'f", ejpS: qnA., Q\ nA.i- 
o-ron] itio-roit, q*: g^^no-ron, PQ^ nn eeo-fojcgx] 
nee., b»Oi: ite ee., Ai: hk een^., T: itK exo^rit^., Q\ 
jutULoq] n^q, Q^ ** o-rniiZri +rA.p, q\ o-rog^] om. 
Fj*. een^o-rtjocgx] a c Gj h Q : ee., b &c. ixuioq i°] 

cf^ Gr. N« A B C D^ L &c.: Gr. I** D* d ff^ om. ceJULnoj^. . . . 
JUtULOq] for order cf. Gr. N^ABCL &c.: om. Gj*. llXOT- 

o-rajcgTj itxo-rcoaT, A: itce., Q* ^5 r^^^ej^j^j] ^^ nnm.s, 

Gr. N«GLA &c. iULecIA.c] cf. Gr. EG &c. 


368 ROXTOX iinaxHHHc. 

itHo-r. ^H exo-rjuLO'c'f" epoq ze nx^- Ggcjon 
A.qcy^"J iteoq een^-XAJULon eg^cofi. ni&en. 
"Ilexe iKc n^-c. ze ^itoK ne 4>h gtca^i nejtxe. 

nA.-repa4>Hpi ze qcA^i nciu. o-rcg,iAJLi. XiLne 
g^Xi ixenxoi zoc itA.q. ze A.KK(jo-f ilc^. o-r. 
le eefi.eo-r kc^^x ncAx^c. 
2®3Xcxto o-rn itTec2,-r:^piA. nzei^cg^iiULi. oTog, 
^cge it^c effi-A-Ki. o-rog, nez^c tinipooiuu. 
^^Z6 ^JULCJomi ^.rt^T en^ipooAXi e^qze ^cd& 
iti&cn itHi exA-iA-ixo-r. 
Uhti 4>^i ne nx^- ^® n^.-rnHO'c 2^€ efi.oX i6en 
i"fiLA.Ki o-rog, itA.-rnHO-r a^-poq. 
xjt ^^H^-r-fg^o epoq ne itzeneqx«.A.|eKXKc oitirujo^ 
neixA-q e-rzco ijuuLoc. ze p^£Ai ToonK 


^^ Heoq 2ie nez^q itojo-r. ze ^itoK OToit-f* ont^pe 
JuLXfLij^ eo-rojuLc ea itecoxen exex€iica>o-rn 
iOuuLoc ^.n. 

^^ H^.'vza) o-rit ijuuLoc nno-repKO'c RzeiteqAx^eK- 
XHC. ze AiLKXi ^it ^. o-r^.! mi n^q eepeq- 


^*neze iHc najo-r. ze TAj6pe ^.noK Te g^irii. 

itXA.za5K juLneqg^ajfi. e&oX. 
^'^Uh Seojxeit ^.it exzco jjutxoc. ze exi Ke£ 

4>h] 4>A.I, S. Zenxc] om. Q: 8>T«»» et*** om. 6 \€y^ ^. 

SeoqJ om. B. eenA.] qnA., B: Gf. »* dk^ a»oyfXXfi. 
2« neixe] ne, n. *^ o-rog, i°] om. bfFi* Hunt 26. j6en- 

<J>A.l] cf. Gr. N* D: Gr. l*° &c. «Vt: itpi vg 'continuo' vel *8tatim:' 

+:^e, Hunt 26. oifog^ 2°] om. Fj* Q. n^^repoj^Kpi] cf. Gr. 

NABCDL &c.: +ne, rFLMHunt26. qCA^l] H^q., M. 

nejUL] it, A*. jjLXie] pref. o-rog^, D1.2M q. n^q] cf. Gr. 

IkD &c. syrc". A-KKCJOfl A.q., M. ee&eoif] om. OT, L. 
*^ 't"Cg,IiULl] Gr. D &c. 8}r«« place before t^i^ vbpiav: Gr. 244. syr^om. 

JOHN IV. 26-35. 369 

that Mesias cometh, who is called ''Christ;" if he should 
come, he (itooq) will shew to us all things/ ^ Jesus said to 
her: *I who speak to thee am (he).' ^And upon (lit. in) 
this his disciples came, and they were wondering that he 
speaketh to a woman; no one however said to him: 'For 
what soughtest thou ? ' or/ Wherefore speakest thou to her 1 ' 
2® The woman then left her waterpot, and went to the 
city, and said to the men: '^^Come, see this man, who 
said to me all things which I did. Is this Christ?' ^And 
they were coming from the city, and were coming to him. 
^*His disciples were beseeching him "between them and •for^ir^ 
him, saying: 'Rabbi, rise, eat.' ^*And he said to them: 
'I have food to eat, which ye know not.' ^His disciples 
then were saying to one another: 'Did not some one 
bring to him (aught) to eat?* ** Jesus said to them: 'My 
own food is, that I may do (the) wish of him who sent 
me, and finish his work. ^Say ye not, that yet four 

O-rOg^ i°] om. Fi*Q. O-rOg^ 2°] 0111. ^Fj*. ^9 g^^j] gj^j^ 

L«(ni, L*): JULHA.!, Ci*. HHl GX] ItK GX, A: om. ItHI, 0|. 
eXA-l] enA.1, Ga*. JULHTT (ait. fr. i", I added) l] A«? (4> over former 
letter?) &c. : JULH, B. 4>A.l] Gr. D fieciFor. ^® 2^6] cf. Gr. FI ^ &c. : 

om. Ci*, cf. Gr. A BL &c.: Gr. M &c. ovv: Gr. C D b syrc« &c. km: 
+ ne, Di.2A,EFiOJLOiS. fi.A.Kl] +ne, Q. O-rOg^] om. F. 
^^ HA.'r'fg^o] ABD4Q, cf. Gr. l*BC*DL &c.: pref. OTOg^, M, cf. 
HjT*^^ arm aeth: +2^6, CrDi.2AiEFG2nJKLNOiPSTV Hunt 26, 
cf. Gr. AC^ &o. syrc". nc] om. BFFi*?. itX6n6qAIL^.eH- 
THC &c.] cf. Gr. T &c. 8yr«" add alrov: >OyiriJJOT IteJULA.q 
itxe., p. IteULA-q] +ne, F. ^^A.nOK] om. Hunt 26. 

O^C^pe] om. B*: om. OT, B^TLS Hunt 26. GOTOULC] om. Q. 
itetJOXeit] eCO over erasure, A«. *^ It^'^XO)] Gr. h^* b Xcyovaiv. 
O-rn] om. Ci* F, cf. Gr. U* d e 8yr~ et*\ JJtMLOC] +ne, 

r Dg. 4 F L M Hunt 26. itHOIfepHOIf] Gr. D«^ cv cavrow. Iteq- 
JULA.eHXKC] cf. a &c. add mnov ; for position cf. Gr. 13. 69. 124. ZeJ 
.Oi. X«.HTl]iULH,B. ^n]om. D1C2.4L. ^]e, A. GOpeq.] 


itCf ^peeepe., Hunt 26. ^^ Xe] i^e, CGgU .- Xe, Awith point 
before it. OlfOg,] om. T F^*. ^ 2^6 i°] om. B. 6X1 KS] cf. 

VOL. II. B b 


370 RoxTax iinaxHHHC. qrtho-r itxeniajcj^. &Hnne ^.noK 'f zoo 
ijLuLoc nojxen. ze qA.i itnexenfi^X enciia)! 
o'fog, ^HA.'r enix^P^- ^^ ^•roiffi.A.aj eiioc- 
i6o-r. ^^2^H2iH 4>H eeitA.(J0Ci6 qnA-tfT iineq- 
fiex^ oifog^ qnA.ea5oiff" iio'roifTA.g, eTCJonj6 
&mA. c{)K excii" eifcon iteiUL 4>h 
exujcji. ^^j^ert cj>^i rA.p o'rx^4)juLKi ne 
nic^xi. ze Keoif^i nexci^f o'cog^ Keo-vA.! 
^®3XnoK ^lo-repn OHno'c ecoci6 ix^^n exejuine- 
xenifcici epoq. g^^nKex^oirni ueT^.'Vi^ici. 
o-rog^ iteojxen ^.pexenae ncoxen ej^o-crt 

nA.g^'f epoq efioX j^en nic^JULA.pixKc. eefie 

xrtA. ncA^i iti" cg^iULi ecepixeepe ze | ^qze g^cwfi 

nifiert na exA.iA.iTo-r. 

^*^&oxe oifit exA-Ti ^^^.poq nzenicAJUL^-piTHC. 

^•cfg^o epoq 2,1 n^ nxeqog^i j6^toxo-c. 

Or. K A B C &c. OTOg,] om. T Hunt 26. Ze^lfO'vfiLA.g 

enoc^o-r. ^^'^^g^ui^.K cI)h eenA.cjocj6] ^^ A(n2i.K for ^ki^k) 

C(K2iK)rAi(2,H2i.H)EII(K2iH)J(2^K2ke)M0iHunt26: - O-VOg, 
cl)K&c., KNQT: -en0Cji)01f, om.g^HiiH, then Q-fOg, &c., BL, cf. 
a m^^syr^^rarm aeth : -2^H:^H enOCi^Olf &c., Di.z.iPSVtO'VOg,), 

cf. Gr. 254. c f ff*- vg 8yrw»»: - enoc^oT itze4>H eowijy^csb 
(itze = H2iH), Gg: -g^Hi^H ^ enoc^oT 4>k &c.. Fi* 

(h^r* D2M P° Hunt 26 also A.-f» c^- ^^ig****" ^'^' ^- A Ai(g,H2iH) 
E2H point before It^K; BL begin verse 36 0*COg,; F no point or 
beginning of verso ; Di.2l^i'Ti(^) begin verse oK^K(e), cf. Gr. i<« &c.; 
S, 4>K ; » G2 K M N Q T (point after g^HT^H) V do not begin vei-se at 36 ; 
for ^WKK with following, •^A A1EG2H JOi, cf. Gr. K«AC*DEL 33. 
al b dl q syr<»»»; with preceding, CD1.2.4FKMNPQSTV, cf. Gr. C'-QH 
KSUFAAn^ al plu syrP ; no point or verse-beginning, F, cf. Or. 

«*BMn*. ^^4>H eeitA.a)Ci6] »acfdi.2.4AiEG2Hjm0i 

JOHN IV. 36^40. 371 

months (and) cometh the harvest ? lo, I say to you : " Lift 
up your eyes, and see the fields (lit. countries), that they 
were white for (the) reaping them. ^® Already he who will 
reap will receive his reward, and will gather fruit to 
eternal life: that he who soweth may rejoice together with 
liini who reapeth. ^ For in this true is the word, that one 
(K€0TA.I) soweth, and another reapeth. ^®I sent you to 
reap that for which ye toiled not: others toiled, and ye 
went into their toil.'*' ^®And from that city many of the 
Samaritans believed him, because of (the) word of the 
woman bearing witness, that he said all things which I 
did. *'^Whcn then the Samaritans came to him, they 
besought him that he would stay with them: and he 

PS l{unt26, cf.Gr. l*BC»DL &c.: pref. Q-COg,, BKL( + P,inA.)N AC^&c.syr^": pref. g^mA., Fj^ ixneq^eX^J^^^^-^ 

1)2.4. o-irog^] om. Fi*. eronib, a. iteneng,, a. g^inA. 
4)K ex(+nA.,r)ci^ &c.] ^im. 4>h exci-f neixc^K 

eXOOCj^ itT"01fpA.ttJI eTCOn, KP, cf. Gr. D syr*^" etw»» etP* et***^ 
Wsm aim aeth. For om. kcu after g^IH^ cf. Gr. BCL &c. " ^^P] 

om. N P. O** TA.4>AXHl] 4>A«.HI, M Q. Ue] for position cf. Gr. 
D &c. KeOTA.1 i°] om. KC, B K N T Hunt a6. UeXCli"] He 

ex., i*D2.4«F8. o-f og^] om. KrFi*M. UGxtJocii] uc ex., 

NBD2.4FS. ^"A.rtOK] +2^8, D,.2.4KJS. O-Cepn] B &c.: 

OlfOpn, ADg^MS: OlfCJOpII, Di*Q. » om. ^.nOK . . . ecOCj^- 

ecocji] encjocji), Oi . cI)h ex] ne ex, Di* : Gr. d* l d e 

om. o. st>^C\ i°] a^I^-^JCI took toil, H. ep0q...j6jCI 2«>] 

om. T*. Kcx^o-r ni] om. I, A: +:^e, PL. nexA.if] ne 

€XA.1f, N B r I)i.2.4 F L S. OlfOg^] om. TFi* Q Hunt 26. neCO- 

xen] + 2^€, Q Hunt 26. A.pexeitcye] epexencye, l Hunt 26 : 
A-xexencye, K. ^® :^e] om. l. eefi.e . . . A.ixoif written 

in space left, but CoSlC and A.IXOT were eriwed, 'R nC^.ZI It] 

nicA^i it, ST^: nicA.xi itxe, r. ixeepe] a*cg2U, of. 

Gr.: +na)01f to them. BKNT«V Hunt 26: +i6A.pOq of him, A"*^ 
rDi.2.4AiEFJLMOiPQ(-pA.q)S. m&en] om. M. exA.i] 
eXA.q, J. *° g^OXe OTH] Gr. i>s o5v, exc. Gr. B* avvn^Bow ovv, 

^.-f -f 2^0] n A.-f ., B r Fi« M p Q. epoq] + ue, b Q (ni;. 
-xoxo-r] +ne, Fj^l. 

Bb a 


g^^HKeuLKg itg^o-ro ^•vnA.g^'f eefi.€ neqcA^i. 
**HA.if2:a5 o-rn juuuloc ne n't cg^iixi. xe eefie 

ne nictJoxKp nxe niKocjuLoc. 


x^ e-fr^XiXe^.. ** ileoq r^-p ikc ^qcpiULeepc 
" xe ijuuLoit o-rnpo4>KXHc eqx^iKo-rT jfyen 

ire exeecoq j3lSl^.ki. 
Y**&oxe oifit exA.qi e'fvA.XiXeA. ^.Traouq epcoo-c 

ibcenivA-XiXeoc. ex^'cit^'r e^uj&. itifi.€n ex- 

^q^-iXOT j6en iXkjul j6en na^.!. ite^.'vi v^p 

g^oooif encg^i. 
*«3Xqi oit exK^HA. itxe •frA.XiXeA. niiut^ ex^-q- 

epe niULtJooif epapn jOuuioq. 
^ Heo** on oiffi.A.ciXiKoc ne. eo** on nx^q itcrcgHpi 

jjutx^r€ eqjgtjoni i6en KA.ct)A.pnA.o-rjuL. 
*^4>A.i ^qccoxeiUL 2ce ^qi nxernc efi.oX j6en 

'f^o•f2i.e^. e'frA.XiXeA.. ^.q^e n^-q g^^poq 

iJUtlL^.•r] Gr. h^ &c. syr^- irap' ain-oU. Iteg^OOT 5] of. Gr. M 
tifM€p. tuo : >5 iteg^OOIf, r?, cf. the rest of Gr. *^ O** Og,] om. 

Hunt 26. Ke] 0111. BLP. -^-'^n^.g^'f] e^-x, Q: +epoq, 
rD4L, cf. Gr. A &c. neqcA^i] neq., r. *^ n^.T2ca)] pref. 

O-rOg,, BD2.4, cf. Gr. K* b. O-fn] om. BLMNV Hunt 26; Olfn 
seems sometimes to represent df, and, through confusion of X and i^, 
may agree here with rt of Gr. exc. K*. iUUULOC] om. E J. Re i°] 
om. r°AiLOiP. xe i°] cf. Gr. NACDL &c. Xe2Cm] XC- 

xenxin, Da- ca.2ci] Gr. K*D b 1 paprvpiav. xcnn^g^fl 
^.nnA.2^'f■, r : + epoq, An^« l. r^.p] om. D4 . &a)n] Gr. d a 

auTov. COOXeiX] Gr. K &c. add syr^" nap axnov. XeneULl] 

^.nex«.I, bpv, cf. Gr. k 116. 131. tyvtop^v, n* 53. iyvUaptv. +xe, 

M Q.>iULHl] for position cf. Gr. N ain fu syr^". Xe 3^] om. Q. 
niCtJOXHp] n., V: prefix n^^, A'"gD,.2.4EJLS, cf. Gr. AC'^ 

JOHN IV. 41-47. 373 

stayed there two days. *^And many more also believed 
because of his word. **They were saying then to the 
woman : * No longer because of thy speech we believe : 
for we ourselves heard (him), and we know truly that this 
is the Saviour of the world.' 

^^And after the two days he came from there to Galilee. 
^* For Jesus himself bare witness, that there is not a prophet 
honoured in the city which is his own. ^^When then he 
came to Galilee, the Galileans received him to them, having 
seen all things which he did in Jerusalem in (the) feast; 
for they also had come to (the) feast. ^^He came again 
to (the) Cana of Galilee, the place in which he caused 
the water to become wine. There was a king's-officer, 
having a son sick in Eaphamaum. "^^This (man) heard 
that Jesus came from Judea to Galilee : he went to him, 

D L &c.j^ for position cf. syr««^ nxc] ijL, N V. "*'* 2^6] om.MN* Hunt 18, 
Q T. fi] jJLJtXl^^'K second, M. ^.qCT, Dg)!] for om. kgI dnijXe. ^^^^ 
cf. Gr. KBCD &c. syr^^ ijUUL^.-f ] + ibceiflC, P. VA-XlXe^.] 

v^J\\^.y Gj. **JULeepe] +eqx(J0 juumoc, b. o-r- 
npoc^.] npocf)., FKNpcQV. Te exeetjoq] ah: oh exe., 
riv&c: xeTe., cej: xeecoq, b. ** 2>oxe] cf.Gr.N«ABCL 

&c. : Gr. h^* D «f. ^qctj^^^' A- e&^^ Hlfi-Cn] for position d. 
Gr. N* a b f syrP m. GXA-qA-IXOIf] ora. B*. IteA.1fI ... UttJA.!] 
A, for pluperf. cf. Gr. K» it vg : >r^p neA.-ri, Oj : >^{JdOy VA-p, 
L: g^OJO-r Ue, BD1.2.4A1EFHJMPQ Hunt 18: V^.p RG, L(Ci 
began ^) : TllCtJ^Iy B &c.; om. S, cf. Gr. G 108. 122*, hut these wordn 
form one Hne in E^. ** A.qi OH] -Olfn, Fi<»LMP«, but the con- <>, 

fusion between Olt and O^VIt makes it impossible to say whether the 
Coptic Gr. read trdXiv or o^v, or both with all Gr. MS8. : + llxemc, 
Ac(iKC) L, cf. Gr. A &c. eXKA.n^] -KA.nA.n, Q, cf. Gr. »* : Gr. 

B «/. exA.qeepe, a Dg. niixcooif] ni., Fi*. ne &c.] a, cf. a. 

fi^ClXlKOc] fi.a.ClXlCKOC, E/ Gj Ji* M Oj S, cf. Gr. D &c.: + l^e, 
B &c.. cf. Gr. I* D L &c. Ue] om. C Ai Q. eo** OH] om. €, F. 
OTOnXA.q, ACrAjEGaHJKLNT HuntiS. >ijUUt.^.-r JtOlf- 
ttj Hpi, H. KA.c{)A.p^^.O•rX«.] KA.nepn^01fJUL, P® (first a. and 
e altered), cf. Gr. AL &c. *^ 4>A.l] Gr. N* om.: +Oyn, D2.4. 

•f lO** 2ieA. e] om. P* ; obs. syr^" *ex GalQaea in Judaeam.' ^qSJC] 


o-rog, n^Tf&o epoq. ^im. itxeqi ej^pHi 
Sxeqxo-rxe ueqanpi. n^^qn^juLOT r^-p ne. 
xnfi. *«nexe mc o-rit it^.q. xe A.peTen|tt|T'e«xnA.'r 
eg^^ituLHini itejuL 2^^.na4>Hpi Texeitna^'f 
A.n. ^^Ilexe uifi.A.ciXiKoc n^q. xe mM 
A.JULo-r e^pKi i}LnA.xeqjULo-r ibceuA.^.Xo'r. 

^^Ilexe iHC n^.q. ze 1X^.^6 itA.K. qoitji) ibcencK- 

ojKpi. o-fog^ ^^r^^&'f nxeiupcoJULi enIc^aI 

€T"^ mc 3Coq it^.q. oTrog, ^.quLogi. 

"&H2kK eqrtho-r ej6pHi ic neqefi.iA.iK ^ti efioX 

e2,pA.q e-rxtjo jOUuloc. ze qonj6 itzeneKojHpi. 

^^HA.qami 2i.e Sxoxoif itcA. 'fo-rnoTr ok €XA.q- 
A.CIA.I it^HXc. neztjoo-f n^^q. ze i6eit ^.znf 
itcA.q ^qx^^ itxenijiuLojuL. 

'^OEXqeuLi o-fit Szeneqitjox. ze ne 'fo-rnoT err- 
ejtjutxis€ xe. ex^ mc zoc nA.q. ze qonj6 
nzeneKaHpi. o-fog^ ^qn^^g^-f neiUL neqHi 

•^4>A.i ne niJULKini iJuuLA-g^S exA.qA.ixoT itxeiSc 
exA.qi e&oX j6en -f ioT2i.eA. ei"rA.XiXeA.. 

ABCrG2*HKNQTV, cf. Gr.: pref. OTOg^, Di.2.4AiEFGa«JLMOPS 
Hunt i8 : Gr. «* rjXBtp ovu. OTOg^] om. LT. nA.qi"2,o] cf. Gr.: 
A^q-fg^O, K*. epoq] ABrD4FG2HL: +ne, OD,.,AiEJKMNO 
PQSTV Hunt i8; cf. Gr. A &c. add aMv. nxeqXOTZe] prcf. 
OTOg,, IIMP. VA.p] om. Ji*. *®OTn] A«Cr added) BCFGa 

KJKMTV: om. D1.2.4A1EFLNOPQS HuDt 18, cf. Gr. T^ 237. syr<^" 

et ^\ A.pexen] /jreireiiy s : eaoon epexen, ?. xe- 
xennA.g^i"] a n : nxexennA-g^i", D2.4; cf. Gr. h* n it vg 
maT€C€T€ : xexennA-nA-g^^" , b &c. *^ fi.A.ciXicKoc, 

E2*(om.Cl)G2*Ji*K*MNOiS. nA.OC] om. Q. nA.A.XoT] ni., 
B Q, (;f. Gr. D &c. syi<'". ^^ nSXe] pref. IX A., I*. nA.q^ 

ijLnifiA.c., K. qonii] pref. xe because, F. iizeneKaHpi 

ixnCK., H : -nCKA-XoT, V. OTOg^ i°] cf. Gr. AC &c.: om. KP, 
«f. Gr. KBD &c.: Gr. LT^s^cr a,'. nxenipCOULl] om. K. CUI- 
C AXl] B &c. : om. A, tr. U) ' what : ' Gr. K «yr c" t<o Xoyy tov irjaov, ZOq] 
ZOC, D2.4O1S. ^^ g^K2iH(e, N)] ABMNOQ Huut i8, cf. ap. Ln : 

JOHN IV. 48-54. 375 

and was beseecbiDg him that he would come down, and 
cure his son; for he was about to die. *^ Jesus then said 
to him: * Unless ye see signs and wonders, ye believe not.* 
*^ The king s-officer said to him : * My Lord, come down 
before my child die.' *** Jesus said to him: *Go, thy son 
liveth:' and the man believed the word which Jesus said 
to him, and he walked (away). '^^(As he is) now coming 
down, lo, his servants met him, saying : * Thy son liveth.* 
^^And he was asking of them for the hour in which he 
was relieved: they said to him, that in the seventh hour 
of yesterday the fever left him. *^His father then knew, 
that it was that hour (in) which Jesus said to him: ^Thy 
son liveth : ' and he believed, and his whole house. ^ This 
is the second sign which Jesus did, having come from 
Judea to Galilee. 

+ :^e, C &c., cf. Or. ei6pHl] eg^pUI, K. Ic] pref. g^KRUe, ». 

neqe&iA.iK &c.] ^rti eStoX eg^pA.q it2^eneqe&iA.iK, b : 

- ^.-f ep^.nA.ItXA.It (cf. Gr. A &c.) epoq, K ; for airoO cf. Gr. 
ABC &c.: for era. leai l/yy^iXap of. Gr. B L. GlfZCO iXJtXOC] cf. 
Or. AC(BL) &c. 8>T«a: +n^.q, Hunt 18, cf. ?a syr®" et"«»> et»»' aeth. 
neKOjHpO cf. Gr. DK'L &c. Hyr^". ^^ nA.qajmi] for imperf. 

cf. Gr. 13. &c. lie] cf. Gr. 13. 69. al pauc 1 basm : oiu. N Oi Q, cf. 
a^ arm: the rest of Gr. oZv, g syr «»* et •«»» aeth *et:* +1X6, N. 
ItTOXO'c] om. K, cf. Gr. B: +Ue, Di.2.4^iEFJMPQS Hunt 18. 
itCA.] C^, Q. i" Cf hot] for position cf. Gr. L &c. OK] om. 
l< Q. HeZUJOIf] cf. e foss basm syrca et«»»: pref. OfOg^, hi, cf. 

Gr. » A D &c. A.xn] ^nA.-r hi^w, Q. <&-qx^^] ^c-> ^ ' 
^.qX^c, 0, cf. Gr. B A air^v. " ^.qeuLi] eq., P. on, a r^. 
neqitjox] cf. Gr. c &c. xe] om. l : +i"o-rno-r, An»»o : >Te 

€XeUUUL^.1f, B Hunt 18 ; for om. €u cf. ? Gr. I** B C i. eX^- 

iHCj&c.] exA.qxoc nA.q itxeiKc, mQ: ne €T"A.q. &c. 

IienOC IHC, K: Gr. Ik* foss basm om. 6 I?. XG 2°] cf. Gr. D &c.: 

+juLA.2je n^K, B. o-rog^ . . . Tupq] om. B: -m.^'f 

iteoq, ». ^*4)^.I] ACrFGgHKLMNPQSTV, cf. Gr. l^AC^ 

DL &c.: +2ie, BD1.2.4A1EJO Hunt 18, cf. Gr. B C* G al pauc. 

nijuLKini &c.] om. ni, r*: >n\Jtxi^^'K ijuuLHini, f. 
ex^.qA.IXo•r J aCi* : . . ., b &c. io-r2iA., b*. 






Hunt 26, 


UeneitcA. n^\ ne na^i tire ^10*^2^^^ ne. o-rog, 

^.qi itxemc e^pni eI?^HJUL. 
Hg^pKi 2^6 ^ert iXkUl ^ixen •fupofi^.T'iKH 

iteoTort oifKoX'fJULfi.KepA. en eroTSJLO'^'f 

epoc jjLMxeT^eSLpeoc xe fi.KecA.i2iA.. 
Go-ron itxA.c Juuu.A.-r Se itcxoA.. ^ o-rog, nA.-r- 

pozn ne ^en ha.! itxeniiULHa Sxe nn ex- 

ojtjorti 2^A.nfieXXeT nejut g^A-ntfiXeT itejui 

g^A.rto'foit e-caoifooo'v. | 
0'*o& A.ccya5ni eirxo-caT efioX eifKiJUL juLui- 

jULCJooif. *neo'fon o-cA.weXoc eqei enecKX 

itnA.-r nifiert iien -fKoXifULfiKepA. o-rog, 

O'fog^ oifort nifiert eqei eiiecHT itaopn JULen- 

encA. niKiJUL juLniimajoTr eqeep4>A.^pi cajconi 

ni&en exeitXA.q. 

^ nA.l] ACrAiFi*G2H Hunt 26: +2^6, »BDi.2.4EFi«JKLMN 
PQSTV, cf. Gr. SV &c.: +2^6 Olt, Oj. ngA.l] cf.? Gr. ABD &v. 
f'oprij. Ue] om. LN : >Ue ItXe &c., WBOiQ Hunt 26. OlfO^] 
om. KFi*N. eg^pKl] ei6pHI, KOi: om. Ai *. >ej6pHI 

itxeiRC, Oi. '^itg^pm 2^6 ^eniJuuuL] 0T02,...2ie 
^en., h^ : om. F. g^izert] ezert, kbl : Gr. k* &c. om. ne] 

cf. Byrro*"" arm. OH] pref. 2i.e, D2.4 X. fi.KeCA.I2i.A.] A K P Q : 
fi.H2k., M B(T"A.) F(XA.) &c.; cf. B c vg syrP &c.: fiH2i.C2i.A., 
erasure of two letters between 2^ 1° and C, which is written over \y 
QjC-po witf, ^ *^ copy,* and both tr. o^ l«^i^\ *the press house;' 

Ci gloss adds ^jUJl iSj l^bjlJ ^\ 'which is interpreted, the pool of the 

sheep ; ' F2 has this also at ipjAi qalanbathrah ; cf.? Or. A C &c. fiffBttrda. 

eoTort itXA-c] d,.2.4MNPQSV: eoTOitTA.c, a &c. cxoa] 

Gr. L oTofia, ^O'ifO^] cf. syrO" ef*** ut ^' : om. F Hunt 26, cf. 

Gr.: Gr. D adds ow, >rtA.1fpoxn ^eitHA.! RC, F. ItA-T] 
A. altered from O, A^ lie] om. liQ Hunt 26; for imperf. plur. cf. 
Gr. D &c. niJULHa] cf. a b : HI., 0, : Olf., Hunt 26 ; for om. vo\v 
cf. Gr. h^BCDL &c. 8yr«». eXaOJItl] om. eX, Ji*. etCQO'9- 

JOHN V. 1-4. 377 

V. After these (things) was (the) feast of the Jews; and 
Jesus came up to Jerusalem. ^Now in Jerusalem by (lit. 
upon) the sheep (gate) there was a pool, which is called 
in Hebrew 'Bethsaida/ having five porches: ^and in these 
were lying the multitudes of them who were sick, blind, 
and lame, and some withered. And it came to pass, (that 
as they were) looking for a moving of the water, * there 
was an angel (who) came (read A.CJI) down every hour in the 
pool, and moved (read ^CJ.) the water. And any (lit. every) 
one (who) shall come down first after the moving of 
the water shall be healed of every sickness which (may) 

tOOnr] enrcyojrtl, K (commentHiy begins) : Gr. D &c. add vapa\tmKa>u, 
Onrog, 2° to the end of ver. 4, A D4 Ag"* Fi™8. j ^' ^"* -^ ^H S : om. 
BCrDi.2.3A,.2*EFi*G2.3H,.3e*J,.sKMNPQTV Paris 61 Hunt 26, 
cf. Or. KBC* &c. syr®". Ci gloss Arabic and ^Aj^^ li J^h * addition in 
the Arabic;' T gloss lost; Di gloss Arabic and (Ja*5Jl ji ^j-J j ^^^j 
'Greek, and not in the Coptic;' A2 gloss ^e>^^ ^ji^J3\ j ifjj'^ fj J^|; ^^ 
' this is an addition in the Greek, and the Armenian ?, and the Arabic ; ' 
El, 2 glosses, the same Arabic, Ei prefixing ^^J!^ fj in the Greek,' E2 
i2^\ I'^^-^l J jVl^ (J J^ * section in the Greek which the Coptic 
contains not;' Fi°»K without note; C^ restored leaf; 0™« gloss ^^jito ^ ^ 

xjJl ijuft ^--Ji *in some copies this (verse) 4 ;' Ji gloss, Arabic as in a » %>■.. > 
*a copy ;• V gloss, Arabic and Ja^sJ^ ^J^ J^, (J yySX\ \j^ *this writing 
is not found in the Coptic* Gr. A* C * D &c. al pier &c. M^xot^fy^y rriv rov 
CdoTot Kiyfjaip : Gr. A* L 18. 157. 314. q om. ^.CttjOJlH] A: ^.q- 
OJCJOni, Fi"8: ^.nrcytJOni, Aa"*^ &c. No point after Xt-CJOOT, A. 
♦Gr.AC'^EFGHIKLM(S)UVrA(An)al pier &c. read ver.4. ItG... 
JULtJOO-y i°] om. S*, syrP c* habet. Onr^^rr.] itO-y^.rr., P4: 

+ itxenOT, D4, cf. Gr. AKLAn &c. eqei i°] ^^h s«: eqi, 
e™B : eq nnoT, l. it n^.-y] a D4 Yj^ l : itn^.i, Oi s« : itcHOT, 

O' « ; lor position cf. Gr. 239. al pauc g. 'f KoX^TXt..] A D4 Fi'"b 
e™KL: om. i", Aj^^FjC-'OiS^. eqKIJtx] ^.qKIAX, e^'USc. 

eqei 2^] eqi, S: ^.qi, e'^». xjieneit^., a*, hikiax] A: 
RKiJUL, D4 &c.: itKixJL, s. eqecp] A e-^R L : eqep, D4 &c. 

eoj.] itttj., Oi. eTenX^^q] om. F,«, perhaps lost. 


'^Heonrort onrpcoxt-i T^e Xjuul^v ne. €A.q€p 5vh 
itpoxjini Aert neqcgcoiti. •GT'^.qn^.T 2^6 e<^^.i 
ibcemc eqitKox. onro^ exA.qeA«.i ^e ^.qep 
onrjtUKttj itxponoc onrog, ne^^q nA.q. see 

^ 3Xqepo-ya) rtA.q itxecJ>K exa^iti ne^^q. 2ce n^.OT 
jDuuLon-f pcjoitiLi jjtMUrt. g,mA. ^.qg]^.neo^ 
itxeniJtutJooT itTeqg^ix e^pHi efKoXntAii- 
^iHep^.. g^(joc 2s.e emaov ^itoK gj^pe iceof^i 
epaopn epoi ej^pHi. 

^Ileze mc n^.q. xe xcoriK A.Xio-yi ixneKCTJ^ox 
o-cog^ JtiLoaji. ® onrog, cA.xoxq ^.qoT2CA.i nxe- 
nipojjuti onrog^ ^.qojXi juLneq(J?vox ^.qjULooji. 
ne nc^.JS.&^.Tort ne nieg^ooT eirejtxjutujr. 

^^E^txuj onrn IxJtxoc itxeniio-y2s.A.i jOLc^h ex^^q- 

epcl>^.^pi epoq. xe nc^A£LA.xort ne oTog^ coje 

nA.K i^n ecoXi i}LneK(J?vox. 

^ "Heoq 2ie nex^.q ncooT. xe c^k ex^.qepiofx^.i 

iteoq nex^.qxoc nai. xe coXi iJLneKCfJvox 

UL^^cye n^.K. 

^2 SX'caenq s^e ef scco ijuuLoc. see niJtx ne nipcojtxi 

irnTs. eT^.qxoc m^K. xe coXi ixneKCFkox oT|og, 

xJLoaji. "cl>H :^e exA.qo-yx^.i nA.qejun 

'^Siejom.Oi. i5uu.A.-y]Gr.Kom. ne]oni.Fi*. eA.qep]A.q., 

Da*. Kh] for om. icm cf. Gr. B &c. itpOJULni . . /®^A.qnA.T J oin. T. 

neqatJoni] cf. Or. i<bc*dl &c. ®:^e] onrn, U: Or. om. 
>nxeiKc ecl>^.i, Di.2.4AiEJLmnqs. onrog,] om. f. xe i^] 

om. S. ^ponoc] C altered, A^: for om. rjdn cf. Or. K 253. e syr^'^ &c. 

onrog, 2°] AcrOaH : om. B &c. n^.q] om. T. ^ A-qeponrco] 

Gr. A^D Uyn. nA.q] om. BAiEFJLS. <^H ex] nex, D2.4L. 
neXA.q] om. P, cf. Gr.: + n^.q, Q. nA.OT] om. nA., Q, cf.? Gr.: 
pref. Ce, N, cf. Gr. C" &c. ^\mJ] +ettj(JOn, CiO. &IX] IX added. 
A^: om. D2*: +X, BFNP. g,(JOC 2s.e] BD2.4FKLMNT: g^OC^e, 
ADjAiEiJiS: g^COCXe, FP: g^OCXe, CEgGgHcQiV : g^OXe, 

u* : g^a32^e, Q. einHo-c] +e^pHi, s. ® neze] xe added, 

A". ^.XIO•yI] tJoXl, P Hunt 26; for om. xai cf. Or. «BCL &c. 

JOHN V. 5-13. 379 

be his. ^And there was a man there, having been (lit. 
done) thirty -eight years in his sickness. ®And Jesus 
having seen this (man) Ipng (lit. sleeping), and having 
known that he had been (lit. did) much time (in that 
state), [and] said to him : ' Wishest thou to be cured t ' 
^ He who was sick answered him, he said : ' My Lord, I 
have not (a) man, that, if the water should be disturbed, 
he might put (lit. throw) me into the pool: but as I (am) 
coming, another getteth (lit. doeth) before me down.* ^ Jesus 
said to him: *Bise, take up thy bed, and walk.' ^And 
immediately the man was cured, and he took up his bed, 
he walked: (the) sabbath was that day. ^^The Jews then 
were saying to him whom he healed : ' It is (the) sabbath ; 
and it is not lawful for thee to take up thy bed.' ^^ But 
he said to them: 'He who caused me to be cured^ he said 
to me, "Take up thy bed, go."' **And they asked him, 
saying : ' Who is the man who said to thee, " Take up 
thy bed, and walk?"' "But he who was cured was not 

'-" Onrog, i°] om. FLPQ Hunt 26, cf. Gr. H*. CA.TOXq] cf. Gr. 
N«ABCL &c. 8yr«». CCOg, 2°] om. F Hunt 26: Gr. i< &c. add 
nytperj, D Ac. iy€p0€is, A.qoAl, A. A.qJtlLOajl] pref. OTOg,, N. 
ne] A Hunt 26 : +:^e, B &c., cf. Gr. nieg^OOT] JJLlil., FLO, ; 
obs. Gr. cV &c. except D e om. cV cV &c. ^" nA.T2Ca)] nA.q., EJS. 

iuUmoc] AQ: +n€, B &c. 4>exA.q, a. ne] cm. lOi. 

Onrog^] om. BFLNOiQ Hunt 26, cf. Gr. O^AAH &c. syr^". Cttje] 
pref. it, N Hunt 26. neKtTXox] cf. Gr. i< C* D L &c. eyr®**. 

^^ iteoq 7^e] cf. Gr. kc*l &c. s a/, ^ex^.q] ^.qeponro), 

F|"U ('another') N, cf. Gr. untxpiBfi, ^eX^.q] ne(C^H, N) eXA.q, 
BD,.2.4FMV. nm] n^-K, 2nd person. L. ULA-Oje] ABCFG2H 
K L N Oi Q T V Hunt 26 : pref. Of O^, F D^. 2. 4 Aj E J M P S. 
'■- A.nrttjenq] eg over erasure, A^. 2ie] cf. q: OTH, L, cf. Gr. 
ACL &c.: 8yr~»» et»»''et:' f *tunc:' om. BFNOiQ Hunt 26, cf. Gr. 
J*BD &c. syrc". CXXUO JUUULOC] ALOi, cf.? e *iudaei diceiiteB:* 
nni. B &c. JULneKCT^wOX] cf. Gr. AC^D &c. 8yr««. AJLOOJl] 

JUL^^ttje n^JC, N. *^ 2s.e i°] 2s. altered, A" : om. Q. cf. Gr. D» d. 

exA.qov2C^.I] cf. Gr. j< a b c L &c. A.n] + ne, Fi« l n q. 

380 RaxTOX lUiaXHHHC. 

xe nixjL ne. mc ^e ne^.qi efioX. eoTon o-c- 

^* Uenenc^. nA.i 2s.e A.qxex«.q itxeiSc i>en niepc^i 
onrog, nexA.q n^.q. xe g^unne ^.Ko•rx^.I. iinep- 
epnoJ^i xe ^\m^ itxeajText. nex^cooT itg^oiro 
cyconi JUUU.OK. 

^••aXqaje ^^,q ofit itxenipajjuti onrog^ ^.qxoc itni- 
lof 2iA.i. 2ce iKc nex^.qepionrx^.1. 

^«Gefi.€cl>^.i oitn m^-tcfbxx itcA. iSc itxenno-r2s.^i. 
xe nA.qipi itn^.i ^en nc^.fi&^.xon. 

^^Ikc 2s.e nex^.q noooT. xe gA.e^onrrt ei"rtof 
UA.i(jox epg^ojfi. onrog, ^.noK g^oo 'fepg^oofi. 

^®Ge&e4)A.i onrrt itg^onro n^.TKOJ-f itcuoq ne iixe- 
nno'Cii.A.i e^oofi.eq. xe ot uionoit n^.q&a>X 
juLn\c^&&^.xon. iJkXA, nA.qxa) juuuloc. xe 4>1" 
ne n^ioox. eqipi ijuuLoq itg^icoc nejUL <^'f". 


^^aXqeponroo 2s.e itxelSc onrog, nexA.q ncooT. xe 
A.jtiLKn ^juLHit -fxoo JUUULOC nooxen. xe 
jjLJtxoti cy^ojUL itT"e ncynpi ep g,Xi e&oX 
g^ixoxq. ^.qcyrejULn^v ecl>ia5X eqipi juuuLoq. 

XeniiUL ne] om. N. IKC 2^e] ABCrD,Ei(^)FG2HKMTV 
Hunt 26: -r^.p, AiE,.2»TLN0iPQS, cf. Gr.: - V^-P 2^6, Dj.4. 

neA.qi] nA.qi, Fi*: ^qi, bf Hunt 26, cf. Or. aor. efi.oX] 

+ ne, LN. niJUL^] Or. N* €v tci> /Li€<r». ^*2s.e] cf. Or. FA: 

Tet:' om. AiFLNOi Hunt 26, cf. the rest of Or. XeXJiq] Or. l^* 
syr^u et^"^ aeth rov Ttdiparnvfjitpov, OTOg^] om. Fi*NOiQ Huut 26. 
^^CCn] cf. Or. K^D &c.: om. Eg*?, of. Or. SBCL &c.: Or. A &c. 
Kvrc" Kol. OnrOg^] om. BFi*MOiQ. -&.qXOc] cf. Gr. l^CL &c. 8yr«". 

nexA.qepi] ACFGaHKNQTv Huut 26: ne ex., bmp: ne 

4>H ex., D1.2.4A1EFJLO1S ; for /nc cf. Gr. D &c. 8yro«. ^^Onrit] 

ABCrG2nK:om.D,.2.4AiEFJLMNOiPQSHunt26^ n^.TtfOXlJ 

+ ne, D,.2.4AiEFJLMNS: +Onrn, Hunt 26. IKc] for position 

cf. Gr. A &c. Io•c^^.^] +eTOT(jottj ej^oe&eq, a^^d^Tj^« 

JOHN V. 14-19. 381 

knowing who it is: and Jesus had come forth, a multi- 
tude being in that place. ^^And after these (things) Jesus 
found him in the temple, and said to him : ' Lo, thou wast 
cured; sin not any more, lest greater evil happen to thee/ 
^^The man then went, and he said to the Jews, that Jesus 
caused me to be cured. ^® Therefore, then, the Jews were 
persecuting Jesus; because he was doing these (things) on 
(the) sabbath. ^"^ And Jesus said to them : * Until now my 
Father worketh, and I also work.' ^* Therefore, then, the 
Jews were seeking for him the more to kill him, because 
not only was he breaking the sabbath, but he was saying, 
that God is my Father, making himself equal with God. 

^^And Jesus answered and said to them: 'Verily, verily, 
I say to you, that it is not possible that (the) Son should 
do anything of himself, unless he see the Father doing it. 

LNOi, cf. Gr. A &c.: +eAoe&eq, D3: ora. A*BCTDi.2Ai.2EFi* 
GjHJKMPQSTV Hunt 26, cf. Gr. J^BCDL &c. 8yr«»; Di gloss 
iJLii vjjJ^^j t^-ji * Greek, they vish to kill him;' E^ tr. »Jb5 ^jjui^. 

and gloss ^j^ 'Greek.' nA.CJIpI 
Gr. D &c. om. cV. " IHC 2i€ 

^ cf. Gr. ACDL &o.: +On, J^. 

nex^^q rtojonr] a b c r Gj h km Oi t v : ^,qepoTa5 noooT, 
Ai Q. cf. Gr. (oxc. t« air€Kptv€To) : A.qepoT(jo nexA.q uojonr, i< 

D,. 2. 4 E F J L N P S. e'fnonr] eT^IO'Cnonr to this hour, K T : 
e4>OOnr to to-day, i*. OfOg,] om. Hiy, ^^Onru] cf. Gr. 

A BOL &o.: om. M, cf. Gr. N D &c.: 8yr«»» *vero,' 8yr««*» aeth 'et.* 
itg^O-Co] Gr. U f 8yr«" om. ItCtJOq ne(om. HG, M)] n€ ftc^.- 
IHC, Oi. it3Cennonr:^^l] Gr. D 8yr<»» place before cf^ow. X€ i°] 
om. Hunt 26. Ot] om. Fi*T*. H^qAooX] ^.q., rE,*G2*L0i, 
cf. Gr. A* ll>iva€p: +e&.o\ FLOi. niCA.&.] HC^A., KLT: 

+^,^, Hunt 26: +efi.oX, Di.2AiEi.2(+^n)jQS. ^.XX^] 

+ 2Ce, MP, cf. Gr. A 13. al pauc. JUUULOq] B &c.: JuLULOC, A. 

g^icoc] FP^: ^nrcoc, A &c. '* ^.qepo-co)] +rt(joonr, f. Hunt ,8, 

2^e] om. l^CEaJKMNOiPST Hunt i8, cf. Gr. 33. &c.: the rest of nu^26, 
Gr. oZp. O-yOg^] om. l^BFKOiQSTV. nez^.q] cf. Gr. AD &c. "^^ 
ntJOOnr] om, F Hunt 18. Gr. U* tXtytu ovp avrois o «. TlttjHpl] 
Gr. D 13. 69. 124. arm add tov dpBpiimov. g^ITOXq] ACrD,.2.4Ai 
EG2HJLMO1PS: +ijUUtA.fA.Tq, ^BFKNQTV Hunt 18, 26. 


Hh vi^p exe ct)ia5X p^. juljukjoot. n^.i on exe 
niKeojHp! ipi ijuuLtJOOf. *®4>ia5x v^.p qjuiei 
jQLnajHpi. onrog, S/^^ rtifi.ert exeqipi JJuuLUJoy 

itniai" ern^x qn^.x^.JULoq epuooT g^in^. iteco- 
xen itxexen€pcgcl>Kpi. | 
xne 21 Ocl>pH'f vi^p exe 4)ia5x xonrnoc itmpeqjuLaK)'cx 
onro^ qx^^n^o juLJutcoonr. n^.ipK'f on niKe- 
aHpi nu exeqonr^.goT qxA.n^o xxulujot. 
2^0t r^.p c{)i(jox qitA-i-^^^n eg^Xi ^.rt. ^.XXi. 
nig^^^u XKpq A.qxHiq juLniaHpi. "g^iitA. itxe 
onrort mfiert epxijut^^n juLnicgHpi i}Lct)pHi" 
exonrepxiJUL^^n i}Lcl>ia)x. 
^ 4>K exenqepxiJJLA.n ^.rt jOLnicyKpi qepxiJUt^n 
_ A.n on ixniKeKJox exA.qxA.ofoq. 
^^° 2*CXXJtiLHn AJULKn -fxuj juljuloc ntjoxen. xe 4>k 
excooxexjL enA.cA.X! o-cog, nxeqn^.g^-f ecJ>K 
exA-qxA-oifoi. onronxeq con^ nene^ 
o-cog, qnA.x A.n eng,A.u. a.XXa. qonrcoxefi. efi.oX 
^en cl>juLOT e^oTn enoon^. 
2*3[Xx«.Hn A.JULHn 'fxoo juljuloc nooxen. 2ce cnno-c 
nxeonroirnoT exe i" nonr xe. g^oxe epe ni- 
peqjULOJOTX nA-cooxext. excjtHH ixnajapi 
ijL4>i"- oTog^ na eenA-ccoxejUL enreoonji). 
'« 04>pH't' VA.p exeoTon onroon^ gon ^en c^itox 

iiiULoq] juLJULcoonr, r«. cl>ia5x] cf. Ryrc« et^i*. m^i on] 

- OTn, A. UIKe] n., Oi*. om. Ke, K. Ipl] for positi.m cf.Gr. 
A 15 L &c. 2" ct)ia5X . . . JULJULOJOT] om. T. VA.p] om. K. 

jtxei, N. naapi] nx., m. onr og, i°] om. hy. exeqipi" 

eXA.q., Q. qn A.XA.X«.Oq 2^] Gr. D &c. syr «« ^ctVevi/criv. OTOg^ 2°" 
Fi*. OT02>---epa50nr] om. J^Dg*. g,,fi.HOnri] for position 

qnA.XAJULoq, cf. Gr. i* b &c. g,fi.Honri enrol n] om. q. 
enA.i] om.e, A*. nea5xen(erasureabovexen)]+2,a)xen,H. 
fixexenep] xexenep, at, cf.? Gr. kl &c. ^i Tof- 
noc nni] ABcrD4EHMP Hunt 18: xonrnoc (for nec) ni, 

JOHN V. 20-26. 383 

For the things which the Father doeth, these likewise 
(lit. again) the Son also doeth. ^°For the Father loveth 
(the) Son, and will shew to him all things which he doeth ; 
and greater works than these will he shew to him, that 
ye may wonder. ^^For as the Father raiseth the dead, 
and maketh them live, thus again the Son also maketh 
live them whom he wisheth. '"^^Fot the Father will not 
judge any one, but he gave all the judgement to the Son ; 
^^that all might honour the Son as they honour the 
Father. He who honoureth not the Son, honoureth not 
[again] the Father also who sent him. ^* Verily, verily, I say 
to you, that he who heareth my word, and believeth him 
who sent me, hath eternal life, and will not come to (the) 
judgement, but removeth from (the) death into (the) life. 
^^ Verily, verily, I say to you, that an hour cometh, which 
now is, when the dead will hear (the) voice of (the) Son 
of God, and they who will hear shall live. 2° For as there 

Di.aAiFGaJKLNOjQSTV HuDt 26. Cfr^.n^o] qHA.., S twice. 

xjuulcjoot] iiJtiLoq, G2*. on] om. Gg*. ^^ot r^.p] 

A^BCrGgHKMNQTV Hunt 18. 26: Onr^^G VA-p, A°Di.2.4A,EF 

JLOiPS, cf. Or. qit^^i"] q, Oj. eg^Xi] om. G, A. -&.qT-Kiq] 

om. M*. 23j^^e] Qjn Q^ eXOnrep] om. GXOT, Dg. 

jULcl)ia)x] jjL^-f, G2*. ct>H . . . i(jox] om. V*. -&.n i°] on, 
G2. iinittjHpi (Httj, B) qepT-iJUL^.n] om. Fj*. ^,n 2°] 

o. e., A^: on, D4 G2 N. JULUIKGItJOT-] JJL^lUJTy K P V«. 
^^-fxOO ijLJtILOc] om. A*. n^.C^.Xl] n^.., OiV Hunt 18: Hunt .8, 
nC^.XI, B*. O-yO^ i^] om. F,*. C^h] ijLC^H, F. OTOn- 

Teq] OTon itxeq, f. oon;^] pref. ot, D2.4P. o-yog, 2°] 

cm. Fi*. qOfOOXefi.] A*: qn^.., AcQi. cf. b c e flP*' 1 q &c.: 

^.q., B &c. ^enc^jtiLOT] AecJ)., A: ^ene4>., Dj. 

^'^€(n, Oi)T-e't"nO-r ire] - on TG, Di^ (erasure between n and 
T^). 2. i*' El. a"" S : om. Gr. N* a b &c. epe] om. Fi*LMOiPV 
Hunt 180, 26. OnrOg,] Ei^ over erasure of pOJXJLI ?, cf. Gr. K &c.: 

om. Fi*. nK een^^cooxext.] - eecooTejut, Ej*: Gr. 

oi{U om.) ^Mv^auTts: e «yr<^" om. e^reOOn^] Glfajn^, B* E,*. 
2® JULpHi", A*. V^.p] om. Ji*L. O^TOn] om. Ji*M. OTtJOnii)] 


384 RaxTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

nA.ipH'f" ^,q^"HIC ixniKeaiKpi eepe ontvni) 

cyconi it^pHi it^Hxq. ^^onrog, ^.q^epaJIgI 

_n^.q. eepeqipi itoTg^^-n. xe OTcgnpi iipcoiULi ne. 

2^ Uiiep€pttjc{>Hpi ^en cI>a.i. xe chhot itxeoTo-vrtoT 

g^oxe oTon nifi.ert ctxh ^en mijL2,^.Tr ere- 

cooT-ejuL er'eqcjtiLH. ^* oto^ exei 6&oX 

xnc^ itxeriH exA.'ripi itm^ee^^.^eT eT^.^c^.cT^.|c^c 

it(jonA. oTog^ itK exA.Tipi nnmexg^owv enr- 
^.n^.cx^.cIc itKpicic. 
'^ ^"OAJLon a^xojtx itx^.ep ^Xi ^.^oK e&oX ^^itot. 
i}L4)pH'f e-fctJoxejuL 'f'f'g^^.n. oTog, n^>^A.n 
^.itoK OTJtiLHi ne. xe it-f Kco-f A.n itcA. n^.onrijoaj 
A.XXA. cl>onra3cg ixc^a eT^.qxA.OTOI. 


7 ^' Gacjon ^.noK A-ia^riepjuieepe eefi.HT" T^juter- 
juieepe otjulhi ^.rt xe. ^^ KeoTA.i nexep- 
uieepe ee&KX. onrog, 'fejun xe xeqAxex- 
juieepe onrjULHi xe. ok exA.qepx«.eepe jOuuloc 
^^Heojxert A.xexenonr(jopn ^a. loo^ititHc. o-rog, 
^.qepjtiieepe itejuLHi- ^*^.rtoK 2^€ n^.i(rrjuLex- 
Jtneepe itxe itipcojuii A.n. ^.XX^. m^i -f-xco 
juuuLOJOT g^iHA. itetjoxert itxexenitog^eAX. 

om. OT, Da*, fflon] ttJ(JOn, A: om. D4. n^.lpH'f] l<>AFi*Oi 
Hunt 18: +on, B &c.. as if 6/LioiW iu Gr. XHIc] XHiq, H. 
JULniKettJHpl] cf. Gr. AD &c. It^pKl] om. Oi. ^^OTO^] 

om. B. e(om. A)epeqipl] om. Opeq, Q ; order nearly of Gr. exc. H* ; 
for om. Kal cf. Gr. hi^ABL &c. Point (or gpace, or end of line) at It^q, 
g,^.n, BD4FI3; at rt^.q, S ; at 2,^-n, N AEJT; at neither, T. Iiej 
om. D4« ; section ends, «. ^^ CrtHOT] UHOnr, Gg*. €X€qCJULHj 
iixeq., Dg. ^-^ OnrOg^ i°] om. Fj* Hunt 18. enr A.n^.CX.] added 

e'x, A^ it(Jon^] e^ojrt^, G2. onrog, 2°] ka &c., of. m ^* syr* 

et»ch. OTOg, rtH^e, D1.i5.4EJ: nH2i.e, AiFOi,cf.Gr.h*ADL&c. 
ItK 2°] added, A<^. eX^.T 2°] eit^T, J. ittti 2°] JULlII, F. 
»" itXA.ep2,Xl A.rtOK] cf. Gr. J< 33. twr^oicu/ ante ry« pen : > A.nOK 

JOHN V. 27-34. 386 

is life being in the Father, thus he gave to the Son also 
that life should be in him: ^and he gave authority to 
him to execute judgement, because (he) is a son of man. 
^^ Wonder not at this ; because an hour cometh, when all 
who are in the sepulchres shall hear his voice, ^^and shall 
come forth; they who did the good (plur.) to a resurrec- 
tion of life, and they who did the evil (plur.) to a resur- 
rection of judgement. ^It is not possible that I should 
do anything of myself; as I hear, I judge: and my own 
judgement is true, because I seek not for my wish, but 
(the) wish of him who sent me. 

* ^^ If I should bear witness concerning myself, my witness 
is not true. ^^ Another beareth witness concerning me; and 
I know that his witness is true which he bare concerning 
me. ^^Ye sent to John^ and he bare witness to (the) 
truth. ^*But I was not receiving witness from [the] men: 

ilT"A.6pg,Xl, B, cf. the rest of Gr. exc. D 13. 249. &c. which place 
noiup after air* tfiavrov : om. ^KtOK, Aj M Hunt 18. g^ITOT"] 
+ ijUULA.-* A.T", Fi^LQ Hunt 18: +A.XX^ S. iiL4>pH'tj 
+ ^.nOK, Q. OnrOg,] (Dg^ over erased ^HOK) Gr. J^* om. OT- 
XILKl] OnreXJLKI, K«T. ne] om. Ci*. it-f KtJO-f ] om. it, «Fi* 
M Oi Hunt 18. Om. narpSs, cf. Or. J^ABDL &c. " ^ICy^^HCp] Himta6. 

nexep, p. xjlhi] ext-Hi, f q. " ,^g j ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^6. eeJ^HT 
nexep] ne gt, i<Di.2.4AiEFJOi: exep. Hunt 26. onro^] 

cm. Fj*. -f eXJLl] cf. Gr. N^ A BL &c. TCq . . . TG] - OTeJULHI 

Te, T: oTXJLHi Te TeqjtuexJULeepe, bd2.4«fp, but f 

adds O'VOiULHI XG, confusing the two readings; for avrov cf. Gr. 
D^ &c. €rT^.qep] AD2.4G2*NOiS V Hunt 26, cf. Gr. 13. 69. arm 
fiffxapripriKt^: GTeqep, J<BCrDiA,EFG2«HJKLMPQT. cf. the rest 
of Gr. JUUULOC] om. i*. »3 ^^^^^j^ -j ^pg^ej^.^ Hunt 26. 

OTOOpn] om. Ga*. O-TOg,] om. Fi* V. JULOpe, A. OJULHl] 

•fxjLeeJtiLHi the truth, Q. »* tfi ] (f\ it, Q. itxeni- 

pCJOJtlLl] A: ilTenp(JOJtlLI, B &c.: ItpOOitlLI, Q; these two pro- 
bably plural; cf. Gr. DJcc. 'fxoo] Gr. L XoXw. ijUULCJOOT] 

+ ita5xen, Fi*L: juuuloc nooTen, P: ixjutooo-rxen, 

B,which seems a confusion. . itOCOXeit] +g,a)X€rt, M. 


^*4>H erejtxjtJLArt ne iteoq ne nii6H&c eejuLog 

eeeXnX iJuuLooTeit npoc ototuot s^n neq- 

^* 3XnoK 2s.e onron-f xt-exjuieepe enA.A.c 6e^.ia)^.n- 

n^^ioox giiHA. itT^.xoKo-r e&oX. iieajoT ni- 
g^fi.HOTi erfp^ juutjujooT ceepjtxeepe j^^.poi. 

_ A.qo-yopnx iteoq nexepx«.eepe eefi.HT". 

^ 0-y2i.e juLuexeitctJOT-ejUL gculh itxA.q ene^ 

xnr t^ ot2>.€ JuLneT'ertln^.f ecjtxoT" iixA.q. ^•oto^ 

' neqcA^i cyojni ^en OHnoT A.n. xe ct)K er- 

A.qT^oToq iJL^eT"e^^^.g,'f iteaoxert epoq. 

^^jboT^ex ^en mrp^.cl>K. na eTeTeitJULeiri 

ep(J0OT iteooxert xe OTort onrooitji iteiteg, gjon 

it^KXOT. onrog, iteooonr exepjuieepe ee&HT. 

*^oTog, Texenoftjocy A.rt ei 2>A.poi g^in^. itxe 

epojxeit. xe 'fA.v^.UK itxe ct)'f gon j6€« 

3* ne] ora. Ai F G2 L Oi Q Hunt 26. onrog, exepo-rcjoiHi] 
om. «. 2s.e] om. Oj Q, cf. Gr. N*. ^.xexert] xexen, Q: 

^.pexen, KBM. UpOc] pief. OT, T: Or. a al* a ff*- place 
before oyoXXta^vai. ^** OnrOIff ] pref. €, M: om, i", Q : Q-ron 

SxH! juuu.A.'y itonrjuiex., Hunt 26. JuiexAiLeepe] 

pref. OT &c., A^ &c.; cf. Or. i< om. n}v: +ijlAIL^T, Q, 'there is t 
witness.' e(A., A*)n^^.c] n^.^.C, P*. rA.p(om. r^.p, BNQT 
V) . . . g^fiLHO-yi 2°] om. Fo. 2COKOT] KO over erasure, T added, A«: 
om. OT, Q. ef pA.] Qf. Gr. J^ABDly &c.: eXOTpA. which they 
dorr are done, Ji* K*. ^^.poi] ee^iKX, P: +0'rO2, q€p- 
JUieepe A^pOI itXecl)ia)X eXA.qXA.OTOI and (the) Father 
who sent me beareth witness of me, V. n€XA.qJ J^ACrGjHLQ: 

ne exA.q, BD1.2.4E1FJMO1S: 4>k exA.q, AiEaKNPTV: 

€XA.q, Hunt 26. *''0'y02,] om.V: om. OTOg,, 

JOHN V. 35-43. 387 

yet I say these (things) that ye might be saved. ^^That 
(man), he was the lamp which was kindled, and which 
gave light; and ye were willing (lit. wished) to be 
gladdened for an hour in his light. ^^But I have witness 
greater than that of John : for the works which my Father 
gave to me, that I might finish them, the works themselves 
which I do, bear witness about me that the Father sent me. 
^'And the Father who sent me, himself beareth witness 
concerning me. Neither heard ye ever his (iiXA.Cj) voice, 
nor saw his (ilXA.q) form. ^ And his word is (ojcjoni) not 
in you, because him whom he sent ye believed not. *^ Search 
in the scriptures, of which ye think that there is eternal 
life being in them ; and they bear witness concerning me ; 
^^and ye wish not to come to me, that life might be to 
you. *^I will not receive glory from man. **But I knew 
you^ that the love of God is not in you. ^^I came in 

F. ct)i(jox] +on, F: n^^iooT, M. nex^.q.] ne ex., bf 

D,.4AiEiHJL0iS: 4>H GX., OEaGaNT: He c{)H eX., P: 

ex^.q., D4 Hunt 26. onropnx] x^-onroi, s. iteoq] cf. Gr. 
A &c. nexepjtueepe] A*BCFFHKLNPQ Hunt 26: ne ex., 
K Da Ga J M : exep., Di. 4 Ai E s : nex^.q., A«T : lie exA.q., 

Oi. eefiLHX] ^^.pOI, B. OT:^e] Of Og,, Di*.a.4AiEJ 
S (twice). CJULHj XCJULH, N Oj S. erteg,] for position cf. Gr. F &c. 

iinexennA.T] ijLneqn^.T, s. itxA.q 2°] +eneg,, b. 

^*OnrO^] Of2s.e, «. aCDU, a. AerteurtOT] for position 

cf. Gr. AD &c. syro". x^.o-yoq] ofopnq, Oi- iteooxen] 

om. A,. **^OX^ex] +0*^, Da. 4. Hh] om. EJNOiQ. Hunt is, 

JUteri] A &c.Fi«(* another'): COOOf It, Fi*. eptJOOf ] JUUULOOOT, 

Fi*: >itea5xen epojoT, p. ileneg,] om. Op ojoii] 
om. L. exepjuieepe] ef ep., Ga*. nexep., P: ne exep., 

Da. 4 M. *" O-COg,] om. F. XeXen] pref. It, Di. a. 4 E J S : 

>ei 2,A.pOI A.n, V. &irt^.] pref. Ze, Hunt i8. ttJCJOni] 
a|U)n, El. Gr. D 69. &c. add aioiiviov. " Om. B. Jt^fnA.] 

om. it i^ l^. pOOitlLl] may be plural, but Gr. AEII al^^ dv6fwnov. 
*^ Om. B. Cgon] cgu>n, a : om. L, cf. verses 38, 39. ^It] om. A. 
*^ A.ItOK] A-XXa., Oi. ^n] om. B. 

C C 2 



Of og, xexerttff ijuuLoi A.rt. ^.pea{^.lt iceof ^ 

** IIooc o-rort cgxojtn ijuuLcoxen enA^-f" eperentfT 
cDonr itxoxoT itnexenepHO'r. o-ro^ noooir nxe 
nionrA.! iJLlx^.T^.xq TexeitKCD-f itccjoq ^^n. 

^^{Ja TexettJtueTi xe ^noK €ertA.epKA.XKVopm 
eptJOTen j^^Ten c^icox. oTon ^k ceit^ep- 
KA.THropm epooxen. 
UooTCHc cl>H iteooTert eT^.peTertep2,eX^Ic epoq. 

*^ ert^pexertrt^.g^'f rA.p ejuLconrcHc nA.peT"erinA.2,t 
epoi g,a) ne. exA. c^h rA.p cj6a.i ee&KT. 
*^ icxe xexenrt^.g^'f A.n emci6^i itxe <tK 
exejuLiutA.'r ncoc xexertn^.g^-f en^c^xi. 

H f"^ UenencA. nA.i ^qcge nA.q it^celHc ejuuip i}L4>ioiJL 
XHK itxe -f v^.XIXe^. | fixe xiBLepiA.2s.oc. * nA.q- 
jULoai 2s.e itccDq ne itxeonrjULKg eqogj. xe 
nA.TitA.-y eniJULKini enA.qipi juuulojot j^en hk 
/*? ^aXqcye nA.q nzeiKc eg^pHi exen nxxcjooT o-ro^ 
nA.qg,eJtiLci ijuuLA.'r ne nexiL neqAJLA-eaxKC. 
*neA.q^a)nx 2s.e ne^ nojA-i iixe 

onrog,] om. Fi* p. xexen] + nA., v. fee] om. b. i^e] 
om. AiNOi. i] om. A*, nexe] 4>H exe, D2.4. xexen- 

n(om.A<:)A.(5T] A" &c.: om. HA., A*. ** ijUULCOXeit] Gr. 

L &c. om. ifius. ep(x, p*)exen(ri] -e(JT, k. o-ro^J om. 

Fi*. ItXeJl^ACrFGgHLMHuntiS: ilL, BD,.2.4AiEJKNOiPQ 
STV. ijUULA.TA.Xq] i<ACi*.2rDi.2.3.4A,.2EiFi*J>-*G2Hi.3eJ 
LOiQSV Paris 6i, cf. Gr. B a b arm«dd: +C^i', B Ci"« Eg Fj^f C^"! 
KMNPT Hunt i8, cf. the rest of Gr. XexenKOJ-f] pref. it, L: 

Gr. K* &c. ftrovvT€£. ^^ xexen] pref. e, KT. epcjoxen i**] 
^A^ptjoxen, F: ijuuLtJoxen, s. onron] oTog,, Dj*. <tK 
eenA^ep] om. cI>k, S: nexnA.., DiAjEJ: (|>h exep, m. 

-KA.XHVOpI n] (H over e), A«. AJLOOTCKC] J< A (JUL altered) C Di 


JOHN V. 44— VI. 4. 389 

(the) name of my Father, and ye receive me not; and if 
another should come in his own name, ye will receive 
him. '**How is it possible for you to believe, receiving 
glory from one another, and (the) glory from the one 
alone, ye seek not for? ** Think ye that I will accuse 
you to the Father? there is (one) who will accuse you: 
Moses, in whom ye hoped. *®For if ye believed (imperf.) 
Moses, ye would believe me also, for he wrote concerning 
me. '*''If ye believe not the writings of that (man), how 
believe ye my words?* 

YI. After these (things) Jesus went across the sea of 
Galilee of Tiberiados. ^ And a great multitude was walking 
after him, because they were seeing the signs which he 
was doing among them who are sick. ^ Jesus went up on 
the mountain, and he was sitting there with his disciples. 
* And the passover, (the) feast of the Jews, had approached. 

AiHLMNOiPT: +ne, BrD2.4EFG2JKQSV Hunt 18. eT^.pe.] 
€^.pe., i*. ** ^^Sjf i°] om. M. V^.p i°] om. B : + RG, KN T. 
JULOOnrCHc] ABrEG2J(K)NQS(T)V Hunt 18: +ne, J^CDi.2.4 

Ai F H L M Oi P. n^^pexen] a D2 G2 m s : + n^., b &c. ae] 

om. L. rA.p 2°] om. D4*. *"' icxe] +2s.e, Oi, cf. Qt. TC- 

nren 2°] J^ACi^DaEgFJLMS. cf. Or. B &c. nyr^^. +n^., BCiCrDi.4 
A1E1G2HKNO1PQTV Hunt 18, cf. Gr. NAL &c. wicrrcvcrcrr, D &c. 

^ tiA.\] +2i.e, D2M P Q T, cf. Gr. 13. 69. 124. IKc] + neJtIL- o 

neqAx^eKXHC, m. jul^iojul] acthm: e4>., b &c. 
itxe i°] exe, F: e, Oi*. -fr^-XiXeA. itxe] om. p, cf. Gr. 

157. &c. Xlfi.ep!^.2i(X, A)OC] P: i"fi.., A &c.: -^.TOC, 
AKL: Gr. D &c. praem €ls rh fUprj. * 2s.e] cf. Gr. J^BDL &c.: 

Gr. A &c. Kai: om. DiAjEJQS. IlCCDq] ItCtJOq, rep. A. HG] 
ACrA,HPQ: om. B &c. OnrJtlLHttj] OTHia-f jOuULHttJ, Q. 

eqottj] Gr. j^ trox. o^x.] cf. Gr.: A-nr., Q. ni- 

JULHini] cf. Gr. NABD L &c. AJLJtlLtJOOf ] + HG, FM. ^ nA.q] 
cf. arm: +2^.6, BDj.gAjEJPS, cf. Gr. K«ABL &c. onrog,] om. 
Fj*. ItA.qg^.] A.q., M. JJLMXlJr] for position cf. Gr. D &c.: 

Gr. «* &c. om. uej om. BFi*MOQ. * neA.q] nA.q, s. ne] 
om. B.^] nttjA.1^» Q- trre] it, n. 



390 Raxrax luiaxHHHc. 

ex^.qn^.-y xe onron onrnia't' jDuulks hkctc 

^e^^.q juLct>iXinnoc. ^e ^.nn^jccAiL cjoik econ 

A.qxoq eqepnipA.^m ijuuLoq. Heoq vA-p iu.q- 
ccjoonrit 2ce ot neTenA.qpax)-yg 6^.iq. "'UXq- 
eponro) n^.q itxec{>iXmnoc. xe iiuuLoit ro nci.- 
eep! ittJoiK n^pA.cgo'r ^m^. nTO'rtfr no-vKo-cxi 

^Ileze o-yA.1 n^.q efi.oX i^ew neqjut^eKXKC ere 
^n2^peA.c ne neon nciimooit nerpoc. •xe 
onron onrA.Xonr jOLn^iiUL^ eonrort e iiudik nicoT 
iixoxq next. xe^iX E. a.XXa. epe n^.! n^c^g, 
eecjort itn^.IJtt.HaJ. 

^^Ofog, uexe mc. xe nipcoAxi poe&o-c. 

neonron of juiHa 2s.e ttciAiL juLniAiL^. erreu.- 

jUL^nr. A.nrpoe&.oT o^n ibcenipoDAiu exen 

niciuL xonrHni enrep e itojo* 

" aXqcfi OTit itnitJoiK ibcemc OTOg, exA-qgeng^AiLOT 

^ ex^.qq^.i] om. ex, p. onrn] om. kg : 2s.e, DjL. ibce- 

IKC] for position cf. Gr. l^ABDL &c. 8yr««: ante r. o^^ Gr. E &c.; 
obR. G2 has ItXencq, as if the writer had seen llxeiKC before 
neq &c. : om. h*. For avrov cf. Gr. U &c. 8yr«". OTOg,] om. FQ. 

ze...nHonr] eo-cjULHoj itoxXoc errtuoT, «. niaj-f juL] 

oiii. l\* : Or. l^D &c. ox^^os irokvs. ne2C^.q] Gr. Ds^ leac \eyti, 

i^nmjxexsL] b &c.: i^nxejjL, ao. ea>n] pref. it, bd^jAi' 

EFJMP. ecycon] A*?CG2HKNT: itxenaoon, A«(era8ureof 
probable G, itTeit added, ^ over I ?) &e. rLXOnrO-r.] itT€OX, 

H : itceonr., «. itxen^.i] Gr. « g a ovr. <^. *^ (|>a.i] ^x 

over erasure of five letters, F^. T^g] VA.p, P, cf. Gr. H*. ^.qxoq] 
prof, ex, Q. r^.p] om. EJN : Gr. U* d «€. COJOnrn] + UG, Fi«L. 

nexen^q] Acr*F(nK)G2HK0TV: ueexeq,L: n€e(om.N> 

ItA.q, NBF^Di.aAiE.TMNPQS. pOOOfa] pref. qi, P^DiA|EJ 
(q^.!) S. "^ ^qepO'CO)] + ^e, P ; obs. Gr. J<* ovi' instead of atry. 

JOHN VL 5-1 1. 391 

^ Jesus then having lifted ap his eyes, and having seen 
that there is a great multitude come to him, said to 
Philip: 'Where are we to find bread to buy, that these 
may eat ? * ® And this he said tempting him ; for he was 
knowing what he was intending to do. ^Philip answered 
him : ' Two hundred staters of bread will not suffice them, 
that they may take a little for each/ ^One of his dis- 
ciples, who is Andrew, (the) brother of Simon Peter, said 
to him : * ^ There is a child here having five barley loaves 
and two fishes: but how far (lit. whither) wUl these go 
(lit. reach) for these multitudes V ^^And Jesus said: 'Let 
the men sit down to meat.' Now there was much grass in 
that place. The men then sat down to meat upon the 
grass; (in) their number making five thousand. ^' Jesus 
then took the loaves, and having given thanks, he gave 

n^.q] om. Ji*. cf. Gr. t^*. 6S] ACAi*H*LO: C, B &c. rLCJOIJC] 
Gr. D places after avroiy. n^.p^.ttjO'c] Gr. i< «^ om. alroit; for 
future cf. Gr. L. itTOnr tfl] itCG., « Q. ect)0•y^.I] for om. airii^ cf. 
Gr. N A B L &c. * efi.oX] om. Ci*. Ue] om. Q. CtJULUJH, A. 

•onr^-Xonr] cf. Gr. «BDL &c. eonrort] +itXA.q, Ai«. 
ilToxq] ijuuLoq, v. epe . . . n^.] abfl: . . . n^., 
c &c.: n^.pe...n^,n. itn^.i] ABcrFGaHKNPXV: ixn^i, 

Di.jAiEJLMOQS. ^° O-TOg,] cf. aeth: om. Fi*, cf. Gr. 

« BL &c. syr*^". IKc] +na)OT, K, marked. XG] om. Q, cf. Gr. 
T^e] om. AiHL. itCIJtn] for position cf.? Gr. A b: +ne, BT*?. 
Onrn] ACrEHJKPQTV. cf. Gr. J^ABDL &c.: om. BD1.2A1FG2L 
MN 0. cf. Gr. E &c. nipOOJtILl] cf. Gr. l^AB &c.: Gr. DL &c. om. oL 

exert] g^ixeit, DiAiEFJs. nicijtx] ni., bDiEJ. xof hhi] 

+ ^e,BFiCLMOQ. e^ep]ABrDi.2AiEFi*G2JKNPS(eTe)TV: 
^.Tep, C: eTIpI it, Fi^O another') LO: rtA.Tep, H: ^^.TIpI 
n, Q: rt^CIpI it, M. For om. i>s &c. cf. syT«« et^h. e itgo] 
ecgo ne, m q. ^^ onrn] cf. Gr. K^ABPL &c.: om. PQS, cf. a. 

itn(n, S)ia5IK] Gr. D 59. praem trtWr. OntOg,] om. F^*. eT- 
^.qcgen.] cf. Gr. ABL &c. partic: ^.q., p. obs. Gr. J^D &o. syr«". 
indie, with icai. g|itlLOX] +^.qCJULOT epCOO^r he blessed them, 
M, obij. a b 'gratias egit/ e q * becedixit.' 

392 Raxrax luiaxHHHC. 

^.qi" nitH eepoxeJS. II^-ipH-f oit efioX ;6€n 
Tite niKexefi.x (^a \ niJ&eit ex^.'roT^.gq. 

"&oxe oTit exA.TCi ne^f^q nneqAJLA.eHTKc. xe 

T^Ko efi.oX njfeHXOT. 
^^ aXfoaooT-f nitH eT^fepg^oTo oxog^ ^.'VAii^ 
IE nKox nX^-Kg, efi.oX j6eit nie itcjoiic iIiujt 
itH ex^xepg^oTo eita exA.TOTcajuL. 
I'^^&oxe oTit ex^-cit^T nxenipooiuti eitiAiLHim er- 
^q^ixoT itxeiHc n^TXco JuuuLoc rie. xe 
XA.c{>jtt.Hi ci)^i ne ninpo4>HXHc eenao-r eni- 


^^Ihc 2^e ex^.qit^.'r xe cepaooTcg ei e^oXAJieq 
e^iq noTpo. ^.qepA.n^X^P^^ exen nixcjoo-r 
neoq jJuuL^JT^JT<q. 
^ 16 0T-^ poTg^i 2^e ttjaoni ^ti ej6pHi ec{>iojUL ibce- 

neqjm^eHXHC. ^^ oTog, ex^.T^XHi enixoi 
nA.TitHOT ejutHp ijLct>iojtt. eKi^^A.pni^otJtJL. 

iteiULR^-xeqi g^A-poooT nxeiRc. "c{>iojul ^e 
nA.qnKOT Sneg^ci ne eqniqi fbceo-rmcg-f 

A-qi" ] + nitliUL^eHXHC niiULA.eKXHC T^e i^t'f, Fi"«: 
Dx gloss l^ia^l juw*^l J juwft^ ^la^l j ^j. * Greek, and he gave to the 
disciples, and the disciples gave,' cf. Gr. l^^D &c, GOp.] BHMO: 
eXp., A &c. -OXe(om. B)&] ABCDi.gEiFKQT. Olt] OTn, 
AB: on|oit, M; Gr. D M al pauc add fie. KC] om. B P*. eX- 
A.T (om. A)OT^a^] eXOT., Q : ettJ^.T., Di* AjE J. ^* OXn] 
2ie, Di.2^iEFJP: om. L* O Q*. ne2CA.q] neXGIKC, MQ. 
XA.Kg,] +eTiUL^ together, D1.2S. C^U^ep^Oto] cf. Gr. 

«ADL &c. Site] ne, aCi*. e&oX n^axo-c] cf. Gr. d &c. 

^^ A-TeCJOOTi" ] ACrGgHKNQV, cf. Gr. 112. arm: +OTn, BDi., 
A|EFi*(on)JLMOPS: +2ie, T, cf. Gr. DA al pauc b. OTOg,] 
om. FQ. Jtt.^.2,] ^.g,, A. niOOX] om. B. GX^-Tep 2°] 

en^.Tep, Ai. exA.T] enA.T, AiEJ. "nipuojuLiJ nH 

JOHN VI. ia-i8. 393 

to them who sat at meat: thus again of the fishes also, 
all that which they wished. **When then they were 
satisfied, he said to his disciples: * Gather the fragments 
which remained over, that there shall not be loss of them.' 
^^They gathered the (fragments) which remained over^ and 
they filled twelve baskets with (it) fragments of the five 
barley loaves which remained over to them who ate. 
^^When then the men saw the signs which Jesus did, 
they were saying, that truly this is the prophet who 
Cometh to the world. 

^^And Jesus having seen that they intend to come to 
take him by force, to make him king, withdrew upon the 
mountain himself alone. ^^And evening having come, his 
disciples came down to the sea; ^"^and having entered 
into the ship, they were coming across the sea to Kaphar- 
naum. And (the) dusk had now come, and Jesus had not 
yet come to them. ^^And the sea was being (lit. coming) 

eTpooTefi., s. niJutHini] cf. Or. b &c.: hh, q. ilxelHc] 

cf. Gr. AL &c.: + ^.•«'epttJc{)HpI TKpOT they aU wondered, Q. 
ne] om. B L P Q V. Xe] Gr. >< &c. om. T^c{>JUtHl] + Xe, S : 
Gr. D om. eniKOCJUtOc] for position cf. Gr. ABL &c. ^^ 2^e\ 
A : OTH, B &c., cf. Gr. nux] GJUtl, Di«, cf. Gr. yuow. CC] om. 
Di*. ei] om. LM. e^^iq] Gr. ><* km apa^uantpat /SmriXca. ^qCp- 
A.It^.X^P^'^] cf- ^'' l^'ABDL &c.: +OIt again, E J, cf. Gr. 

s A B D L &c. exen] g^ixen, d,.2 AiM q. iteoq &c.] Gr. {^ 

fiovot avTog. ^« neqAJLA-OHTKC, A, Cq altered ?. " OTOg, i®] ^J"]^;'* 
om. FL. eXA.T] eT"A.q, HOi. HlXoi] ArDi.2AiEJLMNP 
QST, cf.? Gr. AD &c.: n:XOI, BOFGgHKGiV Hunt 1 8, cf. Gr. 
SBL &c. nA.TnHOT] A.TI, Fi« (* another ')L: Gr. ik tpxovToi. 
Hunt i8. eK^(e, D2)c{>.] n., KT: eKA.nepnA.OT JUL, P, cf. Gr. 

AL &c. neiJTX^ejtJLc] naeTTX^^^c* AC» ^^' Gr. ABL &c.: 

om. ne, Ai , for pret. cf. Gr. y»c' Ohr cycvtro. ne] om. V. OTOg, 3°] 
om. Fi* Q. ne (H, C) iULnA.Teqi] cf. Gr. >< B D L &c. P^A-pCOOT I 
+ ne, Q Hunt 18 ; for position cf. Gr. AL &c. eyr~. 2^€j cf. Gr. Dar 
Ac: om. L, cf. aah'^^^ syrK ^® nneg^Cl] eneg^CI, DgFj^ (e 

altered to n, CI over erasure), nittj'f"] +3^6, M. 


394 Raxrax luiaxHHHC. 

^.-cn^T eiHc eqiULOttji g^ixeit cJ)iojul. oTog, 
eqj6twitT iiiULoq enixoi oTog, ^'•'ep^o'f. 
^^neoq 2^.6 nex^q ncoox xe ^.noK ne ixnep- 
" H^.TOT(jottj o-cn ne eTA.Xoq nejutooo'c enixoi. 
oTog, cA.xoxq A. nixoi ^.qi enixpo eniKA^i 

_ enA.Tit^.aj^ epoq. 

yfi 22 9^£qp^c'f 2i.e niJULHcg eitA-qog^i epA.T-q ^ijuuip 
XX iic^iojut A.TnA.T I xe ixiutoit Kexoi ixjtx^y 
sSlhX eoTA.1. o-cog, xe JuLne ihc ^Xki enixoi 
neiUL iteqjtt.A.eHTHC. a.XXa. neqiULA.eKXKc 
neexA.Tae naooT iijULA.TA.xoT. 
"3Xti rtxe^A-itKeexHOT efi.oX j6en xifi.epiA.2i.oc. 
^A.xeit niJULA. exA-TOTOojut jOLnicjoiK ijuutoq 
exA.qaen^iULox eg^pai exojq ibceriOT. 


^* &oxe oTit €XA.TnA.T itxenijutaa xe ihc iiuutA.-r oT2i.e neqAjLA.eHXHC. a.ta.Xhi itecjooTr eiti- 


€XA.TOTei] eXA.q., Aj : -OTHI, BM*Oi. ^^'^ &«•] i^^e, 
B, cf. Gr. 28. &c. om. w. g^IXCn] eXCH, F. OTOg^ i**] om. Fi». 
eqjfecJOItx] B &c.: A.q., Ars*T: eXA.q., M; for pr6t. cf. Gr. 
G &c. 8ah«»h«r. OTOg^ 2^'] om. AiF,*MP Q Hunt 18. g^Q-f ] 'f over 
erasure, A^. ^o q^ l. iteoq T^e] Gr. I* Kai. A.nOK RC] om.V. 

'^^ oTit] on, Ci* : A.n, p*. nejutoooT] + ne, D1.2 e j. oto^,] 

om.Fi*. A.] over erasure, Ci^. A.qi] ACrDaGgHMGi: I,BDiAiEF 
JKLNPQTV Hunt i8: om. S; cf.? Gr. ><D &c. enA.TnA.] CT, 

FL. ae] +ncjooT, FL. 22enA.qog,i] nA.q., Fi*. juL- 

c{>IOJUL] e., M. A.TnA.T] cf. Gr. ABL &c.: Gr. ><Db' &c. tlUw: 
eXA.TnA.T, P, cf. Gr. 67. Mtms, e *cum scirent.' XOI i°] eXKOT, 
Q. efiaX eOTA.l] (A.I over erasure, A^) cf. Gr. l<« A BL &c. niXOl' 

cf.? Gr. to: nxoi, F^GaH : ^ nooq, Q. nejtt.neqjuLA.eHXHc 

Gr. «* avTois. A.XXa. neqAJLA.e.] om. Oi* (ne erased, A.XXa. 
vritten over the erasure, and ncq . . . nC added interline, Ci*'). nC 

JOHN VI. 19-24. 395 

disturbed (lit. awake), a great wind blowing. ^^ Having 
then been distant about twenty-five stadia or thirty, they 
saw Jesus walking upon the sea, and drawing himself near 
to the ship, and they feared. ^^But he said to them: 'I 
am (he), fear not.' ^^ They were wishing then to take (lit. 
place) him into the ship with them, and immediately the 
ship came to the shore to the land to which they were to 
go. *^And on the (lit. his) morrow the multitude which 
was standing on the other side (lit. aci'oss) of the sea, saw 
(plur.) that there was (lit. is) not there another ship except 
one, and that Jesus entered not into the ship with his 
disciples, but his disciples had gone alone. ^^ Other ships 
came from Tiberiados near the place in which they ate 
the bread, the Lord having given thanks over it. 

^*When then the multitudes saw that Jesus (was) not 
there, nor his disciples, they themselves entered into the 
ships, and they came to Kaphamaum, seeking for Jesus. 

eT^Toje] nexA-Toje, D2*P: ne eTA-Tcge, b : nem^t., 

0,: GT^TCge, Fj* M : Gt, H* &c. om. mr^XOov : Gr. 220. 8yr««et»<* om. 
aXXA . . . dn^XBop. " A.TI &c.] A (KeXHOT) BC F AiFi«(*another') 

GsteXHOT over erasure) H L Oj Q, cf. Gr. B L 08 33. e syr^': pref. 
OTO^, M : A.TI 2^6 &c., KNTV, cf. Or. ATA A iinc* al pier itP»" 

4 294 

vg syr"*' rell Cyr ' : Or. >< <nrt\BovT<av ovv t«v nkouov, D arm oXXmv 
nXoLoptiav tXOovrtav, b syr®" *et cum supervenissent aliae Daves' (syr*^ 
'ct cum aliae naves veniient'): g^KHne ICg^A-HKeeXKOT A.*fl 
behold other ships came, D,.2KJPS: g^Hline &c. omitting A.fl 
behold other ships, Fi* ; for twr, last cf.? mh*^^^ A.T(JO eiCg^eitKC- 
eXHT A.Tei and behold other t^hips came. TI&epI^2iOC] B : 
'f^., A &c. JULA.] +exeiULJtt.A.T, N. JUUULOq] om. B. 
itZeUOT] n over erasure, r«: +iHC, B P, obs. Gr. 237. al"' 8yr»c»» 
et p™« Tov lU: om. Q. cf.? Gr. p«" avrov: Gr. D &c. syr®" om. tvx. &i\ 

**exA.T.] exA.q., s*. itiJutHa] b &c.: ni., a. A.n] a*b 

CrD,.2AiEF,*02lIJKMNPQSTV: XJ^ (above iJUULA.T, A<») A.n 
was not, AoFi«LOi. A.TA.Xhi] Gr. D &c. HXaffov: +Ofn, N. 
neCOO-c] cf. Gr. J**^^ A B L &c. Hi] Gr. K* to. 


iHc. 26 oTog, exA.-rxejutq g^iiuutp juLcJ)iojul 
nexaooT n^q. xe pA.&Ai exA-Ki eJULtt^.I 

2* SXqepoToo nooox nxelac oTog, nexA.q. xe ^.JULKn 
^.itt.HIt -fxvj jJuJtJLoc itaoTen. xe A-pexenKorf 
ncooi xe A-pexennA.-r eg^A-itJutHim. ^.XXa. 
xe A-pexeitoToojut efi.oX j^en itiooiK oTog^ 

"SXpig^oofi. e-f^pe A.n eenA.T^.Ko a.XX^ 'fiipe 
eeitA-cgooni erooit^ neitegf. ea exe ncgapi 
juL4>paoJtt.i itA.XHic naoxen. c{>^.i vA-p a. c^-f 
cl)i(jox epccl)^m juutt-oq. 

2«nexcjooT oTit nA.q. xe ot ^iitA. 
itxeitepg^oofi. enig^&HOTi nxe cj)'f . 29 3Xqep- 
OTCJO nxeiHc nexA.q itcjooT. xe ^i^i ne iu^ujSl 
nxe c^^-f. 2,1 itA. nxexenitA.g.'f e^a exA.q- 
n ^^YlextJooT nA.q oxit. xe ox ijutimni exeKipi 
xj;^. JUUULoq neoK. g^m^. | nxennA.T nxennA-g^-f 
epoK. OT ng^oofi. exeKipi iiJULoq. 

®^ 3X itenio-f otooju. juL^Iitt.^.nn^. ng^pw ^\ na^qe. 
KA.XA. c^^pai" exc^aoTX. xe okujik eStdX 
j6en xc{>e A.qxaiq naooT eepoTOTOiULq. 
^ ^2 Ilexe lac nooox. xe ^ ^iutait 'f zoo iiuuLoc 
naoxeit. xe iULOoTcac A.n ^.q^f naoxen juLni- 
tjoiK efi-oX ^eit xc{>e. ^.XXa. ha-icjox een^.-f 
naoxeit juLuiooik e&oX st^en x4>e. 

OTOg,] om. B Fj* Q. K^c{>A.p.] KA.nep., P. ^6 OTO^] 

om. Fi*. eXA.-C.] om. eX, P. eXA.Kl] cf. Gr. N(D) 28.^.I] iuLn^.I, OxMNQ. ^^hcjoot] om. q. >nxe- 
lac naooT, v. oTog, i^] om. >< Fj* p q. nexA.q] 
+ it(jooT, F. naoxen] a™? &c.: om. A*, ^pexen.] (cm. 
xen, n epexeit., m v. Koo-f &c.] Gr. k* om. fortcTc ^. 

JUtaini] +nXOX from me, D^* E JS. A-XXa.] pref. neiUt, Q. 

JOHN VI. 25-32. 397 

^^ And having found him across the sea, they said to him : 
'Rabbi, when camest thou here?' ^* Jesus answered them 
and said: * Verily, verily, I say to you, that ye sought 
for me not because ye saw signs, but because ye* ate of 
the loaves and were satisfied. ^ Work, not (for e) the food 
which will perish, but the food which will abide to eternal 
life, that which (the) Son of (the) man will give to you; 
for this (one) God the Father sealed.' *^They said then to 
him : * What shall (lit. will) we do, that we may work (6) the 
works of God?' ** Jesus answered, he said to them: 'This 
is the work of God, that ye believe him whom he sent.' 
^® They said to him then : * What sign doest thou^ that we 
may see and believe thee ? what work doest thou ? ®* Our 
fathers ate the manna in (the) desert, according as it is 
written: ''Bread from (the) heaven he gave to them to 
eat."' ^* Jesus said to them: * Verily, verily, I say to you, 
that Moses gave not to you the bread from (the) heaven; 
but my Father (is he) who will give to you the true bread 

Xe 4®] om. 0,Q. ItlCOIK] A« &c.: HI, A*. OTO^ 2°] om. AjE 
F JL Q S. " A.It] for position cf. Gr. U. 1"i6p€ 2^] pref. €, >< : 

Gr. ^* &c. om. GTOJIt^] K &c. : llOT., Dj.gLOi. XHIc] 
THiq, C ; for position cf. Gr. K D &c. 8yr««. <^A.I VA.p] A.I V 
over erasure, A^\ ^^ OTIt] om. B* Oi^FFi* (nA.q OTIt nA.q, Fi«) 

KMNPQV, cf. Gr. A 8>tc« et«»» et»»' arm. neTennA.^.iq] WB 
eT* &c., BDi.gEFJLOiQS; cf. Gr. 69. 254. woiriaofitv. eitl] llltl, 
L. ^^ni^Oofi.] n altered from H?. Fi*. &IItA.] om. Fi*. 

nxexeit] it over erasure, Fj^. ^^ OTIt] A B F Di« Gj H K N 

Oi T : om. Di* Aj E F J L M P Q S, cf. Gr. 248. 254. q bjt^ ei^^ go : 
>OTIt nA.q, D2V. Om. oZy 2°, cf. Gr. ^* L &c. ilJULKini] om. 

JuLy AD2O1. exewpi juuuLoq] b &c.: €XA.k., at*: WC 

eTGK., Q : €, p. iteOK] for position cf.? Gr. l»^ 131. : 

iteoq, K*. itxeitnA-^-f ] A*Bcr(eTeit)D,.2AiEF,*GH jk 

MNST: pref. O-^Og,, A-'sFiCLOiPQV. e(rt,S)XeKIpl] A &c. : 
eTA-K., r. ^^ A.] om. F. juL^IiUL^.^It^.] for position cf. Gr. 

L V &c. Ei"« '^A.yJtXO of. ^- Om. oiJi', cf. Gr. G L Ac. syr««. 

juLooTCHc] pref. A., 0^. itooxen &c.] > JuLixiittJoiK itcoxen, 

398 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 


IIicjoiK VA-p nxe <l>'f ne 4>k eeitaoT enecHT 
eSiok ^eit Tc{>e. oTog, eq'f iinooitii) iini- 
KocjuLoc. ^nexoooT n^.q. xe hot juloi nA.n 
juLuA-iooiK ncKOT mfi.en. 

"• ^^Ilexe mc nooox. xe A.noK ne niaoiK nxe na}ni6. 

T? c{>K eenKOT g^^-poi iiiteqg^Ko. oxog, cI>k ee- 
HA-g^-f epoi nneqifi.1 oj^eixe^. ®®a.XXa. a.ixoc 
naoxeit oxog, A.pexeititA.T epoi oto^ t"€- 

^^4>H itifi.en exA. ha-icjox xaiq nui qitA.! g^A-poi. 

oTog, 4>H eeitA-i &A.poi rtitA-g^ixq efi.oX. 
•^ ^^xeoTHi rA.p exA-u enecax e&oX j^eit xcj>€ 

2,mA. ^it iixA-ipi iJLnexeg^itHi a.XX^ nexeg,- 

nA.q iic{>H ex^qx^-oxoi. 
"^ 39 ^^j j^g c{>oTaocg iic{>H exA.qxA.oToi. g^iriA. 4>h 

ni&eit exA.qxHiq nai nxA.aT*ejtt.xA.Ke g^Xi 

e&oX riiiHXOT. a.XXa. ilxA.xoTitocq i^en 

nieg^ooT it^A.e. 
*® 4>A.i VA.p ne cj)OTaoa ii-nA.iaox. | g^inA. cj)a ni&eit 

eeitA.T enianpi oxog^ nxeqitA.g^'f epoq nxeq- 

a^wni eoTon nxA.q £JLJtx^^t noxooitji) iieneg,. 
_ oTog, nxA-xoTHocq j^en nieg^oox ti^^e. 
^^ *^ HA.TXpGJU^P^-*J^ o**^^ ^€ itxeituoT2i.A.i eefi.axq 

F: jOLthooik naooT, l. cjoik i°] +>iULai, Ji«. efi.oX 

...CJOIK] om. El*. eeitA.'f] UeXHA.'f, BP: A-q^f, Q: €X- 

jfeenitA-i", Fi*. 33 eenaof] exA.qi., m. enecax] om. 

L. OTOg^] om. Ai E Fi* J S V. eq'f] qi" , K N Q T, cf. * dat ' ap. 

Lii.: A.qi", DgGg. iinCJOItji)] for position cf. Gr. A &c. 
Hunt 26, 34 nA.It] Hai, pingular, Gg. ^* Om. copula, cf. Gr. BL &c. (JOK, 

r another A*. llneqP.KO . . . epOl] om. GoQ. OTOP.] ora. Fi*M. €0- 

liand begin* t_ ^^--'-i ^ ■■ ^-^•' t * 

iaee .*^^&T epoi] eenaox g,A.poi, b. a^e^e&] ^f.? Gr. 33. 

'" ygrixt gyri^ch «V Toi' at'iva. ^'^ A.IXOC] A-IHA-XOC, Q. OTOg^ I°] 

Xe, P, cf. Gr. KA &c.: om. F M. epOl] cf. Gr. BDL &c. 
OTOg, 2°] om. Ai E F J Q S. Xexen] pref. It, C. ^^S/f. 

+ epoi, B, cf. Gr. A n^ '^ nA.iaox] 4>iaox, l. oTog," 

om. Fj*. eenA.l] ACrD2F(X)G2HK]SST: eonaOT, BDiAjE 

JOHN VL 33-41. 399 

from (the) heaven. ^^For the bread of God is he who 
Cometh down from (the) heaven, and (is) giving (the) life 
to the world.' ®*They said to him: *Lord, give to us this 
bread always.' ^^ Jesus said to them : ^ I am the bread of 
(the) life: he who cometh to me shall not hunger, and he 
who believeth me shall not thirst for ever. ^®But I said 
(it) to you, and ye saw me, and ye believe not. ^"^ Every 
one (lit. all that) whom my Father gave to me will come 
to me, and he who will come to me I shall not cast out. 
^® Because I came down from (the) heaven, not that I 
might do my will, but the (lit. his) will of him who sent me. 
3® This is (the) wish of him who sent me, that of all (lit. 
all that) whom he gave to me I should not lose any of 
them, but should raise him in the last day. *®For this 
is (the) wish of my Father, that every one (lit. aU that) 
who seeth the Son, and believeth him, should be having 
eternal life, and that I should raise him in the last day.' 
*^The Jews then were murmuring concerning him, because 

J L M Oi P Q V Hunt 26. &A.pO 2°, A. ^^ ^^p] on»- Q- 

€T*^n] pref. It, Q, obe. Gr. K* b e ov KarafiiprjKa . . . iwi. efi.oX 
St)€ti] cf.? Gr. ^*D &c. «. >nX^.IpI A.n, Hi«LOiPQ: om. 
^n, Hi*: transp. ^.It after g^ItHI, Hunt 26. neX...nex] 
4>H ex, Di(Fi«i° D2 2°). Or. D &c. add narpos. 
3^c{>A.I...TA.OTOl] om. B Q Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^*♦ 131. al mu. 
4>^l] A<'(4>overn?)FHL0iP: +2^.6, B &c. Ue] om. F. Om. 
narpoi, cf. Gr. («*)AB(C)DL &c. 8yr«". g^Xl] cf. Gr. D &c. syr^". 
^.XX^.] cm. K*. ^en] cf. Gr. K a D &c. *® V^-p] cf. Gr. 

SABCDL &c.: om. Fj*, cf. Gr. T arm. iXUA-IOOT"] cf. Gr. ><B0 
DL &c. 8yr««. nittJHpl] A BrD,.2EF(n altered from n)HJLMN 
Oi V(ni) Hunt 26 : HOJ, C A, Gg K P Q S T. OTOg, i°] om. F^*. 

eoToit nx^.q] Di.2AiEiFJM(Q)SV: eoTonxA.q, A(om.e) 

B &c. iJuULA.T] unusually placed next to nXA.q; Fj® altered 
JUUUL from lllt. JlOfCOIt^] om. It, A, but at beginning of line. 
iteiteg,] om. Di*. O-COg, 2^] cf. Gr. AD &c. : +A.ItOK, B D2 
MQ Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^*BCL &c. ItTA-TO-CItOCq] GOItA.., MQ. 
j6en] cf. Gr. >< A D L &c. *^ It^'^XO ^^^X.'y K. OTIt] 

on, B; cf. Gr. exc. Br &c. 8yr«« dt. HC] om. P. ItIO'Y2i^I, ACi*. 

400 Roxrax imaxHHHC. 

xe A.q2Coc. xe A.noK ne niooiK exA-qi enecHT 
eSloX ^eit T^e. ^^o-cog^ itA.TX(jo JGuutoc. xe 
jutH c{)A.i A.n ne mc ncgupi ni(J0CHcl>. ^r ^.noit 
exencaooTit JOLneqicox nejut xeqjLiLA.*r. uooc 
qzoo juuuLoc -f noT. xe exA.n enecKT c&oX 
,^it T4>e. 
^ *^ aXqepoTCJO itxeiHc nexA.q itaoonr. xe ^uep- 
Xpe-*J^peJU^ nejut nexenepKOT. ** UiULoit 
axojut nxe g^Xi i g^A-poi A.peajT€3UL 4>ia}T 
eT*A.qT"A.OToi cofcq g^A-poi. OTOg, ^.itoic iiTA.- 
xoTitocq j6eit nieg^oo-r itj6A.e. 
**Cc^HOTT ^eit nmpo4>HTHc. xe enreojcwni 
XHpo-r itpeqtffcfi.(jo nxeit c^-f . c{)h ni&eit ex- 
A-qcooxejut itxeit nA.ia5X o-ro^ exA.qeiuu 

^ qitA-I 2,A.pOI. "OTX OT^ ^^ ^ OTA.! HA-f 

ec{>iaox eAuX e4>K excgon efi-oX j6en cl^-f. 
<l>A.i ne exA.qnA.T e4>ia5X. 


^ *^aXiULHit AJULHit -fxcjo JuLixoc it(J0X€it. xe 4>K 
_ eenA-g^-f epoi oToitxeq aonj6 iteneg, XiUut^T. 
^^ *® aXnoK ne nia5iK itxe na5nj6. " itexeitio-f a.t- 
fB oToojut iiniJULA.nnA. ng^pw g^i ncg^-qe o-cog, 

*®4>A.i 2we ne nia5iK eeitaoT enecKX efi.oX i^eit 
xc{>e. 2,1 n A. <1>H eenA.oT(jojuL e&oX XixiLoq 

*2om. B*. nA.Txao] nA.q., Gg. iixiLoc] +ne, DjF. 

4>A.X] pref. JJL., Cr*?E Ji<»K N: 4>K that (one), Di*. IH^ om. 
><V, cf. Gr. M &c. ia5CHC^] +niAJULcge the carpenter, Q. cJ)h] 
c{>A.I, FOi. exeit] Xen, a (but at beginning of line)Oi : ItXeit, 

Fi*. iineqiaox] Gp. «* km t. na, nejtt.xeqjutA.T] om. Gr. «♦ 

b «yr <>^ nOOC . . . -fnox] cf. ? Gr. B C T &c. nm pvv Xryti : -ijUULOC 
+ OTn, D,.2EJM, cf. aeth : Gr. KADL &c. ovv. Om. o^ror, cf. Gr. EC 
DL&c. 8}r«". Xe2^]Gr. ^*m^°^€ya): 13. &c. om. *^ Om. copula, 

JOHN VI. 4^-50. 401 

he said, that I am the bread which came down from (the) 
heaven. ^^And they were saying: 'Is this not Jesus (the) 
son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how 
saith he now, that I came down from (the) heaven?' 
^^ Jesus answered, he said to them: 'Murmur not with one 
another. ^^It is not possible that any should come to me, 
unless the Father who sent me draw him to me, and I 
raise him in the last day. ^^It is written in the prophets, 
that they shall be all the taught of God: every one (lit 
all that) who heard of (ilTeit) my Father, and learned (lit. 
known), will come to me. ^®Not that any one saw the 
Father, except him who is from God, this (one) saw the 

* *^ Verily, verily, I say to you, that he who believeth me 
hath eternal life. *®I am the bread of (the) life. **Your 
fathers ate the manna in (the) desert and died. ^And 
this is the bread which comcth down from (the) heaven, 

cf. Gr. B L Ac. syr*^" : Gr. ^* A D add oiv. IieZA.q] A F Oj Q : 

oTO£, Ac, B Ac. cf. Gr. itaoox] nA.q, r*?. iinep] +ep, 

FV. ** itXeg^Xl l] itXA.ep2,Xl I that I make any one come, 

M*?. 4>I(J0T] Gr. A al* cm. eXA.q] pref. <1>H, GgNT. g,^.. 2*^] 
e.,rP. A.ItOK]om.N. j6€n]cf.Gr.ABCDL&c. eg.OO'r] om. 
N. *^ CCj6hOTX] K a &c. : + V^.p, D1.2EF J LN Oi Q«, cf. a &c. 

gypcu etw\ TTHpo-rj om. K*. iiTeit i°] nxe, Fi*. c^fl 

c^IOOX, H. cJ)k] for om. oZv cf. Gr. >< B C D L &c. eT"A.qca)- 
TeJUl] cf. Gr. »ABCL &c. ItXeit 2°] 11X6, Gj. CJUtl] Gr. 
A adds rrip a^B^iov. *« Xc] 2^6, Wilkius. ll\ ^** : om. ^^. OTA.l] 
for position cf.? Gr. A Ac. €fi.oX jfceit] cf. Gr. I. aa. 2P« ck: om. 
efi-OX, GaSV. cl^-f] Gr. ^* t. irar/w. 4>^l] pref. OTOg,, Oj. 

ne ex] om. S: ne <1>k ex, fmq : om. ex, p. c{)ia)x] of. Qt. 

S« A B C L &c. syr<">. *^ JUUULO, A. epOl] cf. Gr. A C D &c. : Hunt a6. 

syron'indenm:' Gr.KBLTarm«>»»om. OTOItXeqJom.L*. 0311)6] 

^* nexeitioip] pref. ^ v : neitio-f , Ci* f^* v, cf. Gr. r 69. 

niAJL^nn^J Byr«« om. : Gr. D Ac. pref. row aprov ; for position cf. Gr. 
NAL Ac. *®^e] *hic est antem* ap. Ln.: om. BFHLQT* 

Hunt 26, cf. Gr. eOItKOT] eXA.qi, B Hunt 26. g^lHA.] Dk'* Ac. 
VOL. II. D d 


402 Raxrax imaxHHHc. 

xjiv ^ *^aXnoK ne niujiK €toiij6. *k exA.qi enecHT 

efi-oX j6eit T"c{>e. ^h eeitA-o-ccwjut e&oX j6en 
^^.IaoIK eqetjon^ gA.ene^. o-rog, mooiK A.nojc 
ei"nA.T"Hiq x^-CA-pj; Te. ok e'fn^.T'Kic c^pHi 
exeii naonj6 iinifcocjutoc. 
^ "HA-T-f oTit ne o-rfi-e ito-cepKo-c itx6ItIIonr^^.I 
exxcjo jQuuLoc, ncoc cnron gxojut itxe 4>a.i -f 
STeqcA-px itA-n eepenoTOJULc. 

*^ Ilexe iHc noocrc. xe AJULKit ^juLHit -f xoo ijumoc 
ncjoxeit. xe A-peTeitcgT-ejuLo-ccwjUL iiTCA.pj; 
iJLnajHpi i}Lct>paoitt.i OTOg, KTexeitco) jDLneq- 
cnoq juuuLoitxexeit tJ0iij6 iJUULA-nr iij^pHi 
j6eit OHitoT. 

" 4>K eeoTooJut nxA.cA.p2; oxog, excuo ijLnA.cnoq 

oTon nTA.q iJuuLA-T noT(jonj6 nene^. o^o^ 

A.noK 'fnA.TOTnocq j^en nieg^oo-c nj^A-e. 

R *«TA.cA.p2; vA.p oTj6pe nTA.4>Juuii ne oto^ 

nA.cnoq otcoo nTA.4)jtt.Hi ne. 
h *«4>H eeoTcjojuL nxA.cA.p2; o-cog, exccw ijLnA.cnoq 
qnA.ttj(joni ni6pHi n^inx. ofog, A.noR g^o) 
•f nA.ajaoni njfcnxq. 

*' 04>pHi" exA.qxA.oTci nxenA-icwx ^h €xonj6- 
oTog, A.noK ^00 "foonji eefi.e ^wjrr. onrog, 
c{>H eeoTOjJtt. jOuuloi eqecon^ &cwq eefi.HX. 

add tav, 4>h] + nifi.en, s. juuuLoq] ni6Kxq, mq. Om. «; 

cf. itP» vg 8ahw:iw, 6i eXOrtji)] (over erasure, 62*) CXCJOnj^, TP. 

fl>H i^] om. ^*BDlAlEJLQS Hunt 26. efi.oX jfcen] JUL, AjLOi. 
nA.ia0IK] cf. Gr. BCL &c. 8yr««: Gr. >< a e &c. toC c/xov Sfmv, 
OTOg,] om. BFi* Hunt 26, cf. Gr. >^*. niCJDIK 2°] over erasure of 
-f nA., A«. Om. a*, cf. Gr. UD &c. e-f nA. 1**] om. C, A. XKiq] 
+ nA.q, Q. CA.P2;] a. over erasure, A«. S^d), OiT*)pHll om. 

><p Hunt 26. exen] g^ixen, Oi: j6a., Hunt 26. nonjo, a. 

For order cf. Gr. T &c. (A absent to viii. 52). *^ OTn] om. L 0,. 

ne] om. Ai L Oj. OT&e] om. K. nonrepHOT] for position cf. 
Gr. « B L &c. ntWC] A Gj H : pref. XSy B &c. nxe] eopC, 
DljAiEJLOiQS. 4^\] ^-fy Fi*T*. XeqCA-p^] cf. Gr. B &c 

JOHN VI. 51-57. 403 

that he who will eat of it should not die. ^^I am the 
living bread, that which (or, he who) came down from 
(the) heaven: he who will eat of this bread shall live for 
ever ; and the bread which I will give is my flesh, which 
I will give for (the) life of the world.' **The Jews then 
contended with one another, saying: 'How is it possible 
that this (man) should give his flesh to us to eat?' 
*^ Jesus said to them: * Verily, verily, I say to you, that 
unless ye eat (the) flesh of (the) Son of (the) man, and 
drink his blood, ye have not life in you. **He who 
eateth my flesh, and who drinketh my blood, hath eternal 
life, and I will raise him in the last day. ^For my flesh 
is true food, and my blood is true drink. ^He who 
eateth my flesh, and who drinketh my blood, will abide in 
me, and I also will abide in (without iti&pHI) him. ^^As 
my Father, who liveth, sent me, and I also live because 
of the Father; so (Ui and) he who eateth me, also shall 

8yr«". It^nj Gr. S C &c. place before o^os : Gr. B D L &c. place 
next after olros. OTiUtC, A. ^^ ^.iUtHIt 2""] Gr. A al pauc om. 

A.p€rren], b* Dj l (epe) s : pref. ecgcwn. Hunt 26. 

OTCJOiUL] Gr. D a Xa^nrt: om. S, P. XC(o.e., A«)A.p2J XA.., A*? 
D2 K* ?. OTOg,] om. F,*. 00 n^] + nCIteg^, Fi«L, cf. Gr. ^* 157. 

** eeoToojut] eeitA.., f. ta.... ha.] Gr. d c mmw. excoj] 

itXeqCO), F. OTOIt ilT^q] BDjEFJNGQSV Hunt 26 : 

Of onxA.q, A &c. : OToitxeq, M. ijLiUL^'Y noT.] tvnst> 
neneg, ilJUL^.'r, m. eiteg,] +iiuu^T n^pHi ^en- 

eKItOT in you, L crossed and marked. OTO^ 2°] om. F. i" It^.] 
een^, E J S. j6eit] cf. Or. &c. *^ V^.p] om. Ai, cf. Or. 

K &c. nXA.4>JULHl] twice, cf. Gr. «« B C L &c. He] A Ci^ H : 

xe, B &c. *® eeof cjojut] eeriA.., d^ f m. xA-c^-pj;] 

+ OTOIt itXA.q iiJUL^.T no-Ca?nj6 fteiteg, hathetemal life, 

D2* marked, excoo] itxeqcoo, F. qitA-ttjooni] eqeaja5ni, 

LOi. OTOg, 2*^] om. Fi*. iti6HXq] pref. iii6pKI, L: 
itjfepaiq, confused form, K. " JULc{>pHTl U o.e. of 4>, A^ : Huntjg, 

+ rA.p, Q. OTOg, I*'] om. Fi*. 'faOHjOJ A P* Dj M N S V, 
absolute form implying single act; but it in questionable whether the 

D d 2 


404 Roxrax imaxHHHC. 

'^*4>A.i ne niaoiK exA.qi enecKX e&oX si^en t<^. 
i3Lcl>pK'f A-it nnno-f eT"A.TOTa}Jtt. onrog, a.t- 
iutoT. (t>H eeit^oTCJDiUL iOLiiAj|u)iK ec{ea)itj6 

**Ha.i A.qxoT"OT eqi"cfi.a3 ifceit TOTcritA-rtJorH 
j6en fCA.^A.pitA.oTitJL «° 2,A.itJULKg onrit exA-f- 
caoxejut eAoX i^eix iteqAn^-eKXHC nexcjoo'v. 

cgxejULXOJtt. itcaoxejtt. epoq. 
"GTA.qnA.f 2^6 itxeiHc nj6pHi SjfeHxq. xe ce- 

XPCJU^pcJUL eefi.e cJ)a.i itxeneqjLiLA.eHT"HC. 

nexA.q naooT. xe ^^.i n€X€pcKA.it2kA.Xi5ecee 

^ «2Gaa5n A.pexeitttjA.ititA.T enaapi ix^pujJULi eq- 

riA. enaaoi eniAHA. eitA.qxH iiJULoq ita|opn. 
^ ®^niniiAl nen"A.nj6o. 'fcA.pj; c-f ^Xi n^Kox 

«« HICA.XI A.noK eTA.ixoT"oT itojxeit o-rnKSI ne 

OTO^ oTooitji) ne. "a.XXa. oToit g^rtofon 

efi-oX j6eit OHito-r ncenA-g^-f 

distinction can be maintained, though a contrast between the living of 
the Father (eTOnj6) and the living by the Father Cf tJOItifc) may be 
implied : 'f OW^, B &c. OTOg, 2^] om. F L M Oi Q. €0- 

oTOOJUt] Gr. D \ati^vc»p. eqeooH^] eqeoitjfc, A: Gr. 

C*vid Dr fo. "c{)A.l] Gr. K* om. (JOIK] K over G, A« 

eXA.qi] Gr. H* KOTafiaiviiiM^. eneCHT] eCK over erasure. G,®. 
T<l>e] cf.? Gr. BCT: Gr. SDL &c. rov. Itm] cf. Gr. SBCLT 3P«: 
Snexen, Fi«M, cf. Gr. D &c. syr^" add Ifi&v. ^.TOTCWJUl] cf. Gr. 
S B D L &c. 8yr««: +ijLniJtt.A.nnA. 2,ingA.qe the manna in 
(the) desert, A^n^L Oj, <^. Gr. ai® ff** 8yr»»' ™», eleven Gr. uncials have 
tA fidypa. c{>h] +2^e, Di.a: pref. OTOg,, Q. eOKA.] GO, M. 
**ItA.l] +CAJCI, Hunt 18. A.(e, Oi)qXOXOT] nA.q., Q*: 
€XA.q., Q«. TOTC-Cn] TC-Cn, Jj*, cf.? the rest of Gr. : nOT., 
B«M: ni, probably for HI, K*, cf.? Gr. D arm ny. ICA.cJ)A,p.] 
KA.nep.^ P, cf. Gr. L &c. Gr. D a ff^* add aafifiarm. «® OTnJ 

om. SB. exA-Tcaoxejui] efioX j6enneqAiLA.eKXHC 

JOHN VI. 58-64. 403 

live because of me. ^^This is the bread which came down 
from (the) heaven : not as the fathers who ate, and died ; 
he who will eat this bread shall live for ever.' *• These 
(things) he said, teaching in their synagogue in Kaphai*- 
naum. ®^Many then of his disciples having heard, said: 
*This word is hard, and who will be able to hear it?' 
^^But Jesus having seen in himself, that his disciples 
murmured concerning this, said to them : * Doth this offend 
you? ®*(What) if ye should see (the) Son of (the) man 
going up to the place in which he was being at first? 
^^The Spirit maketh live: the flesh profiteth not anything. 
The words which I said to you are spirit and are life. 
®* But there are some of you (who) believe not. For Jesus 


eTA.f COOTeAJL, ^*, cf.? Gr. D q «yr«« place it after fioB. avrov: 
b 6 om. aKuvaavTts : G2 om. IteC| at end of line. OfOg,] om. FLQV 

Hunt 18: xe, M. eeIt^.] neeit^., riO(X)LQ. nccwxejut] 

e., D2KN. epoq] for position cf.? Gr. 13. 69. al pane e q. 
*' eXA.qitA.f ] A* &c., cf. Gr. 0* : -GiUL!, A<^Fi«(* another ')L, for verb Hj^n^Jl^. 
c-f. the rest of Gr. 2w€] OTIt, D,. 2 Aj M Oi S, cf. Gr. D &c. (w "^ 
oJm €yv») : Or. H* ty¥» ow, and afterwards koi. It^pHI_ om. G2*. 
njfeuxq] Gr. D oT« cy tavTOK : Kyr^i cm. 1X6X6 pCfCA. It] 6X69., 
><Di.2AiEFJM0iQS Hunt 18: neT"6It6p., C: 6qep., L. 
-Xl^ecee] a J^* Oi : Xl^m, B^ (n over erasure) &c. «* 6ttJ(J0n] 

A* B: I6ettjaon, C &c.: leecyCJOn VA.p, A»8and« Fi«; for om. oZv cf. 

Gr. K* pp""*** b e q. A.p6X6n] 6p6X6n, L. 6qnA. enojcoi] 
B &c.; 6qnA.cye 6nttj(joi, a«Fi«L: 6qnA.ttj(joni, a*. 6ni- 

JULA.] om. 6, K: ii., F^* L. 6ItA.qXH] CGj: nA.q., A; om. 
XH>>*Bri>i.2AiEFHJKLMNOiPQSTVHunti8. ®'*ninitZ] 
Gr. N*om.T«;: +2^.6, L. n6XXA.ni6o] om. H, F: qXA.It^O, L. 
C^pgJ +2^6, Fi«L. cf"] B &c.: om. C, because of preceding 2^, ^*A 
D2*Fi*MNV HuntiS: Itcf, Di.gAiCEJi itC6)QS(itC6). g^Xl] 
itg,Xl, B : >g,KOT ng^Xl, KLNQT. 6TA.IX0X0T] 6 altered 
from ^, A«, cf. Gr. ^*BCDL &c. XcXiXiyica: 6'f XOXOT, V: 6'fzao 
JULM-OOOT, BEFJ S ; for pres. cf. Gr. F &c. 116. . . n6] Gr. B &c. q : 
Gr. N b f arm om. 2^ •* OTOIt Ac] for order cf. Gr. S T &c. 

e&oX] A: om. B &c. it(om.L)C6nA.2,'f] +6pOI, MQ. 

406 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 


UK eTenceitA-g^-f ^.n. o-cog, xe itiJUL <tK en^.q- 
^ esQ-cog, it^qxu) ixjutoc nvjox ue. xe 6e&6<t»AJ 
A.IXOC ittjoxeit. xe JOuuLoit cgxoiu. Rxe g^Xi i 
g,A.poi ^.fgTejutxKic itA.q eAoX g^ixen c^icwx. 
^*ee&ecl)A.i oTJUtHcg tnre iteqAn^-eKxac ^.-ccI^cot 

e4>A.2,oT oTog, nA-TJUtottji iteiUL^.q ^.it xe ne. 
•^ Ilexe iHc o-cn iiniiE. xe julk xexenoTcooj ege 
X je "^ na5X€it g^coxen. •• 3Xqepof cw nA.q nxejciAiLcjDn 

nexpoc. xe hot ^.ItIt^.a)e g,^. niAiL ^^.n- 
CA.XI VA.p 110311)6 iieneg, exeitxAJC. ••o-cog, 
^noit ^itciULi oTog, A.nit^.g^'f . xe tieoK ne 
nx^ nxe cl>'f . 

«* ^•UXqepoTO) itxeiKc nexA.q. xe julk A.itoR A.n 
A.icexn eHnoT ji)^ niiff- o-cog, ota.i efioX 
ji)en eunoT ne. 
" HA.qxu) 2^e Sjuuloc ne eioT^A.c ciJULCJoit nncKA.- 
piojXKC. 4>A.i rA.p enA.qpa30Tg exHiq. eoTA.i 
ne efioX ^en niiS. 
* OTog, ixenencA. nA.i nA-qjutocgi ne Rxeiiic i^en 

VA-p] +ne, T. itXeiHc] om. F: Qr.Ho ^rwnyp: >itXeiHC 

icxeng^H, BK*?. ne nKj om. Fi*. n(oiii.r*)cenA.g,^] 

+ epOq, A'»«Fi«L: Qr. ^* &c. om. /aiJ. TilJtJL 2®] A: +ne, B &c. 

c{>h] om. Fi*P: ^A.1, Fi<». enA.qnA.] eenA., Fi*(X)n: enA., 

B* ; obs. Gr. Ik 6o^ 6 fuK\»v avrbu irapa6i^opai : the reat of Qr. 6 frapo- 

a«Kr»v aMv. ®* oTog,] om. Fj*. xeofie, A F*. <l>ia)x] 
cf. Gr. >^ B c* D L &c. syr^". «« eefie] ^en, K. 4>A.lJ 

nA.1, ^*: niCAJCI the woid, Fj^; for om. oZv cf. Gr. BCL &c. 8yr« 
though e0fiec{>A.I may combine tic tovtov oZv, but cf. vers. i6, i8: 

+ xeoTn, ^*. nxe] cf. Gr. ^* c d l &c. neq jula^o.] Or, k 209. 

om. avTov. OTOg,] om. Fj*Q. A.Tc{>aox] for position cf. Gr. HB 
C D L &c. ne] om. M Q. ^' OTn] Gr. D b fie ; Gr. G al pane 

syic" om. julk] om. J. ^^ For om. odw cf. Gr. ><BCL Ac. 8yr« 

JOHN VL 65— Vn. I. 407 

was knowing from (the) beginning who were they who 
believe not, and who was to deliver him (up). •'And he 
was saying to them: * Therefore I said to you, that it is 
not possible that any one should come to me unless it 
were given to him of the Father.' ••Therefore many of 
his disciples fled back, and were walking with him no 
longer. •^ Jesus then said to the twelve ; * Wish ye also 
to go?' ••Simon Peter answered him: 'Lord, to whom 
are we to go? for words of eternal life thou hast. ••And 
we knew and believed that thou aa*t Christ, the holy one 
(lit. he who is holy) of God:' 

^^ Jesus answered, he said : ' Chose not I you as (lit. under) 
the twelve, and one of you is for a devU ? ' ''^ Now he was 
saying (it) of (lit. for) Judas Simon the Iscariot; for this 
(man) was intending to deliver him (up), being one of the 
twelve. VII. And after these (things) Jesus was walking 

ItA.q] oro. SBLNQ, cf. Bas »«?*•••. XC] pref. n€XA.q, »Q, obs. 
b • reepondens . . . dixit.' lleneg,] om. Ci'. •• Q-COg, i°] om. Fi*. 

OTOg, A.ItltA.g^'f"] for position cf. Gr. 127. 49*^ e«": om. Oi. 
OTOg, 2°] +A.ItOIt, N. nXC IT€0O'CA.&] A*?B &c. (D,.2 HG 
€0), for 6 &yuK but without 4 x? cf. Gr. »BC*DL: U^C^ UttJHpI 
cy- eT-tJ0Itj6, o.e., A«, tr.4lil j^ji*theholy of God:' U^CC n^Kpl 
JUL4>i" €TOItj6, L; cf. Gr. T &c. E, gloss ^Ji 4lil j> ^^^ 'Greek, 
the Son of the living God.' ''^ ibcemc] cf. Gr. »BCD L &c. 8yr<^°. 

Om. a^oiff cf. Gr. D &c. neXA.q] om. L (end of line), cf. Gr. B C D L &c. : 
pref.O-CO^,BKNTV,cf.Gr.d: Gr.DB^Xcywv. A.n]om.G2H*NP8V. 
A-ItlCeXIT, A*. OHnOT i^] for position cf. Gr. G syr"«h. OTOg,] 
om. B F L Q V. OT^.!] om. H*, cf. Gr. J^* om. ; for position cf. Gr. 
K«D Ac. eo-c] ACFGaHM : om. €, B &c. " 2w€] om. KMQ. 

ne i°] om. L. eioT2iA.c] it., l. ciJULtJon uuck.] - mcK., 

BEFJMPQS. 4>^l] 4>H, Di*AiEJOiSV. VA-p] om. V: +ne, 

Dg K N. enA.q] nA.q, b m. pcJooToj] epcjoo-cajj a* : 

qipCJOOTCy, F v. eOTA.! ne] om. e, L ; obs. Gr. J^C'-* &c. oro. ^v. 

^OTOg,] cf. Gr. i^<»BC*L &c. AXeiteitCA-ItA-l] for position 
cf. Gr. K B C D L &c. syr*": +0^11, Fi« L S, obs. g gat mm *autem.' 
ne i°] om. LQS. 

408 ROXTOX IlliaxHHHC. 

)6en i~ioT2ieA.. xe nA-TKCJO-f nccoq ne iuce- 

^HA.qj6cJom- 7i.e itxenoj^i itTe It^o'V2w^.I •fcKH- 
itouHriA:. * uexcjooT nA.q OTit ilxeneqcnHO-c. 

Xe oToe&eK efi.oX ta.i. o-cog, AXA-ge n^jc 
e^io-c2ieA.. &inA. irre iteKJULA.eKT"Hc nA-nr 

^Ot rA.p g^Xi epg^cjofi. ;6eTt ueTg^an 

oTog, jtTeqKCJO'f itccjoq ;6en neeoToong,. 

icxe x^^^P ^^^ OToitg^K efi-oX iJLniKocAJLoc. 

*o-c^e TA-p iteqKecitHO-c itA.TitA.g^'f epoq An ne. 
^Ilexe iHC oyn ntjoo-c. xe nA.CKo-c ^.noK ixn^.- 

Teqi. nexencHo-c 2^.6 neujTen qce&TcoT 

ncHOT nifi.en. 
^ UAXon cg^ojuL iiTe niKocjuLoc juiecxe eHnoT. 
T^o A.noK 2i.e qjuLoc-f | JOlxxoi. xe A.noK -fepAxeepe 

€efi.Kxq xe neqg^&HO-ci ceg^cjooT. 
® Hetjoxen 2^e JULA-oje ncjoTen e^pw enojAi. Anoic 

2we rli"nA.i A.n eg^pHi enioj^i- ^^ iinATe 

n^.cKo-c A.noK xcjok efiioX. 
•Ha.1 2^e exA.qxoTo-c neoq ;6en 'fvA.XiXeA.. 

***2,oxe 2^6 exA-Tcye ntjoo-c eg^pKi cnoj^i 



OT VA-p] OTO^, B. nA.qO-Ca5Cg] pref. e, B Q. A.n] om. T*. 18, eiULocyi] om. €, Ai*. ^ nA.qj6cJonT] AcrOgHP : -joenT, 

^<BDl.2AlEFJKLMN0QSTV HuntiS. 2^6] A: om.LHunti8: 

+ ne, SB &c. exc. L Eunt i8. noj^O^> s- hire] it, 

A,*. CKHnonnVIA.] AB(K)rAiEiFi.2KT: CKT &c., CGgHPQ: 

cKHnoniviA., ^< (cK-cnn) D1.2 (X) j v (ck-c) : cK-cnHnoviA., 

EgKLinO) M(nO)T* Huut i8 (ttO), obs. Gr. A aioywwttyia, ^ ^^.q] 

Or. i^ 28. syr«« et^^h place after ot' dB. avr. OTn] A« &c.: On, A*: 

om. BFLMS Hunt i8: >o-cn n^.q, »p. oToefi-eK] +enaa5i 

up, V. OTOg^] om. Fi*Q. neKg^fiiKO-Cl] cf. Gr. K« B L &c.: 
ni., i^, cf. Gr. K* D &c. syro". * &Xl] g^X over erasure. Fj* : 

JOHN VII. 2-10. 409 

in Galilee; for he was not wishing to walk in Judea, 
because the Jews were seekiog for him to kill hiin. *Now 
(the) feast of the Jews, the feast-of-tabemacles, was ap- 
proaching. ^His brothers then said to him: * Remove from 
here (lit. this), and go to Judea, that thy disciples may 
see thy works which thou doest. *For no one worketh 
in secret, and seeketh for himself to be manifested (lit. in 
manifest) : if thou wilt do these (things) manifest thyself to 
the -world.' *For neither were his brothers also believing 
him. ^ Jesus then said to them: 'My time cometh not 
yet; but your time is prepared always. ''It is not possible 
that the world hate you; but me it hateth, because I 
bear witness concerning it, that its works are evil. ®And 
go ye up to (the) feast: and I will not come up to the 
feast, because my time is not yet fulfilled.' ®And having 
said these (things), he (is) in Galilee. ^^But when his 

om. V*. &CJO&] pref. OT, M. OTOg^] om. B Fi*. llctJOq] 
cf. ? Gr. E* 253. avrdv : Gr. B D* d avro : the rest of Gr. aMs. 

nee(T-,A)OTCJoit&] AiEjGjMNOPqsv: -png,, »ab &c. 

ICXe] IC, Fi*. X"^] ^B &c.: KltA., AP. iXRl] GUI, DjQ. 
^ OKlt^e] om. T^Sy Fi* Q, cf. Gr. 69. TA-p] cm. H. nA.TItA.g^'f ] 
A.^., N, cf. Gr. D L q iirloTfvfrap. A-H] om. Fj*, He] om. K. 
« 0-¥n] cf. Gr. S« B L &c. : om. Ej* Fj* H J L Oj* Hunt 18. cf. Gr. 
U*Dir* &c. syr". RA-CKOT] +OTlt, M. JULUA-Xeqi] Gr. J^* 
ov. 2ie] om. Q. qcefi-TCJOT] eq., CM : Gr. fWii^ €Toifios (B ndp.). 
^ JUUULOIt &c.] Gr. U* o Kotrfi, ov dvp. 2^e] om. L. qjULOCf ] 

eq., M. -f ep] ep, P2G2. epAxeep, a*. ee&HTq] 5r. j^ 

om. « 2^e\ om. B Fj* K M N Q T, cf. Gr. (exc. L icm). eUffl A.1 

...e^pKI 2**] om. P: eUA.1., L, cf. Gr. K* &c. A-ItOK i°] pref. 
2Ce because, A« Hunt i8«. 2^6 2®] om. A,*L. it^f HA.! A.It] om. 
it, BFLMNQ Hunt 18; for oIk cf. Gr. ^<D &c. 8yr««. Gg^pHl 2°] 
om. L Hunt 18: >eg,pKI AJt, H. niaj^.l] A* (and tr.)Q : HA.!., 
AC &c. : Ua^i, Ji*. nA-CKOT] om. U^ M. ® 2JE]cf. Gr. » D &c. 
Fyr"*: om. B, cf. Gr. BL &c. XOTQ-f] + ItXeiKC, B K N T V. 

iteoq] A*, pref. A.qajcJOiii, A"« &r., cf. Gr. tfui^p. j^en] Gr. 

D &c. its. ^®2w€] om. CJi*LPS Hunt 18: +0-Cn, A»»B: OTIt, 

L Hunt 18. IttJOO-c] +2^6, S. €UgA.l] €111., &c., A«LQ; for 

410 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

ToT€ iteoq g^coq a.c|i e^pHi s^en oTOTCong, ^Jt 

itA-TKCJoi" rictjoq ne j6en ^CI)^.I. oto^ it^TXO) 
ijuutoc. xe ^.qe(JOIt 4>h eTeAXJULA-T. 
^^O^og, neoTon oxnigi" nxP^AitpeJtt. ue jfceit 
uiJULKcg eefi.KT"q. g, Jtxen n^xxuo 
jjLJtxoc. xe o-cA.rA.eoc ue. g,A.nKex^o*riti 2^6 
nA.TX(JO iJuuLoc. xe JuuuLoit a^XXa. A.qc(op6AiL 
jOLuiAXKa. ^^ JULue g^Xi jULeitToi cAJici ee&KTq 
;6en oTOTtJong, efi.oX eefi.e T&o-f ilttno*v2wA.i. 


"&H2iH 2^6 exA. mcg^i €p4>A.ttj^ ^^^ ibcemc eg^pm 
euiep4>ei o-cog, itA.q-fcfi.cjo ne. " nA.*repajctKpi 
OTit ne itxenno-c2iA.i erxcjo jOuutoc. xe twjc 
4>A.i ccjooTit rlc;6^i 

^® HXqepoTCJO ntjoo-c nxemc o-cog, uexA.q. xe 
XA.cfi.tJo A.noK etjoi A.n Te "c|>h eeiu^ep 
(t^oTtJOttj jul4>h exA.qT A.O-COI. eqeco-ceit XA.c&a) 
xe o-cefioX j6eit ({^-f Te. A.itoK nercAJCi 


'^X? i«4>K excA.xi efioX g^ixoxq ixlJULA.TA.xq A-qKCJO-f 
itcA. ueqcjoo-c XJuuLin ijuu-oq. ^r 2^e e^KW'f 
itcA. utJOOT ijL4>H exA.qTA.OToq. 4>A.i otoajlki 
ne oTog, ijuu-on A.2kiKiA. itjfeKTq. 

position before TOTe cf. Gr. J^ B L &c. g^OOq] cm. F. eg^pHl] 
ej6pHI, FJ. j6en i^] om. Q. O-COTCJOItg^J om. OT, (A* and <^) 
D,.2F(HL)MN QS(T*)V Hunt 18: OTOHg,, A^rOjHKLT*: 
+ efioX, rDLjAiEFGaJMOiPS. &tJOcJ cf. Or. BL &c. 
*^ nij erasure of one letter before If, A®. Tie] om. L M Hunt 18. 
ncy^l] AFMV: m., B &c., cf.? Or. Tif. OTOg^] om. Fi*. 
iJLJULOc] + ue, BMQ. ^'^ O-COg,] om. Fi*. OTOIt] om. Gj; 

obs. Gr. KD &c. syro" J}i/ before irtpi avrov. OTItlCyf ] Gr. D &c. om. 
XpeXUpeAX] cy^OpT^ep, B. ue i°] om. BLMQT Hunt 18: 
+ a^UJUy A°^BDi«FiC(L): pref. ^OU, Pg- J^KttJ i*>] Xa.OC, Q ; for 
sing. cf. Gr. «D &c. 8yr«". JUUeti] om. AiKOi. 2we] cf. Gr. B &c. 

JOHN Vn. 11-18. 411 

brothers went up to (the) feast, then he also came up not 
manifestly but as in secret. ^^ The Jews then were seeking 
for him in (the) feast, and they were saying : ' Where is (^^) 
that (man)?' ^'And there was a great murmuring in the 
multitude concerning him: some indeed were saying: 'He 
is good;' and others were saying: 'No, but he led the 
multitude astray.' ^^No one however spake concerning 
him manifestly, because of (the) fear of the Jews. 

^^But now the feast having been half over, Jesus came 
up to the temple, and was teaching. ^^ The Jews then were 
wondering, saying : ' How knoweth this (man) writing, he 
was not taught?' ^^ Jesus answered them, and said: 'My 
teaching is not mine. ^''He who will do the wish of him 
who sent me, shall know my teaching, whether (xe) it is of 
God, or (if) I speak from myself. ^^He who speaketh from 
himself, sought for his own glory: but he who seeketh 
for (the) glory of him who sent him, this (one) is true, 


(syrc"*et'), om. BF,*Q, cf. Gr. J^DL &c. A-qCCJOpeAX] q., DjAi 

KJ V : eq., F. ijLUIXILHCg] itm., A«(ijLni)FiCQ, cf. Gr. 69. &c. 

' ^ ee&HTq] Gr. ^< q place before «XciXci : Gr. L om. OTOTOOng^] 


gSV: O-¥(J0It 2^e,Yi*. titvi] itTGni, TDLgEJ?. ^*2i.e] Hunt ,8. 

oiu. BFi*MNPQ. 4>^aO ^^'9 Ej^FjOLo. OTOg,] om. Fj*. 

ne] om. S. " nA.-¥ep] pref. OTOg,, V, ob6. Gr. F &c. 8yi«« 

KOI. OTIt] om. LM Hunt 18, cf.? Gr. T &c. 8yr««. CtJOOTIt] qc, 

K D2F.], bk: iineqiro-cAo, 

N. ^« A-qepOTCJO] for om. oZu cf. Gr. DL &c. 8 yr«'^ ;_ +^, Dj, 

cf. b f fos * autem.' ItCJOOT] om. E J 0^ , cf. Gr. K &c. IHc] HOC, Cj*. 
OTO^] om. Di AiEi*Fi*OiQS, cf. Gr. F*. Xe] A*Fi* : + A.XXA. 
e^.4>H eTTA.qTTA.O'COI T (2^, A'^B) € (U€, Oi S) but his who sent 
me, A"K(withouttr.)&c.: - Ue GT &c., A,Oi: -f^H li€ ST, H. 

'• co-cen] coTCJoit, q. efi.oX j6en(t>i~] e^'fy k. neT- 
c^jici] ne GT., F : ex., ^< AiOi : eeitA.., D1.2. ^* jQuutA-T- 

A.Xq] om. K. JUUULOq] +(t>H 2^6 GXKCJoi" itCA.ntJ0OT 
iULiULm ijUULOq but he who seeks for his own glory, Go. 2iG] 
om. NQ: Gr. K 8yr«" koi o ftr.: e 'qui quacrit.' XA-OTOq] 
OTOpnq, To F M P Q V. 4>A.l] om. L Q Hunt 18. Ug] om. i\. 

412 RaxT3x lUiaxHHHC. 

" Uh julcjotchc A.q^ itcjoxen iJLnmoitiLoc. oto^ 
jOLiULon 2,Xi i6eit eunoT eqipi iHnmoAXoc. 
eefiieoT TexeitKcjo-f ncooi €j6oe&ex. 

20 UXqepoTCJO 2^6 RxeuiAXHcij. xe oTon o*V2^eiULU)n 

2^ UXqepoTCJO ibcemc nexA.q ncooT. xe o'x^uo^ 
RoTCJox OTOg, Texenepojt^Hpi 


22 Gofi.e<tA.i A. JULCJo-ccKC -f ntJOTen jOLnice&i. oyx 
oTi xe efi^oX j6en julcjotckc ue nicefi.1. a.XXa 
efi^oX j6en nno-f ne. OTog^ TeTence&i ilof- 
ptJojuLi j6en nc4Lfi.fiLA.x0n. 

2^Icxe oTon oTpcjojuLi nA-tfi ixnicefii j6eit 
fiA.xon. g^inA. xe nneqficjoX efioX ibcenmoAJtoc 
nxe JULCJOTCKC. le eefieoT xexenxcjonx epoi. 
xe A.iepe oTpcjojuii xapq otxa.! j6eit 
fiA.xon. ^^ ixnep-f^^n ka.xa. g^o. a.XXa 
iULA.2,A.n j6en oT2^A.n juuulki. 

2*Ha.txcjo oTn iJuuLoc ne nxeg^A-noTon efioX 
s^en nA.iXKJUL. xe julk 4>^i ^it ne 4>h exoT- 
Kcjo'f nctjoq e;6oefieq. ^^g^unne qcA^i j^en 
0TnA.ppHciA.. oTog^ cexe g^Xi nA.q A.n. ajlh- 

OTOg^] om. Fi*. Sjinxq] OiOlV n., &c., V: Gr. exc. LX c ff*" 
8yrO" aeth place ovk tariv last. '* AXk] ACrD,.2^iEFHJKLX 

OPSTV Hunt 18: om. J^BGgMQ. XILCJOTCKC] +AiL€n, Q. A.n] 
om. Q: +ne, Dg. >i}LninOJULOC nCJOXen, L Hunt 18. 
OTO£^ . . . nOJULOC] om. Q. j^enOHnOT] nj^HXO'C among 
them, K^ : efioX i)eW., M : Gr. G om. Cqipl] A.q., 0. CO- 
fieo-c] om. OT, M: +Xe, Fi^L. ej^Oe.] n &c., H. 20 2^g] 

AB«(2i.en added) CrHKTV: nA.q, Fi^L, cf.? Gr. i.: om.»D,.2Ai 
E Fi* G2 J M N Oi P Q S Hunt 18. niJULKa] cf. Gr. J^ B L &c. : 

niJULHai DiAjEJOiS. nexKcjo-f] ne ex., B(e)Di.2AiEF 

JOiS: ex., KKLQ Hunt 18. -^ A.qepOT(J0] +2we, D.^ K, 

neXA.q] ABCrFGjHJi^KLMxNPQTV Hunt 18: pref. OTOg^, 
D,.2 Ai E JjC Oi 8, cf. Gr. (exc. A anoKpiBus . . . ftircv). nCOOX] Gr. 
D &c. om.] ne ex., DlsEFJLMS Hunt 18. 

JOHN Vn. 19-26. 413 

and there is not unrighteousness in him. ^^Did not Moses 
give to you the law, and there is not any among you 
doing the law? wherefore seek ye for me to kill me?' 
^^And the multitude answered: 'There is a demon with 
thee: who seeketh for thee to kill thee?' ^^ Jesus an- 
swered, he said to them: *One work I did^ and ye all 
wonder. ^Therefore Moses gave to you the circumcision; 
not that the circumcision is of Moses, but it is of the 
fathers, and ye cii*cumcise a man on (the) sabbath. ''If 
a man is to receive the circumcision on (the) sabbath, 
that the law of Moses shall not be broken; wherefore are 
ye angry with me, because I caused a man to be wholly 
cured on (the) sabbath ? ^ Judge not according to appearance 
(lit. face), but judge with righteous judgement.' ^Some 
then of them of Jerusalem were saying: 'Is not this he 
whom they seek for to kill him? ^Lo, he speaketh openly, 

oTog,] om. Fi*. xexen] A-xexen, m. epttj4>Hpi] ep 

added, A«. TTHpOT] Or. D i^tis. ^^ eefi.e4>A.l] cf. Gr. »« B 

DL &c.; ADiE,FJKV begiu verse, BCrD2AiG2H &c. continue verse. 
A.] om. L. efi.oX i°] pref. OT, K« N T. sf^Eli i^] g^lTGH, 
£ J. nC i°J ^It Il€, B not negativing but enforcing the previous 
OTX- A-XXa.] Gr. » 8yr<^" aXX ori. €fi.oX 2^] pref. OT, M : 
om. S. ne 2®] om. S. .^eit 3*^] Gr. B b e S^' om. «V: pref. 
efi.oX, G2.] m., D2. *^ ICXeOTOn &c.] perhaps for 

OTH, cf. Gr. D &c. ct ow: ICXGTexeitCe&I ftOTpCOAXI if ye 
circumcise a man, A^ Oi , for om. oZw cf. the rest of Gr. : Gr. B &c. 

o opepamot. mcefii] n., n. itxenmojuLoc] iXui., Di*a,e 
Fi* J Oi Q s. leeeAeo-c] xeeefieoT, Ai : leoT eefieoT, 

B; obs. Gr. D nng f 'autem quid' aeth *quapropter' sah"®**^ *cur' 
Bas'^ 4fii»\ W. 2* 2,0] + A.n, 8. 0-C2^A.n iiJULKl] A Ac. 

Ai«FiC: OTAXeeJULHI truth, Q. ^ XUd OTIt] A* &c. : 

XCJOOT OTIt, A«: om. OTH, Ji*, cf. Gr. T* f»cr ioP« arm. lie] 
om. Ai Oi. efioX j^enn^] for «« cf. Gr. B D L &c.: om. ItA., 

FMN. Jtxn] om. G2*Q. A-it] om. Q. itccoq] +ibcennoT- 

2wA.I, ?. ^^g^HRUe] for om. km cf. Gr. L &c.: +'fltOT, 

M N Oi P Hunt 18. OTOg^] om. Fi*. CeZCg^Xl] K C &c. : 


XXH ^^ 3XXX^. 4>^i TenccooTit juuuLoq. xe o*refi.oX etun 

ne. nxc 2i€ A.qttjA.iti juLiULon g^Xi tt^.6itlLI. xe 

oTefi-oX ecoit ne. 
^ 2* 3Xqcjocg oth efi.oX nxemc j^en ni€p4>ei eqi"cfia} 

oTog^ eqxo) JUUU.OC. xe xexencooo^rn ajuuloi. 

oTog, TrexeneAxi xe €XA.n e&oX eo^it. 
Oto^ nexA-ii efi.oX g^ixox Xxjul^-t^.t. 

A.XX^. OTejuLHi ne 4>h exA.qT"A.o-coi. 4>k 

netoTen exeTrenccjocrcn iiuuLoq "A.nojc 

2^e i" ccjooTn juuutoq. xe ^.noK oTe&oX ijuuLoq. 

oTog^ 4>K ne exA.qxA.OTOi. 
^^HA.TKCJO'f oTn exA.2,oq. oTog, JuLne £,Xi en 

neqxix eg^pni excoq. xeoTHi nejuLnA.xeci 

^ '^ &A.njuLKcg OTn A.TnA.g,-f epoq efi^oX i6en niiuuio) 

OTog, nA.Txa) juuuLoa xe lixjc eojcjon 

AXK qnA.ep g^oTO pco enA.iiULHmi exA. 4>ai 


'^ UXTccjoxeAX nxeni(t>A.piceoc eniJULKO) er^P^^^- 
^ peiUL nnA.1 eefiiHxq. oTog, ^.TOToopn itxeniA.p- 

ncexeg^Xi, a«bd2Fi«lm HuntiS: nexeg^Xi, a*?, julk- 

nCJOc] Or. BL &c. M^oTc: Gr. J^ D &c. fifjrL XA.4>JtJLHl] X<t., 
r*: om. J^. niA.pX^tt] niK€A.pX^I^ tlic rvLien also, D2F: 
Gr. i^ a ot apxifRfis : + j^CnOTiULeeiULHI, h) probably agreeing with 
previous akrjOaSy but obs. Gr. F A A &c. add oKrfBats after coriv. ne] 
for om. akri6m cf. Gr. KBDL &c. 8yr<^". ^7 c(J0OTn] COJOn, A. 

iJLiULoq] + A.n, v. :b.e] om. t, cf. Gr. ^< e. A.qg] exA.q-, Ji<^. nA.eJULl] om. nA., BAiOiQ, cf. Gr. yivwcricf*: Gr. K 

Hunt 18, adds avToV. ** ^^^ffl] Gr. D &c. ?«cpaffv. e&oX i^] om. P. 

nxeHTc] for position cf. Gr. ^<D &c. jienniep4>ei] for position 

cf. Gr. KBL &c. syr«". OTOg, i°] om. Di AiEFJOiQS. XexeH- 

ccjooTn] xenccjooTn, ej. juuuloi] +g,a), m. oto^, 2^=^] 
om. Fi*. xexenejuLi] xenejuL\, Ji*. xeexA.n] xeoT- 

efi.oX er^M, V*. OTOg, 3°] om. FL Hunt i8; Xe, L Hunt i8. 


JOHN Vn. 27-32. 415 

and they say nothing to him? Did indeed the rulei*s 
know truly that this is Christ? ^But we know this 
(man), from where (he) is: but if Christ should come, no 
one will know from where (he) is.' ^^ Jesus then cried 
out in the temple, teaching and saying: 'Ye know me, 
and ye know from where I came. And I came not from 
myself, but he who sent me is true; he whom ye know 
not. ^ And I know him ; because I am of him, and it is he 
who sent me.' ^°They were seeking then to apprehend him, 
and no one laid (lit. brought) his hands upon him, because 
bis hour had not yet come. ^^ Many then of the multitude 
believed him, and they were saying: 'If Christ should 
come, will he do more indeed than these signs which this 
(man) did?' ^^The Pharisees heai*d the multitudes mur- 
muring these (things) concerning him ; and the chief priests 

IteXA-Il] CrAiEGaHJKLNOiPQSTHuntiS: Ite €XA.n, J^B 
Di..^FM Vc(Iteit€*): itTTA.!, A. >efi.oX A-H, L. OiULKl] 

AJLHi, rp*. ne ^h exA.q] a^e &c.: ne exA-q, a*: 
nexA.q, q. exexeitl xexen, f. 2*^] om. k. 

2® A.nOK 1°. ..ijUU.Oq 2^ om. ». ^e] cf. Gr. HD &c. 8yr«". 
2ie . . . A.ItOK] om. T : om. yCO). JuL, 8. Xe . . . ijLiULOq] om. 
BCi*. Ue] om. PQ: > 116 4>H, N. TA-OTOl] +ne, Q. 
^" O-Cn] Gr. J^ o( «€, 8yr« ei^^ *et' : + RG, A*?B &c. (exc. L) : A-H, 
Da*. eTrA-g^Oq] rtCeTA-g^Oq that they might take him, A^ L. 
OTOg^] ^.XXa., Q : om. Fj*. g^Xl] + epXoXJULA.It €, Hunt i8. 
Iteqxix] for plur. cf. Gr. G &c. 8yr«": X€q., H. tieJtXliiJTe] 
XXn^JVe, Ai* Q, cf. Gr. L al* cXijXv^i^. ^^ OTH] cf. Gr. K O &c. : 

sah whw om. epoq] position diflPers from Gr., otherwise cf. Gr. i^D &c. : 
om. T. UIJULHCy] It!., L OTOg^] om. F. JULiULOc] +ne, F. 
Tie] cf.? Gr. r &c. ecyw^n] om. Jj*. AXk] cf. Gr. » B D L &c. 
qn^Lep] Gr. G syr^a et«»> froi«. pO)] om. L Hunt i8. ItA-l] cf.? 
Gr. E &c. 8yr«a: Itl, ^< B L Q. GXA. . . . A.I.] cf. Gr. J^»BL Ac. 
32 A.'C(q,T)CtJOXeJUL] cf.Gr.BL&c: +2^6, A^Fi^N, cf.Gr. »D&c. 
niJULKOj] »A«Ci'Di.2EFJL: Ul., &c., A^BrAiGgHKMNOiPQ 
8TV Hunt i8, cf.Gr. eifXP^iUL-] eT€pXP-> ^2^'- ^'^'y ^J- 
itn A.l] en^.!, Ai Fi« L N Oj P Hunt i8 ; for position cf. Gr. » : Gr. 
D L* &c. om. OTOg^] om. M. 


416 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

XJGp^'cc nejuL ni4>A.piceoc itg,A.n£,TiiKpeTHc 

g^iitA. itceTA-g^oq. 
^* Ilexe JKc o-cit. xe €ti kckotxi ftxp^^oc -f gon 

itejuLCJOTen. OTog, -f It^.tt^e itHi g^A. c|>k exA-q- 

TA.OTOI. ** xexenKcjo'f nccoi oto^ Texen- 

n^^eiULX A.n. oTog, 4>iULA. e+^^.ge itKi epoq. 

itecjoxen epoq A.n. 
xx^ **nexe nnoT2iA.i o-cn itnoTe|pHo-c. xe ^.pe 4>^j 

HA-ae nA.q eetjon itTrencgTeAJLxejuLq. jjlk nA.q euixcjop efi.oX trre nio*vemiit 

oTog, itTeqi"cfi.a3 itnioTemm. 
^^Ha-ica-xi ot lie exA.qxoc. xe TexeititAJcuji" 

iiccjoi oTog, TeTrenn^jiceAiLX A.n o*ro^ nuiu. 

e-f nA.ttje rtKi epoq juuuioit oj^ojtx MJULooxeit 

ei epoq. 


"Hg^pHt 2^e i>en nieg^oo-c iij6A.e irre mnigi- 
itaA.1 A-qog,! epA.Trq ibcemc. oTog, n^-qcog 
efiioX eqxcjo jOuuioc. 
2Ce 4>H exofi.1 AXA-peqi g^A-poi itTeqco). **(t>K 
eeitA-g^-f epoi k^jta, ^tpK-f exA-cxoc itxe- 
i"rpA.4>K. xe 2^ ijuuLooo-r ita)iv& 
een^j^A.-f efi.oX i6en Teqitexi. 

ni4>^p. 2°] g,A.n4>A.p., H; for order cf. Gr. »BDL &c. 8yr««. 
il2^A.n2^TUKpeXKc] -g^mepeTHC, AF, Gf. M rowr; for 
position cf. Gr. BL &c.: > rtg^A-ng^TR. llxeitl &c., L, cf. Gr. 

i^D &c. itceTTA-g^oq] iixoT, DgQ Hunt 18: eepo*rTA.- 
Huntxs, &oq, L. ^^Ikc] nenOT, Gj*: nenoc Ihc, V: om. d,*. 

^^'^ OTIt] + nCJOOT, Q, cf. Gr. T &c. CTI KC] A« Ac. : eXA-IKC, A*. 
It^ponoc] for position cf.? Gr. Q &c. : ItCKOT, L. 'fgon] 
pref. OTOg^, H. ItKl] ItK, A. ^* XexeitKCJO-f ] A C L, cf. 

Gr. n* 69.: XexenitA.., X &c., cf. the rest of Gr.: pref. O^COg,, 
BL Hunt 18. XejtXr] cf. Gr. B &c. OTOg^ 2°] om. Q. <txiLA.] 
UIJULA., K: om. B*. efnA-ttje] » ABCrFG2HK*LNPQ V: 
-f ge, LT: pref. A.nOK, Di.2AjEJK«(C.)(M)0iST Hunt 18, cf. Gr.; 

JOHN Vn. 33-38. 417 

and the Pharisees sent officers that they might apprehend 
him. 33 Jesus then said : * Yet a little time I am with 
you, and I will go to him who sent me. ^Ye seek for 
me, and ye will not find me; and (the) place to which I 
will go, ye will not be able to come to it/ **The Jews 
then said to one another : ' Whither will this (man) go, and 
we will not find himi will he go to the scattered among 
(lit. of) the Greeks, and teach the Greeks? ^^What is this 
word which he said: "Ye will seek for me, and ye will 
not find me; and the place to which I will go, it is not 
possible for you to come to it?"' 

^^Now in the last day of the great feast Jesus stood, 
and cried out, saying: *He who thirsteth, let him come 
to me, and drink. ^^He who believeth me, according as 
the scripture said : " Rivers of water of life will flow from 

for *go' cf. a c d syr^'*: e-foj^n, M. cf. Gr. ilfii. ItKI epoq] 
iSuULOq, M. TrexennA.Cyi] «B &c. (D^® Cgi over former word ; 
pref. rl, FQ): TeTeHOje, A: Gr. B adds ciccc. ^ OTIt] cf. 

Gr.: om. F P N. ItltOTepHOT] cf.? Gr. G irp. dAXijXovf. Coptic also 
represents irp6s €avTovs of the rest of Gr. exc. K* e om. ^p^J GpG, Di,2 
AiEJKOiS. ^^l] for position cf. Gr. HB &c. ilTrentt)TreAiL] 
pref. OTOg,, P Q. XCJULq] cf. Gr. J^ D &c.: +A.non, A^8 Di« a 
Fi«L, cf. Gr. BL &c., but these place it before the verb. AXHJ Gr. D 
124. fXTirL ItlO-Ceinm] om. m, Ei*. O-COg, &c.] om. Ci*F2*. 
•**Ot] OTH, A: om. T an above for A without 'then.' XOc] 
A*? &c.: XO), A«: XOq,0,. XeTennA.KCO'f Jcf.Gr.: XeTGH., 
Di.2Fi*L. OTOg, i°] om. B. T€nr€ItnA.XeJULT] cf. Gr.: 
T-exen., T ; for fit cf. Gr. B &c. syr^^ "fnA-ae] i" ., F ; for * go* 
cf. a. ItKl] om. Q. ijUUtCJOXen] CO over?, A«. €pOq] g^A.- 
poq, S. "it2^pHl]ABCrD,FMNOiSVHunti8: Itji)-, Da&c. 

nieg^oo-c] ni., f/. ^.qo2^l] nA.q., Fi<^ l m, cf.? Gr. tiar^K^i : 
+2^6, f. epA.Tq] +ue, m. oto£^] om. j^M. ^^.qa)g] 

cf. Gr. IkD &c.: A.q., KP, cf. Gr. BL &c. 8yr««. efi.oX] +ne, Q. 
2Ce] om. T, cf.? Gr. €T"ofi.I ../^^^4>k] om. Gg. &A.pOl] cf. Gr. 
K«^ B L &c. *® exnA-g^i" , A P. eXA-CXOC] CTi^C^.^ Dj* Fi*. 

2Ce] om. P, cf.? Gr. TCq] Iteq, Fj*. E^ gloss ^^\k^J^ ^jy^}^ 
'p»alm 41 and Zechariah the prophet.' 
VOL. II. £ e 

418 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

*• 4>A.i 2i.e A.qxoq ee&e nmHZ eitA.-cnA.(rnrq nxenn 
een^.g^'f epoq. neiULnA.Te nriZ! VA.p oj^^^ ^€- 
xe nejULUA-xe Ihc (JTcjoot ue. 
'? *°&A.noTort 2^6 e&oX j6en niiULKg eTA.'rcooTrejuL 
eit^ic^^xi nA.TX(jo jjLJULoc. xe TA.4>Jtt.Hi <t^i ne 
^^^A.nKexj^otm 2^e mjtxuo juutxoc. xe ^a,\ ne 
7 nxc. g^A.riKex^o'^J^^ ^e ha-txcjo ijuuLoc. xe 
AXK nxc nao-c efi^oX ;6eit 'f VA-XiXe^- 
^^Uh nexA-cxoc ^.n ibcei"vpA.<tH. xe efi.oX j6€rt 
nxpox it2L4LTi^ ue. o-cog, ze A.p€ n^Qc nno-c 
€fi.oX j6en fiiKeXeeiUL lU'fiULi en^-pe ^ij^n. 

TO ^ *8 Otcx^cjula. oTit A.qatJoni j6eit niAXKoi eefi.HTq. 

g^A.noTon 2^6 itjsfcHXOT itA.'co'caxg eTA-g^oq 
Tie. A-XXa. iJLue g^Xi c^en neqzix eg^pHi excoq. 

_ 44 




*f *^3XTr oTit itxenig^TUHpexHC g^A. niA.px^^pc**c 
neiUL iti4>A.piceoc. oTog, nextjoo-c ncooT ibceitH 
exejuLJULA.T. xe eefi.€OT ixnexenenq. 
*® UX^epoTCJo nxenig^TUKpexKC erxuo juuuloc. xe 
juLue pcjoAxi c^.xi JuLUA.ipKi" eiteg^. 

^^ 2s.e] Xe, FjC, probable € ei-ased before TT. A.qXOq] eq., 
Hunt i8* : Gr. J^ &c. cXcycr. €(om. Oi*) ItA.TIt^.] eXO-CHA., K NT. 
ItK ee] nee, B*. epoq] om. r*and«. JWH 2°] KA*(and tr.) 
BCrDi.gAiEj.g^^FGjHOiQ Hunt i8: Umit^., A^Ej* JKLMN P 
S(ni)TV; for om. 5ytov, MofUvoy &c. cf. Gr. i^ &c neAJLIT^.- 
Xe 2°] cf. Gr. ^<* ac^facrro: AJLUA-Xe, Q, cf.? the rest of Gr. 
tdo(d(r6rj. tflcUOT] erasure of letter after CJO and 0'€ over erasure, A«. 
ue 2°] om. BDi*EJ. *® 2,A.UOTOIt] (g^IUA., Fi*) cf. 8ab«^>»» 

arm Cyr; for om. iroXXot cf. Gr. h^BDL &c. ^e] cf. c e f ff*" syt»«»» 
sah^^ohwarm go. UIJULKttj] UI., L. > eX^.•CCa)XeJtJL gAoX 
ji^eUUIJULHOJ, Q. n^.l] U^.I, B, cf. Gr. X a] mu aetb Cyr, for 
TovTwv cf. Gr. KBDL &c. iXJULOC] +Ue, Q. XS] cf.? Or. BD. 
TA.4>iULKl] for position cf. Gr. K: om. Fi*. 4>A.l] om. Ei». 

JOHN Vn. 39-46. 419 

his belly." * ^^ But this he said concerning the Spirit, which 
they who believe him were to receive : for (the) Spirit had 
not yet come (cyoaui); because Jesus had not yet been 
glorified. '^And some of the multitude having heard these 
words, were saying: * Truly this is the Prophet.* *^And 
others were saying : * This is Christ : ' but others were 
saying: *Is Christ coming from Galilee? **Said not the 
scripture, that (he) is from (the) seed of David, and that Christ 
is coming from Bethlehem, the viUage where David was 
(imperf.)?' *^A division then happened in the multitude 
because of him. ^^And some among them were wishing 
to apprehend him; but no one could lay (lit. bring) his 
hands upon him. 

^^The officers then came to the chief priests and the 
Pharisees ; and those said to them : * Wherefore brought ye 
him not?' ^'The officers answered, saying: 'Never man 

" 7^€ i°] cf. Gt. T &c. HA-TXCJO i°...2ie 2°] om. Ej^K*. 4>^I 
...Xe 2^J om. MQT, cf. Gr. MA* al^^ b q 8yr>»': om. <1>A.I, B*; for 
2Ce cf.? Gr. DL &c. ^l^nKeXJ^Oytil 2«>] cf. Gr. HD &c. 
2^6 2^] cf. minusc mu ^'^ e.] It^.pe, M : €p€, Q. 
*2 AXH n€nrA.c] C &c.: JJLH neeTA-C, A«(n over former letter, 
with an erasure above) BDi.gMSV: AXHTA-C, Ei* : JtXH CTA-C, 
L Q Hu nt 18. nxpox] UI., Dg. He] om. L.] €pe, Jj^Q. 
n^C It HOT J (erasure above K, A^') position peculiar to Coptic, but for 
order cf. Gr. » D &c. AJUULA-T] A* &c. : JUUULOq, A« L N Q : 
+ eqnHO'C ibcenXC, A°«L, for order cf. Gr. BL &c. *^ A.q- 

ttJCJOm] nA.q., Q«, cf. Gr.; for position cf. Gr. J^BDL &c. >ee- 

&HTq j6enniJULKg, k : om. eefi-HTq, l. ** 2we] om. q. 

itj^HTOT] A*CG2*KNT: pref. efiiOX, A™8 &c. n(om.N)A.-C- 
OTCJOtt)] (^r. K* fXcyov. l\e] om. V. A.XXa.] om. B. Ojeit] 
ABCAiEiFi'GgHJKLMNOiST: eit, without potential sign, TDj.g 

E2 P Q V. neqxix] nenxix hands, Wiikins. eg^pHi excoq] Gr. 

N*avT«. ^*2,TUKpeTHC] DiEi«: ^TReperTHC, A(twice)&c. 

OTOg^] om. L Q. Xe] om. Fj'. ^* g^TUKpeTTKc] Ei , for 

position cf. Gr. exc. J^. e^XUJ jOuUtOc] om. B. JULHepO)- 
JULI &C.J order peculiar to Coptic. 

£ e a 

Fi eniU 




*^ SXTepoTO) 2i.€ itcooT itxeiti4>A.piceoc er^cuj 
ijuuLoc. x€ JULH ^.peTeItca)peJUL ^toTen. 

Uh A. g^Xi efi.oX i6en niA.px^i^ w^&i" ^po^ 
le e&oX ;6en nicl>A.piceoc. *'a.XXa. ^^.IiULHg 
exencecoooTit juLniitoiULOc A.n c€;x« ^^ 

Ilexe niK02wKJULoc ncooT. 4>h exA-qi £,a. ikc 
itttjopn itxtjopg^. eoT^.1 ue eiioX ixj^HXO'r. 

*' Xe iULH uennojuLoc nA-i" 2,a.ii empo^itiLi A.q- 
ttjTrejULccjoTreJUL epoq itajopn. OTOg, itTeqe«.i 
xe OT uexeqipi ijuu-oq. 

*^ OEXTepoTO) itA.q exxo) jjljuloc. xe xilh Rook 
o-cefi-oX j6en -fr^.XiXeA. &a)K. j6ot"j6€T 
oTog^ A.nA.T. ze juuuLon npoci>HTKC nA-Tooitq 
efiioX j^en "f rA.XiXeA.. 

^mc T^e A.qttje n^.q euixcooT itTe itixtoix: 
MxA. ^.qI it2^^.nA.xoo-ci euiep4>€i. ftiAXHO) 2^6 

* niA.pXH€peTC 2^6 nexjL m4>A.piceoc ^.TtnI nA.q 
itoifcg^iJULi ^.TxejuLc j^en oTnopitiA. oTog, 
A.-cx^.2,oc epA-Tc j6en eiULK-f. ^o-rog, ue- 
xcjooT nA.q. xe c^jpeq-fcfi-O) ta.ic2,iajli eA.i 
^.nxejULc j^eit o-ciiopniA.. ^oTog, 4>noiULoc 
ijuuLCJOTCKC oTA-g^cA-g^ni eg^iconi excoc. o*r ue 
2we(e)xeKxcjo juuuLoq iteoK 
«4>^i 2l€ ^.Txcjoq e-cepuipA.^in juLiULoq g^m^. 
hiroyxejtx Xcjoixi g^ixcoq: ikc 2we ^.qpIKI 

*' 2i.e] cf. go : om. L M 8, cf. Gr. J^ D &c. HtJOO'c] cf. Gr. » DL Ac. : 
om. BS, cf. Gr. BK &c. e^XCJO JUUULOC] A&cDi«(^): orn. 
Di*AiEF,MK*LOiPQS. A.p€Xeit] A.XeTeit, QV. COO- 
pejm] CCJOXeiUL heard, Dj*. ^® ^. . . . ItA.g^'f ] cf. Gr. K« B L &c. 

*® UA.I] itA.1, N. exence] ftxence, q : exexeit, j : exe- 

Tence, confusion. D2*K. UHtOJULOC] c|)It., BDi.gAiEJMOiQ 
SV: mKOCJULOC,T,buttr.iiJi. ^^ niK02iIiUL0C, A. ^^IHC] 

JOHN VIL 53— Vni. 6. 421 

Text op B. 

'^^O'cog, A. nioTA.1 UIOTA.I iJLiULCJOOT ttj^ ^^^ eueq- 
xnA.. ^ OTog, ^qcg6 nA.q itxeiHc ritcoot ftxe 
nixcjoix. * OTog, A.qi itcy^^P^ ijLXiLA.cytJo eniep- 
f^ei. OTog, A.qi &A.poq itxeiiiXA.oc XHpq. OTOg, 
A.qg^ejULci eq'f cfiiCJO hcjoot. 

^ O^og, rini n^-q itX€nicA.ji) tiexK ni4>^piceoc noT- 
cg^ijULi e^xxejtxc j^eit o-ciiopniA. o-cog, A-tta.- 
^oc ep^JTc j6eit ejuLK^". ^o-cog, nezaooT 
^^.q. xe c|)peqi"cfi.cjo,iJUH ^.itxeiULc j^eit 


exujc. OT ue exeKXCJO jjLjuloc mok. *nA.i 
A.TXOXOT &inA. itxoTxejUL otXcjoixi epoq. ikc 
2^6 ^.qpiKi iineqg^o. OTog, A.qcj6^i j6en 

cf.Gr. 254. w««fy* 44«^esah»«»»wgyr8chethr. Jtcyopil] for poaitiou of. 
Gr. i^ BL &c. : om. A«(and tr.)L, cf. Or. E &c. : > tlXUJp^ riaORp, 
P, cf. Or. (D)X c fP^- pyrP c* am. eOTA.1 UC] Or. L syr^h om. &w : 

ora. ue, N. *' neititoiULoc] uexen(xe, An»«), bmqv. 

A.qcgxeJUL] A-T., M. epoq] for position cf. Or. E &c. : Gr. K* 
om. nap avrov. UCTeqipi] He CX., Di^.aEFi'JLMSV ; Gr. D c 

€jroiffa€P. *2 itA.q] A : > exxuo jjLiAoc nA.q, B &c., cf. Gr. ; 

obs. Or*'^ om. luu ftVw awry. AXh] om. L. g^COKJ om. Di*EFf J. 
O^fOg^] OT, A* : om. Q. npo4>HXKC] for position, apait from, 
but before cic ttjs r., cf.? Gr. «D &c. nA.X(JOnq] for future cf. e 1 
fiahw'*^ *^^.TttJe] A°»« &c., cf. Gr. DMST &c. nyr^' arm°»« 

€*nop€v0n(rap, A &c. air^Xdov: ^...Oje ItA.q, B. cf. Gr. EGHKII &o. 
syr "*"***" (= syr.) aeth inop^vBii, U &c. air^X^ci^. e4>OTA.l] A™» &c. : om. 
e,E.SV: niOTA.1 &c., B : + iiO.CJOOT, B, cf. syr. * ex eis.' JJLA.] 
A'"B B &c., cf. Gr. I, 25. arm"*': the rest of Gr. oUov exc. 69. ra ttia. 

^ IKC 2w€ &c.] cf. Gr. D unc' al pi it* vg syr. et**' Ts dc, 409. 6 dc 75 : 
OTO^^B, cf. Gr. V T A &c. kcu 6Isi om. conj.. V : -HA-q g^tJOq 

itxeiHc, V. ob«. Gr. ai pauc «iU « d« : - n^.q itxeiHc, B. enij 

ni, B. XCJOIX] Gr. r 272. f •o' add fuh^s. ^ IXA.] A"! &c. : 

OTOg,, B AjS: Gr. SpBpov dc, exc. T 272. Koi irt. A.qi] A™»B &c.: 
Gr. D irapoyfiycrat : Gr. U &c. add 6 li: +OIt, V, cf. Gr. irdX«y. 
itg^A-It &C.] A™* &c. : nOjCJOpIT AJUULA-gO), B, cf. Gr. U A &c. 

422 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

spake thus.' ^"^And the Pharisees answered them, saying: 
' Went ye also astray ? *® Did any of the rulers believe him, 
or of the Pharisees 7 *^ But this multitude who know not the 
law are under (the) curse.' ^Nicodemus said to them, he 
who came to Jesus (at) first by night, being one of them : 
'^^Will our law judge the man, unless it hear him fii-st, 
and know what he doethV «^They answered him, saying: 
'Art thou also from Galilee?' 'Search and see, that there 
is not (a) prophet to rise from Galilee.' ^^And they went 
each to his place. YIU. And Jeavs went to the mountain 
of the Olives. * Then he came in the morning to the temple, 
and the multitudes came to him; and he sat to teach 
them. ^And the chief priests and the Pharisees brought 
to him a woman: they found her in adultery; and they 
made her stand in (the) midst, * and said to him : * Teacher, 
this woman we found in adultery. *And (the) law of 
Moses commanded to stone her ; but what sayest thou 1 ' 

^And this they said tempting him, that they might find 
pretext against (lit. upon) him. But Jesvs betit dou>^n his 

The followiDg phrases of V correspond to the italics of the translation 
of A^9 : ^ vent also Jesus. ^ and he came again : and came to him 
the multitudes. ^ and brought to him the chief priests &c. ^ thi/t, 

om. 0^1. ^ om. but. ^ these they (are) saying : and bent down 
his eyes Jesus. 

add /3a^€a)ff. niAJLHO) ^c] A«8 &c. : OlfOg,, B V, of. Or. A.'Xl 
Sj^pOCl] ^-€1 a^^poq itXeniXJLKttJ, V; cf. Gr. GSU &c. SxXot, 

Or. r 272. om. : ^.qi g^^^poq nxernXA.oc XHpq, B : Or. D &c. 

iras 6 Xadff ^px^ro: Gr. 13. 69. 124. 174. 230. 346. z»^ om. : Gr. E GH 
KO &c. om. npos avr6v. G^" cfiito] Gq^fcficO, BJs: Gr. D 13. &c. 
om. Koi KoBlaos ididavKtp avrovs. ^ IH^.p^HepenrC 2^€ . . . 

^.•Cmi] A»B &c.: for dftx. cf. Gr. i. 25. 254. arm«<id; fo^ ^ ^f. Gr. 
unc. exc. UT om. : OlfOg^ &c., B V, for icat cf. Gr. A* 13. &c. syr'^' e: 

Gr. 48.71. 238. 421. om.uiypafifi.icai': ^.'vini(itm,B) it^^q ibce &c., 

(B) V. for order cf. Gr. unc. : - Sxeni^^pX- *c-» V: - lbceniC^j6 
next.nicl>^.p., B, cf. Qr. exc. I. &c. ; for irp^ ovrdir cf. Gr. EGH K 11 &c.: 

JOHN VII. 53— VIII. 6. 423 

Translation of B. 

''^And each of them went to his place. VIII. And went 
Jesus (to) the mountain of the Olives. ^And he came very 
early to the temple, and came to him all the people; and 
he sat teaching them. 

'^And brought to him the scribes and the Pharisees a 
woman : they found her in adultery ; and they made her 
stand in (the) midst, ^and said to him: ^Teacher, this 
woman we found in adultery. 

'^And Moses ordered in the law to stone her; what 
sayest thou?' ^ These (things) they said, that they might 
find pretext against him. But Jesus bent down his face, 

Gr. D &c. syr. om. jfcenoif] cf. Or. EGHKII cV: Gr. D &c. cW. 
nopni^.] Gr. D afioftTiui, 8yr»>' 'in atultitia.' * ^^^] A°>«B &c., 

cf. Gr. MS UFA al pi it* gyr. aeth arm«»«: Gr. EGHKII al*® ann«<w 
add n€ipd(ovT€Sj item D €Kn'tipa{oyT€s avrov oi uptis um 9x*>^aw Koniyoptiav 
avTov. nr^.\C^lXKl e^.1 &c.] a™? &c.: om. e^.1, BV; cf. Gr. 
U &c. aeth (exc. Gr. has iiravroffmp^) : the rest of Gr. avn; ^ yvvri Kom- 
\^(f>eri in. fioixfvofuvrj, ^ OlfOg^] A»»«B &c., cf. Gr. T 272. 49 «▼ al* 

Kal : the rest of Gr. &c. «f . c|>nOJULOC &c.] A»»»V (A.q01f^.g, &c.) &c. ; 
for fKiXfvtrtv cf. ? Gr. D; for order and Mosis (genitive) cf. syr***": 
AJtXiXyXCHC g^Ong^en, B, for order cf. Gr.; for cvfrciXaro cf.? Qr. 
exc. D 161.: i6ennmOJULOC, B, cf. Gr. &c. 8yr»» etK Cm. ^fii^, 
cf. Gr. D H 299. al* syr"- et»>^ eg^ItOltl] A"«B &c.: eOpOlf- 
g^ICJOltl, V. 2ie] A«°«, cf. Gr. T) dt wp c tt^ 'autem* fos *vero: * the 
rest of Gr. oSv : the rest of Coptic om. TeKXCJO] A»s &c. : GXeKXCJO, 
B J3 V. JULULOq] A«°s &c. : iiJULOC, B : Gr. M S U A &c. (not 
«yr. or»>0 add ^cpi airnjs. « ^^.l 2^.6 ^.-fXtOq] A»»8(^.q) &c. ; 

for TovTo cf. Gr. &c., for df cf. Gr. &c. exc. D 264. 15. (which om. rovro . . . 
itvTov) 272. e (enim) c (ideo): It^I, BV, cf. c haec ; for om. dt cf. Gr. 
15. 272. ff^ : A.'CXOTOT, B ; for pret. cf. Gr. M S T al*® syr. : 
erXO) JOUULCJOO'C, V, pres. partic, obs. the rest of Gr. 7\*yop, 
€nrepnip^.5m iiJUlOq] om. B. iiJULOq] Gr. al^® fere om. 
XejUl] cf. Gr. I. al pauc €v/i«cri. XcJOIXl] A«°« &c. : prcf. OT, B; 
cf. Gr. 8 U A 13. &c. arm aeth Konryopiau. &IXtOq] A»»« &c. : epoq, 
B: j6^.poq, V; cf. Gr. S &c. as above, Kara. 2^8 2°] A««B &c., 
cf. Gr.: OlfOg, (and om. here IHC), V, for om. i? cf.? Gr. e*^"^. 

^.qpiKi rt] A.qpeK, v. 

424 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

hiteq&^X ^qcj6^i ijLneqT-H& ^ixen niK^^g^i : 
^ex^.Ta)CK 2ie juLneqepoTto ^.qq^.1 iiTeqA.c{)€ 
nex^^q noooir : xe niju. j6eii ennoT ^.tfne ito&i 
jUL^.peqg^iu3ni extoc ngopn itoTooiti: ®Toxe 
^.qp€K xcjoq oifog^ ^.qcjfc^i g^ixen nK^^g^i. 
• ex^.-cccjoT-euL e^^i efi.oX g^iToxq ofo^ 
A.'CK^.i" eneqcog^i ^xep^nrrc ni e&oX <jK)TAr 
cl>oif^.i ttj^Toifi e&oX nxeitmpecfi.Txepoc neAi 
noTJULHttj : oifog^ ^.qccjoxn nxemc jOuuL^^f ^.xq 

^® ^. iHc q^.1 nxeq^.ct)e nex^^q nA.c. xe o) i"C2,ixt.i 
^.-cetjon itH exA.'C'f 2,A.n epo. ijuuLoti ota.i eq- 
•fg^^^n epo. ^^ nex^^c n^.q xe 'fm.x ^.n eoT^i 
nA.OT : nexe Ihc n^c. xe ox'^e i^noK ei'fg^A.a 
epo. ite icxeit-f no-c i5.nepx^.ceo eep- 

ftOD.1 Xe. The culous are the only points of the text. 

neq&^.X] a°»« &c. v (and +nx€iKC): iJLneqg^o, b. 

^.qCj6^.l] pref. OlfOg^, B. jOLUeqXK (6, A««) &] A"»« &0.: 
j6enneqXH&, B V : om. Fi% cf. Gr. A 230. 262. 435. syr. 
K^Sji] Gr. E &c. add fiff irpoanowt^ntvos, "^ eX^.'CtOCK] A««* &<-.. 

hut probahly for sing, unless representing c»s iiriyAvov of Gr. : eX^q &c., 
sing., BV. JULrieqepOfa)] a™** A, Fj' J3 S, *for his answer:' 

eneq., Di*^e,.2.8G3Ji Par 61: j^eitxeqxmepoirtjo, bv: Gr. 
fpunoiurfs. ^4>e] A»* &c.: +enttj^i> B. nex^^q] a«»« &c.: 

pref. OlfOg^, B V. HI JUL &c] A"»*f V ( + e&oX and A.X tfT) : Dj^ &c. 

nixjL ex &c.: ^n exoi n^.eno&i j^enennoT, b, nearer 

the Gr. g^ICJOHl] A°»« &c. : CA.XOf OOHI, B. littJOpU itOTOO- 
ni] A°»« &c., ob«. Gr. EGH al plus^^ npSnou toi' \i6ov: nojC&pn, BV 
without nOfCJOni: om. eXCJOC na^P^ nOTCJOni, G3; ob*t. 
fluctuation of order in Gr. &c. ** XOXe] A^ &c. : OTOg,, B V. 

^.qpeKXooq] A™* &c. V (ex^.q): A.qpiKi iineqg^o, b. 

OlfOg,] om. E2 V. ^.qCjfc^O n^.q., V ; Gr. D adds rw ftaicrvXw. 
UKA-g^l] A-nKBDi^Ei.aJsOiS: UL, AgEaFfGaJiV Par 6i. Gr. U 
nl*-^*^ fer%add cw cVaarow n^<oir ras dfiaprias. ^ eX^.TCa)XeJUL] 

+ 2ie, BV, cf. Gr. &c. e4>A.l] A°«fD,oE,.2.3Ff G3J, : ett^.!, BA, 
J3SV: Gr. &c. om. efi.oX g^IXOXq] A'"^ Ac: ItXOXq, BV: 

Gr. &c. om. oxo^j ^xK^'f eueqcog^i] A»« &c. V (ueq^m) : 

JOHN Vin. 7-1 1. 425 

Teqxmepoira). ^.qq^-i>€ encgooi ofog, 
nex^.q itaooT. xe 4>h exoi n^.eno&i sf^en 
ennoT JULA.peqc^.T ofcjoni exuoc itcgoopn. 
^ OTog^ ^.qpiKi iJLneqg^o. of og, ^.qcj6^i g^ixeit 
nK^.g^i. ® eT^.f caoxejUL 2s.e en^.i iiToxq A.-ce- 
ULi xe eqcog^i iiJULtJooT. ^.f epng^HTc ni efi.oX 
no-c^.! Of ^.1 a^.xe n(i)j6eXXoi TKpof i efi.oX. 
Of og, A. iKc caoxn iiJUL^.f ^.xq iteuL -f cg^ijuii 

^^Ikc 2^e ^.qq^.1 nxeq^^^^e encgcjoi ofog^ nexA.q 
nA.c. xe (JO i"C2,iJULi ecjoit n^.i. juLne of^.i 
'f^^n epo. ^ * nex^.c. xe of 2ie of a.i noc. 
nexe nic n^.c. xe of 2^8 ^.rtoK i"f &^.n epo ^n. 
juLA.cge lie icxeni" rtof of og, iinepof ^.g^xo-f 

66prtO&I Xe. Text of the section in B ends. 

IJXeJULl XeeqCOg^I iiJULCJOOf , B : Gr. E &c. km im6 rijs avvti' 
dfi(r€m i\tyx6fi(¥oi : Gr. D M U F A &c. syr. et>>' om. ^.f epg^KXC 
iti e&oX] A"«rB &c.; different from Gr. &c. 4>Of^I cl)Of^.l] 
nOf A.I Of ^.I, B: Of ^I Of ^.I iXAJLtOOf , V, for aiTS>p cf.Gr. i. 
al pauc; for Uaarof (D) or tU Koff As cf. Gr. i&c. g^XOf I &c.] 
A«n«f &c. V ( and nij^eXXoi) : g^XOf^G i&c, Oi : ffl^.- 
Xeni^eXXoi XHpOf l e&oX, B; different from Gr. &c. 
neJULTlOf JULHttj] A-^s &c.: +XHpq, V: om. B; different from 
Gr. &c. syr**' ; obs. Gr. D lavrt irarrtts t$f\$€iv, and c ff ' * secedebant 
singuli, incipientes a senioribus omnes recesscmnt : ' Gr. EGHKMF al*^ 
e g img vg syr. om. A.qCtOXn &c.] A^ &c. V(>ilJU.A.f A.Xq 
itXeiHC, cf. Gr. U r &c. e) ; for order cf. Gr. : ^IKC CCJOXR 
iUUUL^f ^Xq, B: Gr. D i. 25. c am &c. syr^*' om. 6 15: Gr. 69. &c. 
om. fioyot : syr. fi6tnj instead of fiovos 6 Ts koL OHJ om. V. eit^C^^^Hj 
cf.? Gr. T) and rest of uncials &c. syr. o^aa: Gr. i. &c. syr**' iarSitTa, 

^^ A.nic qA.1 &c.] IKC 2s.e A.qqA.1 itxeqA.c|>e, b, for «€ cf. 

Gr. &c.: eXA.qqA.1 Of It itXeqA.4>e itXeiHC, V, for partic. and 
order cf. Gr. : +€nttJtWI, B V. UeXA^q] pref. Of Og^, BV ; for om. 
mai fiTidtva Otaadfuvos jr\ff¥ rfjs yvvaiMOS cf. Gr. D M 8 F I. &c. Kyr. et**''. 
n^c] A«« B &c., cf. Gr. E &c. syr**' : Gr. D c «yr. ny yvrauci : Gr. 
U A Ac. om. to 'fcg^lAILl] cf. Gr. M S U T A Ac. syr**' ywai : Gr. 

rin. ^ 

426 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

eyeSy he wrote with his finger upon the earth. '' But they 
having delayed /o?' his answer, he lifted his head, he said 
to them: 'Who among you (is) without sin, let him stone 
her first with a stone.* ^Then he bent down his head, 
and wrote upon the earth. ^Having heard this from him, 
[and] they understood his reproof. They began to come 
forth each (of them), until had come forth the elders and 
all of them (lit. their multitude) ; and left was Jesus alone 
with the woman who was (imperf.) set in (the) midst. 

^^ Jestis lifted up his head, he said to her : * O woman, 
where were they who judged thee? there is not one judging 
thee.* ^^She said to him: */ see nx>t one, my Lord.' 
Said Jesus to her: * Neither (am) I judging thee: go, 
hence/or^A return not to sin any more.* 

^ his answering: and: of: om. with a stone. ^and 

he having : om. and : was writing. * and having : these things : 
of : reproving : of them : the old men : all their multitude : 
alone Jesus. ^^ lifted then up his head Jesus, and. ^^ and she said : 
no one of them : did : go, and. 

D E F O H K &G. syr. om. ^f OCJOtt KK CTTA-T &c.] A«n« &c. E, 

(-etjon ne na &c.), cf. Gr. hsu ai plus*® vg : ecjort n^^i, b. cf. Or. 

DMT A &c. syr. et^r : Gr. ii. &c. om. JOUUtOIt OTA.I &c.] om. S*. 
" neX^^c] A™«B: pref. Of Og^, V, cf.? Gr. D rmcfiMy ff** 'et ilia:' 
the rest of Gr. i} ti ilntv. It^^q] A°»«B &c., cf. Gr. D : om. V, cf. the 
rcHt of Gr. i"rt^.T A.rt eOT^.1 U^^ot] A«"« &c. : 01f2s.e OTA.I 
nOC^B, cf. Gr. oW«l£ Kvpu: ixneOf^.! e&oX Rj^HTOf 
n^OC not one of them did, my Lord, V. UeXeiHC It^c] Gr. Ac. 
have conjunction; Gr. E &c. syr. om. avrj. 6Ij g^^TlJ A"* &c. : 
i"i"g^^.n, B : iJLnii"2,A.n, pret. neg.. V. epo] + A.n, B. 
ICXeiff hot] cf. Gr. D^' al^ ff^ arm om. icai: pref. Q-COg^, V: 
+ Of Og^, B ; for Kai cf. the rest of Gr. ; for mr6 rov pvv cf. Or. D M S 
Ur &c. syr. et^r. T"^.Ceo] A^ &c.: XA.CeOI, A2J3SV: 
Of ^.g^XO-f, B. 

Thus the Coptic gives three versions : (i) B, the nearest to the Greek. 
hut not having the peculiarities of Gr. D. (2) V, which is said to he 
translated from the Syriac, but does not agree closely with either of 

JOHN VIII. 7-1 1. 427 

and wrote with his finger upon the earth. "^ But having 
delayed in his answering, he lifted his head up^ and said 
to them: *He who is sinless among you, let him cast a 
stone upon her first.' ^And he bent down his face, and 
wrote upon (the) earth. 'And having heard these (things) 
of him, they knew that he (is) reproving them. They began 
to come forth one by one, until all the old men came 
forth; and Jesus was left alone with the woman who was 
(imperf.) in (the) midst. 

'^And Jesus lifted his head up, and said to her: *0 
woman, where are they (it^I for lie)? no one judged thee.' 
^^ She said : * Not even one, Lord.' Said Jesus to her : 
* Neither do I judge thee : go, henceforth, and set thee not 
to sin any more.' Tranfilation of the section in B ends. 

Tischendorf s authorities : although often allied to B, it belongs more closely 
to A°^ &c.» and the differences from them look like a different translation 
rather than a different version. (3) A"« &c., of which Di« E^, 2 ^i ^^^ 
said to have been translated from the Arabic, and E2 from the Greek also, 
though containing no important variation. The Arabic version of the 
Gospels, where not depending on the Coptic, is regarded as connected 
with the Syriac, and the resemblance here between A™* &c. and V points 
to a common Syriac origin. 

The evidence of the manuscripts is as follows : read, A™' B Dx® Ag 
Ki.2.3ri'G3J,.a.4 0iSV Par 61 ^Brit. Mus. g^Bodl. Om. (J<i) A* C,. 2 
1' 1>1. 2. a. 4 ^i r2 C^ O2 H,. 8 e K L M N P Q T /3J. U, after a com- 
mentary of Chrys. on vii. 39 the next passage begins viii. 24 CCytJOn ; 
reference to viii. la occurs in the two following commentaries of Chryn. 
and Cyr. A™«, the usual marginal corrector, ver. 53, then three paragraphs 
in different places connected by crosses, without translation. B, proliably 
the original hand, but there is a difference in the appearance of the text. 
C'l, gloss cut fJtf^\ fj S>\j ^y^ Ua 'here is the section of addition in 
the Arabic' G2, Arabic version at the foot of the page. F, gloss erased. 
Di, gloss at vii. 53 ^^)\ ^ ,>!) 5f J Jl^\ u;-uu ^^ J-a11 Iju* 
^U-Ji il • *this section is not contained by the Coptic, nor some of the 
Greek copies, nor the Syriac.' The passage is then given in similar but 
rather smaller writing, which begins at Z6JtX.JtX.OIt the first words of 
the page (ver. 52), probably by the usual corrector, who appears from other 

428 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

iudicatioufl elsewhere to have been the original writer. The page has 
25 lines a8 against 22 opposite. At the end of the passage is Ua J\ 
_> jJi ^ Jaj 'to here it was translated from the Arabic' Then the 
page marked 432 begins \iatb lU) as nsual, and also j5C» 'repeated;' 
XGiULJULOrt . . . V^AI AC^ is again written and crossed with red, 
shewing that the unnumbered previous page is an insertion. E|, glosses 
(i) cut^l ^^ cut 53 ^^jW cut ^J^, J'i ^ ^\ J ^ J^ Ua 

'this chapter is not in the Coptic, nor in some of the Greek copies, it was 
translated from the Arabic* (2) ^j. Ji Wj ^j«J *uot Coptic but Greek.' 

Ej, glosses (i) ^ Jij L^ J ^Ji ^"j ^^ ^ *^^*-^ (J J-**^ ^ 
_KsJl • i^^}^ '^^^ section is never contained by the Coptic, nor ia it read 
in church, it was translated from the Greek and the Arabic^ (nearly 
certain). (2) iiUl J^ ^ ^p\ ^ ^ ^ ^/\ ^ ^U^l ^ \^\ j^^ ^ 

'and it was found also in the Syriac and the European (Franji) and the 
Ethiopic (Habashi) and the Armenian and the rest of the languages.' 
(3) injured, but referring to the exclusion from church usage through 
fear of perversion by the ignorant. E3, gloss ^^i>A\ ^ ^jmJ J^I Ua 
? JLmJLj A«JJi las^ ^ ^^^^3 J ^^^ J^^ 1^ *^j J ^^i^ section is not 
in the Coptic, and it was found in the perfect of the copies, and we found 
it in the old copy of the church of ?.' Fi, restored. Fg, red mark after 
V^AI AGA. and gloss ^ yk ^j-J^ tji;*'^. *^^^^ J-** c£/»i ^U ^ j 
^0^1 'and from here is read the section of the adulteress in the Arabic, 
and it is not in the Coptic' r^, gloss cut ^j^y^yk U j aJUJI J^ U*U 
u^ J l/JlP^ u^ (J v3^- (J*^^ ^ {J *^®'® '* the section of the adulteress, 
and it is not found in the copies of the Coptic, but in some of the Greek 
and some of the Syriac,^ G2, gloss ^i\\ ^ {jji\ l*j\jl\ \yo UaU 

^A^\ 'here is read the section of the adulteress, which is in the copies 


of the Arabic' H1.3, gloss in both uJI li^s J aJldl i\^\ J^ UaU 
^JuaJI 'here is the section of the adulterous woman, not contained by the 
copies of the Coptic' O, gloss ^%J\ ^^\ ^i J^ 5^ *-jjU1^ J-ft» l^U 
Joai icJ^l li 5^^ 1}^^ ^^ (jkr^^ -^ 5 *here is the section of the adulteress, 
it is not found in the Greek copies, nor the Syriac, nor the Coptic, but 
only in the Arabic' Ji gives the passaj^e, with four glosses : (i) Ua 
^^1 ^ Jib ^^ ^j;\ J-^\3l o^ J 51, ^\ ^ y-J J-AJ» 'this 
section is not in the Coptic, nor in some of the Gospels of the Greek, but it 
was translated from the Arabic' (2) ^j^y^ v3^^ ^ U^ J^.^^ S->^l>^ i^U. 

yr-j5" j^Ji^i^i ^j^^^ 3 J^l J JP^3 ^3)^ ij ^» ** »"*« = 

the collator ? is mistaken, for this section was found originally in the 

JOHN Vm. i-ii. 429 

Greek and the European and tbe Coptic and the Syriac and the Ethiopic 
and the Georgian and the Armenian/ (3) illegible. (4) relates to the 
fear of misunderstanding. J3, gloHS ^iU3l J) fj^\ J^ J^jj Jai-Jl ^. ^ 
^«Ji 'between the points is an addition to (lit. from) the Coptic, but 
only in the Greek.' K, gloss ,j<yj UJi ^i ci>J»j ^jlU ^ji\ ^J J-ai UaU 
Lbl ^jujujl )• ^.S H (J j^ 'here is a section in the Arabic about her 
who was found in adultery, it is not in the Coptic, nor also the Sahidic' 
V, gloss ^^ Jii J) ^^^}\ J y^ J^\ ^J ^y^y ?>b UU ^^ J-All llfc 
Xo jk!\ ^^\ lS\ ^ ^jBfy jJk J li^,/^^ '^^'^ section from here is not found 

in the Coptic, nor in the Greek, but it was translated from the Syriac, 
and it is found in most of the Arabic copies.' BC2D2.8.4^i.2''^rG3J4L 
MNOjPQST/Si Paris 61 have no gloss. 

MSS. Bodleian Hunt 118 and Brit. Mus. Or. 3383 (a.d. 1264) Arabic 
Go8]>el8 with Coptic and other glosses write the passage across the page, 
and have the following note : 

/^ J -try* J* J ,>^' (^ *^j*> U Ji J j-iH \j^ jy ^ i^u 

J-*5H j^a^ lr>^ J^*^ VJ ^^ J V^*^ ^ W*^. ti »J^ /*-• *-^^/*J^ ^-— Ji 
Jjj 1)1 JJ J iJai »Ja.lj ii-* J wJ*.j j j^M^I ^J u-i' "' »='W» Sr«l>«ti } 

Uj*» vj3!,J-. ^^^ J ^j^ ^^1 i-j;i ii-^l, Jm» iiUl Jl i-j^l ^1 ^ 
io^l>ill ii-J' J JJp ^o i^_; ^ J Ul W ^ (J »^V«>^b y/i^ 

<-J«i J W "»^ »/«*- *j>j (^ J? Wl-1 J Jn (J M ^/^' **»/ ,/ J 

^^Ux, 33p. 1.51 jl^-. Jtt? J-^' J Ul WJ-J.J J ,>« jjjj i-ibrJI J-^liill 

(Brit. Mus. MS. ends here) ^\jxS>J3\ ey\»»l»-»i \J*J^ '^f- ^b c^^ir^^ 
iiJLJlj i^ J»\ ^^ J* J J-lAH Ij* i^\A\i. ^1 J-tiJI y^.» u-iU b/i J 

i^yj ^\ ;.;.W;li..,5ll ,.w» 
The overlined words are taken from the Brit. Mus. MS. 

Translation of the Arabic note. 
From the 1>egiuning of this section and to this point is not found in 
the Coptic; though it is found in most of the Arabic copies: yet 

430 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

"n^-Xm oit ^.qc^.xi nejuitooT ibcemc eqxo) 
ijLjuLoc. X€ ^noK ne c|>of ojini juLniKocjuLoc. 
4>K eenAJULOttjJ ftcow iineqjULoaji ifceit mx,^^^ 
^W^ eqeflTiJLc^oifcJomi ftxe rcjohj^. | 
iro^ ^^TLexe itrc{>^.piceoc oyn n^.q. xe iteoK jDuui^f- 
^.TK exepjuieepe j6^poK TejauteTJixeepe 

Of JULHI T"e. 

"SXqepofcjo nxemc oTog, nex^.q rttooT. xe K^rt 
ecgoon ^.noK ^icg^.rt6piUL6epe j6^.poi otjulki 
T"e XAJUtexiULeepe. xe -fejuii xe er^-ii efi.oX 
eoort ofog^ ^.m^.a)6 nni eecjon. 
HetoTeit 7^e Trexenejun xe exA.ii efi.oX 
eaon le A.mA.cge nai eetoit. ^^Hetoxen ^.pe- 

even in some of these it is written in lines which differ from the liuei> 
of the original, &nd it is remarked against it, that it is not in the 

I found it in one Coptic copy which says that it was translated from 
the Arabic copies into the Coptic language. 

The Greek copy which I possess, and which is written in two columni». 
one Greek and the other Arabic, does not contain it either ; the Aiabic 
being a translation by Ibn Thdwfil (Theophilus). And the original of 
the other Arabic copy, also a translation by the aforesaid, only contaiD^» 
it on a small leaf attached, and the writer remarks as follows : 

'And this section was wanting in the copy which I transcribed, a 
correct (and) ancient copy ; so I transferred it from another copy.* 

I found a note in the Syriac translation, as follows : ' This section is 
not in the Syriac, nor in the Greek, and is only found in the Coptic 
translation/ Therefore I was unwilling that the copy should be with- 
out it. 

It is wiitten in the margin in Syriac ifl some of the Syriac Gospels, 
but not in others. I found it also in a Gospel in the Syriac writing by 
Abba YClnas, archbishop of Damascus, in very small writing with a different 
pen from the original; and he has remarked as follows: 'This section 
is not in the Syriac, but Baulft (Paul) translated it from the copies of the 

We mentioned this section to the priest, Abu '1 Fa^l, the Melkite in 
Cairo^ being of those who are acquainted with the Greek language; so 

JOHN Vm. 12-15. 431 

^^ Again Jesus spake to them, saying: 'I am (the) light of 
the world, he who will walk after me^ shall not walk in the 
darkness^ but shall receive (the) light of (the) life.* "The 
Pharisees then said to him: ^Thou thyself bearest witness 
about thyself; thy witness is not true/ ^* Jesus answered and 
said to them : * Even if I should bear witness about myself, 
true is my witness, because I know whence I came, and whither 
I am to go. But ye know not whence I came, or whither 
I am to go. ^^ Ye judged according to flesh ; and I judge 

he wrote it on paper in Greek, and gave it us, and said: 'I have 
transcribed it from a copy which I had from Constantinople.*^ — ^The end 
of the note. 

The Bodleian text of this note is rather the fuller of the two, but the 
Brit. Mus. text makes several places clear where the meaning of the 
author Ibn al 'Assdl would have been otherwise obscure. 

The Vienna MS. of like character, edited by Lagarde, has J^\ iju» 
jjlj^l J> il J W^t^ji;^^ >'^ fj '^ ^ JmI^ {J u--J'thifl section is not 
in the Coptic, nor in all the Greek copies, nor all the Syriac' 


^Oltj perhaps = Of It^ for which A wrote Olt several times: om. rNi) 

*M, cf. ff^' arm go; sah^^w (fe Oil 'then again.' HeAJLCJOOT] El.1;';Fu;^r 

cf. sah»ohw nijUULA.T, for position cf. Gr. D &c. ^.ttOK &c.] Gr. S* 5'/klmn 

<^«f fifu, een^^juLOttji] ee., pq. uix^ki] n., JaLSVpiHi?/??^^ 
Hunt 18, 26. eqetfi] Gr. N* €X"- ^^ Of n] 31 mss. : on, A : ^""2 .'fs '^' 

om. BAjOi Hunt 26. j6A.pOK] +OfOg^, B. JULHi] OiULHI, 
1>«. '* Of Og,] om. Al M Oi Q: Gr. N €iirtv avrois o is. K^^It] 

om. a Of JULHi] -eJULKI, F2i>« : om. Of, /Si ; for position cf. Gr. 
exc. B 157. al^ ITC] om. P. 'feJULl] -fnof eJULI, K. Of Og^ 
A.(e,KV), ttJo.e., r«)e nm eeOJIt] A°»« and tr. &c. : om. 
A*G3/3i: -em^JULOCgi ee., Hunt 26: ieA.mA.ttje &c., BFi'K. 

ilea)Ten...e(jon 3°] om. AjK*^^. 2^e] ACi.2r«D,.2.3.4Air2G2 

l>Hi.3eK«LMN0iQSTV Hunt i8. 26, cf. Gr. BDL &c: om. BF* 
Ei.2.3Fi'G3Ji.3P Par 61, cf. Gr. I* &c. TeXeiteJULl] pref. 11, EjV. 
le] cf. Gr. BD«r &c.: Of Og^, Hunt 18. A.mA.ttje] A*BCi.2ri)i.2.3 
^i.2Ei.2.8F2£^G3H,.3J,.3MOiPS/3J Par 61 Hunt 18 : emA.ttje, ACD4 
Fi'G2eK«LNQTV Hunt 26. " iiea)T"en] +2ie, BOiQ. cf. g 

432 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

"^GW'f&^n K^T"^. c^PZ' ^^OK 2^e 'fi'&A.n 

n4L2^^.n 4LnoK of julhi ne. xe iti"XH ijuu.A.-cA.T 

^n. A.XX^. ^.itoK nejuL 4>h ex^^qx^^oToi <l>ia>x. 
"Ofog^ ccst>Hoy^ 2^€ on j6ert nexennojuLoc. xe 

ejutexjuieepe npcjojuLi E o-vojulhi xe. ** ^.nojc 

'fepju.eepe j6^.poi o-v og^ qepjuieepe j^A-poi 

nxec|)ia)x ex^.qx^.oifoi. 
^^Ha-'cxo) oifit jOLajloc ne. xe ^.qeooit neKicDX. 
n 3Xqepoifa) nxeiHc. xe oT2ie ^.itoK itxexeit- 

ccjoof It juuuLoi A.n oif2s.e nA.Keia3X. eit^^pexeit- 
_ ccooTtt XJLiULoi n^^pexertnA-coireit iu.Keia>x. 
"^ 2ojj^j^^5^j A.qxoxoif i6ert nir^.^oct>TX^.Kiort eq- 

'fc&cjo ^ert niepcl)€i. oirog^ iJLne g^Xi g^JULoiti 

ijuuLoq. xe rtejULn^.xeci nxexeqoTnoT. 
'^ 2^ n^^Xm on nexe ihc ncooir. xe ^.itoK i"n^.aje nw. 

Of og^ xexenn^^KCJoi" nccDi ofog, xexenn^.- 

xeuLX ^.it. I 
xofi. Ofog, xexenn^juLof jfcen nexenno&i. oto^ 

niAft.4L ^.noK ei" itA.ttje rtni epoq. juljulou cyxoAx. 

iiiULCJoxeit ei epoq. 

(b et V08). ^.pexen-f] xexert-f, p.- n^^pexeiti", im- 
perfect, KXT. CA.p2J cf. Gr. A A om. t^k 2s.e] cf. Gr. 253. 254. 
cx^*- d f : oin. OiS, cf. rest of Gr. i^"a^n] 1"^^.., Q. Cg^Xl] 
. e, ¥2: iig^Xl, V. ^® Of Og^] cf. Gr. G X al* e f g l q : om. 


C2Q: ^.XX^., Gg, cf. b 'qucdsi.' ea^n] om. H,.3. iti"xK 
om. it, J<^^D4Ff.2G2*NQ: ijLniKe( = XH), 3^. ^ItOK f 

om. D4. ^.XXa. &c.] ^.XX^. qx^ rtejULHi itxe<{>ia)x 

ex., N^^'. 4)ia)x] cf. Gr. «« B L &c. " Of Og,] om. B O 

KNTV Hunt 26. 2s.e OH] om. 1^*0 LS^i Hunt 18: 2i€ 

ofn, Fg. nexen] nexen, Dg/sJ. oAJiexJULeepe] 

XJUieX &c., A V-* : -f ULeepe, H3*. ftpCOJULl] om. pCJOiULI, 
C^*L Hunt 18. OAiLHl] om. O, Ci<^rD,.2.3.4^iEi.2.3G2Hi.3Ji.3M 
S V^i Par 61 Hunt 26. Xe] RC, BFi'V. " A-HOK] +2s.e, 

i>i.2.3.4AiE,.2.3fi'£^^G3J,.3MOiQ Par 61. i"epAJLeepe] 

•f JUieXJULeepe, G3 J1.3 Par 61. of Og, . . . j6^pOl] om. Fi'Hs*. 

JOHN Vm. 16-21. 433 

not any one. ^^And if I should judge, my judgement is 
true, because I am not alone, but I and he who sent me, 
the Father. ^"^And it is written indeed again in your law, 
that (the) witness of two men is true. ^^I bear witness 
about myself, and the Father who sent me beareth witness 
about me.' ^®They wei-e saying then: 'Where was thy 
Father?' Jesus answered: 'Ye know neither me, nor even 
(Ke) my Father: if ye knew (imperf.) me, ye would know 
also my Father.' ^® These words he spake in the treasury, 
teaching in the temple; and no one could lay hold on 
him, because his hour had not yet come. ^* Again Jesus 
said to them: 'I will go, and ye will seek for me, and ye 
will not find me. And ye will die in your sins, and the 
place to which I will go, it is not possible for you to 

4>ia3X BT] n^^ICJOX my Father, M : cl)ia)T" 4>K GT", Fj^^O N : 

4>K GT", 1>'*LQ Hunt 18. ^» jOLjULOc] A^Ci.grGjHi.s^JaKN Hunt «8. 

PT^J: +n^.q, A«BDi.2.3.4^iEi.2.3Ff.2^G3^JiLMOiQSV Par 61, «9A.q6p. 

cf. Gr. nGi°]oin. M. ^.qGpOlfto] + 2iG, M : Or. I* D b fos add "^ 

icatfiVfK Xe,2'>] om. H,.3, cf.? Gr. nX6T"Gn] ABCi^.a^rFjGa 

KNPTV^i: om. 11 i^ Ci*,2*^i,2.^i^i^i,2.z^i'^O^HuzBJi,^hM 

Oi Q S Par 61, Hunt 26. ^.It] om. Ji*M. Gn^.pGT"GIt . . . ICDX] 

cm. Fjj* /3i. JuLaJLOI 2°] om. N : without UG, A* K L* S V: +nG, 

A« (o. e.) &c. n^^pGXGn] pref. G, B^. COIfGn] COOOIfn, P. 

ICJOX 3«] + ne, BD2.8. ^® C^^l] om. PQ : + 2iG, D4. Om. 6 75, 

cf. Gr. J< B D L &c. VA-^O.] C,. 2 D^ Ai Ej. 3 ly J> Gg H,. 3 K O^ P T : 

K^^O.y A &c. Of Og,] om. M Q. XfLUGg^Xl] iXAJLOIt g^Xl, 

P. OJ^^JULOni] A &c.: ttJ^q^-W-Om, Gj*. XG] 2iG, C hy 

error. nGJULU^^XGCl] cf. Gr. iXfjXvBu : iXH^^XG., B Di* Ai 

Ei.2.3G2'\80i Q S/3J Par 61, cf. Or. (L) y x*' al mu. ^^ Olt] om. B ; Hunt »6. 

probably for Of It as all Gr. ; 8ah«=h'» hag (f€ Olt as in ver. 12; "'"' 

Gr. N €\ty*u, omitting irriAii^. IKc] cf. Gr. TAA &c. TeTGrt- 

HA-KCDi"] om. ItA., T* D4 Fj* C^* L Hunt 18*, 26, cf. Gr. 69. a &c. 

am &c. syrhr. Of Og^ 2°] om. Q. Of Og, 2°... ^.n] cf. Gr. i. 22. 

209. al plus'*^ fiyrP c.*: om. K*, cf. Gr. unc. &c. JOGItJ pref. 

hibpHi, v-^. ofog, 4°] cf. Gr. ux &c. i}uuLon...^2=^^nm : 

Gpoq] om. Fi'. Gl] om. G2* : GGJULI to know, Fj , and tr. »^. 

epoq 2°] cg^^poq, K*. ^*">«** 

VOL. II. F f 


^^H^.-cxo) oTit jjuuLoc ne ibcertnoT2s.A.i. xe julh 
^.qnA.^oefi.eq i}uuLA.f ^.xq. 2ce q^co) ijuutoc. 

TeT"ennA.ttji epoq A.n. 

^^OTog, n^^qxcjo juuuloc itcjooir ne xe iteajTert 
fteooxert e&oX iien nexeitjfcpHi. A.itoK 2^6 
A.noK of€fi.oX jOLnajcoi. SoajTrert itecwxen 
sSloX i6eit niKocJULoc. ^itoK 2^€ ^noK o-ce&oX 
i6en nA.iKocjuLoc 
^*3Xixoc oftt nojxen. xe xexenn^juLo-c i6en 
nexeitnofi.1. Gacon rA.p ^.p€rT€itaT€A« 
xe ^.rtoK ne. Texenn^JULOT ilji)pHi i6€n 

**H^.'cxa) oirn juLjuloc n^.q ne. xe neoK muL 
nexe ihc ncjooT. xe ni" ^.px^ ^xep nKec^jci 
nejULCJOTen. ^co-coni" oyjjLHcsj exoxo-c ee&e 
ennoT ofog, e^g^^n. 
OtXXX^. 4>K ex^.qx^.oifoi o-veiULHi ne. of og, ^.noK 
g^oj na ex^^icoejULOT nxoxq n^.i 'fcAJci 

22 n^.f XtJo] T over erasure, A^. O'Xn] cf. Gr. : om. P Q (XOOOf - 

i}UuLoc)3^. ne] om. 0*0 l. iixem\ox2^^i] om. p. 

julh] +XI, Di.2.3AiEi.2.8F2^G3^Ji.3LOiQS Par 6i Hunt 1 8. 

A.qnAj6oe&ee] a b Ci* r d,.2.3 a, e,.2.8 f^. ,* G3 h,.3 e Oi q : 

qn^.., Ci«.2F2«C-G2Ji.3KLMXPSTV^J Par 6i Hunt 18,26. 

xe 2^] cf.? Gr. u &c. qxoj] eq., D2.8: ^qxo). Eg. niiui^' 

4>iUt.^, Hi. 3. ^.nOK] om. Bf>*h Hunt i8, 26. i"ItA.ttJ€' 

•fttje, ^J. nHi] om. e. neojxen &c.] iiuULoit cgzoAJt 

JUUULOOXen ei epoq ^n it la not possible for 70U to come, DjQ ; 

in D2 the verse is repeated with the other ending, crossed out and mariced 

^ 'repeated.' ^^ n^qxto] cf. Gr. l^ B D L &c. ?Xryrv; H* ow 

omitting icoi. ne] om. r-*eL Hunt 18: + ItXeiHC, M Q. 

itecjoxen 2°] om. GgQ. e&oX i°] om. Ai*P: g;A.n€&oX, 
piur.. c-«. nexen] na exen, r*»Di.2.8Ei.3Ji.3Ps Par 61: 

exen, Gj. j6pHi] pref. e, E2Fi'.2C"G2.3K«LMNOiTV Hunt 1%. 
26. 2s.e I**] cf. Gr. D»' f q &c.: om. Fj* /3J, cL the rest of Gr. 

JOHN VIIL 33-26. 436 

como to it.* ^^The Jews then were saying: 'Is he about 
to kill himself, because he saith, that the place to which 
I will go ye will not be able to come to it?' *^And he 
was saying to them: 'Ye are of them who are beneath; 
and I am from above : ye are of the world ; and I am not 
of this world. ^I said then to you, that ye will die in 
your sins: for unless ye believe that I am (he), ye will 
die in your sins.' ** They were saying then to him : * Who 
(art) thou?' Jesus said to them: 'At the beginning I also 
told (lit. made (the) word also with) you. ^I have many 
things to say concerning you, and to judge. But he who 
sent me is true, and the things which I heard from him 

A.rtOK a°] oni. F2* fiK Onfefi.oX i°] om. OT, rFg*?^^. 

ijLna^x] en., D2*F2H8 0i. itecoxert 3°] +2s.e, D2.8Q. 
itecoTren 4°] om. q. e&oX 3°] pref. ot, ¥20* L: pref. a^n, 

Di. 2. 3 ^1 El. 2. 3 C"^ G3 Ji». 3 Oi S : om. P. HIKOCJU-Oc] 32 MSS. : 
n^I., D2* C^^ K M N T; obs. fluctuation of Gp. between rov jc. towtov, 
N D L &c., and rovrov rov ic., B T &c. A.ItOK 4°] om. r2*. HW" 
KOCiULOC] A^) (erasure of one letter between C and XfL) and 28 MSS.: 
ni., rD3*C^* Jj* P Q S V^i Hunt 26 ; obs. fluctuation of Gr. rov k. toiJtov, 
NBDL &c., and rovrov rov k., 33. 69. 124. Latt. ^ItJ +116, Q. 
^* OTrt] om. BCi*C^*eLPQ Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. I* &c ifeen] A : 
pref. itjfcpHI, B &c. 60)0011. . . Itofi.l] om. ^3, cf. Gr. 17* Sec. 
VA-p] om. I* i> e L Hunt 18, 26, cf. Gr. T &c. H^g^'f ] cf. Gr. 
BL &c. it;6pHl] 6j6pHI, B. ^aUrXUO OTn] pref. 

itOCOOT 1^6, Q ; obs. syr*" 'et illi responderunt et dixerunt ei:' om. 
OTIt, B, cf. Gr. ^ &c. n6] om. BC^*eLN Q Hunt 18. n6X6IKcJ 
cf. Gr. BL &c. : + Olflt, Q, cf. Gr. IkBt" 249. emm. it(6n, F2)'f"A.p- 
XH] om. it, KT: ICX6n't"^PXH from the beginning. MNPQ; 
oba. sah*^^^ Xm. ^.I6p] om. 6p, B». HKe] om. fi^: om. Ke, 
T; cf. 89h^^^. ^^OTOnrf] om. +. B: OTOK ItXKI It, 

Hunt 26. AJtHOj] +VA.p, I*. OTOg, i^] om. B. A-XX^.] 
OTOg,, H1.3N. TA.OTOI] +(t>ia)X, E2'^F2, cf. Qr. U. OT- 
eJUlHl] om. OT, V. OTOg, ^.ItOK ^uS] cf. Gr. T iciil k^. 
ItK] om. N. +CA.XI] om. i", Cj* : 6i"., Q ; for XaX» of.? Gr. 
KBDL &c. 

Ff 2 


Hjuluoox j6en niKocju-oc. *^ juLno-reAJLi xe 

^^Ilexe iHc itcooT. xe egcon A.pex€itgA.n(rec 
ncgHpi ii.4>P«5JU-i. Toxe epexeneAJLi 3ce A.itoK 
^ov ne. o^rog^ -fep g^Xi A.n efi.oX | g^ixoT 
iJLiULA.nfA.x. A-XXa. k^xa. 4>pHi" eTA.qTCA.&OI 
itxen^.ia)x n^i -fcAJici sjljuluoox. ^•ofog, cJ>k 
exA.qx^.oToi qx^ nejuuii. oTOg, iineqx^T 
juuuL^TA.x. xe A.rtoK "fipi itnK eep^.nA.q 
itcHOT nifi.ert. ^"n^.i eqxco iJuuLuoo'v 2,^.n- 
JULHoj ^.TH^g^-f epoq. 

^^H^.qxa) oTit ijuuLoc ne ilxeiKc itnnoT2^A.i 
exA-Tn^-g^i" epoq. xe eajcon itecoxeit ^.pe- 
Tena^.rtog^i jfcert n^c^.xi ta.4>JU-ki itecoTen 
nA.jut.^.eHTHc. ^^oyo^ epexeneco-cen ojulki 
oTog, epe ejuiHi ep eunoT itpejuig^e. 

^^nx^repoTO) eTxo) juuuloc nA.q. xe ^.non nA.n- 
cnepiUL^. it^.fi.p^.^ju-. o^rog, i}Lnenep&.(JOK iig^Xi 
eneg,. ncoc fieoK kxuo juuuloc xe epexen- 


niKOCJUtOc] obs. Gr. D^' tovtov to» xocrfiop. *'' JULTlOnf] 

prof. OTOg,, D2.3E2M, cf. Gr. U &c. n^.qC^ZI Ite (JOL for Ite, S)- 

ju-coot] a c,. 2 r F2 G2* (enA.q) Hi. 3 k n p s t v ^i : nA.qxco 

JUtJUtOC ncOOT, BDi.2.3^iEi«(rta),overerasurc).2.3Fi'f>G3eJi.s 
LMOiQ Par 6i Hunt i8, 26, cf.? Gr. Arycv: Gr. D &c. avrov for avrols: 
Gr. N* D &c. add tAi^ ^coV. ^® na50'r] cf. Gr. ^ D &o. : Gr. «D &c. 

add 7r6Xiu. xg] cf.? Gr. B. ^.pexenaA.rt] epexeng., ^i: 
nxexertflec, n. epexertejuii] epexerteeuii, «Di«(x 

over former letter). 2. 3 Ej. 2. 3 G3 S V Par 61 : epexenrt^eAJLI, Q : 
^pexeneJU-I, T. ipep] NA and i6 MSS.: pref. it, Di. 2.3^1 
El.2.3^^l^2^G3eJl.3LcOlS Hunt 18. ^.K] om. B£^*LP Hunt 18. 
eAoX] om. r*. JUUUL^T^.X] +^.n, B.] 
^.qZOC ItHI said to me, l^. H^ICOX] cf. Gr. B &c. : 4>ia)X the 
Father. AjOi, cf. Gr. «DL &c. n^.l] Gr. I* &c. oiJtw. "fcA^ll 
•f ZO), L Hunt 18. 2' X^.OTOl] Gr. L adds iran}p. OTOg, 2°J 

cf. Gr. L X &c. : +n^I(JOXj ?, obs. Gr. al^ praem. 6 inir^. 

JOHN Vm. 27-33. 437 

these I also speak in the world' ^They knew not that 
he was speaking to them concerning the Father. ^® Jesus 
said to them : ' If ye should lift up (the) Son of (the) man, 
then ye shall know that I am (he) ; and I do not anything 
from myself ; but according as the Father taught me, these 
(things) I speak. ^And he who sent me is with me; and 
he left me not alone, because I do the things which please 
him always.' ^(As he is) saying these (things), many 
believed him. ^^ Jesus then was saying to the Jews who 
believed him: *If ye should stay in my word, truly ye 
(will be) my disciples; *^and ye shall know (the) truth, 
and (the) truth shall make you free.' *^They answered, 
saying to him: *We (are) of (the) seed of Abraam, and 
we served not any one ever, how sayest thou, that ye shall 


Hunt 18 ; for *my' cf. syp*'**. Gr. Ik* >ovic o^i^k. fu fiovotr fur €fiov ^ar, 

nrtK ee] XLnee, sing., c-eLM(X)Q Hunt 18. ®"n^i] 

ABC,.2rA,G2Hi.8MOiP^J. cf. Or.: pref. OTOg,, «: +2s.e, 
I>i.2.sEi.2.3Fi'.aC-G3eJi.3KLNQSTV Par 6i Hunt i8. eqXCO] 

^q-, i>2.3- ^^o^rn] om. N^j. eTTA.'rn^g^'f] ex., q. Huntj^, 
A.pexenttj^.no2,i] eA.pexenaji"eJU-02,i, q. n^c^.zi] 

n^.ICA^I, /Si : nC^.XI, L* ; obs. fluctuation of order in Gr. It^.- 
XJLA.eHT"Kc] Gp. ^* om. fwv. ^^ gpe^gj^eCOTen] AB 

Ci(^.pe).2rDi.2.3AiC(P over former letter) E2FfG2HOiPV Hunt 26: 
epGTrencOTen, l*Ei.3F2i>'G3eJi.3KLMNST Par6i. eJUlKI 
i°]ACi*.2rAiF2G^H,.3KMNOiPTV^J: -fjULKI, J>e: i"iULee- 
JULHI, ^<(twice)BCl«Dl,2.3El.2.8Ff G3J,.3LS Par 61 Hunt 26. 
^^ enrXCJO jOlJULOC n^q] Gr. « B L &c. om. : Gr. al mu Ka\ thov 
ain^: Gr. D &c, icai c&rov. X€ l°] om. /3i. ^HOrt] +^nOlt, 
Fi'G3 Par 61. n^-UcnepjU-A.] I* &c. : om. It 1°, Gj', U over C, A«, 
C altered from G, D3, erasure before U 1°, Eg^: It^ni., P«: -c4>ep- 
XJLA., AC1.2rG2Hj.33i. 0T0g,...en€2,] oro.T: om. OTOg^, M. 

itg^Xi] eg^Xi, OM N. KxuS] eK., Cj. epexeneppejutg^e] 

ABr*E2F2r'G2.3eJi.3KMx\QT^i Par 61 : epeXGIteep., Ci^gF^ 
Di.2.3^iEi.3FfHi.8LOiPSV Hunt26: X€T€nnA.ep., I* ; for fut. 
cf. Qr. except X al pauc yfvrjaOt; much writing over in this verse, F2. 

438 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

** OiXqepoTa) ncooT jbcemc. xe ^julhix ajulkh i^u) 

ijuuLoc itcoxen. xe onron mfi.en exipi ijL<^no&i 

oT&coK tire ^noSti ne. 
^ lliSiUOK 2^e JuLn^qog^i j6en nmi ojA-eiteg,. niojHpi 

7s.e iteoq ttj^^o&^ oj^ene^. ^^Gcgoon oth 

^pecg^it nicyHpi ep eKnoT itpejuig^e. oitTooc 

'^ 'i^ejuti xe necoxen n^.nxpoz iuAp^.AJUL. a.XX^ 

TexenKcoi- nccoi ej6oefi.HX. xe n^.c^^i gon 

j6en eunoT ^n. 
^®Hh otk A.noK eTA.mA.T epcjooT itxoTq JuL- 

T02i ^K exA-pexencoeJU-OT iixoxq | jOLnexenicox 
xexenipi jOmxuooy. 
^^OtXTepoTO) nexcooT n^q. xe uemcox ^^p^^^jui. 
Ilexe Ikc itcooT. xe ene itecjoxen itenojKpi ne nig^fi-KOTi itxe A.fipA.AJUL 
*® 'i^noT 2s.e xexenKOJ-f ilctoi ei6oefi.KX. o-rpcjojuti 
eqxo) itejULKi nojxen en exA.!coejtiLec itxoxq 
ijL4>i". 4>A.i jDLne A.fipA.A.JUt. *^itetJoxert 
xexenipi Jtnig^fiKOTi itxe nexertioox. 

Hunt^is, 3*mc] +eqxa) juuuioc, i*Di.2.8Q'. +0T02, nexA-q 

ItCOOT, Huut 26. OTficOK . . . Itofil] om. Q^fiK Ue] om. Jj. 
Gr. D b om. i^j Afrnprlat. ^ 2s.e i°] om. Q. jEinA-qOg,! JK B &c.: 

jULueqog^i, A. ajA-eneg, i°] iickot itifieit always, ». 

niCLJHpI.. . eneg,] om. J3 homeot., but cf. Gr. l^XT 33. 124. al plus" 
Clem**® om. 2s.e 2°] cf.Gr. DT&c. Og^I 2°] j6eitniHI,Q, cf.Gr.A. 
^* O-rn] om. Q, cf.Gr. 13. &c. A-pojA-H, AT*. epOKItOT] om.K*. 

ftpejULg^e] eppejutg^e, H1.3K. oitxcoc] +ite(joxen, a»« 
c^oL. xexenrt &c.] g^A-itpejutg^er, j>eL. *^j6oe- 

&Hx] B: j6oe&ex, AGsCxfi.) &c. nA.CA.XlJ nCAJCI, Oi, 
3® nK...eX...nH ex] cf. Gr. K*BCD &c. OTHJ on, M: om. 
l*BQ, cf. Gp. exc. 69. «f. A.nOK] for position cf.? Gr. DL &c. A ry» : 
om. BC^*eL Hunt 18. >eXA.mA.T epOOOT A.nOiC, BMQ 
Hunt i8. UA.ia3X] cf. Gr. K D &c. IIA.1] (A. over erasore, Cf), 

JOHN VIII. 34-41. 439 

be made free?' •* Jesus answered them: * Verily, verily, 
I say to you, that every one who doeth (the) sin, is a 
servant of (the) sin. '*And the servant stayeth not in the 
house for ever: but the son stayeth for ever. **If then 
the Son should make you free, ye will really be made 
free. ^'^ I know that ye (are) of (the) seed of Abraam, but 
ye seek for me to kill me, because my word is (SJOII) not 
in you. *®The things then which I saw from my Father, 
these I speak; and the things which ye heard &om your 
father ye do.' *^ They answered, they said to him : * Our 
father (is) Abraam.' Jesus said to them : ' If ye were (the) 
sons of Abraam, the works of Abraam ye would do. 
^^But now ye seek for me to kill me, a man saying (the) 
truth to you, which I heard from Ood: this did not 
Abraam. **Ye do the works of your father.' They said 

<f. Gr. D 33. 229** &c. : om, BQ Hunt 18, cf. the rest of Gr, OTOg,] 
om. B F2 J> e L. iletOTen] a Ci. » Gg Hi. 3 Q V fiK cf. Gr. : + g^O)- 
Xert, l*BrDi.2.3AiEi.2.8Fi'.2C"G8eJi.8KLMNOiPST Par 61. 
Hk] om. 3J. COeJULOnr] cf. Gr. «« B C L &c. : H^T, P«. cf. the 
pest of Gr. RxOXq 2°] G., B. HexemtOX] cf. Gr. l*CD &c. 
Xexenipl] over erasure, Gi^ : pref. 11^1, I*, cf. Gr. D. ^* Uen- 

ICOX] AST*: + ne, B &c. nexe &c.] Gr. I* tmtKpiBri avToit : 
Gr. D e tmtp ovw. X€€tie\ C,.2r D^sEaFi^.g® G^Hj LMN S 

Hunt 18: xene, ha &c.: om. GKe, fii nencijHpi] aOj., 

r Di Ai Fa r- G2 Hi. 3 e K L M N Oi P Q T V /3J Hunt 18 : g^^It- 

aapi, BD2.3S: neg^^ncgnpi, Ei. 2. s Fj' g, J,. 3 s Par 61. 

n^fi-P^AJUl] trre, BD2.sEi. 2.3Fi^C-«G3Ji.8V Par 61. 

ne] om. L M N p. ^.&p^ajul] nexertitox, m. n^pe- 
xennA^ixonr] nA.pexen^ixoT, bl: xexenn^^i- 

XO'r, N: +ne, D1.2.3MQ Hunt i8. *®2s.e] om. BF2. 

i6oefi.Kx] VF2J3: ^oxfi.ex, a&c. eqxco] +jujuloc, 

J3 by errf>r. IieJU-Kl] itOTeJU-KI, C^«. OK] OA.!, Hunt 18. 
eXA-ICOeJUt (added, A«°«)ec] cf. Gr. fitowro : €X^q., B Fg O K M 
TV, cf. Gr. D* et d lyicovcr^: +efioX, B. ItXOXq] g^IXOXq, 

B. 4>^i] +ne, Hi. 3. *' itetoxen] +2s.e, kt, cf . Gp. d* begin. 
N«D &c. xexer 


440 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

xnopni^.. oTitox juuuL^TA.xq ^^. 
*^nex^.q ncooT nxemc. xe ene ^'f nexeniooT 
ne it^pexennAJUienpix ne. ^nok v^p em^i 
efi.oX ifcert 4>i" oTog, a.ii. ot r^p itexAJi A.n 
efi-oX g^ixox ijuuLATAX. a.XXa. tteoq nexA.q- 


*^6e&eoT ^uxmcAJXi Texenctoo^rn jOuutoc ^.n. 
xe iuuut.oit c^xojtx jOuuttoxeit ecajxeAi. 

** Hecoxen rtetoxen efi.oX j6en nexeitioax ni2s.iA.- 

J&.0X0C oTog, nienioTiULiA itxe nexenicox 

xexerto-rcoa e^-ixonr. <^k exejut.xiLA.*r ne 

o-rpeqjfe^xefi.pcojut.i ne icxeng^K onrog, iineq- 

og^i ep^.xq j6en ojulhi eneg,. xe ijLiULon 

iu.eeiu.Hi gon nifenxq. 

Gcgcon ^.qojAncA^i itxeniiu.eenoTZ ajA.qcA:xi 

xoe efi-oX I j6en nexenonrq. xe OTCAJU.eenoTX 

ne neiu. neqKeicox. 

*^3XnoK 2^e -fxuj ileiu.Hi ncoxen xexeititA.g^'f 


nezoooT] cf. Gr. «BL &c. ^non] +A.non, n. >e£ioX 

^.n, iSJ. xnopni^.] onr., D2.3.4. exenxA.n] nex., d,.j,4 

^iEi.2.8Fi'G3Ji.80iQs Par 61: exenxe, /3i. >exenxA.n 

Hunt 18, XJuu.^.'T^.xq, JB. *2nexA.q &c.] nexemc ncoo-r, V: 

neXOOOT itXeiac Jesus said to them, Par 6i*; for om. oSw cf. Gr. 

BCL &c.: A-qepoTO) itxeiKc nexA.q xe, l. zene, hb. 
nexenicox ne] a &c. > ne nexenicox, «Di«(ne added). j.8^4 

AiE,.8Fi^G3Ji«M(+ne)Oi Par 61: om. ne, BDi^EjJi^.a. e&oX 
i6enc|>'f 0T02,^.Il]A"«'r-«&c.: om.A*( om.OTOg,, 
t^* L Hunt 18 ; obs. Gr. G om. ck r. Oiov, OT V^p . . . Alt] A Ci., 
(VA.p rep. after I)rF2*l>G2Hi.3eKLMPTV3i Hunt i8, cf. D*' Sec; 
for ov cf. Gr.: 0T2ie VA-p, ^<BDl.2.3.4AlEl.2.3Fl'.2**J>«GsJ,.3NOl 
Q« (om. VA.p) S V Par 61, for oidc cf. the rest of Gr. : om. Q*. HeX- 
^.II] pref.e, C2: ne eX^.II, BDj.2.3.4E,.2.8Fi',2G3M Par6i. A.n] 

om. K Q«T. iuuuAT^.x] + A.n, K T. nexA.q] ne ex., Di.2,3. 4 

^iFi.2.3Fi'G3JiMOiS Par 61. ^^ee^LeOT] om. OT, £3*, cf. 

JOHN Vni. 42-45. 441 

to him : ' We (were) not begotten (lit. generations) of (the) 
fornication: one (lit. a) Father alone we have, (even) Qod.' 
^^ Jesus said to them : * If God were your Father, ye would 
love me: for I came from Qod, and I came: for I came 
not of myself, but he sent me. *^ Wherefore ye know not 
my speech, because it is not possible for you to hear my 
word. ^*Ye are from your father the devil, and the lusts 
of your father ye wish to do: that (one) was a murderer 
from (the) beginning, and stood not in (the) truth ever, 
because there is not truth in him. If the false (one) 
should speak, he speaketh from the things which are his 
own, because (he) is false, and his father also. ^^But I 

Gr.Lom.Ti: ee&e4>^I OT, F2*J>«: ee&e4>^I 0*^2^6 X^.&c. 
wherefore do ye not even &c., F2*^: eO&.e4^^I, omitting OT, Atr.O : 
cl>'f added above GO, A«. XmC^.Xl] Gr. D«^ 248. 253. dkrietiap. 

ijuuLoc] ixiULoq, k* p. n^.cA^i] n^.c^zi, m, cf. Gr. u 

al^" fere. ** rteCOTeit i°] +2.8, Di.2.3.4Ei.2.3r^«G8H3«Ji.38 

Par 61. e&oX i°] 2,^nefi.oX, ^*. nexenioox] xe over 

previou8, and 11 added, F2®; IteT€It &c. by error, Par 61 ; for irarp6s 
cf. Gr. h^ BC D L &c.; for vfiS>v cf. Gr. S»« A^ al^* &c.: om. Ji*, cf. 
Gr. K 44. em &c. nienie.] ni., B. 4>h] pref. OTOg,, Di.2.3.4. 

ne] n^., Oj. 0'rp€(-&.,/3J)qi6^xe&pa)iJLi] ACLgri^GaULs 

eKLPST'/3J: OTj6lW), D4)^.Xe&pa)JULI, «BD,.2.3.4AiE,.2.3 
FrGgJi.sMNOiQV Par 61 Hunt 18: OTefioX j6^T", 

F2. ne i°] om. r-*eL. JuLneqcg^i] i5-n^.q., D2.3.4. 

epA.Xq] om. S V. jfeerteJUtHl] j6eneJUt.Hi" in (the) midst, 

Oi. itejuiHi, sv. eneg,] pref. a^» sv. JU-eejutKi] 
ejuiHi, c^ L Hunt i8*. fflonj ctjcon, A p*. itxeniJU-ee- 
noTx] -nicAJUiee., m :, n : nxeniJuteenoTX 

of the false, G3J1 3 Par 61 ; itX€ and tlXC are sometimes confused; 
XeniJUteenO'TZ may mean 'speaking the false,' as X60T^ = 
Speaking blasphemy.' ne(A.,pJ)TertOTq] A and 15 MSS.: ItH 
€Te., BDi.2.3.4AiEi.2.3Fi'G3Ji.3MN(rtKXen)OiQSV Par 61. 

ne 2^] om. F2. nejut] oTog,, Fg. neqKeicox] om. Ke, 

NF2C^*G3*eL Hunt 18: XCOX ST"A.C ne father of hers, Fg*; 
OTICOX &c., F2«. **2ie] Gr. D &c. om. iteJULHlj over 

erasure, Ci«. ncOTen] cf. Gr. C* &c. Xexenn^-g^i" J pref. 

oTog,, Q: itTexen., Da.8.4: TeTennA.n^2,i-, r*?G3«Ji 

442 ROxTai iinaxHHHC. 

epoi A.n. *• itiJtiL c£loX j6eit OKno-r^i 
XLuLoi ee&e oTnofii. 
Icxe eiULHi Tefxoo ijuutoc itorreo. le cefieoT 
iteooxeix Terenn^^'f" epoi ^.n. *^iuefi.oX 
JUL^'f itic^^i hrre ^^ gA.qcarre«jL €pax)nf. 
ee&e^^^a itecjoxeit TeTeitccoxetJL ^n. xe 
necjoxen efi.oX iL4>1" ^.n. 

KA-Xox: ^.noit ^.^xoc. xe iteoK o-rcAJULA.piXHc 
OTog, onroix oT2Le«JL(jon n&ftJL^Jc. 
*• OtXqepoTO) iixeiKC OTog, nex^-q. xe ^noK ijuuion 
T^ejULuon ncuuLHi. ^XXa. -f epxiAt^n ii.iujurr. 
oTog, iteooTreit Texenajaooj JOutiLoi. **A.noK 

**3Xju-Kn ^iULHit -fxa) jjuu-oc ncoxen. xe egcon 
^pecy^it oT^i ^pe^ 6nA.cajci nitcqiu.T 
e4>JUL0T ffl^eneg,. 

**nex€ nnonf2k^i. xe -fitoT ^n&ftjii xe oTon 
oT2ieiULa)n itexx^K. <aJ&.p^^JUL ^qjuto-v ncAii 
niKenpo4>KXKc. oTog, iteoK kxuj jjujloc. xe 

Par 6i. *• niJU-] + 2s.€, D2.S.4 ' I^I^JL . . . Itofi.!, repeated and 

croMcd. Gi. een^.] eeit^cy, t. OTitofi.i] om. o-c, Ci*. 

ICXe] cf. Gr. h^ BCL &c.: +7^€, OBL Hunt 18, cf. Gr. FA A &c. 
eJULKI Te-f-XO)] AC,.2rraG2KT/3J: OJU-KI 7^e ^XVJ &c. 
probably the same reading, H,.8: OiUUil TC €^., h<: OAILHI ne^"., 
BD,.2.8.4AiEi.2.3Fi'G8J,.8MNOPQ8V Par 61 : fxU0{iiMLOC,L) 
neJUlHI, C^eL Hunt 18. ItCOXen] AC,.2rD2.3.4C^GiHi.3eKL 
NPTV/5^iHunti8: om. KBDiAiEi.2.3Ff.8G3J,.3MOQS Par 61. le] 

om. «BD4*PQpi: xe, N. eefieoT itecjoxen] >ite(JOT'en 

eefi-eOT, S: om. D4*i3i: om. IteCOTeit, I*, cf. Gr. 71. 157. &c 

^n] +ne, r-eL. *^ii.(l>i- 1°] ACi.2rFaG8Hi.3KMXj8J: 

i6€It*1", l*BD,.2.3.4AiE,.2.3fi'C-G3eJi.3L0,PQSV Hunt 18: 

om. T. nicA.xi] n^i., H3. TeTenctoTejut] om. Texen, 

/3J: itxexen., L: XexencCOOnrn ye know, DiEi.2.sFi'G3H|.s 
Ji,3S Par 61 ; obs.Gr. X a ov irurrtv€T€, ^It i^J pref. GpOI me, D2.s,4: 

JOHN Vni. 46-52. 443 

say (the) truth to you, (and) ye believe me not. ** Which 
of you will convict me concerning sin? If the truth I 
say to you, wherefore believe ye me not? **'He who is 
(lit. the) from Qod heareth the words of Qod: therefore 
ye hear not, because ye are not from God.* *®The Jews 
answered and said to him: *Well said we, that thou (art) 
a Samaritan, and there is a demon with thee.' ^^ Jesus 
answered and said: 'There is not a demon with me; but 
I honour my Father; and ye despise me. *®But I was 
not seeking for mine own glory, there is he who seeketh 
and who judgeth. *^ Verily, verily, I say to you, that if 
any one should keep my word^ he shall never see (the) 
death.' *^ The Jews said : * Now we know (lit. ? knew) that 
there is a demon with thee. Abraam died^ and the prophets 

+ eit^C^XI my words, M. efi.oX] pref. &^n, l*I),.2.a.4E,.2.3Fi' 
G3J1.8MQ Par 61. JUL^'f 2°] l*AC,.2rAir2J>G2Hi.3eKMNOi . 
PTV^i Hunt 18: j6eit4>+, BDi.2.a.4E,.2.3Fi'G3J,.3LQS Par 61. 
**0m. o^u, cf. Gr. l^BCDL &c. lO'TTs.A.l] 10 over H, A«. 
OTOg, i«] l*ABCi.2rF2J>G2H,.3eKLPTV3J: om. D,.2.3.4^iEi.2.3 
Fi^GsJlsMNOiQS Par 61 Hunt 18*. K^XcOC] AC,.2(KA.Xa)n) 
F2C^G2Hi.3eKLMQTVj8J Hunt 18: pref. OT, l<BrDi.2.3.4AiEi.2.3 
Fi'GaJLsNOiPS Par 61. A-ItOIt] om. Cj, cf . a e q Chr^^*«>"»: Gr. 
exc. DL &c. places Xcy. after ^fxtis, ^IT^Oc] obs. Gr. 71. 249. al^^ Ateiub 
tfXtyofitK ileOK] Gr. I** &c. om. av. OTCAJU-] mC^JUL., /3i. ^^XOC 

oTog, 2«>] om. M Q. OT2iejULa)n] om. OT, fiK ** ^qep- 

OnrO)] +na)OT, DiAi'Fj. Onrog, i°] a and 28 MSS.: om. BCa 
Fi' Ji* M P Q; for jcol c^rcy cf. Gr. « G &c. UeXA.q] + HtOOT, 

1^2. 3. 4 Q. 2s.ejut.a)n] pref. ot, c^*. 2* v. o^rog, 2*»] om. M. 

^^ 2ie] om. Egr-*, cf. Gr. 22. 69. al pauc arm. It&.IKtO'f ] pref. €, 
Q: pref. ^XXa., Eg: +^It, MQ. A.n] om. MQ. qfflOn] pref. 

2ce, V. exKcoi"] exKA.i", S: eenA-Kcoi", D1.2.S.4N. 
€T"f2,^n] eeitA.^., bd,.2.3.4N. " eajtou &c.] Gr. d &c. Hunt«8i. 

waliwhw OS wf. ^pe] epe, Ci*. n^C^Xl] it a.., Ai^FgD-®. Hant.sii, 
^- lO'TTiA.l] A : + n^q, BCi«(nA. over erasure) &c„ cf. Gr. ; for om. ^'"*** 

oZv cf. Gr. I* B c &c. ^qjutonr] qjutoT, b*. kg] om. S B N. 
neoK] +2s.€, D2.8. 


4>K eeitA-A-peg, 6n^c^.xi nn€q2ceAiLi"ni juL- 

4>JU-0T oj^erteg,. 
^^Uh iteoK oTHiai" iteoK enemtox ^p^^^JUL cJ>h 
Toc^ ex^.qjuLOT. | onrog, niKenpo(l>KXHC A.nrju.oT. 
^.Kipi ixiiioK itrtiiut.. 
** nXqepoTO) itxeiKc eqxto ijumoc. xe ecycoii A.noK 

qojon rtxen^icox een^.'f coot hki. 
4>H jtecoTren exexeitxco jOLjuloc. xe nennoT-f 

ne. ^^oTog, jOLnexencoTconq. ^nojc 2^6 •fcco- 

oTn juuuLoq. 
OTog, eojcon ^loj^nxoc xe "f ccooTn ijutxcq ^n. 

eiecgojai eioni juuuLcoxen rtcAJUieeno-cx. a.XX^ 

•f cooonrn juuuLoq OTog, neqcA.xi "f^peg, cpoq. 
*® 3Xfi.p^.A.JUL nexerticox n^.qeeXRX ne eqo-vcDO) 

em^y eoTeg^ooT rtXKi. onrog, ^qn^T A.qp^.aji. 
*^ Ilexe nnoT2s.A.i n^.q. xe juLn^-xeKep It 

oTog, ^Knijr e^.&pA^JUL 
** Ilexe mc ncooT. xe ^JuiHn ^JuiKn 'fxuo iJuuLoc 

nojxen. xe ii.n^.xe ^^p^^jui cyooni A.noK ne. 
**3XTeX com onrn g^m^ rtceg^ioTi excoq. mc ^e 

^.qxo^q- ^qj efioX jfcen niepc|>ei OTog, A.qcmi 

nA.qjuLOttn j6en xonrjutKi" oTog, n^qcinicooT. 

n^.c^.zi] n^.., Ai' Fg. g^eneg,] Or. d &c. om. 
^^ iteoK 2°] om. J3 p. nenicox] Gr. d &c. om. <t>K ex] Gr. 

D a ori. OTOg^] neiUt, Fi' G3 Jj. s K 0, S V Par 6i. Ke] JC, A : 
om. K Q. cf. Gr. ^.TiULOT] om. K. ^KIpl] A* &c. : JCipi, A« Aj' 
F2 C^. itnXJUL] om. it, Eg Hj Ji* Q N S*. Om. oiJ, cf, Gr. » A B C 

DL &c. ^* >^.noK egcjon, s. >ijuiit^T^x hki, Jj. 
n^.a50T] +^.noK, q. g^Xi] eg^Xi, Gg: onrg^Xi, d,. 2. 3. 4^1-^ 

El 2.3^'2-^iOi Par 61 : +^.n, C^cllaC. qfflon] pref. Xe because Ac, 

Hi.sCna). een^.] pref. ^h, D2.3.4Fi'C-«G8Ji.s Par 61. exe- 
xenxco] epexen., DiEi.ggGaJi.sOiS Par 61: xexenxoj, 

l*Ci*D2.8. ii-ULOC 2°] +epoq, Di.2.a.4Ei.2.3Fi'G8J8NS Par6i. 
nen(om. A)nOT'f] cf. Gr. A B^ et* C L &c.: nexen., M, cf. Gr. 
NB*D &c. " JULnexen] n over erasure of three? letters, A«. 

JOHN VIIL 53-59. 446 

also; and thou sayest: "He who will keep my word, shall 
never taste (the) death." *^Art thou greater than our 
father Abi*aam, who died, and the prophets also died? 
whom madest thou thyself?* '^^ Jesus answered^ saying: 
' If I should glorify myself, my glory is nothing : my 
Father is he who will glorify me. He (of) whom ye say, 
that (he) is our God. *^And ye knew him not: but I 
know him. And if I should say that I know him not, 
I shall be like to you, false: but I know him, and I keep 
his word. ^* Abraam your father was (imperf ) glad, wishing 
to see a day of mine ; and he saw, he rejoiced.' ^^ The 
Jews said to him: 'Thou hast (lit. doest) not yet fifty 
years, and sawest thou Abraam ? ' ^^ Jesus said to them : 
* Verily, verily, I say to you, that before Abraam was, 
I am.' ^^They took up stones then, that they might east 
upon him: but Jesus hid himself, he came from the 
temple, and he passed by, he was walking in their midst, 
and he was passing by. 

CO-ytJOn] OCOIt over erasure, and T added. T*^. O^rog, 2°] oni. Q. 

^n] om. D4. ^XX^] +^rtoK, J>«. neqc^xi] JuLn &c., n. 
't^P^Sj I ^P^& epoq, A. *^ nexerticox] nenioox, 

Ci*i3J. n^.qeeXHX] ^.q. &c., Ga/Si. itTTHl] Or. X sah»<^h«^ 

om. rf,p ififiu. o^rog,] om. NBQ. ^] om. ^.q, /3i. ^.q- 

over 02,).3« (over n^.qX4Ei.2,3Fi'G3Ji.3NS, cf. Or. ^^.q] om. O. 
pOJULRl] +pa) thyself, r« Gg* K P Q*T^'. OTOg^] om. l*Oi. 
A.KH^.'r] Gr. «* 8ah»c»»«r cw^kuccf ere ^® UGXe] pref. OTOg,, 

N Ai^ Fg, cf. Gr. L al* syrP aeth. A-JUtKIt 2°] om. P*. ttJ^^O 
Or. D &c. om. *' OTIt] om. Q, obs. Gr. D om. oZv, but has rart : 

+ it2certHO'r2i^.i, ms. g^ionri] ^xconi, G3J,.3LQ Par 6i 

Hunt 18. 2s.e] Gr. B om. ^qX^^^l <>™- ^» 'h- ^^^] A B 
C,.2rj>*G2H,.8eKLPTV/3i Hmit 18: pref. OTOg,, D,. 2.3.4V 
Ei.2.3l'V.2G3Ji.3MNOiQS Par 61. Hiep^^ei] TOTJU-H-f, Oi. 
which has jfeenTOTJUt.K'f" again. OTO^ i°] cf, Gr. h^«»CL &c.: 
om. Q, cf. Gr. A &c. ^qcmi] AD2.8.4Ai'E3Ff.2n,.3(om. ^.q)K S 

TVosJ^qmi): eqcim, B(+a)O'r)Ci.2rDiEi.2C^Ga.8eJ,.8LN0i 



I O'rog, eqcmi ^qitA.T eoTpooiULi iLfi-eXXe iSjuiici. 

^OTOg, A.'rgenq itxeneqjU-A.eKTKC exxto £1- 
ju-oc. xe pi^SlSli nijui neir^qepnofii. ^^\ ne 
aj^.rt neqio-f ne. xe ^.TJUtA-cq eqoi iiAeXXe. 
xo^ ^^XqepoToo it^celKc. xe o^Ts^e \ ^^i juLneqeprto&i 
o'TTs.e neqio-f. ^XXa. g^m^ itxe nig,£iKOTi Rtc 
4>i" o^rcoitg, efi.oX iti6pHi lijfeHxq. 
*3Xnon g^cjoi" epon ne nxenepg^co^ enig^&Hoiri 
tare ^h exA.qx^.oTon g^coc nie^oo-c ne. 
qnHOT 2^€ nxeniexcopg,. 
&oxe ijuuLon c^xomx hire g^Xi epg^cofi.. 'g^twc 
eijfeen niKocju-oc ^noK ne ctonraomi iiniKoc- 


•H^.i ex^.q2coxoT ^.qg^ionri itoTeA.q enecHT 
OTog, ^.qeA.JULio no'rojut.i efi.oX i6eit nieA.q. 
oTog, ^qX^.Xa)q enenfi.^X i5-nifi.eXXe jjuu-ic!. 

'O'rog, nexA.q n^q. xe JUL^-cye nA.ic ia. neKg^o 
efioX j6en i"KoXTJU-&Kep^ hre niciXcu^Jui. 
cJ»H eaj^*voTA.2,jULeq xe 4>h ex^'ro'ropnq. 

CtXqcge n^.q OTn ^qiooi ixneqg^o €fi.oX ofog, ^qi 
eqn^.T ii&oX. ^neqeeojer OTn neJUL nn 
excojoTn jDUmoq ncgopn. xe ne onrcg^TAJLee- 

( + a50T)PQ Par 61 Hunt 18: n^.qcmia)OT, M: +ne, I>i.iaL4 
E1.2.8CT3J1.3O1S Par6i. n^qJU-OttJx] + ne, BNS; cf.Gr.««CL&c. 

o^rog, 2°] om. M. n^qcmioooT] eq., OiS: ^q., D4: 

+ JUtn^IpH*] , all except A* (and tr.) and Q, which omits ako 
Onrog, n^.qCinia50T; the passage in I* ends at ep<t>ei, cf. Or. 
l^BD &c. om. iu\Oa>v &c, 

Hiint26, 1 cini] ACrOaHKLQSTV Hunt 26: -KJOOT, BDi.2EJMN0,P: 

+ na30T, by error, AfFi': +iixeiKC, M, cf. Gr. O' F &c 
^O'TOg,] om. Q Hunt 26. neqiXA-O.] Gr. D e om. avrw. 
eXXUO &c.] Gr. D &c. om. Xtyoms. nCT^q] HC €TA.q, D,.oE 
Fi>^ J M S. ne] om. L. Xe ^TAX^Cq] repeated and crossed, 0^ ; 

^j begtoM cU Or. A al pauc 7€w|ei|. * ^Xe^^tl H^'f, G^*. OTOJng;] 

JOHN IX. 1-8. 447 

IX. And passing, he saw a man blind from birth. ^And 
his disciples asked him, saying: 'Rabbi, who sinned? this 
(roan) is it, or his parents is it, that he was bom being 
blind ? ' ^ Jesus answered : ^ Neither this (man) sinned, nor 
his pai*ents ; but that the works of Ood might appear in 
him. ^We must work the works of him who sent us 
while it is the day ; and the night cometh, when it is 
not possible that any one work. ^ While I am in the 
world, I am (the) light of the world.' •Having said these 
(things), he cast spittle down, and he made clay from the 
spittle, and he anointed (the) eyes of the blind from birth. 
''And he said to him: 'Qo, wash thy face in the pool of 
the Siloam,' which they interpret *he who was sent.' He 
went then, he washed his face, and he came seeing. ^His 
neighboui*s then, and they who knew him at first, that he 

n^-OTCOng,, Fi'Ji«. *^.non] cf. Gr. 1**BDL sah •«»»«' 

syi hr &c. : ^rtOK, A<^CiL. cf. Qr. «* vel»> AC &c. epon] A* BC &c. : 

epoi, A°L. ne itxen] a*bc &c. : - itx^, a»L: om. ne, q. 
epg^oofi. em] epm, t. ilxe4>K] jDLctK, cl. ta-otok] 

A*BC &c., cf. Gr. «*L &c. : ^.qT^.O'TOI, A«L, cf. l*» vel«> A BOD &c. 
g^OOCjBFi'^MOiQST: g^OC, ACrDi.gAiEGgHJKLNPV Hunt 26. 
ne a°J om. P. 2^e] om. L Q. llxe] h over point, A<^. g^Cofi. 2°] 
+ itj6KXq, AnvL. *&00C] BFf GjMQT: g^OC, A &c. 

ei^ert] cf. Gr. dl &c. & ^v. • n^.i] +2s.e, Qv. enecKx] 

+ eUIK^.2,X to the ground, A"»« L (JULUl). OTOg^ i°] om. B Q 

Hunt 26. JtO^rOJULl] om. K. efioX j^eitnioA-q] om. p. 

OTOg, 2°] om. B M Hunt 26. ^.qX^.Xa)q] Gr. B C* tntOrim. 
-Xcoq . . . JUtlCl] cf.? Or. C* &c. enenfi.^.X] on (the) eyes, 

KAcB&c: itrteq., A*NOi. ''o'rog,] om. baOiQ. n^q] 

Or. D &c. om. JU-^ttje] ^ altered from G, A«. I^UeKg^o] cf. 
aahschw^ ab»o ver. 11 : Gr. A a h e om. m^. CIXcO^JUL] twice, 
B Di. 2 Ai E J M 8 V : CTXa)4LJUt., A &c. XG 2°] om. V*. cf.? Gr. 

exA.nroTopnq] ex^q., GjL. onrog, 2°] om. bAiMOiV 
Hunt 26. ^qi e(^,p)qnA.T] ^qnA.T he saw, Q. * onrn] 

2ke, BDiAiEFj'JOiS. eXCCOOTn] en^T., Di.jMQ Hunt 26, 
'qui noverant' ap. Ln. Ite] om. L Hunt 26. ttJA.XJU-eO(X, A)- 
n^I i°] cf. Gr. l*ABC*DL &c. 

448 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

n^.1 ne n^nrxo) ijuuLoc ue. xe julk <^a.i ^.it nc 

•&A.noTon 4Jtert n^-rxoo ijuutoc. xe neoq ne. 

g^^.rtKex^o'*^^^ ^c n^TXco juuuloc, xe juuuion 

^.XX^ ^qom juLJUtoq. 
Heoq 7s.€ n^.qxcjo JuuuLoc. xe ^itoic ne. ^® it^'cxu) 

oTn jjutJLoc n^q ne. xe nujc ^TOfcon nxe- 

"OiXqeponfa) itxe(l>K eTejuuuLA.T nex^q. xe ni- 

pcojuti eTroTJU-o-r-f epoq. xe mc. A.qe^juu0 
TOH noTOJUti ^qX^.Xa)q en^.&^X. OT|og, nexA.q 

HHi. xe jut.^.aj^ ^^^ ^^ neKg^o e&oX sben 

nicjXcjo^.Jut.. ^icge i^hi oTn ^ncoi iiLnA.^o e&oX 

^m^.T ii-fi-oX. 
^^nezajo-r n^.q. xe A.qe(Jon g^coq nipooAiLi errejtX' 

jtx^'t. nezA.q xe -fexii ^n. 
^^ OiX-cenq onrn g,^. ni4>^piceoc 4>h eitA.qoi juL&eXXe 

So'TCKOT. ^* ne nc^^xon 2s.e neTA-qeA.- 

jULio JuLniojuLi itxeiHC OTog, ^qepe iteq&A.X 

^*n^.Xin o-rn nA.Taini juuuLoq nxeni4^^.pic6oc. xe 
nuoc ^.Kn^T juLfioX. neoq zCe nezA.q itoooT. xe 
o^rouLi nex^.qx^^ exen nA.&^X oTog, A.nA.T 
e&oX A.mA.'r juL&oX. 

n^.Tza5] +o'rn, Q: nexcoonr, Fi'(with ijuuLoc ne). 

ne 2°] orn. IJ Q V Huut 26. xe 2°] cf.? Gr. L. AJLh] om. B. 

ne 3°] om. L?. ^2,^ i°] Gp. lx 33. 254. om.: 
-onron + 2^e (uot om. juien), kt. xe i°] Gr. i* &c. om. g,A.n- 

KeyQUdO'^ni 2ie . . . ^.XX^.] for «€ cf. Gr. h^ 124. syrP "»k et^*' arm: 
2,^.nKeonfOn, Q: om. 2s.e, Q; cf.? Gr. l*BCL &c.: JULMJLOC 2^ 
C altered, Ci^ : om. JuUULOn ^.XX^, Q, cf. Qr. A D &c, : om. 

^XX^, N. A.qoni] qoni, I)2*kv. ijuuLoq] +ne, l. 

^e 2«] cf. Gr. N» et«b AC^: +on, M. ^^ n^tXUO &c.] Gr. D 

€«rov. o-rn] om. B H L N p. ii-iULOc] JOuuLoq, K*. ne] 

om. rP. nCOC] for om. o^p cf. Gr. AB &c. " neXA.q] cf.? Gr. 

A &c. Kai €in€P. nipcjoiu.1 &c.] cf.? Gr. HBO &c. en^.£^X] 

JOHN IX. 9-15. 449 

was one begging alms, were saying: ^Is this not he who 
was sitting, begging alms?' ^Some indeed were saying 
that it is he; and others were saying: 'Nay, but he was 
like him/ And he was saying: *I am (he).' ^**They were 
saying then to him: 'How were thine eyes opened?' 
^^That (man) answered, he said: 'The man who is called 
"Jesus/' he made day, he anointed my eyes, and he said 
to me: "Qo, wash thy face in the Siloam." I went then, 
I washed my face, I saw.' ^^They said to him: 'Where 
also was that man?' He said: 'I know not.' ^^They then 
brought to the Pharisees him who was (imperf.) once blind. 
^^Now it was (the) sabbath (on) which Jesus made the clay^ 
and caused his eyes to be opened. ^^ Again then the Pharisees 
were asking him: 'How sawest thou?' and he said to 
them: 'Clay he put upon mine eyes, and I washed myself, 


Itn^ &c., L. OTO^] om. N Hunt 26. HKI i°] om. L. X€ f] 
cf.? Gr. KBL syrP: om. P*. UICIXcOAJUL] -CT-, A, cf. Gr. Uh 
D L &c.; for order and om. km cf. Gr. K X IT &c. ^ISI^] cf.? Or. 
DX mnik0op (icai cM^ofii;!', D) : ^m^.cy6, P. OTIt] cf. Gr. ^B 
DL &c.: om. QV, cf.? e. ^m^.T] ^.11 emA.T I came seeing, V. 
cf.? Gr. D. " IieXOOOT] for om. copula cf. Gr. A &c. IXIpOO- 

JULl] 4>H, V. UeXA.q] Gr. D &c. add airroU. 'feXILl] h^., 
Di.2AiEJL<^0iSV. ^*OTn] cf. e: om. BAi, cf. Gr. exc. D &c. 

praem. icai. ijL&eXXe] itOT&., P; it&., J. ^* 2^6] oui. 

Hunt 26.] a: ne exA.q., c &c.: 4>h 
€T-A.q., Hunt 26: ne JuLnieg^oonr exejuutJLA.T €XA.q., Q: 

ne nieg^OOT eTA.q &c., B Dj ; for the two latter readings cf. Gr. 
» B L &c. OTOg,] om. K Hunt 26. " OTU] B, cf. Gr.: OH, 

A &c. nA.Tajmi] A.T., r* P Q, cf. Gr. r &c. hprniaw. 
ijUULOq] ABCrAi*G2HLPTV Hunt 26: + ne, Dl2^i''EFi'JK 
MNOi Q. A.KnA.T] cf. c ff*- q syr •«»» arm * vidisti : ' eK., C : K., Q ; 
for the two latter cf. b 1 syr^-^ 'vides.' neXA.(e, H*)qX^^] ^^ 
ex., BDi.2AiEFf JMOi«S. exen] AB«(e i° altered from ii)Cr« 
(C 1° altered) &c : g^IXen, Dj. a Ai E ly JOS. OTTOg^] om. V 
Hunt 26. A.IA.X, ACr*G2*H. A.!nA.T] pref. OTOg,, Dg. cf. 
Gr.: i"nA.T, Fj^J. JJlSloX 2«>] cSlOX, Gj. 
VOL. IL a g 

450 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

^®HA.-yxcjo o-yit XffjuLoc ne nxeg^A-itonron e&oX 
)6eft nic{>^pic6oc. xe n^ipcjoAiLi itonre&oX 
g^ixeit cj>'f ne. xe itq^-peg, enic^- 

ft^^nKex^o**"! 2^e tiijxxuj jJuuloc. xe ncoc onron 
cgxoAff. itxe o-rpcoAni itpcqepito&i ep it^jAJLHim 
iin^.ipH'f. o-rog, onrcxicjuu. nA.qgon itj6H- 
xo-r ne. 

"Jl^^Xm o-»n nexcjoonr jOLnj&eXXe xe o*r ileoi: 
exeKxcjo i3LM.oq ee&iixq. xe A-qonrcon hncKr 

Heoq 2^e nex^.q. xe o-»npocJ>KXHC ne. " XiLnof - 
xeng^o-cxq itxenno*r2s.^.i xe nA.qoi iJLfieXXe 
ne o-yog, ^.qn^.-r JuL&oX. 
UjA.xo'cjuLO'y'f eneqio'f. "o'cog, itxonrgenof 
e-rxco juLAnoc. xe i^n ^i^i ne nexeitojHpi c^k 
xoe exexenxcjo jOLahoc. xe \ ^niUL^cq eqoi JOL- 
&eXXe. nojc xe 'fnonr A.qnA.-r iJL&.oX. 
*° 3X*repo-ycjo itxeneqio-f o-^rog, nexcoo-r. xe xen- 
exjLi xe 4>^i ne nenojKpi. o-cog, xe A.fuuu.cq 
eqoi juLfi-eXXe. 
"Ilajc xe -fno-r A.qn^.-r iSLfi-oX xeiteAiLi le 
niJUL ^.qo-rcjon itneqfi.^.X A.noit xenejULi A.n. 

Fr BM 1241 ^« O-y n] cf. Gr. : om. B. ne i^] om. H« 26. nA-ipCJOJULl] ni., V; 
- for position cf.Gr. A &c. ItO-cefi.oXJneO*r.,D2AjEFx'JOiS, 

error, othemise preterite. g^IXen]iben,P H*26: iX, D^ Ai£JO|S; 
Gr. Trapa, exc. Chr airo, Latt. *a.* Sq^peg, A-H] proB. nog., BC Di AjE 
Fi^GgHJLMNOiSV Fr Hunt 26: Itneq^^peg, A-H, A, imperf. neg. 
Sahidic form : q-^-peg^, pres. single neg., F Dj K P Q T. g^^ltJCe- 
X^O'^^0 &-^.ItKeo-COn, B. 2s.e] cf. Or. ^^ B D &c. : om. Q, 
cf. Gr. AL &c. itxeo-c] itO-C, BDjAiEFi'JMOiQS. Itpeq] 
om. it, NQ. ep] ACFGHKLNPTV Fr Hunt 26: pref. e, BD,., 
AiE Ff J MOj Q S. O-COg^] om. B L M Q V Hunt 26. CXXCXJU.] 

+o-cn, D,.2G2*'^^- n-Lqgjon] ^.qojconi, M. ne] om. mq. 

" nA.Xm O-Cn] BM, cf.? Gr. N* : nA.Xm on, a &c perhaps for 

JOHN IX. i6-ai. 461 

I saw.' ^*Some of the Pharisees then were saying: *This 
man is not from God, because he keepeth not the sabbath/ 
But others were saying: 'How is it possible that a sinful 
man should do such signs?' and a division was happening 
among them. ^^ Again then they said to the blind man: 
' What sayest thou concerning him, because he opened 
thine eyes ? * And he said : * He is a prophet.' ^® The 
Jews trusted him not, that he was (imperf.) blind, and 
saw, until they called his parents, ^^and asked them, 
saying: 'Is this your son whom ye say that he was bom 
(lit. we bare him) being blind? how then saw he now?' 
^^ His parents answered, and said : ' We know that this is our 
son, and that he was (lit. we &c.) born being blind. ^^ How 
then he saw now, we know not: or who opened his eyes, 

0*Vn: Gr. ^^ A B D L &c. Xcyovo-iv ov»: the rest of Gr. om. o^v. 
TIC^COO'V] Gr. D &c. tXtyov. Gr. (exc. D &c. om.) places irdXiv after 
rv(l>\^ ; obs. P« erased four letters after fi.eXXe. Of ftOOJC] cf. Gr. 
S B L X Cyr. exeJQCO)] neTOnrXCJO that which they said, A (not tr.). 

juuuLoq] jOuuLoc, BV. eefi.Hxq] eefi.HXK, p, cf. Gr. »♦. 
nneKfi.^.X] eiteK., crGjH. iteoq i^e] om. v. " Tett- 

2,0'fXq] cf. Gr. D &c.: +0*rit, TD^.g, cf. the rest of Gr. Ue] 

om. B : ne . . . ^^^^&eXXe, om. Gg. JOL&oX] om. H. eiteq- 

icf"] ititeq., Q; for om. rov avafikiyftatrrot cf. Gr. I. 23. Il8. 3P« 
al^ &c. "O'COg,] om. BMQ Hunt 26. ilXO*rgeitO*r] 

A.*r., V. erXO)] Gr. U* &c. om. A.n] cf. Gr. S*D rjt^^ praem 
€1 : om. Hunt 26. ^^l] om. L*. X€ 3°] om. AjOi, cf . a e sah*^**''. 
A.qn^.*r] a : qn^.-r, B &c. ; for position cf. Gr. A &c. ^^ P* 

ora. to ^^^^ SJL&.OA, Om. o^f, cf. Gr. D L &c. ; om. avrots, cf. Gr. 
K B L &c. 0*rO£, i°] om. B M Q V Hunt 26. BJtXl] +g,CJOIt 

ourselves, M. >nengHpi ne, q. gap, a*, xe 3**] om. q 

Hunt 26. eqoi] qoi, Ai. *^Xe] cf. Gr. 33. o^i', but 33. has 

/SXcfT. ifyri ; more probably a confusion of 1^€ and X6. ^qit^'Vj A D2 : Pi bagint 

qnA.-r, B &c. xenejuLj i^] iix., bDjAiEfjnOjSY Hunt 26. 

16.. . ^It 2^J om. Ji*^ (omission supplied with gloss ^ 'correct') Q. 
A.ltOlt] om. DgAx*. XeneJULJ 2*»] iix., BDxBFJx«NOSV. 

G ga 



gettq. TeqiULA.JH iix^.q i5jULA.-rA.xq g^o^q 
eciJXii ee&Kxq. 

** Ha.1 A.'cxoxo-r itxetteqioi" 6ni2s.H n^-nrepg^o-f ne 
j6a.X2,h itnuo-r2i4H. neA.-rc€JULnHXc v^p ne 
&mA. 4Lp€cyAit o-r^-j o-coitg^q efi-oX xe n]>cc 
ne. n^^nocTitA-rtJoroc. ^^eefiect^i 
A.'cxoc itxeneqio-f .'xe xeqjuu.iK iiXA.q aa>q. 

" GIX-cjULo-c'f onrit enipcoiULi iJL4>iut.A^con E c^^i 
enA.qoi juL&eXXe o-rog^ nexcoo-r it^q. xe 
AHA-ojo-c iSLtt^-f . A.non xeneAni xe n^^ipoxtiu 
o-cpeqepno&i ne. 

** CEXqepo-ccjo Rxe 4)k enA.qoi iJL&eXXe eqzu) 
juLtiLoc. xe icxe onrpeqepno&i ne it'feAJLi 
A.n. 0-CA.I 2^e nei"ca)o-rn juuuLoq. xe nA.ioi 
ii&eXXe ne -f no-c 2s.e 'fn^.-r iSAoX 

^•nexajonr n^^q. xe o-r nexA.qA.jq ha^k. nox: 
A.qo*rcjon nneK&A.X. "GlXqepo'rcjo ita3onr. xe 
g^H2.H A.IXOC ntjoxeit o-rog, iinexenccoxeAJL. 
O-c on exexeno-rcjottj ecoexneq. julk xexen- 
o-rojcg g^cjoxen eepAHA^OKXHc nA.q. 
xn ^'Heojo-r 2^e A.-rg^ojo'raj epoq enr|xcjo juutJLoc. xe 
iteoK o-cAiLA.eHXKc nxe ^h exejULAiLA.-r. A.non 
2s.e A.non g^A.nAJLA.eKXKc itxe julcjottchc. 

ttjenq] for position cf. Gr. h^^ B D L &c.: Gr. K* &c. ore. 
iULA.IK] + xe, FjC. JUUULA.'CA.Xq] om. L Hunt 26 : iOuULA.'Y, 
PJi*; cf. Gr. N^BDL &c. &^q] om. P; obs. Gr. »* om. avnk. 

ecA.xi] eqcA.xi, F. ee&Kxq] extoq, AiOj. "nA.i 
A.nrxoxonr] nA.-rx., r*G2*. eni2^e, a. &ofl +T'A.p, 

KTL. ne i°] om. Ji*QV HuDt26. neA.-r...JOf 2iA.j] om. Fi*. 

ne 2^] om. L. &JnA.] pref. xc, M. onTong^q] o-roong,, 

p. ne 3°] om. Q. C*rnA.ra5rOc] a began writing VH. 
^^ A.*rXOc] A.qXOC by error, C H. nxeneqiO'f] for position 
cf. Gr. X 13. &c aenq] Gr, A KM avTov : pref. e, DjQ. ** Otli] 

on, ON. em] iini, DjP. paoJULi] Gr. d ovtw. ijL(om.8)- 

JOHN IX. aa-a8. 463 

we know not : ask him ; he himself has age also to speak 
concerning himself.' ^- These (things) said his parents, 
since they were fearing the Jews: for the Jews had 
settled, that if any one should confess (C{) that (he) is Christ, 
he should be put (^ICj) out of the synagogue. *^ Therefore 
his parents said: *He has age also; ask him.' ^^They 
called then the man (the) second time, this (one) who was 
(imperf.) blind, and they said to him : * Glorify God : we 
know that this man is a sinner.' ^'He who was (imperf.) 
blind answered, saying: *If (he) is a sinner, I know not: 
but one (thing) I know, that I was (imperf) blind, but 
now I see.' ^®They said to him: *What did he to thee? 
How opened he thine eyes?' ^'^He answered them: *I 
told (lit. said) you already, and ye heard not What again 
wish ye to hear? wish ye also to become disciples to 
him?* '^®And they railed at him, saying: *Thou (art) a 
disciple of that (man) : but we are disciples of Moses. 

4>iUL^^COn 5] om. B; ecj>., F; for position cf. Or. ^^ B D L &c. 
^A.\] A: 4)K, B &c. O-COg,] om. BFi*J,*NQ Hunt 26. HA-q 
. . . OJO-c] om. n*. ** Om. o^, cf. Or. K &c. cJ>eitA.q, A*. 

eqxtjo ijuuLoc] cf.? Gr. X &c. ttii fUTfv. iti"ejun] om. n, mq. 

Onr^-l 2s.e] om. ^.I, L; cf. Gr. S* : om. 2^6, JP Hunt 26, cf. the 
rest of Gr. llB-f] HG ef , Dj. 2 Aj E J Oi S : C'f, Q. CCJ0O*rit 

jDuuLoq] em epoq, Q. 11^.101] it^^qoi, q = -r = i, Gj. 

lie 2°] om. L N S. i" Itonr 2^e] om. Oi ; obs. Gr. D L &c. «ai. 

•f n^.-c] ^.m^x B. *« Om. Ci*. nexooo-c] of. Gr. »* &c. : 

+ 0-rit, D2, cf. Gr. K«BDL &c.; for om. iroXiv cf. ^^*BD &c. OTT] 

om. Ai*. nex^.q] ne ex^.q, D1.2EFJMSV Hunt 262 
nexeq, h. ns^K] n^.q, t*v*. ncoc] pref. o-ro^, kmtv, 
cf. Gr. D c aeth. ititeK&A.X] eneK., GjH : iixeiteKA^.X, Dj. 
^' ^.qeponrtjo] + eqxtjo jOuuloc, p ; obs. Gr. d o «€ €*iw. 

O-COg^] om. Fi*. iinexen] n over erasure. Ji*«. CT OH] 
0*r O-CIt, Hunt 26, cf.? Gr. B: 0*rO^, Fi*K; obs. Gr. D &c. place 
trakip after tffX*T«. e(o.e., A«?)Xexeit] pref. He, D1.2A1EJMO, 

Q 8. onroxg 1 °] + g^tjoxen, l. ecooAneq] cm. Fr. *® T^e] 

cf. Gr. N«DL &c. iteOK] cf.? Gr. L om. il TlC 2**] om.?, cf. Gr. 
D &c. 2,A.n.] ^^n\. of the, Oi. 


2» ^.itoit irenejtxi xe a. ^-f ca.x\ nciUL AJLCJO-rcKC. 

^i^\ ^e iteoq xenejun ^.it xe o-refi.oX eton ne 
*^ 3Xqepo-ccjo RxenipcjoAni nex^^q itcoo-r. xe e^j ptu 

Te "ta^Hpi. xe necjoxeit xeTencu>o-rn ^.it xe 

o-ce&oX ecjoit ne. o-rog, A.qo-ca)it itit^A^X. 
^^TenejuLi xe iSLn^^pe ^-f ccoTejUL e^^^npeqep- 

no&i. ^.XXa. ecgcion eo-ra^JULgeno-cf ne o-taj 

o-cog, eqipj iSLneqcnrtJoaj. 4>^J cy^^^^*^^^^ 

^^Icxeit neneg, jOLneitctJoxejuL xe a. o-ta-i onrcon 

nnen&^-X ito-c&eXXe juuuljci. *^eite 4>^i ot- 

e&oX iS-^t" ^^ ^^^ m.<:\ti^cQxeutJxojUL ne 

eep g^Xi. 
3* CEX-yepo-ccjo o*ro£, nexcoo-r it^.q. xe iteoK ottxc^ 

THpK j6en cj>ito&i. o*ro£, iieoK} 

O'^rog, ^.-rg^iTq e&oX. ^A.qccjox€AiL ^e ilxe- 
iHc xe A-nrg^iTq e&oX o-co£, exA-qxeuiq 
nex^.q. xe XJ^^B/t tiooK enojHpi ix^^i". 
3« ^.qepo-rcjo nexA.q. xe hijul ne n^.^ &in^. 
itx^-n^.2,i" epoq. 
^^Hexe Ihc n^.q. xe XJ^^'^ epoq. onrog, 4>h ne 
eTCA-xi neAn^K. *® iteoq 2^e n6x^.q. xe 
't^^B/t n^.OT. o-rog, A.qo-raxijx iJuuLoq. 

2»^.rtoit...AiLa)-ycKc] om. Q. nejti] JuL, s*Fr. Ten- 

eXJLI 2^] pref. it, FM. ne] om. Gj- *^ ntJOO-r] Gr. D &c om. 

e^-I ptJO Te] om. pCJO, K. 'fcg^Hpi] cf.? Gr. NBL &c. to 

eavfiaaT6i^. xexencojonm] pref. xe, f. onre&oX] om. o*r, 

D2*. itn^.] en^., Gg H. *^ Om. copula, cf. Gr. N B D L &c. 

eO*r] om. e, AiOiQV. ffl^Jtt..] Oj over A., A«. OTTOg,] 

om. Fi*. eqipi] A.q., K*. a^-qccjoxeAn] A.q., r P. 

*2 itO-C&eXXe] om. S*. ijUULICl] obs. Gr. AXr al pauc ycycn^ 

ii€yov. ^^ene4>A.i] b &c.: e4>^i, a. iiLcJ>'f] ibeit., d,. 

A.n i°] om. M. nA.qn^.] n^.q. M, Arabic idiom. &Xl] + ne, 
I>1.2- "o-rO£, i<*] A0rDi.2AiBHJLN0iS Fr: om. BFG2K 

MP QTV Hunt 26. n^.q] Gr. D a place after airc«cpc^. it0OK l""] 

JOHN IX. 29-38. 466 

^^We know that God spake to Moses, but this (man) we 
know not from where (he) is.' ^^The man answered, he 
said to them: 'This indeed is the wonder, that ye know 
not from where he is, and he opened mine eyes. ^^ We 
know that God heareth not sinners, but if any one is a 
worshipper of God, and (is) doing his wish; this (one) he 
heareth. ^ Since the beginning of the world (lit. from (the) 
age) we heard not, that any one opened (the) eyes of a (man) 
blind from birth. '^ If this (man) is not of God, he would 
not be able to do anything.' ^^ They answered and said to 
him : * Thou wast begotten (lit. art a generation) altogether in 
(the) sin ; and wilt thou teach us ? ' And they cast him out. 
^^And Jesus heard that they cast him out; and having 
found him, said : * Believest thou (the) Son of God ? ' 
^®He answered, he said: 'Who is he, my Lord, that I 
may believe him?' ^ Jesus said to him: *Thou seest 
him, and it is he who speaketh to thee.' ^^And he said: 
*I believe, my Lord:' and he worshipped him. 

Gr. L om. CCX^o] om. Of, T ; ohs. Gr. (exc. L al pane) eyf w^^. 
^en] pref. e&.o\ BDi^.jKMTV nunta6. j6eit^ItoAl] om. 
Dx* ; for sing. cf. Gr. 142* &c. O'fOg, a*'] om. B N Q. ejSoX] 
om. H. ** ^.qCCJOXeJUL . . . e&oX] A"» &c. : om. A* homeot. 

^e] cf. b c f ff^* 1 sah''^: Gr. N* D &c. km i;«.: 69. g oZp: om. 
B Q. cf. Gr. N« A B L &c. OnrOg, €X^.qXeAJLq] + €JSlOX, Fr. 
ne2C^.q] A*, cf. Gr. S* B D e: +nA.q, A«B &c., cf. Gr. ^^»AL &c. 
neOK] om. Hunt 26. eUttJ Hpl] om. €, Oj*. iiLcJ)^"] cf. Gr. A L &c. 
^^ ^.qeponr O)] a &c. ; for om. cWwf cf. a sah ■«»»'' aeth : + It^.q, Q, cf. q. 
lieX^-q] A &c., cf.? Gr. SDL &c. km tlnfv : om. B, cf. Gr. A(B) 68. a. 
niJtx] cf. Gr. »♦ A L &c. : Gr. (»*) B D &c. pref. km, RG] Gr. B 
adds €01;. n^OCj Gr. ^^ sah*®**^ ante km tis tori pon. ItTA.] om. 
Ci*. n^.g,i"] HA-nr 8ee, L*. '^ nexe] for om. copula cf. Gr. 

S B D &c. : P* prefixed ^JULHIt -f XCJO JUUULOC HCJOTeit which 
was crossed. Om. «u, cf. sah^bw gyrsch et^'. ^C^^**] ^^'j V» ^f.? 
Gr. <t>K ne ex] AOrOaHKLPT Fr Hunt 26: 4>H UGX, MQ : 

4>K ex, B(ee)Di.2AiEF(ee)JN0iS(V): ne 4>h ex, v. 

neJUL^K] + ne, B Di. , Ai E F J M N Oi Q S, for order cf. Gr. 
^® Gr. N* om. neXA.q] cf. Gr. : + nA.q, M. nA.OT] nOC Lord, 



^* O-^rog^ nexe Inc. xe e^i^u ^.itoK e^^^n jOliukoC' 

jtxoc. ^im. HH exoj HAeWe STOTrn^f 

iJL&oX. o-rog, itH eeitA.-r JOL&oX nTo-rep- 

jSieXXe. I 

TH^. *<> CEX-rcojxejuL nxeg^^-itonroit irre nj4>A.piceoc 

^^Hexe iHC na5o*r. xe ette itetjoxeit g^A-nfiieXXef 
ne neAH-WLonxexett itofi.i iuuuL^'r ne. -f ito-c 
2^e xexeitxo) jEjuuloc. xe XL&oX. 
o'*o& qcyon nxenexenitofi.!. 


CEXAHHn ^AHHit 'fxuj JAjtxoc ncjoxeit. xe ^h 
exeitqttHo-c ei6o-yn ^.it efi.oX g^ixeit nipo 
e^^.-cXH itxe itiectoo-y. <*.XXa. eqitKo^r enojo)! 
ntfoqxeit. ^^.j e^ejtxMx^t onrpeqtfioTri ne 
oTTog, o-fcotti ne. 

2 4>H 2s.e eettHo-c es^otn e&oX g^ixeit nipo. ^aj 
o-cAiL^.iteca5o-r ne itxe nieccoo-r. *4>^i oj^pe 
nietxtto'cx o-ftjoit n^.q. onrog, SI^P^ niecu>o'c 
cojxejuL exeqcAJLH. o-cog, g^.qAJLonri" eneq- 
ecojo-c K^.x^. no-cp^.it o-^rog, aj^.qeno7r efi.oX. 

^G^tjon 2^e ^-qaj^Lttmi itnH exettonrq xapof 

BAiONOiQ, of.? Gr. A-qonrtJoajx ijL«.oq] +^i2ceit|ni- 
K-Lg^i. oTTog, ^.qxoc n^.q xenA.|oc "fn^-g^i" epoK 
xeiieoK ne ncyH|pi sx^'f ^h eenHo*r eniicocjULOc 

upon the earth, and he said to him : *My Lord, I believe thee that thou 
art (the) Son of God who cometh to the world/ 0y but the addition is 
marked with croBses. ^* OfOg, i°] om. B. XC] om. S, cf. Gr. 

eX^.n] om. ex, N. A-HOK] for position cf.? Gr. D. e^f] eoH, 

D].2S. iini] em, AjOi Fn itxen-Li of this, h, cf.? Gr. 
nxo-yn^.'c] ex., f. onrog, 2°..-i}L&oX] om. Ci* Fr. 

JOHN IX. 39— X. 4. 457 

^^ And Jesus said : ' I came for judgement of the world, 
that they who are blind may see ; and they who see may 
become blind.' ^^'Some of the Pharisees who were with 
him heard, and they said to him: *Are we blind also?' 
^^ Jesus said to them: *If ye were blind, ye had not sin; 
but now ye say: "We see:" and your sin abideth. 

' X. Verily, verily, I say to you, that he who cometh 
not in through the entrance to the fold of the sheep, but 
(is) coming up some other way, that one is a thief and a 
robber. ^But he who cometh in through the entrance, 
this is a shepherd of the sheep. ^To this (one) the porter 
openeth; and the sheep hear his voice; and he calleth 
his sheep according to their names, and he bringeth them 
out. ^ And if he should bring out all them which are his 
own, he walketh before them, and the sheep walk after 

^^ ^.-CCtJOXeJUL] cf. Gr. »BL &c. : +2^6, Di.gFQ, cf. Gr. D £P*- g^' : 
A-qepO-yO) 2^e, N. Om. ravra, cf. Gr. S*D Ac. tTTe] ACrCj 

HKLPTV: efi.oX j6en, »bd,.8AjEfjmN0iQs. exx^] 

em.tyQHy S, obH. fluctuation of Gr. oi /t#T and ol tvr. OnfOg^J 
om. SBFQV. JieXXe, A. *^ nexe &c.] Gr. D al** for. oZv. 

IKC] for position cf. Gr. D sah ■«»»''. HG i°] Ite, F H L M« P Q« S V 

Fr: ne ne, Gj. ne 2*>] om. n. 2^e] xe, b. Texenxo)] 
ReTen., c Fr: xeiticcjo, B. xenitA.-r] Tereit &c., h s. 

O-rOg^] cf. arm Byr^'; obs. Gr. A &c. ^ oZp\ om.MQY, cf.Gr. ^^BDL &c. 
nexennofi.1] for sing. cf.Gr. ^*A B Ac: neT€It. (but qajOH) Ol. 

^ ncjoxen] Gr. b viuv Xcy*. eqitaonr] q., Ai f Oj Q t : pref. 

O'^tOg,, Fr. e't'A.'cXH . . . enojOJI repeated after po and crossed, 

K«. ncfoqTen] e(JTi f. ^Ul] 4>h, mq. *2s.e] om. l. 

cl>A.l] + erejtXMLiJ^y ^ ; for o«Tw cf. b c f ff*' 1 q fos * hie pastor 
e8t.' ne] om. HP. ^ 4)A.j] pref. OTTOg,, J^. ffl^^pG i^] 

pref. €, B. GAJLHO-yx] ACFFIIP V : iSL, B &c. OnrCJOIt] A* : 

A-onrtJon, A"»» &c. onrog, 2°] om. b. eiteqectoo-r] obs. Gr. 

ra 2dia fluctuating in position : CttieCCJOOnT, A^ K T : epCOOf, ^^. 
O-rog, 3°] om. BFi*Q. *2s.€] cf. Gr. KO* &c.: Xe 0-»IT, J^ : 

om. BS. cf. Gr. J^BLII^ &c. ItH exeitO-^q] ItKXeit., A,. 
THpO-y] cf. Gr. i^«BDL &c. ; obs. Jj has a cross. ttJA.qjULOajl] 

pref. o-cog,, Js. ffl^.pe &c.] nxonTJULoajj, N. 


cojonr JULoaji ilctjoq. xeonraj cecooonrn itTeq- 


'^nittj^-**-**^^ 2s.e iJLn^nriULoaji ilccjoq. ^.XX^. ere- 
4>cjox e&oX &^-poq. xe cecooo-rn ^it nxcjuiH 
juLnigeAiutiLO. « T^.jnA.poijuLJA. A.qxoc nuooit 
it^cmc. itecjoo-Y ^e jOLno-reAni xe ^qc^.xi 
nejuLCJoo*r eefi-eonr. 

■^ n^-Xm oit nex^.q ncoo-r ibceiHC. xe Ajuuin 

ajulhh -fxcjo iijuLoc ncoxeit. xe ^.noK ne 

xnfi. nicfi.e itxe mectoo-r. 'o-yon ni|ii6it exA.-ci 

j^A^o)! 2,A.ncoiti ite o-ro£, g^A-itpeq^Tib-ri ne. 

^.XX^. juLno-cccjoxejUL itctjoo-r nxeitieca>o-r. 

• CEXitoK ne nicfi.e itxe meccoo-r. 4>h eeitA.i esfyotn 
e&oX g^iTOT eqenog^ejUL. onrog, eqei ejfeo'^rn 
onrog, eqei e&oX o-co£, eqexiAni itoTrjuiA.- 

^^nipeqcfTo'yi 2^e iteoq iJLn^.qi e^nX ^pao'r 
itTeqtfTonfi o-rog, nxeqacox o-yo^ iixeq- 

CEXnoK ex^.n ^jita. irre onrtjonjfc ojconi itcjoo-v 

o-cog, itxe o'cg^onro ojconi ncjoo*r. 
" CEXnoK ne niAiL^.neccjoo-y een^.iteq. niAit^iteccjoo'v 

eeit^.iteq gA.q^ nxeqit-^x^ ^apHi exen neq- 

^'^ UipejtxSLexj^ ^^e iteoq, o-ro£, eT"eito7rxiLA.n- 

eccjoo-r ne. 4>h exe mectoo-r nonrq ne. 

^.qttj^nit^.-r enio-rcoitoj eqitao-r. gA.q<i>a)X 

ccjoo-cit it] cojxeAt. e hear, P. * ere^KJOx] eT<i>KX 

(are) fleeing, ^^ : ^r€^., Fr. e&oX] om. A. 2,A.pOq] + XMpO*r, 
itXCAHHJ e., F. ijLniCl)eiUUUt.o] erasure of two letters at end 
of line after AH i**, A®; for singular cf. syr sah™*°« aeth. • XAj] 

n^.1, Q. n^.pOIAJLJ^.] +2ie, F. iteCOO-r 2i€] Gr. »♦ nu: 
. . . ^'^ mC, om. T. A.qC^^l] qC^^J, F, obs. Gr. cXdXci : A.q- 

JOHN X. 5-1 a. 469 

him, because they know his voice. ^And they walk not 
after the stranger, but they shall flee from him, because 
they know not (the) voice of the stranger/ •This proverb 
Jesus said to them : but they knew not wherefore he 
spake to them. ''Again, Jesus said to them: ^Verily, 
verily, I say to you, that I am the door of the sheep. 
^ All who came before me are robbers and are thieves ; 
but the sheep hearkened not to them. ^I am the door of 
the sheep : he who will come in through me shall be 
saved; and he shall come in, and he shall come out, and 
shall find a pasture. ^^And the thief cometh not except 
haply that he may steal, and slay, and destroy; I came 
that life might be to them, and that abundance might be 
to them. ^^ I am the good shepherd ; the good shepherd 
giveth his life (lit. soul) for his sheep. ^'But the hireling, 
and (he) who is not a shepherd, he whose own the sheep 
are not, if he should see the wolf coming, he fleeth and 

xoc, P. '' n^.Xm on nex^.q ncoo-r] a &c., cf.? Gr. adl : 

n^Xm on ^.qc^XI nCAJLCOOnr -spake with them, B: om. on, 

K. xe i°] ne xe, f. ncoxen] Or. b vfm^ Xfy». xe 2*»] cf.? 

Gr. SAD &c. * Onron] + 2^6, Dg : pref. Onrog,, S. 

- nifi.en] Gr. d &«. om. j6A.2ca)i] cf. Gr. i<« A B D L. peq- 

(SlOtl] om. peq, B*. • niC&e] nice&l, G2 by error. 

ejfco-cn i«] om. Fi* Ji*. O-rOg, i°] om. Ci'K QT V. O-COg, 2**^ 
om. B F M Q. 0-rO£, f] om. i< B Q. (TUiLI, A*. JtXlJjL 
ACrD1.2EJ1.8p8V Fr: JUL^n, B &c. JULOm] JtXOCQl walking, 
H. ^^e&HX] A« &c.: e&oX, A* J3. Onrog, i<>] om. Q. 

Onrog, 30] om. BQ. A.nOK] +2^6, Dj.jAjEJi.sOiS Fr, cf. Gr. D 
a go aeth. ex^.n] tiTTA.!, S. onrg^Onro] om. Ot, M. 

^^ niiUL^neccoo-r eenA.neq 2°] pref. onrog,, ej,.8S: om. q. 

ttjA-q-f ] cf. Gr. N* D &c. dido»aiy. eg^pKl] om. Aj*. eg^pKI 
e^Cen] eg^pen, H. " 2^€] cf. Gr. S a D &c. : om. Gj, cf. Gr. 

BGL &c. 0-C0£, i^] om. BJjQ. eT"€n] 6X6, rDi*H: 

itTe, p. A.n i°] om. F. ne] ne, Fr. ne] cf. ? Gr. d &c. : ne, 

HOiPS Fr, of.? Gr. NABL &c. eqnHO-c] Gr. A* om. 


2,oXailo-c onrog, oj^.qxopo'r efi.oX. ^'xe of- 

peAn&exe ne o-cog, cepAncXm itA.q ^n i6^ 

^* ^ttoK ne niAf.A.iteccjoo'r eenA.neq. 'f ccjoonrn twh 

eTeno-yi o-rog, hk exeitonri ccoonrit juUutoi. 
I ^^ KiJT^ ^pH-f eTA.qca)o-cit ijuuLoi itx6nA.iurr 

^itoK 2,00 'fctjoo'yn iiL<t>JCJOT. o'cog, ^f itA.X"' 
' nT^-^nrxK exeit itA.€ca)o*r. 
fl5 16 0-coit itXHi ng^A-HKeectJoo-r juuut^nr e^^ne&oX 

j6eit x^.i^.*rXH ne. g^tjo-f epoi een mjce- 
Tnr XJ^^*^^^- onro^ e-yeccoxejuL exA.cAiLK. | onto^ 

enrecytjoni enroll no-cajx. o-cjuL^.iteca3o*r nonruoT. 
"^A.1 qjuLei juuuloi nxen^.icjox. xe ^.itojc 

'fX^ nxA.^-rxH a»tA. on iixA.(rrrc. 

^^iiJULon g^Xi ojXj Jjutxoc nxox. a.XX^. 

^.tvoK exx^ jDuuloc nj^pni efi.oX ^ixox 

jjLMXi^'€iJT. o-con-f epttjiffli sjuuujT exi^c. 

o-con-f epcgijgi iixf.^.'y on etfixc. eA.i xe 

-fenxoXK ex^.i6Txc itxoxq iin^.icjox. 
O-rcx^cjuL^ o-cn ^.qcgcioni j6en nno-r^^i eeJ&e 


ttj^qx^] o«- ffl^q>v*. o-rop, 3°] om. nFi*. ^oXjuloV 

Gr. D &c. om. avrd. O^fOg, 4^ om. Fi*. ajA-qSCOpoV 
A« &c.: A.q., A*; for suflax cf. sah****^' aeth. ^®2Ce &c.] cf- Gr. 

i< (A*) B D L &c. : Gr. A^ &c. praem 6 «€ fuaO. ^uye*. lie] om. Aj*. 
O-COg,] om. N. CepAHeXin] BrDi.2EaOiPQSV: Ceep-, AFM: 

-AneXi, »A(Xf.A.Xi)CAiEiG2HJi.3KLSTFr: cepJULeXecoe, 

N. ^*ne] om. N. -fctJOO-cn] SABCrGjHKLMPTV Fr: 

pref. o-fog,, D1.2A1EFJ1.3NO1QS. nH exe i*»] nexe, crAi 

Ga V. nn exe 2*»] as before except A* nH eXO*ri. For 
'yivdxrieovo-/ fit ra ifid in different order cf. Gr. NBDL &c. Dj added and 

crossed out itxen^^iajx ^noK g^cjo •f'ctjoo'rn. ^* exA.q- 
ca5o-»n] ADg: exeq., b &c. ra-icwx] ^icjox, m. A.noic] 

pref. O-yOg^, KLTV. 'fn^.^^] om. nA., LP*, cf. Gr.; for 
riBrjfu cf. Gr. except ^^* D dibwiu, ItXA.] Gr. D Ac. om. /«w. 

exen] eg^pai exen, i<(j6)M. n^.eccjoo-r] of. b c e f «*• g i 

JOHN X. 13-19. 461 

leaveth the sheep ; and the wolf snatcheth them and 
scattereth them. ^^ Because (he) is a hireling, and he 
careth not for the sheep. ^^I am the good shepherd, I 
know them who ^e mine, and they who are mine know 
me. ^^ According as my Father knew me, I also know 
the Father; and I will lay (down) my life (lit. soul) for 
my sheep. ^^I have other sheep, who are not of this 
fold ; I must bring the others, and they shall hear my 
voice, and they shall be one flock, one shepherd. '"'There- 
fore my Father loveth me, because I lay (down) my life (lit. 
soul), that I may take it again. ^®No one taketh it away 
from me, but I (am he) who lay it down of myself: I have 
authority to lay it (down); I have authority to take it 
again: this is the commandment which I took from my 
Father.' ^^A division then happened among the Jews 

(v^) sah**'' gyr^^ add fwv. " OnrOlt StHJ] B DjFL M Q S V : 

o-ronxHi, A &c. Ke] om. r*. €(om. A)^^it€fi.oX] it2,^.n., 

Ai : om. e^^.n., L Fr. jfcen] om. Ci*. tte] om. N. g^Oji"] 

+ ne, Q. epoi] +ne, ^^DjM. epoi eett] (epoq, n*) 
itTA-eit, Q: nx^.n, S: epoi ne, m. Kcxj^y a. 

O-fO^ 2**] om. rPQ. enrecyiwni] for plural cf. Gr. N«BDL &c-. 

©•yjuLA-itecojo-c nonrcjox] (A°»B) &c. : eo*r., A'nKDgGa^S; enr., 

M : om. A*. " "fX^] 'f^^XM^^ K* Q* ^^' ^^ "***''• &J^^ 

...tfhrc] om. Q: om. Olt, Fi*N. ** tJoXl] pref. ItA., GaKT, 

cf. 1 fos &c, : Gr. pre8. except H* B riptw. iUUtt-OCj erasure of 8ix 
words after JJUULOC i°, P<». A.ItOK] om. F,*. Si^pHl] A : 
ej6pHI, B &c. : om. Q : >e^pHI JUUULOC, V?. ijUULA.-rA.x] 
om. V. O'fOIt'f 1° . . . eX^c] t^ A^t C &c. : pref. OnrOg^, V : 
om. A* Dj* Q : om. eX^C, B Fj* N : - 6^^^ €SlO\ Fi« L. 
OTTOn'f 2** . . . ijUULA.'c] om. B F^* N ; Dj* seems to hare written 
iijULA.'CA.X and then passed over to O'COn'f 2°. JUUULA.'r 2^] 
om. N. on] om. L Oj P Fr, cf.? Gr. 64. 80 225. ff^ om. iraXti^: 
>e(rrXC on, D,.2Ai. OA-l] pref. 0-»0g^, MQ: +OIt, Q. 

•feitx.] XA.itx., Q. exA.i(fixc] itxA.i., Dg: -flTxq, Q. 

itXOXq] om. Fr. JULnA-ICJOX] itXeitn., HL: iiLci>ia5X, 
Q. cf. Gr. D 36. a b om. /wv. *^ Cflt] Olt, A; cf. Gr. A D Ac; 

for om. irdAiv cf. Gr. D &c. ; Onrit may be for Olt, then cf. Gr. NBL &c. 


n^.ic^.xi. *® ^^.tiJiXHCJi 2^e o-rit efi.oX nji>HXOTr 
n^.-rx(Jo juuutoc ne. xe onroit omt^exM^von ne- 
AJL^.q onrog, qXofi.1. €efi.eo-r xeTenctoxeu. 

n^.o'vpcoAJLi ^n ne. eo-von o'r2LejuLU3n itcAJt^q. 
AJLK onroit gxojuL ito'r2s.eitx.coit c^o-voon niten- 
Sk^\ n£,A.nfi.eXXe-r. 


"3Xqgcjonj iSLmcKonr STSJtxjtxiJX tixeoit^AK i6€it 
IXHJUL ne TcJ>pcjo xe. ^'o-rog, n^qjutooji ne 
nxeiHc ^en niep4>ei j6^ 'f ctoa. nxe coXo- 

2* 3X-rT^.KTO o-cn epoq fbcenno'v^^.i oto^ ne- 
xcjoo-r n^-q. xe aj^.en^-r kcjoXi itxen^nrxK. 
icxe neoK ne nxc ^^oc nA.n jfeen o7rnA.p- 


^^ GlXqepo-ca) ntjoo-r nxemc. xe ^.jxoc ncoxen oTog, 
Texenn^-g^i" A.n. nig,fi.Ho-ci e-f pA. juuulcoo-c 
j6en 4>p^it £kJiA.\{vir nea)o-r exepxiLeepe 
j6^poi. 2®A.XX^. netjoxen xexennA.g,-f" epoi 
^.n. xe necjoxen e&oX j6en nA-eccoo-r ^.n. 
xn2i ^^H^.eca5o-c A.noK 0}^''^^^'''^^^ I exA.cAJUi o-ro^ 
cy^'^JtiLOttji ncoji. ^^o-yog, A.noK ^a> 'fnA.'t 

n^.j] n^.1, B r Ai* E Ji N s : ^A.\, J3 Oi* p T. ^ a^n- 

JULHa] 0-»., BN. 2^e O-rn] a : 2s.€, B &c., cf. Gr. »«ABL &c.: 
O-cn, Q. cf. Gr. S* etob D i. 86. 2P«: om. Fr. ne] ora. BV. Xe] 

cf.? Gp. d or*. neAiLA.q] +ne, q. o-yog, eqXo&i repeat^ 

and crossed, G2®. ^^ n^IC^^IJ Gr. D ovk tanv ra pfffAara ravnu 

ne] ABOrFHMPQ Fp: ne, Di.2AiEG2Ji«.8KLNOiTV: om. S. 

eo-con] epeo-yon, b.] om. j^*, but written 

by corrector over a shorter erasure. nnenfi.A.X] for position cf. Gr. 

D 245. e f. n&^n] eg^^-n, J3: eo-c, eJi«m. **^qaja>- 

JOHN X, ao-28. 463 

because of these words. ^And many then of them were 
saying: ^ There is a demon with him, and he is mad: 
wherefore hear ye him?* *^And others were saying: 
'These words are not the (words) of a man having (lit. 
being) a demon with him: is it possible for a demon to 
open (the) eyes of blind men?' 

^The (lit. a) Dedication happened at that time in Jeru- 
salem: it was (the) winter. ^And Jesus was walking in 
the temple under the porch of Solomon. ^^The Jews then 
surrounded him^ and they said to him: 'How long dost 
thou hold us in suspense? if thou art Christ, say to us 
openly.' ^ Jesus answered them: *I said to you, and ye 
believe not: the works which I do in (the) name of my 
Father, they bear witness about me. *®But ye believe me 
not, because ye (are) not of my sheep. *^ My own sheep 
hear my voice, and walk after me. ^And I also will 

ni] »ABCrDi*FG2*NPQSV Fr, cf. Or, 1. &c. : +2^6, Dj^.g^iE 
G2«HJi.3KLMOiT, cf. Gr. NAD &c. JULniCHO-T eXejULM^-T^ 
om. JuLni, B : jfeertHI, M Q ; cf. Gr. B L 33. sah>»»»«^ t6t€, Itej 
cf. Gr. N B D L &c. : pref. OnfOg,, Dg S, cf. Gr. A &c. ^^ fie' 

om. KMQSTV Fr. j6^] ^GH, B, cf. Gr. ^^ATtlT^KTO 

A.qX^.KO, Fi* M*. epoq] Gr. l^* om. a^cJv. Onrog,] om. BFi* 

J1.3MQ. xeit^X«] neit., NDj.2EJ1.3NSV. n^-ppHa^.] 

n^-pO-yCI^., Fi«(pO'r altered from ppH). ^ ItCJOO'^] cf. Gr. 

No A B L &c. : om. N B M, cf. Gr. N* D go. Xe] ontOg^ ne2C^.q 
rttJOO-C Xe, M. ^.IXOC] but Gr. D &c. XaX». OnfOg^] om. NQV. 

Texenn^.g^'f] Gr. b &c. inurr^itrart. ^Smo'^i] +r^.p, N. 
j6e4>p^n, a*, neojo-r] cf. Gr. d &c. awa. exep] pref. ne, 

N twice: HCXep, DjM Q. jfc^-pOj] epOl, N twice, obs. Gr. H 
om. ircpi. ^® ^.XX-l] om. G2. Xe] cf. Gr. NB DL &c. €&oX] Ch^begina 

pref. 2^^-n, ND2S. <*.rt 2^] cf. Gr. NBL &c.: +ijL4>PK'f 
€XA.I2COC ttCJOXert as I said to yon. AJ^ Eg^ Fi« L Fr, cf. Gr. 
AD &c.; Di g1o88 ^ Si ^J^}^^ ^^% * Greek, as I declare to you that,' 
cf. Gr. al £P*- 1. ^^ XA-CAHH] A* : + OnrOg, ^.rtOK "fcCJOOnrit 

JOUULCOO'T and I know them, A™8 &c. ^® OnfOg, i**] om. B. 

^CJO] om. Ci*Q. "frtA-i-] Gr. didc^^i. 



464 ROXTax imOXHHHC. 

itcjoo*r itonrcjon^ iteneg,. o*rog, ilnonrrAJco 
a^.erteg,. onro^ nneaj g^Xi g,oXtJLOT eJioX 

"4>H ex^. n^-icjoT THjq nw o-rnig'f" ue eoToit 
ni&ctt. o-yog, ijuuLoit g^Xi n^^g^oXxiLOT eJioX 

3®3XnoK itejUL nA.ia)x A.itoit o-taj. ^^^.TeX com 

o-cn ibc€mio'V2s.Ai g^iitA. iice£,io-ri e^ctuq. 
3Xqepo-c(J0 rtcjoonr nxemc eqxco juLjuloc. xe 

oTTAJLKoj itg^cjofi. enA.ite-c A-rrAJUicoxen €pax)f . 

e&oX ^ixeit uA-icjox. eefi.eA.aj o-rn il£^u}& 

xexenitA^icjoiti exoji. 
3X-»€po-ccjo rtAq ibceituo'vz.A.i. xe eefie o-r2,a)& 

ettAneq xeitnA^itJom excoK Ait. a.XXa. eefie 

xeo-YA. xe iteoK onrpcjoAJLi £^a)K icipi ijuuLOK 

** CEXqepo-co) nxeiHC o-co£, nexAq. xe julk ccj^ho-tt 

Alt i6en nexeitnoAnoc. xe AitoK a.i^oc. xe 

itecjoxen £,Aitito-rf. 
^^ Icxe Aqxoc eitH. xe no-r-f . hh exA. ncA^i JjL^'f 

cycjoni g^Apojo'y. o-rog, JuuuLoit ajxojut itxe 

'frpA4>H AcjoX efioX. 
4>H exA ^itjox xo-y&oq oirog, Aqonropnq eni- 



OTTOg^ 2°] om. B. nrtOnrXAKO . . . Onrog,] om. Q: om. 

onrog^, Fi*. ititecy] om. it, r/ : om. g, b Di* m n. g^oX- 

AJLO-c] pref. ffl* E J1.3Q S V. e&oX] om. Aj*. XA.X1X] ItA-, 
SP. 29 ^j^ eXA(€, Fr).. .Xmq] ^H 2^e ex a., M ; cf. for 

6 «e«a)«K, S B* L &c. UAIOJX] cf. Or. l^» A B D L &c. ; A.I over 
erasure, Hi«. iJUULOIt g^Xl nAcyg^oXjULOnr] Itlteojg^Xl 
^OAJULOt none shall be able to pluck them, ^^: om. g^Xl, M; for 
suffix cf. Gi. 69. &c. ovro. e&oX] om. J,.3. XXIX] ItCItXIX, 
». JULUAICOXI cf. Gr. A D &c. ^^ AItO(It, Fr)K] + 2i€, A«. 

HAICJOX (0. e., Ao)J cf. Gr. A &c. add ftov. ^^ cX] Ao(e over erased 

05) &c. OTTtt] cf. Gr. A D &c. ; for om. iroXiv cf. Gr. D &c. >g,HtA 

itceg^io-ci exojq rtxennoiTT^Ai, Q. ^"A.qepo'fU) 

JOHN X- 29-36. 466 

give to them eternal life ; and they shall not perish for ever ; 
and no one shall be able to snatch them from my hand. 
^That which my Father gave to me is greater than all; 
and there is not any one (who) will be able to snatch 
them from (the) hand of my Father. ^°I and my Father 
are one/ ^^The Jews then took up stones that they might 
cast upon him. ^* Jesus answered them, saying: *Many 
good works I shewed to you from my Father, for which 
work then will ye stone me?' *^The Jews answered him: 
*For a good work we will stone thee not, but for 
blasphemy, because thou, a man thyself, makest thee God.' 
^* Jesus answered and said : * Is it not written in your law : 
*' I said, that ye (are) gods?" ^*If he called (lit. said) them 
"god," to whom (the) word of God came, and it is not 
possible that the scripture should be broken, ^®(of) him 

...eqXCO] cf. c 'respondit...dicens:' A.qep. O-COg, neXA.q, KT. 

cf.? Gr. 33. ncoo-r] om. Fi* Ji*.3. ijuuLoc] +na3o-r, .T3. (f. 

fo8 * dixit eis.' eitA-IteTf] for position cf. Gr. ^< A &c. TA.JULO- 

Ten, A. g^iTen] g^iTOTq ix, b d^ N s. nA-iconr] x 

added. A®, cf. Gr. S® A L &c. Om. avriav, cf. Gr. A^ 157. &c. 
3* nnO-r2iA.l] cf. Gr. NABL &c. : +eyXiJJ ilUULOC, D1.2. cf. Gr. 
D &c.: +nexa30'r, B: +0'rOg, ne^COO'C, EJ,.3MNS, cf. e *et 
dixeruut.' g^COfi.] erasure of three letters after &., Ff, >^rt 
TennA-g^ICOni eXUdK, V?. Xe 2°] for om. mI cf. Gr. ^< c Bah«h«r, 
Rook] Gr. D &c. om. KIpl] €KIpI, MQ: pref. O-fOg,, N. 

^* A.qep &c.] ixA. 2i€ on ne^emc ncoo'r. xecc^HO'rx 
^en, ^^. ^.qepa3o•r] af: +na30'r, b &c.. cf. Gr. airois. 

O'rog, neXA.q] cf. Gr. D aeth: om. O^rOg,, B: om. Ji*?a cf. Gr. 
nexennOJULOc] cf. Gr. ><* a B L &c. ; neTen over erasure, C,«. 
X€ 2°] cf.? Gr. ^*BDL. A-HOK] Gr. ^*♦ 1* om. ^' ICXG] 

+ 2ie, D2: icxe . . . no'C'f , om. q. enn] om. hh, b*: nnn, 

r D2 Ai E K J,.3 K L Oi P S T V : + €XeJUUULA.-r, S. OJCORl] for 
position cf. Gr. >< A B L &c. OfOg,] om. Q. iJUULO, A*. 

3« e^^^.] exe, Fr. 4)ia3T] n^-icox, Fr : ^-f, s. to-c- 

fiiOq] om. Hi*. O-rOg,] om. BFi*. 
VOL. II. H h 

466 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

KocjuLoc. itecoTeit xexenxtw Xsjuloc. xe 
AJcxeo'TA.. xe ^.^xoc. xe ^.^oK ne nojHpi jjL^'f. 
^^Icxe 'fipi ^.^ eni2,fi.Ko-ci itTe ^^.^a3X XLiiep- 
HA-g^i" epoi. *®icxe 7i.€ -fipi juuuLCJooT. lc^.Il 
irne eojcwn ^.peTe^aTeJUL^^.g,i■ epoi. | n^-g^-f eiti- 
^Slhoti 2,m^. itTeTenejun o-rog, TeTeit- 
ctwoTfit. xe A.noK i"i6en ^^.^a3T o-rog^ ha-icwt 

^ ^•^^.Xm on n^.'rKcoi" itccoq ue ex^.g,oq. oTog, 
^.q4>^^^ efi.oX j6en no-rxix. ^^o-rog^ ^<^jg€ 
^^.q oit ejULHp i}Ln^op2i^.^HC. nixiLA. eIt^.p6 
Ia3^.It^Kc 'fcoju.c iJuuLoq itcyopn. OTog, A.q- 

^ oj^^^ ijLiUA.-c. *^o-ro2, ^.•r^ 2;^.poq nxeg^^-n- 
jULHcg o-rog, n^jrxud jjlmxoc. xe ico^nttKc juten 
jOLneqep g^Xi juLjULHini. ^cofi. ni&.eit ex^qxo- 
TO'c eofi.e 4>^i ^^.njuLeeiULHi ne. ^^o-rog, 
2,^.nJULKa ^•y^^.g,•f epoq Hjtxijr. 


Heo-ron o-ca.! ^e eqojconi. xe X^.5A.poc. efi.oX 
j6en fi.He^.^^^. €fi.oX ^en irf juli ixiu^pi^ 
nejUL JULA.poA. Tecctwni. 
2 He o^.I 7i.€ Te JULA.p^^. en ex^.ceA.2,c jOLtig^ 
juLnicoxen o-rog, ^.cqa3'f nneq(ri.X4.TX XiLnec- 
qcoi. en neccon XA.^A.poc ojcjoni. 

xeTenxco] xen., Dg* by error. ^.Kxeo•rA.] om. Ci*. 

xe 2®] erasure of three or four letters, then ^.IXOC, A«. X€ 3**] 

pref. ncoxen, m. e,™? •^ta.Xxjlo vlH. ^^ icxe] + ^^e, Dj^jAi 

EJi.sOiS Fr. enig^AaO'Cl] ACTGiP: itni., B&c. epoi] om. Fr. 
^^ ICXe.. .epoi] AC over erasure, omitted at first by homeot. T^c] 

om. T. ^.peTen] ^.pe, Dj. epoi] om. s. 2,^^^.] n over t, a«. 

TeTenCCJOO-rit] AJ3M: itTexen., B &c. ; for ytvi^Knop* cf. Gr. 
B L &c. ^eit nA.ia)X] Or. S B D L &c. eV ry itot/m : Gr. A &c. cV o^r^; 
Coptic inverts the clauses, cf. Ps-Atb Chr Thdrt. ** Il^XlIt] c£ 

Gr. h^^^AL &c., for position arm. OltJ om. B, cf. ? Gr. B &c. om. oh; 
obs. sahwhw ^ on as before. n^.•rKa3'f] A.T., Fr. no*CXIx] 


JOHN X. 37— XI. 2. 467 

whom the Father hallowed, and sent to the world ye 8ay^ 
that thou blasphemedst, because I said, that I am (the) 
Son of God. ^■'^If I do not the works of my Father 
believe me not. ^But if I do them, even if ye should 
not believe me, believe the works, that ye may learn and 
know that I am in my Father, and my Father in me.' 
^'^ Again they were seeking for him to apprehend him ; 
and he fled from their hands; ^^and went again across 
the Jordan, the place in which John was baptising at 
first, and he abode there. ^^And many came to him, and 
they were saying: *John indeed did not any sign: all 
things which he said concerning this (man) are true.' 
*^And many believed him there. 

XI. Now there was one sick, namely, Lazarus of Bethany, 
of (the) village of Mary and Martha her sister. ^And this 
was Mary who anointed the Lord with the ointment, and 
wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was 

cf. Gr. I. 22. 247. 2P« &c. ^^O'rOg, i°] om. Fi* Q, cf. Gr. A. 

on] Oflt, CDjF, cf.? Gr. A which reads noKiv with the rest. 
iini] eni, PMPQT. ^IXiL^.] pref. e, rD1.2A1EJ1.3O1P: om. 
Gr. U* &c. ^.qttJ^^O <^f- Gr- >< A D L &c. *^ g^A-HJULHaj" 

OT., B: 2;^.^^ICgi" iiJULHOJ great multitudes, M. O'COg, 2°' 
J1.3 Oi Q S. Xe] cf.? Gr. A B L &c. JULeit] om. Fi*, cf. Gr. 69. 
124. &c. &a3&] ADiE J1.3KN: +2i.€, BCrDgAi &c.. cf. Gr. 
-^OXO'r] -A-ITO-C did, M. JULCOXiLHl] OJULHI, H L. 
*- g,A.nJULHttj] for position cf. Gr. « B D L &c. <^•y^^.g,i■] 
cg^*^.* S. JULJULA.T] for position cf. Gr. NABDL &c.: om. BQV, 
cf. Gr. 16. it vg 8yr»«>> Chr. 

^ eqoJ^^O ^^-y S- efi.oX 2°] om. Q Hunt 26. jfeen 2°] Hunt 26, 
om. Hunt 26, cf.? Gr. 28. sah'^^'*'^ syr"^'* om. cV. * 2^e] ACroDi.2 *'^^ 

EFi<5Ji«N, cf. Gr.: om. BT* Ai Fi* G H Ji* K LM Oi P Q S T V Fr? 
Hunt 26. XiL^pi^] fjMpiaiA, Gr. B. OH] O^I, Hunt 26. 

eA.g,c jjl] etwg^c jjl, f. JuLnecqcoi] jiennec, V: 
efi.oX juLnec, M: efi.oX jfeennec, Dg: sSloX nitKcqcoi, 
B. >X^.5^.poc neccon, q. 

H h 2 

468 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

^A.-co-roopu oTrt a^-poq itxeneqcconi itcg^ixii 
er^ud juuuLoc. xe n^ ic ^k exeictxei juuutoq 
* Gx^.qca3TeJUL 2^e itxemc nexA.q. xe ta.ii^^ ijLc|>juLOT ^.n Te. ^.XX^. ee&e uaxrc 
•W-^1"' &ii^^ nxeqtfTtwoT iixenajHpi ii^t 
efi.oX g^iTOTc. 
^Ikc 2^6 nA.qjuLei ijuui^pe^. neiu. iut^^pi^ xec- 
ctwm nesx X^.5^.poc. «xoxe o-rn eTA.qca)- 
TejUL xe qojojm ^.qgtwui ixniiiL^. eiiA.qx« 
ijuuLoq iteg,oo-r 5. 
xnr- ^UenencA. ^^.^ nexA.q itn€qjULA.|eHXKc. xe jula.- 

poit ei■Io•r2i.e^. on. ® ne^coo'c nA.q iuceneq- 
JUL^.eKTKc. xe p^.&fi.i -f rto-r n^.•rKto'f■ nctA3K 
itxert^o•r:^^.^ eg^icom excjoK. oTog^ n^m 

® OEXqepo-rco nxemc. xe julh i5 ilo-cnoT ^it exx" 
jfeen nieg^oo'r. 4>h eejuioaji jfeeit nieg^ooT 
i}LnA.qtfftfpou o-rog, ^.q^^.•c e^o'rtwiiti ixni- 
KocxiLoc. ^°4>H 5ie eejULocgi jfeen niexcjop^^ 
ttjA.qtfT(Jpou 2ce nio'caomi il^nxq 

^ &^poq] Gr. D &c. npot Tov IP. Sxe.. .Cg^IJULl] for position 
cf. Gr. « &c. ijUULOc] AOFGHKLPTV Fr, cf. Gr. : + nA.q. 
BD,.2^iEFJMN0iQS Hunt 26. ^H exeK] U€XeK, TAiK' 
M Oi; for present cf. Gr. exc. L 29 *▼ em arm €<piXtis. * ^Gj cf. 

Gr.: om. BQT.] Gr. D aeth. add avrov. nO'TIA.fiLl] om. It, 
B M : om. F*. JJL^JULO'^] A : JULJULO-C of death. B J,»f &c. : 
om. Ji*. g^m^] pref. OTfOg^, Hunt 26: Gr. hi praem. akX\ 

itxeq...c{>'f] itxencgnpi ix^'f (TTcoo-r, Hunt 26. ^i- 

XOXC] -Xq, KTV Fr« Hunt 26, for masc. cf. a b c e f ff** am &c. 
*2ie] om. Fi*. XiL^.pe^....CU)ni] cf. Bahwhw. for Martham et 
Mariam syr* »»: >JUL^.pI^. ^eJUUUL^.pe^. XeCCCOHI, HF., 
for transp. Gr. i. &c. ^'XOXe] A*rP: &OXe, AoB(2i)Ci«(a5') 
Di.aAi&ccf.Gr. O-TIt] OH, B. Xe] n|X€, A. qa^Itl] A.q., S. 

^.qojconi] Gr. D &c. add o z?. iJLniiUL^.] ifeeitn., B N Y 

JOHN XL 3-1 1, 469 

(imperf.) sick. ^His sisters then sent to him, saying: 
'Lord, lo, he whom thou lovest is sick.' ^But Jesus 
Laving heard, said : * This disease is not a disease of (the) 
death, but for (the) glory of God; that (the) Son of God 
may be glorified through it.' ^Now Jesus was loving 
Martha and Mary her sister and Lazarus. ^Then therefore 
having heard that he is sick, he abode in the place in 
which he was (imperf.) two days. ''After this he said to 
his disciples: 'Let us *go to Judea again.' ^His disciples 
said to him : ' Rabbi, (just) now the Jews were seeking 
for thee to stone thee, and thou wilt go again thither.' 
^ Jesus answered : * Are there not twelve hours in the 
day? he who walketh in the day stumbleth not, for 
(lit. and) he saw (the) light of the world. ^® But he 
who walketh in the night stumbleth, because the light 
(is) not in him.' ^^ Having said these (things), after this 

Hunt 26, o}»s. Gr. D ctri. " 4>^l] +^€, K Hunt 26, obi. Gr. tntira 

(cira, D) fi€Ta tovto : ItA.!, V Hunt 26, cf. Gr. X it vg. neq AIU^O.] 
ABCi«(Iteq over erasure) &c., cf. Gr. AD &c. add avrov. ef] tify 
Fi*. on] om. Fi* S*. cf. Gr. ^^* sah""*"* Chr: Gr. i. &c. sah^* 
place before tls. ® neZCOO'c] pref. OTOg,, B. neqAIU^O.] 

cf. Gr. r D &c. X^^] ^^^^ F P. €JULA.-C] JJUtX^tf F^*. 

* ito'rno'r] ito'co'rrto'r, a. exx^] ^^r position cf. Gr. ^< a 

BCL &c. eeJULOCgi] A(T-)BrDiF(T)Gi.2«(2* onj.)HKLMP(T") 
QT Fr Hunt 26: €en^. &c., CDgAiEJNOiSV. Hieg^OO-C 2^] 

HA.!., J : nio-rcomi, b, cf. Gr. X €V T^ <^T«i. i}LnA.q.J itneq., 

N S. O'rog,] a G Fr : XC because, B &c., cf. Gr. A.qn^.'r] 
A G2: qn^-'C, B C r Gi &c. : O-rOg, . . . ^^"^ tfpon, om. K*. 
iULniKOCJULOC] ACE2*HL0i* Fr Hunt 26 : iJLn^I., FAiElj^F 
GJMP: itXeni., K«: it^^e^^.I, BDi.jNQS^TV; for HA-I cf. Gr. 
'®2ke] om. BCH Hunt 26. eOJULOttJl] ACFDi.aFGHK^LMOi 
P(T")QSTVFrHunt26: ee^^.., BAjEJN: +2^6, F. iij6HXq] 
pref. ttjon, D2: Gr. D* d sah*** tr mmj. ^' HA.!] +2^.6, D,.2EJ Hunt 18, 

MSV Hunt 26. eTTA.qXOXO'r] A.q., BN; for om. «u cf. Gr. A: 

+ o'rog,, B Di. 2 E J s. cf. the reit of Gr. juLenencA.n^.i] 

- 4>A.I, B : om. E^*. n€XA.q] A. over e, A«. 


470 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

xe X^.^^.poc nenoj^Kp ^.qitKox. -^.XXa. eiege 
rtHi riTA.T"o-rnocq. 
^^Ile^e It^JUL^.eKXKc n^-q. xe nSc icxe ^qiwoT 
eqexconq. "Ikc 2^e €T^.qxoc ee&c nieitKOT 
Rxe neqjuLo-c. 
Hecjoo-r 7i.e n^.-rxiLe-ri ne xe ^qxoc ee&e 

nxemc j6ert o•r^^.ppKCI^^ xe X^-^^poc A.q- 

xf-o-r. "o-cog, i"P^59i eefi.e OKitoTr ^iiu. 

itxeT€n^^.2,i■. 2ce ^^.IXK iJUUL^.T ^it ne. 

^.XXA. Aiu^poit oj^poq. 
^^Hexe ea)juL^.c o-rn. 4>k exo-cxf-OT-f" epoq xe 

^i2i'CJULoc. itneqH4>Hp ixAfU^OHTKc. xe iUL^pon 

g^con &mA. itTeitjuLo-r iteAiu^q. 
"Gx^.q^ o-rn itxemc ^.qxexiLq eneqS ne eq^K 

j6ert ^Iii2,^.•r. ^® fi.HeA.itiA. ^e n^cjfyenT 

eiXKJUL nA.-cie itcxA.2^ion. 
xn^ " O-rjULHaj :^e efioX j6eit itno-rT^A.! | neA.-ri ne ^ 

xiApiA. nejuL juLApoA. eefi.e no-rcoit. 
2<> GxAcccoxejuL o-rn itxejuLApeA. xe qitnoT itxe- 

mc. Acxconc efioX e2,pA.q. iULA.piA. 2k€ 

rtAcg^ejuLci jfeeit nmi. 
^^Ilexe juLA.peA. o-rn itmc. xe n^.^ enA.KX^ 

Rkot] a r Di El f g J Fr. eicge] eige, Fi*. nw] 
+2,mA., EJNS. xonocq, a*. ^^ mjuLA.eHXHc] neq., 

M Q(nA.q), cf. Gr. al* &c. ; for po8ition cf. Gr. B C* X al pauc : Gr. 

A &c. om. icxe &c.] icxeitKOT, r*. eqexcjoitq] +on, 
Q: qnA.Ta)nq on, Dj.a Hunt 26: qrtA.Ta3itq, bmns. 
^3 mc . . . neqjuLo-r] om. q. ^e] rA.p, m : + on, v. eT"A.q- 
xoc] A.q., K T. neqjULo-r] Gr. ><* om. ain-uv. ne] om. H. 
A.qxoc] A Hunt 26: eTrA.q., mQ: A.qxa3 ijuuLOc, Bcrro 

HKLPT Fr Hunt 18: qXO), V : nA.qxa3., Dj., A^ E J N Oi S. 
^* XOT"e] om. Q ; for om. o^v cf. Gr. A 157. &c. neXA^q Ac] 
nexemc ntWO-r, Dj.aE JOiS Hunt 26. ^^ o-cog,] A.XXA., Q. 

nxcTen] itxen, Gi* by error, n^ixn] pref. e, V. ^« o-rn] 

om. Hunt 26. T^tTi^yjULOC, A J S : 2k-C2kI JULOC, B Ej H M 0^ V 

JOHN XL 12-21. 471 

(plur.) he said to them: 'Lazarus our friend slept, but I 
shall go, that I may raise him.' ^^The disciples said to 
him: *Lord, if he slept, he shall rise.' ^^Now Jesus said 
(it) concerning the sleep of his death. But they were 
thinking that he said (it) concerning the sleep of the 
slumber. ^*Then Jesus said to them openly: 'Lazarus 
died. ^^And I rejoice because of you, that ye may believe, 
that I was (imperf.) not there; but let us go unto him.' 
*^ Thomas then, who is called 'Didymus,' said to his fellow 
disciples: 'Let us also go, that we may die with him/ 
^^ Jesus then having come, found him, having been 
four days (lit. being his four) in the sepulchre. ^^Now 
Bethany was (imperf.) near to Jerusalem, about fifteen 
stadia. ^^And many of the Jews had come to Mary and 
Martha, concerning their brother. ^Martha then having 
heard that Jesus cometh, rose, she met him; but Mary 
was sitting in the house. ^^ Martha then said to Jesus : 

Hunt 26. 5g4)Kp] A OrDjEi* (Gadded, but HleftXaHJMPSV Fr 
Hunt 18: ttj4>€p, BDiAiFGKLNOiQT Hunt 26. AfU^pGH, A*. 
2,m^.] om. BLVFr*. "€T^.q^] cf. Gr. KABO^L &c. Otn] 

oin. Q. IHC] +efi.K(e, A"^)e^.^^A., A»kFi«Hi<:LS Fr, cf. Or. 
l<i«bA2D &c. Ji gloss A>\ hoJiyJ^\ J »afj.j Uc o-> Ji ^ *to Bethany, 

he found him in the grave (for) four days;' Jj tr. has ckLJ ^1 as)K >J^y 
'so he found him his fourth (day) since he was left,' &c. Om. ^d% cf. 

Gr. A*D &c. "j6enx] +ne, D1.2A1EG2J. ^^.•c] Gr. d 

om. ^® 7i.e] cf. Qt,UBCDL&c.: O-rit, M Hunt 26, cf. Gr. i. 

118. 2P«: (»m. Fi*, cf. arm. efi.oX jfeeit] Rxe, KMT. lOT- 
^A.l] om. ^A.1, A*: Gr. D i€/>o<roXv/*«v. neA.-«] A-'TI, Fj* : HK 
GTA-'ri who came, L. Hc] om. B F^* L M Q V Hunt 26. g,^. 

JUL^.p^^.] +n€, b. ee&e] a*: pref. 2,m^. iiTo-r'fnoJUL'f 

nCOOTf that they might comfort them, A«kB &c. IlO'CCOft] cf. Gr. 
AC &c. 20 Q^,^-] ^^ p ^.cXtiOnc] AOFFGHKLMPTV 

Fr: om. BD1.2A1EJNO1QS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. A.Cl] iJ€h plural, F. 
^&P^^] &P^^> ^ ' &^poq to him, L. AlU^piA.] A»k &c. : 
om. A*. ItA-Cg^eJULClJ +ne, BDjaAiEFJNS. Hi] H o.e.. A®. 

2^ n-&.OT] HOT, M, cf.? Gr.: Gr. B om. Kvpu. CmXX,^] J^^K- 

472 ROXTOX iinaxHHHc. 

*2^.XX^. -fito-c otn -fejuii xe 4>k exeicnA.ep€- 

2^ riexe iHC nA.c. xe qrtA.xtwnq ibcenecoit. ** nexe 
juLA-poA. nA.q. ^e 'fejtxx xe qit^-Ttonq jfeen 
•f ^.^t^.cx^.c^c j6en nieg^ooT it;6A.e. 

2*nexe mc ^^.c• ^e ^.^oK ne 'f^.^^.cx^.c^c iteu. 
nicon^. 4>K een^-g^i" epoi KA.n ^.qa)^.ItiULO'Y 
eqecjortj^. ^* o-rog, o'roit ni&6tt exonj6 oTog, 
eeitA.g^'f epoi itneqjuio-r a^.erte2,. TertA^i" 

2'^ XlexA-c itA.q. 2ce ua.ot ^.itoK i"n^.2,i- xe neoK ne 
nxc nojHpi i5Lcl>'f . 4)h eenno-c eniKocjuLoc. 

^^O'rog, 4)^.I exA.c^oq ^.ca|6 n^.c. A.cjtxo'rf 
eJUL^.pI^. Teccconi itx^^ e^.cxoc n^-c, xe 
qxA-i nx€nip€qi" o'rog, qjuio'r'f epo. 

2«Heoc 2l€ eT^.cctwxeJUL ^.cTtwnc nx^^^J^ 

o-rog, A.CI g,^.poq. ^® ^ei}Ln^.TeqI v^-p ne 

ibcemc eg^pai en-f juli. -&.XX^. nA.qxH oth ne 

jfeen n^xiL^. ex^. JULA.peA. i g^^-poq ijuuioq. 

xna ^^ Hno-r2i.A.i o-rn hk cha-txh ne|juLA.c ejfeoTn 

^H, B : ^.rt^.TXH, T. nA.COn]for position cf.? Gr. CTAArTAc. 

"^.XX^. -fnoT otn] aDi^^.jEJi^S: ^.XXa. -fnoT oit, cr 

Di*Ai &c., cf.? Gr. K«AC^DL &c.: Q-COg, -fnOT OH, BN; ob«. 

Gr. ^** BC* &c. ical i^Ci.. nTenc^-f ] nxoxq iOL4>i", m Hunt 26. 
qnA.XHiq(K, F)] eqe., Hunt 26. " ^^.c] om. Q. necon] 

neK., K*^: nOT., 3rd plur., T*, corrected to Sahidic neT. 
"qn^.] cm. q, Q. nib^H feminine, A. ^^ nexe] Gr. 

K* &c. add «f. KA.n] +ettj^n, p. *«0-COg, i°] om. Q V. 

eTOHii] -OJn^, P Hunt 26. OTOg, 2*>] om. B N Q V. 
TenA.&i"] XennA-g^-f, nt plural, D,Fi*?Ji*Oi by error. 
" nA.q] om. AiOiQ, cf. Gr. Ds' 57. Xen-&.^ A»C,*: 3C€ Ce 
n^in., A«B &c. : om. F*: Gr. A pro his confuse o I?. .'f"^^&'t"] 
cf. Gr. B* c«°^ t»o' Chr numva^: Gr. E* atiamxra, the rest of Gr. 
irtniartvKa. Hc] om. Jj*. 4>'f"] +eXtWItj6, Hunt 26. 
-® O-COg, i^] om. MQ Hunt 26. 4>^.I • . .XOq] cf. Gr. l^BCL Ac: 

JOHN XI. 22-31. 473 

'My Lord, if thou hadst (imperf.) been here, my brother 
would not have died. ^^But now then I know, that that 
which thou wilt ask from God, God will give to thee.' 
2^ Jesus said to her: *Thy brother will rise.' "Martha 
said to him : ' I know that he will rise in the resurrection, 
in the last day.' '''Jesus said to her: 'I am the resurrec- 
tion and the life: he who believeth me, even if he should 
die, shall live: '®and every one who liveth and who 
believeth me shall not die for ever: thou believest this.' 
*' She said to him : * My Lord, I believe that thou art 
Christ, (the) Son of God, who cometh to the world.' 
^^And having said this, she went, she called Mary her 
sister secretly, having said to her: *The Teacher is here 
(lit. this), and calleth thee.' ^And she having heard, rose 
quickly, and she came to him. ^For Jesus had not yet 
come up to (the) village; but he was (imperf.) then in the 
place in which Martha came to him. ^^The Jews then 
who were (imperf.) with her within the house comforting 

nA.I...^OXOT, BD1.2MNS, cf. Gr. AD &c. A-CJULQ-C-f] om. 
A.C, Wilkins. AIL^.p^^.] cf. Gr. X &c. liopiap. liipe<^;fcSLiJJ 

cl)peq., B(np)DL2AiFM0i. o-rog, 2*^] om. b. qjULo-c-f" 

eq., C Hunt 26. ^® 2^e] cf. Gr. SBC*L &c. -&.cca3xejuL^ 

CO) over erasure, Ci« : om. Q. OTOg,] om. Fj* Q. ^.C^ &^pOq' 
ABCrFGHKLMXPTV Fr Hunt 26: ^.CI e&oX g^A-pOq, 
Di. 2 E J Oi S : ^.CI efi.oX eg;pA.q, Ai Q ; cf. ? Gr. K B C* L &c. 

4px*ro. 30 iteiinA.Treqi] n€JUL^.m^eq^, Fi*, pief. o-rog,, 

Di. 2 E J N : Gr. Dr ov. VA.p] cf. Gr. D &c. He i°] om. M N Q 
Hunt 26. IKC] n^ the Lord, L. R^fxiLl] A* : III &c., A^* &c.: 
+ ne, DjQ. O-rit] ACrFiOGHLP* Fr: OH, BDi.2AiEFi*JKc(0 
over eraHure)MN Oi P« Q ST V Hunt 26 ; cf. ? Gr. J^BO &c. sah'**^'' m. 
ne 2°] om. Oi Hunt 26. 61"^.] €Te, J. &^poq] A : G&oX 
eg^p^-q, BF &c. iJUULOq] oq over erasure, FjO. ** 0*^] 

:^e OTtVy J (caused by preifeding ^^.I). KK (om. Fi*) €11.] om. 
AiFiCLOiPV. XW]o'nI'- ej6o-rn] ADgFP: lli6o'Vn, BC 
rDiAiEGiHJKLMNOjSTV Hunt 26: nj6pHI, GjQ. 


474 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

eAlL^.p^^.. xe ^.cxaonc itx^^^J^ oTog, 
efi.oX. ^.•rxiLoaJJ itccoc enrAiteTi noooT. xe 
^.c^^.g,a3X e^^i}L2,^.T g^m^. iiTecpiJuu jJutx^jr. 

^2 U^pi^ o-rit eT^.ci eniJUL^. e^^.pe mc x^ 
jDuuLoq. o'rog, eT^.crt^.T epoq ^.cg^ixc ej^pai 
j6^Ten neqtfiX^.•rx ec^co juLu-oc. xe mJx 
en^-Kx^ i}L^^.IJUL^. n^-con it^JULOTr ^.rt 

^^Ikc e'en ex^.q^^.T epoc ecpiiULi rteix niKeio'c- 
2s.^.I ex^.•rI neAiu^c erpiiULi. ^.qi}uc^.2^ j6en 
nmHZ oTog, ^.qojeopxep. ^^oTog, ^ex^.q 
ncooTT. xe €x^.pexe^x^^ econ. 
Ilezaoo'r n^.q. xe rot ^.^xo-c o-rog, ^.it^'Y. 
^o-rog, ^. ^eqfi.^.X -fepjuiK. *®itA.Txa3 o-rn 
ijuuLoc itxenno-r2kA.i, xe ^.^^.7r ncoc qjutei 


^'&^no-ron :^e efi.oX n^HTo-c ne^coooT. xe \e 
nejULJULon oj^ojul iJL4>^.I ne ex^-qoTtoit nnen- 
fi.A.X juLuifi-eXXe jjlmxicx. g^m^. itTeqgTejuL- 

3®Ihc o-rit A-qajeng^KX it^pHi iij6HTq ^.qi eni- 

umi] nai, Fi*. erecox] cf. Gr. d om. kgL eTA.TitA.'c] 

+ :^e, K T. XiLA.pIA.] cf. Gr. >< A &c. O'TOg,] om. A^ M Oj Q. 
efi.oX] &^poq, Hunt 26. ^.-CJULOai] e'YAl.Oail, rP*: pref. 

©•cog,, Q. e-rjuLeri] i^-^Mxeyi, Q: n^.TJULe•r^, gkt. 
^.cn^.g,twX] cha. &c., f l Hunt 26 :,twX, K*. eni- 

J^A^*^] ii-HI., B* r* D2. &Jn-&.] om. B N Q Hunt 26. 
Hunt 18, iJUtJL^.T] om. Q. 3^ JULA-piA.] cf. Gr. I* A D &c. : JUL^.pI, Hj* L*. 
O-rn] cf. Gr. : 2^6, F. X^] ^^' ^i*y cf. 8ah«*''. ijUULOq] 
Oq over erasure, Fi®. OfOg^] om. M Q Hunt 26. OTTOg^... 
epoq] om. Fg*: Gr, D om. aimiv. ej6pHI j6^(alt.. Ac)X€n] 

nj!6pHi ^en, Oi: -^^.p^.xo•c it, mq : -j6^, bAi Hunu^. 

JULAJLOC] for om. avr^ cf. Gr. D &c. XC] +Ce yes, M. lIA.OC] 
nqc, N. -XK ixnA-IJULA.] but Gr. D &c. &«c ffs. ^^ OTHj 

om. Fj* Hunt 26. A.qijLKA.&] ^-qepJULKA-g,, Di.,EJS(A.T). 

JOHN XI. 32-38. 475 

her, having seen Mary, that she rose quickly, and came 
out, walked after her, thinking to themselves, that she is 
about to depart to the sepulchre^ that she may weep there. 
^Mary then having come to the«place in which Jesus was 
(imperf.) ; and having seen him, threw herself down at his 
feet, saying: 'My Lord, if thou hadst (imperf.) been here, 
my brother would not have died.' ^ Jesus then having 
seen her weeping, and the Jews also who came with her 
weeping, was pained in the spirit, and was troubled. 
^ And he said to them : ' Where laid ye him 1 ' They said 
to him: 'Lord, come and see.' ^And his eyes shed (lit. 
gave) tears. ^®The Jews then were saying: *See how he 
loveth him.' ^''But some of them said: *Was it not pos- 
sible for this (man), who opened (the) eyes of the blind 
from birth, that he should not permit this other (one) to 
diel' ^ Jesus then had compassion in himself, he came to 

OTOg, ^.qa^eOpXep] om. V: Gr. D I. 22. 8ah™«n* arm rrapaxBri 
T» irMfv/iOTi m tpffptifjiovfuvos. ** OTTOg, l°] om. M Q. ItCOOTf] 

nA.q, Fj*. xe i°...ea)n] om. Fj*. ex^-pexen] om. ex, 

S. X,^^] XJ^ itX^.^^.pOC, K. econ] pref. e, K : pref. it, 
M*?. rot] ^^.., S. ^'^O'COg,] a*, cf. Or. UD Ac: om. 

KM : +mc, A^9 &c.: IKC ^€, KTV: Or€0^ IKC 2^6, Di.jEJS: 
IKC O-rn, M. ^® OTIt] om. B Q. iJUULOC] A : +ne, B &c. 

*''g,^.^oTo^] ^i^nKexp^orni others, k. :^e] om. pq. 

neZCOOT] cf. Gr. « B D L &c. : ^^.7rxa3 ijUULOC, B, cf. Gr. 

A &c. le] eie, m. JUL4>^.I] e4>^i, Ai k t. ne ex.] c^k 

ex., KT Hunt 18: neX., Hunt 26: eX., AiJOiV Hunt 18. 

o-rcon] o-ron, a*b*: ^.o-rcon, kt Hunt 18. nen.] ni.. 
Hunt i8*. nxeqojxejULx^] -ajxejuiope, b. cjulot] 

om. e, M Ft. ^^IKC OTK] A &c.: OK, OFj* Hunt 18: 2^e Hunt 18. 

Oft, V: ^e, MS, cf. Gr. i*®' c fos 8yr«^>>; obs. Gr. E 69. al pauc arm 
om. o^v; O'VIt of Coptic probably =on and represents irdXiy, which is 
omitted only by Gr. K a b e ff^ 1* bjt*^^; 8ah»c»>^ has tfe(=Xe)On, 
which words have before seemed to agree with R^Xlft Olt of A. 
^.qcgeng^Hx] eA.qajen &c., Q ; for preterite cf. Gr. 0* X &c. : 
eq., BDiAiE^JN Hunt 18, cf. the rest of Gr. 


476 RaxTox iinaxHHHC. 

i}L2,^.•c. ne ot&hS. 2^e ne. oTog, iteo-con 
oTniy-f Rconi toi epoq. 

nexe AX^pe^. It^.q xctoni iuL4>R eTA-qixo-r. 
X€ ROT ^.qxa3^c neq^ v^.p <Ik>ot. 
*® Ilexe mc n^.c. xe JJniixoc ne. xe ^.peg^.ititA^'f 
Tep^.^^.T encoo-c i}L4>i". **^.Ta)XI o-rit ixni- 
Tne ojni | efi.oX g,i pa>q juLniJOLg^^T. 

Ikc 7i.e ^.qq^.I nneqfi.A.X enacoi oTog, nex^.q. 
xe ^^.Ia)T -f ojeng^JULox nxoTK xe ^.KcooTejUL 
epoi. *2 A.itoK 2s.e rt^.ieiULi ne xe KccoTejui epoi 
ncKOT nifi.€n. ^.XX^. eefi.e n^-iJULKg eTKooi" 
epoi A.IXOC, g^in^. nxo-vn^.g^-f xe neoK nex- 

^^O-rog, n^.1 exA.qxoTOT efi.oX j6en 
o'rniaji" ncjuiK. xe X^.5^.poc ^julot e^ioX. 

** 3Xqi 2Le efi.oX nxe4>H eTA.qjUL07r. eqjULHp nneq- 
tfi.X^.•cx nejUL neqxix ng,^.ncefi.en o-cog, 
neqg^o JULHp noTcoT2i^.pIon. 
Ilexe mc ncooT. xe jui^.-f o'to) ijumoq x^^ 

neoTfi-hfi.] eoTT., B: neoTon oTfi.Kfi.,vs. o'cog,] om. 
Q s V Hunt 26. o-ron] om. Gi* K*. nconi] om. L. epoq] 

AB*D2Ai*Gi* K Fr, cf. Gr. fir* a^ry : Gr. H fV a^cJ: Gr. ^<*L f»«' om. 
eV: epOOq to iU mouth, B« Ac: +ne, B D, M V Hunt 18. 
^* nexe] pref. O-rOg,, Hunt 18. IKc] om. D,*. nCJOOT] obs. 
Gr. A* avrg. OJCOn] pref. e for pronunciation, M* : jgOH, E2F,<^ : 

gcjoni, B*D2*. iJLnA.i]enA.i, Dj.2°E,: nA.i,Fi*. ijuuLA.-r] 

eJUL^'r thither. P« Hiint 26. iUL^pO^.] cf. Gr. D Ac: +2s.e, F. 

nA.q] om. Hunt 26. nOT] +g,H:fc.H, BMS Hunt 18, cf. Gr. exc 69. 
»€. VA-p] Gr. D om. : +ne, rDi.iAiEHxCJKMOiPQTV Hunt 26. 

c^oo-r] pref. e, F. *® entwoTr] sxn.^ f. *^ -&.t(joXi] Gr. 

D 6p« arm ort ow (arm om.) ^paw: pref. OTTOg,, S. OTn] om. S. 
JULniCJOni] om. K. efi.oX g,I pa>q i}LnIi}Lg,^.•c] cf. arP: Gr. 
hiBO*DL &c. om.: Gr. C' &c. ol fjv 6 TtBytfim KUfuvos : Gr. A &c. o^ j/r, 
or ^oOcVctro; DjE^ gloss ^y^y^ %^ <^>^^ u^ S^^ /'^'^^ C/* c/Jl^^ 
* the Greek, from the place in which the dead man was placed ;' D| begins 

JOHN XL 39-44. 477 

the sepulchre. Now it was a cave, and there was a great 
stone put (lit. given) against it. ^' Jesus said to them: 
' Take (away) this stone [there] : ' Martha^ (the) sister of him 
who died, said to him : ' Lord, he stinketh (^C]), for (it is) 
his four(th day) to-day.' *® Jesus said to her : * Said I not 
to thee, that if thou shouldest believe^ thou wilt see (the) 
glory of God 1 ' *^ They then took away the stone from the 
mouth of the sepulchre. And Jesus lifted his eyes up, 
and said : ' My Father, I give thanks to thee, because thou 
heardest me. ^^And I was knowing that thou hearest me 
always ; but because of this multitude which surrounds me 
I said (it), that they may believe, that thou sentest me.' 
^^And having said these (things), he cried out with a 
great voice: 'Lazarus, come forth.' ^^And he who died 
came forth, being bound as to his feet and his hands with 
giuve-clothes, and his face bound with a napkin. Jesus 
said to them : * Unloose him, send him away, let him go.' 

^sJi jv»<i. * Greek, the stone/ and has 1^ ^JS. IKC ^€J Gr. D cat o is, 

Iteqi^-X] cf. Gr. D &c. add alrov. O'TOg,] om. Fi* Hunt 26. 
g^Xf-OT] ora Ci*. *2^,^OK 2.6] +2;tW, Q: om. 2s.e, 8 V, 

cf. Gr. D c. HA-ieJULI &c.] cf. Gr. : -f GJULI XE &c., S V. He] 
om. K* L N Q. KCCWTeJUl] A &c. : ^.K., F Dg^ Eg Gj K P T. 
ee&e] om. Fi*. ha.!.] ni., Hunt 26. A.I^Oc] IXOC over 
erasure, F^: om. B. Rex] RG CX, BDj.2Ei^2JM S V Hunt 18. 
^.fCX^.O•rOI] ^.q., C. *•' O'rog,] om. M Hunt 26. XOTO'C] 

+ nzemc, M Q. ^q^ffl] Gr. S* iKpavyaCty. ^en] on(, Fi*. 
^* 2^e] om. N Q, cf. Gr. B C* L 5«^ nik^^^, efi.oX i°] om. Fj*. 

eqjULHp] ^.q., Dg. itneq(rA.XA.-rx] >itneqxix nejUL- 
fteqcri.X^.'rx, BD,.2EJM(€neq...nejULneJUL)Q, cf. Gr. a &c. 

OfOg,] om. Hunt 26. At-Hp] pref. eq, B &c.; obs. Gr. dcdc/i^Vor... 
irtpifdfitTo. CO'CT^pIOIt, A. nexe &o.] cf. Gr. BL &c.: 
- IKC OfH nCOO'r Xe, F : IhC 2^e ne^^.q Xe, L ; fr»r con- 
junction cf. b e. O'rco] +e&0X, Hunt 26. iiJULoq] +€&oX, 
' Di* N. X^^] P^e^- O'COg,, M Q, cf. Gr.; for airo*^ cf. Gr. 
BC^'L &c. 


efi-oX JUL^.peqae ^^.q. **o'rJULHaj oTit nxe 

ena exA.qA.ixoT A.TitA.g,i" epoq. 

**&A.rtoTon ^e efi.oX R^axoT ^.Toje ncooT g^A. 

ni4)A.piceoc. A.TXA.xiLa)OT e^a itxe- 

^'OEXTocjooT-f OTH ibceniA-px^^P^^c nejUL ni4>A.pi- 

ceoc itoTocooTXc oTog, nA.T2ctw iiuuLoc. 2ce 

OT itA.aje nixiiami exe haj- 


*® GttjtJon A.naA.nx^^ juLnA-ipat" cenA.rtA.2,i" epoq 
xapoT. oTog, certA.1 itxertipcoAiteoc cenA.(joXi 
juLnenxouoc nejuL nenojXoX 

*• OEXqepoTO) 7i.e itxeoTA.1 e&oX iij6axoT 
ne KA.iA.4>A.. eqoi ts^i^pyQiepertc ft-f pojtxui ex- 


ne^A.q ncooT. xe necoxen xexenccooTit itg^Xi 

xq A.n. *®oT|2ie xexeitJULOKJUieK ijumcoxen A.n. 

xe cepnoqpi ncoxen g^mA. nxe oTrpcjojuii 

juLJULA.TA.xq JULOT eg^pai exen niXA.oc. oTog, 

itxeojxejUL nieenoc xapq xa.ko. 

*^HexA.qxe cl>d.i ^e A.n efi.oX g^ixoxq juuula.t- 

" OTIt] Gr. ^^ B&h^^^ d(. itXeni] cf. Or. D I. na] pref. 
it, F, cf.? Gr. D ra)v cX^oirwv. JULA.pi A.] cf. Gr. t^A &c. eXA.T- 
HA-T] for om. Kai cf. Gr. D. erta] cf. Gr. « A* L &c. : om. Fj*, 
of.? Gr. A'^BC*D &c. 6. A.IX0T] ABCrAiEi*FGHLNOiP Fr 
HuntiS, cf. Gr. ABC*L &c.: + Sxeiac, D,.2Ei«(^).2KMQSTV 
Hunt 26, cf. Gr. ^<C*et^D &c. : +nenOT laC our Lord Jesus, J. 

*^ g,A.noTn, A. 2^e] om. B. S^axoT] j6eitnnoT2iA.i, 

N. e4>a] BrDiAiEJMNO,PQSV. cf. Gr. CD &c.: 
ec{>a eXA.qA.IXOT, ACDgFGKT Fr, mistake of grammar or 
spelling: €na eXA.qA.IXOT, H L, cf. Gr. l>i B L &c. : €^VJ&. 
ni&ert eXA.qA.IXOT aU things which &c., U, cf.? Gr. All &c 


JOHN XI. 45-51. 479 

**Maiiy then of the Jews who came to Mary, having seen 
the things which he did, believed him. 

**But some of them went to the Pharisees, they told to 
them that which Jesus did. ^^ The chief priests then and 
the Pharisees assembled an assembly, and they were saying : 
'What shall (lit. will) we do? many are the signs which 
this man doeth. **If we should permit him thus, all will 
believe him, and the Romans will come, they will take 
away our place and our nation.' *^But one of them 
answered, his name being Kaiapha, being chief priest for 
that year. He said to them: *Ye know not anything; 
®°nor reason ye to yourselves, that it is profitable for you, 
that (one) man alone should die for the people, and that 
the whole nation perish not.' **Now he said not this 
from himself; but because he was (imperf) chief priest 

*^0-rn] om. L Fr: Gr. 69. em sah^^hw go «€: ^€ 0*^, }k, XC 
perhaps for :^€. C^A-piCOC, A*. RoTetWOTTC] om. ItO'C, Q. 
OTOg^] om. B. JULJULOC] +ne, ^BDaQ.] om. N. 

^eTe^^^.^.Iq] q over erasure of TOT, Ao, ne exen., bDj 

Fj^'S ; cf. Gr. 249. noirfaofitv, a b &c. faciemus : HG €^ICf (what) is to do 
[it]?, Q. HA-ttje] cf. Gr. D: pref. X€ because &c., B. 6(11, Oi)Xe- 

iiA.i(ni,s)] €r^^.^^.^, GiLV: eTepen^i, participle, m. ipi] 

pA., B Q. *® Om. S. eoj^n] pref. OTOg,, Dj. 2 ^i E J Oi S, 

of. Gr. D &c. ce^^.^^.g,i■] celn^.g^'f, Dg Fr: cenn^-g^i", 
r*, of.? Gr. >^* ff^. juLnemronoc] +itTOTen from us, q, 

of.? emphatic position of Gr. fffi&v; for om. koI cf. Gr. D &c. 
*^2ie] ACrFi<^GHKLNP«TV Fr: om. SBD,.2 AjEFi* JMOiP* 
QS. eneqpA-lt ne] cf. Gr. i. 2P* &c. praem Mixari. eqoi] for 
position cf. Gr. L X it vg. tirf] A : ItTe^, B &c. ReCOTen] 

om. Q. itg^Xi ^.^] ^.rt itg^Xi, m. *® ott^s xeTert- 

JULOKJULGK] >^AB &c.: 0T:^€ itXexen &c., CFi«GiHNPT 

Fr*: oTog, itxeTen &c., G2KV. ntwxen] cf. Gr. bdl &c. 

^m^.] om. B. OTptWXiLl] om. OT, S. JUUtJLd.TrA.Xq] om. FrBMi24i 
K : So-rtiOX, DgS, of.? Gr. tU. RiXA-OC] om. Ci*. O-fOg,] om. q^^^ 

BMQ. THpq] xapo-r, f. ^^ nenrA-qze] ne ex., j^Da *^ 

MS: KH ex., Di. 2^e\ om. AjOj: >2^e 4>A.I, K. JuLU-^'C- 

^Xq] om. L. 


•fpoAxni exeiuuuLA.T. 
3Xqepnpo4>HxeTfm xe g^to'f iixe mc julot eg^pm 
exeit nia^oX. ^^ ott og, exeit niojXoX juuul^.-v- 

3XXXA. niKeanpi iixe ^'f eirxHp eStoX itTeq- 

^ eoTfcoxoT eTAJLexoTfA.1. "icxeit 'fo-citoir 

eTejuLJULA.T A-TfcotfTii g,mA. i\cej6oe&.eq. 

**Ihc 2^6 itA-qAJLOttji xe ne itofcoitg, e&.oX ji>en 

'fioTfSs.e^^ ^.XXa. ^qcge n^-q e^LoX ixJUL^.^ 

eoTfx^P^ j6^Teit nici)^.q6 eoySni^Ki exjJLot'f 

epoc xe e^pejtx. ofog, ^.qcgcjoni ijLiULA,T neAX 


^ "H^.qj6eitx 2s.e ne nxenm^-cx^ iiTe nuoTT^i^u 

^ oTfog, A.Tfi nxeo-vAt-Hcg eg^pui eiXiuuL efioX 

' j6en i"X^P^ j6A^en nin^-cx^ &ii^^ iiTOTf- 


"H^-TKCJoi" onrit ne iicA. mc it2:ennoTf2s.A.i erxo) 
iSjULoc ititoTfepKOT. efog,! epA-TOf i^eit niep- 
cl>ei. xe Of nexexeitxt-eTfi epoq xe qit^.i A.n 

'^'He^.T'f enxoXa ne nxeni^px^^P^'^c next, m- 
cl)^.p!c€oc. g^iHA. ^.pecL)^.it oTf^.1 cjULi xe ^.qecon. 
nxeqxA-XiLCJOoT epoq ilcex^g^oq. 

_ _R?. 

IB 'tj Ihc oTfit j6^2ceit c- iteg^ooTf irre \ nm^-cx^ 


xen^qoi] xe ^.q., K: xeq., g, cf.? Gr. &p. irre i°] 
n, K. npo4>Kxenri, a. xe^^oj-f] om. xe, p*: +ne, gkt. 

JHC] nXC, p. eg^pKlJ om. Gi*. ^^ A.XX^.] a* : + g,m(B* 

2,1 rt, Q ilit^.)^., A»"K &c. XKp] xep, a P: xop, G. 

JULeTOT^.l] a began AJLCe and altered. ^^ "f Of HOTf] cf. Gr. 

LX &c.: nieg^OOnr, BN, cf. the rest of Gr. jJ^iZ/wr: +OfIt, N, cf. 
Gr. **2ke] cf. Chr®''*^^ om. T* ; Gr. has oiu, and 2^e may be 

for xe^oZi^. xe i°] cm. Di* J. noTCJoitg,] s6>en.y bDj^.^mq. 

JOHN XL 5a— Xn. i. 481 

for that year, he prophesied that Jesus must die for the 
nation ; '^^ and not for the nation alone, but (must) assemble 
into one the sons also of Qod who are scattered. ^^From 
that hour they took counsel that they might kill him. 
^And Jesus was not walking any more manifestly in 
Judea, but he went from there to a country near the 
desert, to a city called *Ephrem,' and he abode there with 
his disciples. ^Now the passover of the Jews was ap- 
proaching; and many came up to Jerusalem from the 
country before the passover, that they might hallow them- 
selves. ^The Jews then were seeking for Jesus, saying 
to one another, standing in the temple: ^What think ye, 
that he will not come to (the) feast V ^^The chief priests 
and the Pharisees had given commandment, that if any 
one should know where he was, he should shew him to 
them, that they might apprehend him. XTT. Jesus then 

eStdX ij om. Di* Aj El Fi* H J K N Oi T V. A-XXa.] om. P*. 
e^LOX JUUUU-T] Gr. D &c. om. iKtWtp. X^P^] P^ «• «•» -^**- 

nictj^qe] am: nctj^qe, b &c. xee^pejtx] cf. Gr. »l &c.: 

xe^pejtx, F: Xe|4>pHJUL, B. OfOg,] om. B. A.qctj^^O 

cf. Gr. »BL &c. neqjuLA-e.] cf. Gr. A &c. " nA.qj6enx 
2s.e ne] A«^(ne)rFGHKLNPTV: -j6<A5n'r-, bcd,.2AiEJM0i 

Q S; obs. A* be^an 11, altered to 2i, and corrector added ItC: obs. 
BD,.2 ^E JOiQS neA.q. OfOg,] Gr. D &c. o6p. A-TI] A.qi, B. 

oTxt-Hcg] ni., Q V. i"X^P^] ^^-^ ^- n^-cx^ 2«] 
ctj^i, Q. am^.] om. p. i\xoTfxonrfi.a)OT] ilce., b. 

*® nA-TKCO-f J pref. Of Og,, B. Of H He] om. B : om. HG, Fi*. 

>ef xo) jjLJULoc ftxennonrss.^.!, m. iiitoTepHOT] nejtx- 
HOT., M. nexexeitiULeTi] a d,. 2 ^i e J n Oi p : ne ex., 
B &c. : om. He, M Q : GxexeititA.., Q. enaj^.i] eni., q : 

en^.1., Ai Oi : pref. Gg^pHI, Dj. 2 E J N S : €CtJ^I, V*. 

*' ne^-f .] n^.nr., E2*kn. eitToXK] itx., ad,AiEiFJ; for 

siDg.? cf. Gr. ADL &c. lie] AO, : om. Ai* : 2i€ TIG, B &c., cf. Gr. 
«€': Gr. D &c. add km. g^m^.] +Xe, A^Oi. CJULl] +epoq, 

BQ(epo). itcexA-g^oq] iixoT &c., Q: g,mA.iice &c., 


* OTH] pref. 2ie, M: 2i.e, DgL Hmit 18, perhaps for Xe=o5if. Hunt 18, 26, 
VOL. II. I i 



^H eXA-qAJLOT. ^H eXA. IKC xoTitocq 6&oX 

jieit HK eoAJLcooTX. ^^.Tep OT2imiton epoq 

XiuiAJL^. exejuLJU^T oTog, jtxi^po^ it^.ca|eu.- 

. a^i. oTog, XA.^A.poc ite ot^i ne itrtH eepox6& 

*U^pi^ oTrn A.ctfi iioTXixpA. iicoxen icre ot- 
nA.p2s.oc iinicxiKH en^-oje iicoTenq. oTog, 
A.cea)g,c iiiten(yi.XA.Tfx hmc juuuLoq oTog, 
^.cqoxoT iinqo)! iixe xecA.«j>e. a. uihi 2^6 
juLog, e^LoX i6en niceoi iirre mcoxeit. 
ir *nexe oTf^i 2ie efioX i6€n iteqiULA.eHXHc. ere 
ioT2iA.c ne nicKA-picoxHC «1>h en^-qnA-XKiq. 
*2Ce eefi.€OT nA.icoxen ixnoTXKiq efi.oX j6a. t 
itcA-eepi oTfog, nxofXKiTOT iinig^HKi. 
<l>A.i 2i€ A.qxoq OTX o'^i 2ce cepAneXm n^-q j6^ 
nig^KKi. a-XXa. X€ ne OTpeqtffoTi ne. oTog, epe 
nivXcjocoKoxt-on ilxoxq nH egA.qg,ixoT epoq 
necg^qxcJooTn ijuuLcooT. 


n^-pe, A\ juutt-oq] om. b. ^h exA.qxt.oT] cf. Qt. 

A D &c. IKC] Gr. H K &c. om. ; for position cf. 8ah«>»'^. XOT- 

noTfcq, A. nH eeAxcooTx] nee., o. * 2iinnon] cf. 

Gr. 122. gat: +OTfn, D1.2EJMNQ8, cf. Gr. except D &c. km twouimv. 
OTOg, AILA^pOA.] +2ie, Dj: Gr. D arm k. difjK. fiopBa. nA.C- 
aeJULCgi] ^ACFFGHKLMPTV Hunt 18,26: +ne, BDj^iAjEJ 
N Q S. XA.^A.pOC] C over erasure, A®. ne] om. Hunt 26. 

ne] om. F Hunt 26. htw] cf. Gr. AD &c. : efi.oX ii)ennH, 

FM Hunt 26. cf. Gr. KBL &c. eopoxefi] HT*: expoxe&, 
BCDiEi«(pOX over erasure not of a))GiNQT: eopCJOXeK, r^Aj 
E2HKM: expCOXe^L, ADgFGaJLPSV Hunt 18. 26. *iUU.- 

pIA.] cf. Gr. » A DL &c. OTfn] 2Le, Hunt 26. A.CtfT] cf.? it vg 
'accepit:* pref. eX, Dg, cf. Gr. exc. Dk^ Xa/bt/3ayci: +nA.C for her, M. 
Of nA.p2kOc] om. Of, T : Of A.nA.p2LOC, M. ItCOf enq] om. n, 
Ci*Gi*. OfOg, i°] om. BA,OiQ Hunt 26. ItlRc] JULnen^ 
IKC of our Lord Jesus, K. Of Og, 2° . . . A.ct>e] om. V. ^.CqOXOf ] 
+ efi.0X, N: Gr. rois v6d, out., or om. ; for r^s KtifMkrjs avr^r cf. Or. 

JOHN Xn. 2-6. 483 

six days before the passover (lit. before six days of the 
passover) came to Bethany, the place in which Lazarus 
was (imperf.), who died, whom Jesus raised fix)m the dead. 
^They made a supper for him in that place, and Martha 
was ministering, and Lazarus was one of them who sat at 
meat with him. ^Mary then took a pound of ointment of 
pistic nard, being of great price, and she anointed (the) feet 
of Jesus with it, and she wiped them with (the) hair of 
her head; and the house was filled with (lit. from) the 
odour of the ointment. ^But one of his disciples, who was 
(lit. is) Judas (the) Iscariot, who was to deliver him (up), 
said: '^Wherefore was not this ointment sold for three 
hundred staters, and they be given to the poor?' ^Now 
he said this, not because he cared about the poor; but 
because he was a thief, and having the bag he was 

IX 3P« sah-chw. ijLnqa)(o, g)i] »ABCi*rGi.2*P: iini., PjAi 

EHJLNOiQSHuntiS: efi.oX JOenuqCOl, Da(ni,K)T: sSlOX 

jOLniqu)!, M Hunt 26 : enqoji, F. itxexec] itxec, k. 
niceoi] AFJQSV : nceoi, b &c. : + noTqi, f. a. . . . AJtog^] 
A. . . . ^.qAJLog,, F Q. iixenicoxen] a Ji* q Hunt 26 : iini, 

B &c. *OTA.I 2ke] ox 2i.€, K* ; for dc cf. Gr. KB go: 

om. L Q Hunt 18, cf. Gr. L 33. 249. &c. €£.oX &c.J for ex and 
position cf. Gr. A D &c. IOTf2iA.c] cf. Gr. » B L &c. : ClXt-COn 
IOT2l^.C, LM Hunt 18, cf. Gr. 26«^ a e. Ue] om. LMN Hunt 18: 
+ CIJULa)n, A»»«D2KT, cf.? Gr. A &c. lovdas crifi&w. HICKA-piO)- 
XKC] ArFGgMPST. cf.? Gr. A &c. iVwyiwnjff : HHCK &c., BCD,.2 
AiEGjHJKLNOiQV Hunt 18, 26, cf.? Gr. KBL &c. 6 laK. ^h] 

ct>A.i, Oi. €nA.(e, B)qn^.] cf.? Gr. d o^ ly^cXXfir: enA.q, f. 

* 2Ce] om. F, cf. ? Gr. eefi.eOTf] om. OT, M. nTOTfTHIXOT] 
ilCe., B: eXHIXOT, F. ilnig^HKl] cf.? Gr. D 33. rolt. 
•ct>^.I 2ie &c.] cf. Gr. D &c. OTfX ^Xl] -(JOXI, AT*?: 
OXyQ}, BN. Xe i°] r» repeats. C€p.] AB: A.C€p., C &c. 
JUieXlIt] ABrD2AiE2Fi*KMNOiPQ Hunt 26: JUteXl, CDiEi 
Fi^GHJLSTV Hunt 18. Xe 2°] cf. Gr.: om. Ai*P. OTOg,] om. 
B P. rXo) (O, D2K Q) COK(r, Q) qajloh] a Ei J V? : VXCJOCO)- 

I i a 



TLexe Ihc otk. xe XA-^ &^J^^ hreci^pe^ epoq 
eueg^ooT ijLn^.Kax:. ^mg^HKi vA.p cenejJLU)- 
Teit iicHOT iti&en. ^.itoK 2k€ 'f nejuLonreit ^.n 

''^ • UXtcjiu 2s.€ iixeoTJULKa eqocg irre itnoT2s.^i xe 
qXH iiUUU.T. oTog, A.TI 6e£.e ihc ijuutA.7rA.Tq 
A.n. A.XXA. itewL ee&e UKeXA-^A-poc. ^iitA 
i\xoTnA.T epoq ^h exA-qxcTitocq efi.oX ji>€n 

•qfi. ^^ UXTepoTfcotfni 2^6 nxemA-px^^lP^^c g^mA. iice- 
j6coxe&. juLnKeXA.^A.poc. " xe eefi.KTq nA.p€ 
oTJULKa &^^ ^^ e&oX ;6€n nnoT2LA.i ofog, 
nA-TfitA-g^-f ne elSc. 


? "" 2^6 niAJLKcg exoa €T"A.ti enojA.! €T"A.Tf- 
ccoxeAJL xe ihc hhot eg^pni git^hjul. "a.t(JT 
iig,A.nfi.A.i efi-oX i6en ^A.n£.eni oTog, a.ti 
e^LoX €2,pA.q. oTog, nA.Tuxi) e&.oX e^xo) 
2Ce cjDCA.nnA. qcjULA-pcooTX ibce^^H eennoT ji>€it 
4-«l>P^Jt juLuoc OTfog, noTpo iinlcX. 
^ "Ihc 2^e exA-qxiAiii iioTecjo A.qA.XHi epoq ka-xa. 

^^pH'f eXCj6HOTfX. 

P Eg Oi T: rXoCCOKOAJLCOIt, P. Cm. ico/, cf. Gr. K B D L &c 
Hh] Ite, Gg : pref. Of Og,, Hunt 26. eoj A.qg,IXOT] A G : 

eojA.'v., B &c. necg^q] ite e^^**^, ^lOi; itea^'c, l 

Hunt 18: oni. Ite, FGHMP. XCOOTfn] XCOOTfnOT, M by 
error. JUUULCJDOT (Oq, S)] + Re, B Dj. 2 A^^ E F J M N O Q S 
Hunt 26. ^OTflt] +na50T, F. ^IltA. &c.] cf. Gr. KB 

DL &c.: om. ^IltA., B, but conjunctive. en J JuLlX., M. 
* r A.p] Gr. L arm om. -f ] e^f", Dg : ll'f', D, Ei J S. A.It] over 
erasure of It?, A^* : om. K, as if negative had preceded. * A-feiULl] 

for verb cf. Gr. KABL &c. 2ie] cf.? Gr. D &c.: Of It, B M Q, 
cf.? Gr. KABL &c.: om. T*Q. OfJULHCtj] om. OT, B*Q; cf. Gr. 
A B' I Q X rell : 4>iULHa» B«, obs. Gr. » B* L o oxXw. eqooj] 

JOHN Xn. 7-14. 486 

carrying the tliiDgs which he used to throw into it. ''Jesus 
then said: 'Permit her that she may keep it to (the) day 
of my embabning. ^For the poor are with you always, 
but I am not with you always.' ^And a great multitude 
of the Jews knew that he is there; and they came not 
because of Jesus alone, but besides because of Lazarus 
also, that they might see him whom he raised from the 
dead. ^^But the chief priests took counsel that they might 
kill Lazarus also; ^^ because many of the Jews were de- 
jparting because of him, and were believing Jesus. 

^^And on the (lit. his) morrow, the great multitude who 
came to (the) feast, having heard that Jesus cometh up to 
Jerusalem, ^^took branches from palm-trees, and met him, 
and were crying out, saying: 'Osanna, blessed is he who 
cometh in (the) name of the Lord, and (the) king of Israel.' 
^^And Jesus having found an ass, mounted it, according 


erog, B: om. H(tr.^^*great')MV. IlXe] HXC, Dj by error. 

iiUULA.TfA.Xq] Gr. D 245. b e om. /zcJiw. RKG] HIKe, E J P : 
Gr. D &c. om. «u. €XA.qTOTfnOCq] eXA-IHC XOTItOCq 
whom Jesus raised, B M Q V, cf.? Gr. D op rr^iptv «. ItK GOAJL.J 
ItCeAJL., C. ^® A.T€pOTf CO(Jltl] A-TCOCTni, B D,. 2 ^i 0, S. 

2^6] om. B J P : Gr. B adds kqi : Gr. M U &c. sah «»»w ^Zv. ilce- 

j6cwxefi.] iicenA.., b. rkg] hikg, j. " oTAXHg] Gr. 

D &c. place after lov^uov. > He g^liX, N. g,eX, A. > efi.oX 

ne, B. sbetC\ st>e, a. o-rog,] om. m. nA-f nA.g,i"] a.t., 

L. ne] om. MV. eiHc] it., Hunt 26: om. B*. ** 2k€] »««*««. 

'autem' ap. Ln. niAJLHOj] cf. Gr. BL 6 3x^<w; OMI., F. 

exoa] om. F. €XA.Ti] exA.qi, B. na^i] nigA.1, q. 

IHC] pref. nxe, Oi*FOiT, perhaps for itX€ of coiyunctive; for 
position cf. Gr. A L &c. *' tfl] erafiure of two letters after I, A®. 

g,A.n&A.!] m&eitl, KBDljAiEJMOiPQS. cf. Gr. Tw0otWic»ir. 
€fi.oX i^*] om. F. €g,pA.q] B &c.: &pA.q, A^F: &^.poq, 
A*?. OTOg, i<>] om. F. nA-TfOXg] cf. Gr. KAB'DL &c.: A.T., 
Ai*, cf. Gr. B* (Kpavyaaav. €rX03 &c.] cf. Gr. K A D &c. qCJULA.- 

pcwoTx] A.q., Q. ^H ee.] nee., bAiKNT. ofog, 2°] om. 

B M, cf. Gr. A D &c. ^* 2s.e] cf. Gr. : om. Ai* T». eO)] eiO), F : 

lO), B*rtoDiAiEi*Gi02KT. 


^*2Ce xt-nepepg^cf Tgepi nciuoit. g^Hune ic ue- 
4-oTpo qnKOT eqxA.XHOTrx eofcioc najHpt 

^^ ^® Ha.1 2ie xis^e neqjuLA.eHXHc €ajli epoDOT nafopn. 

^.XXa. g^oxe €TA.q(JTa)OT ibcemc TOTe A.T€p- 

«j>xt.eTi. xe n^-i ite ctta-ta-ixot nA.q. 
" HA.qepJUL€ep€ otk ne JbceniAt-Haj en^.qneAiLA.q 

xe A-qxt-OT-f eXA.^^.poc e&oX i6€n nijuL^^.-v 

OTfog, ^.qxoTitocq e&oX i6en na eejJLCJoofT. 
^® 6e&e«l>A.i itA.TnKOT e^oX g^^poq ne ibceitiJJLHg. 

xe ^.TCu>T6At. xe ^.qep n^.iAJLKmi. 
^•Ilexe mct>^.piceoc o-cn itnofepHOf. xe Tenn^.-c 

xe xeniujcext-g^HOT ng^Xi ^.it. ic hikocajloc 

XHpq ^qa^ J^^^ cAjuteng^Kq. 


IE 2ojjgQ-yQj^ g,A.noTemm 2k€ ne e^oX j6eii hk 
eennoT eg^pw enoj^.! g^m^. iixoTOTfCAxjjT. | 

xqv "Ha.1 oth nA.Ti g,^. ct>iXiunoc nipeiUL&Hec^.i2i4L 
itxe 'f VA-XiXe^.. ofog, nA-T-f g,o epoq ne 
efxa) ijuuLoc. xe nenoc xenoTcooi eixux eiiic. 

^'^g^Unne] pref. Xe, Hunt 26. neOTpo] Gr. A 8ah«»«int om. 

croij. qnuoTf] eq., Ci*AiGT*: +ne, FKL. cf. c e mm. 

eqXA-X] qX &c., H(tr. \S\j ' riding ')0i. eOT] llOT, Hunt 26. 
eO)] ICJD, F. Ei'^HT \^\j ^ b/j *Zachariah the son of Berachiab.' 
*® 2ke] cf. Or. A D &c. g^OXeJ om. Aj. IKc] nenw: iRc our 

Lord Jesus, v^. «l>JULeTf i] + nxeneqjULA.eKXKc, M Q V. cf. 

Gr. L al pauc syr-^h, xc] A: +nA.I ne WK eXCj^HOTT 
j6^.pOq (eefi.HXq, L®) OfOg, these were the things which were 
written of him, B (HC eX) &c. : om. j^^poq, G H Hunt 26, cf. 
b e sah«>d om. *de eo.' ne €XA.t] nK eXA.q, V*: om. ne, L: 

ne nu exA-f, rD2M<^PQs(q). " n^-qepjuLeepe oTn] 

om. OTn, pref. OTfOg,, Q, cf. syr aeth: Gr. L Rah««»* Chr «f. ne] 
om. M Q. niAXHOl] A^ &c : ni &c., A* Hunt 26. enA.q- 

nejULA.a] een^-q., m q v : -neAxcooT, k. xe] cf. Gr. d l &c. 
e^LoX jOen i° &c.] eJ&oX j6ennH eejULcoof x i6enni- 

JOHN Xn. 15-ai. 487 

as it is written: '^^Fear not, Daughter of Sion; behold, 
thy King cometh mounted on a colt (the) foal (lit. son) 
of an ass.' ^^And these (things) his disciples knew not at 
first: but when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered 
that they did these (things) to him. ^"^ The multitude then, 
which was (imperf.) with him, was bearing witness, that 
he called Lazarus from the sepulchre, and raised him 6*om 
the dead. ^^ Therefore the multitudes were coming foith 
to him, because they heard that he did this sign. ^'The 
Pharisees then said to one another: *We see that we shall 
(lit. will) not gain anything; lo, the whole world went 
after (lit. behind) him.' 

*^Now there were Greeks of them who came up to (the) 
feast that they might worship. ^^ These then were coming 
to Philip the man of Bethsaida of Galilee, and they were 
beseeching him, saying: 'Our Lord, we wish to see Jesus.' 

ijL^A.T OTOg, ^.qXOTnOCq €fi.0X from them who were dead 
in the tomb, and raised him out, F. ItK 60.] IteO., C. ^* CO- 

&€«l>A.l] for om. icai cf. Gr. (B*)E H A A al^** &c. It^TItKOT 

efi.oX &^poq] AFP:- efi.oX eg,pA.q, B &c. : cm. €fi.oX, 

M: Gr. has aorist. HC] om. BLQ. ibC6ItIAftJia|] -niAJLHO), 
Ci* Fi*, cf. Gr. exc. K D : - Hg^OTfO itniAXHO) the most of the 
multitudes, Di.gEJS: - OTAJLHO), P, cf.? Gr. D: Qr,H ox^os iroXw: 
om. Hunt 26. ^.TCCOXeAJl] A.q &c., V*. " OTIt] om. LP. 

T€nitA.T] ACFAiGHKNOiPQTV: XeX€mtA.T, (Atr.)BDiE 
FJi*LMS Hunt 26, cf. Gr. X€ItIt^^eAJL] for ist pers. cf . c f g vg 
8ab«*°» 'proficimus:' XexeitltA. &c., DjJi* (this MS. had X€Tre- 

Teit I nA-T^cexexenn^-xexe | ^enm^xeix, the corrector 

crofised XC i®. . .X 4® and cancelled correction of XCT£T 2® and 
added X to HA. 2% cf. Gr. ic] cf.? Gr. A^ cdow. XKpq] cf. Gr. 
D L &c. ^*^ 2^e] om. Ci* : Gr. D syrw^^ aeth add koI. lie] om. Pri bm 1241 

BCi*F. HH ee.] om. because of ItH following. Ci* M. Cg^pKl] ^^It- 
€j6pKI down, Fi*: om. P. noj^l] HigA-I, Q, cf.? Gr. 1^. ^^^- ' 
nXOTOTfOXgx] itXOTfa)tt|T, A: iice., Q: erasure of four a)<t>€p§ 
letters after X, r«. ^^ OTH] Gr. L &c. om. &HeC^.I2i^.] 

A P Q : fi.K2i &c., H(Sl\)B (XA.) C &c., cf. Gr. D a. Of Og,] om. Fj*. 


22 3\qi iixe^iXmnoc ^.qxoc ii^.it2kp6A.c. <&^.c 
- on nejtx ct>iXinnoc ^.tti a.txoc nmc. 
n «»Iiic ^e A.qepoTa) nex^.q ncooT. xe ibce+OT- 

itoT g^iitA. itxe nojHpi JOLct^pcjoxiLi tfTcoo-c, 
^ **IIXAJLHn ^JULHit -fxo) iluuLoc ncoTeit. ^e ^.pe- 
aTGAJL i">pi itcoTo ^ei exen niK^.^i oTog, 
hxecAJLOTf iieoc iJuutA.TA.xc €a)|cjoni. 
Gcgtwn 2^e i^cc^^xuuLoit a|A.c6n o'vajlhoj noT- 

?* 25 4>|| eejuiei iixeq^tTXK eqexAJCoc. oto^ cI>h 
errAJLoc-f iixeq^TXH nu6pHi i6en ua-ikoc- 
juLoc. eqeA-peg, epoc €TCJDitj6 iieneg,. 

^ ««4>K eeitA.aeAJt.ttj J ijuuioi JULA.peqoTA.2,q iica)i. 
oTog, (t>iu.A. e^aon iSuutoq. eqegconi juuula.'v 
neAXHi ibcenA.p6qci)eAi.a|i- oTog^ (t>K 6enA.ep- 
peqaejuiai itHi qnA.epxiJULA.n ijuuLoq ibce- 

^ ^^'I'noT A. TA.'^nr^CH geopxep. oTog, ot nei^nA.- 
2coq. ixA^icox itA^xt-ex e^oX i6€n XA.ioTitoTf. 

^ A.XXA. €e&.ecl>A.i A.U exA.ioTitoT. *®c&ia)x 
At.A.u>OT ixneKojapi. 
Otcajlk A.C1 e^oX ^en xcl>€ ecxo) juuuloc. xe 
A.i'fcooTf. nA.Xm on -f nA.-fcooT. 
2»niiULKg onrn enA.qog,i epA.xq exA-TccoxeAJi 
nA.TXu> JuuuLoc. xe o-vj6^P^&^i nexA.cgu3ni. 

^* A.qi] +2ke, M. on] cf. Gr. D: 2s.e on, D2(OTn)KT, cf. 
b ff*-: 2ie, BFj*, cf. c 1 Bah»chw. om. BFj^HPQ Fr: OTn, DiAj 
E JOiS ; for on=iniX4» cf. also Or. K. neJlX] obs. 1 •cum.* <l>Tf- 
XinnoC, A. A.Tl ] cf.? Gr. ^*ABL &c. tlpxtrai before Mp€as: om. 

Fj*, cf. Gr. D &c. niHc] iinenoc ikc, b. ^^ A-qepoToo] 

KABOrDjFGHKLMNPQTV: pref. eX, DiAiEJO,S; for pret. 
*^im cf. Gr. A D &c. nOJOT] for position cf. Gr. 13. &c. ** A-P€- 

24-36(7) T J *^ - *^ - r 

axeAJLj A.axeAJL, Fj*. g^eij om. Fj*. €xenj g^ixen, 

» F M Q S. OTOg,] om. M V. nXeCXILOT] om. K. €a)A.C- 
gconi] a^CCgOJOTI withers, N. nOTXA.^] nOfOfXA.^, 
G2. ^eqe(om.r*)XA.KOC] cf. Gr. AD &c. OTOg,] om. 

JOHN Xn. aa-a9. 489 

^Philip came, he said (it) to Andrew; Andrew again and 
Philip came, they said (it) to Jesus. '^And Jesus an- 
swered, he said to them: 'The hour came that (the) Son 
of (the) man should be glorified. ** Verily, verily, I say 
to you, that unless the grain of wheat fall upon the eai'fch 
and die, it abideth alone : but if it should die, it bringeth 
forth much fruit. ^He who loveth his life (lit. soul) shall 
lose it; and he who hateth his life (lit. soul) in this world 
shall keep it to eternal life. ^^He who will minister to 
me, let him follow me ; and (the) place in which I am, there 
shall be with me my minister; and he who will be 
minister to me, my Father will honour him. ^Now was 
my soul troubled; and what shall (lit. will) I say? my 
Father save me from this hour; but therefore came I to 
this hour. ^* Father, glorify thy Son.' A voice came from 
(the) heaven, saying: *I glorified, again I will glorify.' 
^The multitude then, which was standing (by), having 

BJi*. cl>H 2^] +2.6, B. itj6pHl] ej6., B. HA-l] HI, Ci*?K 

nCCJOq, Fi*: om. Dg*. 4>iULA.] +A.nOK, Dj. JUUtt-Oq' 

ijuut^.T, N. eqeofcwni] Gr. l &c. om. nA.p€qgeAJLtt|i' 

cf. Gr. A: RA-KCpeq., B, cf. the rest of Gr. OTOg, 2°] cf. Gr. 
A &c. : om. KP, cf. Gr. KBDL &c. OTOg, «^K eOHA. &c.] om. Dg : 
om. een^., K*. n^-IOrr] cf. Gr. U &c. add iiov. ^^ A-XA..] 

€XA^, C. ^yZ^> A. OTOg,] om. M Q. €fi.oX] om. F. 
A.XX^. . . . OTHOt] om. T. *** neKttJHpl] » (twice) &c., cf. Gr. 

L &c. : the rest of Gr. aov (B ftov) to ipofut ; Dj gloss sL**) ^31 'Greek, 
thj name;' A"v repeats and marks with cross the reading of the text. 
OTCJULK] cf. Gr. X* arm : OTOg, &c., F, Gr. D syr^b et^r aeth koi: 
IC &c., P: +OTn, D1.2A1E JOi, cf. the rest of Gr. A.Cl] ABCT 
Di«.2Jf'GHKLN02PQ*(om.I)TV Fr: A-CttJCJOUl, Di*AiEJMOiS*. 
cf. Gr. D. eCXO) &c.] cf. Gr. D &c. : om. >l N, cf. the rest of Gr. 
nA.Xm on] cf.? Gr. a vdktp koIi om. Olt, K^F, cf.? the rest of Gr. ; 
8ah«ci»'' has On=ndki». *^ OTIt] cf. Gr. KADL Ac: 2^€, Q. 

cf. go sah «»»'': om. H, cf. Gr. B a. en^-qog^l] itlW-qog^I, 
Q ; it may perhaps represent OTIt. eT^TCCJOXGAit] for om. «ai 
cf. Gr. KD &c.: IlA.qca)X€AIL, B, obs. Gr. X 1. 22. zV diooimy. 


^A.tucexj^oTm 2^e m^xxuj Jjutxoc. xe oTA.vre- 

Xoc nexA-qcA^i it€iULA.q. | 
xq^s. ^** 3XqepoTa) ibceiHc ofog, nex^.q. xe €TA.cga)ni ee^LKX ibcexA-icxt-H a.XXa. €e&.e enitoT. 
^^'I'noT n2,A.n inre n^KocjULoa -fnoT iw.px^^ 

iixe HAJKocjiiLoc enreg^ixq 6&.0X. '^oTog, 

^.noK g,a) ^.ia)^.it(rrci efioX g,^. nK^^i eieceK 

oTon m&eit epoi. 
3* 4>A.i 2Le it^.qzu> ijutt-oq eq-f juuiini. xe j^en ^JSi 

jjujLot qn^juLOT. '*IIXq€poTa) itA.q ibceiu- 

jULHO) eqxu) JuLiULoc. 
2Ce ^.iton A-itccoxeiiL efi.oX i6eit niitojJLoc. xe 

nxc gon g^-eneg,. ofog, ncjoc jqcoj iluuLoc 

heoK. xe g^co'f ne nxof (Jec nojHpi i}L<t>pcA3Aiu. 

It I At. ne nojHpi JuLct^puoAxi. 
^* TLexe mc ncooT. xe exi K€kotxi Rchot nioTcomi 

j6€it eHitoT. AiLooji oTit ^fe^K moTcomi g^OJC 

nioTcomi nxeit eKitof. 
&m^. nxeaTejUL uix^^^ T^&e OHitof. xe «1>k 

eoAJLogji j6en nix^^i qeAJii ^.it xe A.qjJLoaji 


n^.TXU> &c. i°] for plural cf. Gr. L &c. : om. T : + UG, K. Xe i^ . . 

nexA.c.(q., r*M)] -ne ex., hdi^, cf.? Gr. d. 2^e] hqj" &c.. 

cf. Gr. al^ e 1 syr** ei^'i om. Gj*, cf. the rest of Gr. ijUULOC 2°] 
+ ne, K. xe 2°] cf.? Gr. D: +iOutt.OIt A.XXA. Day, but. Q. 

nexA.qcA.xi] ne exA.q., kd,: nexcA.xi, AxOj: ne 

€Xe(om.S)CA^I, Dj: +eAoX j^^HXC^e from (the) heav en, 
Di«.2EJS«. ^^OTfO)] +na)OT, DlsAiEJQS. nxeiHc] for 

pottition cf. Gr. (K) A D &c., but Gr. K om. koi thtpi tlXenOC, S^ 
OTfOg,] om. KBPQ. OTfOg, neXA.q] +na)OT, BM*Q«, 
erasure of three or four letters after q, M^': eqXU) ijLJtt,OC, S*. 

cytwni] Gr. D &c. fjxetv. >eefi.HX A.n, q. > iixexA-icAXK 
ee^HX, p. ^^ n2,A.n] pref. e, T: +ne, KBcrDi.gEFJiON 

PQ. ilXe i°] e over I, A^ nA.1 i°] twice : ni, K twice ; Gr. D &c. 
om. TovTuv pri loco. 'f^ItOT . . . KOCXt-Oc] Gr. 8»J* 69. al pauc om. 
^2 OTfOg,] om. B. 2,0)] om. KBM. A.ia|A.n &c.] obs. Gr. 157. 

JOHN Xn. 30-35. 491 

heard were saying, that thunder happened. But others 
were saying, that an angel spake to him. ^^ Jesus answered 
and said: ^This voice happened not because of me, but 
because of you. ^^ Now (is the) judgement of this world ; 
now shall (the) ruler of this world be cast out. ^^And if 
I also should be lifted up from (the) earth, I shall draw 
every one to me.' ^But this he was saying, signifying 
with what death he will die. ^The multitude answered 
him, saying: *We heard from the law that Christ abideth 
for ever; and how sayest thou that (the) Son of (the) 
man must be lifted up? who is (the) Son of (the) man?' 
^ Jesus said to them: 'Yet a little time (is) the light 
among you: walk then in the light, while ye have the 
light; that the darkness apprehend you not, because he 
who walketh in the darkness knoweth not whither he 

254. 48*^ Stop. 6^oX g,^.] cf.? Or. DL &c. Q-COIt nifi.€n] cf.? 
Gr. )l D &c. nayra ; for position crGr. D 8ah*c»»^ aeth. €pOl] g^^pOI, 

BD1.2A1EJOS V. ^ ^i^i] ^H that, Di*. itA-qxtJo] ecpco), 

Ai S. ijUULOq] A« &c.: ijUULOOOT, A*?. Cqi"] A« &c. : 

qi", A*?. Xe] nCJDOT Xe, B: cm. rFG2Hi*L0. i6eit] cm. 

Fr. ^ O-CO)] for cm. oSp cf. Gr. A D &c. nA.q] om. F T*, cf. 

Gr. H 33. 157. 48e^ al pane. niJUUig] HI., F. eqXO) &c.] ^^^^^^.^ 

er., Q: neXCOOTf nA.q, F. A.nOlt] AB« (altered from n and tfec... 

another letter) &c. : ^.nOK, Dj* by error. A.nca)XeJUL] om. ^.H, 

r*. OTOg,] om. BFi*. KXUO] B &c. : GIQC, A; cf. Gr. BL &c.: 

>neOK KXUO jJUtXOCy LNS, cf. Gr. KAD &c.: om. IieOK, P. 

fie] om. BN. niJtx] +g,a)q, A'^Ffh Fr*: Gr. D adds ovp. 

noJHpI &c. 2°] Gr. L 6 \oyos olros ; for om. o^w cf. Gr. H 33. b c &c. 

4>pa)JUL, A. ^nCOOTf] +OIt, ». IICHOT] om. H: erasure 

of five letters after T, Fi«. jfeeitOHItOT] cf. Gr. >l B D L &c. 

OTIt] cf. Gr. D e m^* Aug: om. »r*V. cf. the rest of Gr. g,tX)c] 

BCi*FG2KMQT: g,OC, A &c.: g^OCOH, ». ItTen] ^en, 

HQ. X^^^ i"*] ^^^h A*r*. j6€nRI...AILOttjO om. B*. 

nix^*^J 2°] ^'y sv. qeAJLi] itq., psv Fr«: nqco)- 

o-cit, AlO. xe 2^] om. Fi*. A.qAJLOajl] qXt-OttjX, D2: 

^.qn^., N. 

492 ROXTax lUiaxHHHC. 

*®&a)c nioTfooini iixeit eKitof ajlooji ifcen nioTOJim 
^m^. iixexeitepgHpi ixniofcomi. 


€fi.oX 2, *^nA.iJULHaj 2^6 JOutxami ex- 
^^^^\TOT ixnoTiieo juLnoTn^.g^'f epoq. 
" &inA. iiTeqxcoK e&.oX ibcenc^^i nHCA.iA-c ninpo- 
ct>KXKC 4>H ex^qxoq. 
xqe 2Ce hot hiajl exA-qn^-g^-f e|x€itcjuui. oTog, 
nojcJo^La iiLnoc exA.qtfa)pn eitiiut. 

ne. OTfog, ^.qxoc on ilxeHc^.i^.c. 
*®2Ce A.qea)JUL iiitoTffi.A.X OTOg, A.qea)juL iinof- 
&HX. 2,mA. iixoTfgxetJLitA.T iinoT&.A.X OTog, 
nxoTfttj'^^'W-'^^'f i6eit noTg^KX oTog, nxof- 

ijL4>'f o-cog, A.qcA.2Ci ee&Kxq. ** ojulcoc ju.en- 
xoi oTJULKa eAoX j6en niK€A.px^i^ A-Tn^^'f 
3XXXA. n^-TOTcong, juuuLoq efi.oX A.n ne ee&e 
ni4>^.piceoc. xe ilnoTA.ixoT 
** ^.TJULenpe ncjooT r^-p nnipuoAJii JuiA-XXon 
eg^oxe ncooTf ii.4>'f". 
p^ **Ihc 2ie ^.qcjoo) efi.oX oTog, nex^.q. xe 4>h ee- 

Hnnt 18, 26. 8« g^CJOc] g,OC as before exc also Gj^KT. At-OOJI j6en] A* 
?6n^.I-43 (ijy 4 lyul *walk in')0P(OTn j6en): n^-g^-f e, A« &c. (L Fr* 

j6en). exA.qx.] ^qx., Fr" Hunt 26. ^qjge nA.q] Or. D 
tmfi\6€P Kai. A.qxc>nq] nA.q | x^^q omitting nA.q after ge, 

r*. 3^ n^-l] pref. A-XXa., ». 2s.e] om. » Q, cf. Or. G go. 

jjLHm, A. ex^-q^-ixoTf] A.qA.ixoT, d,.2AiEJ0S. 
ixnoTn^.g^'f ] cf. Gr. g 13. &c. ^® ncA^i] ni., b Dj, cf.? 
Gr. a \6yos, nKCA.iA.c] iixe., B. cl>H exA.qxoq] om. ^H, 
M: eqxo) iuuuLoc,v. exA-qn^-g^-f ] A : nexA.q., AiKO: 

JOHN XII. 36-44. 493 

went. ^* While ye have the light, walk in the light, that 
ye may become sons of the light.' 

Jesus having said these (things) went, he hid himself 
from them. ^''But haying done so many (lit. these multi- 
tudes of) signs before them, they believed him not. ^That 
(the) word of Eeaias the prophet might be fulfilled, which 
he said : ' Lord, who believed our voice 1 and to whom was 
revealed (the) arm of the Lord?' ^^ Therefore it was not 
possible for them to believe, and Esaias said again: '^^He 
hardened their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they 
might not see with their eyes, and understand in their 
heart, and might return to me, that I might cure them.' 
^^ These (things) said Esaias, because he saw (the) glory of 
God, and spake concerning him. ^Nevertheless many of 
the rulers also believed him : but they were not con- 
fessing him because of the Pharisees, lest they should be 
put out of the synagogue : *' for they loved (the) glory 
of [the] men rather than (the) glory of God. **And Jesus 
cried out and said: 'He who beUeveth me, believeth (^C{) 

ne exA.q., b &c. onrog,] om. Q. hot] +ne, Q. eitiAii] 

it., D2F Hunt 26. '• neXJUULOIt] JOuU-On, L Ft* Hunt 18. 

OTOg,] A C Fi«G H P Fr I, obs. Gr. D km yap: XC, B &c., cf. the refit of Or. 

on] OTH, A, but tr. CsjI 'also :' om. JM. ^® Q-COg, i^] om. F|*. Pru endi . . 

nnOTffi.A.X 2°] j6€n., BD,.2AiEJM0iQS Hunt 26. cf. sahwhw. OTOg, «* 

OTOg, 2^] Of2ie, Q Hunt 26. llXO-CttJT-eAIL 2<'] cf. Gr. D &c. 

praem fiff : om. Cl)X6JUL, Dx*, as if negative had preceded. g^^pOl] 

epOI, Q. *^ HA-l] Gr. D 249. &c. add dc. XS] cf. Gr. » A BL &c. : 

ora. Fr**. iiL4>i"] CC^^f, Dj.g; cf. Gr. 13. 69. &c. OTfOg,] om. N. 

** OAJLCOC] A B* ? Ci* FF (erasure of three letters after C) G H L P T V Fr » 

Hunt 18, 26: OAt-OC, K: g^OAJLOOC, Dj. 2*^(0 altered from CD) A, E J 


TOI, B: +re, B. ItlKe] om. KB, K V. OTOOItg,] OfOHg,, 
ro, Hunt 26. ijUULOq] over erasure, Gi«: JUUULOJOT, Hunt 26. 
e^LOX] om. Hunt 26. HG] HG, V. ** ^.TAJLCnpe] pref. X€j 

P. >r^.p ncooT, Dg. eg^oxe] cf.? Gr. abd &c. ^mp. 

+ 0n, >l; obs. Gr. D 240. 244. oSv. Of Og, lieX^q] Huuti8,a6. 

^* IHC 2ie 



€4>H exA.qxA.OToi. ^•oTog, ^r 6eitA.T epoi 
_ A.qnA.T €4>H exA.qxA.OToi. 
t^^^ *«3XitoK A.H eTOTcomi ixniKociULoc. ^mA. oTon 

ni&eit eenA^i" epoi itxeqgxejiiLog,! st>en 

*^Oto2, 4>h eeitA.ccjoxeAiL enA.cA.xi OTog, iixeq- 
gxeJULA.peg, epcoo-r. A.noK eenA.'f 2,a.r 
epoq. nexA.n rA.p ^iitA. nxA.-fg^A.n eniKoc- 
xt-oc A.XXA. g,mA. iiXA.itog,ejUL iiniKocjuLoc. 

*«4>H exxcoX juutxoi efi.oX oTog, exenqtfi linA.- 
xqi>- CA.XI OTon \ iiXA.q Ijl^h eeitA.'f g,A-n epoq. 
nicA^i exA.icA.xi JDLAXoq ct>H exexmuLA-T ee- 
HA.'f 2,A.ii epoq j^eit uieg^ooT !lj6A.e. 

"Xe A.noK ijLnicA.xi efi.oX g^ixox iiuuLA.TA.x. 
A.XXA. 4>H exA.qxA.oToi. neoq nexA.qi" en- 
xoXk nw. xe ot ne^nA.xoq le ot nei"nA-cAxi 
jOuixoq. *®oTog, -fejun xe xeqeitxoXK ot- 
(joitii) iteiteg, xe. hk oTit A.noK e^xo) jOuulcoot 
KA.XA. 4>pK'f exA.qxoc itKi nxenA.ia)x UA-ipa-f 

eqXU) ijUULOC, UB, obs. a fo8 'citunabat dicens:' Gr. D 69. 346. 
Eu8. (KpaCfP icai IfXtytv. ^HCB.. .^^*^XA.OTOl] om. », B om. 45, 
cf. Gr. U 64. 126. 142*. cw' e«^' y^r b: M has cl>K eOHA.g^'f' A-It 

A.qnA.g,i" epoi A.n a.XXa. A.qnA.g^'f ei>H &c. he i^ho 

believetb not, believed not on me, but believed on bim &c. A-qitA-g,*! 
epoi] qitA.g^'f &c., F: om. BF*. A.n] om. F*. et^H] JJU^H, 
Q. **eenA.T] A«tr.« &c.: eOItA-g^^f, A*tr.*, obs. Gj^ has 

nA.T, hut T and following e over erasure : eXA.qnA.T, L M Hunt 18. 
e^n] JUL^H, Q. *® eTOTOJini] CFFGi^ jHLPV Fr» Hunt 18, 

26: eOTCJOmi, »ADiGi*KMKQ: eOTOT., BD2^iEJ0,ST. 
iini] XJL over erasure of three or four letters, Fj®. OTOIt Hlfieit] 
Gr. B om. nas, CpOl] om. Q. n^^Kl] A Gi* : HI., B &c: 

+A.XXA. ^H eeitA-ojcjoni noTOJiiti itcjonj^ SA.ene2, but 

vho wUl be (a) light of life for ever, M. *' eenA.Ca)XejUl] 

JOHN XIL 45-50. 495 

not me, but he believed him who sent me. '**And he 
who seeth me seeth (^C{) him who sent me. '*^I came for 
a light of the world, that every one who believeth in me 
might not stay in (the) darkness. ^^And he who will 
hear my words, and will keep them not, I am not (he) who 
will judge him; for I came not that I might judge the 
world, but that I might save the world. *^ He who 
denieth me, and who receiveth not my words, hath that 
which will judge him: the word which I spake, that will 
judge him in the last day. ^^ Because I spake not from 
myself; but he who sent me, he gave commandment to 
me what I shall (lit. will) say or what I shall (lit. will) 
speak. ^^And I know that his commandment is eternal 
life ; the (things) then which I say, according as my Father 
said to me, thus I speak.' 

eit^.y A* : oiD. n^, FHQ Hunt 26; of.? Gr. U aicmni al pane wcovij. 
OnrOg^ 2^] om. KFi* Q Hunt 26. ItXeqaxeJUL.] om. CIJT€JUL., 
H. ^peg,] cf. Gr. XABDL &c. GptJOOf] +A.n, HLM; obs. 
Gr. D &c. om. /ii,. ^.h] ikAB &c.: om. KLM Fr». epoqj +A.n, 
I)2K«Q«; thus K*LMFr* make a positive statement, DaK^Q® repeat 
negative. neXA.!!] C F Dj &c. : itXA.!, A: Ke€TA.I, KBDgF 

(^.u)M*Q. r^-p] +A.n, A« &c. &inA. i^] om. Q. JuLni- 
KocJULoc] €., GjK Oi. *» <|>k] + ^€, N. jpTTGnq] itTenq, 

r* Q Fr». itn^.] om. it, Q. OfOH nXA.q] B Di. 2 F 31 S V 
Hunt 26: OfOItXA.q, A &c. *' ^.ItOK] Gr. D 22«^ place after 

^/lavTcJv. efi.oX g^ITOX] cf.? Gr. L &c. an6: om. &1XOX, Fg*. 
JUUULA.nnr, A*. ^.XX^.] a C r G2 H N : +<|>I(JOX the Father. 
B &c., cf. Gr., but placed after fx€. ^K CT.] om. 4)K, Di.2^EFGi 
JLOiQSFr* Hunt 18,26: neX., B. Iteoq] +0f02^, M. 

nexA-qi"] ne ex., d,.2MQS Hunt 18: nexi", k. itxoXK, 

A(n)BDiE,T. ne+.] ne e-f., Dg twice. BV 2^ le] cf. d: 

ofog,, 31, cf. Gr. *° onrog^ -f exiLi] om. L*. xeq- 

enXoXH] (A« added e) : iIxoXk, Di Aj Ej T : 'f &c., L*. 
^ItOKJ for position cf. Gr. 2^ A B L &c. : om. 31, cf. Gr. D &c. 

496 ROxTax iinaxHHHC. 

iHc. ze A.CI ilxexeqonrnonr g^m^. iiTeqoTooxefi. 
efi.oX jfcen ra-ikocjuloc nA.q g,^. <l>iarr. 
eA.qjuLenp€ hh exeitonrq er^eit niKocjuLoc 
eA.qjUL€npixonr gA.efi.oX. 
If ^ ^Ofog, exA-qgcJORi itxeonr^iRitoit. ri2^ia.£i.oXoc 

g^H^H neA.qonra) eqg^ionri en^Hir jjl^h en^-q- 
nA.XKiq. exe ionr2iA.c Re cijuloor ricka-piooxkc, 
^ ^ 2s.e ibceiHc. ze ^ ^kjox -f iteitx^' 
nifien ej6pHi eneqziz. onrog, ze exA.qi efioX 
_ ^en ^'f onrog,}e nA.q g^^ c^-f. 
^* ^aXqToonq efioX j6eit Ri2iiRnoit ^.qx^ itneq- 
^Slujc ej6pHT. onrog, ^qtfi RonrXemnoit UXq- 
jULopq juuuLoq. 
'Onrog^ ^.qg^ionri nonrjULooonr eonrX^iCA.nH. onrog, 
^qepg^HXc ftjooi nnentfiX^nrz nneqAi^oH- 
xq^ THC. onrog, eqqtjo-f ijL|jUL(Joonr JuLRiXeinrioit 
enA.qjULHp juuutoq. 
®aXqi onrn g,^ ciJUL(joit Rexpoc eqn^i^. pA.xq. 
Reze nexpoc n^q. ze rot ReoK eenA.iA. pA.T 
^aXqeponro) ilzemc onrog, Rez^q n^-q. ze $k 

_^^« ^ j6-&^eRj A &c. : Q* had a different word without capital 

2s.e] cm. «. eXA-qnA-nr] +^e, DjK; for c^v cf. Gr. 33. aeth. 
A.Cl] cf. Gr. K ABL &c. XeqOTnonr] 'f., Fi*. RA.IICOC- 
JULOC] KAPQ, cf. Gr.: RI., B &c. eqUA-ffle] ^.qn^.., B: 

qn^.., L. eA.qjuLenpe i°] ^.qjULenpe, b. rh exe] a a 


eA.q. 2°] A.q., B. gA-efiioX] cg^fioX, c Aj*. * exA.q- 

ttJOORl] cf. Gr. K^ADB^ «rc. RI^IA.fiLOXoc] Gr. A tov re &c 

ReA.qof(jo] cm. Re, l Fr» : e^qonTO), F Q : + Re, B M. eq- 
g^ioTi] A.q., V. eRg^Kx] ii.., J,* k m. eRA.qR^XKiq] 

om. RA., QV*, for position cf.? Gr. KBL &c. C\{t, A)JULCJ0r] cf. e 

JOHN Xni. 1-7. 497 

^11. Now before (the) feast of the passover, Jesus having 
1 that his hour came, that he should remove from this 
:ld, and (lit. about to) go to the Father; having loved 
m who were his own, who were in the world, he (lit. 
ing) loved them until the end. ^And supper having 
n (ended), the devil had already put (lit. thrown) into 
i) heart of him who was to deliver him (up), who was 
. is) Judas Simon (the) Iscariot. ^And Jesus having 
1 that the Father gave everything into his hands, and 
t he came from Qod, and is to go to God, ^rose from 

supper, laid his garments down, and took a towel, he 
^ himself with it. ^And he poured (lit. threw) water 
) a bason, and began to wash (the) feet of his disciples, 
I (is) wiping them with the towel with which he was 
perf.) girt. ^He came then to Simon Peter, about to 
3h his foot: Peter said to him: 'Lord, wilt thou wash 

foot?' ^ Jesus answered and said to him: 'That which 

•*^. mCK^pJ(JOXKc] ABFFMPQ, cf.? Gr.: nUCK., CD1.2 
EGHJKLNOSTVFr*. ^] cf. Gr. 33. aeth. 

:] cf. Gr. 13. 69. 124. &c.: om. N. nxeiKc] cf. Gr. A &c. 

JO, A*, xe a°] om. Fj*. eTA.qj] exA-u, Oi*. onro^ a^] 
BH. A.qnA.a}e] eqnA.., T Fr»: qitA.., rAjOV: A.q., 
Q: eA.q., s. nA.q] +on, KB v. * A.qx(Jonq . . • 

fX^] cf. a c d e f q Hil* surrexit . . . posuit.' Heq^^fi-OOc] for 
w cf. Gr. D &c. Onrog^ A.q(jT] eA.qtfT, F: Gr. <caiXa/3i^. 
JULOq] om. r*. '^OTOg, i<>] om. BMQ: Gr. rfTo. llonr- 

(joof] e, Ai*T: i}uuL(joonr, K. onrog, a°] i^BFi*. 

qjULA.e.] for airov cf. Gr. D &c. GqqOO'f ] cf.? Gr. 63. 69. al 

c: A-qqcjo-f , >*, cf. arm fff/iofc: eqcjo^f, Q. iimXeit- 
on] e., Q: Ronr., Dg?. eitA.qjULHp] eneq., o. 

nrn] 2^6, B, cf. c 8yr«»» 'autem.' €q(e, 0)nA.IA. &c.] A. a® 
red to e, A«: qnA.IA., LQ : om. N. RG^Ce] for om. xai cf. Gr. 
) L &c. RexpOC a^] cf. a c e f g q vg. ROT] RA.OT, J: 
>*♦ om. iteOK] om. M*. efi.oX]. om. N. "^ OTTOg,] om. 

i*KTV. RA-q] om. BM. *k] Gr. N* a. 
rOL. II« K k 

498 RaxTOx imaxHHHC. 

e-f p^. iiuuLoq neoK jccooonrn JujuLoq -f hot 
eicccjuLi 2s.€ juLcnenc^ n^i. ®ne2C€ nexpoc 

HXqeponroo nxcmc. ze ajulhii ^julkk ^xvo Hjuloc 
n^jc. ze ^.i^TejuLi^ p^XK ijuuLonTeic toi 


• Hexe CI JULCJoit nerpoc n^q. xe n^-ro ot iULonon 
n^.(r2.X^.nrz ^XX^ neit. n^.Keziz itejut t^^'^ 

'^Ileze Thc n^q. ze <|>h er^qzojcejUL SqepxpJ^ 
^11 efi-HX ei^ p^Tq. ^>^^ qonr^A THpq. 
onrog, necoxeit g^ooTeit xereitoTAA A.XXi 

" HA.qc(joonrit r^-p ijL<l>H en^qn^xHiq- ee£Le<t»^ 
n^.qz(JO JuuuLoc. xe nrerreno'^AA THpoT A.n. 
"&oxe onrn ex^qi(Joi iinonrtfiXA.nrz A.qtfi itneq- 
2,fi.a)c onrog, €T^qpoefiLeq on iiezA.q nux)'v. 
^ 2Ce TexenejULi ze onr nex^iAjq norreit. 
^ "lieajxeit xerenjULonr-f epoi. ze 4>peqt"c&a) 
onrog^ uenOT. ka.X(joc Terenza} jjiAnoc. ^.noi: 
_^ r^-p ne. 
xqK ^f ^*Icze ofit ^.noK ^.ntjoi nneT"en|(rX.XA.nrz €fi.oX. 

nexeitOT ofog, nexenpeq-fc&co. itearren 

iUUULOq i^J erasure of three or four letters after q, Fi^. 
JUUULOq 2^] JOUULOC, C Gi* Fr«. ^.h] om. K* Pr»*. Gice- 

ejULi] GKeAJLi, EiFj*. ^e] om. Q: +epoq, Dj. 'ze I*'] 

Gr. D n ^ 76. add icvpic. ^.qepOnrtJo] for om. a{^f cf. Gr. C ^ D &c. 
pA.XK] +efiL0X, FJi*K; 'tibi pedes' ap. Ln. • CIJULCWtt] 

CnrJULtJOIt, A: Gr. B places after ntrpos. U^ot] HOT, M : Gr. K* 
^3' 253. om. ; Di tr. omits 'Lord,' gloss adds jjo ^jJ ^3. ^ Ju^ b 

'0 my Lord; Greek, not in Arabic' JULOItOItJ for position cf. Gr. 
D &c. (it, N) n^.tfS.XA.TZ] Gr. D &c. om, f«w. tiCJtX i*»] om. 
M. n^JCeZJZ] for /ioiJ cf. Gr. F* 13. &c. X^.] XA-KG. also 
my head, Q. ^^XOKeSX] AGi.2*(oni.€JUL): ZCJOKCJUL, B &c 

itqepxpJ^ ^.n] qep., b q. gB-hX ei^.] om. e, A ; cf. Or. 

BC*L &c. ^.XXi. &c.] Gr. D syr*** et»' arm ccmr yap. OTTO^] 

JOHN XTTT. 8-14. 499 

do, thou knowest not now ; but thou shalt know after 
hese (things).' ^ Peter said to him: 'Thou shalt never 
vash my foot.' Jesus answered: 'Verily, verily, I say to 
hee: Unless I wash thy foot, thou hast not part with me.' 
Simon Peter said to him : ' My Lord, not only my feet, but 
klso (iteJUL . . KG) my hands and my head.' ^^ Jesus said to 
lim : * He who was washed hath not need except to wash 
lis foot, but he is altogether clean, and ye also are clean, 
)ut not alL' ^^For he was knowing who was to deliver 
lim (up); therefore he was saying: *Ye are not all clean.' 
'When then he (had) washed their feet, he took his 
^ments, and having sat down to meat again, he said to 
hem : * Ye know what I did to you. ^^ Ye call me 
'Teacher" and "our Lord;" ye say weU, for I am (it). 
* If then I washed your feet, your Lord and your Teacher, 

>in. MNV. TeTenOTr^&] +XHpOnr, v. tben ^.XXa. &c. 
Lit 2*^] om. S. " Om. V homeot. H^qc] nA.qnA.C., N. 

7^p] om. Fr*: Gr. D 8yr««»» ami add w. j3l<^h\ om. JUL, Ci*. 

:nA.qitA.THiq] exeqn^.., q. eefi.e...A.n] Gr. d Byr»»' om. 

t^qXO) XijULOC] -iiUULOq, K: ^qZOC, B, cf. Gr. *7v*p. 
rnpOf ] ^It seems to have been first written, but XKpO*jr w by *, A. 

^ itno'ctfS.XA.fz] Gr. ik* avTov: +e&oX, J, Q s V. ^.qtff] 

or om. Koi cf. Gr. KAC^^d L &c. Heqg^&tJOC] RonT^fiitJOC, S* : 
Jr. D &c. om. avroO. OfOg^] om. BQ, for om. koI cf. Gr. C'*D &c. 

?TA.qpoe&eq] €X^qp(JOxe&, d^Q; of. Gr. ««ao*dl &c: 
Lqpoefiieq, b m q, cf. Gr. u* b c* &c. on] om. Da Q. ntjoonr] 
m. p. ejuLi] c(joonrn, m. nex^.i^.iq] ue, at^&c: ne ex 

fcc, BDi.(2)FHMQSV: - ^.q^iq, Dj. " XeTGnJULOTf ] 

rexenn^.., G3J. <l>peq'fcA(jo] nipeq., Q; for position of. 

Jp. i*ABC*DL &c.: >nenOT OfOg^ neitp€qi"C&(JO our 
Jord and our Teacher, K, for order cf. Gr. C*E &c. K^XoOC] pref. 

yto^, s. z(Jo] c(joonrn, l. a-hok] xe^itoK, eGjJmnv. 

7^p] 1* over erasure, Ej® : om. M V. ^* ^itOK] om. K. 

LiKJoi nnexen] a« (over erasure): Texeit., F. Rexerxoc 

)f02^] -OC neJUL, P: om. Fi*. ItetJOTen] Gr. D &c. pref. 
roam /aoXKop, 

K k 2 

500 ROXTOX lUiaxHHHC. 

"OnrcjuLOT v^p nex^i^iq norreit g,inA. ka.t^ 

^pnrf ^.noK eTA.iA.ic nooxen. iiecjoxeit g^coTen 

nxCTreitA.ic ftnexenepHonr- 
^ ^« CDuuLKtt AJULHit -fxuj jjuuLoc ittjoxen. 2ce juuuLon 

onr&(joK eqoi itnicgi" eueqOT onr^e onrA.nocTo- 

Xoc eqoi nmai" ec|>H erA-qxA-onroq. 
"Icze TexenejuLi em^u voot Riijren enno'T 

ecgcjoR A.pexenajA.nA.ixo-c. 
^ ^* Ha.ix(jo ijuuLoc cbSlc enno-c TKpo-c A.n, 'fcooo-cn 

VA.p A.ItOK ItltK €TA.ICOTnO-C. A.X>^A. ^IllA. KTe 

'frpA.4>K ztJOK efi.oX. xe <|>h eeonrtJOJUL ixnA^oDii: 
ncJULHi A.qTa5o-cn JuLueqeiEiC eg^pai excoi. 
"Iczen -fnonr •fzo) juuuLoc norreit ii.nA.xec- 
gooni- &mA. A.ccijA.naj(joRi nxexennA^'f xe 
A.noic ne. 
^ *®3)uuLHn AJULHn -fzo) juuuLoc ntjoxeit. xe 4>h 
exa(JOR jjL<^R e'f nA.o-copnq JOumoi. 
<|>H 2s.e exaj(JOR iSuuioi A.qaj(Jon JJl^r €XA.q- 


_ . A(H). 

'^J* **Ha.i 2ie exA-qzoxonr ibcemc A.qgeopxep j6en 

niRnH. o-cog^ A.qepjuLeepe o-cog, RezA.q. xe 

AJULHn AJULKit ^z(J0 iJuuLoc Rcjoxen. ze o-vaj 

_ efi.oX ^eit eKHonr ReeitA-xwx. | 

xqe^^ *2 Ha.tcojulc ofit ne eito-cepaonr ibceReqjuLA.eH* 

g^tjoxen] om. T. cejuLRttjA.] +na)feit, b. **o-c- 

CJULOX] OTCJULOXen, G3 J by error. ReXA.IA.jq] Re eX., 

BDi.2K(eXA.A.IC)MQS. A.nOK] >A.nOK KA.XA. ^piif, »: 

Hum. 16-19 om. Q, cf. Gr. VT 33. &c. ^^(JOXen] om. Fi*N. ^® Onrfi.(WK' 

om. Onr, FLM Fr». eReqOT... HlOJ-f ] om. Fi*. OTTA-ROCX/ 

om. onr, Di*KMNOi*PT. eqoi a*»] eqi, A. ec^K] om. D,*. 

.XA-OTOql ALS Fr»: Q-COpRq, B &c. " eitA.!] A.n, Fj*. 

A.pexenJ, Ci* k. " > xaponr+A-n, p. VA.p] 

JOHN Xm. 15-22. 501 

'e also 'Ought to wash the (lit. their) feet of one another. 
' For I gave (lit did) to you a pattern, that according as I 
lid to you, ye also might do to one another. ^* Verily, verily, 

Bay to youy that there is not a servant [being] greater 
ban his Lord, nor an apostle [being] greater than he who 
ent him. ^^If ye know these (things), blessed are ye if 
re should do them. ^^I was not saying (it) concerning 
rovL all: for I know them whom I chose, but that the 
icripture may be fulfilled: '*He who eateth my bread 
vith me raised his heel upon me." ^^ [From] now I say 
o you before it happen, that if it should happen, ye may 
)elieve that I am (he). ^^ Verily, verily, I say to you, that 
le who receiveth him whom I will send receiveth (^Cf) me ; 
ind he who receiveth me i*eceiveth (^Cf) him who sent me.' 

^^And Jesus having said these (things), was troubled in 
rhe spirit, and bare witness, and said: 'Verily, verily, I 
lay to you, that one of you will deliver me (up).* "His 

if. Gr. K A &c. ^noic] um. N. HK CT] cf.? Gr. A D Ac. ovs. 
fVp^^n] Gr. D Ac. place after vktifmBn. JjLIUMIK] A^BFK: 
n^.IOOIfC this bread, Fj*: -m(JOIK, A«Fi« &c., cf. Gr.lkAD &c.: 
»in. P* ; not one omits ftcr c/aoO, therefore A^BFK = Gr. £* q, hot the 
eading is uncertain through the confusiou between Tl^ and Tl^Iy and 
he derivaUon of ni from m.\. ^.qTtJOOfn] cf. Gr. B C D L &c. 
W^pcr. iineq] JJL over erasure. A«. 6£^pHI eX(JOl] Gr. B 
>m. fV. OiEi gloss ^jy^j» *psalm 40.' • ItOOXeit] +Z€, Oi. 

ilTexenitA.g^'f] for position cf. Gr. A CD &c. *® OJOO- 

UL<l>K 1°, A*. 'fn^OfOpnq] om. n^., L: H^ over larger 
erasure, P*. $K :^e] om. ^€, M Q : pref. OfOg^, B : Gr. D^ km 
I Xa/i/3 : G3 omits ^H ^G eXCgCJOR JjUULOl. XA.OfOl] om. P*. 

•'2s.e] om. BFi*. nnX] +eeo-cA.&, K: +0-^02, ^.qqi^.- 

P,OJUL and he sighed, Fi^ L. OTTOg, i°] om. Fi*^ ^.qep- 

u-eepe] om. Fj^ l. o-cog, ne2CA.q] eq^co) juuuloc, v : 

>m. Onrog^, B M Q. ItOOXen] Gr. B places before Xcyw. Iiee- 

itA.THix] ne ee., » d,. 2 : een^.., v. ^^ o-cn] cf. Gr. 
«*ADL Ac: oit, Oa. ne] om. ^E^^F. enonrepHo-cl 
itno-c &c., EgFKLOiT: eg^peitno-cpHO-c, Q. neqjUL^.e.j 

•f. Gr. 13. 69. 124. a add avrov. 

602 ROXTOX iinaxHHHC. 

_ THc. itceciuu xe ^.qze epe nijut ijuutcooT 
^"^ *^iw.qpoT€fiL 2^6 ne itxeonr^.! ^eit Kenq niiic 

6&oX i6en neqAiu.eKXKc ^k enA.p6 ikc julci 

** CIXqtfcbpejUL onrit et^^i ibceciJULCJoit nexpoc. g^iiu. 

nxeqaenq. xe ^.qsce epe mjuL. ^ niAii^eKTHc 

2ie ex^qo-c^^q eg,pHi exen 

ejULecxeiig^HX Rmc nez^.q nA.q. 2ce iu.w 

niiUL ne. 
^•CSXqepofa) ibceiKc eqzoo ijuuLoc. ze ^r a-hok 
_ e+HA-cen niXoojut Sx^.TKiq n^q iteoq ue. 
'^j* ofo^ eT^qcen niX(JOJUL onro^ ^qraiq Siof- 

2S.A.C ciiULoon ^^cK^.p^(JOTHc. 
"Onrog, juLenencA. mXoojUL ^.qcge n^q ei6o'cii 
^ epoq ibceRc^TA.itA.c. 
^* Ileze IKC o-cit n^q. ze <1>h exeicna^iq ^.piTq 

i^x^^^-*^- "n^icA^i 2ie iJLiie g,Xi ejuii 

epoq j6eit na eeponrefi. ze ex^qzoc iu.q 

^•&^no-coit 2ie n^-cjuLe^i ne. ze eni2s.K n^-pe 

^qzeepe] a Di* f s : ^qzepe, b &c. : tfepe, a 

iiUULOOO-c] om. i*. " nA.qpOXe&] i*ABCr*DiEi«FGKP 

QT: -pOOXefi, r« &c. 2s.e] cf. Gr. i*AC*D Ac. ne] om. KB 
Di Ai E Fj* J M S. e&oX . . . IKC] om. Gj: Gr. £ &c. om. a. 

en^-pe] om. e i^ q : Gr. D OP KOI. ** onrn] cf. Gr. k a b c* 

DL &c.: om. Q, cf. Gr. C* Ac. g,inA. llxeqaenq] cf.? Gr. 

A D_&c. irv&€aeai. ^qzeepe] a Di* s : ^.qzepe, b &c. mix] 

+ JUUULOOOnr of them, B Di. s £ G3 J M N S Y. For om. vcpl oS Xryci 
cf. Gr. 91. 399. b S^ 1. " JULA.eKXHc] cf. Syr-**. 2s.e] AC 

rFi^GHKLPT Fr», cf. Gr. A &c.: OTn, ^BDi.gAiEFi^GaJMNOi 
QSV, cf. Gr. KDL &c.: ^e OfH, Fi«: Gr. BC e om., but BC 
continue airoxpt, ovv. exeAiUUL^*Jr] sah™""* om. For om. ovrm 

cf. Gr. ikAB Ac. eg^pHi] om. Jj*. ezen] g,!zert, R 

JULeCTeilg^HX] om. 2,HX, GsJi*. ftiKc] ftzeiRc, D2. 
n^q] om. LM. nA.OT] nro, D1.2V. ne] +^}i that (one), Fi«. 
*« ^qepOfO)] (Gr. n^ 249. mtKpiOn) cf. Gr. i** A 0^ D &c: Gr. 

JOHN Xin. 23-29. 503 

dbciploB then were gazing at one another, they knew not 
which of them he said it was (6p6). ^ And one of his disciples 
was reclining in the bosom of Jesus, whom Jesus was loving. 
^^ Simon Peter then beckoned to this (one), that he might ask 
him whom he said it was (cpe). ^ And that disciple having 
leant upon (the) breast of Jesus said to him: ^ My Lord, 
who is (it)?' ^ Jesus answered, saying: 'He, to whom 
I will dip the sop and give it, is he:' and he dipped the 
sop, and he gave it to Judas Simon (the) Iscariot ^And 
after the sop Satan went into him. Jesu